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Things continue to heat up for Tim

That night in bed, I was holding Kate in my arms her back against my chest. I leaned over and kissed her neck trying to sort out the thoughts running through my head. I was about to throw out a phrase that most couples feared the most.

“Can we talk for a few minutes ?”, I asked.

“Um… sure.”, Kate replied.

“I’m trying to figure out some things and if you feel uncomfortable answering just tell me. The first thing, I can’t figure out is why would a man married to you go looking for another woman. You’re beautiful, intelligent, have a great job and a tornado in the bedroom. Make no sense to me.”, I asked.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know but I guess it’s time you did. First, Brandon and I only had sex twice before she got married. Both times were hurried and turned out horribly. Brandon got off both times almost immediately once before he even was in me. The second time he lasted maybe three or four strokes then shot off. I figured it was just because of us trying to hide it from our parents and being in a car both times. I figured once we got into bed things would be a lot better. I was wrong.”, Kate started.

“Brandon has a premature ejaculation problem and I tried a lot of things to try and help him. I would beg him to make me cum a few times then I would take care of him. He wouldn’t go down on me, he said it was disgusting. So his foreplay was fingering me for a few minutes then he was ready. If I needed to cum back then, I would take care of it myself.”, she continued.

“I purposely masturbated a few times when I knew he would walk in on me hoping he would join me. I tried twice and he seemed disgusted with me both times. He called me a freak once. After that I basically gave up and maybe once every few months, I would meet Jackie and fuck her brains out.”, she finished.

“Wow, I had no idea.”, I replied.

“I know you didn’t.”, Kate replied, rubbing my arm.

“So basically after that, I watched a lot of porn and masturbated all the time. Sometimes, I did feel like a freak. The only time I felt comfortable was with Jackie.”, she sighed.

“You’re not a freak, Kate…… you’re amazing in bed.”, I replied.

“Thanks Tim, that means a lot to me.”, she answered.

“What I can’t figure though is why does he want to get back with you ?”, I asked.

“Because any woman interested in even a little sex won’t enjoy being with him. They won’t stay for long that’s for sure.”, she responded.

For the next two months or so everything went very well for Kate and I. She became an asset to the financial floor and we were even able to keep our relationship a secret thus far. My relationship with her family was great except for her mother, which did not surprise me. But most importantly Kate was still going to the gym and working out with me every night. It took me years to get to where I wanted to get physique wise. But Kate on the other hand seem to grow by the day. Kate’s thighs were awesome and had grown four inches in size. She was consuming over two thousand calories a day and at least two protein drinks a day. Looking at Kate in the shower, it was amazing how much she had transformed her body.

Brandon let the apartment go and sold everything else and was living back with his parents still whining trying to get Kate to take him back. He knew Kate had moved in with me and everyone knew we were sleeping together although we did not advertise it.

Christmas was approaching once again and this would be the first time I would not be alone in several years. I had grown quite fond of Kate and truthfully, I was probably in love with her. That word had never been used between us because I knew I was afraid to say it. How could I possibly love anyone like I did Michelle ? Was it even possible ?

Kate and I had already went out and bought a huge tree and decorated it. It was in the living area and Kate had already started buying presents and wrapping them. Kate placed them around the tree with name tags on them.

Kate and I sat down one night and tried to make a gift list for her parents and grandparents. This was really the first year Kate was in position to give some nice gifts. Kate’s mom had mentioned on more than one occasion how much she loved Kate’s watch. So, Kate bought her a similar rose gold Michael Kors watch. She also purchased a nice Michael Kors purse for her mom as well. I pitched in with her and we bought her father an Omega watch which I really liked.

When it came down to her grandparents it became really a challenge. As people get up in age it becomes harder and harder to shop for them. Most were beyond the curve on tech products and buying clothes were impossible. Since Kate knew her grandmother always loved to wear a robe at night, Kate found a really nice robe and Bloomingdale. She bought one for Maw Maw and one for her mom in different colors. She also found the softest pajamas I had ever felt and bought Maw Maw two pairs of them. She found a pair of soft slippers to go with them and purchased them as well.

Kate bought some clothes for her dad, mostly shirts and jeans as well. The tree was surrounded by presents spilling out on to the floor. I was able to get Kate a Rolex Lady Date Just 26 in Mother of Pearl Rose Gold and Steel for a great price but it was all I had under the tree for her. A few days later, I stopped at Sak’s and found a nice black leather jacket on sale. They wrapped it for me and I hid it against the back wall and covered it with several existing packages so you could not see it.

With less than two weeks remaining the only one left on our list was Pops. Kate and I were both lost so Kate reached out to her dad looking for ideas. Ben Jackson admitted as well, Pops was always the hardest person to buy a gift for. Ben admitted that Pops needed a new wallet and money clip but he could not think of anything else. I knew just the place and stopped and got an alligator wallets and ostrich money clip. Kate loved the both of them and she wrapped them and placed them under the tree. At the spur of the moment, Kate and I decided to have Christmas at my house. It would give everyone a chance to see the house and I was hoping to get us closer together.

