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Tiffany’s Birthday

Hay sweaty what do want to do for your birthday?
Well mom the girls from my cheer leading squid are come for a sleep over can we get some pizza and can you get Dewitt out of the house for the weekend? He’s always trying to seek peeks at us when every the girls come over. Don’t weary sweaty I well handle him, my stepmom walked out tiffany’s room (my stepsister ) an striate in to my room with out knocking, there I was standing in front of the murrain naked with my cock in hand just jerking off with Tiffney’s panties rapped around my cock, when she walked in starling me.
So this is how you get read for school thinking about fucking your stepsister, you little pervert!
I was going to ask you to spend the weekend over at one of your friends house but now your ass is mine, with that she walked over grabbing my cock the dragging naked to the master bathroom.

Now let me intrude some of the people in this story.

I am Dewitt brown 5’10” 160lb, 7”cock 2”thick, blond hair to my shoulders, blue eyes 15 years old

Miss Janet Brown (my stepmom) is 5’8”, 130lb DD-cup breast, bleach blond hair cut short, brown eyes, 35 years old

Tiffany Johnson (my stepsister) 5’6”,130lb C-cup breast, brown hair stopping at her shoulders, brown eyes, 16 years old

Tatonya hunt (cheer leader) is 5’6”, 115lb C-cup breast, long black hair, brown eyes, 16 years old

Phedra martin (cheer leader) is 5’7”, 110lb D -cup breast, shoulder light brown hair, hazel eyes, 17 years old

Brenda Anderson (cheer leader) is 5’5”, 100lb B-cup breast, short blond hair, blue eyes, and 16 yeas old

Natalie Burton (cheer leader) is 5’7”, 120lb D-cup breast, long red hair, green eyes, 17 years old

Becca Kimble (cheer leader) is 5’4”, 105lb C-cup breast, long black hair to her ass, brown eyes, 16 years old

In the master bathroom my stepmom told me to get in the shower a not to move, she then went in the bedroom to get some things.
She came back a sort time later with some hand cuffs, as I was cuffed to the shower rod.

Ok now you ass is mine you well do what I tell with no quests asked do you under stand? “Yap”
From now on you well adders me as Mistress or Miss J that is only when you are spoken to, now I am going to shave your body, you well keep it shaved at all times.
So you want to fuck you stepsister, you well get to that but it well be her fucking you.
With that said she started shaving me, I was starting to get a hard on, then after she finished shaving my cock/balls she tide rope around the cock/balls making them stay hard. She dyed me off lead by my cock in to the master bedroom a cuffed me to the four post bed spread equal up right.
Then she put a leather corset on me real tight I could all most not breathe, there where wrest/ankle cuffs then a collared with a two headed dildo gag shoved in my mouth then bulked in place.
She then put 4” black heels on my feet and led me down to the basement.

Chapter 2

In the basement is where I was cuffed to a post on a mattress with my legs cuffed to another post then a blindfold was put on me.
So there I was lift tide up in the basement tell I heard some foot steps a voices coming down the stares.
Ok girls this is some I set up for tiffys birthday.
So if yawls want to take off your panties we can get these cocks in some pussy.
Miss J just squinted on the big black dildo coming out of my mouth an had tiffany squirt on my cock slowly as it went in inch by inch, then mother/daughter were going up and down slowly at first then faster an faster tell they both orgasmic together.
The next two girls where LaTonya climbed on the black cock and Phedra climbed on the other cock, as they both slowly inserted the cocks in to there pussy as they inched there way down the cocks.
They moved up a down slowly then faster tell there orgasmic over tuck them as they sat there shacking.

The next two girls where Brenda climbed on the black cock and Natalie climbed on the other cock, as they both slowly inserted the cocks in to there pussy as they inched there way down the cocks.
They moved up a down slowly then faster tell there orgasmic over tuck them as they sat there shacking.

