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After Zach and Presley have sex for the first time, Presley finds herself hungry for more. Molly does not like the way her younger sister is looking at her twin brother and ends up doing something she said she wouldn't.
How Traditions Start – part 6

An original story by Starrynight


Molly was resting on her bed, quietly reading a book. She knew her younger sister was in the next room along with her twin brother and she knew what was going to happen between them. Even though she had a boyfriend now and she hadn't had sex with her twin brother since they both went off to college, knowing her younger sister was about to have a taste of him, sent a jealous shiver through her body.

Molly kept reading her book in the still silence of the night for a while until she started hearing sounds from across the wall. She placed her book down and strained her ears as the sound of soft moans were barely audible inside her room.

Listening to he sister's moans, Molly thought back to all the things she and her brother did before they went of to college. She thought about the first time they saw each other naked, the first time he went down on her, the first time they made love and the countless more times they fucked after that, making each other cum hundreds of times. She was starting to get extremely wet as the thoughts ran through her head and she immediately slipped a hand inside her panties.

Molly listened as the moans grew louder and slipped a finger inside her wet vagina. Both her brother and her sister were moaning now, making disgustingly arousing noises as they studied each other's bodies for the first time. She kept masturbating to her brother and sister, making herself cum several times with heavenly pleasure until she had enough. When she drifted off to sleep, she could still hear Zach and Presley going at it.

The following morning Presley woke up to her brother's smell still lingering on her. She could still recall the amazing sensation of him inside her, and as she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she could swear her skin was glowing. As soon as she exited the bathroom, Molly's bedroom door swung open and she walked out sleepily while still in her pajamas.

"So, did you and Zach have fun last night?" Molly asked Presley with a teasing smile and watched as her sister started squirming and blushed. "It sure sounded that way" Molly added and after giving her sister an evil smile entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Presley was extremely embarrassed by her sister's words and quickly returned to her room to get dressed. When she came downstairs, Zach was already up and eating breakfast. He looked up and gave her a warm smile that made her blush, before returning to his plate. Presley suddenly realized that she was absolutely famished, and joined her brother, mother, father, and younger sister for breakfast.

It was the day before Christmas, and the house was filled with holiday excitement. All the decorations were mostly up, and most of the day they focused on cooking for the big Christmas eve dinner, and shoveling the snow from the main path.

Throughout the day, on several occasions, Presley caught herself looking at her older brother. She did not come to terms with the fact that having sex with him was a onetime thing and she found herself getting wet just by looking at him. She wanted to do it with him again badly.

Molly noticed the way her younger sister was looking at their brother and she did not like it. She knew that what Presley and Zach did last night was a onetime thing and did not appreciate the lustful looks she was giving him.

As evening settled and a cold white darkness fell outside, the entire family sat around the big table for a Christmas dinner. They ate the delicious food Liz prepared, eating until they were stuffed. After dinner they retired to the living room for dessert and a series of old Christmas movies. It was very late when all seven of them stumbled sleepily to their bedrooms.

On Christmas morning Jack and Lisa were the first to wake up. Their parents woke up shortly after them and gave them permission to wake up their siblings as they started working on breakfast. Half an hour later, everyone was around the table eating as they eyed the presents greedily.

They ate hastily until there was not a crumb left, then gathered around the tree for what some of them thought was the best hour of the year.

The warm room filled with tearing and shouting as they started opening presents, the stack underneath the tree dwindling as each personal stash of presents grew and their smiles widened. After they finished opening all the presents, each started studying, playing, and trying on their own, while Liz, with Zach's help, started getting lunch ready.

The rest of the day lazily flowed by, the family either busy with their presents or relaxing in front of the fireplace. Later that day, after dinner, they were sitting in the living room as usual. After some time, Zach started feeling very tired. His youngest sister had already gone to bed, and when his brother got up to sleep Zach did to.

Zach wearily climbed up the stairs, brushed his teeth and entered his bedroom, closing the door after him. He removed his shirt and pants, putting on a pair of sleeping pants when he heard a knock on the door.

"Yeah, come in" Zach said as he grabbed a clean shirt and turned around.

"Hey" a female voice said as Molly walked into the room, closing the door behind her. She was wearing a thick wool Christmas themed sweater, tight red pants and slippers, and she looked at her brother's strong exposed upper body as he put on the shirt.

"Hey Molly" Zach said after sliding on the shirt and looked over at her. He took a seat on the bed and Molly did the same. "So, what's up?" Zach asked his sister.

"I didn't get a chance to ask you how things were with Presley" Molly said to her brother and looked him in the eyes.

"It was okay I guess" Zach told his sister. He didn't really know what she expected to hear.

"Okay? The moans I heard from my room sounded more than just okay" Molly said with a devious grin.

"Yeah well," Zach started saying and blushed "maybe it was more than okay. It went much better than I thought it would" he added.

"Really?" Molly said sounding intrigued "So was she good?" she asked her brother while giving him another naughty look.

"Yeah, I'm not going to answer that" Zach said with a nervous chuckle and gave his sister a studying look.

"Fair enough," Molly said to her brother and gave him her most enticing look. Ever since she learned he was going to have sex with Presley, and after she heard them in the act itself, she started lusting for her brother the same way she did when they started fooling around. "How about you just show me what you two did?" Molly asked her brother while keeping her eyes on him.

"What do you mean?" Zach asked his sister. He wasn't sure what she meant, but he instantly felt more awake and could feel blood rushing to his penis.

"I'm curious what you two did. I thought maybe you could show me" she said to her brother with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

"You mean have sex?" Zach said surprised "I thought we said we aren't going to do that anymore."

