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Samantha Finally Gets Me All To Herself... Uh Ohhhh !!!
Man…. Man, man, man, man, MAN……

Things just feel so FUNKY right now.

Samantha’s been in our bed all day so far. She seems to have started coughing, ever since everyone’s gotten up this morning.

She seemed perfectly fine, when all of us went to bed last night. Being trapped dead center, between all of the girls while we’re sleeping, does give me the vantage point, to be able to tell if any of them seems off. But now Big Sis seems like she’s just come down under the weather all of a sudden… I hope she’s alright.

Cindy, Victoria, Anastasia, Tammy, & Ms Tasha and I, are all dressed, and here together in the living room. There’s a marginal dour mood, cast amongst all the girls and me, as we’re all here just doing our things. We all had a big day planned for us. We were all going to head out together, maybe hit up the mall, the museum, get out and stretch our legs a bit. But now there’s certainly there’s an underlining concern about Samantha, as we’re hoping nothing serious has affected her.

Sitting here on the couch, I look out over at Anastasia, the oldest out of all of us students. She’s standing whilst leaning against the wall, and reading a little book that’s in her hand. For a moment, I can’t help but notice her tall, somewhat curveous figure. This older Goth student, really is eye catchingly beautiful. I still can’t how LUCKY I am, to have been able to have my face between her legs.

I realize that I’m staring at her too much. I begin to try looking someplac else, Anastasia then notices me looking at her. She lefts her head up from her tiny book, she then turns her head towards me, while still standing against the wall. She then flashes me a brief devious smile, and slowly licks her lips, not breaking eye contact with me.

Shocked, my eyes widening HUGE, I then look back down in embarassemt. Remembering all of the kinky things, this senior-year student has done with me. I still can’t believe it...I CAN’T believe it, I got to taste a senior-year’s student’s pussy & her PISS in the shower, at her Sorority house, that I wasn’t even supposed to be in. It was freaking unbelievable. Feeling this hot older Goth student, along with her sexy younger sister, urinate all over my face, and in my mouth in their luxurious shower, as I focused my COMPLETE attention on her pussy was just… God I can’t think about that.

I then look over to Ms Tasha, who is sitting in our recliner. She seems to be rummaging through her purse, looking for something very specific. God, even as she’s minding her business, even though she’s just SEARCHING for something, she looks... absolutely incredible. I can see my teacher’s massive chest, just HEAVING up and down, as she continues to shuffle through her stuff. I can’t help but to stare at my teacher hard, remembering all the crazy times, and realizing how blessed I am to have met her. God her titties are so BIG, and she’s actually allowed me the privilege to suck on them… Ms Tasha notices I can’t take my eyes off of her, I can’t help but to stare at her. My beautiful teacher then flashes me a smile, and turns her body more directly to face me, from the recliner.

“Hmmhmmhmm… now now Danny… are you thinking about something young man?”

Ms Tasha says to me with a grin. Suddenly without notice, Ms Tasha begins to just OPEN her legs right in front of me, to witness. All of the girls erupt in cheers, my jaw absolutely hits the floor. Seeing my gorgeous teacher, spreading her legs right before me, right here right now in the living room. She is wearing midnight-blue panties… She is keeping her legs open, prompting me to keep my attention between her legs. I can’t even help myself. God it’s so SEXY being able to look between Ms Tasha’s legs. I can see little strands, of her Crimson red pussy hairs, God I wish I could taste those again. Just like the time, her, Tammy, and myself spent in the lecture hall after class. How could I ever forget…

“COUGH ! Cough… cough!”

Samantha begins sounding again from the bedroom. All the girls and I begin looking at each other, out of concern.

“Samantha..!! Dear… are you alright in there? Hehe...”

Ms Tasha calls out to her, in a somewhat semi-concerned voice.I look over to Ms Tasha as she speaks to Samantha, wondering why does she not seem so worried.

I then look over directly to my right, and see Cindy sitting right beside me, looking right up towards my face. An expression of slight sadness and concern is written all over her. My beautiful GF is clearly worried about Samantha, as much as I am… I realize I have to do something, and want to make Cindy feel calm any way that I can.

“Danny? Samantha’s going to be alright right?”

Cindy then asks me directly. I take a deep breath, then begin to offer her some words of comfort. It is then feel a tug at my shirt, from the left side of me. I turn then to the left, and see Victoria showcasing the same level of conern for my Samantha.

“Samantha is strong just like you. Our new sister, will not be harmed correct Danny?”

Victoria says to me, in her usual haunting mellow vocal tone. I go to try and answer her, but it is then I notice Cindy crawling up closer to my face. I jump back in surprise of Cindy’s actions, but shockingly notice VICTORIA is starting to move closer to me on the couch too.


Victoria calls out to me. Looking me dead in my face, with her piercing icicle blue eyes.


Cindy then says name in her usual playful fashion. I’m stuck between both of these smaller framed students, not really knowing what to expect. I feel my dick twitch suddenly in excitement, knowing what these two are CAPABLE of. Though at times they really don’t seem to get along the best, when they work together (especially on me), they are truly unstoppable.

I feel my GF place her hand on my chest, as she moves her face directly next to me ear, causing me to jump a bit. I then suddenly look down between my legs, as I feel Victoria place her hand down here. She has also moved her face right next to my other ear, it is then both girls begin kissing, and nibbling, and licking against the edges of BOTH of my ears simultaneously.

“Wait…! Hnnnn….”

I moan out loudly. But Cindy and Victoria do not stop. Both girls continue to mess with me, both playing with my ears orally, however they choose. My face immediately goes red, unable to move or rest these two smaller students actions. I moan out loudly again, as Victoria’s hand between my legs, begins shuffling around trying to bring my dick to attention.

“Mmmmnnnnnnnn wa-… wait...”

I try to sputter out, but the two smaller girls do not stop. I look out to the other ladies in the room, and see Tammy, Ms Tasha, and Anastasia all watching with unbreaking attention. I feel Victoria slide down from my ear, and begin kissing and licking all over my neck. Cindy refusing to be outdone, begins going down, and orally teasing me on my neck too.


I yell out in half-blinded lust, causing the rest of the girls to erupt into cheers & laughter once again. My dick really starts swelling up inside my pants, as Victoria’s attention to it doesn’t wane. Cindy’s has lifted the front of my shirt up, exposing my hardened nipples for the rest of the girls to witness.

“Mmmmmm you have made the Young Prince horny, Sweet Sister...”

Anastasia calls out to her younger sister. Anastasia bearing that same trademark unreadable expression, that only she and Victoria can project.

Victoria then pulls away from licking my neck, and answers her older sibling.

“It is my duty Beautiful Sister. I must serve his lust dutifully, every time that he needs it...”

Victoria answers Anastasia. She then goes back to kissing, licking, and nibbling on my neck. I then feel Cindy start to pull away from me, she then speaks out to the rest of the girls.

“Danny is MY boyfriend… What kind of selfish GF would I BE, if I didn’t take care of his DICK every single morning. I gotta pee in his mouth, and get out every single drop of his milk, that way I can have it all in my belly oneday.”

Cindy states… The entire room erupts with hoots and cheers, from all of the girls inside the room. Oh my GOD… Why did Cindy have to say that so loudly? Why’d she have to sound so PROUD, talking about pissing in my mouth? Wait… what the HELL did Cindy just say??? Is she saying she wants to have a KID with me oneday? I’m not ready for that… we’re not ready… this is too soon.

I then look down over to Tammy, who is laying on one of our bean bags on the floor staring. She’s laying completely flat on the bean bag, and looking back & UP towards me from the floor, broadcasting the most wicked smile of them all. The firey red-headed cheerleader, really seems to be enjoying the show, being put on, by the two eager younger students.

Wow, she really is pretty… With her stunning red hair (she always keeps in a ponytail). Her athletic physique & prowess, not to mention a firey domineering spirit, that she’s used on me ever since the first day that we met… leading her to piss directly in my mouth, in Cindy’s bedroom over at their Sorority house.

I can’t help but look past her expression, to see she has her TITS completely pulled out… Tammy is playing with her titties, as well as keeping one of her hands inside of her pants, while laying on the floor. Tammy is honestly PLAYING WITH HERSELF, watching Victoria and Cindy putting me into heat along with these two??? Tammy notices that I FINALLY caught on to what she’s been doing, and she then from down the floor, decides to speak up to me.

