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Cassie's husband and his brothers reluctantly allow her to join them for a week at their hunting lodge. She gets fucked by one brother in the backseat of the truck on the way up to the hunting lease, then gets fucked by the other brother in the kitchen, while her husband is out hunting. Eventually her husband finds out, and they all fuck her several more times during their week in the woods.
It was already early November when Cassie realized that she still had way too much vacation built up for the year.... even if she used several days during the upcoming holidays, she’d have a really tough time using them all up. She found herself forced to take extra vacation days during the last two months of the year, or lose them completely.... which, she thought to herself, was actually kind of a nice problem to have.

Her husband, Matt, was in the living room of their Houston home, talking with his two brothers about their annual hunting trip coming up the following week. Every year Matt and his two brothers.... Declan and Ray.... drove out to their property outside of Bandera, Texas... just west of San Antonio... to hunt and enjoy some time away from the big city lights of Houston. They had a small hunting lodge on their leased property.... it had two bedrooms; a shared bathroom; and a decent sized living room with a comfy sofa, two over-stuffed chairs and a flat screen TV. Through a doorway off the living room was a small kitchen and a dining nook, with a dinette table that seated four. Just about perfect for the three of them to enjoy a nice, week-long get-away.

Since there were only two bedrooms, the brothers typically rotated who slept on the sofa every night, while the other two drew straws to see who got the master bedroom, and who got the guest room. It was a nice arrangement that they all enjoyed... especially since it gave Declan a break from his wife and two kids, while Matt and Ray got to enjoy a week in the woods without their wives underfoot.

Listening to their discussion from the doorway, Cassie waited for a break in their conversation, then piped up with, “Hey, guys.... I have to take some extra vacation days this month.... how about if I join y’all on your hunting trip this year?”

After a pregnant pause, the three guys looked at each other, then mumbled how it wasn’t really a good idea, and she’d probably hate it, anyway.

Matt looked a bit flustered, and said, “Hon.... it’s really just a guy trip... none of the wives go... you know that.”

Cassie nodded, and replied, “Yeah, I know.... but Lorna and Mary hate being outdoors.... they’d never want to go. I actually like roughing it a little, and it’d be a nice change to get out into nature for a week.... and to be honest, I really need to burn these vacation days.”

The brothers looked sheepishly at each other, trying to figure out how best to discourage Cassie’s idea, when she continued, “Plus... I’ll cook for you guys all week, and keep the place neat...” With a sly grin, she added, “Hell, I know you guys are slobs, so surely you’d appreciate that...”

Fidgeting and grumbling, they eventually relented and agreed that she could come to the cabin with them, but none of them appeared to be thrilled about it.

Pleased that she had gotten her way, Cassie left them to their hunting plans, and went upstairs to begin packing. She could hear them downstairs complaining about her joining them at the lodge, but she didn’t really care.... she needed a break from everything, and a week in west Texas seemed like a perfect temporary escape.

As Cassie packed, she realized she was actually looking forward to the upcoming hunting trip... thinking of it more as a camping expedition for her, since she didn’t hunt. Cassie quite liked both of her husband’s brothers.... and their wives. Everybody got along nicely, which made family gatherings very pleasant experiences, and she figured it would make her week at the cabin with the three men enjoyable, as well.

Cassie was a small woman... about 5’4”... with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender build. But her most noticeable and defining features were clearly her big, 32E boobs, and her tight ass. Even in her early forties, she still got her share of stares from men... and women... everywhere she went. She had to admit, she enjoyed the attention.... which is why she rarely wore a bra.... and loved seeing people notice the nipple bumps in the skimpy tops she wore... smiling to herself when she noticed their eyes tracking her jiggling tits as she moved about any room she entered.

Over the years, Declan and Ray had clearly noticed her unfettered breasts, and even occasionally took liberties by grabbing, nudging, or pinching them whenever the families got together. She actually liked the attention.... and it was usually pretty tame stuff.... so, she didn’t really mind. Heck, it was why she went bra-less so often, so how could she complain when guys noticed her boobs?

