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I am Julie, I am blessed with a high sex drive. My man Charles and I are in our early forties, we are both bisexual and we enjoy an open relationship with an extra man or woman on a regular basis.

“I would like to watch another attractive couple fucking and see what develops from there,” my man smiles. “Even better if they watched us fucking, you and I love fucking with an audience.”
“So would I honey, watching another couple fucking is my ultimate aphrodisiac,” I reply turned on at the thought as I have the attention of the very attractive couple dining at the table next to us as they overhear our conversation. They are fortyish - around our age and beautifully dressed in obviously expensive clothes.

“Would you like to join us?,” Chantal and her man Chris ask.

Chris is a hunky and good looking muscular man, six feet plus and two hundred pounds. Chantal is tall blond, around four inches less than him with a voluptuous body encased in a tight black thigh length skirt with a white silk blouse undone enough to display good cleavage. And I love her killer heels on her long legs as she crosses them and flaunts them for my man.

Thirty minutes later we are in the elevator with them on the way to their penthouse accomodation. Lots of sexual tension as they have their hands all over each other. We watch fascinated as they tongue kiss before Chantal places her hands on the side of the elevator as Chris lifts her short skirt and kisses her ass cheeks which look glorious in a tiny black g-string.

“Is this what you wanted Chantal?,” her man asks.

“Yes, you know it is,”: she smiles as she looks my man in the eye. “Julie and Charles want to watch us fuck, this is a teaser for them.”

Their penthouse is stunning with views forever from the large balcony.

Chantal returns a few minutes later wearing a fake mink coat back-to-front. She is the center of attention as she leans on the balcony rail in the half light as her man opens the coat to show her now naked body apart from her heels. I have a very good ass, however hers is just magnificent, bigger, fuller and firmer than mine and Chantal is obviously enjoying flaunting it for three people, my man especially as she looks over her shoulder, her ass highlighted by her gorgeous long legs.

Without either of them saying a word Chris kneels behind her and licks and kisses her ass as he runs his fingertips along her inner thighs as Chantal parts her legs for him. My man and I are both very turned on watching as Chris puts a hand between her legs.

“Kiss my ass while you tease my cunt lips with your fingers,” are the first words she has spoken since we moved to the balcony. “Love it, keep teasing, so good with two people watching.”

Then after a few minutes, “Julie and Charles want to watch us fuck, let’s do it for them. Get naked for me and our guests. Then fuck me like this while I am leaning on the balcony rail.”

Chris plays the moment for maximum effect as he holds my gaze while he undoes the zipper of his trousers and slowly slides out his already erect cock, then his balls. His equipment is awesome hanging out of his trousers and displayed like that. As he slowly undresses with three people watching it comes as no surprise to me that his cock is huge as it pokes out at a right angle. My man and I watch in awe as he teases and flaunts his raging erection for us with his fingertips. My man is eight-inches and thick, but not in Chris’s league. He is absolutely magnificent.

Huge sexual tension as he stands behind Chantal, grasps her hips as she arches her body for him, then slowly feeds his rock hard erection into her. After a minute his erection is buried in her up to his balls as they establish a rhythm. The noise as he slaps into her glorious ass cheeks is a bonus turn on for me and my man.

“Stand alongside me Julie and get naked so your man can fuck you while Chris is fucking me. And you Charles, get naked and fuck your lady while she is standing alongside me.”

My man and I love fucking with another couple watching and this couple watching us as they fuck is really something special. Charles has my ass cheeks in his hands as I lean on the balcony rail and bend to accomodate him. I am so turned on from the magnificent foreplay of watching Chris’s huge erection sliding into Chantal’s glorious ass. Charles is like a raging bull as he thrusts his erection into my very wet cunt lips while I grip the balcony rail for support.

An extra turn on for me and my man as Chantal is making hissing noises while she moans over and over, “Fuck-a-my-cunt, fuck-a-my-cunt, fuck-a-my-cunt.”

My first orgasm came at the same moment Chris is moaning, “I am ready to burst, ready to burst.” Then a huge orgasm in sync for both me and my man as Chris does burst, very noisily as Chantal moans, “You are so good, such a good fuck,”

In the afterglow Chantal explained to us her man is a retired elite sportsman and some of the treatments and exercises he received along the away account for his awesome cock. “When I first met him he was nowhere near the size he is now. We are not quite sure what made him the size he is now, but neither of us are complaining. He is very popular with both sexes. It’s a real buzz for me watching women blowing him. And some of the men I have watched blowing him were incredibly talented and an absolute turn on for me.

