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The lodgers move in
Themes: mast, lez, ws, light gay, anal

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-10) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 11-4 The Lodgers Part 1

by Stack of Books

(2224 words)

BSB Catering were doing well, trying to keep up with orders. They had an 80-head (English) wedding reception, a garden party for 50, and two 15 person private dinner parties on consecutive nights in the mayor's official rooms coming up.

Dean & Serena heard about this, and as they were both owed a lot of holiday by the company they both worked for, they took time off and came to help. They were both competent and accomplished amateur cooks. (Looking back, the trio realised they couldn't have done what they achieved in that time period without them.)

The married couple arrived in the early evening and were given Suze's room (the parent's old room) as it was deemed better if they they stayed on the premises rather than commuting.

The girls had some leftovers from that day's event (a birthday party for a teacher and 10 others in a school), and they shared and ate them together so that D & S could get an idea of the range of dishes and flavours they could create in their kitchen: 2-3 Indian dishes, 2-3 Mexican ones, a beef stew and a veggie lasagne. 

Serena said she could teach them how to make Jambalaya as she'd learned it from a Creole woman. It was ideal for catering as it could be made for 5-50 people easily.

Dean suggested he showed them Tiramisu. That was exciting as they had no desserts on the menu yet, and some potential customers had been asking for them. Again, easily upscaleable. They brainstormed a few more ideas for sweet dishes.

The talk turned to the last events at Pee Stain Farm, especially Dean and Steve's "moment". He blushed deeply at the memory and Serena patted him on the back and said: "Don't worry. He's still mine. He hasn't gone over to the Dark Side yet!"

With all the sexy talk, they were feeling horny, so they went to the big bedroom. 

Dean undressed each teen girl one by one, kissing their boobs, bellies and pussies. The trio disrobed Serena, with the same kind of attention. Beth made everybody laugh when she pushed her face hard into Serena's knickerless Vee, saying: "I can't wait. Let me in. LET ME IN!!" They pulled her back.

Dean next. They took his shirt off and 3 pairs of hands glided over his rippling muscles. His jeans and socks were next. They could all see his Mr Woody was desperate to come out to play, and they eased his boxers down. Boing!!! It escaped and sprang up towards the ceiling.

Suze copied Beth's joke by clamping her mouth over the end of his dick, saying:

"Mwh mwh mwh! Mwh mwh mwh mwh! MWH MWH MWH MWH!!

She translated: I said "I can't wait. Let me have it. LET ME HAVE IT!!"

When all the laughter had died down, Bindi decided to go with Serena using a strap on, the siblings with Dean.

In total, it didn't take long. They all had to be up early in the morning, and it would be a long day.

Available immediately

Three good sized lodging rooms 

Each with:

Single or double bed (your choice)

TV and DVD player


Chest of drawers

Office desk and chair

Free Wi-Fi

House is situated in a secluded area and owned and run by a married couple

Well-appointed bathroom

Free use of swimming pool, hot tub, kitchen, lounge and other facilities

Evening meal included

Suitable for students or young professionals

Rent: XXX per calendar month

Deposit and references required

The ad was something like that anyway. OK, the married couple bit wasn't quite true, but it was difficult to put succinctly

We joked about it and considered writing "Moody Mexican bitch with big tits and juicy cunt, common law wife to a clingon tall and bespectacled Big Bird type guy"

But that didn't quite fit the bill either.

Our first applicant was a 20 year old called Alison. Long curly brunette with glasses. We showed her all the rooms, and she chose one (Franny's) that she thought was nice. She explained she was splitting up with her boyfriend (not acrimoniously) and was at the same college the trio had been at. She liked the rest of the house, esp the tub and pool. I wondered if she needed swimming lessons.

She gave as her reference John (Sally's dad) and said she'd met him once at the bank for a meeting, and he'd given her his business card to use as a reference any time she liked.

We checked if she had any dietary requirements regarding the evening meal, and she flashed us a beautiful smile and said: Absolutely not!

We said we would let her know ASAP and she hugged both of us warmly as she said goodbye. She smelled really nice. Margey agreed.

The next day I called John (he'd been living in another city for a while) and we did the usual how's it going chit chat. He was still in touch with Andrea, and was pleased their business was going so well. I told him about our Empty Nest Syndrome and we were renting out the rooms to lodgers and checking references. He was one. I gave him Alison's surname, and he went quiet, then said, "I think you'll find her suitable for your purposes. I give my full approval. Check your Email in half an hour."

Margey and I opened up the video file to see Alison and her younger sister Lynette doing lewd things on camera to each other and John and Maggie (his wife). In a child's paddling pool in his office suite.

We contacted her later that day and told her she could come whenever she liked. If she needed help with transporting her stuff, Margey was willing. She said: Yes please, is tomorrow at 10 OK? And gave the address.