It would be Christmas Eve night and since we had three empty bedrooms anyone who wanted to stay over could, although I doubted I would get any takers. We had our annual Christmas party at Butler, Land and Reyes and once again had a banner year. Both Kate and I received great bonus checks as did the other employees. Kate had taken the car and went to get some last minute gifts. Kate’s aunt, her father’s sister was in town and would join us on Christmas Eve as well as her mother’s brother, Jack.

I had paid a local catering company to deliver and set up the food in the dining room on the day of the party. As I laid back on the sofa, it seemed like every detail was taken care of. I’m not sure if I was sleeping or dreaming but I was positive I heard Michelle’s voice.

“What are you waiting for, baby.”, in Michelle’s soft tone.

I sat up on the sofa as if I had risen from the dead. I was soaking wet with sweat running down my face. I looked around absolutely sure Michelle was in the room. I got up and walked to the closet and grabbed a towel just as Kate came into the house. I closed the door and walked back in the kitchen to see Kate dropping a few bags on the sofa.

“Tim, what’s wrong.”, Kate shouted, running over to me.

“I’m ok. I guess I fell asleep on the sofa. Had a bad dream.”, I answered, wiping my face.

I went back in the master bedroom grabbed a change of clothing and got into the shower. As I was leaning against the wall with the cool water cascading over me it suddenly seemed clear. I was trying to tell myself to move forward. I finished in the shower, dressed and went to my office. I opened the safe and removed the engagement ring I had bought for Michelle. I opened the box and it was just as stunning as it had been the day, I put it on her finger. In my heart, I knew that Michelle would want Kate to wear it.

I slipped the ring into my pocket and now had to figure out a way to give it to Kate. Later that day I remembered that every employee got a fruit cake in a round tin with a cover. I went into the office and took it off the floor opening it up. It was a round fruitcake with a hole in the middle going to the bottom of the can.

The next day, Kate went to Starbucks to get a coffee, I sprang into action. I took the round tin and opened it placing the ring box in the center circle. It slid down to the bottom of the can and I took a piece of large red tissue paper Kate had used for the presents. I waded up the tissue paper and placed it over the ring then fluffing it up like it was part of the cake. I put the cover back on placed it in an empty cardboard box and wrapped it in Christmas paper. I had just placed it under the tree when Kate walked in. Tomorrow night was the party and now everything was prepared. That evening, Kate and I had gone to the grocery store and were on our way back to the house. Both of our cell phones were programmed into both of my vehicles. So, when one would ring, the driver would have to answer it. We had gotten used to it and really paid it no mind.

Again, the phone rang and without looking at the screen I just hit answer on the steering wheel as I always did.

“Hello”, I said.

“Uh, is Kate there.”, a female voice said.

Kate looked up at the screen in the SUV and instantly her face lit up like a child in a candy shop for the first time.

“Jackie, oh my god, what are you doing ?”, Kate screamed.

“Bestie, why is a strange man answering your phone ?”, she asked.

“Um Jackie, I’m not a strange man……”, I replied.

“What the fuck is going on Katie Bear.”, Jackie asked.

“That is Tim Williams, the guy …. Uh… I’m living with ?”, Kate replied, shrugging her shoulders.

“Wait you’re living with someone ?”, Jackie screamed.

“I told you Brandon and I were divorced a few months back.”, Kate said, trying not to laugh.

“Kate, you and I need to do a lot of talking.”, Jackie giggled.

“You have no idea, Jackie.”, Kate replied, squeezing my thigh.

“Well, I guess that spoils my surprise then. I was going to come crash with you for about a week.”, Jackie sighed.

“When”, Kate replied excited.

“Tomorrow, I’m flying in at three o’clock on Southwest. It was a surprise.”, she answered.

“Oh, we will figure it out Jackie, I call you back as soon as we get home.”, Kate promised.

I hung up the call on the steering wheel and could see that Kate was super excited about the call she had just received. Kate had admitted to me that her and Jackie were very intimate many times in their past.

“Kate, it’s not a problem, Jackie can stay with us as long as she likes. We have three more bedrooms.”, I offered.

“You don’t mind, baby ?”, Kate asked.

“Absolutely not.”, I replied.

“Ok but Jackie is very outspoken. She will try and embarrass you if she can.”, Kate giggled.

“Bring her on.”, I laughed.

Kate tossed and turned all night knowing she would get to see her best friend tomorrow. In addition, we had her entire family coming over that night for a party. I had a feeling it was going to be a night I would remember for quite a while.

