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Lisa and her Neighbor Sue want to play FFM games with me for a weekend
This story takes place after the Part 4 story but before Sue moved back east to take care of her very frail mum. Lisa had given me to Sue, as a Friend with Benefits (FWB). That was because Lisa had started seeing Dion an ex-lover of hers. Lisa was hard work for any guy, particularly if she was drinking with the guy often. The inevitable happened and Dion was upset by her drunken misadventures and broke off seeing Lisa. Lisa refused to give me details. Dion had changed his number.

Sue and Lisa were neighbours. Sue would occasionally say to Lisa she was seeing me at such n such. Lisa took to nagging Sue about getting Lisa involved with some of our sex adventures. Sue was very de***********ive sexually and would often make up little sexy stories to go along with whatever sexual treat she was wanting from me at that time. Sue also loved to watch dirty porn with me and weave the porn story into what we were doing at the time. Lisa wanted to be a part of that. Lisa made Sue realise that Lisa had involved Sue in a half dozen adventures with me. Sue eventually told me she owed Lisa some fun. She asked me to go along with it. Sue promised she would keep Lisa from ruining the fun with stupid drunken behaviour.

Sue wanted to pay the debt she felt to Lisa. Sue also admitted to me that she had developed a secret fantasy of having sex with another woman. Sue even said she had done a few naughty things over time. That has increased Sue’s sexual desire for some female action. I asked my best friend a beautiful feminine blonde chick, if she wanted to go FFM with Sue. That was a firm no, because of the Lisa connection.

Sue asked a few other chicks about FFM, and was getting nowhere. One day Sue told me that she and Lisa had got drunk 2 nights before. They had spent the later part of the night on the couch together, kissing and touching each other’s small firm B-cup tits. I asked if any fingers went inside knickers. Sue said “I wanted to touch her there, but she stopped me.”

I asked “Does that mean it’s a no for anything else?”

Sue said “No, the reverse. I'm red-hot keen to go further now. Lisa has said to me she wants to do it all with me. We both wanted to lick and touch each other’s pussies that other night. We just did not know how to get started. Lisa says we need to ask you to help, so we don’t chicken out again.”

I agreed to think about it. My big issue was I didn’t want the mayhem that happens around a drinking Lisa. Threesomes, particularly FFM usually need lots of alcoholic drinks to work properly. At least the first few times with the two females anyways.

A week later I had arranged to take Sue to a lovey rural air BnB short stay. Like a country home, that a couple or 3 people could stay in for the weekend. It had a pool and was very private. It could work out nice. Sue was very keen. She asked me to invite Lisa. Sue wanted me to go next door and ask in person. Sue suggested maybe I even fuck Lisa when I asked her to seal the deal. I said no. I did agree to invite Lisa for the afternoon and the second night. I agreed that Sue could tell Lisa that Sue was keen and we had spoken about FFM. That Sue wanted to do FFM for me. Sue also said that Lisa did not have to do anything.”

A couple of days before the Air BnB stay, I got a few texts from Sue saying that Lisa was coming to hers for a few drinks. Around 8pm there was a flurry of texts from Sue, there was two pics of the girls in knickers only, kissing on the couch. Then 15 minutes later a pic from Lisa of Sues’ pussy with the panties gusset pulled to the side, and Lisa’s tongue on Sue’s clit. A few minutes later I got a call from Sue saying she was home. They’d had a little fun but Sue wanted to wait until I was there to lick Lisa and go further.

The Friday night of the weekend stay, Sue n I went to a hotel with a band. We danced a lot. We ate a nice dinner and we had a few drinks. We went back to the Air BnB to sleep. The next day we got up early and enjoyed the countryside. We got back to the Air BnB by 2pm and Lisa arrived at 3pm as agreed.

Lisa was very nice to me. She made a big point of saying that the stress in all the friendships were her fault. She said she wanted to make it up to both of us. Lisa also made a big fuss of Sue and was complimenting Sue on how attractive, slim and sexy she is.

Lisa asked me “Did you like the pic of me licking Sues beautiful wet cunt.”

