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Jenny & Joe
Themes: ws, mast, lez, light scat, Asian/Indian

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-9) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 10-10 Margey household gets some Indian

by StackofBooks

(2266 words)

Suze, Beth & Bindi still wore their butt plugs from time to time around the house, with their knickers off and their tails attached (fox, cat & squirrel), showing off their bare cameltoe front clefts as well. Then they had the idea to modify their shorts so that the appendages stuck through holes at the back. (My two girls had of course the sewing skills to achieve this.) But for indoor/garden use only. If unexpected visitors came, the tails had to be unscrewed immediately.

(I had a nightmare about all 3 being arrested in the local shopping centre where in my imagination their tails had become three foot long and much bushier. They also had a grotesque long yellow dildo stuck in each pussy. The police officer - played by Chris - arrived at my front door with them in handcuffs saying: I say, Mr Steve, your daughters seem to have reverted into animagi. I was put into a straitjacket and spent the rest of my days in a small padded cell. Read into all that what you will, Dr Freud!!)

The 3 girls spent a lot of time in the kitchen, thus relieving Margey. However, she then frittered her free time away by rewatching all the sexy videos we had made. Almost everything we ate was prepared by them - sometimes the same thing on 2 or 3 (or four one time) nights as they strove to perfect it. As well as Indian & Mexican dishes, they tried things from many other countries.

All of them had now finished college, and were mooching about thinking about the next move. Bindi was told by the bank that the mortgage had been fully paid off, and she was able to take some capital out with the property as security.

Using it, she bought Margey a brand new car as hers had died recently. She got Franny a replacement top of the range washing machine/dryer, Molly a new kitchen, and the two youngest a spanking hi-tech laptop each. 

She presented the car keys and the computers as a surprise at a 5 person family dinner one night. She knocked on the table and did a pretty good impression of my deep voice. She even stood on a box to emulate my height - then she stole part of my speech.

"Ahem!! Ladies & Gentlemen. And Steve. We are gathered here together to celebrate....aah...sorry, wrong piece of paper.

Margey, my mum, you are a human dynamo and the power station behind this household. If I only achieve 10% in my life of what you have done, bringing up your four amazing girls, I will be happy. They say behind every great man, there is a greater woman. Well, we don't have a great man (dark look at me), but you're as good as one.

Go look outside the door and you'll find a big red bow, like Franny got on her 16th. (My goodness, these girls really do talk to each other.) The keys are in it.

Darling Suze, I am an only child and you are like the sister I never had but always wanted. You are true, honest and steadfast and I wish to have many of your other qualities too. This is for you. (And pulled out a laptop box from under the table.)

Precious Beth, the same words apply to you. You and your sis accepted me here from Day 1, Minute 1, with no hesitation or reservations. At the time of my parent's death you were like a rock to me. I think you cried more than I did. I hope you find this gift useful."

Her demeanour changed dramatically, a full anger face. I must admit I was as scared as Chris had been.

"Steve, you bastard, you fucking SOB. (Straight from Franny's book!) You walk around this house as if you own it. You don't. It belongs to the Mexicans and I am now an honorary member of that country.

You fuck every cunt and every arsehole you see around here. You fill my orifices with your disgusting spunk on a regular basis. You even pee on and in me. Then you force me to put my beautiful brown and pink crack near your face and piss in your gobshite mouth. Believe me, if I had my way I wouldn't give you one teaspoonful of my valuable urine.

I watched this bit of the video time and time again. At the girls' ceremony, Franny and the girls told you to piss off and never darken this door again. But you're still fucking here. Why?

Another 5 minutes of swear word filled haranguing followed, which I don't have the guts to write down. My memory bank switched off as I cowered in my chair, racking my brains to figure out what I'd done wrong.

You deserve sweet Fuck-All! But you can have this if you want." 

And she violently threw at me a small clear self-seal baggie, containing a flat piece of plastic. At first, I was confused as I didn't recognise it. Then saw it was a guitar plectrum.

"Bring it in Suze!"

It was heavy, but she managed it. A dark black guitar case with golden buckles. I put it on the table, and lifted the lid to reveal a dark crimson plush velvet interior. With a 6-string acoustic guitar inside, made out of the most beautiful woods you could imagine. The back was a gorgeous work of art. I'd heard of the name on the headstock: Takemine.

Bindi knew that I'd been on about wanting to learn for ages. It was the perfect gift.

She stepped off the box and changed back to normal Bindi and said sweetly:

"A guy called Dean helped me choose it. Lessons with him are included. I really do love you Steve". And sat down.

A minute long round of applause rang around the table. I had to drink a shot of brandy (or two) to regain my composure.

Her parent's house was indeed rented out on a short term basis not long after to a young Indian couple recently arrived from Mumbai, with two toddlers (four and two) in tow. They of course had Indian names, but decided to fit in with Western culture and acclimatise more quickly by becoming Joe and Jenny.