We both got up the following day and cleaned up a little preparing for the party. The caterers would be here around four and Jackie was going to be landing around three at the airport. Kate asked if I would mind picking up Jackie at the airport so she could get all the food in the warming trays and lay everything out. I told her that would be fine.

At one clock Jackie called from her layover in Atlanta and Kate put her on the speaker phone. Kate explained that she would be here waiting for the caterers and that I would pick her up at the airport. Kate asked Jackie what she was wearing so I could recognize her at the terminal exit.

“Tell him, I have on a short red skirt and a silk white blouse. I’ll be the only one coming down the ramp that he wants to stick his dick in.”, Jackie stated.

I left for the airport about an hour later taking the SUV and getting on the interstate. I arrived and parked in the airport terminal for about two fifty in the afternoon. I walked across the terminal and found a seat where Southwest Airlines arrivals would enter the terminal. Jackie’s flight was on time and expecting to arrive in about eight minutes.

About fifteen minutes later, passengers started to walk up the Southwest ramp into the waiting area. I stayed seated until I noticed a young blonde woman with a short red dress on walking up the ramp pulling a small suitcase. She was looking around, I’m sure not knowing what to expect. I got up and started walking toward her watching her scan the crowd. She finally turned my way, I was about twenty feet from her. I closed the distance quickly.

“I’m guessing you’re Jackie ?”, I asked.

“Uh, yep. I’m Jackie.”, she replied, looking me up and down.

“May I take your bag ?”, I offered.

“Um, right about now you can take anything you want.”, Jackie giggled.

She handed me her bag and followed me down the terminal to the tunnels that took you to the parking garage. We crossed the bridgeway to the parking garage and took the elevator to the fifth level. I opened the rear door to the SUV and placed Jackie luggage inside then closed the door. I walked to the passenger side and opened Jackie’s door for her which seemed to surprise her. She got in and I closed the door behind her and walked around the vehicle getting behind the wheel.

“Are you a ball player or something ?”, she asked.

“No, nothing like that. I work with Kate at Butler, Land and Reyes.”, I replied, pulling out of the parking spot.

“You’re a lawyer ?”, Jackie inquired.

“No, I’m a certified public accountant. I run the financial department for the firm.”, I responded.

I pulled out of the airport and headed in the direction of the interstate before Jackie spoke up again.

“So how long have you and Kate been living together ?”, she asked.

“Quite a while now, maybe eight months or so.”, I answered, staring straight ahead.

“So the two of you are fucking, right ?”, Jackie asked, trying to startled me.

“You would have to ask Kate that.”, I replied, calmly.

“Why, you don’t know if you’re fucking her or not.”, Jackie giggled.

“Again, you would have to ask Kate that.”, I replied, smiling.

“Oh, trust me… I will do just that.”, she answered.

About thirty minutes later, I pulled up to the gate to get into the subdivision. Kenny opened the gate and waved me through. Several minutes later, I pulled into my driveway. Before I could get out of the vehicle, Jackie opened her door and got out. I walked to the back of the vehicle and retrieved Jackie’s suit case and then she followed me into the house. Kate heard the front door opened and came running into the foyer. They virtually jumped into each other’s arm briefly then followed me in the living area.

“Katie Bear, what the fuck have you done ?”, Jackie asked, stepping back and looking at Kate’s body.

“I have been working out with Tim for close to seven months now.”, Kate replied.

“Damn, you looking some kind of fine girl.”, Jackie giggled.

I walked into the dining room and noticed that the caterers had delivered everything and Kate had most of it set up with the exception of the hot plates. Kate was showing Jackie around the house explaining to her where everything was. Of course, as usual the pool was a huge hit although it was late December.

For the next several hours Kate and Jackie caught up on details on each other’s lives. I had already taken a shower and changed. Jackie and Kate showered and changed as well both ready several minutes before the doorbell rang for the first time. Kate went to the door and returned with her Sheila and Ben Jackson. Also, with them was Maw Maw and Pops who they had picked up. Everyone was excited to see Jackie and again they all sat down and caught up with each other. Twenty minutes later, Ben Jackson’s sister Mary Ellen showed up and immediately after Sheila Jackson’s brother Jack showed up. After a little more catching up, Kate suggested every one move to the dining room and start eating.

The food was very good and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal. After cleaning up a bit, everyone moved back to the living area and sat down. I was sitting next to Pops who had become my favorite member of Kate’s family. For some reason, we just clicked and we thought alike on a lot of issues.

I could see that Kate was enjoying herself playing hostess for her family. Even Sheila Jackson seemed to be in a good mood and several times I caught at smiling at me. Kate announced to everyone that it was time to give out Christmas gifts. I looked at the clock and it was close to seven thirty in the evening.