“You freaking brat Danny! You’re just gonna keep teasing those girls like this? I should come up there right now, and teach you a lesson… Maybe I should go pee pee right in your mouth, one more time... Make you swallow it in front of everybody right here... Have you gulp it down loudly, so everybody can hear it… You’d probably like that, wouldn’t you Danny? You nasty little FRESHMEN. Having my hot pee in your mouth swishing around, so you can taste it, and remember it’s flavor all day?”

Tammy says… Oh my god… I can NOT believe she just uttered that.OPENLY… right in front of everyone... My dick JUMPS in anticipation, at what Tammy had just exclaimed. Would she really do that? Would she go… pee in my mouth again? Right here, right now in the living room???

No… NO… got to fight my hormones. I try to look away from Tammy, but I am unable to. I keep staring at her playing with herself. She seems to really be getting turned on, seeing her nice sized titties jiggle around, as she contines to play in her pants. I keep my focus on her, and I instinctually lick my lips, staring right at her hungrily.

“His dick jumped...”

Victoria calls out. it’s true… What Tammy had said, really turned me on. I honestly WANT to be able to taste her piss again, what am I gonna do???

God these girls… these GIRLS… How did I get into this? How did a situation this crazy, even come to be in my life???


● Samantha – My big Sister... Stunning… Absolutely stunning... A natural beauty, with statuesque physique. She’s got a body, that seems sent down from heaven. Big Tits. Gorgeous hips & thighs. With a fluffy juicy butt… God, I can’t believe I even look at her so lustfully. She’s 1 year older than me. Green eyes, long flowing brown hair. About the same height as me… maybe a half inch taller. With her knockout figure, she’s always teased me in subtle little ways. Even when we were younger. I really try not to think of Big Sis in erotic ways, but she really gets such pleasure, in tempting me any chance that she gets. Big Sis is simply irreplaceable.

● Cindy – Samantha and my childhood friend. We’ve all known each other, since forever. All growing up together, we’ve always been inseperable... I’ve always had a secret crush on her. She’s the same age as Samantha. She’s super cute, really smart, with an infectious smile. Natural shoulder length blonde hair, with deep blue eyes... She’s a bit of a nerd, also quite the shortstack. I can’t remember how long I’ve been in love with her, probably since I was a kid. She’s always been playful with me. My heart truly belongs to her. Confessing my true feelings, was the best thing I’ve ever did. No wonder I’m so head over heels for Cindy. She’s everything I could’ve hoped to find in a GF… even if she’s a bit of a playful brat sometimes. :)

● Victoria – Where do I begin… GOTH… The very definition of the word “alluing”. She’s got really long raven black hair. Just like her clothes, which tends to be black. Really soft spoken… she really tends to LOOK, more than she tends to speak. Not to mention, her eyes are a light icele blue. This girl is simply STUNNING. Her face is that of curiosity, and pure innocense on top of it. But that’s all just a ruse. Beneath her cute tiny exterior (she’s honestly just a hair shorter than Cindy), lurks a devious kinky little MONSTER. She’s just so fucking cute… We met in a shared class, taught by our teacher Ms Tasha. She’s the same age as me. The more time we spend together… the closer and closer we seem to get. She’s so fascinating to me, a part of me is growing ever more infatuated with her. I think I might be catching feelings.

● Anastasia – This girl… this girl right HERE… She is just so... damn.. fine. A senior year student. She is the older sister of Victoria. Gothic style just like her younger sister. She’s the oldest out of all of us students. The tallest out of all the girls, just slightly taller than me. We first met, when I was snuck over into hers/Cindys/Victorias/Tammys Sorority house... But more on Tammy later (oh my god). Samantha and Cindy had ordred me, to walk over to the front door of the Sorority, and open it, letting Anastasia/Tammy/Victoria in. I actually had Cindy and Samantha’s PANTIES IN MY MOUTH. My Big Sis & GF wanted the other three girls to see it. I really didn’t know what to say, When they all looked at me. I tried spitting their panties out, but was ordered to stop doing so. Anastasia’s friendly/calm demeanor just automatically kicked in, and she made me feel better in the strangely odd erotic situation. As beautiful as she is, what I honestly appreciate abouther the most, is her soothing, calm, mature presence that just… always makes me feel better.

● Tammy – The fireball. The livewire of the bunch… It is NEVER a dull moment, whenever Tammy starts being playful. God, I honestly love that about her. Firey red hair, and a demeanor to totally match. She’s a third year student, which makes Anastasia the only student older than her. She’s a cheerleader at our university. Tammy and I actually first met, when Cindy invited me over to her Sorority house, thinking her and I could be alone. I came over to fix Cindy’s bed (which she messed up by actually jumping up and down on it like a kid, having the house all to herself). Cindy rewarded me for repairing her bed for her by… letting me put my face between her legs. I was TRULY in heaven at that moment. I got to taste my GFs juices, even some of her pee. But to my shock… Tammy had come into the room, and stood their silently, while recording me drinking Cindy’s juices, from their bedroom doorway with her cell phone. It was a horrifying moment for me kinda, but Tammy promised not to snitch about me being there, if Cindy would let her... USE my services, which Cindy happily (laughingly) did so. I ended up laying face up on Cindy’s bed. Tammy stood directly over my face, and I serviced this older student’s delicious pussy. Drinking everything she was willing to give. Ever since then, Tammy has enjoyed teasing me, and using my services, to get pleasure anytime she needs it. She’s so wicked and playful, it’s almost surprising that her and Ms Tasha are actually SISTERS…

● Ms. Tasha – The Goddess… The Queen of the Castle… A teacher at our local University. She heads at least one of the classes, that all of the girls and I take. Her figure is simply ASTOUNDING. Her tits are HUGE, her ass and hips are simply INCREDIBLE. It’s a wonder why she choose to be a teacher, instead of a famous SUPER MODEL or something. She could easily do it if she wanted. Not only this, she is Tammy’s Big Sister. Red hair just like Tammy’s. But Ms Tasha’s is certainly a darker hue of red. Honestly Crimson like. She cares a lot about all of her students, especially me for some reason. I think she’s worried my grades will slip, I won’t let that happen though I promise. One day Tammy walked over to Ms Tasha before class, and showed her the pictures she took of me, in her Sorority bedroom. They both flased a wicked smile at me and…. Both of them used my services to their COMPLETE satisfaction after our class. Their pussies taste so idential, just like Anastasia & Victoria taste so alike. Having Ms Tasha’s guidance (especially when my face is between her legs), has been so helpful to my existence.

During the pandemic, Samantha and the rest of the girls from over at the Sorority house, had a conversation without me. It was decided, that they’d all move in “temporarily”, to Big Sis’ and my 2 bedroom apartment, that way we could all monitor each others safety…

But even with everything winding down, it seems the girls all have an hidden agreement, that staying all together under one roof, is just much more fun.

Ohhhhh boy...

Samantha’s mattresses was moved into my bedroom, along with some more that were bought. Turning “MY” bedroom, into kind of community sleeping area. We all fit together just fine. Sleeping together next to 6 girls however, comes with it’s own set of… situations sometimes.

You would think living side by side, with 6 beautiful girls would be great… right??? Or so at first, that’s what I thought. Don’t get me wrong... I’m not REALLY complaining… they’re all gorgeous to look at. I can barely keep my dick under control, when any of them start messing with me. But when one starts teasing and messing around with me, they ALL seem to dog-pile on me together. Often leaving me even barely able to speak.

These are our stories... These are our crazy adventures... Who knows what the hell they’ll come up with today. I guess… all I can do is watch and find out together.

Let’s go!!! Hopefully they don’t screw me up TOO much today.


“Well now...”

Ms Tasha calls out to all of the girls, while simultaneously clapping her hands, bearing a friendly smile across her face.

“I think that it would be best, if us girls went out to the store, and bring back Samantha some… hehe… medicine.”

She exclaims while still smiling. Victoria and Cindy immediately pull away from playing with me. Leaving me breathing hard, and comepletely flustered while sitting on the couch.

“Samanthaaaa… we’ll be heading out for a moment now… hehe… We’ll get you some things, to make you feel better. Alright dear???”