I said “Yes, my cock got very hard. I’d like to see it in person tonight if you girls would like to let me watch.”

We were on our third bottle of wine when the girls decided to skinny dip in the pool. The sun was shining on the pool and it was rather warm. The pool area was very private so I even agreed to swim naked.

We were using plastic drink glasses supplied for the pool. I would go and get the wine and top up their glasses. The girls decided they had to pay for the wine service by sucking my cock each glass. I agreed it was a great idea!

It was easy pouring the first glass. If the girl who’s glass had been filled was sucking my cock, while I tried to pour the second glass, I would spill quite a bit.

We got a bit bored with just skinny dipping, so we played Marko Polo. It’s a kids game where someone has their eyes shut. We call that person Marko. Everyone has to stay in the pool and when the eyes shut person (Marko) says “Marko”, then everyone else has to follow with a loud “Polo”. When the Marko person hears where the others are, they can chase them. When I was chasing, I would squeeze the girls’ nipples and tits very hard. Lucky they were both into nipple squeezing.

At one point I caught them both. I think they were kissing each other and didn’t run. I asked them to tell me what they did together the other night. Lisa said “That’s boring, lets play truth or dare but the truths have to be about what Sue and I have done together.”

I said “What about my truths”

Sue said “You can just get dares, but it will be Lisa daring you to do stuff to me, and me daring you to do stuff to Lisa.”

I said “Cool” with a big shit eating grin on my face.

Sue said “I’m starting. James Kiss Lisa, then spank her 5 times”

I moved in on slippery wet naked Lisa and had to wrestle with her to kiss her. Once I kissed her, she willingly let me pick her up out of the water then deliver 5 hard smacks on her bare wet ass.

Lisa said “Oh my gosh the water makes it sting so good.”

I said “is it my go now”.

Lisa said “Of course not. Ladies first. Its my go. James kiss Sue and spank her 5 times. Make sure you get her little kitty at least once.”

Sue was instantly up on my chest wrapping her legs around me, rubbing her wet pussy on my tummy. Her kiss was 3 times longer than Lisa’s kiss. I smacked her bare bum 5 times while I kissed her. The last smack had my fingers hit her pussy as well.

When I put her down she said “Wow loved the kisses. Fuck I loved the smacks. Feel free to smack my naughty pussy any time.”

Lisa said “Me too. Why did we leave it so long to kiss Sue. You are so fucking sexy.”

I said “Ok, Ok, my turn! Girls kiss each other for 5 minutes or tell me who licked who’s pussy the other night.”

Lisa said “Oh easy I licked Sues Pussy, but only a little while. Sue wanted to wait for you to be here before we go really crazy.”

Sue said “I did not lick Lisa’s pussy the other night”. Sue then grabbed Lisa’s naked body and started really pashing her. I was running my hands over each girl’s firm ass cheeks.

When they stopped kissing, they both said “Foul. You didn’t have permission to touch us. Get us drinks.”

I went and got more wine. Walking back to the pool I could see the girls kissing and each had a hand down in the water touching the others pussy. My cock was throbbing and standing up to attention. I sat on the side of the pool and said “Here’s the wine”

I poured each a top up of wine then said “That’s a nice suck from each of you please.” They both nodded to each other and said “OK”.

Sue took my entire cock down her throat and stayed down on me while her throat pulsed and her eyes watered. Suddenly Sue started cumming, but stayed fully down on my cock. Lisa was kissing her ears and neck. Sue pulled up off my cock and laughing said “That’s a first, Lisa fingered my pussy and made me cum while I sucked you.” Sue kissed Lisa very hot passionate kisses. Sue said “Thank you darling for my cum.”

Lisa took Sues position directly in front of me. She stroked my cock a little then moved her mouth to the top of my cock. I had leaked a little precum. Lisa licked my slit and took all of the precum. She repeated the lick about 6 times, making my cock tingle. Lisa then descended on my cock and pulsed her neck so my cock would penetrate her throat. Suddenly she was pushing all the way down my cock. Sue was suddenly in the same position on Lisa, and was kissing Lisa’s neck and ears. I'm pretty sure Sue’s right hand was down in Lisa’s pussy and clit.