When the day of the hunting trip arrived, the guys packed the bed of Matt’s Ford F-150 with camping gear, hunting equipment, and food supplies for the entire week. There was so much stuff, that some of it got shoved into the crew cab space behind the front seats, too.

The overflow of all the gear, coolers, and supplies took up over half of the back seat in the crew cab. This left only 3 spaces for people to sit in. So.... with Matt driving and his brother, Declan, in the front passenger seat.... Ray and Cassie were relegated to the back seat, with Cassie sitting on Ray’s lap. Since Cassie was small, and didn’t weigh much, they figured it wouldn’t be a problem... as long as she shifted position every once in a while to avoid cramps.

As Ray settled into the back seat and Cassie climbed onto his lap, he noticed that.... with the way the gear was packed into the crew cab space beside them.... the two of them were mostly hidden from Matt and Declan in the front seat. Ray couldn’t help grinning to himself, as Matt backed out of their driveway, and got their hunting trip underway.

Cassie wore yoga pants, a light sweatshirt... no bra, as usual... and hiking boots for the four hour drive west to the hunting lease. She knew it would get pretty warm in the truck and, even in November, the weather was usually pretty moderate in west Texas... so, temperatures would typically stay in the mid-70’s throughout their stay in Bandera.

As they got onto I-10, heading due west, Matt and Declan launched into a big discussion about football and the struggles of the Houston Texans, while country music filled the cab from the truck’s radio.

In the back seat, Cassie tried to get comfortable on Ray’s lap.... shifting her weight and wiggling around a bit as she felt around for a good place to settle. Ray grinned to himself, as he noticed his cock was starting to get hard. He grabbed Cassie’s hips... ostensibly to help her position herself on his lap... but actually was rubbing her ass against his growing boner.

Once she was settled, Ray slipped his hands up under her sweatshirt, and began gently squeezing her soft breasts.

Cassie nudged him with her elbow, looked over her shoulder and whispered, “What the fuck, Ray?”

Ray chuckled and said, “Just need a place to put my hands, Cass... it’s going to be a long ride...”

Cassie giggled, and let Ray’s hands roam, saying, “Well, I guess it’s okay.... just don’t get carried away.”

Ray smiled as he massaged her boobs and pinched her nipples, causing her to stifle an occasional moan, while they chatted about the upcoming week at the cabin. Between playing with Cassie’s tits and her ass rubbing against his cock through his pants, Ray’s prick was growing, and becoming a significant presence beneath Cassie’s butt cheeks.

After about twenty miles, Cassie wiggled her ass again and whispered over her shoulder, “Damn, Ray.... you’re fucking huge.... it’s like sitting on a tree branch for God’s sake... it’s not very comfortable.”

Ray laughed and whispered back, “Well, what the fuck did you expect? Your tits feel great, and your ass rubbing against my crotch is giving me a chubby.”

They both chuckled, then spent the next hour, or so, trying to ignore Ray’s erection.... as Ray continued to play with Cassie’s soft breasts, and Cassie tried to keep from wriggling around too much.

About halfway to the hunting lodge, Ray said, “I have an idea.... lean back against my chest.... that’ll help take the weight off my legs, and you won’t feel my dick rubbing against your ass so much.”

From the front seat, Matt raised his voice over the radio and asked, “How’re you guys doing back there?”

Cassie and Ray both answered at the same time, “Fine...”, and Matt returned to his conversation with Declan.

When Cassie leaned back against Ray’s chest, he grinned as he got a better grip on her breasts beneath her sweatshirt. He began kneading the flesh of her tits and gently pulling on her nipples, causing Cassie to moan softly as she nestled her back into Ray’s chest and relished the attention to her sensitive boobs. Between the hum of the truck on the highway, and the music on the radio, they both figured that Matt and Declan couldn’t hear what they were up to in the back seat.

Ray pulled one of his hands from beneath her sweatshirt, and reached between Cassie’s legs to adjust the shaft of his stiff cock so that it ran down one leg of his pants... making it slightly more comfortable under the circumstances. With his hand still between her legs, Ray began rubbing his fingers up and down the slit of her pussy lips through her yoga pants.... eventually finding her clitoris, and caressing it through the material of her leggings.