Ms Tasha then says…

“Alright Ms Tasha... (c-COUGH cough). I think… I’ll feel better with some rest.”

Samantha responds back to Ms Tasha, from the bedroom. Cindy and Victoria spring up from the couch, Anastasia stands up straight, from posting on the wall, I then see Tammy get up from the bean bag on the floor. Her perky sizable titties still hanging from out of her shirt, she’s not even trying to tuck them back into her bra. Still bearing her signature playful domineering grin, she just walks DIRECTLY over to me.

Cindy and Victoria scatter from the couch, leaving me sitting here all by myself. Lustfully, partially still in a trance, I look directly up at Tammy. She stares back down directly/confidently back at me. Towering high above me while she stands, her gaze sharpens still smiling down at me, she places both her hands onto her hips.

“So! You really think you’re ALL THAT, don’t you Danny!? You really think you’re gonna MESS with these poor innocent girls, right in FRONT OF ME, and pretend nothing even happened right? You fucking brat! You need to be taught a LESSON, for turning me on like this.”

The girls begin to cheer at Tammy’s playful antics. I instantly look over to my side, as I think I even hear SAMANTHA, laughing a little bit at the situation from the bedroom.


Tammy immediately scolds. Taking her finger, and pointing it directly at her crotch. I ignore her directions, and choose to look up towards her instead. I can see BOTH Tammy’s nice tits hanging out of her shirt, GOD she’s really got a hell of a body on her. Being quite the athletic type, not to mention a cheerleader here at college, really does show in her physique. The tone & contrasts of her well-definded figure, is really damn mesmerizing to look at and admire, being up close.

“Here Danny..! Now!”

Tammy scolds me again, this time even louder. Signaling, that she’s pointing towards her crotch area once again. She wants me to stare at her pussy region of her pants. I feel a cold streak pass over my body, I feel myself lowering my head & my eyes, directly down to where her pussy is.

“That’s It… Be A GOOD Boy Danny!”

Tammy commends me. My eyes fully drop down, and fixate COMPLETELY onto the crotch of Tammy’s jeans. Tammy is still pointing directly at her pussy area, my mouth begins to open up, and hanging down slowly. It is then I actually notice, I can catch just the FAINTEST whiff, of her aroma which is seeping out the front of her croth region in her jeans. My eyes widen as I detect Tammy’s pussy scent. It… it smells MOIST down here between her legs. I can… I can… kinda TELL, she MUST have been horny watching, Victoria, Cindy, and myself getting busy here on the couch.

“Smell Good? Do you smell something you like Danny??? Be a good boy, do your job… open my pants up, and sniff up every bit of my wetness...”

Tammy commands me. I need no further instruction… I immediately lunge forward off of the couch, right down onto my knees, before the older red-headed student. Like I wild animal, I immediately begins shuffling around Tammy’s pants. Her button… Her zipper… I get them both open and undone, trying to get to my prize, and do whatever this beautiful sassy cheerleader wants.

“Mmmmmm he wishes to serve Tammy now. Such a good, obedient Young Prince.”

I hear Anastasia utter, from off in the distance. I am so HORNY, I can’t take my eyes off of Tammy’s unbuttoned pants. I see Tammy is wearing distinctive dark BLUE panties today. Wow, they’re so pretty… I kinda thought maybe she’d have on some red panties, for some reason. Kinda match her firey personality a bit.

“Yeahhh… he needs my pussy in his mouth always! He’s a fucking brat! If a woman doesn’t dominate his mouth, the way that he needs it, he’ll never be truly happy satisfied deep down. Ain’t that right boy!?”

Tammy scolds sterly down towards me. Her words come down on me from up high, seeming like there’s a hidden authority within them I kind of enjoy. Such a strange feeling, every time I’m with her. Is the smell of her pussy turning me on THAT MUCH??? The fragrance between Tammy’s legs, grows even stronger I notice. I begin sniffing at it loudly, as the girls notice and begin cheering out super loud in the apartment.

“My goodness Danny… you are hungry today aren’t you? I haven’t seen you so happy being down on your knees, since you licked my pussy and my asshole in the lecture hall that day… You remember that moment danny? You pushed your tongue so FAR up my asshole, it felt amazing… I still remember how hard I came inside of your mouth.”

Ms Tasha calls over to me. A SHOCK of my lustful hormones, comepletely rushes over me. FUCKKK how could I ever forget that day. Serving Tammy & Ms Tasha in the lecture hall AT THE SAME TIME after class, was one of the most forbidden and erotic moments in my entire LIFETIME. I’m so grateful to God, these two actually allowed me the privilege of serving them.

My mouth hangs down fully open, reminiscing of the past. I can’t… I can barely think straight, as the girls have some strange hold over me, causing me to feel like I’m slipping into a trance of hot wetness and lust.


Tammy scolds me again, pointing back to her pussy region. Snapping her finger TWICE, and pointing fircely between her legs, commanding me NOT to take my attention away from her.

“Pull my pants down a little, and pull my panties to the side Danny! You know what to do little boy...”

Tammy commands, in a sexy way down towards me. I instantly give in to her demands. I slide Tammy’s jeans down towards her thighs, then reach towards her panties, and dutifully pull & hold them over to the side. Tammy is kind enough to open her legs a little for me. I’m so lucky! She’s actually ALLOWING me, to serve her magnificent pussy.

Taking in the moment, feeling overcome by pure joy, I can not but help but to marvel at Tammy’s pussy. Her firey red pussy hair (though not as dark as Ms Tasha’s), standing out proudly. All of the girls trim their pubes a little, and Tammy is no exception. Her pussy hair is almost glowing, because of the hot red hues of her color between her legs. The smell down here is EXQUISITE, her moist pussy musk, is completely clogging up my senses. I take in an extra loud SNIFF, while my eyes start to squint, the girls all see & hear me do it, and they erupt in cheers, for my respecting of Tammy’s pussy.

“Mmmmmm that’s it boy. Put that clit in your mouth...”

Tammy commands from way above me. I instantly do as I am told, and lean forward, sucking Tammy’s clitoris in my mouth. I suck on it hard at first, Tammy’s legs SHAKE harmoniously from the initial pleasure. I place my other free hand on Tammy’s thigh, I let Tammy’s clit out of my mouth a little, before licking circles around it, and sucking it little clit right back in.


I hear Tammy bellow out from above me. I can’t even deny the fact, of how WET Tammy’s pussy is down here. Tammy’s cum was EVERYWHERE down between her legs. Now I can feel her warm pussy liquids, mostly at the bottom of my chin, and towards the lower-right hand part of my face.

God Tammy’s cum is really really HOT, she must have been getting pretty excited, watching Cindy and Victoria playing with me for so long. Her pussy’s flavor is more salty than anything. It’s salty yet feminine, hot & definitely musky, with a sexy slight bitterness to it. God, there really is something special about this slightly older student’s cum. I can’t believe I have my FACE between the legs, of one of the college’s cheerleaders once again.

“Mmmmm fuck...”

I hear Tammy moan out. The girls all cheer again, marveling at my performance. I feel Tammy’s legs open a bit wider now, and immediately feel Tammy’s hand, towards the top/rear of my head. I can feel Tammy’s hand playing with my hair a little, but she’s also starting to PULL on the back of my head towards her soaking pussy.

“Mnnnnhnnn yea Danny...”

Tammy utters. I KNOW my job. I KNOW what I am supposed to do. I have to SERVE this woman’s pussy, I have to make ABSOLUTELY sure, she is receiving all the pleasure that she requires. I open my mouth a bit wider, and try to take more of Tammy’s PUSSY into my mouth. I make a loud (slurping) noise, the girls all cheer once again. I try and Tammy tries as well, to fit ALL of her wet pussy, inside of my mouth. Her cum completely soaks, both sides of my lips. Tammy’s flavor from her pussy hole, become even darker and even hotter. I just slurp over and over against Tammy’s wet clit, her hips are now BUCKING slightly against my wet pussy soaked mouth.

“God… Eat that!!”

Tammy cries out more forcefully. I keep Tammy’s panties pulled to the side, I will NOT let her pussy down, I will do my absolutely BEST, to ensure this junior-year student’s pussy, is served 100% to her satisfaction. My head is bouncing back and forth, against Tammy’s bucking hips. I can feel her cum completely dribbling, down onto my t-shirt. Tammy’s legs open even WIDER now, and her hips begin just SLAMMING into my face. I can hear her breathing hard, from up above me.

