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Bimbo Lights, Anal Ale, and a breasty readhead, oh my!

I went to the kitchen for breakfast Monday morning. I was sad to see Carol was nearly bald again, with a Marine-style haircut. Mom said, “There’s an inspection coming up at the clinic. I got stuck working all next weekend. Elizabeth and her fiancée will be busy, and Carol is going to stay at Jenny’s over the weekend. I know you’re almost 19, but I’d feel more comfortable if you stayed at the Westin’s house with Carol instead of being by yourself. Okay, Ken?”

Jenny’s younger sister Wendy was a gorgeous redhead half a year older than me. I had a massive crush on her curly red hair, pretty face, wonderfully rounded butt, and bountiful boobs. “Okay!”

“Do what Mrs. Westin and your sister tell you. Be good for them.”

I’d do nearly anything to be near Wendy. “Sure! No problem!”


After school Thursday, I went to Ricky’s house. The rest of our friends were ‘too busy with homework’. I knew Andy and Wil’s ‘homework’ involved sex with their new girlfriends, and Josh was busy screwing his younger sister Cindy again. After two rounds jerking off to porn mags in Ricky’s basement, I said, “I got something just as good as Bimbo Lights, maybe better. Here. Read the label and get a hot girl to drink it.” I handed him a bottle of Anal Ale.

“OHMIGAWD! This stuff really works?”

I smiled from ear to ear. “On Friday and Saturday I fucked a pair of girls in the butt, three times each. It works great!”

“Wow! Um… don’t freak out, okay? I haven’t told anybody else yet. This is really embarrassing, but…”

I asked what I had suspected for a long time. “But you’re gay?”

“No! I love girls and sex with girls! But I kind of want to try… uh, does this stuff work on guys too?”

“I don’t know, but the bottle says so. I’m not gay or into guys at all, so don’t even think…”

“No, I know you’re totally straight. I wouldn’t try anything with you. Please keep my secret?”

“We’ve been friends since kindergarten. Sure. So, which guy do you want to screw?”

“Uh, don’t tell anybody, okay? Mr. Hansen, my Literature professor. I’m pretty sure he’s gay and he’s SO HOT!”

I felt a little nauseous but said, “I hope you have fun with him. I’m spending the weekend at the Westin’s place.” I stood up to leave.

He moaned as he pondered, “Oooh! Chesty Wendy Westin! With the curly red hair and big, round…”

I pointed at the bottle of Anal Ale. “I really hope it works with Wendy. Good luck.”

“Good luck to you too, buddy.”


I drove Carol to the Westin’s house Friday after school. I parked in the driveway and asked, “So how did I do driving?”

She joked, “You kept the tires on the ground most of the time. Better than last week.”

I sarcastically replied, “Hah hah! Very funny! Other than hitting that mailbox, I’m doing okay.”

“What about the half a dozen times you ran over the curb?”

I blushed in shame. “Well… nobody died. That’s the big thing.”

She chuckled, “Sure. Hahaha!”

We got out of the car and she said, “Some good news, Jenny’s Mom and Dad will be out of town all weekend, so it’ll be just the four of us.” She changed to her ‘little girl’ voice. “My widdle baby bwother finally gets a chance to kiss his widdle girlfriend.”

“Hey! You know I’ve done a lot more than kiss, like last weekend when we…”

Gorgeous Wendy answered the door. “I have a pizza cooking. I’ll be doing my homework in my room. Come get me when the oven beeps.”

I nervously asked, “Homework can wait. Want to watch a movie or play a game?”

“I do the most important things first. Shut off the oven and knock on my door when it’s done.”

I disappointedly answered, “Okay.”

As we walked into the living room, Jenny grabbed Carol’s butt. She rapidly said, “If we hurry, we have time for a quickie upstairs while it cooks.”

Carol pointed to the game console by the TV and told me, “Have fun playing with yourself... err, by yourself. Hahaha!”

I tried to play a game but was too distracted. There was a rhythmic thumping coming from the ceiling, as a bed upstairs bounced repeatedly.


After we ate, Carol sat by Jenny and lit a cigar in the living room. Wendy complained, “Eeew! Go smoke that stinky thing outside!” I smiled as we finally agreed on something.

I said, “Please, Carol. It smells SO BAD!”

“Fine.” She led Jenny by the hand as they walked to the back yard.

Wendy wondered, “Why do smokers keep doing it? It smells SO AWFUL!”

I saw my chance and reached into my backpack. “Have you ever wondered what smoking feels like? It must be good, if people keep paying a lot of money and put up with the smell. Did you ever want to try it?” I held up the pack of Bimbo Lights.

“I don’t know. We shouldn’t.”

“How about you try just one, to see what it’s like?” I opened the pack and held out a cigarette.

“I heard it’s bad for you and really addictive.”

I held the unlit cigarette under her nose. “Smell it. Just try one, then I’ll quit bugging you.”

She inhaled through her nose, sampling the aromas of tobacco and whatever else was in it. “It smells kind of nice.” She smiled and sniffed it again, then adjusted the crotch of her jeans. “Well, I guess just one won’t hurt.”

She held the flame of a lighter to the tip and sucked in a big puff of smoke. Instead of coughing like I expected, she smiled as she exhaled slowly. “Oooh! That’s nice!”

I saw Jenny taking a puff from their cigar outside. Most of it remained, and it usually took them an hour to finish one. I was confident they would be outside quite a while. Wendy took another big puff as I suggested, “How about a beer too? Have you ever tried it?”

She exhaled a cloud as she said, “Well, I guess one wouldn’t hurt.” She took a small sip, then a larger one. “This tastes pretty good.”

I was half erect, knowing Wendy would soon be a wanton slut begging me for sex. I was quite surprised that she finished three Bimbo Lights and three bottles of Anal Ale before showing any sign they were working. She wiped her forehead. “It’s hot in here. Are you too warm?”

“No, I feel fine.”

She pulled her sweater over her head, then started unbuttoning her blouse. “I’m SO hot!”

I stared at her arousing cleavage as I replied, “You really are!”

“Hehehe! I like you. You’re funny. Help me with my buttons.”

I happily did, and stared at the ponderous mounds in her lacy white bra once we had her blouse off.

“Help me with my pants too, and get yours off.”

“We should go to your room.”

She smiled and giggled. “Hehehe! Yeah, we don’t want to fuck in front of our sisters. Hehehe!” She ran up the stairs calling to me, “Hurry up! I’m SO HORNY!”

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