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Chapter 3 of the multi-author Sex Education anthology series

Written by - and posted with the permission of - D-bot
Basir sat in stunned silence at the front of the room. When his father said he would be going to America to get a broader education, he couldn’t have thought it would be THIS broadening. Twenty-two and still a virgin, Basir looked over at his classmate in awe. She was one of the few people he had really hit it off with, but his shyness had prevented him from asking her out. Embarrassed, he realized that his penis, unintentionally hard, was pushing out his chinos, and it seemed unlikely it would go away before class ended and he had to stand up. He wanted to adjust it, but in the front row he would be seen. With no other choice, he smiled at Zoe as he positioned it so it wasn’t so noticeable.

Zoe had definitely noticed Basir’s problem, she stared at the lump and smiled back as he adjusted himself. He was so unsure of himself, the guys she had gone out with always turned her off by pawing at her, hoping for an easy piece of ass. Besides Basir being cute, she was sure he would be gentile and caring. When class was dismissed, she stood and put a hand on his shoulder.

“I hope you’re not too embarrassed by this, but we all did agree to stay with the class, and you’re the only one I’d like to be with. Would you like go somewhere and get a drink, so we can talk about it?”

Basir stood and took her hand. “I’m very glad it was you; I’ve wanted to ask you out for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to.”

They found an outside table at the coffee house and sipped iced tea as they talked.

Basir spun his cup in his hands. “I’m happy, but nervous about this. You see, I’m a virgin, in my country it is expected for people to wait until marriage. And a woman asking out a man never happens, besides being taboo, there’s even a risk of punishment if the authorities hear about it. But I am excited about ‘experimenting’ as the teacher said. Especially because it’s you. How will we start?”

“I’m nervous too, and if we go all the way you’ll be my first. I think we should get used to each other, I mean our bodies. After our last classes today let’s get a pizza or something and you can come up to my apartment, okay?”

“That sounds great, my last class gets out at 4:30, I’ll meet you back here?”

When they stood Basir put one hand on Zoe’s waist.

“A kiss is a good way to start.”, and pulling her in, kissed her lightly on the lips.

Zoe lived only a few blocks from campus, on the way they stopped and ordered a pizza. While waiting for it to cook she grabbed Basir by the hand and pulled him into a drug store.

“We won’t need them tonight, but I want us to get some condoms.”

They had time, so they discussed the different styles and read the de***********ions. Dry, lubricated, ribbed, smooth, small, regular, large, made to please her, made to please him. Just looking at them all with Zoe had Basir pushing his shorts out again, which amused her.

“You better shift that around before we go pay for this or you might get the cashier excited.” she laughed. “Truth is, I’m getting damp down there myself. I think we should get this personal lubricant too. Not sure what we’ll do with it, but better to have it and not need it, as they say.”

At the apartment Zoe got out iced tea while Basir put slices of pizza on plates. As they ate Zoe made notes on a pad.

“As this is a school project, we need a record of what we do, I’ll record things on my phone and we can transcribe it later. I liked it when you said we were the Geek Squad, if you’re okay let’s name the paper that. We need a statement of purpose, then an outline, then testing and results. Should we call having sex ‘testing’? We should start by describing each other on tape, I’ll do you, then you do me.”

Laughing just a little she described him “I know Basir is 22 years old, and he has a dark olive complexion. He is a little taller than me, about 5’8”, slim but muscular. He wears his hair short, and I think he would look cute with a mustache. I haven’t seen his penis yet, but I like the way it makes his shorts stick out when he gets a boner. Your turn.”

“Zoe is, how old are you? She’s 20, and as she said, almost as tall as me. Her hair is a beautiful dark red, and hangs down to her shoulders. Her body looks athletic and firm, and I would guess she wears a B cup bra. Now she is scowling at me and mouthing the letter C, she’s definitely a C cup, I obviously don’t know what I was thinking. If you had your bra off I don’t think I’d make that mistake. I know she likes to wear tight jeans that give me a great view of her butt, it looks great as she walks.”

