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Margey & Steve
Margey Household Book 7

Themes: ws, light scat, mast, lez

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books1-6) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.


by StackofBooks


2) UP THE A.S.S.





1) Seamstress highs

by StackofBooks

(1247 words)

Andrea was getting requests from other parents to join Beth, Suze, Arnold and Sally in dressmaking classes - but she just didn't have the room in her small house. Also, Molly had asked her to make a wedding dress for her, although they hadn't set a date yet. But to have a professional mannequin with expensive and delicate materials in the same space as kids doing basic things was just inconceivable.

She chatted with Sally, and the next time her dad John dropped his daughter off, he gave her an appointment date and time to see him at the bank.

Kim offered to go with her for moral support, but she preferred to go on her own.

"Will you want to do things with him like you did with the old ladies here? Like as payment?" Kim asked.

"Maybe, but he's already said to me the same thing he said to Jennifer and Samantha:

"I might buy you a 3 course meal/help you set up in business, but I do not buy your body or services. The two things are separate and do not go hand in hand."

So I feel comfortable with that"

Andrea spent a few days using Excel to set up Profit & Loss accounts, a Balance Sheet, sales forecasts, and other documents to show she had a good business brain. On the day, she dressed in lacy bra and panties, white frilly blouse, black jacket and short black pencil skirt, no stockings.(She had great legs and liked showing them off). Flat pumps.

When she arrived, his secretary greeted her, showed her into his office, put her coat on and left for the day. Andrea heard the key turn in the lock from the other side. He was wearing his standard dark business suit with pink shirt and blue tie and smelt of Old Spice, her favourite after shave.

She couldn't believe that although she had declared herself a lesbian all those years ago, she had such strong feelings for this man in front of her. She felt a fool for not hooking herself up with another guy after Ben's father left in order to help pay the bills and to become a role model for her son. He was now a carpenter and electrician, but he'd had no stepfather to encourage him. Steve and Margey told her about Ben's first question to him, and it made her feel inadequate for not providing that information herself. (She couldn't even remember why they'd had the damn baby circumcised. Neither of them were Jewish.)

"John, it's so nice to see you. I love little Sally and she's showing such good promise and I have really high hopes for her.

But I have the same problem that Sam had when she met you both times. Can you take care of it for me please?"

He took her into the adjoining bedroom, and undressed her carefully and gently. She had such a great body and it was (in his eyes) a shame she had denied herself a male soulmate during Ben's growing up years. But she had Kim now, and that was good.

He noticed the string between her legs, and got the tissues and wet wipes out of the bedside cabinet. She scooted to the edge of the bed, legs and thighs akimbo. He planted a kiss on her Vee, and her perfume (Charlie) and natural aroma were a perfect combination. She orgasmed just from that touch.

He parted her lips to the side with his thumbs, then pulled the string and the very bloody tampon came out easily. He wrapped it up and dropped it in the rubbish bin. He asked her to put her knees in the air, and her feet flat on the bed to give him access. Her tootsies received some special kisses which made her shudder again.

He cleaned up her pubic area with the wet wipes, inside and out, like a mother looking after her baby. She could only lie back and think of fields of yellow daffodils reaching into the distance.

She sat up when he was done, and started undressing him and hung his jacket and trousers on a coat hanger. Shirt and tie on another one. Boxers came down to reveal that magnificent weapon.

She asked him to shave her pussy as it would be a nice surprise for Kim, and he duly did so with great attention and diligence.

"John, I don't need it up me today, front or back, I just want to pee on you and you on me. Is that OK?"

He led her into the bathroom and they did just that. Plus he spurted his cum over her. After some shower gel and a rinse they were sitting naked on towels back in the office

He cast a professional eye over her documents, and declared he could see no problems there, she seemed very competent as a businesswoman.

"By chance, I think I've found some perfect premises for you, not far from where you live now. You know that hotel that closed down 6 months ago on Steven Street? (She immediately thought of Steve and thought it a good omen.) It's got a perfect separate suite shut off from the main building: two rooms for workshops, one for pro work, one for training, an office, kitchen cum dining room, a large bedroom and (he winked) a well-equipped bathroom.