"I know we said we wouldn't, and we haven't done that since we left home," Molly said as she rose to her feet and looked at her brother "but with all the Presley business going around I'm getting so horny, I thought we could make an exception" Molly said and studied her brother's expression. She knew he wanted this, but he still had a skeptical expression on his face. "Don't tell me you don't miss this?" Molly said and pulled her pants and panties down a little, showing her brother her completely shaved pussy. She let him look for a few seconds before pulling her pants back up. "Also, I'm on the pill" Molly whispered into her brother's ear and knew there was no chance he would say no.

Zach rose to his feet and grabbed Molly by the waist as he brought his lips down to hers and started kissing her, his penis already hardening in his pants.

They were in a middle of a long passionate kiss when there was a gentle knock on the door. They immediately broke the kiss and looked at each other puzzled.

"Who is it?" Zach called out loud.

"It's me" Presley's voice said from behind the door. Zach looked at Molly with a shrug then walked over to the door and opened it. Presley was standing there in her pajamas: pink pants and a white long-sleeved shirt with a panda on it. "Can I come in?" Presley asked her brother and he opened the door wider to let her in.

Presley walked into her brother's room full of confidence, but the second she saw her older sister standing there she froze, her demeanor suddenly turning girlish and nervous.

"Oh sorry, I didn't know you were here Molly" Presley said shyly.

"It's fine." Zach told his little sister "What did you want?" he asked her kindly.

"Never mind, it's not urgent" Presley said blushing as she looked at her handsome brother. "We can talk about it tomorrow" she said nervously.

"You sure?" Zach asked Presley with a puzzled look.

Presley opened her mouth to answer but her sister cut her off. "Come on Zach, you really don't know why she's here?" Molly said, reading her little sister like an open book.

"Hu?" Zach let out in confusion.

"She wants you to fuck her again" Molly said bluntly and looked straight at her sister as her face reddened even more.

Zach looked at Presley also, and from the look on her face he could tell it was true. "But Presley, I thought you understood what we did was a onetime thing. We talked about it" Zach said and looked at his younger sister with empathy.

"Yeah I know, but it's just so unfair" Presley pouted.

"What is?" Zach asked his sister.

"After you two first had…sex, with mom and dad, you started having sex with each other, right?" Presley said and looked at both her older siblings.

"How do you know that?" Molly asked her sister attackingly.

"Zach told me" Presley said and Molly gave her brother a scolding look. "And I'm pretty sure you had sex more than once." Presley said and looked at her brother and sister as they stayed quiet. "A lot more" she added under her breath and noticed the guilty looks on their faces. "Well, I don't have someone I can do this with, so what, I'm supposed to wait until I go off to college to have sex again? It's so unfair" she summed up and looked straight at her brother.

After hearing her very compelling argument, Molly and Zach felt bad for their little sister. They didn't realize how lucky they were to have each other after losing their virginity to their parents and thought how they would feel if they were in their sister's place.

There was a long pause as Presley's words sunk in. Presley kept looking at them with sad eyes as they looked back in silence. After half a minute of silence, Molly leaned in and whispered something in her brother's ear.

"Are you serious?" Zach said out loud, looking at Molly shocked.

"If you're up for it" she answered with a shrug.

"You sure about this?" Zach asked Molly, still uncertain she was serious.

"Yes!" Molly assured Zach while giving him a serious look. "Do you want to ask her or should I?"

"Ask me what?" Presley asked confused as she switched her gaze between her brother and sister.

"Presley, do you want to join us?" Zach asked her nervously.

"Join you for what?" Presley asked confused.

"Molly and I were just about to…have sex," Zach told Presley and blushed "do you want to join us?"

Presley wasn't sure she was hearing her brother correctly as she listened to his surreal offer. "You want all three of us to have sex? Together?" Presley asked surprised.

"It's more like both of us having sex with Zach at the same time, but yes" Molly said and saw her sister turning a bright red.

"I don't know about that" Presley said bashfully. She really wanted to have sex with her brother again, but not with Molly there. It was awkward enough having sex only the two of them, she couldn't even imagine how weird it would be to have Molly there too, watching her while she had sex with Zach and having Molly watching her.

"You don’t have to if you're not up for it" Molly told her sister in a teasing voice, and before anyone could say anything else, she pulled Zach's pants and underwear down, revealing his semi erect penis. She closed her hand around it and began to stroke it in front of Presley's wide eyes.

Zach was caught off guard by Molly, and before he realized what's going on, his cock was already out. He tried to pull his pants up, but Molly was quicker and managed to grab his cock as she started stroking him.

Presley watched amazed as Molly started jerking their brother's cock in front of her. Her gaze was instantly drawn to his dick and she watched it as it hardened it her sister's hand. Her brother let a groan of pleasure and she could feel her panties moistening as her sister continued jerking him.

"Yes, okay, I want to join you" Presley said after she spotted a taunting look on her sister's face. She knew Molly did not think she would go through with it, but her brother's erect penis was too inviting to pass up.

Molly let go of Zach's cock and looked over at her sister. By her initial reaction she didn't think she was going to do it, but now she seemed eager. She rose to her feet and looked at her younger sister skeptical.

"All right then," Molly said and gave her sister a smile "you can go ahead and take your clothes off" she told her sister and started stripping herself. She removed her sweater and pants quickly, revealing a pair of matching burgundy bra and panties. She looked over at Zach who had already removed his pants and boxers, his nice cock hard as he quickly pulled his shirt off. She gave his hot naked body a glance then continued removing her bra and panties, exposing her beautiful perky breasts and shaved young pussy.

