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“Ok first, is your pool heated ?”, Michelle asked.

“Yes, it is.”, I replied.

“Are they on ?”, she giggled.

“Yep, they are always on over the winter vacation, I use the pool a lot.”, I answered.

“Good, we will swim later.”, she demanded.

“Now, I think it’s time we get acquainted. “, Michelle stated,

“Acquainted ?”, I asked.

“Yes, it means get to know each other.”, she giggled.

“I’m know what it means dumbass.”, I laughed.

“Good now come over here and put your head in my lap.”, she ordered.

I was extremely confused but followed her instructions. I turned myself to the proper position and leaned back until the back of my head was in her lap. I was looking directly up into her eyes wondering was coming next.

“Now, we are going to find out everything about each other if it takes days to finish.”, she instructed.

“Uh…..ok.”, I replied.

“Tell me about your parents.”, she asked.

I told her there wasn’t much to tell. I had no idea who my father was and explained my mother’s situation to her. I explained how school was all I had and why I worked so hard to succeed. By the end of the story, she was softly running her hands through my hair.

She followed up with her complete life story from as early as she could remember. She had been an average student in school, Robin had been the smart one. She reiterated the life long quarrel that at existed between her and Robin. How her mother always sided with Robin and how lately her father had been her only refuge. Michelle advised me that she loved to cook and her learned from her father at a young age always helping him in the kitchen. Currently, Michelle had her own IT company, building websites and helping small businesses with computer problems.

“Ok, your turn to ask a question ?’, Michelle stated.

“I have no idea what to ask you.”, I replied, completely confused.

“Nothing is off limits, ask me anything you like.”, she insisted.

She looked down at me with a smile that suggested she was up to a lot more than she was telling me. Again, I had no idea where to go with this.

“Ok, since you forfeit your question, I’ll go again.”, Michell giggled.

“I think you’re making this up as you go along.”, I replied, looking up at her.

“What was your first sexual experience ?, Michelle asked, her eyes sparking.

“Oh, we are going to get really that personal ?”, I asked.

“Yep, unless you are scared ?”, Michelle laughed.

“So what exactly do you mean about a sexual experience ? My first fuck or the first time I messed around with a girl but didn’t have actual sex ?”, I asked.

“No, the very first time you touched a girl in any way.”, she answered.

As embarrassing as it was, I retold the story about my encounter with Dillion Harper during my last year in high school. I told her that it was my first kiss and the first time I had ever touched a girl that way. I explained how Dillion had got on top of me and dry humped me until she had an orgasm.

“Wow, you made a girl cum the first time.”, Michelle giggled.

“Not really, she did all the work.”, I replied.

“Did you cum ?”, she asked.

“Yea, I did…but in my pants.”, I said, softly.

“Hey, at least you got off.”, Michelle giggled.

Michelle went on to tell me her story about her first experience which happened in high school. She told me that her best friend in high school was Ashley Barton and they were still close today. One night they had a sleep over at Ashley’s house. Her parents were gone for the weekend, so they had the house to themselves. That night when they were both in bed Ashley suggested that they both masturbate together. After some coaxing, Michelle agreed and they took off their pajama’s. After several minutes of solo action, Ashley reached over and began to touch Michelle. Michelle reciprocated and soon they were kissing and rubbing each other like it was the most natural thing in the world. They both brought each other to several orgasm’s that night and every time they would sleep over from then on, they would engage in much the same, even having oral sex a few times.

I was quite surprised that Michelle would share something so intimate especially since it involved another girl. However, Michelle did mention that nothing was out of bounds and no lying was allowed.

“So you like pussy ?”, I asked, trying to shock Michelle.

“No, I like cumming. In fact, I cum almost every day…if not for damn sure the next.”, she advised, with a smile.

“Every day, that’s impressive.”, I answered.

“How often do you jerk off ?”, Michelle quickly asked.

“Hardly ever…..”, I replied, softly.

“You watch porn ?”, Michelle asked.

“I’ve seen it maybe twice in college…… but not since then.”, I stated.

“God, I watched porn all the time when I rub one off.”, Michelle admitted.

All this talk about sex was starting to get to me and I could feel myself getting harder in my shorts. I got up from Michelle’s lap reaching over grabbing my glass of ice tea talking a long drink. Michelle took quick advantage on my movement grabbing a throw pillow putting it in my lap then laying her down much as I had been moments ago.