In the beginning, she was quiet and a bit solitary, but warmed up slowly. She loved the hot tub as she'd never been in one before. We let her be, and I didn't switch on the cameras, but I was sorely tempted.

One day, once she'd settled in, Margey had a quiet chat with her, but without me, so as it wouldn't spook her. We both trusted John 100% but had to make sure she (or her sister) was/were not unhappy about what had transpired in his office that day (see Book 9 Chapter 5).

Margey first asked her how she knew John. She was reticent at first. She and her sister were living in another city (where John was now) and were approached by a market research lady in the street and they talked about general things and then sexual things. At the end of the interview she asked if they wanted to come and play some sexy games with her and her husband. They agreed and had to sign an NDA when they got there.

Did you feel pressured or coerced at any time? No

Did you feel you could leave at any time? Yes, they made it clear there would be no consequences.

Did you enjoy everything that happened? Absolutely

Describe the man. Did he have any special attributes. Yes, a big black 10" penis

Did he try to penetrate you? Yes, I wanted him to but he was too big to go all the way. I asked him to cum in me, then pee over me. Lynette loved the pee games, but didn't want to try sex. However, she sincerely regretted that decision when she got home and wants to meet him again.

Would you report him to the police if you could? Nope. We didn't want any money but he paid us well.

Would you do it all again? No doubt. It made me realise how much I like sex, especially peeing and pooping. That's basically why I am splitting up with that dork boyfriend. He thinks I'm weird with my fetishes. Sorry, I lied to you a bit. It isn't a pleasant break up.

Alison, don't worry about a thing. Welcome home. You've come to the right place. Tomorrow I'll talk to you and tell you about my family - my four daughters and I and my boyfriend Steve like the same sorts of things you do. Maybe you'll meet the girls sometime, perhaps Franny whose room you're in.

Goodnight and sleep well.

The next two applicants on different days were middle aged vegetarians, one male, one female, no connection with each other, and smokers. We nixed them.

The two private parties at the mayor's residence went exceedingly well. There was 100% feedback about the quality and range of food (from the cuisines of 3 different countries). The mayor instructed his admin chief to write a cheque 25% higher than the invoice value.

2 days later they did the wedding reception, 3 days after that the garden party. Dean & Serena had a whale of a time working with them. They'd now booked their Mexican gastro trip and were looking forward to it very much.

Alison joined Margey and I for breakfast the next morning. As a kind of test, Margey asked her to relate to me in more detail her session with John. She gave a lot more salacious details and we could see it excited her to relive those memories. Her nips under her shirt became erect. Margey told her she and I were going to bathe together, and asked her if she wanted to come and watch. She didn't have to join in, and was free to leave the bathroom if she was uncomfortable with anything. Either way, it would not affect the tenancy of her room.

Margey took her hand, and the girl watched us while sitting on the chair next to the tub as we undressed each other. Margey explained the family tradition of giving pee drinks. She squatted over me, and gave me 30ml. I stuck my flaccid dick into her mouth, and pulled out slightly so Alison could see the stream. We then proceeded to wash each other. As she observed, Alison started disrobing revealing very nice boobies. With only her knickers on, she started rubbing herself as she watched us start to fuck each other in the bath. She pulled her underwear off, and approached me pulling her lips apart, and fired 100ml of sweet tasting piss at my face. Put her cunt right next to Margey's mouth and gave her the same. She didn't swallow but snowballed some of it back to her, the rest to me.

She climbed in and asked us both to spray her everywhere with all that we had. She'd forgotten to take her glasses off and they were so wet she couldn't see through them. I removed them and put them to one side, and Margey took her scrunchie off her wrist and tied her hair back. We covered her in our urine and she orgasmed a few times. Margey and I continued to make love, and Alison got in a position where she could void the rest of her piss onto the junction between dick and pussy.

She then bent forward and her arsehole and shaved pussy slit came into view and gave me permission to fuck her. She and Margey massaged the other's tits as I pumped. At the point of my orgasm, she pulled away and turned around, and wanked me a final few strokes and took my glans in her mouth to receive all my load. She gave some to Margey and some to me to see my reaction. I didn't flinch, nothing new for me, and she seemed pleased with that.

As we got out and dried off, she squatted on the toilet seat the wrong way round and asked me to catch her turd in TP.  She made a nice show of wiping her anus. Margey then did the same and produced one of famous 10-inchers which Alison struggled with, but just about about managed to hold.

"I think I'm gonna like it here," she declared.

The next day, her younger sister Lynette came for a visit to see the new digs, and we set up the child's paddling pool in the garden and videoed them re-enacting their session with John. Margey and I joined in, and we all pissed on each other. I didn't have John's big black dick unfortunately, but Lynette seemed content with my smaller one. She said she liked the feel of cum spurting inside her, but always on the first time wanted to taste it in her mouth. I duly delivered.

By way of thanks, we sent John a copy of our video.


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