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I start fucking a bi girl named Misha. This starts a series of events that lead to the awakening of my darker side.
This story is about my sexual escapades with a bi girl named Misha during my freshman year in college. I have never really told anyone about these events until writing this. It is very long but chronicles our entire sexual relationship from start to finish. These are all real events but with names changed. I hope you enjoy my retelling of the events

My name is Jay, I wrestled in high school and worked out avidly. At 18 I was “cut” at 150 pounds I had an 8 pack well defined chest and arms and sex drive to match. I had long bling surfer hair and was quite the party animal. I had a girlfriend during the 4 years of high school and was used to getting laid every day multiple times a day. I was never satisfied with cumming once and usually would fuck until I came at least twice. I had just started my freshman year of college at Humboldt state. The fact I wasn’t getting laid on a daily basis started to affect me. I found my self needing to jack off so I wouldn’t be walking around with a hard on all day.

One night after going out with friends I was very drunk and enjoying a smoke at the smoking gazebo we had in front of our dorms. There were a few people there also smoking and we chit chatted. I noticed this girl misha staring at me whenever she pull out another cigarette she asked if I could light it for her. She would stare into my eyes intently as I did so. After the second time I got the hint and started chatting her up. She wasn’t my usually type. Misha was half black with short shoulder length black hair. Very petit frame probably didn’t weigh more than 90 pounds. Her bottom lip, tung, and nose were pierced. No tits to speak of and a pretty cute face. As we chatted she got closer and people started to funnel of to bed until it was just me and her. She then made her move and asked if I wanted to come back to her dorm. Being drunk and horny I readily agreed.

Misha was living in the LGBQT dorms that were coed and had all the gay/lesbian/bi freshman that wanted to live together. You entered a main door and then it was around 15 dorms inside with 2 people in each room. Roommate would be the same sex but the shower/bathroom area was coed with “optional” privacy curtains. As I came to learn everyone there was very sex positive and open about nudity around the common areas.

We stumbled into her room and the first thing I noticed was her roommate sitting up in her bed on her computer. Misha said “Hi Sam, this is Jay he’s going to spend the night.” She nodded but didn’t say anything and her attention went back to her computer. Sam was a redhead had a pixi hair cut. She had a lot of tattoos and had that edgy look. She seemed young for her age and had a very pretty and innocent look about face. She was in one of my classes and new she had a good skinny figure with nice c cup breasts she tried to hide in baggy clothing.

Misha and I went to her bed and I whispered to her to ask if we should wait. She whispered back saying no it’s ok she’s cool with it. Me being drunk thought fuck it and I climbed into bed with Misha under the covers. We started to make out and slipping out of our clothes. I found out both misha’s puffy nipples were pierced and she had little A cup breasts. As she got my clothes off she ran her hands all over me. “Jesus your fucking hot!” she said. Then reached down to feel my now free cock. She wrapped her hand over it and exclaimed not too quietly “OMG you dick is huge! I am above average size at 9 inches long and pretty thick. She then proceeded to play with it as I started to suck on her pierced nipples. It was the first girl I had been with with pierced tits. I then pulled away and guided her head toward my dick until I felt her tung lick my tip. She peppered it it kissed and little licks then I felt her mouth engulf my head. I could feel her piercing slid against me as she wiggled her tung on me. I put my hands behind her head and guided her down on it. A little more then half way down I hit the back of her throat and kept pushing. She started gagging and I gave her a couple hard trusts. I pulled out to let her catch a breath. I repeated this over and over until she had spit, precum, and tears running down her face. then laid her back her on her back. She whispered mm I like it rough. I had no emotional connection or feelings for her and I started to feel this urge to fuck her hard and relentlessly. It was a dark desire growing in me I wanted to hurt her with my dick and being drunk and sexually frustrated I decided I wanted to destroy this little slut. I threw the blankets back and saw her roommate was still in her computer. I found it hot she could openly see and hear us. I had never had sex in front of anyone found that it turned me on a lot. I sat down on misha’s chest and started to use one hand to guide my cock into her mouth and reached back with the other one to start roughly fingering her. Soon I was full on fucking her face into her bed frame and shoving three fingers in her tight pussy at once. She had tears running down her face from choking and I would pull out every so often to slap her hard in the face with my hard dick making loud wet smaking noises. I had this need and want to degrade her. I looked over at her room mate a couple times and could clearly see her looking over her computer now staring at us. There was enough light in the room for her to clearly see what I was doing. I then climbed down and lined my dick up with misha’s pussy. She was dripping wet. I took her legs and bent them back to her ears and told her sternly to hold them like that. She obeyed with a silent submissive nod. I looked over an saw her room mate had put her computer to the side and was watching us. I think she was playing with herself under the covers.