Ray smiled to himself when he noticed Cassie’s vagina becoming wet, as she whispered, “Holy shit, Ray... you shouldn’t be doing that....”, but she didn’t move his hand away or try to stop him. After a few more minutes, Cassie let out a low groan and said, “Oh my God, Ray.... that feels sooooo fucking good.... yeah, keep going.... keep going.... oh, shit, I think you’re gonna make me cum...”

Still smiling, Ray moved his hand up to the waist of Cassie’s yoga pants, slipped his hand inside, then resumed rubbing little circles around her engorged clit. Cassie closed her eyes and rocked her hips slightly, moaning as quietly as she could manage. Between the vibration of the truck and Ray’s probing fingertips, an incredible climax suddenly overtook her.... she caught her breath and pulled Ray’s hand hard into her wet pussy, as an intense, overwhelming orgasm rose up and crashed through her entire body.

With one hand stuffed into her mouth, Cassie tried desperately to keep her moans quiet, mewling, “Oh.... oh.... shit, Ray... yeah... right there... right there... yeah... oooohhhhhhh.... ooooohhhhhhh.... aaaahhhhh.... damn, that feels incredible.... ooooohhhhhh.... hmmmm...”

Ray smiled as Cassie enjoyed her climax, and.... with his hand still inside her yoga pants.... softened his fingers rubbing her sensitive clit, but kept running his wet fingers up and down between her drenched pussy lips. After Cassie had reveled in her ebbing orgasm for a few minutes, Ray nudged her forward, so that she was leaning against the back of the seat in front of her as she slowly regained her breath. Ray quickly unzipped his pants and fished out his fully erect 9” cock, then pulled Cassie’s yoga pants down to the middle of her thighs.

Still in a bit of a daze from her intoxicating climax, Cassie didn’t react immediately when Ray yanked down her pants. But when he lined up the head of his stiff boner with her sopping wet pussy opening, and pulled her back onto his lap, she sort of snapped out of it and whispered over her shoulder, “What are you doing, Ray? We can’t do this.... Matt is sitting right there!”

Even as she said that, Ray pulled her down onto his stiff hard-on.... grabbing her hips and sliding her up and down on his rigid boner.... going deeper and deeper into her pussy with each downward thrust.

Cassie closed her eyes and let out a muffled groan, quietly mumbling another feeble objection, “What.... no.... are you kidding me.... we can’t.... holy shit.... damn, that feels good.... oh, my God...”

Just then, Matt turned down the radio and called back to them, “You guys still doing OK back there?”

Cassie said, “We’re good...”

Ray added, “Yeah, we’re still doing OK.”

Matt said, “Do you need us to stop for a break? There’s a rest stop coming up.”

Ray and Cassie both exclaimed, “NO!” at the same time.... perhaps a little louder than necessary.... but Matt didn’t seem to notice, and said, “OK.... we’re about two hours from the cabin, so just let me know if you need us to stop before we get there.”

With her eyes closed, and savoring the sensation of Ray’s thick erection sliding in and out of her drenched vagina, Cassie mumbled, “Um Hmm.... OK, hon.... will do....”

Matt turned the radio back up, and resumed his conversation with Declan, as Cassie continued bouncing up and down on Ray’s throbbing hard-on right behind them.

Ray’s rigid penis was hitting all the right spots in Cassie’s cunt, and she could feel another climax building between her legs. She slipped one of her hands down to her crotch, found her throbbing clitoris, and began rubbing her engorged nub in little circles as she rode Ray’s stiff prick up to its bulbous tip, then all the way down to the base of his thick shaft.

In no time, another intense, electrifying orgasm overtook her.... emanating from her pussy and coursing through her body from nipple to clit. With her eyes still closed, she stuffed her free hand into her mouth again to muffle the noises being caused by her delicious climax.

“Uhnnff.... uhnnff.... ooohhhhmmmff.... mmmmmmffffff.... aaaahhhhhhmmmm....”

