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"Baaaaaaam ..." there was a loud noise and with that the main electricity was shut off. The wind is blowing and the rain is startin to build up. This is all because of the hurricane and we were warned about it a few days ago. I and my wife are in late 40s and we both are carpenters
"Baaaaaaam ..." there was a loud noise and with that the main electricity was shut off. The wind is blowing and the rain is startin to build up. This is all because of the hurricane and we were warned about it a few days ago. I and my wife are in late 40s and we both are carpenters. We have a beautiful daughter and a young son. My son is 19 and he has taken a drop from school and works with me currently. My daughter 22, currently studies in the University but she is back home because of hurricane. She feels more safe here. In the news about the hurricane was aired a few weeks back and we were all gone to stay inside and store food for a week at Max. Kim and Jaden I've been good siblings all their life. The rain is very heavy now and it is not possible to go out. Also the winds are very fast and it is very dangerous to go outside right now and we are supposed to stay at home. FYI, Kim has been a heartthrob through out. I never noticed her properly but I often saw guys looking at her. Even my friends like to sneak a peek at her now and then. I didn't mind it really as I know how guys are and I do it with other women when my wife isn't around.

I asked my daughter to close all the doors and windows. In the water could come in and it could potentially cause seepage in the walls. Just two days ago I had asked my son to stock up the fridge with fruits and snacks which we can survive with for another week. By the way my son is named Jaden and the name of my daughter is Kim. I asked Jaden to ensure all the main appliances are Switched Off just in case there is a surge of electricity. He goes off and looks in all the rooms to check for the switches and shuts them off. Kim defending the room which we have on the ground floor with all the supplies and mattresses so that we can lay there safely and rest. Jaden has got all his comic books. Kim is sad because we don't have Wi-Fi anymore and she loves to just binge watch content. The only thing which we were not warned of was the loss of electricity. We thought we would have enough power for a week but it doesn't seem like. The only thing we have is emergency lights which would be available up to 6 hours. But thank God they are rechargeable via solar energy and we expect we should be able to recharge them everyday. Once we got that all the food and supplies we meet all together on the mattress which Kim had arranged. My wife says that these are just like good old days where we as a family start together and had fun. Kim is kind of annoyed because she is not able to watch the content she usually watches on YouTube. Jaden the other hand is already engrossed in his comic books.

I and my wife are talking and reminiscing the old days where we used to play games together, especially the board games. My wife points out that I used to back out each time during truth and dare. Well the dares were quite crazy and I did not like them. "if we were to play a game like truth and dare right now I wouldn't back out of anything" I announced. "you won't have an option dad because you got nothing else to do" Kim said. Jaden says he wants to continue reading his comic books and he has stocked up for a week. Kim is getting bored obviously and has started to annoy Jaden. " do you have any game on your phone which we four of us can play together?" Jaden asked Kim. " yeah I think I have one" Kim replied looking up her phone. After looking and searching for 5 minutes, she said " so there is this game called Group Dare: Adult Version. Anyone up for it?". So the four of us did not have any other choice so we all agreed to play this game. Kim started to explain the rules she mentioned she has never played the game before but she knows how to play it because her friends play with their boyfriends all the time and its her friends who installed it on her phone. Basically, two people are chosen at random and they are given certain tasks to do together or to do it against each other. If someone decides to back out there is a punishment. So we register ourselves on the app and start the game.

Initially the game started out in a very fun manner. There were tongue twisters or simple challenges and dares. There were a few few quiz questions but we were able to answer them very easily on the app itself. Kim notices that there is a meter which is rising up as we keep on finishing up the challenges. Apparently it was called adult meter and the game was supposed to flip into an adult version when we reached there. We were playing with such enthusiasm that after an hour or so the app gave a notification and it announced ' welcome to the adult version'. All four of us wondered what it was but we continue playing the game.

So the app asked us to choose two people to play the first round under two people were supposed to be of opposite genders. It warned that the challenges are going to be adult and for above 18 only. We figured out that the challenges were not perfect and did not think too much about it. To start the game, Jaden and Kim formed the first pair for the first dare, my wife and I were the second pair. The app announced "the boy needs to fondle the boobs of the girl". I was stunned with the announcement. I immediately reprimanded Kim that whether she knew about the app. And what sort of things she is doing in her University instead of studying. Kim was slightly embarrassed and she told that it's her friends who play this game and she did not know about the whereabouts of the game. I was myself embarrassed with the announcement and asked Kim to abort the game and delete the app. She was about to do it but my wife stopped her. She instead asked Jaden "Jaden what are you looking at and what are you thinking". Apparently he was gazing on Kim's boobs and was quiet. Kim said she knew that Jaden at times looks at her in a different way. Jaden was super embarrassed when my wife asked him. Well to be fair, Kim was really beautiful and had an amazing body, something everyone envied about her. Jaden did not say anything. I said this was enough for the night and let's go to our rooms has the situation had become the really awkward. But this time Kim asked Jaden " what do you want to do?". My wife said that if he wants to do and if Kim is fine with it, I don't mind. I was super stunned to know that even my wife and my daughter were not really avert to doing such acts. I asked my wife what does she really mean. She replies that it's okay for men and women to do things and there is really no boundation given both are consenting. She mentioned that before she met me she had over eight people who she had met and dated and one of them was her cousin as well. As long as it was just physical fun she never found any issues even if it was with a close family. I asked Kim, what does she think about it. She said that she kind of agrees with her mother because she has had already relationships and it did not go anything beyond sex.

