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The traffic was light and they were well on time at the club, a line already forming at the entrance.
“Looks like a good night” Cam said while she guided Josh to the personnel entrance.
She knocked on the door and a bouncer opened the door for them.
They greeted each other like old friends and when he stood waiting behind her, she said “Josh, meet my brother Ramon, best punk guitarist ever.”
They shook hands and Ramon grinned when Cam told him the story of her guitar.
A little later Josh asked Cam why she hadn’t asked her brother for his guitar and she sighed and told him that Ramon let nobody else play his Daisy, as he called his guitar, but him.
“Wanna hang out with us chicks in the dressing room?” Cam said slyly, trying to hide her glee.
“Sure, why not?” Josh answered, wondering if the other band members where as cute as the two he knew already.

Going down a small stairs, Cam led him to the dressing room.
A large walk in closet might be a better description Josh thought to himself but it was big enough for the 4 girls already present.
“Finally” was the first thing they heard when they entered.
Vanessa came towards them and took the bags Josh gave her, walking back to her seat to get dressed.
“Is this him?” a girl asked, her voice sounding not much older than fourteen, fifteen tops.
She was about the size of Cam, less developed breasts but fuller lips and a very cute face.
No way she’s eighteen Josh thought looking at her.
She was dressed for that age though, black sneakers and tube socks, fishnet pantyhose, leather skirt, Judas Priest girly singlet and her hair spiky black with bright red patches.
“Yes, it is” Vanessa said while changing “Josh, meet the band, girls meet Josh.”
The cute little girl introduced herself as Maria, proudly stating that she played the drums.
The other two stood up and looked Josh over, grinning.
The bass player, Conchita or Connie, was the first to greet him, kissing him on the check.
Grinning even more she looked at Cam and Vanessa for a second before introducing herself.
Wearing a similar outfit as Vanessa was putting on, she looked hot.
Her hair was dyed platinum blond and almost ass length in stark contrast to her dark Latino looks.
The last to introduce herself was Lisa, the keyboard player.
Also giving his a kiss on the cheek, she grinned when she moved back.
Like the others, she wore a sexy rock outfit, hers consisted of sneakers, a low cut leather jeans with laced sides and a too small bra under a tight fitting tank top.

“So, this is the infamous Josh” Lisa said and sat back, half looking at him and doing her makeup.
“Infamous?” Josh asked surprised, his sentiment echoed by Maria.
“Yeah, you are the new twitter of the town, 48 lashes and more than half a million I believe?” Lisa said and her smile grew bigger when she mentioned the lashes.
Josh looked a bit embarrassed and turned a little red asking “twitter?”
“Gossip one on one, Gail has always the best on her twitter although I heard there was a movie too” Lisa continued giving Josh a long and sultry stare.
“Seen it” Vanessa, Cam and Connie said almost at the same time before bursting out in laughter.
“Hey” Maria exclaimed when she moved past Josh to grab a drink from the fridge “who marked him already?”
Vanessa looked up surprised and then with mischievous eyes at Cam, who was smiling like a mad woman and said “me.”
“You didn’t sign him though” Maria said after inspecting Josh’s arms.
“No, I am willing to share, besides it was just a bite, not a meal yet” Cam smiled.
“You need too or the skank patrol will be all over him just to screw with you” Maria said seriously.
“Look, I am not signing before a meal okay?” Cam said as if that was the end of it.
“Relax Cam” Lisa said and threw a red leather band to Josh, Crew stamped in the leather.
“Wear this honey, it should keep the worst away.”
“Could someone explain why your metal scene is so sex focused?” Josh asked confused, tying the red leather band on his arm.
“Sex is currency here, not just this scene Josh, everywhere in town” Connie said.
“It’s who you have, had or will have sex with that determine your social standing in the circles that you move through.”
“Like Cam, who had” Connie paused looking at Cam “something with you so her standing in your circle has been upped and yours has been in ours.”
“Believe it or not, it matters to a lot of people, people who expect favors in return for a good fuck.”
Josh looked at Vanessa and finally understood what she had meant.
“You thought I was coming on to you” Josh said to Vanessa.
“Yeah, like I said, I forgot you weren’t from around here so I mistook your kindness for a booty call” Vanessa replied smiling at the memory.
“Girls, Josh is unaccustomed to how we roll so what he offers is real, not a barter” she continued looking at Cam and smiling with warmth.