Misha was very obedient after I had been so rough. Her pussy looked good presented to me for the taking. I started to push my head into her and was amazing how tight and small she was. I wasn't even in half way before I could tell it started to be too much dick for her. Her eyes were open wide and she started to protest. Panting out “oh my fucking god it’s too big Jay” I smiled and pushed harder and slide my whole dick in her. I had one inch To go and felt my dick hit resistance I pushed further. She let out a high pitch squeal And I put my hand around her neck as I held inside her as deep as I could go. I start to pump hard and slammed our pelvises together hard with each thrust. Misha was practically screaming at this point. I felt like I was spitting her in two. I started to fuck hard like really fucking hard. I wasn’t fucking for pleasure or to get off I was fucking to hurt her. I couldn’t get enough of her sounds and reaction.

We hit a crescendo and I felt her pussy start gushing on me. It was convulsing around me and Misha was screaming out in ecstasy. I went all out and kept roughly fucking her through the whole oragasm. It felt like it lasted forever. As she came down I pulled out and then flipped her over. She was so small and light I could really man handle her. I bent her over so her face was in her pillow and legs spread a bit. Before I entered her I heard a buzzing and soft moaning and looked over at Sam she was still covered in her blankets but was obviously using a vibrator on her self. She was watching us intently. This invigorated me and I wanted to put on a show for her.

I roughly shoved my dick into misha’s dipping pussy and she cried out. I proceeded to pound her without mercy. When I first went all the way in she would try to pull away as I went too deep. I slapped her ass hard and said “don’t move you little slut” and held her hips. She obeyed but every time I went in she would groan out in pain. I kept it up for 30 minutes or so. Both our bodies were covered in sweat. I felt a big load start to build and I shoved as hard as I could into her and held it. With her squealing and trying to pull away I pinned her down and filled her pussy with a giant load of cum. I slid out of her but hadn’t softened at all. She collapsed and was breathing deeply letting out little moans of pleasure showing she had really like what I did to her.

I was still very aroused and knew I wanted more. Not wanting to lose my arousal I picked her up off the bed and stood up. She seemed to weigh nothing. I held her up by her ass with her legs around my hips. I lowered her onto my cock and she reached down to put it into her cum filled pussy. In the middle of the room I moved her up and down on me. She clawed my back and was panting wildly. I heard elevated moaning and a wet slapping and saw Sam was pumping her pussy under the covers and cumming as she arched her back. Misha and I continued to fuck for another hour and a half until I put a second load inside her. we collapsed onto her bed and finally passed out.

When I awoke and recalled the events of the nights before I got a bad feeling. That was the roughest most hard core sex I had ever had. I didn’t know what her reaction would be. I was so degrading to her and rough. I noticed Sam was already gone probably at her morning classes. Misha awoke shortly after me and cuddled up to me. She said “ Jay that was the best sex I have ever had. Your a fucking sex god! I feel like that big cock of your rearranged all my organs. Honestly I have been crushing on you since I saw you on the first day of school.” My fears instantly left and I started to gently run my fingers over her nipples as she lay their. I replied with “yea that was pretty intense. I think your roommate enjoyed the show” she chuckled and explained Sam was a lesbian and had a girlfriend back home. She had never been with a guy and had told Misha she was afraid of men. But any time she had brought a guy or girl over Sam always watched.