“Who was the first girl you slept with ?”, Michelle asked, taking my glass from my hand and taking a drink then handing it back.

“Your sister.”, I laughed, expecting a reaction.

“She any good in bed ?”, Michelle asked, seriously.

“Don’t know, I have no one to compared her to.”, I answered.

It took me several seconds but then I remember about my encounters with Belinda. At that point, I wasn’t sure what to do but before I could say anything, Michelle responded.

“That really surprises me, a fine ass looking man like you only being with one woman.”, she stated, somewhat surprised.

“Well, how about you ?”, I asked.

“Only one myself. Remember the guy I was going out with in high school, the one who Robin slept with ? Well, we had sex, if that’s what you want to call it twice. It didn’t last more than a couple of minutes before he would cum.”, she answered.

“Well then, you must be very good if a guy cums that fast when he’s with you.”, I laughed.

This time I had gotten one over on Michelle, she looked up at me and just stared for several seconds. She smiled at me and gave me a look that I had not seen before. Before she could respond, her cell phone rang. She reached out to the ottoman and picked up her phone, it was Stan Woods.

“Hi Dad, no I’m at Tim’s house.”, she stated.

“I don’t know…. Tim turned the heaters in the pool on, I’m going swimming later.”, she advised him.

She listened intently for quite a while looking up and me every now and then. I could tell what ever Stan was telling her, she was not taking real well.

“Well, if that happens, it happens. I’m not going to worry about it.”, Michelle responded, then hanging up the phone.

“Everything ok ?”, I asked.

“Apparently not, Robin and my mother are besides themselves. It seems that Jeff and Robin have broken up again. Not sure why and don’t really care.”, Michelle replied.

“Honestly, not my business and I don’t really care either.”, I answered.

“Tim, there is no doubt in my mind she is going to make a play for you again. I know her pretty well.”, Michelle sighed.

“Michelle, after what she has done, I could never trust her again. She slept with Jeff at the same time while she was sleeping in my bed with me.”, I answered.

Michelle looked in a different direction for a few minutes without saying much of anything. She then stared back up at me and asked if I thought the pool was warm enough to swim. I invited her to go outside and test the water to see if she was ok with it. She got up and went outside and sat on the edge of the pool putting her legs in the water. She sat there for a few minutes just staring straight ahead every now and then kicking her legs in the water. There was no doubt the conversation with her father had affected the mood she was in. Finally, she got up and walked back into the house.

“The water feels great. Want to get in ?”, she asked.

“Sure, I’ll go get ready.”, I answered, walking down the highway.

I went to my bedroom put on a pair of swim trunks and grabbed two towels and two terry cloth robes I kept for the cooler times. I walked back to the front room and was about to walk outside when Michelle’s cell phone rang. She opened the door to the guest bath and asked who it was. I told her it was her father again. She asked me to answer it and tell him she would be right there.

“Hello.”, I said, picking up her phone.

“Tim ?”, Stan Woods asked.

“Yes sir. Michelle is in the bathroom changing. She yelled for me to answer the phone. She said she would be finished in a minute.”, I relayed the information.

“Did she tell you about Robin ?”, Stan asked, gingerly.

“Yes sir, she did. She’s right here, hold on.” I answered, noticing her walking towards me.

I handed her the phone and started to walk away when she grabbed me putting her dad on the speaker phone.

“Ok Dad, you’re on speaker…”, she said to Stan.

“All I’m saying is….I guess with the two of you now, this could get a bit sticky. Tim, I have no idea how you might still feel towards Robin or if you have any feelings at all. I’m just hoping that we can avoid a huge mess that I feel somewhat responsible for.”, Stan admitted.

“Sir, I promise you there will not be a huge mess. I know Robin is your daughter and I do work with her every day. But there is absolutely no chance I will ever see Robin again other than at work. I don’t think that I could trust her again….. if you understand what I am saying.”, I replied.

“No son, I perfectly understand what you are saying. I would probably feel the same if your situation. Any how was the pool, Little Bit ?”, Stan asked.

“We are just about to go in now.”, she replied, her eyes glued to me.

“Oh ok, well you two enjoy.”, he responded.

“Wait, Wait, Wait sir. I have to ask…… Little Bit ?”, I laughed.

