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Part 3 and 4 of a snuff series
Satomi Kato walked through her neighborhood near her house on the evening of the 25 April, 2016. Satomi was a young lady who was proud to be Japanese. She enjoyed her Aikido and Judo classes. She enjoyed wearing traditonal Japanese clothing. She loved the culinary arts of Japan. Satomi had traveled the world but had always returned to her beloved country. At 25 years old she had experienced a lot but still enjoyed her own country's culture.
Satomi was walking that evening around 8 PM wearing her pink yukata. She loved wearing yukata even in casual everyday situations. She was going to meet a friend at a local restaurant. It had been a long day's work and was glad to relax.

Satomi's 'Friend' Yoko, whom she was going to meet was actually her lover. Satomi shivered as she thought of Yoko's soft lips against hers, not to mention her own soft lips all over Yoko's sexy naked body. Satomi beamed as she though of this. After eating tonight she planned on driving her lover wild in bed. They had met in college and already planned on spending the rest of their lives together.
Satomi thought she heard someone moving in a small alley as she walked by near the restaurant. "Who's there?" she shouted.
The answer was a katana being swung at her. Satomi successfully dodged it and went into defence mode. She had difficulty seeing her attacker however. She grabbed her attacker and sent him to the ground. Her attacker caught her off guard however and swung his katana again as it passed through Satomi's neck sending her head tumbling onto the ground. A shower of blood fell to the ground and her headless body twitched before falling to the concrete with a thud. Her lovely decapitated head rolled to a stop in a huge pool of blood. Satomi Kato was dead. Her lover Yoko would never feel Satomi's soft lips on her again.
The killer was exhilerated. This was the most enjoyable kill yet. This woman had been a worthy adversary. He was no less glad Satomi was dead however. He looked in awe as he saw the lovely young Aikido practitioner's headless body lying in a pool of blood. There would be a big mess to clean up but it was worth it. He picked up Satomi's decapitated head and closed her eyes. Her lips were parted in death. "Thank you Satomi. You were a great adversary. The other girls didn't put up a fight. I am very happy to have had the chance to kill you."
Kill Satomi Kato he had. It had been a thrilling, beautiful murder. Her decapitated body was so gorgeous it was unbelievable. She had been a lovely woman. Her violent death was worthy of her life.
He carried Satomi's severed head and body up to his room. He wiped the lovely Japanese woman's blood off his sword. He didn't think he would be able to top this one, the killer thought. Killing her was one of the greatest accomplishments of his life.
Satomi Kato's life was finished, however there was a great tribute to her when she would be laid to rest in her glass coffin. The killer first enjoyed Satomi's dead body in many ways over those two days. The killer had so much respect for her and washed her kimono of all the blood stains. " Don't worry, Satomi. You are even more beautiful in death."
"The great ones die young," they say. Satomi was definitely great. Her violent death was a triumph of beauty and artistry. The killer thought that the greatest show of love and respect for a beautiful woman was to murder her in cold blood.
When the killer took Satomi's remains to her final resting place he thought of how to make her coffin extra special. He then thought just her body being there would make it special. He placed her decapitated head at the front separate from her headless corpse. Unlike the other women he had murdered he left Satomi's clothes on her body. He left her breasts exposed however. It was simply beautiful, he thought.
"Satomi Kato 1991-2016 Brilliant martial arist and gorgeous woman. R.I.P. Death by decapitation."
Satomi Kato was a great woman, but it is much better that she is dead now. Not even the most brave warriors get as glorious of a death as this Japanese beauty had. Her beauty and bravery will live on forever.


Yoko Mizushima was distraut. She had been told that her lover Satomi Kato had been murdered. The tears wouldn't stop falling from her face. She couldn't believe it.
Yoko had been told by an informant that she was last seen near the restaurant where they were to meet that night. No one had seen Satomi's body so she still didn't believe she was dead. She didn't know who the informant was but she headed there right away. Satomi always told her she was too trusting and naive. Maybe she was, Yoko thought, but she had to do something.