“More… MORE Danny… I need to, I nee-…. Hahhhh!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..”

Tammy screams out. Her moans and yells, completely fill up our living room. Her hips and pussy, are completely smearing all over my face & my lips. God, her flavor is fucking delicious. Getting to eat out an older student, is an absolute PRIVILEGE I will never disrespect. I keep sluring on Tammy’s clitoris, every time she is kind enough, to put it in my face. I take dutiful time, sucking on it everytime she’s thrust forward, without a single thought. Tammy’s legs begin shaking hard one last time, almost like she’s trying to SHAKE the last droplets of her pussy juices, out from between her legs. I swallow down every bit of cum, that the cheerleader gives me. I swallow it down some more, and wait until Tammy’s orgasam is thorough and complete. Her legs stop shaking, and I feel my job serving her pussy is done. I look up and Tammy, from down on my knees, looking to see how she feels at my performance.

“Mmmmm good boy… Fuck… You’ve done good this time Danny… WAIT! Hahaha…. Look at all that cum on your face. Who the hell did that to YOU Danny???”

Tammy giggles. The rest of the girls burst out laughing at me as well, I can even hear Samantha giggling inside of the bedroom. Everyone knowing what Tammy had just did to me, I can’t help but smile as well, as I feel so PROUD of making Tammy feel so good.

She then zips up and buttons her own pants, after stepping back from my face. Fuck, my breath smells really STRONG now, breathing in and out, catching the scent deep from Tammy’s pussy.

All of the girls begin making a motion towards the front door of the apartment. I know they said they’re going to head out, to get some medicine for Samantha. I hope they won’t be gone for too long, there’s too many people acting a fool out there these days.

Ms Tasha heads out the door first, swishing her curvaeous ASS behind her, causing me to stare. She then turns back towards me, as I’m still down on my knees, and My beautiful teacher addresses me with a smile.

“Now Danny… All of us are counting on you… You do good now, and watch over your sister, while we’re away. I promise I’ll bring back something good for you too, young man alright?”

She says, then heads right out of the door. Next Anastasia follows behind our teacher, but turns briefly backward towards me, smiling & speaks.

“I will return to you shortly, my young handsome Prince. I have something incredible planned for you, later on tonight...”

She says in her Goth-like almost monotone, sort of way. I look up towards Anastasia confused, wondering what the hell she’s talking about. It is then I see her raise up her index, and middle finger of one of her hands, and she slowly runs her TONGUE, from the base of her fingers, all the way up to the tips. My eyes widen suddenly, as Anastasia then turns forward and heads through the door. Who then follows behind her, is Tammy’s wild ass with her hands on her hips. Swishing her Ass REALLY HARD, just like her older sister, proudly attempting to get me to look at it.

I look down at Tammy’s ass uncontrolably. Damn it… How does she keep DOING THIS???

“Mmmmm yeah! Danny…?”

Tammy says. Playfully-sternly down towards me, not even looking back in my direction, as she stands in our doorway, with her hands still at her hips.

“Yeah uh... What the hell’s up Tammy???”

I clear my throat and say, back towards the older cheerleader student. Tammy’s erotic pussy smell, is still radiating hot out of my breath. I try to clear it from me, but it’s no use, the scent is so strong and tasty, it ABSOLUTELY smells like this 3rd year college student’s hole.

“You LOVE how this pussy tastes. Right Danny???”

Tammy says down towards me. From on my knees still, I can’t help but stare at Tammy’s beautiful ass. Try as I might, she’s just so… damned attractive. Keeping my eyes glued onto Tammy’s butt, she then procedes to reach back with both of her hands off her hips, then plants them firmly on both of her butt cheeks.

“Mmmmm I can’t HEEAAARRRR YOU Danny. I asked you a question. You better tell me the truth, you horny Freshmen.”

Tammy says to me. She starts rubbing her butt in circles, I can’t take my eyes off of this beautiful 3rd year student for a second. I can hear the other girls are paying attention, to Tammy messing with me again. God… why… she just makes me so fucking horny. My dick hasn’t gone down, since Cindy & Victoria have started messing with me. Falling under a spell caused by Tammy’s pussy scent all around my breath, I cannot help but to answer the gorgeous older student directly.

“Yes Tammy. Your pussy tasted SOOO good. I really appreciate, you allowing me the HONOR, to eat you out to an orgasm once again. I would gladly eat your pussy or your asshole, anytime you needed some relief.”

I murmur outward. All of the girls cheer once more again, a little shame comes over me, but even greater is a sense of pride. That is ABSOLUTELY how I feel, for any of the girls really. Anytime, any place, I’m MORE than willing, to take care of the needs of their pussy.

“Good boy! Just for that… when I get back from the store, I’m probably going to have to pee real bad. You’re going to drink it, as soon as I come back Danny.”

Tammy says to me, rubbing her butt still. Tammy then stops rubbing her ass, and walks out of the door moving proudly. Victoria then follows right behind Tammy immediately. Inside of the doorway, Victoria stops, looks back towards me, then she too speaks out over to me.

“I will return shortly my Prince. I will be saddened, being away from you. When I return, I will give you everything you wish. My mouth, my pussy, my ass… my soul will be completely yours to dominate, anyway you see fit my love.”

Victoria says to me. Keeping that same Gothic, almost monotone frame of voice, that her and Anastasia are both highly known to produce. Gothic girls sure are an interesting bunch. WAIT… did Victoria just say, she’d even give me her ASS? I mean… I have eaten her out, multiple times already. Her pussy and her asshole, are quite delicious. But… she’d… let me put my dick inside of there too???

I look hard over at Victoria, from on the floor still. She cracks me a mischievous, yet somewhat unreadable smile… I SWEAR, between her and Anastasia, trying to make heads or tails, on whether they are SERIOUS or not, even what they’re thinking, is really difficult most of the time. Those almost nearly blank expressions that they do, really makes them... alluring, in an almost haunting, kind of distant yet loving sort of way.

Still… Victoria would really let me, fuck her in her ASS? I mean I WOULD… right? She’s so short… and nicely slender, just like Cindy is. I couldn’t image, just how TIGHT Victoria would be. God, I bet it would feel absolutely incredible, if she’d let me smash that way. Shit… if ANY of them, would let me hit it from the back like that… I mean, I’ve already eaten all of their asses before.

I stare continuously at Victoria, almost starting to feel warm at her sight. She’s still looking at me, flashing her unreadable expression in silence. What is this strange feeling, she’s starting to make me occupy?

“Nooooo you DON’T!”

Cindy creeps up from behind, to Victoria. My little short blonde GF, begins moving the similarly short Goth girl, through the apartment doorway.

“You’re not going ANYWHERE near my Danny, unless I say so you NASTY Goth!”

Cindy spites. My little girlfriend gets Victoria further out the door. Victoria clearly offering somewhat of a resistence, not trying to leave with the others just yet.

“Save me my Prince… The wicked NERD, has me in her cluthes.”

Victoria moans out to me. I watch Cindy out-wrestle, and easily get Victoria all the way out of the apartment. After Victoria is out of sight, Cindy being the only one left in the doorway, my GF turns back to me, with her adorable playful smile, that I’ve come to love.

“Hehehe… Don’t worry Danny. I won’t let any of these COWS, take advantage of you, so long as I’m around. You know what? When the time comes... I know you and me, will have a BIG HAPPY family together. I’m gonna have your face between my legs SOOOO much. Your breath is going to smell like, my coochie and my pee almost every single day I love youuuuu!”

Cindy says over to me. Her words really do make me feel peaceful. I finally begin getting up off from the floor, and sit myself back down onto the couch. I stare again towards my GF, who is still offering me her purest happiest smile. God, I really do love Cindy. it’s amazing, that God blessed me with a GF, who is so precious, yet is kick ass in her own cool little way.

“Cow!? But Danny loves sucking these big titties of mine. He’s said to me in private, how he loves them so much...”

Ms Tasha gleefully, yet teasingly utters. Completely out of my line of eye sight. Having the LARGEST TITS out of all the girls, I wonder was she making FUN of the rest of the laides, since theirs aren’t as big as our teacher’s.