She was about to say something when Ramon opened the door and said “five minutes ladies.”
Quickly finishing their makeup, the girls checked each other for the last time before heading out.
Josh stood at the door and wished them the best of luck.
Ramon looked at them head towards the stage and smiled saying to Josh “follow me Josh.”
Taking him behind the bar, close to the stage, Ramon saw the crew marker.
“Who gave you that?” he asked a bit surprised.
“Lisa, I think” Josh answered him.
Ramon shrugged and said “very well, is it protection from the skank squad or did you offer to help?”
“Protection, but if you need help, I can assist as long as I can see and hear them play.”
“Good answer Josh” Ramon grinned at him and said “one of our bartenders is in the hospital with a broken leg so we are short and it looks to be a very busy night.”
“Carlo?” Josh asked remembering Cam’s story.
“Yeah” he said surprised to Josh before realizing that Cam would have told him.
“Anyway, you are not from around here are you?”
“Nope, I am Dutch and still getting my bearings here” Josh answered while they came up to the bar.
“Okay, I am going to call you Joshua and introduce you likewise as something tells me that you are the twitter Josh Gail’s been hyping about and you don’t want that kind of attention if you expect to see anything of my sis’s playing.”
“I am and thanks Ramon” Josh said, following him behind the bar.
“Here’s a key for backstage, remember to turn it in before you leave okay?”
Josh took the key and nodded.

A few introductions and instructions later the lights dimmed and the stage lit up.
The cords to Turbo Lover started and the club moved en masse to the stage.
The girls looked awesome on stage and the sound they produced made Josh grin, reminding him of Judas Priest playing live.
The female vocals sounded weird at first but halfway the first song, it sounded perfect to Josh.
Taking orders and watching the band soon became second nature to Josh and the few language problems were solved quickly enough.
It surprised Josh to see so many women compared to the men here, being used to it being the other way around.
The amount of flirts he got compared to the other bar men made him smile.
Ramon grinned when he told him and said that it was his pale skin.
Several songs into the set, a mosh started and Josh was itching to get in.
The workload behind the bar dwindled a bit and Josh had more time to stare at Cam and the other girls.
“Who are you?” a gorgeous older Latino woman asked him, her breasts almost in his face so revealing was her bodice.
“Josh-ua” Josh almost misspoke, tearing his face from her cleavage.
“Joshua? When did I hire you? I can’t recall doing so yet you wear a crew bracelet” she continued and was about to say more when Ramon came running up.
“Hey Boss” Ramon started and explained how Josh came to stand behind the bar, leaving out the skank protection.
Her gaze turned to Josh again, friendlier this time and she introduced herself as Clair.
“Thanks for helping out Joshua” she said “I need someone to secretly protect my daughter when she goes moshing in a few moments, feel up to it Joshua?”
“No problem” Josh said “where is she?”
Clair pointed at a table where several boys and girls were sitting, all dressed to impress but none of them looked to be of legal drinking age.
“The girl with the red boots is my daughter Jenna, I just need you to protect her during the mosh, the rest she can take care of herself and yes, she and her friends are allowed alcohol, as long as I or Ramon are present, understood?”

Josh nodded and looked at the girl, she was wearing red thick soled boots coming up to her knees, a plaid skirt and a leather corset with studs, matching her bracers.
She looked hot in her clothes and her spiky short hair made her face look cute and intense.
They were still talking at the table when Clair left but as soon as she was out of sight, Jenna stood up and joined the mosh.
Quickly Josh moved from behind the bar and joined as well, searching for her face in the crowd.
The girls of the band rocked hard and were playing one of their own songs, the mosh matching their beat.
He soon found her and ran interference for her whenever needed.
She knew what she was doing, Josh was pleased to see as well as the fact that there were quite a few girls in the mosh present.
More than a few times he felt hands on his ass and cock, a different fleeting face smiling at him before disappearing in the crowd each time.
The song finished and the girls started to play blood red skies, one of the few slow songs in their repertoire.
Jenna was about to leave the dance floor when a big guy grabbed her for a slow dance.
Her face showed her dislike and Josh moved up, taking her arm and saying “Sorry, she promised me first.”
The big guy looked at Josh as if he was crazy but when another girl walked past he just let Jenna go and went after her.
“Thanks” Jenna whispered when he was far enough.
“My pleasure” Josh said and was about to walk off the floor with her when she held him back.
“I’ll take my dance now” she smiled at him, working her sex appeal.
Josh smiled back and said “you sure you want to dance with the rhythm impaired?”
“It’s a slow dance, you’ll manage” she grinned at him.
Jenna wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body close to his, giving extra attention to his groin.

