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young girls goes to a beach....then to a BBQ, hers
Kay’s Beach adventure
It was mid morning on a beautiful sunny day, as Kay strolled along the deserted beach. The sky was clear except for a number of noisy gulls flying overhead and the sea smelt fresh. Even the warm sand between her toes felt good.
She only had a couple more days to go….before she would be classified as “exempt”. The feelings of relief and freedom were overwhelming.
She found a suitable spot and spread out her towel. Moments later she had stripped off her summer dress and lay down on her towel in her favourite green bikini. Her lithe young fit body, soaking up the Sun’s rays…..God she felt good.
Sometime, later, she began to have an uneasy feeling…like she was being watched. She couldn’t explain it ..and it bothered her. She lazily opened one eye and looked around. as she focused there was someone stood close to her. A gangly untidy youth , standing about 20 feet from her. She opened the other eye and stared back at him. He looked around 15 or 16…but there was something odd about him….You know…when someone is not all there…their facial features are not quite symmetric ?.
He was unashamedly starring at her and she could tell he was mentally removing her tiny green bikini. His face was a mask of hunger and lust.
She felt apprehensive. She was used to her well proportioned , firm body being attractive to both men and women. In fact, normally she rather enjoyed being the centre of attraction……but this kids stare was scarry !!!!!
After a moment or two..her confidence returned and she decided to end this unpleasant scenario. She leant up on her elbows and gave him one of those “We are not amused “ glares. That usually saw off any unwelcome attention from men. But this kid was obviously “not all there” his unnerving stare just got worse and she thought he was actually dribbling !
Eventually she plucked up enough courage to challenge him.
“Well…Haven’t you ever seen a woman on the beach before ?” She hissed venomously.
The kid just carried on starring.
Kay was now beginning to get very annoyed by his objectionable behaviour.
“What the FUCK…do you want…...you idiot ?” She shrieked.
After a long pause the kid grinned and nonchalantly, asked,
“Are you going to go …..TOPLESS ?”
Kay was now really angry….How dare a 15 year old “Dimwit youth” ask her, a, professional, well educated and frankly superior woman, if she was going to expose her body ….for him !!!!!
“I wouldn’t show a moron like you my body…..if you were the last man on Earth “. She scolded.
The kid just continued to drool.
“Would you like me to “Oil you up “…..he grinned stupidly
“ Why don’t you just……FUCK OFF …!” she screamed.
After an uneasy pause….he did just that. He turned and walked away…much to Kay’s relief. As she watched him go she thought to herself ..“What a fucking cheek…a simpleton like him asking her to flash her boobs ……there were still some limits….. even here in Dolcett County !”
Kay’s contentment, was now disturbed. She could not relax, her day was ruined…..so, she decided to go home.
She packed up her clothes and towel into her beach bag and decided to leave her bikini on for the walk back to her car. As she neared the end of the beach, there was a group of about 30 people having a party at a BBQ area. When she drew close… a large thick set man and a middle aged woman broke away from the party and approached her.
“Good afternoon…madam…. I’m agent HILL and this is my associate, agent FERGUSSON…. We are from the Alternative Meat Bureau “
The man pulled a wallet from his pocket and flashed a shinny badge in her face…..Kay like all young women was used to being stopped and asked for her ID…. Since the nationwide introduction of a “FEMME MEAT “ policy.. in late 2014 all young girls were groomed and conditioned to surrender their bodies for human consumption. when their number came up in a weekly national lottery. Not ALL girls were , however, happy about being “Harvested for meat ” and many tried to escape.
“Errrrrr How can I help you..? Kay stuttered nervously.
“Can I see your ID ? “ Mr Hill asked politely.
Kay rummaged in her bag and produced her ID card and handed it to him. Mr Hill then entered her details onto his phone and sent them as a text.
Kay stood trembling slightly while they waited for the results.
The phone rang and Mr Hill read out the results.
Miss Kay Kinnard…... 6 Alcantara Crescent, Chapel. Southampton Age Twenty Four GRADE A.A.A…………..NO EXEMPTIONS .
Kay felt a wave of relief wash over her….You never knew with modern technology….mistakes did happen ?
Then she noticed her “Lame Brain” young voyeur , from earlier, had quietly joined them.