“OH, are you what they call an ass man, been following me down the hall?” she teased. Let’s get started then, you can watch me walk to the bedroom. I think we should talk a lot and be totally honest so we can write a good paper, okay?”

The phone was set on the nightstand and they sat on the edge of the bed and after kissing, Zoe pulled her shirt off and threw it on the floor.

“You need learn how to do this, now don’t be nervous, okay. It has snaps, just reach around me and open them, then pull the straps off my shoulders.”

Basir leaned in and kissed her again, reaching he found the clasp and slid the bra off as he leaned back. Her tits exceeded what he had imagined. The areoles were not much bigger than his own, but the nipples themselves were broad and pink. Zoe gave him advise on how to make love to them.

“I love playing with them. Some girls say theirs aren’t sensitive, to me, the whole tit is, especially the nipples. I’ve tried but I can’t quite get a nipple into my mouth, so I like to keep my fingers wet and squeeze them. It always gets my pussy wet before I even touch it. Now you do it, twist and pull on the tips for a minute, I’ll let you know if you’re too rough.”

He happily did as she asked, twisting and rolling the nipples and was proud of the way they elongated and firmed up under his touch. He was just bending his head down to kiss them when she gently pushed him back.

“Let’s just use our hands for now. You were doing good, I can feel my panties are wet. Lie back and let me undress you.”

His shoes and socks went quickly but she took her time unbuttoning and pulling down his zipper. When she tugged at his waistbands, he lifted his hips and watched her face as she saw his dick for the first time. He thought it was sort of small, but Zoe said it looked beautiful. Freed, his erect member was tight against his stomach and dripping pre-cum. Slightly darker than the skin around it, erect he was seven inches long and not what you would call particularly thick. At her request he spread his legs. His balls were lifted and examined, the sack that held them stretched, before her hands reached up for his cock.

“Be careful, I don’t think I can take much before I, you know, cum?”

“Well, you better cum, that’s what I want to see. But first I better do this.”

Zoe stood up and quickly stripped out of her pants and underwear. Basir’s eyes locked on the hairy triangle as she sat by his legs and lifted his penis in a soft grip. His foreskin had retracted and a small pool of pre-cum had formed by his navel. Zoe felt along his shaft with her fingertips before wrapping her hand around him and stroking it. He felt his orgasm starting, and before he could warn her he was cumming hard. The first hot blast got her on the side of the face before she moved aside. She giggled in delight as the rest of his made a line from chest to belly button and his cock started to soften.

“I’m sorry Zoe, I couldn’t stop it.”

She wiped a finger across her cheek and rubbed it on the tip of her tongue. After getting a damp cloth and wiping him down she kissed him.

“Don’t be sorry, it did what it’s supposed to do, and I thought it was very cool. I expect you’ll be doing it again before you leave, but now it’s my turn. Let’s change places.”

Zoe laid back and pulled her knees up.

“I know you’ve seen them in porn, so you should have some idea of how to touch a pussy. Get a good look and finger me, I’ll tell you how you’re doing.”

From between her legs her scent filled his nose, he hadn’t really thought about that. Dark red, her outer lips poked out of her hair. She pulled them aside so he could see her innards.

“I want you to try to make me cum, it won’t be hard. Put two fingers in me and use them to stroke the top of my vagina, go in and out just a little bit as you do. Use your other hand and play my clit, it’s really sensitive so be gentle.”

Basir was delighted by the soft heat he felt inside her cunt. The first time he pulled his fingers back they were already sticky. Her clit grew as he explored it, if felt like a smaller version of her nipple.

Her hips started thrusting against his fingers as she got close, her hand replaced his on her clit. Lightly flicking back and forth it moved like a blur. As she came, his fingers were squeezed with cum. As she had tasted him, he licked at her cream and smiled at her.