Josh held her close and followed her moves, his body responding to her young and hot presence.
“What’s your name?” she whispered loud enough for Josh to pick it up.
“Josh” he answered softly, close to her ear.
“I am Jenna” she answered “you’re with the band aren’t you?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“The crew bracelet, I gave it to Lisa a while back for her boyfriend, before she broke up.”
“Ah I see” Josh whispered bowing his head down again.
The song was almost finished when Jenna asked “can you help me smuggle something into the dressing room for Lisa?”
“No” Josh said “but I can help you get to the dressing room so you can do it yourself.”
“Oh even better” she smiled at him.
The band was starting on a new song and the floor was quickly packed again, allowing Josh and Jenna to move past he bar to the dressing room.
Josh opened the door for Jenna and waited for her to do her thing.
When she took too long he went in only to find her smoking a joint.
“Hmm, for Lisa or you?” Josh asked and sat down next to her.
“Both” she said and pointed at another joint laying on the dresser.
“So who did you do?” she asked and took another blow.
“What do you mean?” Josh asked evasively.
“Who did you fuck to get marked, I smelled it on you, made me hot as hell” she grinned.
“See” she lifted her skirt to show a soggy red string.
“No one” Josh said looking at her wet panties “yet.”
“Really?” Jenna sat up and leaned on his knees “than it must be Cam, she was late.”

Josh remained silent and very aware of the sexuality of the young girl close to him.
“I share everything with Cam except Ramon, he’s off limits” she said in sexy voice.
“Your point?” Josh asked when one of her hands reached his by now hard cock.
“I want some of that” and she stroked the fabric of his pants over his cock.
Josh was in turmoil, she was hot but also younger than him.
“My mom knows I am sexually active Josh” she luridly said, rubbing harder.
“Okay, knock yourself out” Josh said and leaned back relaxed.
Jenna smiled and put the joint in the ashtray before sitting down on his lap.
“Are you strong enough to hold me and lick me while I suck your cock?” she whispered.
“Let’s find out” Josh whispered back to her and lifting her up, turning her around.
She let a small cry of glee escape and worked his zipper to get access to his cock.
Her skirt had fallen down and somehow she had twisted her panties to one side so he could lick her straight away.
His tongue dove in her young wet slit, finding her enlarged clit ready for him.
Her juices tasted fruity and salty at the same time and her lips were very soft and tender.
Jenna moaned softly when he started, enjoying his tongue.
Frustrated with his pants, she finally managed to free his cock, holding it with her small hands and bringing her head closer to it.
When her tongue went over his cockhead, he shuddered and held her tighter.
Pleased with the result, Jenna started to suck and jack in earnest.
Her mouth wasn’t that big enough yet but she managed to get a third of him in her and she was enjoying the sucking immensely, as was he.
Jenna suddenly stopped and cried out, coming unexpectedly and hard, her body shaking in his arms, screaming “oh yeah, fuck yeah.”
His tongue played with her slit during her orgasm and stopped licking when she said “Now let’s fuck.”
Josh turned her around again and set her down in front of him and asked “Which position?”
“From behind” she said and sat down on her knees on the chair in front of Lisa’s mirror, rearing her ass.
Cock in hand, he stood behind her, bending his knees so he could get in her.
When she felt his cockhead against her cunt, she started to push back, getting him in her quicker saying “I want it so bad, do it Josh, push it in my tight little teenage cunt.”

Pushing hard, Josh was worried that he might be too big for her, her cunt feeling warm and wet but also extremely tight.
He moved slowly, pulling her hips towards him and pushing his forward.
It almost hurt, so tight was she and then he found out why, she was still a virgin.
“You lied to me” Josh said to her, his cock at her hymen.
“No I didn’t, I am sexually active but I never gave my cherry away, just my mouth and ass.”
“Why me?”Josh asked surprised.
“You aren’t that much older than me and being marked meant you are experienced, I wanted to lose my cherry to someone my age and with skills to make me like it, now plow through and make me come hard again” she almost begged, looking at his face reflected in the mirror.
“Hmm, okay then” Josh said “but you might have told me.”
“You might have said no” she countered smiling in the mirror.
“True, now this will hurt a bit and I won’t stop, riding you quickly past the pain and into your pleasure okay?”
Jenna nodded and blew a kiss to his mirror image.
Moving a few times in and out to widen her entrance a bit, Josh pushed through her hymen in one go, making her cry out and then started to fuck her for real.
One tear escaped before she started to feel wonderful, his cock filling her up and giving her the most exquisite sensations in her cunt.
Her breath became ragged quickly and she encouraged him to fuck her hard.
Her cunt felt like a size too small for Josh at first but once he got going, her tightness was very arousing.
Increasing speed and force, he fucked Jenna as hard as he had fucked anyone before and still she wanted more.
When he started to ram her cervix, she turned red and almost screamed out her orgasm.
Gasping she had her best orgasm yet and Josh didn’t let up, the fire in her cunt spreading to her entire body, his cock giving her the best time ever.
Her cunt was even tighter when she came and Josh really plowed hard into it, his orgasm getting closer each time.
“Oh fuck” Jenna moaned coming for a third time in a row “no more, I can’t come again.”
“I am almost there” Josh panted back at her.
“Come on my face, in my mouth, quickly” Jenna moaned.
Getting very close, Josh pulled out his cock with a wet pop and stood back.

