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The Thanksgiving Surprise
Two days before Thanksgiving my phone rang. I answered and it was Holly. She wanted to know if I would like to have Thanksgiving lunch at 11 AM with a couple of our old coworkers Corinne and Susan. I said I would love to have lunch … I asked what should I bring and what time should I be there? She told me a bottle of wine and 9 AM … she needed help making the mashed potatoes. I told her I would be there and said goodbye.

Thanksgiving morning I arrived at Holly’s house on time. I knocked on the door and before I could step in she gave me a hug and a kiss. I hadn't seen her since she had the baby and she looked and smelled great. Her small body was perfect. She had lost all the baby fat but her breasts were still large from feeding the baby. I smiled and told her, “Holly, you are so beautiful you take my breath away.” She blushed and then smiled and said, “I missed you too. I am so glad you are here and this is going to be fun.” I handed her the wine and she put me to work peeling potatoes. While we worked we talked about Brad and how things were in her life. Holly frowned and said, “Things could be a lot better between Brad and me if he didn't have to work in Germany. I worry about him. He seems to be drifting away from me. I get so lonely being home alone with just the baby. But that’s enough of my troubles.” We continued preparing the meal and then I set the table. The baby started crying so Holly brought him into the kitchen. She sat at the table opened her blouse and put the baby’s mouth to her nipple. “You don’t mind watching do you?” she laughed. Her breasts were ripe and filled with milk. “No, I don’t mind,” I said as I felt as my penis started to get hard. Holly glanced down at my groin and smiled and continued to feed the baby until he was done. She held him while he fell asleep and then took him back to his room.

At 11 AM the doorbell rang. Holly wiped her hands, stood close to me and whispered, “I need to tell you something before the girls come in. I don’t have any panties on and I shaved my pussy.” She smiled mischievously as she turned, raised her skirt showing her perfect naked butt, and then let it drop back down as she went to open the front door. I was shocked. What in the world was going on? Wow! This was going to be some lunch!

Corinne and Susan walked in and I hugged each of them and kissed them on their cheeks. I hadn't seen them since I retired. We said our hellos and then I went into the kitchen, opened and poured the wine as they went to the living room to sit on the couch. I gave them each a glass of wine and then sat in the recliner with mine. We started talking about work people that we knew and caught up on all the family news. The baby started to cry so Holly got up and brought him into the living room. Corinne and Susan took turns holding him and cooing while Holly sat at the far end of the couch. She spread her legs slightly and winked at me. I knew what she was doing ... teasing me to get an erection. I crossed my legs and hoped for the best. Fortunately for me the oven timer went off and it was time to eat.

Holly and I went into the kitchen to fill the food bowls and water glasses. I stood close to her and whispered in her ear, “I shaved my groin this morning … and I’m wearing underwear because it’s too damn cold outside.” She laughed but said nothing. We went to the dining room and Holly secured Paul in his baby chair. He was big enough to sit with us and hold the bottle of her milk that she had heated for him. We all went into the kitchen to fill our plates and then sit at the dining room table. I sat next to Holly with the baby seated next to her on the other side. We ate a leisurely lunch and chatted about the weather and holiday shopping. When everyone was finished we went back to the living room for one more glass of wine. It was almost 3 PM when Corinne and Susan stood up to leave. They thanked Holly for lunch and hugged us both goodbye. Paul needed his diaper changed so Holly took him to his room. I heard him giggle as she tickled and talked to him. She put him in his crib and I heard her singing a lullaby until he went to sleep. Holly came back in to the living with a huge grin on her face. We were finally alone and now it was time to find out what was really going on.