“Is this the “MEAT GIRL”….you were telling us about ?” Mr Hill asked the boy.
“Sure is…….DAD…!” he grinned evilly.
Kay’s heart sank…..and she felt physically sick.
“Well Miss Kinnard…It’s my boy, Roger’s Birthday BBQ……and he wants you to join us…… as his ….“Special Treat “
“W…W…What…do…you….mean ?” Kay stammered .
“Under article 425…..Section 23 A of the Alternative Meat Code…..I’m hereby requisitioning you .”
Kay was dumbstruck and shocked to the core . She had heard rumours that the A.M.B . and Meat Processing Factories had the power… “In Special Cases” to harvest any girl they needed, on the spot. …But she wasn’t expecting this !
Behind her, she felt agent Fergusson grabbing and securing her wrists together …Kay started to panic and protested.
“ You can’t be seriousssss …?..she moaned
”Sorry darlin……” Mr Hill laughed “We need a “MEAT GIRL” for the BBQ and Roger …..has taken a real fancy to you “
“But that’s not fair !“ She wailed as she struggled against her bonds.
“ Life isn’t fair for you…..”Meat Girls” agent Fergusson laughed cruelly.
Kay continued to protest as she was physically dragged toward the party.
“Please …someone help me !” she begged as several people grabbed her and forced her, face down ,onto the BBQ table…..Seconds later the crowd had ripped both pieces of her bikini from her body , leaving her completely nude , vulnerable and very. humiliated
She was now scarred “Shitless” realising that she was helpless and totally at the mercy of this group of strangers !
“W..W…What are you going to …do to me….?” She pleaded.
“Well….Son…..the Meat wants to know what you are going to do with her ?” Mr Hill laughed wickedly
As he pondered, the boy looked like all his Christmases had come at once. He listened intently to the noisy crowd voicing their own lewd suggestions…. Then a huge smile flashed across his spotty face
“Can I have her…..”Spit roasted “…….alive ?” He asked .
A huge cheer of approval went up from the crowd.
On the table , below the mass of restraining hands……Kay …heard the words SPIT …….ROASTED…….. ALIVE She could not believe this was happening.to her… This was surreal…a nightmare ! Surely they wouldn’t dare “Snuff her “ in such a painful and inhuman way…..Just for the perverted pleasure of a teenage kid ?”
“Noooooooo Please….Not that ! “ She wailed …
Suddenly remembering a “Live Girl Roast” she attended with an old boyfriend They had witnessed the hours of sexual abuse the GIRL had endured from the crowd…. Her boyfriend called it “ tenderising” . The sex releasing oestrogen into her system ….. She had even felt mildly envious and strangely aroused as she had watched the poor girl’s pussy being slowly IMPALED on a huge , eight foot long metal SPIT. ..The boyfriend explained that doing that to a live girl released adrenaline into her meat improving the flavour …. Then …, finally she had been amazed to see the GIRL MEAT …fucking herself to a final orgasm as she rode her spit, over the fire. The flames licking her naked flesh. ! Although Kay was grateful it was not her “Riding the Spit”…Later, she secretly had fantasies about the Spit Roasting when she frigged her self off.
“Stop complaining “ agent Fergusson commanded “We are going to treat you …..and your dinner guests …to the “ultimate” sensual experience !”
Kay was now furious and crying tears of complete frustration….she was being treated like an animal…….with no choice .
As she tried in vain to think of a way out of this…..she felt it….someone was touching her sex……a large hot rubbery object was “Probing “ at her slit… trying to force an entry into her body. She tried to wriggle her arse to avoid the intrusion, but the crowd restrained her.
She looked back over her shoulder….it was the boy. He had his prick in his hand guiding it towards her exposed cunt. ……With a huge cheer from the crowd the boy forced the purple slimy dome up into her pussy. ……
Kay was then subjected to the humiliation of being FUCKED in PUBLIC. Roger mercilessly pounded his seven inch cock in and out of her sex accompanied by the raucous shouts of encouragement from the party guests. Then someone pushed another penis into her face…
“Here bitch…..Suck on this! “ a male voice demanded.