As Cassie was riding the wave of her orgasm to its peak, then enjoying its waning intensity, Ray suddenly pulled his hands from beneath her sweatshirt, grabbed her hips, and thrust his erection hard into her pussy.... releasing several streams of hot, creamy spunk deep inside Cassie’s dripping vagina.

Also stifling his own groans, Ray murmured through gritted teeth, “Uhnn....uhnn.... aaaahhhh.... uhnn.... fuck, yeeeaaahhhh.... hmmmmm.... God, that feels good... aaaaaahhhhh...”

Cassie leaned back against Ray’s chest, as the two of them caught their breath and reveled in their lingering orgasms. After a minute, or two, she poked around in one of the boxes on the seat next to them, found a kitchen towel, and cleaned the mess leaking from around Ray’s thick shaft, still sliding slowly in and out of her pussy. Then she leaned forward, so that Ray’s cock came out of her pussy and flopped across one of his thighs. She finished cleaning between her legs, then gave the towel to Ray so he could wipe off his slimy penis, before stuffing it back into his pants and pulling up the zipper.

While she was leaning forward, Cassie pulled her yoga pants up, then settle back onto Ray’s lap. With a smile and a little wiggle, she maneuvered into a comfortable position for the remainder of the trip.... with Ray’s hands back under her sweatshirt... squeezing her boobs and toying with her stiff nipples.

When they arrived at the hunting lodge, the four of them spilled out of the truck... happy to have their feet on solid ground again. While the guys unpacked and stowed their hunting gear, Cassie spent some time setting up the supplies in the kitchen.

With Cassie still putting away their food supplies, the brothers settled into the living room and turned on the TV. Ray offered to get everybody a beer and headed into the kitchen, where he moved up behind Cassie and slipped his hands under her top to grab her boobs, giving them both a quick squeeze.

Cassie giggled, then pulled his hands from under her sweatshirt, saying, “Grab your beers and go back into the living room... I’ll have dinner ready in a few minutes.”

The four of them ate dinner at the dinette table, then sprawled in the living room to watch some TV.... Cassie leaning up against Matt on the sofa, and casually running her fingers up and down the shaft of his cock through his pants.

After a little while, they all headed to bed early, since the next day was their first day of hunting. The brothers all agreed that Matt and Cassie should get the master bedroom for the week, while Ray and Declon would switch off every night between sleeping on the sofa and sleeping in the spare bedroom. After some playful bantering, Ray and Declon flipped a coin, and Ray ended up on the sofa that first night.

In the master bedroom, Cassie gave Matt a warm, sloppy blowjob before they fell asleep.... sort of a ‘thank you’ for letting her tag along on their hunting trip.

Sometime in the middle of the night Matt woke up and realized that Cassie was not in bed. He figured she was in the bathroom, so rolled over and didn’t really give it much thought. A few minutes later, Matt realized Cassie hadn’t come back to bed yet, so he got up to go check on her to make sure she was okay. He heard muffled sounds coming from the living room, so he silently opened the bedroom door a crack and looked out. He was totally surprised when he looked through the dim moonlight filtering into the room from outside.... and saw his wife eagerly fucking his brother on the sofa.

They were both being quiet, but Matt could hear their hushed grunts and moans, as he watched his wife straddling Ray’s hips... her heavy boobs and stiff nipples swinging wildly on her chest, as she bounced up and down on his brother’s rigid cock.

With mixed feelings, Matt watched for a while.... then was a bit surprised to realize that he was actually getting hard watching his brother pounding his prick into his wife’s pussy right in front of him. He pulled his growing erection out through the opening in his boxers, then started stroking his dick as he continued watching Cassie and Ray banging on the couch.

It didn’t take long before Matt’s prick had expanded to its full length in his pumping fist. Then, when Cassie let out a muffled moan and creamed all over Ray’s thrusting hard-on, Matt lost it.... blasting a load of cum onto the cabin floor just inside the bedroom door. With a final glance at his wife riding Ray’s cock... her head thrown back as she enjoyed her intense orgasm.... Matt quietly closed the door, cleaned up the mess he’d made on the floor, and climbed back into bed.