Presley watched as within seconds her brother and sister were both naked. She looked at her brother's naked body for a few seconds, admiring his big muscles and long hard penis, then turned to her sister's, looking at it for the first time.

Presley studied her big sister's naked body with envy. She had such a sexy slender figure, with her long tone legs, long blonde hair, firm b cup tits, pink little nipples and her completely smooth vulva. Her older sister was gorgeous, and Presley's heart started pounding at the thought of being naked next that divine body.

"Well?" Molly said obnoxiously as her sister stood there staring. Her voice seemed to wake her from a trance, and with her face slightly red, Presley started taking her clothes off.

Presley looked down at the floor as she started stripping. She grabbed her pajama shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing a purple bra, tightly cupping her large breasts. She placed her shirt on the desk next to her and started on her pants, sticking her thumbs inside the waistband as she pulled them down along her smooth legs to reveal girlish pink panties, clad tightly around her juicy ass. She could feel her brother and sister's eyes on her as she stood in front of them in her underwear. She took a deep breath before removing her bra and immediately after her panties, then looked up to meet her siblings' gaze.

Zach and Molly just stared as their younger sister stripped. They watched her until in no time she was standing there completely naked, just like them. Zach ran his eyes across Presley's naked body, looking at her large round breasts, dark coin sized areolas and small dark nipples. He moved his gaze down her body, looking at the patch of hair covering her pubic mound, her pretty little pussy and smooth womanly legs. He didn't think he would see her naked body again so soon.

Next to him, Molly was ogling her little sister's naked body. She ran her eyes over her legs and vulva before settling her gaze on her large tits. She could not believe how bigger they were than her titties, and she could not take her eyes of them as she felt a tingle of jealousy towards her sister's magnificent boobs.

While his sisters stared at each other, Zach jumped on to his bed. He laid on his back with his hard cock sticking up and could not believe this was happening. "Should I leave the two of you alone?" Zach asked his sisters mockingly as he admired their nude bodies. Their gazes remained on each other until he spoke then they turned to look at him.

"Shut up" Molly retorted shyly and blushed. She climbed onto the bed, grabbed her brother's cock firmly and started to stroke it.

Presley stepped over to the bed and climbed onto it. She took a seat across from her sister, Zach laying down between them, and watched as her older sister jerked their brother's nice hard cock. She watched as her sister gave him a few more tugs, making sure he was hard, then closed her lips around the head of his cock.

"Oh fuck" Zach moaned as Molly took his dick in her warm mouth. She started by just the head, sucking on it gently before continuing to bob her head up and down his shaft. She wasn't going very fast, but it felt amazing.

Molly sucked her brother's cock so many times in the past, she knew exactly what he liked. She started out slowly, getting the feel of his cock in her mouth. Shortly after, she started taking it in deeper, swirling her tongue around it as little by little, she started taking more of him in. In less than a minute she managed to take almost three quarters of his length down her throat.

Presley watched mesmerized as her sister sucked their brother off. She watched in awe as Molly managed to take almost his entire length in her mouth and looked at the heavenly expression on his face as he moaned. The sight of her sister sucking their brother's dick was so hot, Presley could feel her juices flowing, her pussy begging for attention.

Molly continued sucking her brother's cock to his growing moans. She made loud sucking sounds as she sucked on his hard cock hungrily, coating it with her saliva as she repeatedly took it into her mouth. While doing so, she would occasionally raise her gaze to her younger sister, the lust in her eyes noticeable as Molly kept going. After a few minutes of blowing her brother to his sounds of encouragement, Molly pulled her mouth of it with a loud suction sound. She gave her sister a studying look, then offered her hard shaft.

Presley looked at Molly as she offered her their brother's cock and neared closer to it. She accepted it willingly and gave it a few strokes, her hand gliding easily along her brother's well lubricated penis. Molly watched her intently as Presley ran her hand along Zach's cock and continued watching closely as she brought her mouth to it, taking it in and tasting her sister's residue on the hard shaft.

"Yes Presley, that feels amazing" Zach said with a moan, encouraging his little sister as she engulfed his dick. She closed her mouth around the pulsing member and started bobbing her head on top of it. She wasn't nearly as experienced as her older sister and managed to take only a little over half into her mouth, but it still felt amazing.

Molly watched her younger sister sucking Zach's cock and was getting extremely aroused by the sight. She watched as Presley took Zach's cock in her mouth, licking and sucking on it as he moaned in appreciation. After watching her sister for a few minutes, Molly wanted to join the fun. She grabbed her brother's testicles as Presley still sucked him, then leaned down and started to lick them, rotating between sucking on his heavy scrotum and running her tongue along it.

Zach watched amazed as Molly started licking him while Presley was still sucking him. He was in heaven as his two sisters pleasured him orally so willingly. Zach kept moaning as his sister's continued, watching them intently as the pleasure heightened.

After a minute of this, Presley offered Zach's cock back to Molly, only this time, Presley kept holding it as Molly started sucking on it. She sucked on it for a few seconds before pulling her mouth away and letting Presley continue, switching every few seconds as they shared their brother's cock.

Zach's cock was rock hard as he watched his sisters sucking his cock together. The sight was incredibly erotic and the pleasure overwhelming. He was so hard he thought his cock was about to burst.

"Fuck!" Zach said with a guttural grunt as his sisters continued taking turns sucking on his dick. "I'm almost there" Zach announced as the familiar sensation crept on his body. He watched as now Molly took him in her mouth and sucked on his cock as hard as she could. "I'm gonna cum!" Zach said with urgency in his voice and watched as Molly quickly pulled her mouth off and rapidly masturbated him.

