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Veronika & Adam
Themes: mast, lez, ws, light scat

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-12) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba

Chapter 12-9 No fainting!

by Stack of Books

(2023 words)

(Continuation of Book 12 Chapter 1)

Veronika brought him a cold beer as soon as he got home from work at 5pm. She took him into the bedroom where the naked Jean already was. Adam kissed his wife passionately on the lips, and then for good measure on each boob and on her red and engorged pussy. Her arousal smell was pungent because she and Nika had just finished a 1 hour mutual masturbation session, before the latter went to check on the kids. She couldn't believe this girl had declared herself to be straight. Maybe her parents had brainwashed her into believing lesbianism was wrong too.

Nika: Oh Adam, it's so nice to see you home. We both missed you, but hope you had a good day at the office. Would you like a massage or a shower?

Nika & Jean, it's nice to see you two as well. I can see you've been having fun. That makes me very happy. Can I have that massage please?

Nika undressed him, taking off his suit and hanging it up carefully and neatly. Then his shirt (no tie today), socks and boxers into the laundry basket in the corner.

She laid him on the bed on some towels she had put down.

Let's see, I have some scented oil here. It's glove flavoured. What?? Aah,......er, sorry, I misread the label. It's clove. Silly me. Aah yes, I know them, they're like nice-smelling mini trees you stick into oranges for flavouring wine at Christmas.

Exactly, Nika. Can you do a slow striptease first? I really like to see and feel your magnificent boobs over me as you work, and to see your wonderful pussy between your legs.

She complied willingly.

Let's start on your chest. Take a sip from your beer whenever you want.

Jean was happy just to watch what was happening.

Chest, belly, legs, feet, arms, turn over, buttocks, back, shoulders, neck, turn over, inner thighs, balls and shaft. Until he was fully erect.

Sorry Jean, he joked, I'm too relaxed right now to do you. His wife playfully twanged his hard dick. Boing!!.

She got on all fours and Veronika was underneath, just like Elena had demonstrated on Steve's sofa. Nika took his long penis and guided it into his wife's pussy. The Russian licked the shaft, the head and Jean's clit, as he got faster and faster. She gently caressed his ball sac until he exploded and lay back on the towels, spent. Jean squatted over the girl and she sucked out all the sperm and juices.

While hubby was recuperating, Jean went to check Tommy & Justine, Nika to put the lasagne in the oven.

They came back to find Adam sniffing her knickers.

You naughty man, you! Wouldn't you rather have the real thing? 

She put her knees on either side of his head and he drank her nectar.

Listen, during our session this afternoon, I told Jean I'm ready for you to penetrate me. Is that OK for you? After getting rehydrated from my pussy, your willy is telling me yes.

So she took the same position on all fours as Jean had before, with her underneath. Adam took his time to go in full depth, and she was so tight, it was difficult to hold back.

He grabbed her tits, and rode her as best he could for 10 mins, then they crashed against the orgasmic wall together. This time, Jean was the glad receiver of the fluids.

After dinner, can you try up my back passage please? I want to put it at the top my CV. Veronika, Russian, big tits, both cherries taken. Occasional au pair. No other redeeming qualities.

They drank wine and ate Jean's delicious food. Nika got out some ice cream and gave it to the kids.

Then she helped them get ready for bed, and read them a story together.

The adults sat in the lounge, listening to make sure they settled, and Nika told them about places she knew and things she did in her home town.

Adam took her hand, and they all went to the bedroom. She was on her back with a pillow under her bum and her legs back, with the ankles by her shoulders. They lubed up him and her, but Adam first went into her pussy a few times. He rested the tip against her anus, and told her to push a bit as if she was pooping. He went in and slowly bottomed out, his testicles slapping against her skin next to her buttocks. Just that feeling was one she would remember for the rest of her life. As he pumped, the sensations inside her were incredible, and again they came, almost together. But she didn't lose consciousness at any point. And wrote and told Elena so.

This time she douched in the bidet. Back in her own room, she took the vibrator and relived his insertions into both her holes. Many nights and weeks after.


(Continuation of Book 12 Chapter 7)

The deadly duo, Sally and Zeta, met Russian Elvyra outside the library in the morning. She showed them all the soiled knickers she had in her bag, some of them hers, some from her flatmate (willingly given). She said the ones she was wearing right now belonged to the other girl, so they would have two different scents and markings on them. Great idea, the entrepreneurs thought.