Jenna sat down on the chair and sucked wildly on his cock, her face red and lustful, she almost was out of control, feeling so horny and still riding her orgasms.
His balls tensing, he came gasping loudly in her mouth, his cum shooting deep in her throat, his hands pushing her even deeper on his cock.
Jenna was so aroused, she didn’t care that he was rough, she just kept on sucking and swallowing all he gave her.
Spend, he relaxed his hold on her head but she continued to suck him, trying to keep his cock in as deep as she could, her spit drooling down her chin.
Josh gently tried to pull his cock out of her mouth but she wouldn’t have anything of it.
Jacking and sucking like mad, she needed his cock, she wanted more of his cum.
Getting so sensitive it almost hurt he forced his cock out of her mouth.
“No, no” she cried “I want more, fuck my face, come on, take me, fuck me please.”
Josh pulled her protesting body up and kissed her full on the mouth, forcing his tongue between her lips.
Her surprise didn’t last long and she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back.
With his hands beneath her butt she hung against him, giving Josh a few moments to regain some of his stamina down below.
“How much more do you want?” Josh asked between tongue battles.
“One hole left” she grinned “but come in my mouth again please.”
The extreme sensitivity had ebbed away and Josh broke their kiss and sat her down again.
Jenna immediately went back to her first position, raising her ass for his cock.
Her ass just as wet as her cunt, Josh had less problems getting his cock in.
Within seconds they had established a nice rhythm and their panting echoed of the walls.
She relaxed more and Josh kept a nice speed, their eyes locking through the mirror.
“Not a word to anyone okay?” she breathed heavily at his mirror image.
“Sure, but why not?” Josh replied wondering why she had asked.
“Oh fuck” she moaned before she answered “I don’t feel like sharing with my friends tonight.”
“The ones at the table?” he asked.
“Yeah, we all get dibs on partners but with Cam marking you, I am taking a risk with our friendship so please, just between us.”
“Fine by me, you have my word and eh, you might want to get ready, I am close.”
Jenna scooted away as soon as he removed his cock from her warm asshole and sat in front of him again.
Jacking him more slowly this time she said “I so love the taste of cum.”
Bringing her mouth to his cock, Josh came and filled her small mouth again, shooting it full of his cum, her face alight with pleasure.
When she finished sucking the last bit of cum out of his cock she packed his cock away and zippered him up again.
“Thanks Josh” Jenna said, her sweaty body aglow with delight “for a wonderful experience.”
“You are welcome and I am very happy to have shared it with you.” Josh grinned at her.
They quickly made their way back to the stage and managed to sneak back onto the dance floor without being spotted by her mom or the band.

One and a half song later, the first set was finished and under loud applause the band left the stage.
Josh escorted Jenna back to her table under the stares of her companions who questioned her as soon as Josh left.
Grinning he looked back at the table and went back to the bar where Ramon was waiting with a tray of cold beer for the girls in their dressing room.
“Clair told me to thank you in case she missed you and could you pop over to Cam and the rest to give this?” Ramon quickly spoke, the bar suddenly very busy with the band gone.
“No problem and thanks” Josh said, taking the tray and carrying it over to the dressing room.
He had to knock twice before the door was opened and Maria peered past the door.
“Oh, come on in stranger bearing gifts” she grinned when she saw the tray.
“Refreshments” Josh almost yelled.
The girls were talking and laughing so loud his voice nearly drowned in the noise.
Maria tossed bottles to each of the now silent ladies before grabbing one for herself.
The sounds of beer bottles opening suddenly sounding loud in the silence
They all looked at him expectantly and Josh felt a flush coming up.
“What?” he asked coy before saying with a smile “there are no words for the sheer awesomeness of the performance I had the honor of attending just now.”
“So, you liked it” Cam asked to make sure.
“Liked it? Loved it, especially the vocal battles in your own songs, you girls should really make a demo” Josh said before cheering drowned his further comments out.
The girls congratulated themselves and Maria hugged him tightly saying “you are our rabbit’s foot Josh, we never played this good before, like ever never.”
“She screamed alright Josh, this lady has a beautiful voice” Cam said holding up his guitar.
“I am quite sure it was you and your fast finger work that made her scream in the ecstasy that she did” Josh grinned wickedly at her.
“Did you just …?” Cam started before bursting out in laughter, soon to be followed by the others.
“Naughty” Vanessa said, her face red from laughing.
Josh took a bow and said “that’s my middle name.”
“Anyway” Vanessa said “we are saving for a demo.”
“What does it take to make a demo?” Josh wondered out loud.
“A studio with recording equipment dummy” Maria answered with a grin.
“The better the studio the higher the cost, nights being cheaper but still around a thousand an hour for a reasonable one” Lisa piped in.
“So basically you need a good space and recording gear?” Josh asked an idea forming in his mind.
“That’s basically it yeah” Cam said “what are you thinking?”
“Well, I have a Cakewalk recording kit and an empty garage” Josh said thinking.
The girls all looked at him as if they saw water burn before they burst out in chatter.
Maria pushed him towards the door and said “wait outside please Josh.”

