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Two young tourist couples pick the wrong biker gang to mess with.

Ch. 23 – Rex Samples the Younger Sister


Thinner was well on his way to bliss. I watched as the Frost Demon gang member pounded into petite babe’s snatch. She sat on the edge of the table, clinging to her rapist, their bodies joined as his butt muscles clenched up with the effort of his thrusts. Their lips pressed together, kissing fiercely like a pair of newly-weds, as I watched her cooperation deepen. Then it happened – Thinner seized up inside her. His arms encompassed her back and crushed her tits against his chest as he growled and spurted his full load of baby-batter up toward her womb. Meanwhile, the girl’s delicate hands clutched his back. She kept kissing him as long as he would have her. Finally, though, satisfied, he pulled out of her and gave her a resounding slap across the face.

“Stop kissing me, whore. Didn’t you feel me come up your worthless pussy? I’m done with you, bitch.”

Still clutching her stinging cheek, petite babe shrank back. Now I watched Rex stride forward in all his naked glory, his cock a hard, granite spike saluting the brunette.

“Well done, bitch. You managed to wring out quite a few loads of ball-juice with that tight pussy of yours, but soon it’ll be time to share your wares with the rest of our guests,” the biker leader boomed. This got a chorus of eager assents from all over the bar. Rex continued. “But FIRST, I think you need to show how well you can worship a real man’s cock. My cock. Get down here and start sucking. This cock has been in your sister’s ass, and now I want you to clean it, bitch. Get busy!”

The girl gaped at him for a moment, but she was too smart to hesitate for longer than that. As soon as his awful request had fully registered, the slender 22-year-old hopped off the table and knelt at the biker king’s feet. She immediately began licking the tip of his cock. Then she smothered it with her mouth, pumping her jaw back and forth, taking him progressively deeper.

This didn’t satisfy the cruel biker though. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he was making the girl taste the remnants from her sister’s ass and traces of blood and cum, Rex took hold of the back of the girl’s skull and impaled her face with a mighty thrust. Everyone in the bar could hear the girl’s desperate gurgles and near-retching sounds as the sexy brunette suddenly found Rex’s pubic hair tickling her nose and a throbbing cock shoved halfway down her throat.

The girl tried to push off of him, her hands shoving against the biker’s hips, but Rex’s cruel grip held. He kept petite babe’s entire mouth impaled until she struggled to breathe with her nose crushed against his crotch. Her torso spasmed. She fought for air. The naked figure trembled at his feet as the bitch began to choke. She would black out any second now. Relenting at last, Rex let her pull off his shaft just long enough to take a quick breath. Then he impaled her face again, her mouth forced down the full length of his rigid man-meat.

He gave the back of her head a firm smack.

“All the way, bitch. You’ll take this cock all the way or I’ll choke you to death!” the biker leader promised.

Her hands were clutching his ass cheeks now. She was trying to just do what he wanted and get through the nightmare. I could tell the way she moaned loudly, trying to please him, desperate to use the limited oxygen she had to make him come down her throat. The dark-haired girl made fervent, desperate slurping noises, her face burrowed against Rex’s pelvis as she now enclosed his cock fully in the hot, warm sleeve of her throat. Rex kept his hand cupping the back of her skull.


Finally, he rewarded her efforts. It seemed that every patron in the bar watched with not just lust but a kind of primal fascination as Rex clutched the girl’s skull and erupted in her mouth, his cock sending a waterfall of sperm down her air passage.

When he pulled out, spurting a few last streams of jizz across the girl’s nose, eyes, and chin, the girl was still coughing. Excess cum dribbled from one corner of her lips.

“UUuugghh!!!” Doubled over, the girl kept on coughing. It took some time before she could breathe normally again. Looking up in fear, she met the gaze of the biker who now owned her.