Presley watched as her sister briskly slid her hand up and down their brother's cock as his moans grew. She remembered what he told her when they had sex, and without thinking about it, also grabbed their brother's cock. Molly gave her a devious smile as she slowed down, both sisters stroking their brother's cock until Presley leaned down, took the head of their brother's cock into her mouth and started sucking on it.

"Oh yes Presley" Zach moaned, and Molly's eyes went wide. She let go of his penis as he started ejaculating into Presley's mouth. "Oh my god" Zach called out and watched his little sister as a torrent of warm sexual pleasure rushed through his body.

Presley sucked her brother's cock as it exploded in her mouth. His body shuddered with pleasure as load after load of hot sticky cum started shooting out of his cock. She tried keeping it all in her mouth, be he was cummings so hard, his sperm started leaking out of corners of her mouth and along his shaft. She kept sucking him until he finished ejaculating and only then did she pull her mouth off his cock. She gave her brother a naughty grin before swallowing the content of her mouth. She then used her hand to wipe the cum that trickled down along her chin.

Molly looked amazed as her little sister swallowed their brother's cum after letting him ejaculate inside her mouth. "I can't believe you did that" Molly told her sister shocked and watched as she wiped cum from her chin and smiled.

Presley reached for a box of tissues and grabbed a few, wiping her face and hands before handing her brother a few to clean his softening cock.

"That was great Pres" Zach said panting and wiped the cum from his crotch. He looked at Presley who was blushing slightly then at Molly. "Apparently Presley is not as squeamish as you" Zach said to Molly and chuckled at she gave him an enraged look back. "I'm just kidding" he added and climbed off the bed. He took the tissue from Presley's hand, along with the ones that he used, and walked over to the trash to throw them.

"I think it's your turn now" Molly said to her brother as he turned around and looked at them, his cock semi erect. Molly neared the edge of the bed and laid down. "Come on Presley," Molly said as she gestured her sister to take a place next to her "it's time for Zach to return the favor" she said.

Presley followed her sister's lead nervously. She laid down next to her at the edge of the bed and looked at Zach as he watched them hungrily. After she made herself comfortable, Molly grabbed two pillows and placed one under each of their heads. Only after they were both resting comfortably, did Molly spread her legs, presenting her smooth vagina to her brother. Presley looked at her older sister as she did this and shortly after did the same, spreading her legs as she revealed her young tight twat.

Zach looked at his two beautiful sisters as they presented their young pink pussies to him. He gave their nubile bodies a studying look, feeling more blood rushing to his penis, then stepped to the edge of the bed and took a knee between their feet.

"You two look so hot" Zach said as he studied his sisters from his new vantage point. He was inches away from the inviting cunts and could feel their eyes on him as he studied each of their intimate regions. Zach looked at them for a few seconds, then brought each hand to his sisters' pubic mounds, placing his right palm on Presley's teenage bush and his left on Molly's smooth skin.

The sisters' breathing became shallow as their brother placed a hand on their delicate area. They watched intently as he caressed it, brushing his fingers along Presley's soft pubic hair and gliding his fingers along Molly's smooth skin. He studied their mounds for a few seconds before slowly sliding his nibble fingers lower.

Presley held her breath as her brother ran his thumb along her clitoral hood, making her gasp. He continued down her vulva, tracing his thumb along her slit until he reached the bottom. He then used his thumb to trace around her outer lips, increasing her arousal even more before moving his finger deeper and starting to caress her inner lips, making her moan gently.

Next to her, Molly was getting a similar treatment. It has been a while since her brother touched her down there, and he relished every second of exploring her shaved pussy with his fingers. He traced his thumb along her slit a few times, rubbing her tight labia as she succumbed to his intimate touch. She moaned silently as he rubbed her sensitive area, brushing his fingers and gently pinching her pink lips to her pleasure.

Zach played with his sisters' pussies to his growing arousal. He could feel the wetness seeping out of them as they moaned in approval. He continued pleasuring them with his fingers, brushing, rubbing and pinching their delicate vaginas to their growing moans. After a few minutes of this, he was dying for a taste.

Zach formed a smile on his face as he pulled his hands away from his sisters' privates. He looked up at their disappointed faces and widened his smile. He moved a little to the right, still on his knees, until he was positioned in between Presley's spread legs. He looked up at his younger sister, her face eager, and without further ado, he leaned in, sticking his tongue out and started licking Presley's sweet young snatch.

"Oh wow!" Presley moaned as her brother's tongue found her moist pussy. She watched with excitement as he pressed mouth into her vulva, his tongue caressing her slit whilst he buried his nose in her pubic hair. Presley felt like she was on fire as her brother began to lick her. He started out gently, using just the tip of his tongue to brush along her labia. He barely applied any pressure to it, gently placing the tip of his tongue onto her warm lips as he studied them, occasionally sneaking a taste of her clit and making her moan in surprise.

Presley was already soaking wet when her brother snaked his tongue into her burning twat. He brought his hands over to her smooth legs and ran them along her inner thighs. When he reached all the way down, Zach used his thumbs to spread his sister's pussy wide, and with her pink flower opened so enticingly, he shoved his tongue deep inside it.

"Oh my god!" Presley moaned aloud as she felt her brother's tongue violating her tight hole. The feeling was incredible, and she looked down at him and watched as he continued to bury his face in her pussy. The sexual pleasure was getting more and more powerful as her brother continued flaying his tongue inside her, and Presley was getting close.