A few minutes later the door opened again and Maria beckoned him in.
Closing the door behind him he saw five serious faces staring at him.
Cam stood up and said “We cannot accept Josh, for us to accept an offer like that would mean that we’d lose all street cred, people would think that we screwed you to get a demo, we have been very careful not to let that soil our reputations.”
“Hmm, I can understand that but what if there was a producer in the crowd making the same offer?” Josh asked.
“Then he would be a business partner, investing and betting on a payday with a new group.”
“Meaning that we’d have a contract and money to make a demo, with the producer getting a cut from the profits should we get picked up by a record label or if he has one, a percentage of the sales, usually a high percentage” Cam finished.
“That would secure your reputation and get you a demo?” Josh asked to make sure.
“Yeah” they answered.
“Wouldn’t they think you’d screwed him too or is it the contract that does it?” Josh asked finally.
“The contract” Cam said “although some will still think we fucked our way up.”
“Okay, what if one of you managed to arrange a space through her work?”
“That would be different, you don’t screw around your workplace but” Vanessa said “my job wouldn’t give me the cloud to do so, not for outsiders anyway.”
“Well, how good are you at secretarial work?” Josh grinned.
“Good, I have done a course or two” she answered slowly.
“It so happens that my dad hasn’t appointed a new head house hold yet nor a home p.a.” Josh said getting his phone out.
“Interested?” he asked Vanessa.
“What is the pay?” she answered, thinking it over.
“No idea but more than you make now” Josh replied and called his dad.

A few moments later Josh handed the phone to Vanessa.
She talked for a few minutes before her head turned red and she said “I’d be happy to.”
Josh took the phone back and finished the conversation with his dad, smiling.
“You tell them” Josh said to her, her face looking amazed and pleased.
“I got the job as head household and p.a., although the last one is for six months or so but till then I get double pay which is more that I make in half a year in just a month.”
She screamed her joy and ran over to hug Josh.
Josh hugged her back and congratulated her on her promotion.
“That’s settled then right?” Josh asked “Vanessa will arrange for the space and the equipment.”
“Yeah and her rep is safe working for a man” Cam joked.
“She was promoted on her excellent curriculum by my father who spotted her in the house where she was temping so no way that people can point to me” Josh smiled at the almost tearful Vanessa.
The girls all congratulated her and group hugged them both.
“You are a sneaky and savvy guy Josh, just the way I like ‘m” Cam grinned and her smile promised a lot more fun later tonight.

The conversation drifted back to more practical matters, like how the garage would need to be refurbished when Ramon knocked, warning them for their second set.
Josh took his leave and could hear the cries of joy through the door when he walked back to the bar.
The second set went even better than the first and Ramon noted that the girls played with extra passion tonight.
Josh helped out behind the bar during the second set and enjoyed the flirting game with the female customers, not noticing when the set had ended, so busy the bar was.
“You almost look like you belong” Cam said, sneaking up on him from behind.
Startled Josh turned around and smiled “you almost sounded like a stadium band.”
She laughed and looked pleased with the compliment.
“So, you ready to go?” she continued, having changed back to her regular clothing.
“In a sec” he said and went to Ramon.
Ramon waved at Cam and gave a thumbs up for her performance.
“Done” Josh said and followed her back out to her car.
The others stood waiting on the private parking lot next to their respective vehicles.
“So Josh” Vanessa started “I’ve explaining to the girls that you truly are a guy who offers without expecting anything in return, something I had a hard time with as well and now we are a little unsure how to thank you for everything you have done for me and us.”
“Become a success, sell millions of records, become my neighbors and invite me to the cool parties, how does that sound?” Josh replied with a big grin.
The girls grinned at his answer and Vanessa was about to say more when Josh interrupted and said “look, I understand it’s a cultural thing but if a little effort from me can make a world of difference for you, don’t sweat the rewards or whatever, I mean, what are friends for right?”
“I had a great night, met wonderful people and got backstage, what more could a kid, fresh in town wish for?” Josh finished.
Vanessa and the others looked at each other before turning their gaze back on him.
“We’ll think of something then” Lisa said and her smile promised something naughty.
“Cam, you meant what you said earlier? About sharing?” Lisa continued.
”Yeah” Cam said slowly.
Lisa walked towards Josh and when she was nearly upon him, she stopped.
Inhaling deeply, she smelled him, getting a sense of his own scent and that of Cam.
“Girls, I am going to take Cam up on her offer, no barter no reward.”
“Me too” Maria said and came to stand next to Cam.
Vanessa was about to say something when Connie spoke “let’s make it a party then.”
Surprised, Vanessa looked almost hurt at Connie who was grinning.
“But not tonight, how does Wednesday sound as we all have Thursday of?”
“I have just the spot then” Josh said “that morning the barbeque is getting installed at the pool, what do you girls say?”
“Depends” Cam said poking him “does your pool have a pool house?”
“I think so” Josh said unsure.
The girls all looked at each other and nodded, Vanessa quietly whispering with Connie.
“We’ll take care of the meat Josh, you supply the drinks okay?” Lisa said smiling.
“Sure” Josh said and all the girls grinned at some private joke.
After some more hugging and kissing they parted ways, Josh riding with Cam.