“The young Prince is infatuated, with my Empress chest. He has said they taste absolutely exquiste, and can never get enough...”

Anastasia then kicks in, from the other side of the apartment front door.

“Nasty fucking Freshmen! I let him taste my titties constantly! He’s told me so much, that mine without a doubt, taste the best of them all!”

Tammy chimes in loudly next.

“I felt in my heart, my Prince deep loves my breasts. Everytime I let him have me, he instantly goes to them… Once he has even uttered, how he wishes my milk would come out. I feel like my breasts have gotten bigger, from my Prince sucking on them, whenever we’re together...”

Victoria then says, quite softly from the background. I can’t help but blush a little, from what the girls have all just said. It is true… I HAVE sucked on all of these girls titties, more than once. What can I say… they TASTE GOOD. Just like their pussies, just like their ass holes, I’m more proud than anything of that fact. I’m a little worried however. Someone might HEAR THEM, saying all of this so openly and proud.

I see Cindy now has a somewhat annoyed expression, due to what all of the girls have just said. It’s written clearly across her face. I might’ve fucked up... I can see it. Surprisingly, my GF brings back her pure, joyful smile. She then looks at me again in pure silence, then she looks briefly towards my side a little, she then speaks out towards me once more.

“Alright… We’re off Danny! You be good in my absence OK!? Don’t go getting into any trouble… Take care of your sister!”

Cindy says. I go to answer her, wanting to make sure she’s not too upset with me. But before I can get a single word out, Cindy cuts me off, to finish her statement.

“And Samantha… you take care of Danny as well!”

Cindys says, still looking over towards the side of me. My eyes JUMP in confusion, and I look over towards my side from the couch, and who do I see… It’s Samantha, flashing me an almost HUNGRY wicked-like grin.

“Oh yeah… Count on it...”

Samantha says. Not breaking eye contact with me, even for a moment.


I hear Cindy laugh , before closing the front apartment door behind her… Quicker than I can get out a word, Samantha just tackles me from across the arm-rest of the couch, completely onto the cushions towards the center.


I yell out, as I am completely unable to resist my Big Sister’s power and speed. She brings me down flat on couch, and immediately props herself up on top of me.

Coming out of my daze of mind fog, from just being jumped by my big sister, I can see she’s still wearing the same long grey t-shirt that she slept in last night, as well as some basic white panties… I look my Big Sister up and down, and notice she’s not even saying a word. Samantha is simply maintain her coy hungry-smile, looking down upon me, as she straddles me, with both of her hands on my chest.

I try to wiggle around a bit, giving one last ditch effort, to get from underneath Samantha… It’s no use… She’s got me trapped. My big sister, has completely has me pinned directly underneath her. Samantha’s coy expression grows even more confident, I can’t help but notice how Big Sis’ chest bounced around, from my wiggles trying to get from underneath her.

Laying underneath Samantha in silence, my eyes can’t help but gazes downward towards her rather large tits. My eyes jump a bit once again, as I can easily see Samantha’s nipples poking through her t-shirt. God damn… look at them… they’re so fucking BIG, for real. I keep my eyes on Big Sis’ tits even more, I see her chest heaving and bouncing up and down as she breathes. Oh fuck… I think my dick just twitched. It really hasn’t even gone down fully, from when Cindy & Victoria were messing with me here on the couch.

“What is THAT Danny!? Is that something for me???”

Samantha says from up above me. I still can’t help but take my eyes off her titties, but I then feel one of my Big Sister’s hands, starting to slip inside of my pants. I wince a bit at first, from the pleasure feeling of my Big Sis’ soft hand. I can feel Samantha slowly guiding the tips of her fingers, completely along the length of my dick inside of my jeans.

“Nggghhmm… wait… Sis…”

I murmur outward. My body feels really warm, as I am becoming hypnotized, being unable to stop looking at my older sister’s tits. Oh fuck… Samantha is purposely bouncing her tits around in front of me now. God…. Her nipples look even MORE erect. They keep gyrating and jiggling up and down, I can’t take my EYES away from them at ALL…

It is then I hear the zipper of my pants, getting pulled down. Samantha reaches her soft hand, through my zipper, into the crotch hole of my boxers. My dick is hard as STEEL, as Samantha then brings it out, and rubs my dick completely against the front of her panties between her thighs.

The sensation of my Big Sister’s panties, is a complete and utter SHOCK to me. My Big Sis’ undies feel ungodly soaking wet. My eyes jump again in shock at the sensation. It literally feel like her panties were dipped in hot water, as she then slides my dick up and down her soggy underwear.

“Mmmmmm… Can you feel that Danny? My panties have been sticky and wet, ever since I woke up this morning. I had a really good dream about you last night, when I slept. When I woke up, my pussy was soaking wet, my panties must’ve soaked it all up.”

Samantha says down to me… My dick JUMPS even harder in excitement, from her words. Did Big Sis really dream about ME??? What did her and I do? It’s all so much, to take in during the moment. It is then I feel Samantha’s hand taking my dick, and MOVING her panties over to the side… I still cannot take my eyes away from Samantha’s big big titties, she has me completely under her spell. I can feel Samantha rubbing my dick, all along the folds of her pussy. Her pussy hairs graze across my dick, letting me feel the droplets of her cum between her legs. It’s like she’s simply WIPING her juices all over my dick, choosing to give all of it to me. Samantha keep using my dick, as her own personal pussy rag. I can feel that my dick has been utterly covered in Samantha’s cum.

“Mmmmmm feel that Danny… All of that is for you. YOU did this do me in my dream last night, it’s only right that I give all this to you little boy.”

Samantha says down to me. My eyes are still fixated on her marvelous tits, I just love these big huge things so much, I want to taste them SOOOO BADLY.

Samantha notices, I haven’t taken my eyes away from her chest. Shockingly s he stops rubbing my dick all over her bare pussy, she proceeds to crawl FORWARD a bit, and then hook the back of my head, inside of her t-shirt directly under her tits.

“OH MY GOD Samantha!”

I bellow out, from inside of my Big Sister’s t-shirt. From inside I can see everything, as I suspected she wasn’t even wearing a bra. Samantha’s titties are absolutely astounding, so soooo BIG. My Big Sister’s areola are nice healthy proportion, in size her her huge titties. The way they MOVE, the way they JIGGLE, from here inside of her shirt, Samantha’s tits freely jiggle every way with her movements.

“Mmmmmm, is that what you wanted Danny? You like Big Sister’s tits all up in your face??? Perverted little boy...”

Samantha says from above me. I can only imagine her SUPERIOR expression, that she’s wearing on her face right now. She has me exactly where she WANTS ME, no… this is where I WANT to be. Even the smell inside of here, is absoltuely incredible. Big Sister’s tits, even though she seems a little sweaty, smell so fucking HOT inside of her shirt. Samantha lowers her tits on top of my face from above. Both of them MUSH on top of me, my face goes right in the middle of them, their sweat SMEARS across the inner-right side of my face. God I’m so happy… I’m so HAPPY feeling this. My Big Sister’s huge warm breasts, are in my face, I can smell them, I want to know what they taste like today.

I start to lick the crack between Samantha’s titties. YEP… I was right… they ARE sweaty a little. My poor Big Sister, I’ve been lacking in my responsibilities. Has she been sweating, has she been suffering through this, all this entire time??? It’s no matter now, I know what I must do. I’m have to CLEAN my Big Sister’s titties, use my tongue to make her breasts prestine and lovely, they way they’re SUPPOSED to be.

“Mmmmmm Danny. I can feel you licking my tits. Do they taste good, you tiny little pervert? Answer Big Sister… Do my titties taste good Danny???”

Samantha says confidently… I pull my face out of Samantha’s crack a little, to answer her directly.

“Uh huh! Your titties taste SUPER good, Big Sis… I’m so grateful, you’re allowing me to clean and taste them for you.You are so great!”

I utter in response uncontrolibly. I get my face back in DEEP, of Samantha’s titty crack. I taste my sweet precious time, licking and lapping at all of her slightly salty titty sweat. Samantha is helping me, rubbing her tits all over my face. My face and my mouth, have truly become her titty-sweat rag. This must be what pure JOY feels like. I’m cleaning my Big Sisters titty’s off, she’s giving ME the privilege, of tasting her big beautiful tits under her shirt…

“Mmmmmm oh fuck...”

