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Sex on Business Trip, Life in Colorado, Part 2a

This is the second part of Life in Colorado, sequel to Sex in Mountains. By omegablue

Matt Walker and his sister Sarah had sex in the mountains of Colorado in the winter of 1992. Sarah is currently three-months pregnant. Their mother Amanda believing that the father of the baby is Sarah’s ex Ray, whom died in a car accident. Ray Edwards was abusive to Sarah.

March 1993 - Introduction
It was getting time for Spring Break at Matt’s high school and people would be going to Mexico and other exotic places. Sarah would be going to New Orleans for a student senate convention and to enjoy the beaches of the Gulf. She thought of going to Cancun with couple of her high school friends, but she didn’t want to get stranded in a foreign country while being pregnant.

Their mother, Amanda, would be going to San Diego, CA for few business meetings for the week, so she offered Matt to come along. She was the VP of Operations of a regional hospitality company, Western Mountains Company. Mrs. Sanchez, the other female that was suppose to go couldn’t, so they wanted someone to fill the reservation. It was an acquisition convention of a hotel chain, Pacific Inns.

The hotel was going to be on the beach and they would be staying in a fancy hotel. There would be four other executives going on the trip. Matt’s family never needed the money, but the job kept Amanda busy

Classes ended on Friday and started to pack for a Saturday afternoon flight to San Diego. They slept most of the way there. They arrived in San Diego at 5:30 pm.

The CEO wanted to show his executives places around the town for the night, so all the company personnel decided to call it a night. Amanda grabbed the room key from the front desk attendant and they took the elevator to the sixth floor. They headed to bed.

The schedule was to go to meetings on Monday through Wednesday and then fly back on Thursday. Sunday would be free, so WMC employees could enjoy the hotel and the city.

Chapter 1

Amanda asked her son if he wanted to sightsee and go shopping. Matt wanted to see the Naval Base since his uncle had died in the Korean War and he was always infatuated with the military.

They visited the ocean, the Chargers’ home field, and the naval base. They shopped for about an hour buying swimwear and dress wear for the trip and for prom coming up in May. They headed back to the hotel from shopping. They planned to take showers to freshen up and then add to the beach outside of the hotel.

Matt was getting ready to head to the beach. He grabbed his new bright orange trunks. Matt turned around to head into the bathroom. When Matt approached, he seen his mother in a small skimpy red bikini in the bathroom fixing her hair after her shower.

“Hey mother, you look amazing!!” Matt graciously saying to his mother.
“Yes Matt, I haven’t been in a bikini for around ten years since when your Aunt Beth and I went to Florida. Does this actually look good?” his mother asked.
“Mother, you are amazing, probably better than some of the college girls out there” Matt replied
“You’re so weird, Matt!” Amanda replied. They headed to the beach around 1 pm.

Amanda was 37 years old and 36C breasts. Her blonde straight hair that flows around and reaches her chest. She kept herself in shape because she always was athletic during her prime. She was the sports nut in high school. She played volleyball in the fall and softball in the summer as a kid. To get a better picture of her, she looks like a older version of Sara Paxton.

Matt and his mother Amanda finished up getting into their swim attire and got ready to go to the beach. They laid out their beach towel and took in the sun.

“Can you put some sun lotion on my back, son” Amanda had gotten a tan before they left via a tanning bed.
“Yes, my wonderful mother!” Matt replied. Amanda was lying down on the towel.
Amanda instructed her son to straddle her back and massage in the lotion.
She unbuttoned her bikini top and Matt could see slightly her 36C breast and instantly got a hard on.
“Matt you are amazing coming to San Diego with your old mom,” Amanda replied.
“No mother, you’re amazing! You’re a perfect mother and look spectacular!” Matt replied.
Amanda started liking the message that her son was giving.
“I would have some fun with you, if you weren’t my mother!” Matt smirked.
“Yeah, now Matt,” Amanda started to respond.
“...and you have been there for Sarah and I through tough times!” Matt continued.