Lisa did exactly as Sue had done, and kept her throat fully down on my rock-hard cock. I knew the moment Lisa started to orgasm. Her throat pulsed on my cock, her hand really tightened on my balls and her whole body went rigid. She stayed on my cock pulsing out the orgasm for 5 seconds then pulled off for a breath. She then immediately descended on my cock again and kept cumming.

Sue was saying weird shit like “Oh gosh I wish I had a cock. I would so fuck her right now. You guys must love having a cock to shove into a hot woman like Lisa.”

Lisa settled and said “Why don’t we go try out the bed. It wont matter if we get one of the two beds a little wet.”

We agreed and I brought in the wine and a few things like phones.

Once in the bedroom, I saw the girls were already on the bed kissing each other. I said “it’s my dare. I dare you to suck each other’s clits, until one of you orgasms.”

They grumbled little but did as they were told. Seeing them in 69 like that I felt that all my Christmas’s had come at once. I got my phone and said “We can cull any pics that show faces later girls.” I started clicking away taking lots of pics of girls licking the other girl’s pussy.

I said “Simon says finger fuck each other’s g-spot while you suck clits, I want some squirting action.”

They said nothing. Both moved their right hand to the others pussy, and slipped in the pointer finger. I could see them twist the finger to allow them to rub each other’s g-spot. The visuals were fabulous. They began moaning and soon they were shaking and suddenly Lisa squirted in Sues face, and I saw Sues pussy gushing squirt out at Lisa’s face. I did not have to say anything. Both girls kept sucking and fingering the other. The squirting went on for both for over 30 seconds.

When they stopped squirting Sue span around to Lisa’s face, held her hand out to me and kissed Lisa. Lisa shot her hand out to me as well and both girls dragged me down onto the bed to be kissed and half drowned in their squirt.

For the next hour or two, both girls took turns impaling their tight little pussies on my thick big cock. They constantly made jokes and cheek about me doing their bidding and providing as much cock as they wanted. They both stopped with the drinking, and literally fucked themselves sober. Neither of them offered me their ass, and I did not ask. I felt really included, as they both took time from doing girl on girl stuff, to kiss touch and talk with me.

I took hundreds of pics of the girls fucking each other, and later in the day they began using my phone to take pics of one or both of them sucking my cock, or licking pussy while my cock slid into the pussy. There were short little vids of each girl bouncing up and down on my cock, or rubbing their wet tight pussy lips all over my hard cock.

It was sundown when we all got up, starving and thirsty after such a big work out. I put the pics on slideshow on the big TV, while Lisa poured some drinks and Sue made a yummy food platter. Lisa wanted to swim but I insisted that we all shower before going in the pool.

We all got in the massive main bedroom ensuite shower. We soaped each other up and I got so excited with their gorgeous slim sexy bodies. I was once again hard. Lisa washed the soap off my cock, then offered my cock to Sue. She happily backed up to me and took my entire cock in one thrust while Lisa sat on the tiles at the side and pulled Sue between Lisa’s legs and humped pussy against pussy while I fucked Sue. When Sue came, she pulled off my cock and sucked me clean. Lisa then backed up to me ass first and impaled her pussy on my cock.

Sue moved in on her knees in front of Lisa and began to lick and suck Lisa’s fat long clit. Lisa went off immediately cumming super hard, and continued to cum for minutes as Sue sucked her pussy.

As we were in the shower, I thought it was a good time to fuck Lisa’s ass. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and using my fingers I directed my cock up ¾ of an inch to Lisa’s little ass hole.

Lisa gasped as my cock penetrated her ass. Sue stood up rubbing her pert B-cup tits on Lisa’s, and the girls started kissing. Lisa started cumming almost immediately from the ass fucking. Sue started to laugh saying, “I know exactly how that is feeling Darlin. You can kiss me too when he fucks my little ass.” Sue was kissing Lisa again.