They cuddled and talked about their experiences, recording with the phone. By the time Basir was done describing what he felt, his dick was ready for more attention.

Zoe placed her hand on it. “I want to play with you again, last time you came too fast for me to check you out. This time use my phone and make a video for me, just don’t get my face in it.”

Zoe knelt between his legs and took a firm grip on his dick and gave it a few pulls.

“How does this feel?”

“You don’t need to grip it so hard, and it’s sort of dry. I usually use some lotion so my hand sort of slides over it.”

“One second.” Zoe got the lube and squeezed a glob onto her hand and went back to stroking him with a lighter grip.

“That feels great. When I tell you, pull my dick backwards so it points straight up when I shoot.”

Zoe loved the feel of his cock and watching as the foreskin slid back and forth exposing the tip. When he said “Now!” she pulled back and watched from inches away as cum shot straight up and fell back, every drop of it coated her fingers in its warm stickiness. After cleaning up again, they sat up in bed and watched the short video.

“That was hot, we should record more of what we do. But that was enough for the first time, don’t you think? You get dressed and scoot, next time we’ll find out what we can do with our mouths. And since we’re experimenting, let’s each make a list of things we might try.”

It was two days before they were able to get together again, neither had any afternoon classes so it was just after 1:00 when Basir knocked on the apartment door. Zoe welcomed him with a kiss and apologized about the heat. Her shirt was plastered against her chest, nipples poking bumps in the pink material.

“The A/C crapped out again, the landlord says he’ll replace it tomorrow, but he’s crapped out on me before. We can work in the kitchen, take off some clothing if you’re too warm.”

Together they went over the notes she had transcribed and worked out what they were comfortable putting in the paper. It kept getting warmer and by the time they got to talking about the next stage they were topless sitting across the table from each other.

Zoe pushed a piece of paper over to Basir. “I went to Porn Hub and made this list from the categories, Now just because it’s on my list it means I want to try it, I was just trying to get a representative sampling of things. How about you?”

“I did pretty much the same thing. Let’s take turns. You go first Zoe.”

“First thing I have is get a vibrator or another toy. I’ve never used one, but they are popular. Have you ever been in a sex shop?”

“Not yet, but it sounds like an interesting field trip. I have that on my list too. My first thing is anal. Sounds pretty advanced with our experience, what do you think?”

“You’re right, but I’ll let you put a finger in mine if I can put one in yours. Next, showering together. I definitely want to do that one. I can wash your dick.

“I guess I’ll let you finger me, we’re experimenting, right? I’m getting horny talking about this stuff, how about you?”

“Yeah, me too. We have a lot of time, let’s go in the other room and I can suck on your dick.”

Their last bits of clothing fell by the bed and Basir stretched out. “I was so excited I jerked off before I came here, I hope it makes me last awhile.”

Zoe handed him the phone. “I don’t know how we can do this without you getting my face in the shot, so we just have to make sure it doesn’t get out. Let me know when you’re going to shoot, I haven’t decided if I want it in my mouth yet” She got down and lifting his cock, licked the pre-cum off the tip. “It’s got a different taste than your sperm, almost no taste at all.” Wrapping her lips around it, she tentatively took a few inches in and sucked. With a hand around the base she bobbed her head over him, tongue teasing his cock. For it being his first blow job Basir held out for a long time. He enjoyed the feel of a warm mouth bathing his dick in saliva for almost five minutes before he warned her he couldn’t last any longer. Instead of releasing him she took her hand away and pushed as much of his cock into her mouth as possible without gagging. Each spurt of his cum hit her throat and coated her tongue. When he was finished she held her lips over his and waited for him to open his mouth. Somewhat reluctantly he did, and sticking his tongue against hers found the taste not so unpleasant.

Sitting up Zoe asked: “What do you think of it? I thought it tasted just OK, maybe it will get better when I get used to it.”