”Now Matt, I’m your mom,” Amanda finished.
“Yes, but you’re still beautiful. Most of my friends make stupid jokes about sexiness,” Matt responded.
“Thanks, I think! Let’s get some exercise before I’m stuck in meetings and before this goes too far.”
Amanda clasps her bikini top and went on for a run. Matt decided to take a swim
Matt checked his watch and it was already 3pm.

Amanda was lying on the towel soaking in the sun when Matt came up to her. Amanda and Matt got up and walk up to beach store. They grabbed some waters and talked about high school.

After drinking some water, Matt decided to swim around a little more. In the ocean, Matt talked with few college girls Naomi and Natalie. They decided to swim around and they took Matt to their beach spot. They gave him their dorm phone number, if Matt wanted to hang out over the week.

They also stated that Naomi’s grandfather has a restaurant and dance club on 5th Ave, if they wanted some good food. The two girls headed back to their dorms. Matt decided to take a run around the beach.

Matt got tired after his workout, so he headed back to his beach towel. He glanced towards the volleyball courts and seen his mother playing with few other women. The group finished playing volleyball since it was 5pm and they wanted to freshen up and get some dinner.

Chapter 2

“They have a good idea. Let’s go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner too, Matt!” Amanda stated
“That sounds like a good course of action, mother! Any particular ideas for dinner?” Matt asked.
“Let’s go to a fancy restaurant,” Amanda stated.
“Mother, there is a fancy restaurant and dance club on 5th Ave that I heard about,” her son replied.
“Oh, you have resources?” Amanda joked.
“Yes mother, I have my ways to find stuff about the city,” Matt smirked.

They got their stuff and went back to the room and got dressed.
While his mother was in the shower, Matt called the restaurant’s phone and Naomi picked up.
Naomi worked as a waitress at the restaurant and Matt put in a reservation for 8pm.

They finished up getting fancy and watch television until it was time to head to the restaurant.
The hotel decided that they would treat the WMC employees to their limo service, which they took advantage of.

Amanda was wearing a beautiful red dress, while Matt was wearing a suit. The restaurant was originally a dance instruction store and Naomi’s family renovated several other units attached to the dance facility. They turned it into a dance club with an elegant restaurant attached to it.

Matt decided to order her mother some drinks to loosen up. Amanda was not a light weight, so the waiter decided to bring in the bottle. After eating their meals, Amanda heard that it was ‘70s night, her favorite decade. They headed to the dance room and they danced for about thirty minutes with occasional drink breaks.

After they finished dancing, Amanda had another couple drinks. Matt grabbed out the credit card from his mother’s purse to pay the bill.
Chapter 3

Matt’s mother was wasted and Amanda didn’t care how much she exposed to the limo driver. The limo driver was decent and closed the screen. They reached the hotel room. Matt keyed into the room. They entered the room and Amanda started making out with her son.

Amanda slipped off her dress and started kissing Matt’s neck.
“Sorry Matt, but I am so horny and need some action...” Amanda said.
“Eleven years without sex is too much,” Amanda continued.
“Yes mother, it’s fine!” Matt replied
“Matt please stop the mother stuff, call me Amanda or baby,” Amanda answered

Matt took off his suit jacket. Amanda helped take of his tie and dress shirt.
Matt took off his undershirt and unbutton his pants.
Amanda continued kissing her son

“Wow, Amanda, you’re amazing kisser!” Matt told her mother.
Their tongues intertwined and were playing around while Matt gently pushed her mother onto the bed. He kicked off his pants and wrapped around Amanda’s back to unclasp her bra.

He then took off his underwear and he helped his mother take off her panties.

“Wow, you’re are so sexy!” Matt exclaimed.
“Your cock is so huge, your father was only like 3 inches!” Amanda exclaimed.
“Thanks, my beautiful babe,” Matt exclaimed.

Matt hopped onto the bed and started kissing his mother.
Amanda grabbed her son’s cock and started stroking it.
It was already five inches after dancing and making out with his sexy mother

“Matt, please put your cock into my pussy, I need it!!” Amanda exclaimed.
He slipped his cock into her pussy and he was able to slide about couple inches after few strokes.

Amanda flipped to her hands and knees.
He slid his cock into her pussy.