“Let’s stretch the boundaries, are you okay with that Julie?”

“Our men both both have an ass fetish, let’s tease them,” Chantal tells me. “Kiss my ass while they watch. Then I will kiss yours.”

Maintaining eye contact with two hung men as I enjoy another woman kissing my ass after I kissed hers is a real buzz for me.

“If we all had just one ice cubes each, what would you do with it right now?,” Chantal asks with a broad smile.

“Lets find out,” she teases as she returns with a bowl of large ice cubes. “I can guess what my man will do. How about you Julie and Charles?”

It comes as no surprise to me when Charles rubs his ice cube over his nipples, his balls, then his cock.

Chris rubs his ice cube along the underside of his cock, then teases the top of his now almost erect cock with it as three people watch.

Chantal and I mirror each other, we tease our nipples with the ice cube, then slide it along our cunt lips as we watch each other closely.

Both of the men now have full-on, raging erections.

“Lick my cunt Chris while I watch Julie’s man lick her cunt. Pleasure us with your tongues. And while you are licking us we can compare your erections. Is size important for you Chantal?”

Before Chantal told us she had watched other men blow her man and I could sense my man lusting over his naked body and his awesome cock.

Chantal and I are sitting side-by-side in their huge shower alcove as she whispers, “Fine by me if your man wants to blow my man. Is that what he wants? I know my man wants him to. Would you like to watch them while we pleasure each other?”

“Yes,” I whisper as my man is doing wonderful things with his tongue to my cunt lips as I ogle her man’s erection as he licks her cunt with her legs over his shoulders. He is making a vacuum over my cunt lips with his lips as he licks me slowly and teasingly as I watch Chris licking Chantal. His awesome cock is an extra turn on for me as I ogle it

“Oil my ass and I will oil yours as a teaser for our men,” this is very expensive and it’s edible with a pleasant taste,” Chantal smiles as she hands me a large bottle of massage oil.

“Now oil up my man while I oil your man,” I whisper as I compare the two men. My man has almost no pubic hair around his eight inches - I shave it for him. Chris has around two inches of short, thick trimmed pubic hair around his erection and it makes his huge cock look even more awesome as he performs kegels with it and flaunts it for three people.

Our men are very receptive as we start on their ass, then their nipples, they both have rock hard nipples as they watch each other’s partners oiling their man. The two men already had raging erections before we commenced applying oil to their balls, then their cocks. I have never had an erection in my hand as awesome as the one Chris has. When I wrap two hands around it my hands don’t cover anywhere near all of it.

“You are going to give my man a blow job while your lady and I watch, make it good for us,” Chantal tells my man as she oils his raging erection.

“My man is going to blow your awesome erection while your lady and I watch, that is very exciting for me Chris,” I tell him.

“Your erection is awesome, I want it now Chris,” my man Charles whispers as three people watch him slide an evil looking cock ring Chris gave him all the way along it, then clip it under his balls before he licks his balls while he lightly slides a clenched fist along it. Chris is standing with his hands on his hips flaunting his magnificent erection for three people as Chantal and I sit side-by-side on a bench seat with our legs wide apart. Both of us are teasing each others cunt lips with an oily fingertip.

I have mixed feelings as I ogle Chris’s erection knowing I am going to watch my man suck and pleasure it while his lady watches: though I am sure I will be very turned on watching.

Chris is standing with his hands on his head, his awesome erection pointing out at right angles, his pleasure obvious as he looks at two naked women watching my man sucking just the tip of his cock as he teases his balls with a fingertip.

I am pleased when I see my man using a technique he learnt from me: eight shallow sucks, taking just the tip of Chris’s erection between his lips. Then seven shallow sucks and one deeper one. He follows up with six shallow sucks and two deeper ones, and keeps on repeating.

“Let me help,” Chantal says as she places her hands on the sides of Charles head and manipulates it along her man’s erection. “Tell us when you are ready to burst honey, then you can masturbate for us to finish off? Charles is very good isn’t he? Are you ready to burst Charles?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” both men moan in sync as they commence masturbating. I love watching a man masturbate and it is obvious Chantal does as well as she watches fascinated. Both men are breathing very heavily and their knees are shaking.

“Burst for me on the count of ten both of you, really burst,” Chantal tells them in an authoritative tone. “One, two, ………, nine, ten, now right now.”

“That really was something Julie, Just you and I soon without our men? Promise me Julie?,” Chantal whispered to me as we made our farewells in the early hours.

“Would love to, let’s do it soon, very soon,” I smiled back full of anticipation
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