It's in the bank's possession at the moment, and the way probate is dragging on, we could let you have it rent free for quite a few months. On the basis of these forecasts, we can provide funds for equipment, materials and other sundries at zero interest until you see income arriving.

Additionally, I've been in touch with the local fashion college and they want to support you financially (tax-free to you) and with learning materials and teaching resources if you give places to underprivileged and ethnic minority 10-15 year old kids, like you have now."

She sat stunned for a moment and couldn't believe her ears. She rushed over to him and sat on his lap, feeling his dick rise to the occasion.

"Are you saying you would have done all this for me even if we hadn't played some naughty games tonight?"

"Absolutely. You've had a hard life since your hubby left you and deserve better. I'm in the fortunate position to help you. That boy is a credit to you. Steve told me what he said to secure Molly's hand. Ahem! Even if he doesn't know the difference between men's penises. (She gave him a playful hit on the arm and kissed him full on the lips). Here are the keys. Take a look ASAP and let me know."

She sat on the bed and beckoned him over, and let him watch her insert a new tampon. She was beginning to wish she had fucked him today.

He dressed her (a first for both of them, although he was not so good with the bra. He slipped on her blouse, then skirt, then jacket, then shoes.

She did a twirl, gave him a hug and left, floating on Cloud 9.

She and Kim saw it the next day, and although it needed a bit of sprucing up and needed shelves to be fitted, Ben was capable.

The answer was yes!!!

With tongue slightly in cheek, she decided to call her new business: A.S.S. - Andrea's Seamstress Services.

2) Up the A.S.S.

by StackofBooks

(806 words)

Although Kim was not a qualified seamstress, in the past before she'd met Andrea (and even before she met her previous girlfriend Andie) she had made a few things, for herself and others. So although not a professional, she had many of the basic skills, and was therefore a great asset to Andrea. Additionally, when no-one else was there in the house, they had long talks together and she absorbed a lot of info, like a sponge. Plus, she was an excellent designer and sketch artist (not Andrea's bag really). She could listen as Andrea described ideas for clothes, and then there it was in 2D on the paper. This was sure to be a huge advantage when the business picked up. And they were falling deeper and deeper in love on a personal level, cementing and confirming Andrea's post-college decision.

As he was owed some holiday, Ben had been into the building a few times and started work on Andrea's small changes. He and Molly had now started calling her 'mum' again, and she was touched by it. Benjamina was no more!! They all made love together quite often. Ben especially liked fucking Kim and his mother in both holes, but Molly knew he really only had eyes for her.

The shelves went up quickly followed by a lick of paint on some of the walls. Even though it wasn't 100% ready, Andrea had the next Saturday workshop there. It was so nice and such a relief to get her own (now clean and tidy) house back!

She'd contacted two 18 year old Asian twins (Zara and Zareem) who lived locally but were originally from Pakistan that the college had recommend to her. Their parents owned a fabric shop and the two girls were already doing repairs, adjustments and mending for customers behind the scenes. Andrea wasn't sure how they'd fit in with the pee breaks thing.

John came in for 5 mins when he dropped Sally off, and showed his approval for how things were shaping up. Kim hugged him and whispered she'd like to visit him for the same treatment as Andrea had received, and she would make sure she was on her period. John told Andrea to start ordering the mannequin and other equipment she needed for pro work and the bank would take care of it for now. He also informed her that the Pakistani parents were business customers of his, and she could get her materials and other supplies from them at cost.

Andrea suggested to all parents beforehand that their offspring should bring some food representative of their own country and they would begin their day getting to know each other's cultures. Me (Steve the narrator) made 'my' two girls my famous double choc chip cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and put little flags on them saying 'Made by Steve' just to piss Margey off.

All 6 students were there at 10am. Zara and Zareem were obviously very westernised, and not traditional at all. They had no covering over their very long and black straight hair. They wore plain white T-shirts over what appeared to be braless medium sized tits and short denim skirts. (Turns out they had left the house with them on for their mother's sake, but had taken them off in the car without their father noticing. He wouldn't have minded, he was very progressive, and although he would never harm or interfere with his daughters, fantasised about them.)