Kay had no choice….what could she do ? If she complied ..there still might be a chance of escape……reluctantly she parted her lips and allowed the man’s cock into her warm wet mouth.
As she resigned herself to her fate, and sucked….she vaguely heard Mr Hill’s voice in the background
“ Someone….. better light the fire !”
Over the next hour ,Kay was forced to SUCK every cock that appeared in front of her face . and endure prick after prick ravishing her cunt. Some pervert even forced his penis up her ass. She eventually surrendered to the overwhelming sexual stimulation and the eroticism of her situation …. she even began to enjoy the experience…..and came… several times. She was thinking to herself that this was not TOO bad a way to go…..when a voice interrupted her thoughts
“Are you ready to “Ride the Spit “ darling ?”
“Noooooo…….” Her sensible self tried to say.
“Go on …you know you….. want it….” The voice said seductively
The voice was right…..She was really enjoying being Publically Fucked and treated like an animal .Even the thought of that huge SPIT impaling her was darkly inviting
“ The flames are waiting…to lick your fresh ..” the voice continued.
Kay could take no more…..her will was broken
“Oh GOD……..Yesssss ……” she moaned in complete surrender.
Before she realised what she’d said……she felt the cold point of her SPIT touching her pussy lips. Her cunt opened voluntarily to allow it access. The spunk of a dozen men lubricated it’s passage and it slid in easily.
She felt a slight sting as the point touched her cervix, But Mr Hill was an expert SPITMAN, he realigned his angle of attack and forced the metal point through her cervix into her womb.
“Brace yourself…..Darlin “ Mr Hill said
He adjusted his grip on the spit and PUSHED……HARD.!
“AAaaarrrggghhhhh…………!” Kay screamed in excruciating pain as the tip penetrated her stomach.
“Just like a hot knife through butter “ Mr Hill laughed
The party guests howled and cheered as their Meat was Skewered
“Roger….Hold her head up…while I finish her off “ Mr Hill told his son.
With another push Kay felt the Spit at the back of her throat .
“Open wide Darlin “ He instructed
Kay was struggling to breath as the spit invaded her airway …so she automatically opened her mouth. As she focused her gaze she saw the TIP of the SPIT emerge from her mouth and protruded a couple of feet. She could taste her own bodily fluids on the spit…..Fuck , she thought,as the reality dawned ……there was no going back now….she was Meat.
“ Now that wasn’t too difficult …….was it….?.” Mr Hill asked
“Mmmmmmmuuuhhhphhh !” was all the Piggy could squeal.
Mr Hill then quickly and efficiently inserted an ANAL spike into her asshole and clamped it in tight…The knurled securing handle, touching her clit. He then tied both her ankles up to the spit
“How does that feel …” he asked
Although she couldn’t answer…. her mind was still in active and in overdrive…….This was the ultimate experience…..
Her Nudity….Her vulnerability… .the adrenaline rush…even the PAIN of the spit going right through her…….
“ Uuuummmppphhhffff……..” She moaned.
“Right then …..let’s get you over the fire …..” Mr Hill laughed as he playfully slapped her rump.
Kay felt herself being lifted up and then carried towards the fire pit. It was a strange sensation being raised on the metal tube. She actually got to feel the heat from the flames a couple of feet before they got to the BBQ.
As they lowered her onto the two “Y” posts that supported the spit over the pit …..Kay experienced the first exotic lick of the flames…..It wasn’t painful….it was more like the sting of a thousand mosquitos…..as her sensitive skin started to burn she felt the need to rub herself off against the ANAL SPIKE clip…which touched her Clitoris….
She surrendered totally….and started to HUMP herself off against the clamp.
Kay was basted and cooked until her flesh was a fine golden brown. She was still just alive as she was then taken off the flames and placed over an old tin bath. Ms Fergussion then stuck a sharp knife into her belly and slit her from pubis to sternum. they rotated her and all her intestines and internal organs fell out with a sploosh.
Ms fergusson washed out her cavity and filled her stomach with stuffing then sewed her back up with kitchen twine.
Kay eventually slipped away from life as she was returned to the flames.
Two hours later Mr Hill carved the Meat off the carcass and everyone commented about how much they had enjoyed the quality and taste of KAY the Spit Roast.


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