Misha got up and almost doubled over. “Jesus I’m so sore, I have never been fucked like that before” I laughed as asked if it was too much. She assured me it wasn’t and that the way I fucked her was the hottest sex she ever had. She asked if I wanted to go shower and I asked what about your RA? She explained the bathrooms were coed and most people in the LGBQT dorms were very sexually open people. She said there are curtains but no one uses them. With that she got me and her a towel and she ushered my to follow her.

We walked from her room to the showers naked with our towels on our arms. When we got there there was a girl and two guys showing under the many shower heads. As Misha said no one had used their curtains and it seems like everyone was very comfortable about being in the buff around eachother. This was my first nudist experience. We showered next to eachother and I was openingly ogling her and the other girl and noticed the guys sneaking looks at me. I of cause had a boner the whole time. One of the guys then laughed and said Jesus Misha you kept the whole dorm up last night you guys were load as fuck! Now I can’t see why as he very clearly was referencing to me dick. She giggled and said yea Jay here is a sex god. He everyone In the showers laughed from that. I hadn’t thought about it till now but realized Misha was screaming at the top of her lungs for more than 2 hours. We’ll glad you found a stud Misha next time shove a sock in her mouth Jay.

After our shower I left and went back to my dorm. I kept running the events of last night and this morning in my head and became very aroused. It just all felt so erotic. That night I went out with friends again and at 2am I texted Misha to ask if she was awake. She just send “come over” back. I had found a perfect booty call.

I ravaged her nightly for a couple weeks and we found a routine of Sam always getting off watching us. always under her covers and with me relentlessly destroying Misha. We would shower together in the morning with the other floor mates. I became a bit popular in the gay/lesbian dorm as everyone teased me about what a stud I was and how Misha always said I was a sex god. I did things I never did with other girls like slapping her around a little and chocking her almost until she passed out. After the third strait day of fucking she had needed a day break for her pussy to heal. I had fucked my cock pretty raw too. In week two I was very drunk and was pounding her doggie style and was fingering her asshole. She had just cummed and I was covered in her juices. I pulled out and then lined my dick up with her ass. I spit down on her asshole. As I was pushing my head Into her ass she realized what I was doing and started to protest. “Noooo Jay she wined, your too big.” I roughly kept shoving in her as I pinned her down on the bed. I started to pump into her in slow but forceful thrusts. If she could have escaped she would have. she was fighting to get away with everything she had. I just held her down and savaged her asshole until I was pumping cum deep into her bowels. After that I used her ass almost nightly with her reacting pretty much the same each time. Our relationship quickly turned to obedient sex slave and abusive master. I did anything I wanted to her any time I wanted to.

Then one day Misha texts me and said she had something to talk to me about. I asked her what was up and she what she had to say floored me. She explained that she was talking to her roommate Sam and she had expressed that she had a very particular fantasy. She was a virgin and had never been with a guy before. She had obviously broken her cherry on vibrators and enjoyed penetration. Misha then dropped a bomb. She told me that Sam had a rape fantasy about being taken by a guy for the first and she wanted to see if I would be willing to forfill it. I liked to give it rough and up until Misha I had never really felt these dark desires to abuse and degrade. I wouldn’t have ever considered something like that before but now it had almost an immediate reaction to me. My hearts started pounding and my adrenaline was coursing through me as I text back and asked her to explain. She told me that Sam had approached her and asked her what it was like to be used on a nightly basis like that. She was very curious about how it felt and why Misha kept wanting more even though it sounded so painful. She told Sam that it was just really intense but it all felt really good. Sam explained to Misha she kept thinking about me coming in to their room the middle of the night and having my way with against her consent. She basically would imagine that every time she watched us and pleasured herself. I was quite intrigued and ask how it would all work. She explained that sam wanted me to come into the room in the middle of the night when she was sleeping and molest her and then have my way with her. I asked so how exactly would it work would she protest and try to get me to stop? She said yea that kind of her kink is getting taken against her will. I told Misha I would have to think about it and would need assurances that it was truly consensual.

