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My new wife becomes a plaything for my Son and his friends.
April- part 1

My new wife becomes a plaything for my Son and his friends.

I laughed out loud as my beautiful young wife sashayed into out bedroom in just her underwear, The lacy black bra cupped her C cup breasts hardly needing the support the tiny bit of material offered, her long smooth legs led up tantalisingly to … what can only be described as “Granny Panties”.

Although the legbands and the waistband were firmly tight the material of the wide crotch and full covering itself billowed out covering any hint of the shapely butt and smooth hairless lips that lay beneath the plain white exterior.

“just perfect” I exclaimed with a grin as she pirouetted proudly with a huge smile.

She picked up the short black dress from beside the unused lacy black G string and slipped the loose but shapely material over her head to complete the look, “don’t bend over to far and no one will notice” I said as she twirled for my inspection.

Today marked 1 year since our wedding and the change from the downtrodden dowdy abused woman I first met to the bright confidant and sexy woman before me was truly remarkable.

Her former abusive boyfriend would never allow such an outfit and the physical abuse he inflicted on her if she so much as glanced at another man still fills me with anger to this day, he may have looked impressive but as most bully’s are he quickly crumbled when I stepped in and hit him just the once at a work do after noticing her blacked eye again. I then took her home helped her pack her stuff and leave him.

She could not go anywhere he knew of so she stayed with me and I offered my work colleague protection to and from work for several months until he finally gave up on trying to follow us home after myself and my teenage son trapped him and gave him a decent beating one night as he tried to find out where we lived by following us again … a few weeks in hospital finally got the message across.

The one decent thing he did was allow April to get to know David and I and come to trust us by forcing her to live with us to escape him.

It was about a year after she moved in with us when I carefully made a move on her and she reciprocated my feelings, we had grown to love one another deeply and she eagerly moved from her room to mine the very next day.

David adored her partly because she treated him kindly like his Mother had before she died in a car accident but mostly because she didn’t tease him when he would occasionally got an unwanted erection around her.

I think it helped the both of them as she felt wanted and proud she could turn him on so easily but trusted him not to try anything on her and she would sometimes “accidentally” give him some masturbation material.

I made sure to let her know I felt proud of her effect on him and his bunch of mates and often encouraged her to “show a little” helping her to come out of her shell and be confident about her beauty.

I often teased her that David would be more than happy to lose his virginity to her and I would not mind sharing her if she ever wanted to.

I’m not sure if she believed me or not but she would often get turned on at the attention she provoked in the boys whenever they were around.

At 30 years old she was still “a Stunner” according to the boys.

Back to the present,

April hefted the wine sack filled with whisky and with my help slipped it into her crotch to check it would stay in place, she had to walk a bit bowlegged but our contraband should should make it past security at the concert and once she slipped on her high heels we headed for the train.

We had to remove the wine bladder as it was too hard to walk with and waited until we were the entrance before slipping it back into hiding.

The security pat down went fine and we enjoyed the concert ending up with both of us being quite tipsy by the time we jostled out way onto the crowded train for the ride home.

It wasn’t long before April tugged my arm and I leaned down for her to whisper in a breathy giggle “I think he has an erection” indicating with her eyes behind her, “You sure? push back to be sure”. April shot me a questioning look but I grinned and she giggled and thrust her shapely butt back.

“oh yeh, I’m sure” she giggled straightening up.

“that turns me on so much, do it again” I breathed hoarsely

“you sure?” she asked in wonder, I grabbed her hand and placed it on my erection “Yeh I’m sure” I moaned

April watched my eyes as she carefully extended her butt back into his reach and after a few seconds I could tell by her movement that he was thrusting against her.

After a couple of minutes we both heard the sound of a zip and April looked into my eyes again for reassurance, “describe everything he does” I croaked rubbing her hand over my throbbing cock trapped beneath my jeans.