It was obvious from the start that although the twins were attentive and got on with their work, they were very taken with Arnold. They started flashing their knickers at him and his pecker rose to attention. Kim noticed, but Andrea didn't. What Kim didn't see an hour later was they had somehow slipped them off and hidden them somewhere. Arnold and Sally could see the moist pinkness between their slits as they sat Indian style and sewed. They were very proficient (as Andrea expected) and decided to move them on to something more demanding and challenging.

Breaktime came and they had milk or soda and doughnuts.

After a short rest, they all got back to work, mostly in just T- shirts. The twins wanted to exhibit their tits, and Andrea gave them a complicated dress pattern and let them choose their own material. Although they had to ask a few questions (intelligent ones actually), they got on pretty well with it and it was almost finished before home time.

The two women plotted how they could get Arnold alone to try his member in their pussies, and maybe introduce him to anal sex.

Ben turned the water on for the toilet, but it was hardly ever used on Saturdays. He had been hidden and secretly watching everything and was very turned on by it.

3) A.S.S. fucked

by StackofBooks

(533 words)

It was Kim's idea and Andrea agreed. They put up the mannequin in the window as an eye-grabbing advertising gimmick, with a banner bearing the shop name (A.S.S. Wipes), plus a few of the clothes they'd already made on a rack. They'd also bought a job lot of s/h designer clothes and put them on another rack, making it clear which was which to the customers. They opened up two weeks to the day since she had seen John in his office. The media (TV and newspapers) came and did reports on her.

Franny and Mary (and their friends) took turns manning the shop even though it was voluntary and unpaid. It was closed at the weekends however.

The following Saturday, Andrea had set up two professional brand new sewing machines for the twins, and gave them a tricky task, one that even she would find difficult. They coped but were slow, but that didn't matter at the moment. Quality was more important. They liked to work in the nude, occasionally giving drinks to each other.

Time for coke and bacon butties from a nearby shop. After clearing up, K & A surprised everyone by stripping off and lying in a very 'come and get me' position on the sofa.

Kim announced: "Arnold, we are just ancient and wrinkly old ladies. Well, Andrea is but not me. (She got a hard dig in the ribs for that.) But we would like you to pretend that we are the Z twins just for this one day only performance. You know we are really lezzies, but you make us become bisexual. So please put that weapon first in our A.S.S. arses (everyone laughed), you will then get cleaned by the girls, and then fill one of our pussies with your sperm. We both have IUDs. But Z & Z, come here and spend some time getting to know our grown up white pussies. It's a good education and life skill for you, maybe even better than learning dressmaking!!"

The twins made a beeline for their hosts and paid attention to their cunts and arseholes. 69 position was next, then they swapped partners. There was a significant difference between K & A (age, childbirth, previous male partners, etc.) but zero between Z & Z.

Andrea lay forward on the edge of the sofa with her knees on the floor, Kim got on top of her, also face down. Two fat arses were facing the children. Arnold got into position and began his work. 20 minutes later he deposited his load in Andrea, simply because she was the one he had first met. Zara sucked out the cum and snowballed her sister.

Then it was a free for all session .

A few weeks later and Sally had had her patch fitted and it was already active. She surprised everyone with her intentions. Touchingly, she asked Arnold to tie her hair with a big yellow ribbon like he had done on the first day they met. The bow was beautiful. She asked K & A to prepare her with their tongues and Arnold made love (or fucked her, you decide) for 25 mins. She turned over to get it doggy style and he hit her G-spot.

Suze and Beth did the cleanup.

4) Stack

by StackofBooks

(782 words)

Chris was very excited to learn from Franny's younger siblings about Sally's 'change of circumstances'. And with John's help, Mary also got a contraceptive patch from a doctor he knew who had given Sal hers. She wasn't far off being legal 18 to ask her own GP, but thought he might snitch on her to her mother. She had no certainty about whether her mother would approve or not, and didn't want to take that risk, so went alone on it cloak and dagger style.

The three girls asked K & A to use their house when they were out, in the bedroom Ben & Molly used to use. As they had a soft spot for Chris, they agreed. Franny didn't want to use Steve and her mum Margey's house. T

She herself couldn't decide what her opinion was: on the one hand, my body, my choice, but on the other, did all teen and younger girls really have the emotional and mental capabilities to make the right choice? The law was an ass sometimes. As long as there no unwanted pregnancies, where was the problem? However, some of the girls at school had failed to take precautions for whatever reason and become teen mothers. It was no joke for them: curtailed their education, a lot of unwanted expense, family turmoil, disputes and recriminations, especially if the father of the baby absolved responsibility and disappeared, police prosecutions. Etc., etc. Yada, yada, yada.