I hear Samantha moan out, as she lifts her shirt off from the top of my head. Being able to see Samantha’s face, it appears she’s in a bit of discomfort.

“What’s WRONG Sis? Was my job not satisfactory for you??? I can do better if you wish!”

I say in urgency to her. I WANT to make sure, that Samantha is utterly satisfied, with my cleaning of her precious tits for her. I look up at her longingly, awaiting her answer to me. I need my Big Sister to GUIDE ME, in whichever direction she wants me to go for her.

“Mmmmphhhh… gotta piss. My panties have been soaked, all the way since this morning. I should’ve just put your FACE between my legs, and went to the bathroom right in your mouth, in the bed, while everyone was sleeping. My PANTIES wouldn’t be so soaked and ruined right now...”

Samantha says. My mouth hangs open a bit. Would she really have gone to the bathroom, in my mouth, right in my own BED, while the rest of the girls were sleeping beside us???

“Yeah… you should have...”

I utter in response, without the slighest bit of control, or resistance… Samantha laughs down in my face at my reponse. Then goes right back, to her superior expression that she had upon her face once again.

“Mmmmmm… Save me Danny. Be my hero once again… Help me go to the bathroom one more time… please Danny.”

My Big Sisters says down to me. This time with a softened yet sexy tone, while still maintaining her sexy, confident, in-control demeanor. My body literally twitches for a moment. Samantha sees that her words have excited me. I notice real quickly, that her smile grew even MOREplayful/devious, as I began shuffling beneath her, and she moves off top of me, and we both get up off the couch.

“Pleeeeasssse. I need to go PEE PEE Danny. Will you help me go right now. I’ve already peed so MUCH into my underwear, needing your help. Please please please!?”

Samantha says even softer right in my face. I look at her innocent pleading expression, as my dick gets SUPER HARD from her request. I quickly reach both of my hands out towards Samantha, and grab both of her own, walking backwards guiding my beautiful Big Sis, towards our apartment bathroom.

Never breaking eye contact with Samantha even for a moment, I feel the bathroom door, I bump it open with my back, and pull Samantha slowly inside. I pull Samantha over to the toilet seat. Living currently with so many females, I see the seat has already been left down. Looking back towards Samantha, her devious expression is still written all over her face. Samantha clearly wants this moment to happen, she must’ve been planning to get me alone, so she could play with me like this again.

“Alright Sis… I’m gon- (AHEM!) I’m gonna help you pull your panties down ok.”

I say directly to me gorgeous Big Sister. Kneeling downward to the floor, I can’t even HELP but slide my FACE, between her big, soft, fluffy tits. Which causes me to sniff as LOUD as I can. I couldn’t miss the opportunity, to smell my Big Sis’ beautiful tits could I?

“Oh! Hahaha...”

Samantha giggles out. She then falls back onto the toilet seat, and opens her legs, before I even have the opportunity to get her panties off. I look slightly upward at her in confusion, from on the bathroom floor. Samantha’s expression is still right there, she’s planning something. I’ve got a feeling in my gut, that Big Sis is getting closer to her Master Plan.

“You know what… Can we leave them on? My panties are already soaked… I think it might be fun to SEE what happens. Can’t you smell them Danny??? My pee pee really squirted, inside my panties earlier. While all those other heffers were taking away your attention before, I needed MY little brother, MY Danny to watch have my piss this morning. Now some of it, is embedded forever inside of these soggy undies.”

I exhale and look downward to the floor at that moment. Samantha’s powreful words, take the breath right out of me. Big Sis’ notices my demeanor, and giggles from high up above me. Finally paying closer attention, WOW…. I actually CAN smell her underwear, from even down here on the floor between her legs. My eye close a little down here, and I begin sniffing at the air. There’s no mistaking it, that’s the smell of my Big Sister’s urine, AND the smell of her pussy juices, mixted together real DEEP inside of her white tight underwear.

“That’s it… Smell it..? You like that boy..? Does Big Sis’ dirty wet panties smell good to you, down there boy???”

Samantha says to me. Her tone is so INCREDIBLY sexy. It feel so richly, deeply embarassing, that my Big Sister knows how to turn me on so much. I can’t even help but sniff the air even HARDER… The strong salty fragrance of Samantha’s piss, completely fills my senses, drawing me to crave it even more. GOD it smells good… My Big Sis’ pee inside of her dirty underwear, is one of the most addicting things, I’ve evern smelled.


My gorgeous Older Sister, calls down to me. I muster up the strength, to look up to her directly. She then simply takes her finger, and points it directly between her legs. She begins to lean backwards a bit, while sitting on the toilet. I need no furthere instruction, Samantha is beckoning me, to come to her… her pussy is in need of service.

I crawl forward a bit to Samantha, her legs are open nice and wide, to accommodate me between her. I learn my face forward, getting it RIGHT in between her legs. My nose and mouth and now TOUCHING her underwear. The smell… her smell is so STRONG… it smells even MORE bitter, yet good, wet, and salty… her panties are wet to the touch on my skin. Even her pussy hairs, feel nice and damp. I can’t help myself, but to kiss and the pussy region between her panties. I kiss Big Sister’s underwear, and FEEL her pissy cum now stuck on my lips. I notice Samantha put up her leg to my right, and place it directly onto my shoulder.

“Nnnnn YEAH… I like that… That’s comfortable. You’re going to be my chair, for the moment Danny... “

I then feel one of Samantha’s hands, place on the top of my head. Her other hand goes down, right between my face and her underwear. What is Samantha doing? I try to lap at her underwear once again. My tongue lashes against her fingers, trying to get to the warm bitter moisture, that’s been harboring inside of her panties for me. I lap at it again, hoping Big Sis would part open her fingers for me. Samantha keeps her fingers closed, almost causing me to let out a whimpering begging MOAN, signaling I NEED to taste her piss once again. Samantha’s hand on top of my head, brings me even closer. Now my face is practically MUSHED in, next to her fingers guarding her underwear.

“Mmmmm oh… OH, nnnnnn Danny. Danny? I gotta pee pee RIGHT NOW. You can…. Here… I want you to have this for me.”

My Big Sister says, in one of the most erotic tones, I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Samantha parts her fingers a little bit. I JUMP at the opportunity, and begin licking at her dirty soggy panties. I lap at them once again. MMMMM… they really do taste so fucking GOOD. Samantha’s dirty wetness is MINE, the salty, bitter, heavenly flavor of her piss that spread in her underwear, is my treasure to collect. Her flavor scatters across my tongune, the fabric of her panties, scrapes across my lips, as I continue to collect it. All of a sudden without warning though…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh…. Mmmmmmmmmm….. Mmmmhmmmm…. Mmmmmm Danny… Taste it….”

Samantha moans out. Suddenly… a SPRAY of Samantha’s heavy piss, begins raining RIGHT INTO her white underwear, spreading rapidly and falling right through, allowing me to FEEL it, as it drips mostly past my mouth.

Samantha’s new piss is noticeably, much STRONGER in it’s flavor. It is much sharper, much saltier, and above all much HOTTER, than the piss that collected inside of her underwear. I can’t help but notice the (fizz) of her piss. It’s like soda… it’s so hot and sparkling at touch. I instinctly lick my lips, trying to wipe off the fresh gift, that Samantha kindly shared. Before I finish licking it up, ANOTHER spray goes right against me, but this time, more of it enters my mouth. My eyes widen… Part of me can’t believe it. The strong salty overflow of her gush, enters my mouth, splashing mostly on the ROOF inside of my face, and cascading like a waterfall, downward onto my tongue below.

“Haha… Mmmmm...”

I hear Samantha laugh, high above my position. The fizziness of Samantha’s piss, is truly powerful. The flavor of her unique piss, is actually quite delicious. I let the moderate pool of Samantha’s piss, settle in my mouth. I just want to roll my tongue around it, and let it bathe in her juicy waters.