When they moved in, they were of course totally unfamiliar with how things worked in this country. Bindi had passed her test by now, and after using mine for a while, bought her own second-hand one and went over a lot.

Their English was fairly good, but Bindi was bilingual and that oiled the wheels of communication a lot.

Margey and I spent a lot of time with them too, as they were genuinely nice people - with a hint of something going on underneath, that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Jenny cooked some amazing meals for us and they were both partial to a drop of wine or some beer - but in moderation, never to excess.

They came over to us frequently as well and they had never had Mexican food before (had not even heard of it) and loved every bite they ate. J & J also enjoyed the swimming pool and hot tub, even if we weren't there (with our blessing of course), as these kinds of western luxuries were completely alien to them.

We came home one day to find them in the tub looking a bit flushed, but they fobbed it off as the water being too hot for them. But naughty Steve had had a motion-activated hidden Wi-Fi camera trained on it. And I saw later on they'd been fucking!!

It seems they both had a high sex drive (*that's* what it was, the thing I couldn't suss out) as they did it on many occasions. Margey liked the look of his big brown dick, and for me, underneath her sari, her bikini body was truly scrumptious.

We decided just to surprise them in the tub one day and call their bluff and hid our cars down the road to make them think we were out. They were both fully naked and he was sticking it up her from behind, as we walked out in only our dressing gowns. I was expecting them to be aggressive, defensive or apologetic, or something else in between. But none of those. That's when I knew it was all deliberate, to entice us. To tell us in a subtle way that they both liked us and wanted to go foursome. Not sure if they have wife swapping in Mumbai or India, but that's what they were hoping for. Maybe they had had sexy conversations with Bindi. Maybe she had hinted we were up for it. Maybe she even had suggested this plan of attack.

We took off our robes and climbed in. Jenny asked permission to sit on my lap. Joe took Margey's hand and politely offered her to do the same. She could immediately feel his cock swell up, and mine did as well as Jenny took my hands and put them on her medium sized breasts. Margey followed suit and he had obviously never felt boobs like that before as he went goggly-eyed.

We didn't have much time as the kids would be back soon, but we fucked the other's spouse and promised another session.

At dinner that night, Bindi asked me if everything had gone well today, and gave me a huge wink that must have bruised her eyeball. (She knew how to access the recorded Wi-Fi camera videos on the PC and had masturbated herself to ejaculation by watching the four of us fucking. She mopped up the juices with her knickers and left them there for me, or Margey, to find.)

The girls were making plans to set up in business together, their main idea to train young people with basic, intermediate and advanced cooking skills. The parent's house was big enough to facilitate this. They decided not to say anything to push Joe and Jenny, but if and when they left they would all move in and start serious preparations.

During college, Beth and Suze had no time for A.S.S. so hadn't been there for a long time, but still felt a great deal of affection for Andrea & Kim. As well as Sally and Arnold who were still there.

So the 3 of them went to talk to Andrea to help set up business plans, balance sheets and P&L accounts as they themselves had minimal experience in this area - and she had it, in spades.

As it happened, Joe and Jenny decided the house was a bit too big for them, and put in the required 2 months notice in month 10 of being there. (All parties knew from the start it was just a stepping stone, so no big surprise.) They found a nice but smaller detached house not too far away; however, it a big garden for the kids. Bindi's house only had a small one.

So even though Margey and I had plenty of notice about it, it was still an extremely sad day when the removal lorry came for B, S & B's belongings. In fact, that's what they called themselves: BSB Catering. Andrea gave them the idea that before implementing the training part of their business, they should do catering and deliver high quality food locally for events such as weddings, wakes and private parties. She said the overheads would be less and the profit margins higher. Turned out to be a genius idea.

Within a month of moving in, they had 3 bookings without even advertising: an Indian wedding, a 21st birthday party in a marquee and a party for 10 at the home of a local hot-shot politician.

Empty Nest Syndrome. Pee Stain Manor was very quiet now, and we considered selling up and downsizing. But in my heart of hearts, I was hoping to find an Indian girl (well, any girl actually) that I could teach to swim.

In the end, I had to plump for plump Margey (ow! I just got a thump on the arm from her as she saw me write that) as she decided it was high time for her to acquire that particular skill.

Unfortunately for her, the only person she could find was a tall thin bespectacled guy with the beginnings of a beer belly and signs of going bald up top.

The good thing was that she - like Bindi - insisted on us both being naked.

And our first lesson was a washout as we ended up fucking. Isn't that what everybody uses their swimming pool for?

Next time we were fornicating again and Joe and Jenny caught us...and joined in. They spotted the children's paddling pool over by the flower bed and asked us its function, as we didn't have toddlers any more.

Aah, well, yes...it's like this you see....

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