A date was fixed, and they met there and together had one Breezer each. No-one wanted to get drunk, but simply wanted to mellow out a bit.

The three girls undressed each other slowly and sensually, then did Chris. They gave him a show of a lez daisy chain, then made a stack facing down on the bed: Franny, Mary and then Sally on top, although they did change round as the afternoon went on. Coffee skin, white skin, jet black skin, quite a sight; with their pussies sticking out, pinkness in between their legs and their puckered arseholes winking at him. He started licking their already self-lubricated gashes and rosebuds. Their different young tastes were a joy to behold, and he spent a long time on Sally. Until cheeky Franny muttered in an American drawl: Hell, what's a girl gotta do to get some service in this joint??

He took the hint and plunged his now 8" dick into his fiancee. Gave her many strokes. Mary was trying to reach her clitty with her hand to keep herself on the boil. She had no qualms about his size as she knew she did herself with dildos that size but still asked him to go easy. She was tight, but eventually he got in, and pistoned up and down for a while. Then he lubed himself and Sally up. Remember, she'd only had Arnold in up to this point in time. She breathed in sharply as his head appeared at her entrance. He'd been up her arse, but this was different.

Eventually, the stack had to be broken and he had to fuck her on her back in the missionary position. She was tighter than anybody he had had, and he was anxious about hurting her. The other girls in turn straddled her face and gave her pee drinks in return for clitoral and vaginal hole stimulation.

With more lube and more time, his balls reached and flapped against her arsehole, and he pushed up and down until she felt very clearly the release of about 8 waves of spunk. They remained locked together, hugging and thanking each other for the experience. Franny and Mary contemplated getting Andrea's strap-on and pretending to be Chris on her but decided she'd had enough. But it was legal to do that!!

15 minutes later, Chris was ready to go again, and he and Mary went at it as if she'd been denied a drink at the oasis all her life. First missionary, then doggy, then she discovered on her side (either) gave her some real nice feelings inside. Franny and Sally were each attending to a boob and nipple and that heightened her orgasms considerably. Chris produced the same amount of jism for her.

After another rest period, Chris and Franny had a session and her current favourite position was cowboy and reverse cowboy. This time he only managed 4 spurts but she was satisfied.

Andrea had had their small shower enlarged, so they all climbed in and washed and dried each other.

Franny put the bedsheets in the machine and came back later to dry them and remake the bed. In spite of her sassy streak, she was that sort of girl.

5) Chris goes Asian

by StackofBooks

(564 words)

Franny managed to make secret contact with the Pakistani girls Zara & Zareem through a mutual friend, and they arranged a meeting in the same bed as the stack that had occurred recently.

She went to pick them up at a quiet secret location so their parents wouldn't find out where they were going and what they were doing. The twins were wearing frilly light blue blouses with no bra, pleated navy blue mini skirts with turquoise lacy knickers.

On arrival, they met Chris and declared him very dishy. They said Franny was very lucky to have him as a future husband, and they admired their matching silver bracelets. They asked about the emoji symbols on them and the story was told, to howls of laughter. Although the two girls didn't usually drink alcohol, they accepted a Breezer drink to further break the ice. Franny had one too and decided she was OK as long as she didn't drive for 3 hours or so. (In the end it was fine as the girls left on foot, so by the time the bed was remade, it was at least 5 hours. Like I said, despite being sassy, she was quite responsible.)

They each took a twin and undressed her slowly, marvelling at their bodies: boobs, pussies and arses especially.

The Asians reciprocated and loved Franny's hair (longer, thicker and more lustrous than theirs), her coffee coloured skin, her full and exquisite boobs with nipples that stood out at attention by nearly a centimetre, and last but not least her amazing pussy.

Lastly they pulled down Chris's boxers together and his very large (to them) cock sprang up. This was going to be different to Arnold!!