“I pretty much thought the same thing. At first I didn’t want to, then figured since you had it in your mouth, it was only fair that I did to. It’s your turn, when I licked you off my fingers I liked the taste and can’t wait to get more of it.”

Zoe was definitely ready, she had felt her juice dribble down her thigh while she was blowing him. On her back she lifted and spread her legs, she could feel the air on her cunt before Basir gave an opening lick against its open lips. After working over the outside for a minute he started lapping at her vagina. The tongue didn’t open her wide or penetrate her deeply, but the smooth caressing was rapidly sending her closer to her orgasm. He started going back and forth from her inside to clit, using just the tip of his tongue to push the bud. He thought she tasted wonderful when she came, cunt juice was almost squirting out as her muscles contracted in ecstasy.

“Oh my god, that felt so good! So much nicer than my hand. If you want to, now is a good time to try a finger in my butt.”

Basir looked at the brown hole covered in a thin stream of cunt juice. The crinkled texture was slightly rough to his touch, he tried getting a finger in but found it was still pretty dry. It took several trips back to the pussy before his finger would easily slide in and out. “How does it feel?”

“It’s nice, but I think that’s enough for now. It’s your turn, get up here and show me that little ass.”

Basir got on his hands and knees for her and prepared to be penetrated.

Zoe put the tube of lube tight to his asshole and squeezed some in. Her finger has no problem getting past the muscular ring, and she giggled at the way he squirmed under her touch. “How do you like it?”

“Very, very different. But if you like doing it you can, any time. It’s still early let’s clean up and go get a vibrator. Middle of the afternoon, the place won’t be too busy.”

A first shower together is a special time. It’s a chance to explore each other without the pressure of thinking about orgasms. Covered in soap they played with each other, sliding their torsos around touching every inch of a new body.

Clean and dressed, they walked the four blocks to the adult store. Inside the air felt arctic after the afternoon’s activity. They quickly browsed the aisles before picking two vibrators, one small and discrete, the other with rotation and a clit stimulator.

They were close to Basir’s place so he ran in to grab a change of clothes and his toothbrush. After they stopped by a Chinese restaurant for dinner, they were back at Zoe’s.

The apartment had cooled off some, but they stripped down to underwear anyway and watched a movie. They were both ready for the next step in their sexual education but wanted to draw out the moment as long as possible. When they finally went to the bedroom, they spent a lot more time kissing and fondling each other than they had before. By the time they were ready the only light in the room came from a streetlight filtered through the blinds. Zoe put the condom on his cock and spread her legs. Basir looked in awe at the body below him, the breasts with their erect nipples were flattened out onto her chest, slightly pulsing with her respirations. Her legs were up and spread wide, the smell and sight of cunt made him dizzy for a minute. A few beads of sweat glistened as they caught the faint light. Placing the head of his cock against her hole he let the weight of his body onto hers and kissed deeply.

Zoe felt his dick ready to enter her and pulled even harder on her legs, willing him to push it home. When he slid forward and rolled his hips she felt every inch of his cock stretching her as he bottomed out. It took a while to get their rhythms to match, with Zoe thrusting her ass up to meet him. The fuck started out slow and sweet, but as his need grew Basir pushed harder, faster. Zoe clung to him and buried her face in his neck as she came. He was only seconds behind her. With every jet of semen he felt run through his cock, he held it deep inside her, withdrawing only an inch or so before slamming down again.

Gasping, sweaty, totally sated, they lay still for several minutes before Basir rolled off her and stared at the ceiling.

How is someone supposed to get those feelings written down for a paper to be given to someone else? To be analyzed, and graded, and tossed into a pile. That’s something the couple would worry about later, tonight was about the bliss they found in each other’s arms.


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And, the bully might be into bestiality as revenge? We all know he's not going to allow an affront to his dignity to go unpunishrd!!


2023-11-25 20:20:27
Will there be more? There's still kids in the class, and an orgy is in order, which trading of partners could get quite interesting. Also, a good time for them to learn about DPs, neh?

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