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Franny & Steve
Themes: ws, mast, lez, light scat, Asian/Indian

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-9) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 10-4 For old time's sake...

by StackofBooks

(2209 words)

Franny contacted me one day by SMS, asking me to take over to their place some of her boxes from the basement. She'd cleared them out to make way for Bindi's arrival. Hell, that was two months ago!

But no-one, least of all Margey and I, were unduly worried. She was a delight to have with us, not to mention being a friend with benefits.

Franny didn't have space in her small house to store everything that had been in her old room, but she'd put yellow stickers on the ones she might need. She still had her 16th BD present (a s/h car), but her little boy was sick at the moment (possibly chicken pox) and she couldn't leave him.

Bindi's parents were frantic about not being with their daughter, but we just Emailed them to tell them not to panic, everything was OK, she was not a burden, she was helping around the house, her studies were going well. (I'd contacted her personal tutor, and made them aware of the situation concerning Bindi's temporary stay with us. They confirmed she was up to date with all her homework and assignments, and was top of the class in all her disciplines. Praise indeed!)

Even reading Emails for the Gandhi parents was tricky - it sometimes took 3-4 days to get access to a local computer. We just told them to stay safe and take all necessary precautions so as not to catch the virus.

On an entirely different matter, I asked Margey to take a picture of me with my phone of me mooning, making sure my big dick was poking between my thighs to send to Franny. I felt sure she would have her magnifying glass on it, as I knew she missed that part of our relationship. But time moves on.

I messaged her with the picture, adding in words:

Dear Franny-sassy-panny, Are you still with that FUCKING loser of a boyfriend, the bank robber's son? If so, I swear I'll cut off his micropenis with a FUCKING bread knife and feed it to the ducks at the pond. By the way, is tomorrow at 2pm OK for these FUCKING boxes? Love, Steve PS Did you ever try that big fake butt plug up your cunt???

She replied with just the emoji for the V for fuck off, and: OK, 2pm

Bindi was home early that day, and I showed her the messages, but she didn't really understand our humour. 

She took me into the garden, and said: Steve, I've been saving everything up inside me all day and I have to let it go now. Right now. She stripped me in record time, and then herself (she knew if she asked me I would do it slowly to prolong the pleasure of revealing her bit by bit).

She held my flaccid dick in the air, and a very dark pungent stream escaped from her tight lips. She duck walked up the side of my body, covering my belly, nipples, neck, mouth, nose and temple. Just for luck, in both my ears as well.

She sat on my chest and rested after that effort. I held on to her boobs as I stared at her cootie. Then, just like Franny did in Book 1 Chapter 1, she got closer to my face, and opened herself wide. The juxtaposition of her brown skin (darker than Franny's Mexican one) and her internal pinkness was a sight to behold. As if to underline it, her peehole opened and more fluid escaped. She put her index finger into her vagina and when it was removed, it gaped for few seconds. She took my pinky and put it in. Bindi told me to wiggle it. When it came out, the black hole of her cavity was delightful. She span herself round 180 degrees, showing me her puckered anus and masturbated me to completion. By her leaning forwards, the vagina hole was even bigger and I put in my middle finger as I came. I think she did too.

She explained she didn't want her hymen any more, and had used a hairbrush handle to push through it a few nights ago. It was a bit painful and there was a some blood, but nothing she couldn't cope with. (My goodness, how would we explain *that* to her parents, especially as an arranged marriage checks for that???)

The next day after lunch, I loaded 3 of Sassy's boxes and drove over there.

She really was so happy to see me, and skipped down the path, looking like an angel personified. I pretended to get all serious, and knelt down in front of her. I took both her hands and intoned solemnly:

Darling Franny, my surrogate daughter. I am deeply sorry for maligning your husband to be. Please forgive me. As penance, I will wear the 'Prick with a Fork' apron at all times, even if not barbecuing and especially in bed. This is how I'd like to make it up to you.

She was only wearing thin leggings, and knowing her, she had no knickers on underneath. I let go of her hands, pulled her buttocks towards me, and kissed her hard on her pussy (thus smelling her turned-on odour). Then blew a raspberry on it.

She jumped back in shock, and said:

You bastard, Steve. You SOB. Since I saw that picture of your dick poking out between your arse cheeks, I've had the hots for you, like I had that time in Bailey Park while peeing. Unlike you, I don't have a magnifying glass so I've worn my eyeballs out looking at your cock remembering all the good times.

All morning my cootie has been dripping. Absolutely fucking dripping waiting for your arrival.

Now that your lips have touched my lower lips, you'd better make good on the unspoken promise you've just made. Or it'll be ME cutting off YOUR penis Lorena Bobbit style and feeding it to Chris as part of his beef stew tonight. That's what I would call revenge, not some bogus speech about a bank robber. We all saw through you.

