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Why Tumblr?
Tumblr is the best place for creators to find an audience for their content.
There are over 200 million blogs publishing 80 million posts per day.
Source: Tumblr internal
The dashboard makes it easy for people to discover and share your content.
70% of Tumblr users say the Dashboard is their favorite place to spend time online.
Source: Tumblr internal
Brands are welcome as creators themselves with content users want to see.
Tumblr is ranked #1 in social sentiment towards brands.
Source: Adobe, Social Intelligence Report for Q3 2013
Sponsored Posts
Give your posts a massive head start on engagement. Sponsored Posts are just like regular Tumblr posts—just way more visible. They're also targetable by gender, location, and interest.
Sponsored Video Posts
Native video for web and mobile in the same Sponsored Post format you know and love. Targetable like regular Sponsored Posts with additional analytics on views, looping, and engagement. Videos play automatically and loop continuously; and the player pops out so people can keep watching while they scroll.
Sponsored Day
Own a day with a cross-platform promotion. Pin your logo and tagline to the top of the dashboard for 24 hours. It links to an exclusive tab in the Explore page - one of the most trafficked and engaging pages on Tumblr - filled with content you've selected. You can use your own posts, reblog posts you like, or do a mix of both. Whatever story your brand wants to tell, you've got a slice of the dashboard to tell it in all day long.