His second ride home went just as smoothly as the first and when they drove up the driveway, Cam parked it in front of the house.
“Tell me, have you ever made out in a car?” Cam said looking at him.
“Can’t say that I have” Josh answered with a grin.
“Let’s do that first before heading towards your room then, I like it when my small size is a benefit” she smirked and moved closer to him.
She sat down in his lap, facing him and removed her shirt, showing her bare breasts.
Josh had his hands around her waist and started kissing her, first on the mouth then in her neck.
Her moans sounded extra loud in the car and Josh felt his cock getting ready for action.
“Oh yeah” Cam whispered when she felt him rise and quickly undid his belt and pants.
Breaking the kiss, she slid back between his legs and released his cock from his boxers.
Spreading his legs as far as he could, Cam sat up and stared to lick the pre cum from his cock.
A shudder went though his body as her tongue teased him, his cock twitching and his breath fast.
“Oh, you almost react as if you like it Josh” Cam teased as she held his cock near her face.
“I do, oh god I do” Josh gasped as she took him in her mouth, making his cock wet all over.
“Good” she said pleased and rubbed his cock against her face, licking it when she could.
“I love to play with cocks” she whispered before taking him in her mouth again.
Josh was about to say something when he saw a curtain move.
Backlit by the lights in the room, he could make out the shape of Angela in a robe holding a drink.
He threw his head back when Cam went deep on him, a loud moan let her know his joy.
Looking back at the window he saw that Angela had undone her robe and was playing with her breasts, looking straight at him.
She knew what was happening in the car he thought and was aroused by it.
Cam stopped her assault on his cock and came up a bit smiling.
“You have one of the best cocks to suck I ever had the pleasure of” she grinned at him.
“Tonight it’s all yours dear” Josh said at the smiling face between his legs.
“Yeah it is” Cam replied “but now I need a hole filled badly, I have been thinking of you in me all night and now I really want It bad.”

She undid her pants and moved out of them, sitting back in his lap, his cock against her belly.
He felt her naked body against him, the heat and scent of her comforting and arousing.
Rising up she sat down again, this time with his cock deep in her, her warm fluids slowly soaking his pants.
“Oh yeah, this is what I am talking about” Cam softly said as she started to ride him.
His hands free, he explored her entire upper body, giving special attention to her breasts.
Moaning louder when he caressed her breasts, she rode her pelvic bone hard against his.
The feeling of his cock entering and exiting her warm cunt while her juices ran down his shaft was extremely delightful, the easy with which he moved in her, the lack of real friction, it was like being teased while fucking.
Her mind had been on this the entire concert and now he was in her he didn’t disappoint, she felt the heat build in her cunt, her clit pounding with all her might against him and her orgasm rushing towards her.
Cam hung her head back, her arms around his neck and howled when her orgasm enveloped her, her cunt sending all possible pleasures to her head, clasping tightly on his cock, riding him to extend her continuing climax.
The air in the car became saturated with the scent of their sweat and sex, like a warm blanket of pure ecstasy urging them on.
“Oh fuck” Cam panted “one sec Josh, I just need a moment.”
Comfortable with her in his lap, his cock in her cunt, Josh didn’t object.
He licked sweat from her face, tasting her oily skin before kissing her in the neck again.
“I’m so glad you are the lasting kind” she smiled when she held his head buried in her neck.

Meanwhile Angela had watched the two steam up the windows and when she could see no more had retreated to her room, firing up her laptop and started to write down her fantasy with him, all the while working herself to an orgasm.

