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Part 2 of a snuff series
Hye-Young Park was excited. She finally had a chance to go out with her friends. She had been so busy with her studies she hasn't had a chance. She enjoyed living in Tokyo but her life was so busy going to university. Miss Park was also excited because she was flying back to her hometown of Busan, Korea to visit family in 2 weeks while on school break. "Things are looking up", she smiled.
It was the evening of 16th of April, 2016 when Miss Park was on her way to get on the train to go to Roppongi to meet her friends. They were to eat dinner and go clubbing afterwards.
Not too far to the train station she passed a small alley with traditional Japanese style shops around it. She didn't sense anything amiss as she walked by, her heels clicking on the walkway. She usually dressed pretty conservative but going out tonight she was looking good in her stylish garb with sexy high heeled boots.
As Hye-Young Park walked by one of the side streets she was suddenly pulled into the alley. She felt a cold metal knife against her throat. The knife pierced the skin and slid across her throat. She was terrified but didn't have time to react. Her blood spurted out of the wound. She soon lost consciousness. Her attacker held Miss Park up and he felt her pulse get fainter as her blood continued to flow out where the knife slit her throat. In thirty seconds there was no pulse or movement coming from the Korean beauty. Miss Park died in her attacker's arms. He let go of her and her limp body slid to the ground. She lay on her back with a pool of blood forming beneath. The lovely young Korean university student was dead. Her killer looked down and smiled at his handiwork.
Miss Hye-Young Park would not be meeting her friends tonight. She would not be flying home to Korea either. She would never graduate from university. Miss Park's only appointment is going to rest in a lovely glass casket made just for her. Right now Miss Park lies dead in a Tokyo alley with a large pool of blood beneath her freshly killed corpse.
The killer looked down at his victim. Miss Park's eyes were still open as she died. He ran his hands over her face and closed them. He loved her sexy high heeled boots. Such a hot young girl but so much more beautiful in death. He was thankful he had the chance to end Miss Park's life.
Aya Yokoyama was a successful and very beautiful 33 year old Hiroshima native. She was married and she and her husband lived in Tokyo. She was to meet her husband at a local restaurant on the evening of the 16th of April. She had to stop by the house to pick up a gift she had bought for her husband before going to the restaurant. As she walked onto the small alley where their modest house is located she was stunned to see a young woman's dead body and a man holding a knife. Aya screamed but the killer acted quickly and stabbed the beautiful Japanese lady repeatedly in the chest. Aya made a gurgling sound in her throat and blood spurted out of her mouth. She collapsed on top of Miss Park's lovely dead body. Aya Yokoyama joined the Korean girl in death. Aya wore sexy silk stalkings and black high heels when she was murdered. She would not be joining her husband for dinner.
The killer breathed a sigh of relief. He had obviously not expected this woman to show up, but what a bonus! He had enough coffins to spare one for his latest lovely victim. He took her purse and saw her ID. "Aya Yokoyama, born July 4, 1982 in Hiroshima", it said.
"Died on April 16, 2016," he said with a dark smile.
Aya landed face first on top of the Korean girl's body. The killer notice the Japanese lady's long sexy legs. He was very glad she walked by when she did because she would be a great addition to his collection. He picked up Yokoyama-san's body first. Her body was so limp and sexy. Killing her was well worth it he thought.
Both girls lost a great deal of blood on the sidewalk. The killer's police officer friend would clean it up after he moved the lovely dead ladies up to his apartment.
After he got up to the apartment with Aya's corpse, he placed her in the bathtub. He would have to wash the blood off both bodies before moving them to their final resting place. He came back down to pick up Miss Park's body. She was just as limp and sexy. He placed her in the bathtub next to the lovely dead Japanese.
He washed both girls bodies off with soap and played with them as well. He placed them next to each other with their dead limp arms around one another. They never knew each other in life but in death they would be best friends. Hye-Young Park and Aya Yokoyama's deaths was something to be celebrated. The killer enjoyed both dead Asian beauties sexually.
After two days the killer placed both ladies' corpses in the trunk of his car. Miss Park's head rested against Aya's shoulder as it looked like the dead women enjoyed each other's company. He drove off to their final resting place.
When he arrived he entered and walked to the corner of the room where Miss Hye-Young Park's coffin was located. The plaque read:
"Hye-Young Park 1995-2016 R.I.P. Died after throat was slit, Loss of blood."
The killer approved and carried Miss Park's body to her coffin. Her naked body was still gorgeous 2 days after death. He placed her lovely hands above her lucious breasts. He then went to retreave Aya Yokoyama's body.
The coffin next to the lovely Korean's would be Aya's. It was appropriate that these deceased beauties should rest next to one another. Her plaque was made at the last minute of course because her arrival was unexpected.
"Aya Yokoyama 1982-2016 R.I.P. Died after repeated stabbing by knife."
"Welcome Aya", said the killer as he placed the lovely woman in her coffin.
Miss Park and Miss Yokoyama's bodies looked so beautiful in their eternal resting place. You could see Aya's stab wound's on her breasts. She was stabbed six times. Miss Park's throat was deeply cut. The ladies' deaths were so artistic and beautiful, very appropriate for such lovely women. Hye-Young Park from Busan, Korea and Aya Yokoyama from Hiroshima, Japan will be beautiful forever...

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