“You need to learn how to swallow, bitch, but there’ll be time enough to train you on that later if I decide to let you live,” Rex promised. He spread his arms wide in a magnanimous gesture. “Now don’t just kneel there, you lazy cunt, get up and start making the rounds.” He turned about and raised his voice as his gaze swept across all my patrons who had been eagerly watching the action the last hour or so while the Frost Demons took their fill. “This hot little fuck-toy is going to visit each and every table. She’ll please every man in this bar until not a cock goes unsatisfied. Gentlemen, are you ready to rape this bitch?”

An enthusiastic chorus rose to greet his question. A resounding if depraved ‘Yes’ seemed to emanate from every last patron in my bar. I watched Sara (AKA ‘petite babe’) get to her feet. The girl swayed a little, trying to muster up the strength to do what the sadistic biker gang leader now demanded of her. He turned back to her. Reaching out with one hand, he cupped the girl’s chin and stroked her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb in a gesture of diabolical and deceptive tenderness. His other hand slipped between her legs, rubbing her clitoris.

“Are you ready to use your pussy, tits, ass, and mouth to earn my mercy, cunt? Hmm? Answer me and call me ‘Master,’ you worthless whore.”

I saw the bleakness on the girl’s face. She knew that ‘mercy’ only meant that he’d let her continue to breathe. That was about it. And even that lay in doubt.

“Y-yes Master. But please make them stop hurting her. I’ll fuck everyone, just please let my sister rest,” she begged. In the background I could hear two men grunting as they fucked the blonde sister at both ends across the room. Still tied face-down to the table, her muffled groans joined the rhythm of the creaking tabletop as one man fucked her ruthlessly from behind. They were putting those ‘toys’ Rex had left them to good use too. I glanced over just in time to see the man currently fucking the blonde take the lit candle and drip some hot wax directly into her anal opening. A loud, muffled shriek bounced off the walls of my bar as the girl spasmed on the table. The man fucking her throat didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seemed to relish her reaction as he continued to cup the back of her head and slam his shaft balls-deep between her lips.

Rex glared at the brunette and gripped her by the throat. He proceeded to lift her up off the floor as she clutched his wrist, her eyes bulging, feet flailing.

“Are you fucking stupid enough to think you can make demands of me, little cunt?” With a mixture of contempt and disgust, he threw the girl across the room toward the nearest table. “Now get busy. Don’t worry about your sister. We’ll take good care of her. Fuck and suck all the cocks in this bar to the men’s delight, and only then will I let you attend to your dear sister. Not before. Now MOVE, bitch.”

Fearful for her sister’s fate, petite babe now moved with a purpose. She immediately began to unbuckle one trucker’s pants. She slid them down to his ankles as he still sat at his table. Soon she was mounting him. Sliding her cunt down the length of his erection, she began fucking on his lap. Her moans joined the claps and jeers of the other men at the table as they urged on their companion. A trucker just beside the man being treated to petite babe’s humping soon reached over to pinch, twist, and torment the brunette’s hardened nipples. The girl kept moaning despite the pain, her smooth ass cheeks bouncing in time to her impalements as she cast aside the last of her dignity.

I shook my head, marveling at the night’s progression. A loud SLAP rang out as a belt landed on the blonde’s back across the way, wresting another muffled squeal from the poor woman as she kept getting raped at both ends.

It would be a long night for both these women… and not just for them. I glanced over at the brunette’s boyfriend. He was still bent listlessly over the table. His flaccid cock hung down, shriveled up beneath his testicles. Seed seeped from his ruined anus. The Frost Demons seemed to have forgotten about him. Apparently all the men who had wanted a go at the pretty-boy’s ass had taken their fill.

Across the way, the fiancé was still trapped in the throes of electric-shock torture. Dmitri kept revving the motorcycle’s engine. Sasha still knelt before the fiancé too, slamming her pussy back to encase his tortured cock as the electrodes attached to his balls sent a fresh wave of stimulation and agony through his spasming body. Still tied naked to the upturned table, his cries barely reached me over the strident sound of the engine.

Would tonight’s depravity soon reach a culmination or was this just the beginning? I still couldn’t tell.

END of CH. 23
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