A day later I got a video sent to me from misha’s number. It was a video of sam. In it she stated her wish was for me to have sex with her and that no matter what it was consensual. I texted back with just one word. When? Misha texted back after a little and said she was going to her parents house in two weekends and to do it either Saturday or Sunday. Sam didn’t want to know when so we kept her in the dark. Misha ended up giving me a copy of her room key and before she left town we also went to the local sex shop to see if there was anything of interest for the special night.

We ended up buying cuffs and straps for arms and legs to get tied to the bed posts and a gag that had a ring for the mouth keeping the mouth open and making it so the wearer couldn’t bite. I really could not believe this was happening and had to be one of the most erotic moments of my life leading up to the event. I was rock hard the whole time in the sex shop.

it was about 2am on Saturday night and I headed over to misha’s and Sam’s room. In the hall way I put a ski mask over my face. As I walked in the lights were all off expect for the glow of her computer screen on her desk. I quietly and slowing started to slide the blankets off of Sam’s body. She was wearing a tank top (no bra) and loose shorts. I didn’t want to wake her yet so first I gently started to put one of the cuffs on each hand. I was able to get both hands strapped down without her waking. I then put the cuffs around her ankles and successfully got both secured also without waking her. I went to her desk and grabbed her scissors and slowing got down on the bed so I could start to cut her shirt and shorts of. She started to stir and open her eyes. As she realizes she was restrained she panicked and started to pull and tug with no effect. I put my hand over her mouth and got over her. In a harsh voice I said shut the fuck up you little bitch and slapped her hard in the face and put my hand back over her mouth. Her eyes were filled with fear. I said you better be quite and don’t fight me or you will regret it and asked if she understood. She nodded her head yes and I took my hand off. Please don’t do this she started pleading. As I reached behind me for the gag she started to cry. With the gag in hand I slapped her again and said you be good now you know you want this. I put the gag around her head and got the ring inserted into her mouth as she tried to toss her head back and forth to protest. After slapping her again and holding her jaw tight in my grip she let me finish putting it on. Once I got it strapped on her mouth was held wide open by a ring big enough for my dick to fit through. All she could do was mumble and gargle. With her now completely helpless to my desires. I cut all her clothes off of her and admired her naked body spread before me. It was very kinky with all the leather straps and gag. I started to molest her body. I would pinch and twist her nipples till her body writhed in pain. I bite them a few times and then aggressively sucked on them. My hand found it’s way to her cunt and let’s just say she was already like a slipnslid down there. I said “ is this turning you on you little slut. I knew you were a cock lover” she vigorously shook her head no and tears were freely running down her face. When she tried to speak only gargled noises came out. I started to rub her juices from her clit to her asshole and slipping my finger into her holes slightly as I went over them. Then I inserted two at once into her pussy and started to jack hammer then in and out. She started to trash trying to get out but she was firmly tied down and spread. I increased to three and then 4 fingers barely able to fit. Took turns chocking her and slapping her tits hard with my other hand. Just as I felt her about to cum I pulled out and stood up. She was breathing hard looking at me through red puffy eyes. I quickly pulled all my clothes off and her eyes were locked onto my dick. And I climbed on top of her again and started to rub my dick on her tits she went wild trying to turn side to side to get me off of her and bucking her hips. I brought my dick up to the gag and slid it through the ring. He moans of protest felt like pleasurable vibrations on my dick and I started to forcefully throat fuck her. With every thrust she would gag hard and her throat muscles would contract around my dick. I just sat on her tits and proceeded to fuck her face roughly. Ever now and then pulling out and she would gasp for breath. A couple of times I would pinch her nose and shove all the way in. She would turn red then purple and right before she passed out I would withdraw and let her catch her breath. This went on for a solid half an hour. When I had enough of abusing her throat I moved on for the real prize. I was so excited to be the first cock to fuck this little nympho.