My wife asked Jaden and Kim to discuss it privately in other room. I ask her what kind of thing is this. She mentions its okay to have some fun. She mentioned that Jaden not only looks at Kim but also to her. Kim also mentioned this. She also thinks I am a hotty but I never paid her any attention. I said I never thought such things. I mean I knew how Kim looked but never about her sexually. I wondered what all can I do about Kim. This night will be the one I would know about it.

After 10 minute they both come out and sit exactly the same way. Jaden lifts his hands slowly and makes them rest on Kim's boobs. Kim did not resist. Kim was wearing a thin blue shirt she had no bra. Jaden held her boobs and pressed them slightly. Kim gave out a small smile. Jaden tried to put his thumb over the nipples and circle around them. Kim looked down and smiled even more. My wife was smiling as well and I was dumb founded over what happened. The holding and pressing plane with her boobs continues for few more minutes until my wife interrupted. She said this dare is completed successfully and let's move on to the next one. While Kim, was using the app to look up the next challenge my wife held my hand assuring me that nothing wrong has happened and she is fine with it. To be frank made me kind of turned on I was ready for whatever was about to hit us next. Kim was absolutely fine and infact discussed with my wife about it. Jaden was hearing it like a feedback. We shared a smile, me and Jaden.

The next dare was that the other couple needs to do the same. Kim and Jaden for like you guys would have done this over a million times. I mention that my wife's boobs are still soft as a cotton and proceed to press and play around it with more vigour. I pressed and played around her boobs as if they are kittens. My wife enjoyed it and while I was doing it, she mentioned Jaden that this is the way to go. Kim nodded in agreement while Jaden got even more shy. He says "I am gonna learn a thing or two today". Kim said "and so does dad about me" and proceeded to search what is next on the app. Apparently, we had all opened upto each other. I asked Jayden if he had dated and he replied that he had dated 2 older girls.

I was waiting for the next challenge and Kim was eager to announce it too. "First couple can kiss" she said and without waiting proceeded to kiss Jayden, the French way for next 5 minutes. My wife and I cheered while they did. Jayden said this was the nicest kiss ever and he could learn how to do it from Kim.

Kim next said "The app says that second couple can kiss but we double the points if we change the couple and kiss instead". We instantly agreed for couple change. While Jaden and his mother were on to it instantly without any hesitation, me and my daughter decided to have a conversation.

"I have always admired you" she shyly said. She came close to me and hugged me tightly. I mentioned that all the boys I knew were always mad about her though I never thought that way about her until tonight. "I think you are sexier than you mother" I said. This was a lot and we decided to have our first kiss. She looked at me and I went ahead to put my lips on hers. We close eyes and got lost in each other's kiss. We kissed for over 10 minutes like two lovers who had met after years of separation. When we separated from each other, we appeared like a couple. Jayden and my wife were smiling at us. We had unlocked a new family dynamics today.

My wife mentions that our kids got our genes. They are not shy about taboo stuff, just like us. I nodded not knowing what could come next.

"Second couple' girl need to go topless and first couple's boy will suck on to it while others would watch" Kim said looking at her mom and Jayden. My wife said "game on". She proceeds to slowly get off her top. Jayden's mouth is open in shock. I get up and unhook her bra while she sits on her knees. Once I take them out, I said "All yours .. son". His mother was topless. Her boobs was out in air and she held her hands high in the air as if she is inviting him. Her boobs have always been sexy. Her big boobs and small nipples were my favourite thing to suck during our days. She is waving herself and her boobs follow her. Kim says she got her boobs from her mom and the world is mad about it. Jayden slowly takes his steps towards his topless mother and clings on to sucking one of her boobs while he holds the other with his hand. I and Kim team up and cheer him. With time he gets more confident and instead of slowly sucking like a kid, he is eating the boobs. He can't let go off the nipples. My wife is moaning and smiling at the same time. She said to me that I used to suck like this. Jayden's hard on was visible to everyone. He sucked on for good 30 mins before he left it. I think he orgasmed probably. Kim gave him a high five while he came back.

Next dare was two girls kissing out each other. My wife and Kim proceeded to do it for next few minutes while Jayden and I discussed what could be next for us. We let them enjoy this dare. Interestingly they both appeared to enjoy it. I never knew my wife was into women or my was daughter. Once they let go of each other, they both mentioned that this was their first time with a girl.

The rest of the night is going to be more interesting. If you have read till here, please leave your comments. I would like to know what you liked and what you would like to see more.
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