“Oh my god, he touched my bare skin with it … its pushed against my thighs … in the gap there … he’s thrusting it slowly against me”

“Oh… its started slipping a bit … every time he pushes it slides more … oh … its getting really slippery … I’m not sure if that’s from him or me … I am really turned on”

She let out a little squeak “he’s poked it against my panties and its right at my hole … its dragging the material against my clit … fuck it feels so nice … it … it feels almost like its inside me … I think his cock has pushed the material inside me … its … he’s thrusting into me … its like he’s fucking my pussy … oh … unghh … its so good …i’m gunna ...”

All three of us were puffing, panting and moaning as he thrust against her, I could tell by the moaning and thrusting that he was about to cum against my wife’s welcoming pussy … then he more loudly groaned and stopped thrusting, April grunted squeezing my arm and my cock as she grunted and came on his cock the spasms rippling though her. I had to hold her up to stop her collapsing as she shuddered through her orgasm while mine teetered on the brink.

After a few moments I heard a zip and he left as quick as he came … I looked but he had disappeared before I caught a glimpse of him.

April straightened and looked at me in worry but I crushed her to me and kissed her deeply “fuck that was so damn hot, I need you so bad right now” I said lustily. I slid my hand down between her legs and felt her panties still in place then slid two fingers along the crotch until I felt the gaping indentation at her entrance, I slid my fingers inside sliding smoothly on the huge load her fucker had left behind, my fingers slid in past the first knuckle, then past the second knuckle before finally finding the limit of the fabric deep inside her pussy, I was about to turn her around to ravish her but I was interrupted by the train slowing for our stop. Cum was dribbling down her inner thighs as I wiped his cum from my coated fingers then held them up in front of April, she gently grabbed my hand and brought it slowly towards her mouth then while looking me dead in my eye slowly sucked my fingers into her mouth.

My cock was throbbing painfully as the crowd surged out the door and on to the platform, I pushed April up against a wall kissing her more passionately than I ever had as I freed my cock from my zipper and pushed it between her cum coated thighs her dress hiding what I was doing, As the crowd surged past I sneakily thrust my throbbing cock into the slippery gap between her thighs then April lifted a leg up and guided my cock into the cum filled pantie lined sheath that was her wanton pussy before dropping her leg back down trapping my cock to let it soak in another mans cum.

She held my body still as the passengers thinned out until the platform was empty then she looked each way before sliding her pussy off my cock and dropping to her knees between my body and the wall taking my cum covered cock into her mouth with great eagerness.

I was so close to cumming that I was shaking as she slurped that strangers cum from my cock going deeper and deeper down its length, at this time I didn’t care if anyone was watching and vaguely remember the platform cameras but April grabbed my hands and placed them behind her head against the wall then placed her hands on my butt and pulled me deeper into her mouth. She clearly wanted me to use her mouth as a pussy so I started thrusting in and out, her hands on my butt urging me faster and deeper, even when she gagged a couple of times I doubt I could have stopped anyway and was soon pushing my pubes against her abused lips until I grunted out loud and came deep in her throat for the first time ever.

Her hands pushing me away reminded me that she couldn’t breath so I moved back and staggered to the seat beside us. April flopped into my lap saying in a whispering croak “I can’t believe I just came from you fucking my face”

I just puffed and panted loudly and managed a half grin.

“I’m not sure if my ex trained it into me but I really got off on being used like tonight ... but I enjoyed it even more knowing I was safe with you.” she revealed as she snuggled in closer.

I grabbed her face and pulled her to me kissing her tenderly “I love you so much” I said not even caring that I could be tasting the remnants of mine and a strangers cum.

We heard some footsteps and I quickly tucked myself away and we hurried out the nearest exit laughing and giggling like a couple of teenagers instead of a 30 and 35 year old married couple.

We rushed home, said a quick hello to David and three of his friends watching TV in the lounge room before scooting off to our bedroom.

