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Son's lust for mom 1st turns dad on, then mom & more to cum!
Their son's lust first turns dad on, then mom,
and turns into a complex menage of obsession.

by Oediplex 8==3~

Part 1: Secrets are revealed and lusts surface

Mandy Kincaid was pleased with how her husband Harry was fucking her. It was hot and heavy, hard and sweaty and she had cum twice already. Harry was verging on his eruption, and was going to take her with him, into a glorious third time. His pounding prick drove her into her, as he hadn't done in years. It was wonderful. But it made her wonder, what had released the demon lover in her spouse? Then Harry blasted into her, with a great throbbing cum, and she sailed over the moon in a wonderful peak, that drove every thought from her mind, and filled her brain with the electrical storm of sexual pleasure.

Only afterward, as her husband lay beside her snoring, as she was drifting off to sleep, did the question resurface. But by then, she was too tired to hold the thread of the thought. She dreamed a stream of wild, but happy scenes; until her mother popped up from somewhere in her subconsciousness. Just like when she was a young girl, her mother took a lecturing tone of voice, and repeated words that had been heard in real life, except that her mother was gone, and Mandy was herself now older. Still, the strident tones were almost as if Mandy's matriarch were present in the room, and making another of her warnings about men.

“Amanda, you listen to what I'm saying, and remember it! If he brings flowers, or a present for no reason, take heed. If out of the blue he gets frisky, when he was more sedate of late, then there is another woman for sure. Just like your father. If he is up for making whoopy, when he comes back from being away, he's been up to no good, and cheating on you. Sure as the sun rises, he has some floozy fiddling with his stalk, and you're getting the left-over energy; until he leaves you for her, and you don't get nothin', not even support. Men ain't to be trusted, especially when they act out of character.”

And that was when she woke up. The morning light filtering through the curtains, and uncertainty seeping into her mind. A niggling little doubt, made the pondering in her waking awareness, become a creeping insecurity in her heart. Harry had recently returned from a trip. But he had taken their son, Jack, with him; so her brain countered the doubts. Surely he wouldn't have been seeing a mistress there, that was the first time he had ever gone to Schenectady. But, what if he got a prostitute? Not with our eighteen year old boy, Jack, along; the debate was made in her head. Had he gone off with a hooker, to a sleazy room? This whole line of thinking was crazy, Harry wasn't like that. Her hubby was nothing like her father had been, a womanizing, no account, who had left them for a redhead, and never sent a cent back, of financial help.

But still, he hadn't been gone but four days, what was up? Beside that thick dick of his. Not that she was complaining about the royal drubbing he had given her pussy. But it was like he had taken Viagra, or some aphrodisiac that sparked the sex drive into high gear. Should she ask him, or leave well enough alone? Men were so touchy, about their manliness. Fragile egos might be bruised, and then no more 'Mr. He-man' in bed. She had read it in Cosmo, and they talked about that on “The View”, her morning TV show, just the other day. But Dr. Phil said the key to good relationships, and indeed good sex, was communication between spouses. So she determined to ask him. Right after she fixed him his favorite breakfast. After all, the way to a man's heart etc., and a full stomach couldn't hurt, when it came to wheedling the truth out.

So when her two men were well fed that morning, and young Jack had gone off to see a friend of his, Mandy began to question Harry. “You were a tiger last night!” Start with a compliment, men were susceptible to flattery, even more than gals, she knew. “What got you turned on so hot? Was it my new perfume?” She in fact had put on something she hadn't worn in a while, but was a birthday gift from a couple years ago.

“Yeah, Babe, and I hadn't seen you in days.”

Okay, that was not what was going on. “But you were really on top of your game. You made me cum and cum, did you get Viagra, or something from the doctor, and mean to surprise me?”

“No, I didn't need a pill. I was turned on by you, darling, you are so sexy and beautiful; I couldn't help myself.”

Enough of this pussyfooting about furious fucking, thought Mandy. “No more than what I have been for the last two years. So what is it Harry, are you having an affair at the office?”

“Jeez! No, Mandy, what the hell gave you that idea?”

“Tell me the truth Harry Kincaid! What's going on? Did you rent a call girl in Schenectady, and with our son there too? Did he know?” A horrifying thought struck her. “You didn't share a whore with Jack, did you? Tell me our child is still a virgin!”