An even HEAVIER gush, shoots out from Samantha’s pussy, spreading through her panties and her finger, before splashing around all inside of my mouth. This torrent scatters across my front teeth, before shooting mostly across the inner-side of my left cheek. I can REALLY feel the heat of my Big Sister’s piss, as it hit my inner cheek there. Perhaps the skin there is more sensitive. All I know is that Samantha’s pee is really really HOT this morning. God… the feeling is unquestionably sensational. The fizzy, salty liquid is really starting to gather in DEEP inside of my mouth. My breath which once smelled like Tammy’s pussy before, now 100% smells like my Big Sister’s pussy. Not really wanting to ever part ways with it, I muster up the strength, to gulp Samantha’s pee down finally, and I do it loudly.

“Hahaha… Good boy Danny… You’re the best tiny brother ever… Ahhhhhh! Mmmmm… my pee pee Dany...”

Samantha softly says, before the heaviest torrent of her piss, begins coming forth with heavly FORCE, right in my face and my mouth. Big Sis’ pee stream is incredible, I couldn’t believe she is capable of pissing with such beautiful force. I open my mouth wide, practically out of instinct. Samantha’s piss spreads her panties and fingers, and massacres WILDLY inside my mouth. It goes basically in every direction. Samantha’s piss almost shoots out like a spiral, hitting my FRONT teeth, my BACK teeth, my tongue gets soaked REALLY HARD. Even my gums get a bit of punishment, everywhere is free reign for my Big Sister’s superior pee pee. I try to swallow it, but I fail due to the sensations. It’s a complete sensory overload, my entire life is being dominated by my Big Sis’ hot piss stream. Samantha’s piss runs out my mouth and down my chin, some of it gets onto the front of my shirt. I can feel Samantha’s piss, crawling down my neck and everywhere on my clothing. I gulp at it in desperation, I don’t want to WASTE any of my Sister’s precious piss. This is liquid GOLD, it holds the same value to me. I manage to gulp down, the little bit that didn’t spill outta my mouth. Samantha laughs, she’s feel real good, knowing I’m swallowing her piss down for me. Sis’ piss has slowed to a moderate dribble. I gulp at it once again, get this load down a bit easier. I lap at Samantha’s piss, fingers, and underwear, obediently getting it… I can’t miss this moment, when I have the chance. I feel the stream slow to some drips. Is that it? Did Samantha really just let out all of her piss??? I raise one of my hands up from the floor, I begin wiping my chin, and the outside of my mouth, I REFUSE to miss any of my lovely Sister’s piss. The fizziness has evaporated a little, I’m so grateful, I was even able to experience that portion of it. No one deserves to taste Samantha’s piss except for me. After licking Sis’ piss off of my mouth and my fingers, I look up over at Samantha, she’s smiling back at me loving, before giving me her words.

“Here… You’ve been so good. I can still feel some pee, inside of my pussy. Let’s go into the shower Danny...”

Samantha says to me. Before she gets up from the toilet, she puts her fingers that were covering her panties, right near my mouth. I do not hesitate for a moment. I WANT to taste Big Sister’s fresh pee. I instantly lick her piss off of her fingers, getting that rich, salty, valuable flavor, in my mouth once more.

Sis takes her leg off of my shoulder. I look down, and thankfully notice, none of it got onto the floor. Wouldn’t want to have to explain THAT, not to mention the smell, to any of the other girls. I get up from the floor, and help my gorgeous older sister, up from the toilet. I flush the toilet behind her, watching her golden piss water disappear. I’m so grateful with all of my heart, I was able to taste a good portion of that. I immediately know what to do… I reach into the shower controls. I turn the water on, activating the shower, and I get the temperature ready, knowing just the amount of warmth that she likes.

“Wow, you really are the BEST Danny...”

Big Sis offers me her praise. I can’t help but smile, as she then raises her hands up, and I immediately gently, take her up and off for her. I can’t help but gaze down, at my older Sister’s big titties. Her nipples are SUPER hard. She’s been just as aroused as I have. Well… maybe not as much as my horny self. I dutifully fold her shirt up for her, and place it on the bathroom sink. I begin to undress in front of her, but just thrown my clothes to the floor. I don’t give a fuck… I then kneel down before her again, trying again to pull down her semi-soggy underwear. Thankfully I sucked most of the juice from them after she pissed. Samantha just walks into the shower, with them STILL on in front of me. Once in the shower, she motions me to join her with her finger.

“Here boy...”

Samantha says in her sexy, sultry, strong tone. I do so as my Big Sister commands, without any form of opposition. I step inside the shower, the warm comfortable water hits the left side of my face and my naked body. I can’t even hide my erection. My Big Sister, has turned me on, most of all this day. Samantha looks down at my hard cock and smiles. She moseys along to the read wall of the shower. Still in her panties facing the wall, the presses her hands up against it, poking her butt out and then she speaks.

“I still haven’t finshed peeing Danny. Hurry up boy! Catch it up good, and make me feel better...”

My Big Sisters orders me, using her same sensual yet domineering voice, maintaining command. I can’t help but IMMEDIATELY kneel down, before her curvy big behind. I notice Samantha’s expression while I’m kneeling, her face is that of only PARTIAL satisfaction. My Big Sister, clearly needs more of my attention for her alone.

She offers me her big ass. Poking it out, letting me SEE the stains of her piss and her cum inside of her underwear. FUCCKKK… they still smell amazing. Who knew my Big Sister’s piss, along with her cum gathered inside of her underwear, could produce such a rich, pungent, absolutely hypnotizing aroma… I resist the urge to lick them again, knowing my older Sister, will give me even MORE of her fresh morning liquids, if I am nice to her, and fulfill her requirements. I reach up to the waistband of her panties. I pull them down slowly, noticing just how much they are STICKING to the crotch region of her pussy.

“Oh!” Samantha cries out softly inside of the shower. The warm shower making everything steamy, but I manage to get Samantha’s panties down all the way to the floor. Samantha stands up straight for a moment. She places a hand on the top of my head for balance, then steps out from up top of her underwear, making sure she doesn’t lose her balance and falls. Getting her underwear free from her, I raise them up, and almost without a single BIT of control, I start LICKING at the center crotch, of my Big Sister’s underar.

“Mmmmmmmmmm… MMMMMM, God.”

I moan out while licking it. Samantha’s panty stains, taste absolutely INCREDIBLE. I know she just peed inside her panties, only moments ago. But the fresh piss inside of her underwear, mixed with her CUM that’s been gathering inside overnight, tastes absolutely without a doubt mesmerizing. I lap at it again, taking lonnnng, slooowww, laps at it. Samantha is look down and back at me, enjoying the flavor. I then put Samantha’s underwear inside of my mouth. I being trying to siphon all of the juices, that are inside of my Big Sister’s underwear. The bitterness… the undeniable BITTERNESS of her old cum and fresh piss. The taste makes my mouth tighten up a bit, but I love it… I can taste this wonderful flavor all day. Samantha then reaches down, and yanks her panties out of my mouth. I try to fight her back a little, not wanting to let her panties out of my mouth. She pulls them out though, taking them from me.


I moan out in need, and satisfaction of tasting her underwear. Samantha still looking backward yet down to me, raises her panties up to HER eye level, she looks at them, then begins to speak…

“So… You really like these huh Danny? Big Sis’ dirty panties inside your mouth??? You can have them then, if you promise to be good. I want you to taste every pee droplet, I’ve got in my pussy.”

Samantha says. Looking up at her, she is still maintaining that same level, of superiority, dissatisfaction, and need on her face. Big Sis still needs to finish peeing, she needs ME to be the one, to get it out of her pussy for her. I’ve GOT to help her. I’ve been so infactuated with her underwear, I completely forgot she still needs to finish going, only if I wasn’t so STUPID, getting lost in the flavor of her soggy underwear.

“Of course Sis… I LOVE the taste of your panties, I really do, they’re delicious. But I love YOU, making sure you are HAPPY most of all. Can I eat your pussy if you’ll allow me? I promise I’ll be good, and drink all of your remaining pee, down to the very last drop!”

I spout outward, from down on my knees. Secretly wishing, Samantha would give me back her soggy underwear. Samantha smiles down at me, approving of my response that I gave to her. Sis actually reach back down to me with her dirty underwear, but instead of handing them off to me, she actually HANGS her damn panties, around my neck like it’s a gold chain or something. I look down at her panties around my neck, in surprise. Even with the shower waters hitting, the back of my head and body, I can STILL clearly smell the scent of Samantha’s piss and cum in her underwear, now hanging off of my neck. This makes me happy, as Samantha again BENDS OVER right in front of me, placing her giant ass, her pussy, and her asshole right next to my face.