Z & Z gave them a lezzy show like they practised at nights in their own room at home. Chris and Franny climbed on the bed and pee drinks were exchanged. Then the twins lay side by side on the edge of the bed and opened their legs wide, and the engaged couple spent a long while licking, probing and rubbing. Again, no differences could be detected - they were carbon copies.

The twins stacked onto each other facing up and Chris took alternate strokes into each lubed teen pussy. Franny was watching intensely at him entering each as his cock went through the gates of their tight quims, she massaging boobs and sucking nipples, offering pee drinks if necessary, frigging herself. The girls swapped over so the other could get attention on her breasts. Each female in the room's orgasm seemingly triggered another, and there was a cacophony of squeals, moans and other such pleasurable noises.

Eventually, Chris got faster and faster and had to stay in one of them to deliver his payload in her cervix. The non-receiving girl sucked out the jism and snowballed her sister and Franny. The former kissed Chris passionately and he tasted himself (not a first).

The twins showered, got dressed, peed on the toilet for them to watch, gave their thanks, and left.

The two lovers tidied up, ran the vacuum round downstairs and in their hosts' bedroom. Straightened their bed covers. Stacked and started the dishwasher and finally remade the bed they had used together, chatting and recounting their experience that day to each other. It would stay in their memories for a long time, this one.

Author's note: two chapters should have appeared here: 'Sally & Ryan' and 'Elena from Moscow' but Google Docs kindly deleted them for me. They now appear as reworks in Book 8. It would be a good idea to read them first before the following one, for context.

6) Black and white Russian

by StackofBooks

(2575 words)

After a few months of Deena being back in her home town in Russia, she was disappointed with herself. She hadn't really pushed on with her sex life after all her experiences she'd had when she was a language exchange student abroad.

She still went out in the park with a shaved cootie and no knickers, displaying her charms to passers-by, but nobody like Ryan & Sally invited her for a fun afternoon of sex and motorboating. (But a policeman did ask her to move on as he thought she was a prostitute soliciting for customers.)

She went without a bra and a loose low cut top around town, with her boobs acting as blaring sirens or loud klaxons....but still nobody came to whisk her off for pee and poop games.

She even took off her glasses believing it enhanced her beauty.......still nobody came to take her to a private house to fuck her.

[Editor's note: Girls, wearing or not wearing of spectacles makes no difference to your desirability. But if you bump into some furniture or get run over by a car because you can't see properly, then maybe a guy won't ask you out. Just sayin', is all.]

She believed she was straight, not even a bit bisexual. Being with Sal and Elena was interesting, but only as a kind of sexual education, and she wouldn't want a relationship with a female. Didn't float her boat. She wanted a hunk like Ryan. She needed his cock up her pussy - or her arsehole, she wasn't fussed.

But in her city, there were not a lot of ethnic minorities, so slim pickings. Deena was still connected with the exchange students department, and had to go there one day to deliver her report and talk to her supervisor, Mrs Davidova.

She sat in the waiting room waiting to be called in. In walks a black guy with dreads, nice muscles.

"Excuse me (he said to her in English), I've just arrived and I have to see Mrs......heck, I can't even say her name. I'm Charlie by the way, from Chicago USA."

"I'm Deena (she replied in perfect English) and it's DAV-EE-DOH-VAH (sounding like Hermione Grainger). I've just got back from a year as exchange student in an English-speaking country. Is that why you're here in Russia?"

"Yeah, but my second language is French. They messed up the arrangements and by the time anyone noticed the mistake, it was too late to change them. I don't think I can learn Russian"

"Say Da. (He did) See you're already there!!"

"Very funny. I..."

But he never got to finish his sentence as Mrs D popped her head out the door.

"Aah Deena. Charlie. Can you both come back later this afternoon. Or preferably tomorrow morning. I've got an almighty situation to sort out." And went back inside.

"I hope it's organising my fucking plane tickets to somewhere like Paris!" he said with real bitter feeling.

Mrs D again - luckily she hadn't heard. "Listen, I've got some free tickets for the opera and some restaurant vouchers. Here! Really sorry for the inconvenience."

So Deena took her new friend and showed him the sights. She'd actually done it once before for an English speaking person (a girl the same age as her) and knew a bit about how to acclimatise someone to Russia.

They looked at the opera schedule and saw Carmen was on, so they decided on that.