After a few minutes of excitedly eating his younger sister's pussy, Zach could tell she was almost there. Her moans were getting louder and her breathing became more strained. Zach then, with his tongue still lapping up Presley's juices, slowly inserted a finger into her coochie. He started fingering her slowly while still licking her pussy, then moved over to her clit and started licking it while pushing a second finger into her cunt and continuing to finger it.

Molly watched amazed as her brother brought her younger sister to an orgasm in front of her eyes. She watched as he started licking her clit, frantically pumping two fingers into her young snatch as she squirmed with pleasure. Molly herself was so horny she couldn't keep her hand away from her pussy for even a second, rubbing it tenderly to the incestuously erotic sight. She looked at her sister's young body as it writhed on the bed, loud moans escaping her full lips until she exploded.

Presley let out a single shriek as she came, before placing a hand over her mouth. Her back arched and her hips bucked as her brother continued to finger-fuck her. An electrifying shock of pure sexual pleasure surged through her young body, and she closed her eyes as another one quickly followed, making her body shiver as every muscle in it tensed and released in sexual bliss. Her brother continued fingering her throughout the intense sexual ordeal, and only once her orgasm faded, did he remove his fingers and get up to his feet, leaving her laying on the bed motionless, her body like putty.

Zach's cock was rock hard as he stood up after making Presley cum. He was ready to sink it into one of the two ripe pussies in front of him, but as he looked at Molly frantically touching herself, he decided there was something he had to do first.

"Scoot up on the bed" Zach asked Molly who was already sitting up and looking at him with desire. She did as she was told and pulled herself further up on the bed, not moving her hand away from her begging clit even for a second. Zach then climbed onto the bed and moved between Molly legs. He watched her as she rubbed her hairless vagina, then moved her hand away and took over.

"Oh fuck" Molly moaned as her brother finally started eating her pussy. She was so far along, just the touch of his tongue on her delicate lips was bringing her to the edge. Zach noticed this and pushed a finger inside her while his tongue met her clit, it was all Molly needed to bring her to an orgasm.

"Oh my god yes!" Molly called out as she started to cum. Her body began to shiver, and her pussy clamped down on her brother's finger as she stifled a groan of ecstatic pleasure. It wasn't a very powerful orgasm, but it was a good one as her entire body lit up with the pleasure of a sexual release she so desperately needed. With her mind flooded with endorphins, Molly watched her brother as he gently rubbed her clit to her fading orgasm. She forgot how much she loved it when he did that and looked at him dazed until the pleasure completely wore off. Zach then pulled his hand away and sat up on the bed.

Zach slowly climbed off the bed with his erect dick flapping as he moved. Presley recovered from her intense orgasm and looked at him and his hard cock with lust. Seeing her sister cum for the first time made her so horny, she was ready to feel Zach inside her. Next to her, Molly started to sit up on the bed as she too recovered from her climax. She finished catching her breath and looked hungrily at her brother's inviting dick as well.

Zach suddenly felt a little disappointed as he looked at his naked sisters and thought about what they were about to do. He was very excited by the thought that he could fuck Molly unprotected, but now that Presley joined them, he realized he would have to use a condom and walked over to his bag to grab one. He separated one of the condoms from the roll, and walked over to his sisters, eager to have his way with them.

Molly didn't understand at first why her brother took a condom, but as his gaze wandered between her and her sister, she quickly remembered. She watched as Zach stepped back by the bed and quickly ripped the condom open. He grasped his cock in his hand, giving it a few strokes to make sure it stayed hard, then unrolled the condom onto his shaft, rolling the wrapper into a little ball and throwing it into the trash.

"Who wants to go first?" Zach asked with a horny smile as he looked at the two exposed vaginas belonging to his sisters.

"Go ahead" Presley said to Molly as she eyed her brother's manhood. Even though she really wanted to feel her brother inside her again, she was still shy about her older sister watching her getting fucked. She figured if she saw Zach fucking Molly first, it would be less awkward for her.

"Okay" Molly said delighted. She figured her sister was letting her go first since Zach went down on Presley first and she was not going to object. She looked up at Zach as he eyed her enthusiastically, and climbed onto the bed, advancing towards her on all fours. Molly leaned back on her back, placed the pillow she used earlier under her lower back and spread her legs as her brother pounced.

Presley watched in nervous excitement as her older brother and sister so naturally accepted each other. Presley herself moved up on the bed for a better view and watched as her brother made his move on her older sister. Zach had a lustful look in his eyes as he reached Molly's incredible nude body. He started by lowering his mouth to her pussy, kissing it gently, then continued kissing up her body. He kissed his way up along her pubic mound, her navel, her flat stomach, until he reached her beautiful breasts. Once there, he lingered on them for a few seconds, taking time to gently suck on her erect nipples to her gentle moans before he moved up her body. When he reached her mouth, Zach gave Molly a tender kiss, then moved back and positioned himself on his knees between her spread legs.

Presley moved a hand down to her wet pussy and continued to watch the extremely arousing act of incest before her. She watched intently as her brother grabbed his cock in his right hand and pressed it against her sister's vulva. He used his hand to rub the head of his covered cock against Molly's clit, making her moan, then watched as her brother brought his cock to their sister's opening and guided it inside, penetrating her young snatch until he was all the way inside her.

"Oh god," Molly grunted as her brother's penis found its way deep inside her intimate folds "I didn't realize how much I missed your cock" Molly admitted as her brother's hard shaft stretched her tight canal pleasurably.

"Me too Molly" Zach admitted with a moan as his twin sister's tight muff hugged his cock delightfully. He slowly pulled his cock out of her, until just the tip was in, then thrust its full length powerfully back into her intimate hole, making her moan aloud with pleasure.