Again the trashing and hip bucking started and girggles escaped her gag. Either she really did change her mind or she was putting on quite the act. I transfer the straps for her legs to the upper bed posts one at a time. She tried to kick and fight but I was too strong for her. Once I got them secured her legs were bent back and spread wide. Her pussy was perfectly at my mercy.

She was panicking and sobbing through her gag. Shaking her head no. I slapped my dick again and again against her pussy with a load smack, smack, smack, and ran it up and down her soaking wet lips. I then pulled back until my head was pushing into her lips and my head was entering her. I looked up from her beautiful pussy and looked her in the eye as I entered her. It was the tightest pussy I had ever been in. I felt it stretch and fight to accommodate me. She was completely unable to resist as I pushed all the way inside her. As I held my entire length in her as far and I could I felt her pussy spasm around me. The little slut was cumming within 10 seconds of having the first dick she ever had inside her. I just held it their as her body betrayed her and enjoyed the feeling of her wetness gush onto me. I then started to pullout slowing and thrust back in with incredible force. Every time she would let out a primal grunt and was panting through her gag. I kept going harder and harder. After 20 minutes of hard fucking she came again and I shoved inside her as I felt it start.

This one was bigger and her body shook. I pulled out and went down to taste her and licked her wetness with enthusiasm I then latched onto her clit and lashed it with my tongue. She started to cum again in no time and I just kept sucking relentlessly. She kept cumming over and over until she climaxed by squirted all over my face.

I took turns fucking her face and then pussy with no mercy until about 6 AM. Then I had the biggest orgasm of my life deep in her little pussy. As I came down I laid on top of her for a bit and just let my duck soak. After I slowly undid her gag and straps. She curled into a ball on her bed and wrapped her arms around her legs. I figured she wanted some time to process the night. I slapped her ass and told her she did good and then I left the room to go back to my dorm.

I texted Misha later that morning and said I might have gone a little too far. Is Sam ok? She texted back and said sam called her and said it was everything she ever fantasized about. She said Sam wanted to thank me for helping her finally live out her fantasy. I really couldn’t believe it not only did I rape a girl but she wanted to thank me for it. Misha said her trip to her parents was so boring and she was pretty worked up from hearing what happened from Sam and couldn’t wait to come back.

Things went back to normal and Misha and I kept hooking up pretty regularly. Sam always would enjoy the show. A couple of times I woke up in the morning and fuck sam as Misha slept. I never asked sam I just did it when I wanted to.

We eventually stoped our escapees as I found a girlfriend and Misha started to date a girl named Shannon. I had thought we moved out separate ways.

6 months later I was single again. I texted my old booty call up in the middle of the night and asked Misha if she wanted to screw. She told he she had a boyfriend now but wished she could. She then texted me that her old girlfriend shannon was into me and asked if I wanted her to send her over to my dorm. I responded with a fuck yea!

Shannon was a total fucking knockout. She was from Southern California and had that dull dumb rich girl personality. She was tall at 5”10’ very slim figure but with a bubble but and huge DD breasts. She had a model face and long dark hair. Always very very done up and she payed a lot of attention to her appearance. During winter break that year I had been to her parents house in socal and ended up giving her a ride back to Humboldt with some friends. I thought she was hot but have never made a move. Misha ended up telling me Shannon used to ask her all kinds of questions about me and how I was in bed when they were dating eachother. I asked her what she said and she just responded with I told her you were a sex god of coarse!

