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First part of a snuff series
Nozomi Ishikawa was simply a stunning woman. The 23 year old Tokyo native had a great since of style. She quite simply was the personification of a Japanese beauty. She was also quite successful. Nozomi worked her way up the ladder at her company and was heavily respected by her peers. No mean feat for a woman at a Japanese company. Admittedly she used her sensuality to win over her boss.
On the evening of the 8th of April, 2016 Nozomi walked home from the train station after leaving work at 7 in the evening. She had done her boss a little 'sexual' favour at the office before leaving. Nozomi smiled when she thought of their most recent encounter. He was attractive for a 46 year old man anyway. Nozomi enjoyed using her good looks to win her favors.
It was dark around 8 when Ishikawa-san was nearing her home. She was wearing a professional dress with fishnet stockings and sexy high heel shoes. Her neighborhood was quiet, not many people out for a Friday night. Her high heels clicked loudly on the sidewalk as she walked confidently onward. Her strong perfume would turn heads as she walked by.
Nozomi thought she heard something down an small side street and stopped and looked. Suddenly she was attacked and pulled back into the alley. She tried to scream but her attacker clamped his hand over her mouth quickly. The attacker punched Nozomi in the stomach leaving her breathless. The attacker then took out a knife and stabbed Nozomi in her left leg. She got out a scream of pain but then her attacker knocked her to the ground with a strong slap to her beautiful face. She couldn't believe this was happening to her but Nozomi tried to fight off her attacker. It was to no avail. The attacker saw fit to finish her off. He took out a rope to tie around the lovely young woman's kneck. Nozomi looked terrified. She thought he would rape her but murder was his goal. As the rope was tightened she struggled to free herself. She choked as tears of pain streamed down her face. Her attacker smiled but Nozomi couldn't see his face as it was too dark. She tried to loosen the rope. It was too much, she lost consciousness. Her attacker enjoyed every second of it. He held the rope tightly until there was no movement from his victim. No pulse, no breathing. Nozomi Ishikawa was dead.
Luckily the attacker lived close by. He carried Nozomi's corpse up the stairs to his apartment. Her dead legs with stocking and heels looked so hot he thought to himself. Ishikawa was clearly a gorgeous woman alive, but clearly even better after death. He was happy to get to the door of his apartment with no one to see him. He walked into his apartment with the freshly murdered young lady in his arms.
As he layed his victim on the bed he smiled. Great handiwork he thought to himself. As good looking as this woman was alive, its amazing she is so much lovelier she was with no pulse or movement. The death of Nozomi Ishikawa should be celebrated. Well he certainly would celebrate, he smiled.
The attacker took all the clothes off the girl's corpse except her stockings and high heels. Nozomi's cherry red lips were tasty looking. Her lips were parted in death slightly. Her eyes were slightly open in her death stare as she died. Her killer thought she looked better with her eyes closed. He ran his hand over her eyes to close them. "Rest in peace, Nozomi-chan!" He laughed as he said this. The truth is he had followed her for weeks and planned the murder.
He kissed her cherry red, but dead, lips. He looked in her purse and found more lipstick. He kept it. He thought it might prove useful for future killings of lovely ladies. He might want to decorate them after the murder. He was tracking 5 other beautiful women to murder in the next month. He was excited about his project.
First he wanted to enjoy Nozomi's death. He enjoyed her dead body sexually. He stuck his penis in her mouth and came all over her face. Killing this woman was definitely worth it, he thought to himself.
He kept Nozomi's body for two days after her death. He had a plan of where to take the corpse. He would keep her stocking and high heels as trophies of a brilliantly planned and executed murder. "It's time to say 'sayonara' Nozomi-chan."
He wrapped her body in plastic. He had taken precautions of course, but the truth is he is friends with few police officers in the area. They would make sure he could transport the bodies of his lovely victims to their final resting place.
Where would that final resting place be for Nozomi Ishikawa? Somewhere in Shizuoka prefecture in the mountains the brilliant killer had a place planned as the graves of his lovely dead victims. It is a closed off building that no ones knows of. It would soon have a collection of beautiful female murder victims. Wouldn't the bodies decompose you ask? Well the newest technology of embalming would prevent the ladies' bodies from decomposing. His scientist friend helped him design the building. So he would have a museum of sorts for his murder victims.
Nozomi already had a casket waiting for her. As he arrived at the building in the mountains in Shizuoka prefecture the killer smiled. It looked like a wooden shed from the outside. After parking his car he excitedly opened the trunk. Ishikawa-san's body was wrapped in plastic inside. He carried her still lovely dead body inside the building.
There were no windows inside. A generator provided power to the shed. The man turned the light on overhead. It lightened the room to see amazing collection of clear glass caskets waiting for the killers' victims. He walked to the one in the very center of the room with Nozomi in his arms. There was a plaque next to the casket that read:
"Nozomi Ishikawa 1993-2016 R.I.P. Death by strangulation on 8th April 2016 Tokyo, Japan"
The killer smiled as he read the plaque. It turned out just as he had planned.
He layed Nozomi's body wrapped in opaque plastic on the floor next to the deceased office lady's casket. He unwrapped the corpse. She was still unbelievably beautiful almost 3 days after death. Her lips weren't as red however. He took out her tube of cherry red lipstick he had found in her purse.
"There that's perfect." He said after applying a new shade. It was like she was sleeping beauty, except for the rope burns around her neck and the stab wound on her leg. The wounds were beautiful too though, he thought, to remind the viewer of the violent, painful death of Nozomi. He looked at her dead body as a work of art. Her death itself was a work of art as will the deaths of all his future victims. He plans on killing the other beauties on his list with different weapons and in different fashions. He has already planned his next murder. It will be a 21 year old Korean girl living in Tokyo.
"Can't wait to kill her!" he thought to himself.
He opened Nozomi's glass casket. It's lined with a material that prevents decomposition. Nozomi will still be beautiful in 100 years.
"It's good that you died young, Nozomi," he said.
He lifted dead Nozomi Ishikawa into her final resting place. He placed her hands over her breasts. Her hands were lovely too with light pink nail polish. What impeccable taste she had! Her toenails were the same color.
He kissed her cherry red lips one last time. He made sure her lips were slightly parted. "Perfect!"
He closed the casket one last time and locked the lid.
"Your death was a true work of art. I don't regret killing you at all. You are better dead than alive! And your beauty will last forever!"
The man walked out the door of the building and bolted the entrance. Nozomi Ishikawa lies dead in her casket. She will never know how much more gorgeous she is now. The world should celebrate the violent death of Nozomi Ishikawa!

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