I took in the vista of my wife as she slipped the dress over her head and with a sigh removed her bra, “no wonder the boys stared … I can see the cum dribbling down your legs” I laughed. April went bright red then looked at her new black lacy G string sitting on the bed “they are upside down” she exclaimed losing her embarrassment, “one of the boys or all of them might have jerked off into them” I giggled. Alice picked them up and inspected them before taking a sniff “can’t see anything but there is a boy smell to them” she said before running her tongue along the crotch, my cock lurched as she said “nope can’t taste anything”.

I groaned and knelt before her poking my fingers into her bunched up panties before slowly peeling them down her legs, the soaked material slowly sliding out from inside her, I used them to wipe off the cum from her thighs before chucking them on top of our hamper near the door.

April grabbed a long T shirt and peeked out the door to see the boys facing away then she grinned “might leave these in the bathroom hamper” and picked her used panties up and slipped naked down the hall for a shower.

A minute or so later I headed to the shower myself and we had a bit of fun soaping ourselves up before drying off and heading back to the bedroom, April was wearing a long T shirt and I had boxer shorts on so it wasn’t long before I was kissing my way up her thighs under her T shirt while she had her hand in the boxers opening stroking me to hardness again.

A loud crash interrupted our session and April raced out to see what happened, I had to remain behind the door hiding my erection.

One of the boys had dropped a glass on the tiled floor and it had shattered so April shooed them away and bent over to start carefully picking the pieces up to place in another glass.

I watched in amusement as the boys gathered behind her as the T shirt was obviously not covering her bare pussy, 4 strained tents indicated they were enjoying the view.

I watched until the last piece was picked up before entering the room asking loudly “Enjoying the view boys?”

April gasped and twirled towards the couch perching on the edge holding the front of her T shirt down between her legs while the four boys stood shamefacedly with their hands covering their hard ons.

I strode over to sit beside April then ordered the boys to stand before us.

“I really think its unfair that you boys are perving on my wifes bare genitals without her knowing so drop em”

April gasped, all four boys looked on in confusion “I said drop your pants, c’mon lets see them, its only fair to show her yours since you’ve seen hers!”

David was first to obey me then the others followed suit, “now, hands at your sides” I said with a growl

Two full hard ons and two rapidly shrinking cocks greeted out gaze and April couldn’t suppress a small giggle. “well this is no good” I said and pushed April gently back on the couch pulling one of her legs towards me, all five gasped in surprise but April remained where she was and I felt a small shiver run through her, slowly she pushed the other leg apart and I pulled the hem upwards revealing her bare pussy to their view.

Four pairs of eyes riveted on her pussy as the two flaccid cocks started to rise to the occasion.

I could sense the tension in the air and the smell of Aprils arousal as I beckoned the boys closer, April was sounding short of breath as she lay there wantonly displayed before four erect throbbing young cocks her eyes watching and openly ogling them each in turn, focusing on each intimate detail, watching them drip in unabashed arousal.

I turned to gaze into her lust filled eyes as her stare met mine in apprehension, I kissed her deeply and she pulled my head firmly to her as she panted and moaned.

“You can get closer to see better” I said followed by some shuffling as the boys knelt closer vying for a better view

“can they touch you?” I asked quietly

You could have heard a pin drop onto carpet as the boys froze in anticipation. Long seconds ticked by before April looked up at me and croaked “I’m here for whatever they want if you're ok with that”

“Go for it boys” I exclaimed and four hands Immediately converged on her dipping wet pussy.

After a bit of confusion and me telling them to be gentle they each had a finger inside her smooth velvety sheath, I could see the intensity of her lust as their fingers slid effortlessly in and out of her, I licked my finger and slid it inside her at the top of her tunnel sliding along her G spot. Five fingers inside her was a tight fit but Alice was enjoying it immensely, her breathing was becoming rapid and coarse as she neared her peak so I removed my finger to take the pressure off and held her face as I kissed her again, her hands snaked behind my head to hold me close as she inched closer to her orgasm.

She suddenly moved her head and gasped out loud as I heard a loud grunt from behind me, “Oh My God he’s in me” she croaked, as the unmistakable sound of a boys climax assailed my ears and her body was forcefully thrust backwards, Alice shuddered into her own explosive orgasm as I turned to see my own son David thrusting hard into my dear wife, the both of them in the throes of their simultaneous cumming together. Alice pulled my lips to hers as the shattering orgasm shook her to her very core.