(Yeah right, Franny!! The look on your face at the time proves that you are lying now.)

Changing tack completely, like an ice skater, she said sweetly:

Come inside darling, but can you put this mask on please, just in case there's any bacterial transmission either way.

She took me by the hand, but I roughly picked her up and threw her light frame over my 6'2" shoulder, fireman's lift style, and she squealed like a piglet and thrashed her legs and arms about. To absolutely no avail.

Into the bedroom, she still screaming, I body slammed her onto the bed, and ripped apart her blouse to reveal huge braless tits which I motorboated.

She said: I swear I'm gonna fuck your brains out, but first let me check on the baby. (To witness Franny's maternal instinct was very touching, and showed me a completely different side to her character.)

A few minutes she came back.

Yeah, he's drifting off to sleep now. (Evil Hooded Claw laugh) The whisky and sleeping tablets should be taking effect any moment now!!

Serious face returned. Stevie-boy, can you strip me and eat me out? Chris is good at fucking but not in that department. I think I need to send him to mum for training.

Her pussy tasted as good to me now as it did the very first time. She writhed and wriggled in ecstasy as I gave her the full works. 

Let me undress you, and just stick in it me, no more foreplay. Make it as quick or as slow as you like. I just want to feel those spurts on my vaginal walls. If you can recover quickly enough, I'll BJ and HJ you. You've never tit-fucked me, so I'd like to try that and feel your spunk hit my chin.

We started missionary, then ended up doggy style.

During our pause, she checked him again.

We tried the boob job with her on her back, but found it was better with Franny on top squeezing her two melons on my shaft. She scooped up my baby batter with fingers and tasted and declared it similar to a previous vintage she knew. As expected, she snowballed it back at me.

We gave each other a pee drink (took me right back to the day on the forest trail for the first one). Then stood in the bath and sprayed each other. Just like old times, as we did altogether in the big bath when we first moved into the new house. Rinsed and dried each other off, got dressed. I brought the boxes in and took them to the spare room at her direction.

You know, Steve (getting a bit weepy, very unlike her), that was great today but I think it was our last time.

I put her chin in my hands and said: I know, pumpkin, I agree. But the vision of you standing over the toilet in your mum's old place, showing me your pink insides for the first time - that image is permanently pasted to the inside of my forehead. Even when I'm old and senile -not long to go now - I will still refer to it.

Steve, I've had a baby and I'm a few years older. Let me sit on the edge of the bed and hold myself open again like Mary taught me. Tell me what you see.

We undressed again.

I sat and looked and played for 10-15 mins, and by doing so, we got horny again and fucked (or was it made love??) again. For old time's sake...

Back at the ranch, I took a quick shower in case she picked up any scent of sex on me, and it was time for Bindi's next swimming lesson.

She had a different bikini on this time, not quite so provocative. As soon as we got in the water, she told me to remove both parts. She took off my shorts and massaged Mr Softy until he became Mr Semi.

As she practised floating on her back, she allowed my supporting arms and hands to wander. Up her thighs and into the intersection. If I stood by her feet, she opened the legs wider, until I saw the black hole of her gape.

On her front she let my hands massage her boobs gently, the long nips jutting out a long way. Again at her feet end, her pussy was closed now but her arsehole winked at me. 

She was not drowning so often now, but did an obvious fake one, and in clinging on to me, pushed down on me hard. If she had been a bit more lubricated, I might have gone in. (The water washes it away quite quickly.)

That night, Margey laid down the law to her, but in a nice, friendly, non-threatening way:

Look, it wasn't a good idea to break your hymen. If your parents call in the police, it's going to be difficult to prove it was a hairbrush and not Steve or someone else. Your word may not be good enough in a court of law, especially if a large dowry is at stake.

Continue playing your poop and pee games (I'd like to join in please) but penetration is not a good idea. Can I munch your pussy please, and you do me?

Back to earlier in the pool, Bindi managed to do a width or two, but was having trouble with the breathing technique. Later, with me supporting her body weight, she did a complete length, and I let go of her completely for the last 10 metres, so she did that bit on her own.

Our shower was quick, as it was my turn to cook dinner, and to save the feelings of the poor lawn, she squatted on the seat of the WC to pee, as I dipped my fingers in the warm stream. She turned to face the other way, and pushed out a gnarly and bumpy thick 6" turd which I caught on my palm covered in TP.

I slept in Bindi's room that night, soaking up all her fragrances from her bedsheets and pillow. She was meantime muff-munching with Margey.

As a souvenir for her, I took a pair of her used knickers from her laundry basket, noting a thin white stain line in the gusset, and a brown skidmark at the back. I sniffed them well, wanked into them, leaving them on her pillow to find the next day.

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