“That’s my special name for Michelle. I have called her that for years.”, he informed me.

“Good to know, sir.”, I laughed.

“Dad, I’m going to kill you.’, Michelle screamed in the phone as he hung up.

Michelle followed me out to the pool when I set the two robes and towels on the chaise lounge chair. It was roughly in the low sixties, but we were expecting a cold front pushing through late tonight or early tomorrow. Michelle pulled the long cover up over her shoulders revealing a white bikini that hugged every curve of her body. Michelle was beyond beautiful and she had transformed her body into a work of art.

“Nice suit, Little Bit.”, I laughed.

“Oh, you didn’t. Only special people can call me that”, she turned and started walking toward me.

She walked right up to me and looked up into my eyes. She had the look on her face I had never seen before. I had no idea what she was thinking at that point. So, I did the next best thing. I quickly bent over and grabbed her flinging her over my right shoulder as she squealed. I walked toward the pool slowly, she immediately sensed what I had planned.

“Tim, don’t you dare. Don’t even think about it.”, she screamed.

“Aw, Little Bit. Don’t you think I’m special…”, I laughed.

“Yea, you’re special……. special education.”, she giggled.

“Oh that did it….”, I answered her, heaving her into the pool.

She hit the water hard and went under scrambling to upright herself and get back above water. She popped up a few seconds later brushing the hair from her eyes. She had a look on her face that appeared, she was not amused. She swam to the side of the pool and extended her hand.

“Tim, please help me out.”, she instructed, with no emotion.

Instantly I realized, I may have crossed the line with her. Truthfully, I really didn’t know her that well. I walked over to the pool and leaned down to help her out. She grabbed one of my hands with her right hand and put one foot the side of the pool. I squeezed her hand firmly but before I could begin to pull her out, she reached out with her second hand grasping my right wrist and pulling me violently towards her. I went head first into the pool right next to her and came up behind her.

“How’s that for a Little Bit ?”, she giggled.

“Not bad. I’m going to have to watch you closely.”, I laughed.

She swan up to me wrapping her arms around my waist looking up at me. This was indeed the closest Michelle and I had ever been. I wrapped my arms around her waist as well still treading water.

“You mean this close ?”, she asked.

“No, I think a little closer.”, I suggested, softly.

She pressed herself firmly against me so that her breasts were pushed against my chest and her pussy was pressing against my cock.

“This close.”, she whispered.

“Yes, I think that will do it.”, I said, looking into her eyes.

She leaned in the last several inches and touched my lips with hers. Instantly, I felt a shiver run up my spine and I know my body trembled for a few second. The moment her tongue parted my lips every nerve ending in my brain was on fire. I held on to Michelle for dear life hoping this kiss would never end. When she finally pulled away from me, I simply couldn’t let her go. I held her for several minutes just softly kissing her neck. I finally relaxed my arms and Michelle leaned back a little looking me in the eyes. I could see tears running down her cheeks with alarmed me right away.

“Are you ok ?”, I asked concerned.

“Yes, I’m very ok.”, she replied, kissing me on the lips quickly.

She swam around for about thirty minutes before we got out of the pool and went back inside. It was close to five o’clock, so I ordered a large pizza while Michelle dressed. We ate dinner and watched one movie before Michelle suggested that she drive back home. As much as I wanted her to stay, I understood and help her with her things to her car. She kissed me goodnight in the driveway and again she had my head spinning. I watched her pull away and round the corner before going back inside.

I had a hard time going to sleep that night and woke up early the next morning feeling like I had a hangover. I got up, shower and dressed, then made a grocery run. I was waiting in the check out line at the grocer when my phone rang, it was Robin Woods. I put the phone back in my pocket and let it go to voice mail. Three more times that day, Robin called and all three time it went to voice mail.

The next morning, Michelle called me early that morning. She told me that she believed the two of us really needed to talk. I agreed to talk to her and she told me she would come to my house at about noon. In a way, I was really concerned because I was beginning to grow fond of Michelle. She was as real as real gets and I really believed I could trust her completely. She had a great personality, she was probably my best friend and she was drop dead beautiful. I could only wait and see what this was all about.

Michelle arrived about fifteen minutes after twelve with two coffees in her hands. I let her in and we went straight to the sofa and sat down. I couldn’t be positive, but Michelle look as nervous as I did. It didn’t take long for the conversation to start.