“He is, as far as I know. But really, Honey, nothing happened on our trip. I was in conferences most of the day, Jack went out to the movies in the afternoons. At night we went to a nice restaurant, and then back to the hotel, and watched TV. I had to get up early for the business lectures, and Jack slept late. Ask him, nothing naughty happened, I was – I am faithful to you. I always have been, I always will be. You're just insecure, because of your lousy dad.”

He continued, “You know I love you with all my heart, and I worship your sexy body. Honestly!!” He came over, hugged her and kissed her, then kissed her some more, then Frenched her. She could feel him getting stiff. “Jack's gone for a while to his buddy's, you want to have some more fun? How about on the couch?”

“What if Jack comes back unexpectedly? We wouldn't want to shock the kid.”

“I don't think that would phase him, to see his folks fucking, after all, he listens outside our door every time he can, to hear us screw. But I know he won't be back for hours, they were going to work on some school project, which they have to finish in a few days.” Harry bluffed, about the security of their not being interrupted. Actually, he would not be all that unhappy, if their son caught them 'in flagrante delicti'. But he couldn't confess that, to his spouse.

Mandy was lured into the lurid proposition, by the spontaneity of her hubby's romantic idea. To make love like they were newlyweds, without concern for their whereabouts, or being interrupted by their son. And what if he did come home? They would hear him come in by the kitchen, as he always did. They would have time to scurry upstairs, before he really saw anything. So what if he found a pile of their clothes, on the living room floor? He knew his parents had sex, didn't Harry say he listened outside the door? Though, she wasn't sure she was comfortable about the invasion of privacy, after all, she was rather vocal much of the time when she climaxed.

Even as Mandy was mulling things over, Harry moved her toward the door to the hall, and pulled her robe open. Her hormones flood her body, and she was suddenly damp, and in heat for Harry's hard-on. She got into the spirit of the impromptu raunchy romp, and tugged at his shorts, to make it an equal contest. They stumbled to the living room, boxers around his ankles and her gown nearly tripping them, as it slid off her shoulders to their feet. Now she was naked, and Harry was clad only in his tee shirt, as he suddenly picked her up, and laid her on the sofa. He stripped the last garment in a flash, and dove head first between her thighs, his tongue extended.

She was all for that action, and laughed, until she began very quickly to moan. Harry knew what she liked, loved. He only got her primed though, then moved up speedily to enter her, and began to saw his saber in her already shiny sheath. It was getting really good, when she hear what sounded like the kitchen door opening. SHIT! “I think Jack is back!”

“No, that's not him, gotta be the neighbors.” Harry made to misdirect her. He kissed her to take her mind off the noise. But his rhythm picked up, and his grunts were more intense.

“Was that the refrigerator?” There was something that made muffled rattling. But Harry was really banging at Mandy's cunt now, and it distracted her.

A can's pop-top was soft, but clear. Dear God! Jack was home, he would be seeing them any second! Mandy wanted to break, to scramble up the stairs, but her spouse was at full intensity in his plugging, and began to blast her vagina with ejaculate. Despite her fear, of being caught in the act by her son, Mandy felt her cunt clench, and spasm in a really good cum.

“Mom? - Dad?” their boy's voice hailed from the hall.

In a shriek, she pushed off her husband, and ran for the stairs. Harry followed at a slower pace, and found her standing in the bedroom nude, and dripping cum from her crotch. Without a word he turned her, and made her lay on the bed, on her tummy with her legs hanging over and her hind-end raised. He plunged in a frenzy plugging to her vagina, with a boner which seemed like hickory. He was a ravishing beast, not rough but firm, and taking her. She was more that willing, but he was certainly rutting his engorged penis in her heated haven. It was almost as if – but she didn't finish the thought then, as the onset of a huge cum rushed over them both, and she was transported to another plane of existence, for the duration.

Only after the panting, and they crawled on to the mattress, as she was listening to the hoarse gasping of the man she had married for better or worse; and that had been better sex than they had had in quite some years, last night and this morning; did Mrs. Kincaid return to her unfinished thought. It was almost as if . . . what? . . . as if . . he got off on Jack almost catching them. Was it the spice of getting caught? Or some kind of kinky thing about Jack's voyeurism? Definitely something, and Harry was going to come clean with her, before he would cum in her again, she vowed. But now it was time to pop into the shower, and get clean herself. She was messy with sperm, and her own emulsions and sweaty. But her husband was dirty in his thinking, and soon enough, she would get that naughty laundry hanging out!