Yoko wore a sexy black dress that showed off the lovely woman's curves. She wore black high heels and silk panties. She had red lipstick on and her nails were shiny, long, and red. She dressed the total opposite of her now dead girlfriend.
Yoko was frightened as she neared the sight where her informant told her that her beloved Satomi was last seen. She was not used to going places on her own. She saw a man standing in a small alley near where the site was she was supposedly last seen.The man asked her, "Are you Yoko Mizushima?"
"Yes" she replied.
"I killed your lover," he said.
Yoko was enraged as she flew at the man desparate to get revenge. The man reacted quickly and pulled out his katana. Yoko charged at him and slapped the man and scratched his face with her nails.
The man quickly responded by lifting his katana and impaled Mizushima through her chest and out her back. Yoko looked into the man's eyes and still struggled to fight back, but the man held his sword in the woman's chest watching the blood run out of her wound. She choked blood out of her mouth as she tried to breathe. The man wanted her to die slowly and painfully so he held to katana still inside her. The man enjoyed watching the woman in her death throes. The life slowly ebbed out of her. A large pool of blood formed beneath where the dying Japanese beauty stood. Yoko's eyes closed and her arms fell limply to her side. The only thing keeping her standing was the man holding the sword inside her. The man smiled when he was satisfied that there was no pulse coming from the lovely woman. He pulled the sword out of her wound and watched in delight as Yoko's body fell limply to the ground. He loved how limp and lifeless she looked. He wiped his blade of the dead woman's blood.
The killer looked down at the body of his fifth victim. So sexy and hot Yoko looked with that black dress and high heels. She dressed well for her own funeral, the man thought darkly.
Yoko did not get the revenge she sought. She would however be reunited with her lover in death. The killer knew Yoko was better off dead. He had enjoyed murdering her though he had no ill will torward her. He only told her he had killed Satomi to get Yoko enraged enough to charge at him.
He then felt his face. He had just noticed in his excitement of killing the beauty that she had scratched his face and he was bleeding. He smiled. "Well fought young lady."
Yoko had a very curvy body with large breasts and the killer would get great enjoyment out of her dead body. After taking the lovely corpse upstairs he washed her naked body of all the blood as usual. Touching Yoko's body was a real joy. He could see why a great woman like Satomi Kato loved her so.
The killer had built a new glass coffin For Yoko And Satomi's bodies to lie side by side in death. It was a lovely jesture he thought because he respected both of them.
Yoko's body was such a joy to carry around with her limp and sexy arms and legs that the killer didn't want to let her go. After two days however it was time to lay her to rest alongside her lover.
The plaques for both of the lovely couple was put side by side. Yoko's read:
"Yoko Mizushima 1993-2016 Satomi's lover. R.I.P. Died from being impaled by katana."
The killer laid Yoko to rest naked except for silk panties and high heels. A contrast to Satomi Kato's yukata she wore in death. It was gorgeous the killer thought.
Murdering lovely women was a real joy for the killer. Especially when he respected the ladies he kills like Yoko and Satomi.
The killer smiled at some of the new weapons he was going to use in the near future on his next victims. A certain Chinese lady living in Tokyo he has been following. She is extraordinarily beautiful and she won't be alive much longer. The killer was planning a very painful death for this lovely lady. He had experimented with making Yoko suffer before she died by holding the sword inside of her. Torture and pain was something he was interested in trying in the future.
The killer looked back one more time at his victims so far before bolting the door and driving back to his home.
Yoko Mizushima's new home was lying next to her dead lover Satomi Kato. Their love was extraordinary and is beautiful even in death. Their bodies brushed against each other in the center of the coffin. Both their lips were slightly parted and still red as if they were still alive. Their eyes were closed in death but their skin still had a hue that made it look as though they were only sleeping. Years from now their beauty will still remain.
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