“Tim, I don’t know where to start but I really think we need to have this conversation before we could go any further, if we even do. I was attracted to you the first day we met, I will not deny that. Then hearing about how my sister described you and how kind and considerate you were did not help much.”, she started.

“My heart broke for you that night in my back yard when you found out about Jeff. I wanted to kill Robin for what she did to you. I wanted to wrap my arms around you and promise you everything would be alright. I went straight upstairs to bed when you left and cried myself to sleep that night. I didn’t say a word to Robin for months.”, she continued.

“That day that I met you in the gym, my heart just about jumped out of my chest. I could not wait to get to the gym and be with you even if it was just working out. After a while, I would hope you might ask me out somewhere but since Robin is my sister, I knew that was a problem.”, she mentioned.

“Michelle, I don’t know what……..:, I started, before she cut me off.

“Please Tim, let me finish. Then I will listen to anything you have to say. I was up until after midnight talking to my father on the phone last night. Actually, he is the reason I am here today. I told him about the other day when I was here and I think he was surprised we didn’t sleep together. I never lie to my dad and I never will. So, what all of this leads up to is that……I really think that I could fall in love with you very easily. And I know this isn’t fair to you after what you have been through. But I need you to either tell me that you have some feelings for me or if it’s best to shake hands and move on.”, she finished.

“That is a lot to absorb but let me see how to put this. When we first started working out together, I saw you as the pretty little sister of a girl I once dated. But as the weeks turned into months you became a friend who I enjoyed being around. Then before I recognized it, you were my best friend. That night you took me out to dinner, I realized that you were someone who spoke their mind and could be trusted. That’s when I thought perhaps there could be something more between us. “, I started.

“I don’t think being with you and falling in love with you would be hard. I’m thinking falling in love with you and trying to be part of your family might be difficult.”, I added.

“As my dad said last night, he loves Beverly and Robin unconditionally, that’s what a father does. But they have absolutely no say in who I love and want to be with. So, I have his blessing to pursue a relationship with anyone I choose. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, I choose you.”, Michelle advised, her hand trembling.

“Michelle, I would love nothing more than spend as much time with you as possible.”, I replied.

She leaned over and kissed me softly, once again melting any hesitation I had left. We kissed over and over, slowly and softly. Nothing was hurried, it was like we had all the time in the world.


Michelle called me on December, twenty ninth early in the morning and asked me if I wanted to go to a New Year’s Eve party hosted by one of her aunts, her father’s sister. She did tell me that Beverly and Stan Woods would be there and possibly Robin, but she wasn’t sure. Since we had both crawled out on this narrow limb together why not test the waters right away ? I agreed to go and asked her about how to dress. She said it was a very casual affair nothing really fancy.

I picked Michelle up around seven thirty on New Year’s Eve and we drove about forty-five minutes to her aunt and uncle’s home. Michelle looked great in a pair of tight jeans, boots and a pull over sweater. I had worn a pair of jeans as well, a pull over shirt with a light jacket. We were left in immediately by her aunt who I was introduced to at once. Several seconds later, her uncle arrived and introductions were made.

This was the first time most of the extended family had seen Michelle since she joined me at the gym and everyone was complimenting her on the transformation. She acknowledged to everyone that I was her training partner and the one who pushed her so hard. I had already been told that her Aunt Pam, her father’s only sister, was a real cut up. It did not take long for me to find that out.

“Michelle, I’m not sure where you found him, but I want one just like him. My god child, you are some fine.”, she stated, trying to embarrass me.

“Um darling, I’m right behind you.”, her husband laughed.

“Damn it, we will talk later.”, she said, winking at me and walking off.

“Don’t pay her no mind son, she’s harmless.” Michelle’s uncle replied.

“It’s ok sir, not a big deal.”, I responded.

“What do you do for a living son.”, he asked.

I work at Butler, Land and Reyes, a law firm in town. I’m a certified public account and run the financial floor for them.”, I replied.

“Isn’t that where your sister works, Michelle.”, he asked.

“That’s a long story that I sure my mother will tell you all about tonight.”, Michelle replied.

“Nice to meet you son.”, he stated, shaking my hand again.