Holly walked over to me and without saying a word she took my hand and walked with me into the bedroom. She whispered, “I want to finish what we started in April.” Knowing full well what she meant I started kissing her gently and then undress her … slowly unbuttoning her blouse and bra. I bent down to her bare beautiful breasts … her nipples hardened as my lips gently sucked them as her milk began to flow and she started to moan. I then removed her skirt ... she wasn’t wearing panties. Holly was now completely naked. I saw her shaved smooth pussy for the first time ... it looked warm and juicy. She slowly took off my shirt and unzipped my pants and lowered my boxers … I was now fully erect. She bent down and began to stroke my penis slowly and then put it in her mouth. She licked her way back up to my lips and we kissed again and then I laid her on the bed. I looked down at her pussy again and knew I had to taste it. But before I did I had to ask her, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She nodded yes, smiled, and pulled my head between her legs. I couldn't believe what was happening … I put my tongue on her clit and she started to moan. I sucked her pussy lips savoring the sweet taste and smell … her bare pussy was hot and moist. I moved my tongue back to her clit and started to softly suck it again. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled me tighter against her. I adjusted my body and started to lick it harder meeting her thrusts with my tongue. The taste of her pussy sweetened even more and I knew she was ready to cum. Her body stiffened and then stopped moving as her moan filled the room. Her orgasm crashed through her body and she began thrusting against my tongue again and again. I gently kept my warm tongue pressed against her clit until she finally finished. Then I slowly started to lick it again. A minute later she started to moan again.

Slowly I pulled her body to the edge of the bed and put a pillow under her small but firm butt. Holly spread her legs for me and I looked down at her smooth wet pussy. I started to rub the head of my penis against it. And then I couldn't wait any longer. I opened her lips gently and slid my penis into her for the first time. She gasped as it went all the way in. I stopped and raised her legs to either side of my face. I looked down at us locked together and knew this was going to be fast. “Tell me what you want me to do,” I said as I looked into her eyes. She replied, “I want you to cum in me … do it now!” I started to slide in and out slowly then harder and harder as she moaned even louder. She pushed back against every thrust. I slid back into her one last time, pushed my penis against her cervix, stopped, and began to cum in long hot spurts. Holly pushed back against me … her orgasm began as her pussy tightened around my penis and began milking every drop of my semen. The pleasure was overwhelming. Our simultaneous orgasm was perfect. I stayed inside her as long as I could but when my penis started to soften I pulled it out and then lay on the bed next to her. She pulled the pillow from under her, rolled over, and wrapped her arms tightly around me. We kissed and held each other for the next few minutes. We said nothing … we didn’t have to … it had been that good. After a few more minutes we got up, went to the bathroom, cleaned up, and got dressed.

Holly checked on the baby and then came into the living room. I was in the recliner and she sat on my lap with her feet hanging over the arm, and wrapped her arms around my head and shoulders. We still weren’t talking when she started to cry. At first I thought she was ashamed of what we had done. I finally ask, “Holly, what’s wrong?” She didn’t answer for a minute but with tears in her eyes she finally said, “I am so sorry Ray … I tricked you into having sex with me. When you left in April it felt so unfinished between us. I wanted more. That orgasm with you in the shower was the most intense one that I’ve ever had. I remember sitting on your lap and feeling your hard penis under me … I wanted so badly for you to cum inside me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about that night and wanted to call you to finish what we started.” Her words trailed off and I thought about what I needed to tell her. “Holly, look at me. You are a beautiful young woman. I am almost 20 years older than you and I am smart enough to know that you didn’t trick me into anything. I wanted to finish what we started as much as you did.” I kissed her forehead and said, “I care about you. You are my best friend and you make my heart smile.” Her arms were still around me as she leaned in to kiss me … it was a gentle sweet kiss … one of acceptance and relief for both of us. We sat holding each other for the next half hour … no more words … just complete satisfaction.

The baby crying broke the spell we were in. Holly went in to pick him up and came back to sit on my lap to breast feed while I held them both in my arms. I watched as he latched on to her breast and started sucking. I realized that I was as happy as I’d been in a long time. We she finished she stood and put her baby in my arms. I rocked him to sleep with his little hand wrapped around my finger. Holly finally picked him up and put him in his room. I stood up as she came back knowing it was time for me to leave. As we walked hand in hand to the door she asked me if I would help her the rest of the weekend babysitting while she shopped and decorating the house for Christmas. I said yes I would and then wrapped my arms around her and we kissed goodnight. I spent the ride home thinking about Holly and what had just happened. Was this the start of something or just a onetime thing? Did I love her? No answers but a lot more questions.