Cam was enjoying his tender kisses in her slim neckline and thanked Vanessa silently for bringing him to the store.
He’s truly wonderful, makes no demands, is eager to please and a good lover, what more could she want?
“You are so easy to love, you know that?” she whispered to him.
“A girl could find her wanting nothing more than to be held by your arms, to see you look at her with a sense of belonging and a raw need” she continued even more softly.
The last thing Josh heart was something Spanish beneath her breath before she kissed him gently on his shoulder and held him tight.
“Are you alright?” Josh asked her quietly.
“I am feeling wonderful Josh, just a bit emotional” Cam whispered back.
“Would you prefer to continue in my room?”
Smiling she held him tighter thinking that even now, with his cock deep in her without a release for himself, her well being was more important for him than his.
All the men she had known, none had ever placed her needs above his and certainly no one had ever treated her like an equal, made her feel special as Josh had done in the few hours he knew her.
With a renewed sense of confidence she sat up and slowly started to grind her hips, fucking Josh with just the forward and backward movements of her hips.
“No need Josh” she said and looked him straight in the eyes “you are all I need right now.”
She kissed him tenderly, her lips softly upon his.
Her tongue caressed his and danced an tender dance in his mouth.
Holding the kiss as gentle and tender as she could, she twisted her hips to increase the motion she was making on his cock.
Slowly they build towards their climax, sweat running down their bodies and their minds focused on each other.
Josh felt so at easy with her, her body flowing against him as if made for just that purpose.
The smiles she flashed him passed through his mind, her incredible sexy figure rocking on his guitar and now riding his cock, the happiness it gave him only led to one conclusion for Josh, he was slowly falling in love with her.
As soon as he realized that, he came hard, so hard it almost hurt and he cried out in joy.
Cam was so close that when Josh reacted so intensely to his orgasm, she broke as well.
Tears flowed down their faces as they fucked each other harder during their mutual climax.
Not a single word left their lips, they just looked at each other and felt the need.

Moments later, both spend from their high, they held each other closely.
Josh was the first to break the silence and whispered softly “my goddess, I worship thee.”
“Josh” Cam hoarsely whispered “I think I am falling in love.”
“Me too” he answered and held her close.
They held their embrace for another fifteen minutes before making their way to Josh’s room, emotions running rampant and thick on their mood.
Josh turned on his bedside light and undressed, watching Cam do the same.
Their bodies wet with sweat and the remains of their previous love making session, Josh slowly walked towards her and lifted her up, carrying her into his bathroom.
Running the bath for the first time, it took Josh a few moments to get the temperature right.
They sat together in the warm water, Cam nestled between his legs, resting against his chest.
For a while they just enjoyed their togetherness, playing with the bubbles.
He gently kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer to him saying “I meant it you know.”
“I know, so did I” Cam replied softly.
“You should know that I am not monogamous at the moment, nor will I be in the near future.”
“I know” she said “and I can live with that, just be honest about it.”
“I will, you have my word” Josh said, kissing her again.
“Are they your lovers?” she asked with a hint of humor.
“More like friends with benefits” Josh smiled “but it differs from one to another.”
“I care for them and I think I might actually love them but it’s different from what I feel for you.”
“I don’t mind sharing” Cam said “as you’ll see Wednesday but I do want to know about it okay?”
“Okay” Josh replied, basking in the wonderful feeling he felt holding her close.
A few minutes passed before Cam spoke again “Who won you anyway at that auction?”
“I have no idea” Josh smiled “I suppose Rose will tell me soon enough.”
“Mistress Rose from the auction” Josh answered her question.
“Ah I think I have heard of her before, I am not familiar with that scene but Lisa is, she may have mentioned her before.”
“She’s is going to be my tutor for that scene and general love making” Josh told her.
“Really, well I don’t do bondage, too much alpha for that but to have you trained to become an even better lover, I can dig that” Cam smiled and sat up turning around to face him.
“That will mean lots of practice then won’t it?” she grinned and splashed some water to him.
“Indeed it will, lots of homework” he smiled back at her.
“Speaking of which” Josh said a bit more serious “I never had a girlfriend before so I am a bit in the dark of what’s expected of me.”
“Right, as if I am going to believe that” Cam laughed “a catch like you? Lonely? I think not.”
“It’s true, I had a lover back home but never a girlfriend” Josh replied blushing.
“You’re not kidding” Cam said surprised looking at his face turning red.
“In that case, I shall tutor you in the art of going steady” she giggled.
“So let’s start with the basic question first, you want to be my boyfriend Josh?” she smiled naughty at him.
“Yeah I do” Josh answered.
“Good, I’d love to be your girlfriend” she said “even with the sharing.”
“Will you make passionate love to me as often as you can and will I be foremost on your mind when we are not together?”
Josh nodded as Cam went into conversation overdrive, moving like a predator towards him.
“Will you show me a good time, spend time on me, be there for me when I need you and expect the same from me?”
Josh nodded again, her face almost touching his.
“Will you love me, hold me and care for me just as I will for you?”
She kissed him softly on his lips, wrapping her arms around him.
“I shall” Josh whispered.
“Then you know what it is to be a boyfriend Josh” she grinned holding him.
“Oh I forgot” she smiled wickedly “and lavish me with gifts and presents?”
“As long as you know that it is not a trade, I shall” Josh smiled back.
“Good answer” Cam said and kissed him deeply.