Then Lisa pushed Sue away a little and said “Oh god it feels so good, I thought you didn’t do ass. Oh I guess he has been fucking you ever since that night hasn’t he.”

Sue kissed her again saying “Yes, you gave me such a shining example that night he and that other stud fucked you at once. Fuck I’ve nearly worn out my vibrators, fucking myself with both vibes at once reliving you being double penetrated.”

They were kissing again and all the dirty talk, ass pulsing and watching two perfect sets of B-cup titties rubbing together overwhelmed me. I started ejaculating into Lisa’s ass. Sue saw my face and knew I was cumming. Sue said “Oh I want your cum.”

Sue pulled Lisa off my cock and Sue dropped to her knees and immediately put her mouth over my still shooting cock. Lisa bent down to Sue’s face and said “Shouldn’t you wash it first, it was in my ass.”

Sue shook her head not taking her mouth off my cock. When she finally stopped sucking my cock, she kissed Lisa on the mouth and said “Your ass tastes just as good as mine. I’ve known you taste great since that DP night. I sucked his cock as soon as we got back to my place that night. He thought I didn’t know, but I did it on purpose and would do it again in a heartbeat. It had your pussy and ass juice on his cock, plus Dions cum and his cum all over it as well. Never had such a priceless cock tail of flavours to suck. The only way it could be better is if it had the 2 guys cum, plus both girls pussy and ass on it. Hey there’s an idea we can work on.”

Lisa was kissing Sues face and lips and said “Fuck that is so horny, you sucking his cock after it’s been in my ass. You sucking two guys cum off his cock. I better watch out you might be as big a slut as I am.”

I said “Lisa how come you are not upset that Sue tasted your pussy. Back then you said you would never go there with girls.”

Lisa did a rare partial blush and said “Well I remember a night I was home alone and a little drunk. I was dancing naked and super horny. Sue came home really drunk and couldn’t unlock her house. Sue then came to my place to tell me my music was too loud. I don’t think you remember darling but I stripped your dress off. You were naked with the dress gone. We drank danced and somewhere in the night we kissed. We kissed a lot. Then we got on the couch and rubbed our pussies together. When I licked your pussy you came hard, then you passed out. I took two pics of me licking your beautiful pussy with my phone. In the morning both of us had forgotten everything. I got a big shock when I saw the pics in my phone, then the memories came back. I’ve masturbated looking at those pics many times.”

Sue laughed at Lisa’s admission and said “Wow what closet swingers or bisexuals we are. You probably don’t remember either but a few months before that, I walked into your place late after drinking. You were laid out on the lounge, naked with your pussy all swollen and leaking cum. I was pretty sure James had been there and fucked you. I think you had then got your vibe and played after he left. I remember picking up your big vibe and sniffing it. I ended up licking it, then sucking it. I loved your taste, so I started fucking myself with your vibe, then sucking it. Then I fucked you with your vibe, sorry darling. You came in your drunken state. I couldn’t help myself. I licked your lovely sweet pussy. I licked it for over an hour. I sucked up every drop of juice and squirt you gave me. When I left you and went home, I fucked my bed nob and came super hard.”

I was visualising Sues ornate bed nob. It was huge. I said “Fuck Sue, that bed nob on your bed is easy 4 inches diameter. How did you get that into your super tight pussy.”

Sue looked at me and sucked my cock quickly and said “Easy darlin’, I just imagined it was your lovely cock. I did use lube.”

Lisa said “Sue darling, I had dreams about you fucking me with my vibe on the couch. I’d wake up so horny and fuck myself with the vibrator. I was visualising you fucking me instead. Wow that actually happened. I'm so happy.”

We played on into the night, the girls wanted cocktails. I happily made them what they asked for. Sadly, Lisa got a bit to drunk at the end and caused upset. But that is another story.

We never repeated that play night as Sue moved away suddenly soon after.

I stayed friendly with Lisa but I no longer wanted to see her regularly. The alcoholic binges were too draining to put up with constantly. The hot dirty sex was not worth the heart ache. I wanted to spend time with friends who could have party time, but not cross over the bat shit crazy line.
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