I spent most of Friday babysitting Paul while Holly went shopping. It had been a while since I’d changed a diaper but I muddled through. He really was a good baby and we both napped most of the afternoon until she got home. We had dinner and talked late into the night. We hugged and kissed again before I went home. We spent most of Saturday putting up decorations in the house and yard. It was late when we put the final decorations on the Christmas tree and tried out the lights. I sat in the recliner while Holly turned off the rest of the lights in the house and came over to sit in my lap. She said, “Everything is perfect. I couldn’t have done this without you.” She put her head on my shoulder while we sat and enjoyed the lights glowing in the dark. I kissed her on her forehead and said, “These last few days have been wonderful for me too. I loved what we did on Thanksgiving night but it happened so fast. We didn’t have a chance to savor the moment.” She was quiet for a few minutes and then wistfully said, “I think we are both too tired tonight … Do you think we could take our time and try it again tomorrow?” I replied, “Holly, I would do anything to make you happy.” I held her in my arms for another hour before going home. I had a lot more to think about on the drive home ... still no answers but I wasn’t going to disappoint Holly.

Sunday was a rainy cold day. I got to Holly’s house about noon and walked in to the kitchen soaked to the bone. She met me at the door and took my coat and told me to take off my wet shirt, shoes, and socks. She brought a robe and slippers to warm me. We went into the dining room and I sat down. It was then that I noticed that she looked gorgeous today … her hair was combed back in a ponytail, her makeup was perfect, and she was wearing a low cut blouse exposing the tops of her breasts and cleavage. Holly said, “I made you a fresh pot of coffee. You take it with cream don’t you?” I nodded and she poured me a cup and brought to me. She then open her blouse, took off her bra and started to squeeze her breast milk into my coffee. After a minute she stopped and teasing me said, “That should do it don’t you think.” She closed her blouse and I smiled as I sipped my sweet milky coffee thinking this day was starting out great. I couldn't wait to see what was next.

What was next was a fabulous lunch served on her best china. Holly had gone all out and the food was superb. We were just finishing when the baby started crying. I went to the living room and Holly brought him out to feed. I watched her face while the baby fed at her breast … she was happy and it showed. When he was done she put him in my arms as she went to clear the table. It didn't take long and then she was back to take him in for a bath and diaper change. I heard her rocking him and singing until he went to sleep. She put him into his crib and came out, smiled and said, “We've got three hours to kill. Do you have any ideas on what we could do?”

Oh I had ideas … some really good ideas. Holly winked at me and said, “I have one more thing to do. I’ll meet you in the bedroom in a minute … why don’t you get comfortable.” I went into the bedroom and saw that there was an extra top sheet on the bed. I took all my clothes off and lay on the bed. I heard the microwave oven running for about 15 seconds. I was curious as to what she had planned. Holly walked in put something on the night stand and slowly took off her blouse and skirt. She walked to the head of the bed and slid her panties to the floor. “I shaved my pussy again for you this morning. Do you like it?” she asked as she posed for me. “I love it … and I want to lick it and make you cum again,” I replied in a sexy voice. “I’m sure I will … but let’s slow down and enjoy it. I’ve want to do something special that I’ve never done before,” she said as she picked up the jar on the night stand. She stuck her finger in it and I saw it was it was a jar of butterscotch ice cream topping. She slowly covered first one of her nipples and then the other with the warm syrup. With the next dip she drew a sticky line from between her breasts to her pubic mound. Another dip and she covered her entire pussy with the sweet warm syrup. I looked at her in amazement and then she said, “Now it’s your turn.” She put more syrup on her fingers and rubbed it on my penis, groin, and balls. She bent down and put my penis into her mouth and then licked the shaft. She gently put one of my balls and then the other into her mouth sucking the syrup from them. My excitement was building to a fever pitch. Then I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her close to me and kissed her passionately. I put my mouth over her right areola and started suck her nipple. Almost immediately her milk started flowing mixing with the butterscotch to make the most incredible taste I had ever experienced. She started to moan as I moved to her other nipple and did the same thing. When her milk began to slow I took one last mouthful and moved to her lips to share what she had made. Holly pushed her tongue into my mouth and sucked the fluid into hers. Then I slid my tongue down to between her breasts and started licking my way over her belly to her pussy. When I got to her shaved mound I found her clit with my tongue and slowly started to stroke it. Holly gasped and her hands grabbed my head as her thrusting pussy met with my tongue. She moaned “Don’t stop … I’m cumming!” Her body stiffened and she stopped moving as her orgasm swept through her body … it went on and on until she finally fell into my arms.