* * * * * *

True to her resolve of the morning, Mandy insisted on more talk, and persisted making her inquest into hubby's hyper-horniness, before he humped her that night. What he finally said that evening in bed with her, she found alarming.

“It's a secret, Babe.”

“You're not allowed to keep secrets from your wife!”

“Tit for tat! What did you and Charlotte discuss, when she came over in tears last week?”

“That's different. It's her secret, and she made me promise not to tell a soul.”

“It's not that different, it's not my secret to tell.”

“Well, who's secret is . . . wait, you took Jack along with you, and came back to be 'Johnny Wadd' in our bedroom. Do you mean to say our son had some kind of secret, that makes you a super-stud? How does that work? But that's it, right? It's Jack's secret? It is Jack's secret . . . , but you already told me that he listens at our door when, we are screwing. By the way I think we ought to put a stop to that. What would be something that would affect you so powerfully? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I like it, even if you almost got us to put on a show that would have blown the kid's mind, had he taken two more steps in another few seconds, in the hall this morning.”

“It's complicated, and I wouldn't want to violate Jack's trust.”

“No, of course not. Well thanks for sharing, though I have more questions now than before.” She reached out, and began to stroke him. He put a hand on her breast, and from there they were engaged in the action of marital fun, which both very thoroughly enjoyed. On the other side of the door, Jack too, was enjoying the sounds of their love making. When his mom groaned her pleasure and cried out loudly, as ecstasy over came her inhibitions and she squealed, climaxing; Jack came too, spurting jism on the floor. He returned to his room. They all slept soundly, after a great night of sex.

Mandy loved secrets, finding out secrets that is, especially dirty secrets, as clearly her son Jack had. After all, she rationalized, if she discovered what it was, then she could use it to turn her husband on, and keep up the sort of spice that had invigorated their love life suddenly. But how to get Jack to tell, since Harry wouldn't, and rightly so. Make his favorite meal? Get him a new electronic gizmo he wanted? She considered her options, as she puttered about in the kitchen, and her son sat eating a sandwich at the table. She notice him ogling her in her shorts and halter top.

Typical teen male she thought. Then she had an inspiration. But it was better done in the evening, as they were all going to bed. She would use one of the oldest tricks in the book, 'the carrot, and the stick'. Or, in her case, the strategy was 'the rod, and the reward', and maybe a little blackmail. But it had to be 'handled', with a delicate touch. And Mandy knew her mothering touch, was just the thing that might open up her boy's mouth, and spill his secrets – and maybe something else? Was she thinking too naughty a plan? Well, after all, Jack wasn't entirely innocent, the ease-dropping scamp!

Harry had gone to the office for the whole day. Jack was gone heavens knows where, for the whole afternoon, school being done since he graduated a few weeks ago. In the evening they had ordered in, Oriental, because Harry had bought a couple bottles of Saki. Warmed as it should be, by the time to turn in rolled around, it had made her a little tipsy. So perhaps she was a bit more relaxed, and uninhibited, than she might have been otherwise. It gave her a feeling both mellow, and sentimental toward her son, and his adolescent secret. It gave her the courage to face her boy, and put her daring plan into action. Otherwise, she might not have been as bold, as she got with him.

That night she told Harry, she would be with him in a little while. She had already put on a sexy night gown, in preparation for her interview with her son. She waited until he had gone back to his room, from brushing his teeth, and then knocked on his door, and entered. She was surprised to see his naked butt hop into bed, and pull the covers up. He had been wearing pajama bottoms, just a moment ago. His nudity reminded her of how athletic, and fit he was. She was proud of her handsome, and mostly well behaved, son. He had stayed out of any serious trouble as a teen, and was conscientious about his chores. His grades were okay, mostly B's.

Mandy sat down on the side of his bed. Her gown was diaphanous, it was warm enough not to need a robe, even so she wore it because she wanted to titillate her son as part of her strategy to get him to spill. He was a bit saucer-eyed, looking at her charms. “Jack, sweetie,” she began “I need to know something.”

“Sure mom, anything.”

“When you were with your father in Schenectady, on his business trip, did he . . . did he bring a woman into the room?” She believed her husband's story now, but this was a ploy. “Did he send you out, while they were together?”