We made our way around the house and Michelle introduced me to several family members. Michelle couldn’t stop getting compliments of her appearance but how could I blame them. We finally took a seat on a small sofa in the large living area. About twenty minutes later, Stan and Beverly Woods walked into the room and noticed us. As usual Stan came across and hugged her younger daughter with Beverly gingerly walking behind him with a distressed look on her face. Stan shook my hand and then moved across the room to greet his sister and her husband. Michelle quickly hugged her mother then I followed with the same.

“Are you two actually dating now ?”, Beverly asked.

“I guess we actually are mom, although this is only the second time we have been out together.”, Michelle replied.

“Your sister will be here soon with Jeff. Please don’t start any trouble.”, Beverly asked.

“Mom, if anyone starts trouble you know it will be Robin. Tim and I talked about this situation for days on end. Neither one of us cares what Robin does or thinks. We won’t be the problem.”, Michelle responded to her mother.

Beverly looked at me expecting me to say something, but Michelle had said everything that needed to be said. I sat back down and Michelle sat next to me grabbing my hand with hers. Beverly walked away following her husband across the room. I leaned over to Michelle and whispered in her ear.

“We can leave anytime you want. I don’t want you to have to deal with all this bullshit.”, I said softly.

“Fuck that bitch, Tim. She’s not going to make me run away.”, Michelle whispered back.

We were still on that small sofa talking about the future and the fact that Michelle had always wanted to cook for a living. We were talking about several schools Michelle had researched about becoming a chef. The problem was trying to keep her small business afloat and going to school would be overwhelming. That was always the sticking point of why she had always put it off. We were brainstorming the issue when I noticed Robin and Jeff heading in our direction.

“Hey guys, how are you ?”, Robin asked.

“We are great Robin, good to see the both of you.”, I replied, getting up hugging Robin then shaking Jeff’s hand.

“Hey sis.”, was all Michelle offered.

“We will be back in a while, need to tell everyone hello.”, Robin replied, grabbing Jeff’s hand.

We went back to our conversation and I was soon oblivious of anyone in the room except Michelle. Michelle was so sincere and honest that it was not surprising she had become my best friend. She cared about what I did for a living but couldn’t care less about the money. She never asked for anything and everything you did do for her, she thanked you. Nothing was expected other than the fact that we were together.

It was close to ten o’clock when Michelle asked if I wanted to go get a cup of coffee somewhere. I told her that was fine with me and we got up and found Stan and Beverly Woods and told them of our plans. They were surprised we were not going to stay until midnight but let it go quickly. We also said goodbye to her aunt and uncle, then Robin and Jeff.

We made our way back to the interstate and a twenty minutes later pulled into a gourmet coffee shop and ordered. We sat at the table for almost twenty minutes talking before Michelle hit me with a bombshell. She reached out and took my hand in hers intertwining our fingers together.

“Baby, I want to end this year and start the next in bed with you.’, she whispered softly.

“Michelle, we don’t need to rush into anything. I want you to be sure, I can wait as long as I need to for you to be comfortable.”, I offered.

“Tim, I am sure and that last statement told me everything I need to know about you. Now take me home, baby.”, she replied.

We got into my vehicle and drove straight to my house arriving maybe fifteen minutes later. We went inside, locked up then went straight to the master bedroom. Michelle sat on the bed and unzipped her boots taking them off one at a time. She then stood up, unbuttoned her jeans then slid them to the floor stepping out of them quickly. She pulled her shirt over her head as I fumbled to get out of my clothing. She was wearing a white lace bra with matching panties. She unhooked the bra revealing a very firm pair of breasts then pulled the covers back sliding under the sheets.

I quickly followed her in pulling her into my arms kissing her soft lips. She responded to me passionately forcing her tongue into my hungry mouth. I slid my hand down her firm stomach and inside the waistband of her panties. I moved further down until I found her smooth shaved pussy. She was already extremely wet as I ran one finger up her opening, pausing to gently rub her soft clit back and forth. She moaned into my mouth never pulling her lips from mine, her tongue dancing in my mouth. I reached up and pushed her panties down her legs pulling my lips from hers. I softly kissed the side of her cheek and gently down her neck and shoulders. I stopped shortly as I licked and kissed the rock hard nipple on her left breast.

Then I moved gently down her firm stomach leaving a trail of wet kisses down her body until I was between her legs gazing at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. I leaned forward and slowly licked her from the bottom to the top of her wet crease stopping only to flick her clit several times with my tongue.