I lay on the bed with Holly on top of me as she caught her breath. We were a sticky mess but we weren't done yet. Holly finally whispered, “I want to make love to you now … I’ve never been on top before … will you let me do that?” I nodded yes and she climbed on top of me and positioned her wet sticky pussy just above my penis. She looked at me and smiled as she ever so slowly slid her wet pussy on it … inch by loving inch … until it was all the way inside her. Neither of us moved for a minute … the sensations of warmth and pleasures were intense. Then she slowly started rocking back and forth. It took a little while to find our rhythm but when we did it felt incredible … and then when we were really in sync we heard the baby start crying … we stopped moving and waited a minute. Milk started flowing from Holly’s breasts ... dripping down her belly onto mine. I looked up at Holly … her face staring intently at the baby monitor … her body covered in milk and syrup … our bodies tightly connected. That was the moment I knew that I was falling in love with her. It wasn’t just the sex … I was in love with all of her. Finally Paul must have rolled over and back to sleep. Holly looked down at me and said with a smile, “Let’s try this again.” We started moving again and the intensity of our love making took on a new meaning for me ... I needed to cum in the woman I loved. She stopped moving and bent over slightly to squeeze her nipples shooting her milk on my lips. That was all it took. I started to moan as each thrust brought us closer to orgasm. I looked up and saw she wasn’t ready yet … I waited until I felt her pussy begin to tighten around my penis. I knew she was ready now as I pushed up into her one last time and moaned, “I’m going to cum.” “Do it now! Cum in me!” She cried and pushed down as she felt my orgasm begin. Her pussy began to throb and milk every drop as her rushed over her. It seemed to last forever. She finally rolled down into my arms and we kissed as we were basking in the afterglow. We stayed that way for the next half hour.

We finally got up and went into the bathroom to shower together. I soaped her beautiful body until she was completely clean. She turned and began to wash me and when she cleaned my penis it started to get hard again. Holly looked me in the eyes, grinned, and bent down to put the head into her mouth and then lick the shaft until it was completely erect. Then she slipped the head and two inches of my penis into her mouth and began to caress the head with her tongue and stroke the rest of my shaft with small her hand. She continued to lick the sensitive spot under the head and while her other hand caressed my balls. "Holly, you're going to make me cum!" I moaned. She managed a muffled "Uh huh," indicating that was exactly what she wanted. She bobbed her head up and down for several more strokes. Suddenly I gasped as the first jet of my semen shot into her mouth. She swallowed and savored each squirt as it came, finally milking me dry. Holly stood up with cum still dripping from her lips and I bent down to kiss her. She stuck her cum coated tongue into my mouth and she kissed me back. We both rinsed off and then dried each other put on our robes and went into the living room.

Paul started crying again and Holly went to change his diaper and feed him. She came out with a concerned look on her face and sat in my lap and said, “We need to talk.” I knew what she wanted to talk about … us. I answered, “Please Holly, not tonight. I promise we will talk tomorrow. I just want us to enjoy this feeling for a little while longer.” She thought about it, smiled, nodded yes and asked, “Will you stay with me tonight? I really want to spend the night in your arms.” “I would love to stay with you,” I answered. We got up and walked hand in hand to the bedroom and saw the mess on the bed … butterscotch syrup, semen, and milk all over the sheets. We started laughing at the same time and then Holly said, “You strip the bed and I’ll get the clean sheets.” We made the bed and Holly checked on Paul before climbing into bed with me. I wrapped my arms around her and laughingly said, “My first sleepover … I’m so excited.” She chuckled and then whispered, “And that’s why I love you.” I was amazed … she’d finally said the words I was waiting to hear. I realized that this was the second time in my life that I was in love with a woman who fulfilled me both physically and emotionally. She cuddled in my arms and drifted off into a deep sleep. I didn't know what the future would bring and I didn't care. My last thoughts were that if this was the last day of my life I would die a happy man.


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A sensitive and caring story well told.

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