20 minutes later Shannon knocked on my door. She was wearing seat pants and a tank with no bra. I was drunk and a little high on molly. She seemed dead sober. I had one of the bigger dorms where I shared a living room with another roommate but we each had our own bedrooms. I lead her into my room. I started to feel empowered knowing she was willing to be sent to me for sex by her ex girlfriend and had so readily agreed. I also didn’t really have a high opinion of Shannon because she just seemed dull and quite. I also missed my dominate/submissive relationship I had with Misha. So i had made the choice that I wanted to degrade and humiliate this little slut.

She stood nervously in my room as I shut the door. I left the lights on and looked her up and down. So you came for some dick tonight? She blushed red and meekly let out a head shake to say yes. Take your clothes off let me see your body I demanded. She didn’t hesitate but went slow. slipped out of her sweat pants and pulled her top over her head. She stood there naked as I inspected her. She was fucking perfect. Amazing skin. Firm but shapely ass on tiny hips and the really big perfect tits that could only be that perky on an 18 year old. She didn’t have a single hair on her entire body. Very clean pussy lips with a gap between her legs just under it.

Get on your knees I ordered. She did as requested and I immediately dropped my pants and wiped out my semi hard cock. I looked down at her pretty face as she was inspecting my dick. Well suck it I said with impatience. She took the base of my cock in her hand and started to blow me. She would gag and choke every time she tried to go to deep. Before putting it back in I would hold her head and rub my cock all over her pretty face before letting her continue. When I had enough I told her to bed over my bed. She did as requested and I took her. The hottest thing about fucking Shannon was she had this little squeak she would made when I was going hard. It drove me nuts! Her tits were just too good to waste so after I had enjoyed pounding her I had her hold her tits so I could tity fuck her. When I felt my load build and I cummed all over her face and tits and rubbed my sensitive cock all over her pretty face to spread the cum all over it. I then sent her back to her room directly after I came without letting her clean up.

I continued to fuck Shannon almost nightly for the rest of the school year. I would just text her at any hour and she would show up within 20 minutes. My favorite thing was to cum on her face and spread it around with my dick. I always sent her back to her room directly after I finished. Her only use for me was to be my fuck doll and once I was satisfied I would get rid of her. To be honest it has probably been the most degrading I had ever been to anyone in my life then and now.

The grand finally,

The next year I had started a business and dropped out of college. I still was in Humboldt a lot to visit friends and party. One night I decided to text Misha to see if she was down for a fuck. She told me her and Shannon were dating and room mates in a house off campus. I instantly text back and asked so threesome tonight? My heart was pounding and I started to feel my self getting aroused thinking of all my sexual escapades I had with each of them. After what seemed like eternity she text back an hour later and said that then we’re down. I partied hard that night drinking a ton and doing lines of Molly. When I was done having my fun I walked through town to their house. When I knocked on the door they both answered it. They both were wearing transparent white teddies an no panties. Their little pussies bald and completely uncovered. I noticed Misha had gotten a clot piecing. I walked in and realized a couple of guys were in the living room. They were a gay couple I knew because they used to live in the gay dorms freshman year. I had showering in front of both of them. One was the one who used to give me and Misha shit for being so load when we showered. Jesus Misha you girls are such sluts he said when he saw what they were wearing. O it’s Jay the sex god! He called out as I walked in. You guys have fun! him and his boyfriend laughed as we headed to misha’s and Shannon’s room.