Through the closed door, Matt heard Ray let out a soft grunt, as he erupted... spewing a load of cum into Cassie’s pussy. After a few more muffled giggles and moans, he heard his wife cleaning up in the bathroom, before returning to the bedroom and climbing into bed beside him.

The next morning, Cassie got up early and made breakfast for the three brothers, then went back to bed for some more sleep, as the hunters headed off in three different directions to see what, if any, game they could scare up. Over the years, they had built six blinds throughout their property, and they each hiked toward a different blind to spend the day and, hopefully, bring back some venison.

That evening, Declon was the first hunter to return to the cabin. He found Cassie in the kitchen preparing dinner for the group. After stowing his gear and washing up, he joined Cassie in the kitchen and moved up close behind her, as she was cutting up vegetables on the counter. Declon reached around from behind and grabbed her soft breasts through her tee shirt... squeezing gently, then using his fingers to tease her nipples through her thin, cotton top.

Cassie chuckled, looked over her shoulder and said, “Hey, Declon.... what the hell are you up to?”

Declon moved one hand that was massaging her boobs, and slid it inside her shirt, then slipped his other hand down to her crotch and ran his fingers along the slit between her legs, saying, “Ray told me about the car.... and last night on the sofa.... I’m hoping you saved some for me...”

Still facing the counter.... with one of Declon’s hands inside her top, and the other one rubbing her pussy through her shorts.... Cassie stopped what she was doing and asked, “Oh, shit, Declon.... did Ray say anything to Matt?”

Declon chuckled and said, “Nope... just to me. And now that you’ve fucked him twice.... I think you owe me one.”

Cassie laughed and said, “Oh, you do, do you? Well, Matt and Ray will be back any minute, so.... you should definitely stop what you’re doing so I can finish making dinner.”

Declon turned her around so that she was facing him, with her butt leaning against the kitchen counter, and.... still rubbing her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other... said, “Well, actually, they won’t be back until later, since they both hiked out to the two farthest blinds this morning after we split up.”

As he explained this to her, Declon pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it on the counter.... she wasn’t wearing a bra, as usual.... so her heavy breasts swung free and swayed gently back and forth between them. Declon then pushed her shorts down to her knees.... along with her panties.... and nudged her legs apart to give his hand better access to her already moist vagina.

He kept one hand between her legs, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter as he toyed with her pussy lips.... eventually finding her plump clit with his fingers and rubbing gentle circles around the tip. With his other hand, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his already fully engorged penis, saying, “I wasn’t crazy about you coming with us on our hunting trip, but I have to admit.... the idea is growing on me.”

Cassie giggled and said, “I can see that”, as she reached between them and wrapped her hand around the stiff shaft of his thick boner.

She stroked his erection a few times, then lined up the head of his hard-on with the opening to her moist pussy. Once he felt the tip slide into her wet cunt, Declon leaned forward.... impaling Cassie on his rigid pole, as he started to shove it in and out of her snatch in earnest.

Cassie grunted from the force of his thrusts, then moaned softly, as Declon found a rhythm and began to slam his cock in and out of her dripping wet vagina.

“Ohh!... uhnn... uhnn... uhnn... hmmmmmmm.... damn, Declon... uhnn... uhnn... I think you’re even bigger than Ray... uhnn... uhnn... holy fuck, that feels good...”

Declon chuckled at the compliment, then grabbed both of her breasts... squeezing them together, so that the nipples poked out from the compressed flesh... firm and inviting. He sucked them into his mouth.... one after the other.... nibbling on the fleshy nubs, then pulling them out of his mouth with a ‘plop’, before releasing her tits so he could watch them bounce and jiggle.

With soft grunts and groans of pleasure, Declon continued to pound his hips in between Cassie’s spread legs.... ramming his stiff prick in and out of her twat, as she grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him as far into her cunt as possible.

“Oh, my God, Declon.... that feels fantastic.... yes.... keep going.... keep going.... hmmmmmmm.”

Leaning back against the counter, with her legs spread wide, Cassie could feel the shaft of Declon’s thick cock hitting all the right spots insider her pussy, and stimulating her engorged clit with every lunge.... in no time, she felt a warm, tingly orgasm building between her legs.

