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The mad scientists at Bimbotech outdid themselves by creating Bimbo Lights, cigarettes which turn female smokers into hot and horny idiots. There are rumors Bimbotech is also working on new brands of beer and wine. Everybody knows all college boys are always honorable and responsible, and would never misuse them, right? Right?

After my first experience with shower sex and my first blowjob, Mom and I dressed and walked to the car. As she sat in the driver’s seat she said, “There’s so many levers and stuff. What do I do?”

“Mom, you’ve been driving over 20 years. Don’t you remember how?”

“I remember your cum tastes great! And I remember your dick feels nice in my butt. Hehehehe! But I’m just a bimbo. I don’t know machines and stuff. Want me to suck you again?”

“Sure, when we get back.” I’d only driven about a dozen times, but told her, “Swap seats, Mom. I’ll drive.”

She raised herself up as I slid toward the driver seat. She sat in my lap instead of moving over. “I like this. My butt’s on top of your big boner! Hehehehe! Where are we going?”

“A gas station. You need more Bimbo Lights.”

“Oh, yeah. I love those!”

I wasn’t comfortable with driving yet, even if I didn’t need to move Mom’s curly blonde hair out of my face and peek over her shoulder to see. Having her curvy butt pressing into my lap and her big breasts rubbing on my arms made it even more challenging. I may have only managed 20 miles an hour, but made it to the gas station.

Mom told the cashier, “I need some bimbo… bimbo… what are those called again?”

“Bimbo Lights, Mom.”

“Yeah, I’m a bimbo and need some more Bimbo Lights. Hehehe!”

The elderly cashier pulled a hair from his ear and examined it closely through his thick ‘beer goggle’ glasses. I loudly repeated, “She needs some Bimbo Lights.”

The ancient relic behind the counter farted loudly and said, “Oh, okay.” I glanced at the display of porn magazines and wished I could buy some. He looked in the cigarette rack and said, “Sorry, we don’t have ‘em. Do you want something else?” I grabbed five magazines and put them on the counter. He objected, “You need to be 21 to buy those.”

“They’re for her. You love sex, so I know you’ll like looking at sexy pictures, right, Mom?”

Luckily she agreed, “Yeah! Let’s go home and look at ‘em!”

“You need to buy them first. Pay him.”

“Oh, okay.”


We checked three more gas stations and a couple of grocery stores, but nobody carried Bimbo Lights. I was extremely disappointed. At the final place we checked, Mom got a pack of her usual menthol 100’s instead. As we climbed in the car, she said, “I don’t feel right. So tired, and my head is all woozy.”

“We’ll be home soon, Mom. It’ll be okay.”

By the time we got home, she was very lethargic and yawned several times. I was surprised she objected when we walked into her bedroom, and I tried to help her take her dress off. “Ken, I’m your mother. You shouldn’t see me naked.”

“But… but we had sex like six times today!”

“That was wrong. We shouldn’t do that. I need a nap. Go do something with your friends.” She closed the bedroom door when I walked out.

I got the porn magazines from the car and did the obvious in my bedroom for an hour. I saw Mom in the kitchen at supper time. She was wearing a bath robe and looked quite embarrassed. She took an apple and an orange from the fridge, then told me, “Make yourself a sandwich or something. I don’t want to talk about what we did today, ever. Keep it a secret, okay?”

“Okay, Mom.”

“Good night.”


I was a generous friend, so on Monday I brought three of the porno mags to Ricky’s house after class. I kept my two favorites under my mattress at home. After a rowdy argument, my buddies and I decided we could tolerate sitting in the same room jacking off to pictures of naked women. Once we swore not to touch or look at each other, of course. That week was a little better than before, since we had more pictures to stare at while we beat our meat, but we all longed for more.

On Saturday, Josh invited us to his house for a ‘special surprise’. As Andy and I walked in the back door, we saw Josh sitting on the couch with his pants down. He was getting a blowjob from his naked little sister Cindy! I saw trails of dried semen running down her legs, and more on the side of her face. She was barely 18, but kneeling on the carpet and sucking him like an experienced whore! After cumming in her mouth he asked, “Would you like to fuck my friends too, Cindy?”

“REALLY? Oh wow! Sure! Hehehehe!” She laid on her back on the sofa. Andy unzipped and hurriedly put his dick in her mouth, and I rode her tight little pussy like a man possessed. I didn’t care that her tits were barely bigger than lemons, if I could fuck her. After Andy and I both came, she sat up and smoked a Bimbo Light.

Josh asked, “How many do you have left?”

“I dunno. Lemme see.” She dumped the pack out on the coffee table. I quickly counted six, as she said, “One, two, three… uh, more than three. I can’t count that many. Sorry I’m a dumb bimbo. Hehehehe!”

Josh was quite upset. “I told you to only smoke three a day! I gave them to you yesterday!”

“Awh, but they’re so good! And the neighbors loved me being a bimbo last night.”

“You screwed the Thompsons? They’re so old and ugly! Like 50-something!”

“No, the neighbors on the other side.”


“Yeah. After I gave ‘em each a Bimbo Light, they were pretty good at sex, especially Auntie.”

“Eeew, Cindy! That’s SO GROSS!”

I actually thought it was kind of hot.

Cindy complained, “But when you were done fucking me, I was still really horny!”

“You shouldn’t be screwing women! My friends will help. When Ricky and Wil get here, you’ll have five dicks to play with.”

“Oooh! Goodie! Can I get more right now? I’m such a horny bimbo. Hehehehe!”

“Sure, lean over the couch arm so I can do you from behind again.” As he slid into her, she leaned down and unzipped me so she could suck my cock. My Mom was better at blowjobs, but it still felt pretty good.

Since the guys and I were all college boys, the gangbang lasted three hours and another three cigarettes. I asked Josh how he got them. He said he found a full pack of Bimbo Lights in his uncle’s car. He had no idea where his uncle got them and wasn’t about to ask.

As we started a joyous repeat on Sunday afternoon, I noticed Cindy’s tiny boobs had grown to the size of grapefruits. By the end of our glorious gangbang, she was out of Bimbo Lights. I admired her newly large tits as she walked upstairs, but after that day she wouldn’t go near us.

Over the next two weeks, the guys and I spent nearly all our free time searching the city for Bimbo Lights. Andy found a ten-dollar bill in a parking lot, but otherwise we were luck-free.

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