The next two girls where Becca climbed on the black cock and Tiffany climbed on the other cock, as they both slowly inserted the cocks in to there pussy as they inched there way down the cocks.
They moved up a down slowly then faster tell there orgasmic over tuck them as they sat there shacking.

This went on all night long, at around 7am Mistress J came down to the basement to wake the girls for breakfast also to untie me so she can preparer me for the next part of the training.

Up stair in the kitchen the girls where eating just setting there naked as I was lead up the stairs in to the kitchen where I was told what the girls where going to do to me for the rest of the day.
As she was talking she also was stroking my cock to the point Cumming witch she court in a glass then made me drink it all down.

After every one eats we all went back down to the basement where I was tide to a fucking horse with my ass in the air head down just above chair.
Tiffany sat in the chair with her legs spread wide as pushed my head in her cunt, then Mistress J put on a strap-on dildo lubed it up lined it up with my ass hole, pushed it in slow an hard tell the dildo was all the way in, that is when Mistress J told all the girls that I was now no longer a vegans an from this day forward I was at there beck in call.
So Mistress J fucked my ass hole as I licked sucked on tiffany’s cunt tell she came then tiffany put on the strap-on to fuck me as I serviced Brenda tell she came then put on the strap-on as Bacce sat in the chair to get her pussy services this went on, Tatonya was next then Natalie then phedra got to fuck me last.
This went on tell every one had a send turn in the chair and fucking me in the ass.
It was noon when the girls went back up stairs to the rest an get some thing to eat, so there I was still tide to the horse with a gaping ass hole when Mistress J shoved a large but plug in my ass hole.
She then said this will keep you read for round two sluts.
It was 1pm when the girls came back down to the basement for some more fun with there new toy that is me.
Mistress J said now ladies are for we pick up where lift off it is time for Miss Tiffany birthday spanking but she will not be the one revving the spanking, our new slut toy here will be repent of the birthday spankings.
Now slut you will do that for your stepsister! “Yes Mistress Janet”
Tiffany said we all have been fucking my stepbrother for the past to days! “Yes sweaty”
I found him jacking off in your pantie that was when I desired to start training him as a slut toy for you girls.
So tiffany you go first give him 18th swats with the cane as each of us will do an slut you well thank each one of us be for and after the spankings “yes Mistress Janet”
As tiffany step up I said thank you Mistress Tiffany for allowing me to take the spanking for you on this special day, tiffany then said that is so nice of you slut swat the cane hit my ass, she just started hitting my ass so hard 1,2,3,8,10,15,16,17,then one to grow on 18.
I then said thank you Mistress Tiffany for allowing me to tack all of you spankings, Tiffany sat in the chair shoving my face in her cunt as becca step up with the cane seeing that you have his mouth baize, Tiffany said Becca would you places delver my birthday spankings to our new sluts ass an make them hard.
Swat swat hit my ass 18th hits later my as was red with whelps a some blood but that did not stop the spankings.
After that spanking Mistress Janet wiped my ass with some achole wipes witch burned like hell.
Natalie was up next as tiffany told her to give me 18th hard hits she did just that.
Brenda tack the cane as tiffany told her to make it good 18th more hits later then Phedra gave me 18th hits with the cane.
Tatonya was the last one to give me spankings with the cane it broke on 15th but she just keep on hitting my ass tell all 18th spanking where delivered.
Mistress Tiffany must of came after each one of her friends spanked me.
Mistress Janet said ladies now that we have broke in this slut what are we going to do with him now?
Mistress Tiffany said we need to mark him so every one well knows he is a slut and our property.
Mistress Natalie said that is it a tramp stamps that says property of the beaver liker, and then we all can get tattoos on tits saying beaver linkers.

So that night 10pm we all went down to a tattoo shop

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Sorry, I gave up... shocking spelling, no idea of punctuation or spacing and my fantasy is that anyone will be able to read the story without just junking it in despair. If this is the best you can do as a writer, I suggest a job at the Golden Arches or Kentucky Fucked Duck. I don't vote negatively for poor writing but this time I was tempted

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