“Oh, shit, Declon.... uhn.... uhn.... God, keep going.... uhn.... yeh.... yeh, just like that.... just like that.... yeh.... I’m fucking cumming.... aaaaaahhhhhh.... aaaahhhhhhh.... holy fuck, Deck.... uhn.... uhn.... aaaahhhhhhhh.... hmmmmmm...”

While Cassie’s warm, tingly climax was still washing over her body, Declon suddenly caught his breath, grabbed her ass cheeks, and shoved his stiff prick as far into her vagina as it would go.... blasting several ropes of hot, creamy jizzm all over the walls of her sopping wet cunt.

“Uhn... uhn... uhn... oh, my God... uhn... holy fuck, Cass... ah... ah... aaaahhhhhhh.... aaaahhhhhhh.... uhn.... uhn... yeeeaaahhhhhh.... uhn... hmmmmmm...”

Declon continued slamming his rigid boner in and out of Cassie’s pussy as he emptied his nutsack into her snatch, causing cum and pussy juices to leak out from around his shaft, and drip onto the kitchen floor between their legs.

When he had finally finished cumming, Declon kept his still hard penis shoved deep inside Cassie’s pussy... letting her slowly rock her hips so she could rub her engorged clitoris back and forth along his thick, slippery shaft.... trying to milk her lingering orgasm for as long as she could.

At the same time, Declon leaned forward and sucked both of Cassie’s nipples into his mouth... still stiff and rubbery from arousal... using his tongue to tease and play with them for a while, before letting them drop from his lips, and watching her heavy tits sway back and forth between them.

They both spent a few minutes leaning against each other to catch their breath.... until Declon finally pulled his softening penis out of Cassie’s dripping cunt. With a whimsical grin, Cassie squatted down in front of him and sucked the head of his slimy cock into her mouth.... then cleaning the entire shaft off with her lips and tongue.... before tucking it back in his pants and pulling up the zipper.

Then she stood up, pulled her shorts and panties the rest of the way off, grabbed her shirt from the counter, and headed into the bathroom to clean up. While she was in the bathroom, Matt and Ray returned to the cabin.... she could hear the three of them discussing their first day of hunting, comparing missed opportunities, and outlining plans for the next morning.

Still enjoying the last remnants of her delicious climax, Cassie came out of the bathroom, exchanged enthusiastic greetings with the latest arrivals, and shared a quick kiss with her husband, before heading back out to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

Once dinner was served, the four of them sat around the table enjoying an animated discussion about the following day and expectations for the week, while Cassie half-listened with a dreamy smile on her face. Afterwards, they sat in the living room, drank beer, and watched TV, then went to bed early again in anticipation of another early morning. Pretty much the same as the previous evening, except that Ray and Declon had traded off, so that this time Declon was sleeping on the sofa.

Cassie and Matt went to bed in the master bedroom, and Cassie... still aroused and horny from her earlier tryst with Declon... immediately leaned over and sucked the tip of Matt’s dick into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, and used one hand to pump his growing shaft and the other to fondle his nutsack, as she gave him a warm, sloppy blowjob to get him hard.

Once Matt was fully erect, Cassie pulled his cock out of her mouth.... then stroked it with one hand, as she threw a leg over him so that she was straddling his hips.... her wet pussy poised directly above the head of his engorged penis. Cassie slowly lowered herself onto Matt’s rigid prick, then began bouncing up and down on his thick boner, as he played with her wobbly boobs dangling a few inches above his face.

Moaning softly, Cassie leaned forward and shared a long, tongue-filled kiss with Matt, as she found the perfect angle and began grinding her clitoris against the base of his stiff hard-on. As she rocked her hips and relished the heightened sensations building between her legs, she couldn’t help but smile to herself as she realized that the three brother had very similar cocks... all of them long and thick.... and each one felt fantastic slamming in and out of her pussy while fucking her.

