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A very special time
Themes: mast, lez, ws, underage, first time, virgin

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-14) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba

Chapter 15-3 Gilly's Special Night

by Stack of Books

(1345 words)

Sequel to 15-2

Brian had already made his amazing 'The Real McCoy' lasagne in the morning and left it in the fridge. So all they had to do was to put it the oven as soon as they got home from Sal's.

Tab poured Gilly a glass of OJ, and the twins observed as their mother put 4 instead of the usual three muscle relaxant drops into it. She gulped it down in one.

Terri, Toni, Tabitha. Tonight is going to be my special time with Brian, aka Daddy B. My contraceptive patch is now active and my hymen is broken, thanks to your love and support last weekend. You were right: to attempt something like that on my own would have been foolhardy. If anything had gone wrong, I could have died from excessive blood loss at worst, or damaged my vagina or womb irreversibly. 

So I need your emotional and moral assistance again, and I therefore invite you all to witness and observe the taking of my virginity. If Daddy and I decide to do it again in the future, we might wish to do it in private. But to be honest, Tabitha, he's your boyfriend, not mine, and I don't intend to deprive you of him. He's just a gun for hire this evening, and I don't wish that to be demeaning, disrespectful or hurtful to him

So let's eat our dinner, enjoy each other's company and talk about Hans and Celina again!! Some of the videos and photos they took in Austria are incredible, and I can't get enough of viewing them.

After eating, they relaxed by reading (Brian), chess (twins), Tab & Gilly (TV and massaging/sucking tits).

An hour later, Gilly yawned with her arms stretched above her head and said: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm done for the day. And started walking upstairs, with a stunned silence and all jaws on the floor. She turned around halfway up, and exclaimed: Come on, you silly fuckers! What are you waiting for? Let's get this show on the road!!

There was a general scramble to get to the bedroom. The twins assigned themselves as chief undressers: first Tab, then Daddy, then Gilly, then each other. In perfect sync: button for button, zip for zip, armhole for armhole, sock for sock, knickers centimetre for centimetre on each side of their legs. Tab captured everyone's disrobing on camera. (Brian did her.)

Terri and Toni ran a warm bath for the combatants, and left them in peace to soak. They went back to their mum and each girl fisted her. All they could hear in the bathroom was multiple F-words.

A dried off B & G returned to the bed. Gilly asked the twins to double pencil vibe her in pussy and bum.

Next she requested Tab to get her normal sized vibrator (about the same length and girth as Brian), lube it and her up, and push it in - switched off - to check for fit, pain level or blood loss. All fine. Tab switched it on at the lowest level, and pumped in and out. Meanwhile the twins were fluffing Brian. Vib switched to 50% and Gilly started orgasming. 75% and cumming more regularly. She pushed it and Tab away and relaxed.

The twins lubed up Brian, and the first few inside centimetres of Gilly, as far as they could reach with their small fingers.

Brian took up the missionary position, the twins were each side holding her hands, and Tab guided his penis to the entrance of her hole. Daddy B looked into her eyes, kissed her and she gave a slight nod. He went in slowly, inch by inch, up to the hilt so his balls touched her arsehole. She confirmed verbally she felt no pain, she just felt very full and satisfied. He started pumping and her groans and moans of pleasure increased with each successive orgasm. She had thought before starting that she might need some clitoral stimulation, either herself or a twin, but what she was feeling was enough for her.

Bri, when you're ready, fill me with your seed, but don't rush. I sincerely wish I was of legal age to get fertilised and carry your baby for 9 months and rear it. That would be a great honour. Kate was right: you are a very special man and your genes deserve to live on and be propagated. Feel free to imagine I am your wife lying beneath you as you made love to each other on the night she drew her last breath. Fuck me hard, Daddy B.

Ten minutes later, Tab and girls were cleaning her out with their tongues and mouths (no hands!).

Rum and cokes were brought up for everybody, and as the alcohol hit their systems, they all mellowed out.

Tab: Twins, we have an early birthday present for you. We're giving it now, because although we know Jessie, we don't know Sangita, and we don't to upset her or embarrass her if she's not...how can I say it?...not as sexually liberated as you four. I want you to be careful about telling her or anybody else what happened half an hour ago, because as we discussed before, it is illegal. 

Here you are.

And gave them a marquetry box each, slight different designs so they knew whose was whose, with a plush velvet interior, one red, one blue. Inside were hand crafted butt plugs of increasing diameters, and they had a screw on tail: Toni - cat, Terri - fox.

Get the KY and push the smallest one in. It might take a few days before you're ready for the next size up.

Gilly, it's not your birthday, but to celebrate your successful mission, here's a set for you too (cherry coloured wood, black inside), squirrel tail.

Wash and sterilise before and after every use.

The three girls thanked and kissed them both profusely, prancing round the bedroom wagging the tails to a silent beat in their head.

The twins brought up 5 pieces of Sal's birthday cake and they scoffed that, with the two minxes eating and licking it of each other's cooties. Tab and Gilly and Brian were not interested in this game, however.

Tab: How are you feeling,Gilly? Not emotionally or psychologically - that's clear. I mean physically, inside your vagina.

Not too bad and not as horrible as I thought it would be. I've heard and read many horror stories of girls who suffered tremendous pain and trauma when losing their virginities. On a par with, and sometimes worse than my first period experience. But mainly because the male concerned was a complete bastard and utter arsehole, not caring at all about her, just a wham-bam-thank you ma'am. However, occasionally it's just because of her genetics and physical make up, how strongly the hymen membrane is attached to the vaginal wall.

Twins, don't be in too much of a rush to lose yours. I know I'm going to sound holier-than-thou, but try and wait till you're of legal age, maybe 18, perhaps till your wedding night. Easier said than done, I know. It's not the be all and end all. Anal sex, as you've already experienced in part, and as your mum taught you (Daddy B will testify too), can be just as pleasurable.

Let's go to sleep everyone, and look forward to greeting Jessie and Sangita tomorrow morning.

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