The thrusting stopped as Alice continued to shiver and shudder then the thrusting renewed and I turned to see Ben now embedded into my wife’s pulsating pussy and heard his loud grunts before his second thrust had ended. Jack took his place mere seconds later and I’m pretty sure he spurted as soon as his cock started to spread her inner lips, he pulled out of her and Russell slid inside her as Alice finally started towards the end of her orgasm.

“wait wait” she pleaded holding him tight to stop him moving inside her as she had hit that tender part of her orgasm but Russell was already ejaculating deep inside her overflowing pussy so he didn’t mind stopping.

“Oh David …” she started to say as she moved my face out of her vision then realised it was Russell who was inside her, “when did you?…” “straight after Ben and Jack” he stated, “but wait,... all four of you?” she cried out in amazement. “Yep, you orgasmed through four of theirs in less than a minute .. that’s gotta be some kind of record!” I laughed “didn’t you feel them swapping over?”

“was that four virgins?” she asked sheepishly as all four nodded and grinned broadly.

Russell slowly pulled his cum covered cock from my wife’s depths and Alice and I both strained up to watch as 4 good loads of teenage cum dribbled from her overflowing pussy down over her rosebud and dripped off into the pool on the floor that had already formed directly below her shapely butt, we turned and grinned at each other.

“My turn now” I exclaimed “how about you suck me off while I watch these boys take turns on you doggy style!!”

“Yessssss” she said as her face lit up. Three of the boys already sported erections again, oh to be a randy teenager again!

I sat up straighter to get a better view as Alice knelt before me and advanced on my cock but just before I did she turned to David “had you touched a women before tonight?” “none of us actually” he grinned.

“Well lets make this night special for you, take your time and enjoy me as much as I am enjoying you all” she said before turning and engulfing my throbbing cock in her warm sucking mouth.

David knelt behind her and a look of extreme pleasure enveloped his face as my wife’s cum filled pussy enveloped his teenage cock.

David started off slowly savouring the feeling as he thrust long full lengths into her but it wasn’t long before his speed increased and a couple of minutes later he thrust hard and held it as he pumped his second load deep inside her.

Alice was moaning around my cock as she stopped her for a minute while David pulled out and Ben thrust easily into her well used pussy.

Alice’s eyes glazed over as Ben’s long deep thrusts brought her close to her peak but when he neared his peak and started thrusting fast and hard it was too much and she shuddered and moaned in a deep satisfying orgasm joined a few seconds later by Ben’s.

Ben collapsed onto her back collapsing Alice down and they both had to rest for a minute or so to regain their senses.

Ben moved away and Alice got back in position grinning a sorry before her warm wet lips all the way down to my pubes before setting an easy face pace.

Jack sidled up behind her and only managed about three or four strokes inside her before he grunted and dumped his second load deep inside her.

He looked a little disappointed as he pulled out and Russell, who by now had regained his erection, took his place and kept up a frantic pace for a few minutes before Alice sucked me to a simply marvellous orgasm.

Alice then started thrusting back as another climax overtook her which sent Russell over the edge and they both collapsed on to the ground in front of me. Alice swallowed then licked some of my errant cum from the corner of her mouth.

David took the opportunity to peel Alice’s T shirt up and off her body and ran his hands gently over her breasts before taking one nipple in his mouth getting a nice little pleasurable squirm from Alice before he kneeled between her legs and started fucking her again.

I think Alice was a bit surprised but she soon started urging him on and this time he lasted a good 10 minutes or so before Alice came again and he stopped for a minute to allow Alice to recover. She soon started to urge him on and he almost howled as he blasted her insides with whatever he had left in his balls.

David moved to her side and Ben quickly entered her as she lay there completely relaxed to his gentle thrusting, David moved down a bit and suckled her nipple as she tenderly held his head, it looked so sweet as she tenderly nursed him while Ben gently thrust deep inside her.