It didn’t take long before Cassie caught her breath, buried her head in her husband’s chest, and let out a muffled groan, as she rocked her hips and rubbed her clitoris against the base of her husband’s stiff boner. Twerking her hips up and down on his thick shaft, Cassie moaned and murmured into her husband’s chest, as her latest orgasm wracked her body from the tips of her nipples to the depths of her dripping wet pussy.

As Cassie laid on his chest and reveled in her climax, Matt thought back to the previous night, when he’d watched his wife fucking Ray on the sofa, and he suddenly lost it.... he grabbed her ass with both hands, crammed his rigid erection deep inside Cassie’s pussy, and erupted.... spraying a huge load of cum all over the walls of her cunt.

“Ah.... ah.... damn, that feels great.... eh.... eh.... I’m cumming, Cass.... aaaaaahhhhhhh.... uhn.... uhn.... aaaahhhhhhhhh.... holy shit.... fuuuuuuuuccccckkkk.... yeeeaaahhhhhh.... my God, that feels good...”

As they both gasped for air and enjoyed the throes of their orgasms, Cassie continued to rest on top of her husband.... his spent cock still shoved deep inside her pussy.

Matt gave her a hug, then gently squeezed her ass cheeks, as he let out a sigh and said, “Hon.... I should probably tell you that I saw you fucking Ray on the sofa last night.”

Cassie lifted herself off her Matt’s chest.... her heavy breasts swaying gently back and forth.... her still hard nipples almost touching his face.... and said, “Oh, fuck, Matt.... I didn’t know you saw that.... I.... uh.... well....”

Matt chuckled, grabbed both of her dangling boobs and said, “Don’t worry, hon.... believe it or not, it actually turned me on. I was kind of surprised, but I actually enjoyed watching your ass bouncing up and down on my brother’s cock, while these tits swung around all over the place.... it really made me hard.”

He rocked his hips a bit...sliding his prick in and out of her pussy a few times and added, “Hell.... just thinking about it now is making me hard again...”

With a look of surprise on her face, Cassie said, “Really? You didn’t mind?”

Matt sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, nibbling and pulling on it with his teeth, then released it and did the same to the other one, before responding, “Nope. I wasn’t expecting it.... but, holy fuck, that was hot.”

Then... feeling the motion between her legs, Cassie smiled and said, “Holy shit, hon.... you are hard again... wow...”

Cassie giggled and grinned, then said, “Well.... I guess I should tell you that it wasn’t the first time I fucked him... that happened in the backseat of the truck on the way up here.”

Matt’s eyebrows raised a bit, and he said, “Really”? While Declon and I were in the front seat? Holy shit, Cass... that’s a fucking bold move.”

Cassie’s grin got wider, and she added, “Actually, Declon fucked me today, too.... he came back from hunting early and fucked me in the kitchen, up against the counter, just before you and Ray got home.”

Matt pulled Cassie’s nipple out of his mouth and laughed, saying, “Are you fucking kidding me? Damn, hon.... both my brothers?... you’re out of control...”

He started rocking his hips a bit more... shoving his newly erect cock deeper and deeper into Cassie’s pussy, as he felt another climax building between his legs.

With a groan, Matt murmured, “Fuck, hon.... I’m gonna cum again.... “

Cassie twerked her hips.... sliding her wet pussy lips up and down Matt’s rigid hard-on, and whispered, “Go ahead, babe... fill me up...”

Matt pulled Cassie’s lips to his, and they shared a deep, passionate kiss, as he slammed his boner as far as it would go inside her.... over and over.... then blasted a massive load of jizzm all over the walls of her cunt.

Matt groaned, and mumbled into Cassie’s mouth, “Yeh.... yeh.... uhn.... oh, yeah, I’m cumming again.... uhn.... uhn.... aaaaahhhhhhhh..... aaaaahhhhhhhh.... damn, Cass.... aaaaahhhhhh.... aaaahhhhhhh.... holy shit.... hmmmmmm....”

Once Matt had finished cumming, Cassie laid her head on his chest and stayed on top of him.... enjoying the feeling of his still hard prick sliding slowly in and out of her wet, sloppy cunt.... until his spent dick finally softened and slipped out of her pussy. Then they adjusted positions, so that Cassie could lay her head on his chest, while she gently fondled his flaccid penis, and they drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Cassie got up early and made breakfast again, just like the previous day.... and smiled to herself as all three guys found their way into the kitchen to surreptitiously grab her tits a few times before leaving for the deer blinds. Nobody said anything about the brothers having fucked her, and it seemed best to leave it that way.