Holey moley, I know nothing about opera, he said

Me neither. Let's go to the library and find out more.

They found the computers but they were only in Russian. But because he was fairly computer literate he knew his way around the menus. Deena asked the librarian and was told there was an English operating system one in the corner. So they used that to get a basic overview of what they were going to be watching. She knew some good restaurants to use the vouchers at, but showed him some English websites to go if he was on his own.

They traipsed around for a while, bought some lunch - a filled baguette and a milkshake - and sat in the park to eat it. She realised she wasn't wearing her knickers and kept her knees tightly together in case he thought she was a bit slutty. Her mind drifted back to that day in the park when she got picked up by Ryan and Sally and admitted to herself she had been exposing her charms deliberately. With a view to what, she didn't know. She played back the video scenes in her head of everything they'd done in those 2 sessions (see Book 8).

Hey! Earth to Deena. Come in please!


Great. You're back. Just wondered what restaurants you had in mind. Should we eat before or after?

Before probably. I know a good steak one which would give good value on these vouchers. Or Italian?

You choose. Hey I gotta take a leak behind these bushes. (Some of the American vernacular was a bit tricky for her, but she got the drift.) Although he thought he'd turned away, through the gaps in the bush and the way the sunlight was dispersing, she saw an uncut tip spewing out a nice strong stream.

She also went to do the same, but sat on the other side of a tree. He didn't see anything, except for a few splashes a metre away as she pushed hard. She had a nice loud hiss too.

They moved to another area of the park and sat on another bench and shared bits about their background.

He kept staring at her tits but she was used to it since the time she'd got them as a Christmas present at 12. She realised she didn't have a bra on either and her nipples were poking through strongly so that didn't help. She didn't really mind Charlie or other men looking at her.

She'd checked out his package (as she did to all guys that were walking towards her) and could see a faint outline of a longish tube sleeping in its lair. It was still midday and he had to get back to his accommodation. Her flat was actually not far from where they were sitting. They arranged to meet back at this same spot at a certain time later on. She walked him to the subway and made sure he knew how to get to his destination. He gave her a peck on the cheek, saying: Thanks, Deena. You're very pretty. And don't take those spectacles off, you might bump into furniture. Echoing what she'd been thinking about earlier.

Then she did a strange thing which she could never really explain to herself. She walked back to where they'd had their lunch. Walked behind the bushes. Found the pool of his water. Not far from hers. Used her shoe to put the two waters together. Then pulled up her skirt, and pushed out her turd to mingle with both sets of urine.

She went back to her flat, had a bath, and lay on her bed naked wondering what that sleeping tube was like when ready for action. She was doing the KitKat shuffle on her clit, massaging the fun bags and tweaking the nipples as she imagined his cum over them, and rubbed in the creamy goodness. She recently discovered she could squirt if she reached orgasm the right way - she did so now, about half a metre on to a towel.

She had a nap and then went to meet him. They had a nice dinner and she waited to see if he made any advances. Being a gentleman, he didn't.

The opera was great, and with the programme they bought could just about follow the storyline with English translations.

They each went home, another kiss on the cheek from him, and they arranged to meet tomorrow at Mrs D's office at 10. That night, she dreamed about the two pee streams and imagined she was pulling back the foreskin while clamping her mouth over the erupting peehole. She woke up and went to the bathroom, put a hand mirror under her, and observed her peehole opening and closing as she thought about his mouth drinking her fluid.

Charlie was obviously already in her office when she arrived next morning. He came out 15mins later. With a huge smile from ear to ear and round the back too.

I can stay. They got me a placement in the French embassy. I'll reside with a French family, one of the lower-ranking diplomats. Apart from a few basic day to day tasks, I won't really need to learn Russian. C'est magnifique!!! And I've got you to help me as a guide.

And hugged her and kissed her passionately on the cheek. Then shrank back in horror.

Sorry, Deena. I hardly know you. That's not how we do things in Chicago.

Don't be sorry. I'm not averse to hugging and kissing. Us Russian girls like it a lot. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you. (Pee streams in head.)

And she hugged him close, pressing her boobs into him, and kissed him full and long on the lips. Stay there! Don't move, Uncle Sam!!