Little Jack scooted up opposite David and sucked on her other nipple so Alice cradled his head as well but Jack couldn’t help himself and rubbed his cock against her butt cheek from the side and came with a gentle moan.

Alice held him there and kissed his head as he calmed down again and snuggled back into her.

Ben slowed his thrusting before grunting softly as he came inside her then he wearily moved away and settled against the couch to watch Russell take Jack’s turn and was soon pumping fast and hard into her for several minutes until he released his load to join the others .. he crawled away and collapsed on the floor beside Ben.

Alice was panting in excitement from Russell’s effort so she reached down and stroked jacks wilting cock to life and he eagerly mounted her lasting just long enough for Alice to squeeze in one more orgasm before he collapsed in top of her.

A few minutes later she gently pushed the almost sleeping jack off her and I helped her up and we staggered off to bed to collapse all cuddled up to each other still covered in cum but too exhausted to do anything about it.

The sun had already made its presence known hours before we woke to a very quiet home and I asked my sleepy wife how she was feeling after last nights insane debauchery, “I’m feeling a tiny bit tender but could handle another couple” she grinned mischievously grabbing my morning wood.

“My God woman, haven’t you had enough!!” I laughed

April looked a little serious, “Are you OK with it?, what are we going to say to David and his friends?, I don’t want the whole town to know what I did” “Are you OK with it is the important question, I loved every minute of it!” I stated.

“Well too be honest, I loved getting used like a sex doll and watching their faces as they came inside me, especially being the one to take their virginity, it was such a thrill to me for them to just take me when and how they wanted without any thought if I wanted to or not. I’m getting horny again just thinking of it” she blushed.

Just then David knocked and I told him to come in, April sank a little as David froze seeing April on top of the bed, naked, covered in dry and wet cum patches and his cock immediately started to push out his boxers.

“Umm, I just wanted to see if you are alright and let you know the guys have all gone home and I warned them that if any whisper of last night gets out I will tell everyone I caught them sucking each other off” he boasted.

“thank you, I was worried about what we were going to do and yes, I am fine with what happened last night and what will happen in the future” said April holding her arms out for a hug.

“Future?” asked David stooping for the hug

“yes future, that means that any time, day or night, no matter what she is doing, you can use my wife to dump a load”

April shivered in anticipation and glanced at me before turning back to David with a smile and a nod.

“anytime?” grinned David sitting up and looking down at her cum covered pussy then up at both of us nodding affirmation.

David wasted no time in standing to drop his boxers freeing a full on erection and positioning himself between her knees, “wait” I exclaimed You cant just shove it in a dry hole you’ll hurt her, she needs to be lubricated first!”

“With what, how,” he asked.

“well normally I would lick her pussy to get her started or …” but before I could finish he had dropped between her thighs and had taken a long lick much to April and my complete surprise. April and I exchanged looks and shrugs as David enthusiastically slurped away seeming to relish the mess he and his mates had made down there.

“Ready” said April tapping him on the shoulder and after a few more licks he moved up and gently prodded her opening with his precum smeared young dick before slowly but surely pushing all the way inside then promptly convulsing as he spurted deep inside her welcoming pussy.

David sighed, kissed her on the cheek and relaxed saying “thank you, I was dying to lick you last night but did not want the others see me do it, that was absolutely awesome” April kissed him on the forehead, patted him on the back and said “your welcome to do it any time if that’s what turns you on”

David was still embedded deeply inside her and started thrusting slowly again as he was obviously still hard after several minutes of gentle fucking he treated April to a nice little orgasm before he loudly grunted and filled her pussy again. He kissed her on the lips then grinned and dived between her legs again once more cleaning most of the previous damp cum from her as will as what was dribbling out from the two new loads he had just served her.

He sat up and told her he had only come in to tell her he had run a bath for her and was now going to top it up with hot water then exited the room.