Matt had another disappointing day hunting, but stayed until almost dusk before hiking back to the lodge. When he opened the front door and walked into the cabin, he was totally surprised to find that both of his brothers were already home.... and fucking his wife on the couch in the middle of the living room.

Cassie was on her hands and knees in the middle of the sofa, with Ray sitting in front of her.... his legs on either side of her, as she bobbed her head up and down on his engorged penis. Meanwhile, Declon was kneeling between her spread legs, holding her hips and pounding his stiff boner into her pussy from behind.

Matt was stunned into silence and.... in a bit of a fog.... just stood there watching Cassie’s heavy tits swinging back and forth beneath her chest, as Ray rocked his hips into her sucking mouth and pumping fist, and Declon squeezed her ass cheeks and hammered away between her legs.

After just a few minutes, Ray suddenly let out a growl, and blasted a huge load of cum against the back of Cassie’s throat, and.... almost simultaneously.... Declom slammed his hips forward and spewed several streams of semen all over the walls of her cunt.

Snapping out of it, Matt laughed and said, “Well.... it looks like you guys made it an early day.”

Still enjoying the aftermaths of their orgasms, both of his brothers looked over at him and grinned.... then Ray said, “Yeah.... this seemed like a much better use of our time today.”

Smiling and a little dazed from the several orgasms she’d just had, Cassie looked at her husband and added, “Can’t really argue with that, hon...”

Still chuckling, Matt walked over to the overstuffed chair next to the sofa, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.... already semi-hard from seeing his wife getting double-teamed by his brothers.... saying, “OK, babe.... now it’s my turn.”

Cassie smiled, then leaned forward, so that Declon’s cock slid out of her dripping pussy, and moved off the couch. She stood in between her husband’s knees, bent over and sucked the tip of his growing prick into her mouth.... using one hand to rub his shaft, and feeling it grow in the palm of her hand, as she bobbed her head up and down on his stiffening hard-on.

Matt reached out and grabbed Cassie’s dangling boobs.... squeezing the flesh and pinching her nipples, as they swayed back and forth beneath her, in rhythm with her bobbing head and stroking hand.

It didn’t take long before Matt caught his breath, threw his head back, and exploded inside his wife’s mouth.... blasting rope after rope of hot, creamy splooge onto her tongue and down her throat.

It was a huge load, and Cassie struggled to swallow it all, but managed to down most of it.... although a few drops leaked out, dripping down her chin and onto the living room floor.

When Matt finally stopped cumming, Cassie stroked his glistening shaft for a few more minutes, as he sat in the chair and enjoyed his ebbing climax. Then she leaned forward and planted a little kiss on the tip of his prick, before letting it flop over one of his thighs, as she headed into the bathroom to grab a towel.

She wiped between her legs with the towel as she walked back into the living room.... her heavy breasts swaying back and forth in front of her.... then went around to the three men and gently tugged on their flaccid dicks as she cleaned each of them off with the towel.

After that day, Cassie wore very little around the cabin.... and each of the guys took full advantage of her wobbling tits and spread legs. She sucked or fucked every cock in the cabin every day.... sometimes in the shower, sometimes in the middle of the night on the sofa, sometimes in one of the beds, and sometimes while watching TV in the evenings.

By the end of the week, each of the brothers had managed to bag a deer.... two bucks, and a doe. After loading up the truck and getting ready to drive back to Houston, Matt sat behind the wheel, while his two brothers argued over who would sit in the backseat with Cassie... they ended up flipping a coin.... Declon won.... which meant Matt got to listen to country music and talk football with Ray for the entire drive home.

After that week at the cabin, Cassie was invited to join three of them on their hunting trip every year. She didn’t always go, but when she did, they ate better, the place was cleaner, and they all came home happy.... regardless of whether or not they got any deer that season.
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