Presenting her written and verbal report was just a formality and she thanked Mrs D in Russian for her hard work in setting up the exchange scheme for her. (And for the opera and food tickets.) Just the fact her English was so fluent now and she could use it to pick up this hunk of a man was of great benefit to her.

Hey dude, how about we get some lunch. That same spot is calling to us. And tonight I'm going to cook you a celebration dinner but it won't be a French meal. No can do. Or Russian - too boring. We'll go to the shops together later and decide then on something.

This time they had a couple of pizza slices and chilled beers from a street vendor. They chatted and she started asking him about American phrases like 'take a leak' she could add to her passive vocabulary - not to use them herself necessarily but to understand when a native came out with them. She did not have pen and paper with her, but that evening she started what would become a large archive.

Again, they both needed to pee. She got bold and took his hand, and behind the bush took his cock out and directed him onto the turd that was still there. (He probably thought it was from a dog but weeks later she confessed what she'd done.)

They let him hang out for a while and he started stiffening; she hitched up her skirt and pulled up the skin at the top of her pussy and peed straight out front like she'd known how to do for a long time. (He noticed the no underwear, but he admitted weeks later that she hadn't been careful enough and he'd caught glimpses of her bald cootie.)

Thanks for the show, he said as he put himself away.

You too, as she pulled down her skirt.

They found a place in the sunshine on the grass and lay side by side in companionable silence. This time she had a bra on, but it didn't stop the stares from him. She didn't care. If her big body bits helped her to win the man she wanted, all well and good. That's nature after all.

He snuggled closer to her and took the liberty of resting his head on her boob. It was so soft. She didn't flinch or slap him away. Instead, she sighed contentedly and put her arm on his chest. Normally he would tease his friends for going too quickly with girls but here it seemed to be different and not matter.

They shopped and bought some chicken to grill, some frozen pommes frites and the ingredients for a simple green salad.

He apologised saying he hadn't seen his digs yet and wasn't sure if he was allowed to bring anyone back.

That's OK.

Her apartment was small but clean and tidy, with a lot of light and nice decor. Just 4 rooms in a square with interconnecting doors: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom with double bed. All her possessions were put away neatly, but he sort of expected that - she seemed that sort of girl.

The meal was a great success. He said he was a fairly good cook and would do the honours next time. (It would be jambalaya.)

They chatted amicably for hours.

Charlie, I know it's only been a couple of days, but I'd like you to stay tonight. When I was on my student exchange, I had an experience - a good one - and I imagined (or was it dreamed?) of someone like you. And here you are. In the flesh. We don't need to do anything in bed. We'll see. But can we go into the bathroom and you show me your peeing apparatus again. And I'll give you a close up view of mine. Then perhaps I can play with it for a while and you play with my kitty too. Massage my tits and maybe I'll teach you a new English word.

Deena, you're such a nice and sweet girl. I truly have special feelings for you. Usually I wouldn't go so quickly as I think it's rude, impolite and disrespectful to the girl. But you're pulling me in and I just know I'm gonna enjoy my time in Russia if you're around. You know I can't stop staring at them, so can I pull your top off and play with what you have under there? Maybe you'd like some warm yellow liquid on them later.

At that, she had a dreamy look on her face and shivered in mini orgasm.

So she allowed him to take off her T- shirt and lay back on the sofa as he nuzzled her cleavage. He was in awe of them. He gently released the catch at the front and exposed her breasts to him for the first time. He sucked her nipples and she knew it would be enough for a huge cum. So it proved.

He kissed her lightly on the lips, and said, Come with me.

Her skirt came off as she sat on the toilet seat. She took his big black 8" uncut cock out of his trousers.

Let me drink you like I so wanted to yesterday. And I knew you were listening to my noises and that turned me on even more. Pee in my mouth, then on my tits, then on my pussy. Do well, and I will reward you.

He did all that, and there was a bit of overspill but she'd put some towels down beforehand

When he was spent, she undressed him, and took him into the bath tub. Deena got him to lean back slightly and opened her lips using two fingers on either side. After he drank enough straw coloured urine, she directed it over his torso and his penis, so it became nice and hard. On the floor, she straddled him, up to the hilt, and he came a bit too quickly. No problem, she had him in her pocket for weeks and months to come.

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End of Book 7

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