I had spoken to Pops privately and told him what I had done with the fruit cake tin and his eyes lit up. We talked about what to do if Kate didn’t noticed the ring, he quickly agreed. Kate started pulling presents from under the tree and handing them to the person whose name was on the small tag on the top of the present. Of course, with every present that Kate gave out she declared this is “from Tim and I”.

I could see that Kate’s mother was really excited about the gifts she received immediately trying on the watch. Kate’s father as well was thrilled with the Omega watch but did declare that we had spent too much.

Maw Maw and Pops loved their presents as well thanking both Kate and I several times. For a while I really thought Maw Maw was actually going to try and pajamas on. Kate gave Jack and Mary Ellen a few small gifts she had purchased for them leaving only five presents left under the tree. Kate pulled two of them out and handed them to me briefly kissing me on the cheek.

I opened my gifts from Kate to find a Jack Georges Alligator Executive Briefcase and a Montegrappha Nero Uno Liner Black Resin Pen. I thanked Kate for the gifts and promised they would be put to good use. Finally the three presents were for Kate so she sat down on the ottoman to open them. She took the box from Sak’s first and opened it revealing the leather coat I had bought her. She immediately tried it on and it fit perfectly.

Second, she opened the small package revealing the Rolex watch I had bought for her. I think Kate was really surprised at the gift because she had tears in her eyes. Pops mentioned that she still had one more to open seemly distracting her. She opened the box and removed the round tin can looking at it strangely. She opened the can looked in and immediately closed it back up.

“You gave me a fruit cake ?”, Kate giggled.

“Well, I run out of money after the watch, it was the best I could do.”, I replied, causing everyone to laugh.

“Hey, I love fruit cake give it here Katie Bear.”, Pops demanded.

Kate shrugged and me and handed the cake to her grandfather gathering up the wrapping paper at her feet. Pops held the cake for several minutes before finally opening up the lid and unwrapping a piece of the cake. As instructed about a minute later Pops addressed Kate.

“Katie Bear, there’s something else in here.”, he said, pulling out the red tissue paper from the middle.

Kate walked over to her grandfather and bent over as he pointed to the square black velvet box in the middle. She had a little difficulty in getting the box out from the center of the tin but finally sat back down on the ottoman in front of me. She slowly opened the lid on the box and her eyes grew as wide as I had ever witness.

“Is this what I think it is ?”, she said looking up at me in amazement.

“Kate, will you marry me ?”, I asked, leaning forward towards her.

“Oh my God, are you kidding me ?”, she screamed.

“Nope, I’m not kidding, I love you.”, I replied.

“Oh my God, yes…. Yes, I will marry you.’, she shouted, jumping into my arms.

Several moments later, I took the ring from the box and slipped it on her finger. She got up and immediately walked around showing to everyone. I think it was quite a shock to Ben and Sheila knowing that Kate had only been divorced a short time.

Maw Maw and Pops seemed genuinely excited and couldn’t stop congratulating Kate on the engagement. I moved into the kitchen to get a drink and before I could get the pitcher, Ben Jackson was behind me.

“Tim, this is hard for me to say…. But please hear me out. I saw Kate in so much pain for years both physical and emotional. Since she has been with you, the change is remarkable. Please be good to my baby girl and welcome to the family.”, he said, extending his hand.

I shook his hand and before he could walk away Sheila Jackson approached us. Ben’s face immediately expressed a concerned look.

“Tim, I have to be honest with you. When I first met you……. I didn’t like you. You have to understand that Brandon’s mother is my best friend…. Life long best friend. So having them together made all the sense in the world to me. But……and this is hard for me to say, I have seen a huge difference in my daughter since you two have been together. She has a sparkle in her eye and she is happy all of the time. What I’m trying to say is……. I was wrong about you. Please forgive me and if my daughter loves you…. Then I love you.”, she finished, tears running down her cheeks.

I reached out and pulled her into my arms knowing how hard it was for her to say what she had just stated. Ben was crying as well surprised at his wife’s latest revelation. I whispered in Sheila’s ear just as Kate walked in noticing the tears all around.

“What’s wrong ?”, Kate asked suddenly.

Shelia released me and stepped to her daughter taking both of her hands in her own. She looked at Kate for several seconds before speaking. I could tell Kate was a nervous wreck.

“Kate, I was wrong…. I’m very sorry. I just apologized to your future husband for the way I acted. I’m happy for the both of you….. you’re going to have a great life together.” She stated, hugging Kate tightly.

The both of them stood there and cried holding on to each other for dear life. They both whispered back and forth to each other then finally pulled away. Sheila wiped her eyes still holding on to her daughter’s hands. She turned and looked at me briefly then back at Kate.

“Besides, he’s hot as hell. What woman wouldn’t want him around.”, Sheila laughed.

“Hey, I’m right here.”, Ben Jackson laughed.

“Sorry honey, I couldn’t help it.”, Sheila laughed, walking out of the kitchen with Ben in tow.

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