“Fuck me hard, baby,” Amanda exclaimed.
“Wow, you’re so tight!” Matt exclaimed.
“Oh yes, you’re so amazing!” Amanda replied.
They fucked like this for couple minutes only getting like couple inches in her.

The got into the missionary position
She wrapped around her arms around her growing man’s back.
Matt continued to stroke his cock back and forth in his mother’s pussy for several minutes.

“Can you ride me?” Matt asked.
“Yes baby,” Amanda said while flipping them over.
She readjusted herself onto his son’s cock
“Your cock is so amazing!!” Amanda grasps to get it out while rolling around on his cock.
She rode him for around five minutes.

“Flip to your side, babe,” Matt told his mother.
Amanda slid over and Matt continued to fuck his mother for about another five minutes.
“Wow, baby!! You’re lasting...” Amanda started to say.
“I am because I want this to last,” Matt said finishing her thought.
“I am...” Amanda tried to continue.
“..cumming so much. Wow, you’re amazing,” Matt finished her sentence

“Keep on fucking me baby,” Amanda said while kissing her son passionately.
“Wow, I’m in heaven being able fuck my mother,” Matt exclaimed.
“Yes, keep pounding your cock into me,” Amanda said!
Matt kept fucking his mother for about another minute.

“How are you about to cum,” Amanda asked?
“I should be able to last for another minute,” Matt replied.
“Fuck me missionary again,” Amanda told her son!
“Wow, I am getting all my six inches into you!” Matt said

They fucked and Matt’s cock slid back and forth.
Matt is sweating profusely.
“Oh baby! You are fucking amazing!” Amanda exclaimed.
“You’re so sexy mom!” Matt replied.

“Oh! Damn! Your cock is the best!!” Amanda is saying each word after couple moans.
“Wow, I might be cumming soon?” Matt responded.
“Oh baby!” Amanda said
He was sliding his cock back and forth. His cock drawing out of her pussy.

“Where do you want my cum?” Matt asked
Matt slide into her mother for one last thrust
“On my breasts, baby,” Amanda said
“Wow!! Oh damn, sorry mother,” Matt stating while he is cumming into his mother.

“It is fine son! It was the best sex I have had,” Amanda saying.
“I have cum inside your pussy,” Matt said!
“Yes, Matt it’s fine,” Amanda replied
“How can you be cool with this? I might have gotten you pregnant,” Matt asked?
“Yes, we will handle that in the morning,” Amanda replied.
“Let’s take a shower and get freshen up,” Matt suggested.
“Yes, that would be fabulous. Let’s get you hard again and I can fuck you again!” Amanda said.

After the shower, Matt fucked his mother’s ass. Amanda allowed Matt to cum inside her ass once and into pussy another couple times.
“Mom please drink some water so you’re not hung over in the morning,” Matt said.

Amanda drank couple bottles of water and they took a shower together. They cuddled for the rest of night. Amanda wakes up with a splitting headache and realizes that she is naked in the arms of her son.

Chapter 4

“Matt wake up!” Amanda said
“Good morning, babe,” Matt wakes up.
“Oh shit, we must have had sex,” Amanda replies!
“Yes, we did and it was the best sex ever,” Matt exclaims!!
“Yes, I know it felt good, but what exactly happened,” Amanda asked?

“We went out and then came back to the room. You will are horny and we had amazing sex. I put my seed in your womb, babe,” Matt responds.
“I loved it!” Amanda starting the coffee maker. “Do you know how much cum is inside,” Amanda asked?
“I was able to shoot around seven loads of cum in you!” Matt responded.
“I guess we just have to deal with this when it comes time to,” Amanda told her son
Amanda put her panties and bra on to get little bit decent.
“We only got around three hours of sleep, so I will be definitely loading up on this!” Amanda told her son pointing to her coffee mug.

A knock on the door when Amanda was going into the bathroom.
Amanda grabbed her robe and Matt covered up under blankets.

It was David Jenkins, the CFO of WMC, the company that has financed this trip. He was forty years old and had lost his wife in a car accident eleven years ago. He had a daughter, who was just a year older than Matt was and going to college in California. David and Matt’s parents were old high school friends. Matt never actually met David before the trip.