They checked with her that she was still ready for fun and games, and assured her that nothing bad was going to happen to her. Elvyra just had a big smile on her face in anticipation and that was answer enough.

They walked to Andrea's house, and up to the spare bedroom. Even though it was early, they all agreed that a rum & coke (or 2 or 3!!) would ease some tensions. The session basically went the same way as Sharon's, undressing her first, and spending a lot of time on her body. They put dildos in her pussy, then one in her arse. Replaced the front one with a vibrator and she came again and again.

Are you really bi, Elvyra? 

Yes, I had a boyfriend till not long ago. His dick was 8" and filled me up nicely. But he didn't like my pee and poop kinks, calling me weird.

Poor guy. His loss. You are a very desirable woman. OK, undress each of us, and do what you want, then we have a surprise for you.

The Russian took Sal first, admiring her boobs and pussy, taking the dildo and bringing her to orgasm as Zeta put her fingers into the cunt of Elvyra.

Then she disrobed Zeta, and sucked and chewed on her long hard black nips for a long time. She started eating out Zeta's pussy, and as her arse was in the air, Sal couldn't resist getting behind Elvyra, tonguing and fingering her butt hole.

They took a break, and Sal said: My black husband would like to meet you one day. His dick is bigger than your ex's. Do you think you could handle it?

Ooh, I hope so.

Well, surprise, today is that day. Arnold, come out and meet Elvyra. She has the hots for you.

This time he was naked and flaccid. She automatically covered her boobs and pussy, but realised that was stupid, then stretched her arms out and pulled him onto the bed into a deep embrace. Sally and Zeta just watched for 20 mins as he took her to heaven and back three times, in different positions. At her request, he fired his spunk over her belly, tits and face, and the last few spurts into her mouth. She scooped up everything with her fingers and swallowed it.

To finish off, all four climbed into Andrea's shower, and peed all over each other. Elvyra squatted backwards on the toilet and everyone watched as she pooped a big brown log.

All her dirty knickers were handed over, and she went home with her cootie enjoying some fresh air and a pack of replacement ones.


Early afternoon, the Terrible Twins met Janneke in the appointed place. But she looked nervous and they thought she might want to abort. They sat in the park and talked and they realised she just had issues about her weight. She said doing naughty things in the library bathroom with them had given her some self-confidence back.

They persuaded her to come back with them to Andrea's. She admitted she wasn't really gay, but all her previous boyfriends had teased her so much about her obesity, to the point where she decided to shun all men, forever. In general, the lesbian friends she knew were more forgiving and accommodating.

They encouraged her to drink many rum and cokes as they talked.

Pattern was the same as before: undress her and pay a lot of attention to tits and pussy. As a lover, she was very responsive and sensual.

Then let her undress them and do whatever she wanted.

At breaktime, more alcohol, and Sal said: My husband is also from Africa like me. He doesn't have a mean streak in his body. If he met you, he would treat you exactly the same as me, as Zeta, or any other girl, fat or thin or whatever. Do you think we could arrange another meeting to help you get over your insecurities?

Hmm, I guess so. What if he tried to force me into something I didn't want to do?

No way, he's just not like that. He would listen to you and respect your wishes. If you had a handsome black man, what would you want him to do, Janneke?

Errm, caress me all over just like you two have been doing today. Suck my boobs. Eat my pussy out. Stick his fingers in it. Show me his penis and let me lick and stroke it till it got really hard. Lube me up and fill my hole with it. Roll me over and push deeper into my cunt. Then spray his cum all over me. In the shower, wash it all off with his pee. Err...sorry, I was miles away...did I say too much?

Absolutely not. Don't worry. It's cool. I didn't tell you before for fear of scaring you, but he's been in the other room all this time. Now he's standing outside this door, and heard everything you just said. He won't rape you or degrade you in any way. Just help you love yourself for who you really are, and complete that checklist you gave. Zeta, bring Arnold in please.

Janneke's face was at first a picture of horror, but her fright instantly dissipated. He took her into his arms, spoke soft words, set her down on the bed, and half an hour later their joint adventure of passion came to a conclusion. Her smile was from ear to ear, and her body covered in his ejaculate, as they went in the shower to fulfil the pee part. Sally and Zeta assisted. Janneke stood up and gave to the others as good as she had received.

They rinsed off and got dressed.

Thank you, all 3 of you. I feel like a new person, a caterpillar into a butterfly. By the way, I have many dirty knickers for you. (A new pack was given to her.) Oh, and many more to come, I think.

They all departed on very good terms.

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