A little later they sat down on his bed, dried and naked.
She is so beautiful Josh thought as he played with her damp hair.
Catching his warm look Cam asked what he was thinking.
“I was thinking that I am the luckiest man alive right now” Josh answered.
“How’s that?” cam asked impishly.
“I keep meeting wonderful women and then there is you, the way you make me feel” he paused for a moment to kiss her shoulder “I wish I could stay in this moment forever.”
“So do I” Cam said and pushed him gently back on the bed and lay beside him.
Her hand gently caressed his side and arm, her eyes on his face.
“Tell me what happened at that party, the one you were auctioned, in full lurid detail” she asked.
Josh did as requested and told her the entire story, leaving almost nothing out.
When he was finished Cam almost came, her fingers had wandered off to play with herself as Josh told his tale.
“That was incredible” Cam whispered hotly “and you still fell in love with me?”
“I did” Josh said gently “there is something about you that defies explaining.”
“In the car” he continued “there was a moment of such clarity and overwhelming joy that I knew we belonged together, I can’t explain it but never before have I been so sure of something.”
“I know” Cam said “I felt it too, I never have fallen for a guy as I did for you, almost from the moment we met, it’s crazy isn’t it?”
“Crazy perhaps, but wonderful for sure” Josh answered and pulled her closer.
His hand found its way to her hand working her clit and he assisted until she gasped and came.
Josh spread her legs and moved between them, his hard cock near her entrance.
She lazily opened her eyes and smiled at him warmly.

Ever so slowly he entered her and when he was in as deep as he could, he lay down on top of her, resting on his elbows.
Kissing her softly he felt her arms and legs wrap around him, her eyes only for him.
With a slow pace he started to fuck her, not trusting hard, only pressing down when their pubic bones met.
Every glance and gasp was shared, their eyes locked on each other.
For half an hour Josh and Cam kept it up until Josh whispered “I love you.”
Cam smiled and cried, feeling his love for her and held him as tightly as she could.
Already close, Josh came when she clamped down on him, her cunt gripping his cock tightly.
His orgasm triggered Cam’s and together they came, moaning and laughing softly.
They lay still for a while, Josh still deep in her, enjoying their moment.
“Josh” Cam whispered “I am ready for round two, if you are.”
“The same way?” Josh asked, nibbling on her ear.
“No” she breathed heavily “I want to be on top this time.”
Reversing their positions in a roll, Josh stayed buried in her even when she pulled her knees up.
Sitting on his cock now, Cam placed her hands on his chest and smiled at him.
“I love it when your cock is so deep in me, but” she grinned “I love it even more that you stay hard and ready to go again so soon.”
Josh licked his lips and reached for her breasts as she started to ride him.
First only up and down but soon she started to twist her hips and rode him in every direction.
His hands played with her lush C cup breasts, teasing her nipples and when able, lick and suck them.
Cam soon felt her climax approach and increased the speed and force with which she rode him.
“I am so close” she whispered “come with me Josh, come with me.”
Josh was nearing his orgasm like Cam, their bodies almost in sync.
“Oh fuck” Cam exclaimed and came hard, still riding his cock for all she was worth.
A few seconds later Josh followed her example and shot his cum in her.
She felt his cock pulse and release its cum in her, causing a small after orgasm.
When his cock stopped shooting, so did she stop riding it.
Sitting straight on top of him she looked at his face, sweaty and happy.
Cam couldn’t remember any time happier than she felt now, the warm glow inside her and the way he looked at her, full of love and tenderness made her tear up again.
“Are those tears of joy?” Josh asked when he saw her happy face tearing up.
“Yeah, I’ve never been happier or content than I feel now” Cam answered and slid down into his arms, holding him where she could.
“Same here my love, same here” Josh whispered.
Exhausted from the long day, Cam felt safe and happy, falling asleep on top of him.
Josh gently rolled her of him, his cock slipping out of her and took her in his arms.
Soon both were deep asleep, cuddled together in a lovers embrace.

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amazing i love the series you should so totaly write more with josh banging rose and danni and that lot

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