“Jeez! Mom, nothing like that happened! You know dad would never cheat on you. God! He loves you. I love you – I'd beat his butt with a bat, if he pulled anything like that!!!”

“Well, that's nice that you would be so defensive of your mom's . . uh . . honor. But what I'm really trying to find out is, why your dad is so . . er . . ferocious in bed, since he came back home. Not that it's not exciting, just that If I knew why, I could – keep the fire stoked, if you get what I mean.”

“Yeah! Mom, you guys have really been going at it like gangbusters!” he paused, realizing that he might have let the cat out of the bag, about his nightly surveillance at their door.

“Uh-Huh, Your dad did mention, that you were getting an earful, when we were being intimate. I thought we taught you to respect people's privacy?”

“Ahh, sorry mom. I understand, but the temptation was very strong, and you . . you guys sound like your really having a lot of – fun.”

Mandy, could see the turn of conversation had created a tenting in the sheet, at Jack's middle. Her little plan was 'shaping' up, nicely. She decided to use that to her advantage, perhaps in an inappropriate way, but all was fair in love, and getting what she wanted. Now for the rod's 'reward'. She reached out her hand, and her fingers lightly clasp the pole beneath the fabric, that obviously was her son's erection. His eyes now bugged, but she couldn't smile if she was to jimmy the boy's secret out. Her hand made small motions up and down. “Well, Honey, I guess a young man has a natural curiosity. Maybe I might not think it was so bad, if you helped the hot stuff continue, by sharing what went on, that unleashed your father's libido. Won't you help mommy? Mommy is helping you at the moment, aren't I?” Not quite blackmail, but certainly an unethical tactic.

“Yess, mom! Don't stop. I'll tell you.”

“Good boy!” she increased the length of her strokes a little. Her fingers gripped a bit firmer. “Tell mommy, all about what happened.”

“We, that's nice mom – like that, we just watched a porn movie that was on the TV. We masturbated together, while we watch.”

“You . . . masturbated each other, while you looked at a porno tape?!”

“NO! I found this porno channel on the hotel's cable television, it was on an upper channel. I guess they didn't realize that it was accessible, without having to put in the code. It was late after we got back from eating, dad was taking a leak, and I was changing the channels looking for a movie or something, and hit the buttons by mistake, and there was this couple fu . . screwing. So dad came out and lay on the bed, I was on the chair. I pulled down my jockeys, and asked dad if he minded. He said no, and took off his briefs also. Then we watched for about a half an hour, until the folks on the screen came, and we did too. It was like listening . . to you guys, only better, because I got to see the all the action, as well. I haven't ever seen a sex video that hot before. So that's the truth about what we did. I suppose that tape did something for dad's imagination. That's why he came back all hot, and bothered.”

Quite a story, kind of sexy too. Mandy saw in her mind's eye her two men jerking off, and simultaneously spurting their white jism. Speaking of which, the story had done the trick for Jack now too, and she could feel his prick pulsing, a wet spot appeared at the point of the pole, which was being manipulating. “That's mommy's little man! Happy, now that you came clean about being dirty, and masturbating with your dad - - and came with your mom tonight as well, you naughty boy! Mmmm?”

“Not so little!” He replied, and as She released the seven inch tube-steak, which was Jack's member, he abruptly whipped off the sheet to expose an awesome display of manhood, between his legs. Mandy stared at the handsome hunk of meat, not thinking but just enjoying the visual stimulus. In a flash, she realized that she was very damp, down in her feminine region. It was quite an erotic moment. For a moment, she was tempted to take the kid's cock in her mouth, but then Mandy finally remembered that it was her kid's dick. That to do so was more than naughty, deeper than dirty, it would be downright sinful. Not to mention, cheating on Harry. 'Hah! And I was the one worried about hubby's morals!' she thought to herself.

The sexy mother smiled at her young man, who obviously was proud of his penis. “Well, I guess you won't have to listen at our door tonight, since you got your jollys this evening, Huh?”

“No, I guess not, thanks mom. You understand about Schenectady, it was just a porno movie, nothing else, Okay?”

“Scandal-ectady case closed. No harm, no foul. I hope that the spell won't wear off your father for a while, I'm enjoying the Renaissance of romance, that we've got going.”

“Me too. I mean, me three. Hey! I got the name of that film, why don't I order it off the Internet? Uh, you pay, okay?”