“Mmmmm hurry. Hurry and be good Danny. I want you to taste this last remaining bit, directly from the souce. You lucky nasty little boy!”

My Big Sister taunts me, wiggling her curvy bottom right in front of my face. My smile beams outward. What a SIGHT… Big Sis’ ASS is right in front of me. I can smell her piss soaked pussy, AND her asshole at the same time. The steam from the shower, makes her lower fragracnes more apparent. Sis’ brown pussy hair looks magnificent even being soaked from her pissing.

“Hell yeah I’m lucky! I’m the luckiest guy, in the whole fucking world! I get to help my Big Sister go pee pee whenever she needs to. Thank you for letting me have your dirty panties Sis. I’ll value them forever, and NEVER get rid of them EVER I promise!”

I respond to my Big Sister, in the shower out loud. Samantha laughs at me from above, my smile gets even wider. I push my face even closer, into Samantha’s ass and her pussy. Before I barely have time to even think, my senses are bombarded by the smell of my elder Sister’s tart ass hole.

My eyes widen a bit from the shock of Samantha’s ass scent. It’s not really dirty or anything, but the scent emitting from back here, is sooo FEMININE, yet really really tart, it’s amazing my sister’s ASS, can produce such a melodious scent. I pull my head back out of Samantha’s ass for a moment, and look at it. Her ass is so BIG, it’s so curvy, God Big Sis’ ass is such a work of art. I can’t help but get lost, just admiring how beautiful her big behind really is.


I murmur outward, completely speaking from my heart. I don’t think ANY girl I’ve ever seen, has a more beautiful rear end… except for Ms Tasha of course. My hands instinctually, go up to my Big Sister’s ass cheeks. I lustfully pull them WIDE open, with a devilish grin. I WANT Samantha’s pee hitting me, all the way in the back of my mouth. I lap around Big Sis’ ass hole for a moment. Circling my tongue, around her perfectly round ass hole. I collect her bitter tart ass taste, all over my tongue tip, and I then proceed to take lonnng, slowwww, licks of it up and down.


I moan out again. Samantha’s ass hole taste, has driven me crazy. I still can’t get over the fact, that this is my own SISTER’S ass, that tastes this fucking incredible. Her scent back here is amazing, just the view itself from behind her is incredible, I’ve got to get her ENTIRE taste of her ass, all over of my mouth.

I dive back into Samantha’s ass, this time on a more focused mission. I stiffen my tongue up a little, and proceed to PUSH IT slowly, inside of my Big Sister’s moistened ass enterance.

“Mmmmmm that’s it Danny. Mmmm… MMMMMMmmmm… I’ve needed this for so long boy!”

My Big Sister praises me. I try to look up to see her, but can’t see anything past my Big Sister’s glorious rear end. My tongue reaches even DEEPER inside of her ass. I make sure to move my tongue all around, to make Samantha’s ass hole relax, and pull out as much of her ass hole taste into my mouth. Samantha reachs back with one of her hands once again. My Big Sister places her hand on the top of my head, and proceeds to hold on to it, as she guides me all around her ass hole, as I clean it thoroughly, and make absolutely certain, that SHE is the focus of all my attention. Big Sis is the only thing in the WORLD that matters to me now. She’s given me her dirty panties as a prize, I HAVE to make sure her ass hole is cleaned to perfection.

“Ohhhhh, mmmm, fuck… Danny I gotta piss again. I need you to drink it all for me...”

Samantha murmurs out towards me. I say not a word, I just lower myself even further, and place my mouth against my Big Sister’s pussy hole. Keeping both of my hands, on my elder Sister’s ass cheeks, I wait there patiently, as Samantha begins wiggling her ass all in my face.

My head starts to move all around, being controlled by the motions of my Big Sister’s ass gyrations. I don’t mind any of this at ALL, I get to smell Samantha’s wet ass hole, as well as her freshly pissed pussy, and she’s willing to share even MORE of it with me. I’m just so happy, how could a happiness like this even exist? Tammy’s pussy taste so amazing, her flavor is distinctly different from my older Sister’s. Samantha begins shaking her ass HARD, from side to side, like she’s almost trying to SHAKE the last bit of her piss out in my face for me.

“Yeaaahhhh. Get thi-, get this Danny...”

Samantha says with a softened tone. My face still shaking side to side, from Samantha’s big ass, I feel a SUPER WETNESS, splash against my nose, down to my mouth, which I allow all that can roll inside get all the way in. Samantha then just lets it go, her HOT pussy water, just SPLASHES really hard, directly into my mouth and across my face. She just keeps shaking her ass, she’s REALLY trying to shake it all out right onto me. I can barely keep Samantha’s piss in my mouth, she just keeps gyrating against my mouth, as I swallow a little of her fizzed up pee, but more is running down the front of my face. The SUPER salty flavor as returned, how could I ever forget it’s magnificent and powerful flavor.


My Big Sister echoes in the shower. She’s clearly enjoying, simply letting all her piss go, in her little brother’s face. I gulp it down again, but some of Samantha’s piss rolls right of my mouth, from trying to swallow. FUCK… I didn’t mean to spit any of that out, I might NEVER get to taste Sis’ wonderful piss ever again, I’ve got to do better and swallow it all. She keeps gyrating, letting her now-slowing stream, still go into my mouth. It’s slowing stream, makes it easier for me to control. I swallow her piss again, feeling more of it go down my throat this time. That was a GOOD load of it, I can feel the fizz of Sis’ piss, really traveling and making my throat feel warm. I gulp more of it down, the smell in my throat, completely has been covered, by Samantha’s piss fragrance. I love it…

“Get that last bit Danny. Clean it up for me ok? I’m your Big Sister...”

Samantha says, in a kinda pleading sort of way. I happily oblige. I begin licking at her pussy lips, wanting to make sure, that Big Sis’ pussy is all the way clean. Between the smell of her pee on my breath, and the taste of her ass hole embedded on my tongue, I don’t know which one of them actually tastes better. It doesn’t matter to me, I know I’m damn lucky. Big Sis is using me, like her own personal toilet, and her butler. I get to taste her ass, her pussy, and her piss. Yay!

Making her her lowers are totally clean, and that she’s satisfied, she pulls her ass away from my face, I look up to her to see if she is satisfied with my work.

“Hahhhh… Hahhhh…. You little runt. You actually made me cum a little. Did you like that? Making your Big Sister cum like that?”

Samantha says, as she then PAPS me on top of my head in the shower.

“Uh uh! It tastes GREAT Sis!”

I utter out immediately in reponse with pride. Smiling up at Samantha, and her smiling down towards me, our passionate moment in the shower, gets interupted surprisingly.

“Young Prince, you are amazing… I can not wait to feel that sensation, with you in the shower again.”

I hear the voice of Anastasia say, past the sliding shower doors.

“Wow! he’s so kinky...As expected of our Danny Man!”

I then hear the voice of Cindy say.

“Oh my… I bet that felt wonderful. I need to go use the restroom in Danny’s mouth in the shower myself.”

The voice of our teacher rings out. Causing my dick to twitch, at what Ms Tasha just uttered.

“Ohhhh yeah. You and me BOTH Sis. We should get him in the other TOGETHER, and fill the little perverts mouth UP. Would you drink both our piss together AGAIN Danny!?”

I hear the fierce sexy voice, that could only come from Tammy. A smile cracks across my face. Not even wanting to imagine, what her and Ms Tasha would do to me alone.

“My Prince… I have returned to you. Have you healed our new sister’s pain? I have some special medicine for you, I need you to drink from between my legs tonight.”

I hear the voice of Victoria chime. The girls opening the sliding shower door, I look over to the girls from down on my knees, with Samantha’s PANTIES still hanging around my neck. The girls all erupt, in hoots and hollers in the bathroom. I don’t care though, I feel a sense of PRIDE, having Samantha’s soggy panties around my neck.

It’s just another day. Another crazy sessions, with all of these crazy girls and me living in this small place. Who knows what antics, they’ll have in store for me next. Whatever it is I’ll be waiting…. God, my breath really smells real strong right about now.
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