Presley watched in awe as her brother and sister started fucking in front of her. Unlike with her, Zach was not gentle with her older sister, and he quickly took to pounding his hard cock into Molly's shaved pussy with gusto. Her older sister seemed to be loving it, awarding each powerful thrust of her brother's hips with a toe-curling moan of pleasure. Presley just watched as her brother and sister fell into rhythm, his hard cock repeatedly breaching her sister's sacred hole to their mutual sounds of pleasure. It was the most disgustingly arousing sight Presley had ever seen and it was getting her so hot.

After a minute of blissfully plunging his dick into his twin sister's pussy, Zach realized he was ignoring Presley. He turned to look at her and saw her playing with her pussy as she watched his cock enter Molly. "Presley," Zach called to his sister who looked at him surprised "come join the fun" he said with a smile as he kept fucking Molly but slowed down. "Stand up over Molly" Zach explained and watched as she released her pussy and stood up on the bed.

Presley stood on top of the bed and moved to stand over her sister. She looked down at her brother, his hard cock going in and out of her sister below her. Zach looked up at Presley and put his hand on her juicy ass. He pulled her towards him until she was standing right in front of him, then latched his mouth onto her pussy and began munching on it.

"Oh my god" Presley moaned as her brother began eating her pussy while fucking her sister's at the same time. He licked her pussy, caressing it with the tip of his tongue and slyly snaked his tongue deeper. She could hear Molly moaning gently and looked down to watch her brother licking her pussy masterfully.

They kept this up for a few minutes, the older sister getting her vagina serviced by her brother's hard penis while the younger sister was getting her pussy eaten out by him. After a few minutes, Presley's knees were getting weak from the incredible pleasure and she was having a hard time standing up.

"Why don't we switch positions" Zach suggested and stopped licking Presley. She stepped to the side and Zach looked at Molly's face for approval before pulling his cock out of her. He waited for Molly to move then took her place, laying on his back.

"You're up sis" Molly said as she rubbed her recently fucked pussy and looked at her little sister.

Presley was still shy about Molly watching her fuck Zach, but she wanted it too much. She eyed her older sister then her older brother, the lust clearly visible on his face, then lifted herself over her brother. She licked the tip of her fingers, bringing them down to rub her pussy, then lowered herself onto her brother's cock while facing him and Molly.

Presley turned red as her siblings watched her intently. She lowered herself until she felt her brother's penis touching her vulva, then grabbed it and aligned it with her entrance. She paused for a second, basking in anticipation, then lowered herself down slowly, impaling her teenage pussy on her brother's hard dick as he and her older sister watched.

Zach moaned as his cock found its way deep into his little sister's sacred hole. He watched Presley as she let out a little whimper, a shiver running down her spine as his shaft stretched her tight pussy. He could feel her warm cunt tightly hugging his dick until she was sitting on top of him, his full 6 inches filling her. She stayed like that for a few seconds, getting used to her brother's invading member before slowly lifting herself up, and starting to ride her brother's manhood.

Molly watched amazed as her little started fucking their brother. She rubbed her twat feverishly, watching the extremely arousing sight of her busty little sister fucking Zach's hard cock, eagerly lowering herself onto it and taking it in while moaning with sexual delight. After watching her sister for almost a minute, Molly's pussy was soaking wet. She looked at her brother who was watching Presley as she rode him, admiring her sexy eighteen-year-old body. She let him enjoy the mesmerizing sight for a few more seconds, then lifted herself up and lowered herself over her brother's face.

Molly faced her sister as she lowered herself down onto her brother's face. She stopped an inch away from his mouth and let out a surprised moan as Zach's tongue met her intimate folds. She rested her gaze on her little sister, watching her luscious breasts bounce up and down while she surrendered her pussy to Zach's probing tongue.

Zach was in a world of pleasure as Molly's feminine musk embraced him. He stuck his tongue out, reaching her delicate region and ran his tongue along it while Presley kept riding his cock delightfully. "Mmm" Zach moaned into Molly's pussy as Presley quickened her pace, her sweet moans and the slapping of her body against his, audible to him. He grabbed Molly's thighs and pulled her down onto his mouth, pushing the tip of his tongue into her sweet smooth snatch.

Molly let out a moan of pure sexual pleasure as her brother inserted his tongue into her longing cunt. After pushing his tongue inside, she could feel her brother exploring her intimate hole, lapping up all the womanly juices gushing out of her scorching womanhood.

Presley placed her hands on her brother's legs and leaned back as she began to fuck him even faster. She watched her older sister moan and groan with pleasure as Zach devoured her pink pussy from below, the sight so hot it only urged her to go faster.

The room grew warmer to the sisters moans as they enjoyed their brother's intimate acts. Presley looked at her sister's divine body as she kept pounding herself onto her brother's rod. She looked at Molly's perfect pussy, pink and smooth, at her flat toned stomach, her cute tits and her pretty face. Presley could feel her orgasm nearing as she watched her sister's face, her eyes closed and her mouth forming the shape of an O. She kept riding her brother's hard cock to her growing pleasure, studying the look of indescribable pleasure on Molly's face when Molly suddenly opened her eyes.

Molly and Presley's eyes locked in an intense stare as they kept moaning in pleasure. They looked deep into each other's eyes until Presley's eyes went wide.