“Oh, my god baby………. don’t stop.”, she begged.

I concentrated on her clit being as gentle as I could alternating between soft kisses and flicks of my tongue. Michelle’s hands were on my head softly running her fingers through my hair as I worked on her wet opening. She was lost in pleasure as her body arched and twisted under the pleasure my lips and tongue were giving her.

“Fuck, you know how to eat pussy baby.”, she gasped.

Michelle’s fluids were pouring from her pussy and I was trying to swallow as much as I could. I looked up and could see that her face, neck and upper chest were crimson red. I knew she was close to having an orgasm ,so I began to softly suck on her clit, flicking it with my tongue while it was between my lips.

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum baby.”, she warned.

I increased the suction with my lips and began to flick her nub as hard as I could both hands holding her thighs tightly. Michelle lasted about ten seconds before she exploded in my mouth sending thick secretions into my mouth while writhing in pleasure under me. Her orgasm was very intense and very long. She finally relaxed on the bed as I softly kissed and licked her oozing pussy listening to her breathing return to normal.

After several minutes, I moved up her body and took my cock in my hand and guided it to her soaked opening. I eased the head in watching her facial reactions as her eyes rolled back into her head. With one push, I was all the way inside of her. Michelle’s pussy was tight, wet and hot. She looked up at me with pure passion in her eyes.

“I can’t believe you’re inside of me…….. I have wanted this for so long.”, she whispered, brushing my cheek with her hand.

I began to slowly move in and out of Michelle gazing into her beautiful eyes. She had both of her hands of my face softly touching me as if she was in love for the first time in her life. I wanted to cum so bad, but the feeling so was intense I didn’t want it to end. Once again, Michelle’s face began to turn pinkish and I knew that another orgasm was lingering inside of her. I grabbed her and held her close rolling over onto my back. She quickly straddled me reaching down and pushing my cock back deep inside of her.

She leaned over and stopped about an inch from my lips looking directly into my eyes. She extended her tongue running it over both of my lips quickly. I reached around with both hands and grabbed her firm tight ass urging her to move on me.

She began to slowly move back and forth on me still staring deep into my eyes. I had one hand on her ass and the other stroking her back as she rode me softly.

“You like me fucking you, baby.”, she whispered.

“You’re so tight and wet…… you feel so good.”, I replied.

“Good because, I’m about to cum again. How about you ? Can you cum with me ?”, she begged softly.

“I would love to , baby.”, I answered.

She leaned over and rested her chin on my shoulder as she began to urgently ride my cock back and forth rapidly. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out very much longer. Thankfully Michelle turned her head and whispered into my ear.

“Let it go baby…….. let me feel your hot cum inside of me.”, she begged.

“Fuckkkkkkkk…….”, I screamed as I held onto her hips, blasting my semen into her belly.

As soon as Michelle felt my cum inside of her, she tensed up and shook above me in pure pleasure with her second orgasm of the night. She collapsed on my chest trying to catch her breath her heart pounding against my chest.

We laid there for quite a while then I pulled her up and took her into the shower where I washed her hair, then finishing up on her firm young body. She did the same for me and thirty minutes later we were back in bed holding each other tight. After several minutes Michelle looked at me and told me that I had made the right decision.

“I want to go to sleep like this every night and wake up each morning still in your arms.”, she offered.


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hey in the last 2 weeks i have read your two previous stories. i am now a fan i love your work. i hope you are well. and please keep posting your stories.


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A lot of times people have to express their negative thoughts online because no one will listen to them in the real world, and nothing gets more attention then spiteful comments. Personally, I look forward to every new chapter, and not just for the sex, but because you have written a tale that has got me invested in the characters (but also for the sex). I say keep up the great writing.


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I've been waiting so long for you to return Rhiannon. I'm really loving your stories and this one is again amazing. I'm so happy you are back. Please keep writing! Can't wait for the next chapter :D


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Excellent story Rhiannon! Some people just come here to read pure erotica. This is an excellent store with erotic content. The only issue I have is that there are a lot of grammatical errors, but I like the story, so I can overlook. You should think about using Grammarly; even the free version will help. If you wait a while, they will offer it to you half price for paid version. Its worth it if you love writing, and want to put out something more professional. Either way, can't wait for next chapters!

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