“Hey Amanda, Mr. Quinn and others are eating breakfast with couple hotel people in the Lighthouse Hall in 45 minutes,” The hotel had few dinning halls and restaurants in them. David told Matt’s mother. He glanced at the woman in front of him and admired the beautiful sight.
“David, I will be down there in 30 minutes,” Amanda replied
“Matt can come down as well,” David said while walking back to his room and waving back.

Amanda closed the door.
“Wow, that man was checking you out,” Matt said!
“No he wasn’t,” Amanda exclaimed.
“Yes, he was definitely, you are sexy in that robe, babe,” Matt said while grabbing his mother’s ass.
“Matt we need to go back to the mother-son relationship before breakfast,” Amanda said.

“Can we fuck one last time in the shower?” Matt asked.
“Yes, we can if you promise to keep this quiet and revert to being a regular son,” Amanda told her son.
“Yes, I can!” Matt said while Amanda dropping her robe.
Matt passionately kissing his mother knowing that it might his last chance to.

Amanda back-peddled into the bathroom and Matt continued to follow her.
They turned to the bathroom wall and Matt placed her mother’s hands up.
They continued their passionate kissing, while Matt grabbing her leg.
Matt pulled down her panties and started fucking her.

After several thrusts, they broke their embrace and they entered the shower.
Amanda bent down and started stroking Matt’s cock.
She eventually started sucking on his cock, while Matt started the water.
Then Amanda turned around and Matt pushed his cock into her mother.
Matt pushed into her hard since they only had around fifteen minutes to fuck.
Matt stroked his cock in and out of her for about five minutes.
They washed up and got dried up.

Matt grabbed his mother and Amanda embraced her son. She wrapped her legs and arms around him. Matt slipped his cock into Amanda’s pussy. Amanda then started riding Matt’s cock.

“Wow! You’re amazing, it’s bad that it’s the last time,” Matt said.
“Yes, I know,” Amanda replied.

Amanda bounced up and down for a while and then Matt set his mother down onto the bed.
Matt fucked his mother on the bed.

“I am going to cum soon,” Matt exclaimed.
“Just cum inside me,” Amanda replied. “You’ve already done it once, so go ahead.”
“Oh Damn! You’re amazing,” Matt exclaimed.
“Oh, boy! I am going to...” He cummed inside of his mother for one last time.

They took quick showers. They got dressed and headed to breakfast. The acquisition was a success.
Amanda took a pregnancy test on Tuesday and it was positive.
Amanda had sex with David Jenkins, the man at the door and the CFO, on Wednesday to explain the pregnancy.

Chapter 5

Amanda wanted to make sure the baby was healthy. David was always cautious. He didn’t want to be stuck in a relationship, because of a one-night stand.

The paternity test showed that David wasn’t the father. Amanda knew that Matt was the father, but told David that she had an one-night stand couple days before the business trip. David realized that he could handle being a father-figure to the baby and help Amanda through the pregnancy.

Amanda and David started dating, eventually marrying. Sarah and Amanda decided that Amanda would raise her granddaughter Stacy has her own.

Amanda wanting Matt to get an education and possibly distract him from making babies gets Matt to go to college. In August 1993, Matt starts his freshman year at Western Colorado State University in Grand Junction, CO. He also enrolls in the National Guard.

Amanda’s daughter and Matt’s sister Sarah had her baby (paternally Matt’s) in September in a Denver hospital. Amanda asked what her daughter was going to name the baby. Sarah answered Stacy Lauren Walker. Amanda was puzzled why her daughter chose Walker. Sarah thought quickly and told her mother that she didn’t enjoy the last name of the “father”.

In November, the family was on a family trip to see one of Amanda’s uncles in Indianapolis. During the trip, Amanda had her baby naming it Amber Elizabeth Walker. Elizabeth being David’s late grandmother’s name. David agrees to adopt both girls.

Sarah decides to go to Florida State University.

Series Notes:
Western CO State University is intended to be a fictitious college in a real town in Colorado.


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