“Good idea, Master Jack the masturbator extraordinaire!”

“Jack, the jack-off king, that's me!”

She laughed, and he also. It was time to go jump her husband's bones. Having already taken care of her son's boner for the night, or so she thought. Mandy went into her bedroom, and Harry was in bed, sans PJs. She stripped off her nightgown, while he raised his eyebrows in a questioning expression. “Don't say a word,” She said pulling the sheet down and off, and climbed on his lap. She speared the hard point of her left nipple, her favorite, in his mouth, and made sliding motions upon his rapidly growing erection. Not long afterward, the randy wife reached down, and guided him into her, and rocked that rocket until it blasted off inside her vagina. She had a small, but nice climax too.

“I got Jack to tell me, what happened on your trip.” Mandy whispered when she slid off, still in need of another orgasm.

“And you aren't upset?”

“Nah! Why should I be? It's not that far out. Come on fuck me again, or eat me, I really need a big cum tonight!” She decided not to mention to Harry, about making Jack cream, unsure if he might be jealous. She was really turned on by her own secret sex-capade with her son, however. Harry was inspired again, and brought his renewed vigor to plow on her pud, then sank in deep, to give her what she craved. The woman was primed, and when his dynamite stick went off, it triggering her own explosion. “That's it, just like that!” Mandy cried out, “I'M CUMMING, CUMMING,” she yelled in the moment of freedom, of her body's physical liberation.

I'M CUMMING TOO, MOM!” she heard from through the closed door. But somehow yet, was glad that he had joined them, at least in spirit that evening. She loved both her sexy men. It felt sort of odd, yet Mandy was pleased that she could bring pleasure to both. It wasn't going any further, but it was kind of exciting none the less.

Harry rolled off and grinned at his wife. “So you know about Jack's secret obsession, about his mom?”

“Not so secret to begin with, he strips me with his eyes sometimes, I swear. I don't mind that he finds his mom attractive.”

“And you don't mind, that I get turned on by his having the hots for you?”

She was silent for a moment, as she realized there was more to the story. 'My husband was 'turned on' by my son desiring to fuck me - was that the other part of the dynamic, going on between this messed up menage?' she wondered. “What was on that porno tape anyway, Harry?”

“Didn't he tell you? You were!”

“I never made a porno tape, you know that!!”

“Not you, an actress that looked very much like you. Jack said, 'That woman reminded me of mom.' I studied the tape closer, and sure enough she looked like she might have been your younger sister, if you had one, that is. 'I'd like to get it on with mom.' Jack confessed to me out loud. And then he said, 'It's really hot, listening to you guys fuck. This is like watching! Could I watch you guys too?' I understood then that he wasn't just listening to us, like any old dirty movie, but he was thinking about screwing you, while we were balling on the other side of the door, only a few feet away.”

“It came to me, that my son wants to fuck his mother. Just like I had wanted to do it to my mom, I thought to myself, but I didn't tell him about my own Oedipal desires. So now you know, that's what made me so excited, watching Jack jerk-off to an image that was the vision of his sexy mom balling some guy. You really don't have a problem, that I was thinking about you and our son, getting it on?”

So they both have a thing for their moms. She never knew that about Harry! What a revelation! He went on with his disclosures.

“God! It made me so hot, that I began to masturbate, while I watched him jerk off, looking at the image of his mother, fucking on the screen. When he came, I came too at the same time; thinking about him cumming in you, squirting his hot jism up your cunt. It makes me so horny, every time I remember it. I think you're fantastic, to allow Jack and I to share our fantasies with you, and not be angry. God I love you, Babe!” He gave his wife a big kiss, then another, but then he lay back, and was asleep in no time.

Mandy was stunned at the full disclosure. She didn't know what to think. 'My son wanting me, okay - Oedipus complexes were nothing new, just ask the ancient Greeks. But Oedipus, killed his father, not made him a 'partner-in-crime.' her thinking went. She was involved in a real manage of mixed fantasy, voyeurism and incestuous feelings, of both the males in her home. What did she feel about that? Mandy wasn't sure, but it was kinky alright. She reached down, and began to diddle herself. Her mind blended the two men, and she was not quite sure who made her cum, son or sire – but it felt really nice, oh so naughty, and mighty good! Then, she too slept. 'What the hell was next?' she wonder, her last thought before entering dreamland.

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