"Oh my gooodddd!" Presley let out in a shaking voice. She closed her eyes and continued shoving her brother's cock into her as she rode him to a powerful orgasm. Her body erupted in fiery pleasure and her moans turned higher. She leaned back forward, placing her hands, on Zach's stomach as she kept pounding her pussy down. "Oh yes! Yes!" she whimpered in sexual ecstasy as her orgasm tore through her young body. She could feel her pussy clamping down on her brother's dick and her body shuddered with pleasure, her thighs and chest shaking uncontrollably as raw sexual bliss surged through every inch of her body.

Molly could feel her brother moaning into her pussy as she looked at her little sister cum on his hard cock. She moved a hand down and started rubbing her clit while watching Presley's body contort in pleasure. Molly kept watching mesmerized as her sister slowed down. A few last shivers ran through her body as she switched to grinding herself onto her brother's cock.

Molly lifted herself off her brother's mouth and took her place beside him on the bed. Presley's orgasm was quickly fading, and she waited for her to release Zach's cock, so she could take her place on top of it.

With Molly to his side, Zach regained an unobstructed view of his little sister on top of his dick. Her face was flushed, and her body shivered slightly with his cock still inside her. Her pussy stopped convulsing and Zach reached out and grabbed her waist firmly. He looked Presley in the eyes, noting the dazed look on them, and before she realized what was going on, he started thrusting himself into her from below.

"Oh, fuck yes" Zach moaned as he pounded himself into Presley's tight snatch. He only needed a few powerful plunges before he felt his orgasm rising. He tightened his grip and pushed into her hard and fast until his body came alive with hot sexual pleasure and he began cumming.

Presley barely recovered from her orgasm when her brother began pounding her pussy with force. She was still raw from the previous orgasm when her brother fucked her to another powerful climax. She closed her eyes and started shaking, her moans turning into shrieks of unbearable pleasure as another orgasm hit her. Below her, Zach let out primal grunts of elated joy as his pulsing member ejaculated inside his sister's convulsing snatch, the overwhelming feeling making him dizzy as he used the last of his stamina to manage a few last thrusts into Presley's young womanhood.

As their mutual orgasm came to an end, Presley fell exhausted onto her brother. She looked him in the eyes, her body flat on top of his, her magnificent boobs pressed against his chest and his cock still inside her. After a few seconds, she rolled off to his side, pulling herself off his dick and breathing heavily as she laid on her back next to him.

Molly watched speechless as Zach fucked Presley to another climax, cumming also as he pounded into her pussy from below. She watched the two as her body burned with lust and waited until her little sister finally extracted herself from their brother's dick. After she did, to Molly's lustful delight, Zach's cock was still hard.

Molly quickly made her way to her brother's penis and grabbed it. She gave it a few strokes to keep it hard then tried pulling the condom off. With his cock still erect, this was not an easy task, and some of his sperm ended up dripping down his shaft. Molly threw the used condom on the floor, and without giving it much thought, she took her brother's rigid member in her mouth. Her brother moaned as she bobbed her head on his cock a few times, tasting his salty spunk for the first time ever, before pulling her mouth off it and climbing on top of him. She eyed her brother passionately while lowering her pussy down, then let out a low groan as she pushed her twin brother's bare cock inside her snatch.

"Oh god Molly, that feels incredible" Zach declared as his penis entered his sister's vagina unprotected for the first time. He could feel her warm wet walls gliding around his shaft, hugging it as his sister took more and more of him inside her. Once his cock was all the way inside his sister, Molly started riding him. She didn't waste any time going slow and immediately began hammering her twat onto her brother's hard dick.

Presley watched quietly as her sister and brother began to fuck next to her. She was still overwhelmed from her own powerful orgasms and just watched and listened as her brother let her sister take charge, riding him fast and hard to their mutual moans.

Molly moaned as she continued riding her brother's cock. It felt so good to have his cock penetrating her without a condom on and she closed her eyes in pleasure as she kept going, wishing it would never end.

After a few minutes of hot incestuous sex, Zach was showing no signs of slowing down. He had already cum twice and knew he would last for a while. He closed his hands around Molly's tight bum, squeezing her cheeks and watched her as she kept riding him, smashing her heavenly pussy down onto his cock.

"Let's switch position" Molly told her brother as she climbed off him. They have been fucking like this for several minutes now and she wanted to try another position.

"Okay" Zach said out of breath and stumbled onto his knees on the bed.

"I want you to fuck me from behind" she told her brother as his hard cock twitched. She got on her hands and knees next to Presley, who just looked at them stunned, and waited for her brother to take his place. Molly didn't have to wait long, and within a few seconds she could feel his warm hands on her waist.

Molly let out a surprised little squeal as Zach grabbed her thighs and spread them apart a little more. He gave her ass a little squeeze, then pressed his pelvis against her ass. Molly breathed heavily as her brother then grabbed his cock and rubbed the head along her smooth vulva. Her eyes involuntarily wandered to look at Presley who was focused on Zach, then looked away from her sister. She waited with sexual anticipation, standing there on all four like a bitch in heat, waiting for her brother to mount her while her little sister watched.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Molly moaned as her brother parted her labia with the head of his cock. She felt a jolt of pleasure as he entered her, then let out a slow moan as Zach pushed his cock into her, defiling his sister's tight snatch.

"Oh god sis, I missed your tight pussy" Zach said as he buried his cock deep inside his sister, until his crotch pressed against her ass. He savored the sensation of her tight hole for a few seconds, then slowly pulled out. Zach pulled his cock until only the tip was inside his sister, paused, then forcefully thrust it all the way in, making her call out in rapturous pleasure.