April smiled turning to me noticing my hand stroking my erection after watching the sexy scene played out before me, she raised her eyebrows and straddled my thighs before impaling her hot wet cunt on my rigid cock and proceeded to vigorously fuck herself to orgasm then finished me off a short time later with her mouth savouring my huge load by swirling it around showing me glimpses and dribbles before swallowing it in obvious pleasure.

I collapsed back on the bed but April jumped up full of energy “bath” she grinned, picked up Davids boxer from the floor and sashayed naked toward the bathroom.

It was a good ten minutes later when I heard some splashing and grunting and wandered down to the bathroom to find April sitting in the bath, the back of her head against the wall and David thrusting his cock into her mouth like a well used pussy, I was a little worried about him being so rough until I noticed her hands on his bum urging him to do it harder and harder until he grunted, groaned and pumped what was left in his balls into her accommodating mouth.

David sank back into the bath then April stood and positioned her pussy on his mouth and basically fucked his head for a few short minutes while he tried to keep up with her until she came hard her legs giving way and she collapsed in front of him back into the water.

I was standing there feeling like I had a hard on even if it hung there softer than an over ripe banana wondering how someone who a half an hour ago was being so submissive was now aggressively getting herself off when April said huskily “was that how you wanted me to act?” “Yep perfect!” replied David breathlessly.

I slipped into the bath behind April and she snuggled into me. “I think I’ve created a monster” I laughed as we all soaked in the warm water, relaxed more than any family had the right to be.

Lunch and dinner were both served with a side of wet pussy as David took great delight in getting my wife to straddle him with her pussy enveloping his young cock while he fed her lunch and dinner to her before a couple of quick hard upthrusts unloaded a different sort of meal to her other set of lips, April not only loved the attention but David did the dishes afterwards which is something he always tried to get out of where possible.

April gave up on wearing underwear and instead just wore a short dress so she was available at the drop of a … pair of boxers!

Just before bed time while we were watching the end of a movie David pulled April to the edge of her chair and spent several minutes and two orgasms enthusiastically licking every bit of her pussy and arse.

I suddenly decided her arse was mine to be first in and stated “Anal is mine alone, you can lick it but my cock is the only one using that!”

April and David both looked up sharply and nodded before David thrust his cock into the welcoming depths of her slippery sheath and was soon pumping her cunt full again. He gave her a quick clean up with his talented tongue, kissed her goodnight and headed off to bed.

I slipped into place and while thrusting my cock into her well prepared pussy lamented the fact that I was not like my son and preferred an empty pussy to lick and that was not going to happen anytime soon the way my son was going.

“This pussy belongs to my husband, he has the last word on when and where it can be used so I can either not let anyone have me for a day or two or just use my mouth, its totally his choice” she stated.

I grinned, “OK, Mouth Monday it is then”

“umm, when do you want to take my anal” she asked apprehensively, “I have never tried that before and don’t know what to do”

“me either, maybe on my birthday!, its a couple of weeks away and we can find out what we need to do before then”

Early the next morning David didn’t even both to put any clothes on before he was crawling into bed beside my Wife and teasing her awake with his fingers, “sorry but I have also decided that no one uses Aprils pussy on Mondays so that I can lick a nice fresh pussy without getting a mouthful” I said looking at a dejected David, “But you can use my mouth all you like” grinned April.

David wasted no time in getting on top into a 69 position and was soon licking her pussy while pumping his cock down into her mouth … luckily his cock is not as long as mine so he could fuck her mouth with only the occasional gag disturbing the regular fap fap fap as his balls slapped against her chin. A couple of minutes later he groaned and grunted his way through a powerful orgasm pumping several large spurts of his semen into the deep recesses of her mouth triggering her orgasm a scant few second later on his probing tongue.

As soon as David stood and went to get ready for school April attacked my erection and slurped her way to the base of my cock quite a few times without gagging and it wasn’t long before my cum joined my Sons in her belly. April was quite proud of the fact that she was getting used to the feeling of a cock in her throat and promised she would practice until she was perfect.

I think I’m going to enjoy this new stage in our marriage!
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