Was this a dream? One of my ultimate fantasies was about to happen. I had two 19 year old bi girls that were in love with each-other and I had hooked up with both of them separately many many times. They stood there in their sexy teddy’s with their tits clearly visible through the material and their pussies and asses exposed just under the hem. I went to make out with Misha and then Shannon then they made out with each other as I fondled their body’s. They broke away and pushed me onto their bed and started stripping my clothes off. Once I was completely naked they sat on the floor at the edge of the bed both between my legs with Misha holding it up as each took turns kissing and licking my cock before giving it a couple sucks before switching. I just watched and enjoyed the beautiful show. Shannon was fingering misha as they took turns. They then both licked either side of my cock at the same time and just ran their tongues up and down in unison. I will have that moment burned into my memory for the rest of my life. After enjoying the best blowjob I had ever had for a bit I stood up and Shannon laid down on the bed I stood at the edge and started to line my dick up with her pussy and felt misha’s mouth under me start to suck on my balls. She eagerly sucked as I started to fuck her girlfriend. I had never felt anything like it before. She would like my ass hole and then back to my balls over and over. She soon got up and sat on Shannon’s face and me and Misha began to make out as I thrust into Shannon and Misha rode her face. Misha began to shake and grind into Shannon’s face as her first orgasm rocked her. She pulled away from our kiss and threw her head back and she rhythmically gyrated over Shannon. When she finished she hopped off Shannon and went over to her dresser. She opened it and tossed a variety of sex toys on the bed. There was lube, dildos, vibrators, a double ended dildo, two butt plugs with little gems on the end that sits over the asshole, and some beaded toys for ass or pussy play. I pulled out of Shannon. Next Shannon and Misha both got into doggie style on the bed with their asses sticking slightly over the edge. Misha asked if I could put the butt plugs in them. I grabbed them and squirted a little lube on them. Enjoying the moment I ran my finger over their little puckered holes and with the help of the lube I put a finger in both of them at the same time. And fingered their asses in unison. I then inserted each plug into their assholes and soon two beautiful butts with shiny gems over their ass holes and dripping pussies were waiting for me.

I then started to take turns fucking them. I felt the hardness of the butt plugs through their pussies making them seem tighter. I would slide in and out of one then switch to the other pussy. I did this over and over savoring the unique feel of each. As I was doing this I grabbed one of the vibrating dildos and switched it on. I would use it on the girl I wasn’t fucking and kept switching. They both had there hands under them and were rubbing their clits. I kept this up until both girls had cummed. They then scooted more on the bed and I picked up the double headed dildo and asked them if they could show me what they did with it. They both flipped on their backs and wrapped their legs over each others so their pussies were only inches from eachother. The double ended dildo had to be 2 feet long and 2 inches thick.

As I hovered above them on my knees on the bed they both started to put it in themselves. The both started to buck and push into it until they both had at least 8 inches in them. I grabbed the middle and moved it back and fourth so as it went deeper in one it would pull out of the other. It was long enough that it stayed in both of them even as I pushed in as far as it would go into one. I began to violently slam it back and fourth. Both girls were rubbing their clits in circles as they watched. Misha took over moving it back and forth and I went to alternate face fucking both of them. Forcibly grabbing their hair as handles to hold onto as I would force my way down their throats. That night I fucked each of them in every way I could imagine. The best part was I could tell they were deeply into eachother the eagerly licked eachother and kissed the whole time. They would use the toys on eachother any chance they got. I had never even seen two girls together out side of porn and this was 100 times better. I was so turned on that I maintained a rock hard dick the entire night despite cumming in each of their pussies and also one load in misha’s ass. I think we were at it for around 8 hours until we all fell asleep cuddled together. We were all drenched in sweat and sex juices by the end. When I awoke and found two hot girls laying on each side on me with their naked body’s pressed against me. I started to get hard again started to fondle Shannon as she slept. She woke up as I started to finger her. Soon she was cumming on my hand and I turned so I could start to fuck her. I was working Shannon’s pussy and Misha woke up. She watched us for a little and went to take a shower. When she got back I told Misha to come over and I started to fucked her doggie and Shannon went to shower. I kept going until Shannon came back and then they both took turns sucking me until they worked out the very last drop of the cum in my balls and licked me clean. And unfortunately that was the end of my amazing sexual relationship with those girls.

I still talk to Misha ever now and then to recollect about our times together. Her nick name for me is still sex god and it makes me smile every time. I will always be grateful to her for the sexual experiences she helped me accomplish.


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Really great rape scene. Loved it.
You might want to consider getting a syntax/grammar checker (like Grammarly), though.

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