Molly started moaning fast as her brother began thrusting his cock into her from behind. "Go… faster!" Molly ordered her brother in the throes of passion and groaned as he complied,

pounding her pussy hard and fast. Molly closed her eyes and groaned like an animal as her brother thrust his cock into her, the slaps of his pelvis meeting her ass echoing throughout the bedroom. Zach was fucking her harder and faster, destroying her pussy by ramming his cock into it harder than he ever has before. Molly didn't remember them ever fucking so intensely and arched her back with a deep moan as the pleasure of her brother's cock entering her blew her mind.

Zach just kept plowing his twin sister as her orgasm took hold of her. After almost ten minutes of hardcore fucking, he didn't feel remotely close to cumming and continued to enjoy every second of Molly's tight pussy around his bare cock. He looked at her beautiful back as she arched it and moaned like crazy, and a second later he could feel her pussy convulsing around his cock.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Molly squealed in orgasmic bliss as she lost control over her body. Her legs started shaking and an unconceivable wave of raw sexual pleasure shot all along her body. Her pussy started to convulse around Zach's hard cock and her breathing became shaky while Zach continued to thrust himself into her quivering cunt. Her eyes swelled with tears from the unimaginable pleasure and hoarse moans continued to escape her lips as her hands gave out from under her, dropping her head to the mattress as she experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of her young life.

Presley watched amazed as her brother fucked her sister so hard it looked like he was hurting her. She slipped two fingers into her freshly penetrated pussy and masturbated wildly as her sister exploded next to her.

Zach continued to fuck Molly as she trembled in his arms. He slowed down a little, and rotated his gaze between Molly and Presley, who was laying on her back masturbating as she watched him fuck Molly into an unworldly orgasm. He then slowed down even more, gently pushing his dick into Molly's convulsing pussy. He stayed in a slow steady rhythm as the orgasm tore through his twin sister's naked body until it faded away and she collapsed on the bed exhausted.

Molly's mind went blank with sexual euphoria as a few last trembles shook her body. She was laying facedown into a pillow and her heart was racing in her chest. She turned her face sideways and gasped for much needed air. As she looked sideways, she was met with Presley's face, just inches from hers, and stayed motionless as her little sister moaned quietly while masturbating.

"You okay Molly?" Zach asked his sister while placing a tender hand on her lower back and rubbing it gently.

She didn't answer at first, just lay there panting, but after slightly catching her breath she did. "Yeah" she said in a hoarse voice and slowly started lifting herself, perching her body on her elbow as she rested on her side facing Presley. She could feel her brother moving around on the bed behind her, and as she paused on her side, Zach pressed himself into her back and brought a hand down to her thigh. He caressed her smooth skin as he gently slid a hand between her thighs, then used it to slowly lift her right foot in the air.

Zach held Molly's thigh up as he moved around to position his penis in front of her pussy. The first time he tried to push it in, it slid to the side, but on the second try he managed, and they both moaned as Zach's cock once again entered Molly's tight box.

"Oh god, I can't believe you're still hard" Molly moaned and relaxed her body as Zach started thrusting his dick into her pussy from the side.

"Ugh!" a sudden moan left Presley's mouth and caught both of them by surprise. She was anxiously fingering her twat while looking at her brother and sister renew their incestuous love making until she started cumming. She closed her eyes and shoved her fingers as deep as she could inside her pussy while an orgasm surged through her. Zach raised his head for better view, and both he and Molly watched their little sister climax, the arousing site only encouraging them on.

Molly closed her eyes and let her brother take control once more. Her body was still weak from her previous orgasm and she just kept moaning weakly as her brother fucked her pussy raw.

After the longest sex session of Zach's life, he finally felt close to finishing. He lifted Molly's leg higher in the air and used the reminder of his strength to plunge his cock into his twin sister. Within seconds, her moans grew stronger, turning into whimpers.

"Oh fuck Molly, I'm gonna cum" Zach said as he felt his orgasm closing in. He smashed himself into his sister's poor pussy repeatedly until a searing wave of pleasure spread throughout his body.

Zach called out in unbearable pleasure as started cumming inside his twin sister's pussy. His voice started shaking as he moaned, and he just kept going. It was the first time he ejaculated inside Molly's pussy without a condom, and the pleasure of it was indescribable. He squirted load after load of sperm deep into her snatch and could still feel the orgasm surging through him even after he stopped ejaculating. He stayed inside his sister as the orgasm faded away, but only once his penis went limp did he pull it out of her.

Zach brought a hand around his sister and hugged her. He inhaled her intoxicating aroma while embracing her warm body as she breathed deeply.

"That was amazing" Zach whispered into his sister's ear and stayed motionless, letting his and Molly's body recover from the intense sexual ordeal they took part in.

After a few minutes of silence Zach slowly rose on the bed. The only sound he could hear was his sisters breathing. He looked over Molly's shoulder and saw Presley sleeping soundly, laying on her back as her beautiful breasts rose and fell. He looked down at Molly's face and noticed that her eyes were also closed.

Zach carefully climbed off the bed and watched his two beautiful naked sisters as they slept. He grabbed a tissue and wiped his soft dick then looked back at his sisters. Presley was on her back with her legs slightly spread, giving him an erotic glimpse at her delicate womanhood. Next to her, Molly was still laying on her side, her knees were bent, and her smooth pink labia was peeking provocatively.

Zach's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he noticed his sperm trickling out of Molly's pussy. He continued looking at his two gorgeous sisters sleep and couldn't help himself. He grabbed his phone from his bag and took a picture of the two, then quickly put it away and snuck back into bed. He closed his eyes as he wrapped a hand around his twin sister, and rested it on her smooth pussy, falling asleep with a satisfied smile on his face and an incredible night he would never forget.

Hope you enjoyed and came hard (;

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