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This is the tale of my first Sexual encounter which I narrated to my wives and sisters in law on their insistance to know about my prior sexual life.
Ms. Jane said "Aamir! You were always nice, well-mannered, unlike most of the brash or loud boys of your age I knew. I have been obsessed with you, specifically with your body and cock... I could barely keep my eyes off your bulging crotch ever since I met you for the first time in your house. Christ, You were always there before me but...!

I, in turn, had tried to keep my gaze off her lushly rounded figure; but she knew that I could see through her disguise - and that I always liked what I saw! Even with her long blonde hairs that touched her round bottoms, and her skirts and top that she wore whenever in the past she visited to teach my sisters. Ms. Jane couldn't hide her firm round firm breasts, sexy ass, and elegant long shapely legs.

Aamir, you don't know - how I have wanted you!"

Today noon when I returned to my house after I met you,

my full breasts ached. My nerves faltered as I retreated into the bathroom at the end of the corridor, staring at herself in the full-length mirror there.

With my long shimmering hair down around my bare shoulders, I found myself sensual.

My eyes drank in the sight of my proudly erect, creamy-skinned breasts, crowned with two large russet nipples - my narrow waist - my softly curved hips. The silken tangle of my golden pubic hairs was shining and gleaming with my excitement, the lips of my pussy looked unusually cute, and I had to fight an urge to start finger-fucking myself right there in front of the mirror but I decided, why to cheat myself when a nice and young cock that was there waiting for me?

"God, I want to be fucked and sucked!" I whispered out loud, the throbbing deep in my wet vagina becoming wild with animalistic lust. My aching, trembling body felt ripe for fucking - to the point of bursting from the pressure after a decade and more of frustration.

I was afraid, that if I suppressed my violent desires any longer I would literally lose my mind! The sex madness was consuming me completely from deep within my body was making me truly sex-eager, reckless, and pleasure-hungry.

My eyes suddenly shined As I made my decision. To hell with all the morality. To hell with reputation and everything else! I am a woman like any other. I needed sex - raw, hot, thrillingly satisfying sex, hour after hour, night after night - and that I would do anything and everything to get it, and now."

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Ms. Jane continued, "All these years," she whispered to me "All these Goddamned lost, wasted years... my whole fucking life... without sex, without a man... a man like you Aamir!

I was bewildered - " Hey wait.. you said, 'All these damned lost and wasted years... my whole fucking life... without sex, without a man, without sex, without a man', then I saw you making love, having sex, from that window just an hour ago. What was that Ms. Jane?" I asked her.

"Oh. Aamir you were listening carefully, You are a smart boy. You have caught me, I think now I need to tell you the truth." Ms. Jane stammered.

"Aamir today I got a call from your parents. They always had my number and we were always in touch. They wanted me to train you and develop your personality and they have planned to send you to London for your further studies. As I have always fancied for you since the days I was teaching your sisters, the very thought that I could meet you again got me aroused. From the looks you gave to Lucy and me in the afternoon, I knew you have liked us and that Lucy also liked you as much as I like you and that we will meet again very soon."

But I want to know why did you say, "without a Man?". I want to know that, I asked her as I was getting impatient.

She smiled and continued, "Then in the evening I saw you roaming around my house from the window, I wanted to make full use of this chance. I planned to give you a live show to arouse your feelings towards me. Now let me introduce you to my friend"

Ms. Jane's friend having a mustache and beard entered the room from her bedroom.

Ms. Jane said, "Ms. Daina, a dear friend of mine". I was shell shocked as she removed her beard and a false mustache. They both laughed and Ms. Jane asked Aamir did you like our small act.

I was stunned and wanted to hug Ms. Jane and kiss her but the presence of Ms. Daina prevented me from entering into any such adventure.

Ms. Daina slightly taller than Ms. Jane had a boyishly short haircut and a slim, athletic body with small breasts; she wore no makeup, and, was in her jeans and denim workshirt, she has been mistaken by me from a distance for a boy. looked No more than Eighteen, she was a lovely girl.

Before I could say something I received a message on my Mobile from my parents to come back home as soon as possible as they had a stopover at Delhi en route their visit to Kashmir to meet my Khala.

I told Ms. Jane that you had me totally by your act but I loved it, and that I have received a message from my parents to come back to the house. We have to interrupt our conversations here. I made a small request, to have a glimpse of Ms. Lucy before I go.

Ms. Jane said Lucy is all yours but suggested that since she has retired so you shall not disturb her. She held my hand and guided me to her room and slowly entered inside to find her sleeping peacefully.

I wanted to kiss Lucy but I controlled myself. I apologized to Ms. Daina and Ms. Jane for leaving early. I bid adieu to Ms. Jane and Ms. Daina with a promise to see them again tomorrow and continue with our conversations.

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