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Franny rides again
This one is uploaded separately, rather than in a book. Let me know which way you prefer. Thx

All characters over the age of 18

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books1-8) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 9-7 - Franny's DP

by StackofBooks

(1204 words)

Franny, with baby Robert to consider and look after, had more or less finished playing the field, and she and Chris were very much committed to each other.

They still wore with pride the matching silver bracelets that I (Steve, the narrator) had given them on the day of Chris' proposal (Margey Household, Book 6, Chapter 6). To anyone that asked, they explained the meaning and significance of the two emoji symbols on them, which always caused a great deal of hilarity (and Chris' cheeks to turn so bright red you could have toasted a hot cross bun on them). Strangely, although Chris had asked for her 'hand in marriage' that day, they still hadn't tied the knot - but were working towards it. However, the two of them, and neither Margey nor I, were unduly worried about the delay.

Despite her full and unwavering dedication to her soulmate, from time to time she still hankered after something new and different. And stimulating.

If you remember back to Franny's 18th, before she had even met Chris (Margey Household, Book 4, Chapter 9, "I'd do anything") she'd asked me to fuck her for the very first time on her special day. Ben was there as well and he was encouraged to do the same, following me, to cement his place in the family. Franny had joked that day about me and him DPing her, but after all this time, she still hadn't done anything about it. And the idea of two dicks in both her holes at the same time gnawed away at her, like a bad toothache.

One day, while she was giving Chris head, she delayed his orgasm by squeezing in the appropriate place. (Now we know where Sandy learnt this trick from.) 

I want to do DP soon. Are you up for it, sweetheart?, she teased.

Yes, yes, yes, whatever you want. Just release me and let me cum!!

After the dust had settled, he said: Sure, but with whom? 

Me and her mum Margey were her first idea, but she broached the subject with Sandy, and Jonathan was willing. A date was set. (Margey and I did get our opportunity later - maybe I'll write about it another time...)

The four of them made a day of it (with grandparents Margey and I babysitting their little one, Robert). Going to the seaside in the morning, some sightseeing, then a go-karting track in the afternoon, which was amazing. In the evening, they went to a quiet Italian restaurant they had booked the day before. 

Back at Chris and Franny's house, they sat in the lounge with wine or beer. No-one wanted to get drunk, just to mellow out. The guys undressed the other's partner slowly and sensually, and then vice versa. Franny sat on Jon's lap while he fingered her and sucked her boobs. Chris and Sandy emulated them.  The girls took their dicks into their mouths, but nobody was allowed to cum.

The girls went back to their own partner and the mutual masturbation continued.

A time out was called and they all chatted and laughed together about everyday non-sexual things for a while. Jon got up to go to the lav, but was called back as they told him about how pee breaks worked in this family. Franny and Sandy gave him 100ml each, from pussy direct into his gob, and he was fascinated as he'd never seen a Mexican/South American one before. Likewise for Chris with Sandy's as he received his dose from them both. (As a teenager he'd often had wanking sessions about Asian and Chinese girls - a devotee of that porn genre - and now that fantasy was about to become real.) The girls then serviced each other with a urine beverage, but got carried away and started 69ing, while both men shyly watched the other stroking their own cocks, to keep 'on the boil' as it were.

Eventually, Franny grabbed both males by the hand and pulled them upstairs, Sandy following close behind.

Both guys gave drinks to the girls in the bathroom, and they both whizzed the rest into the bowl, the females directing and crossing the streams multiple times.

During the dinner earlier, they'd discussed a possible 'Order of Service' and on the bed they each fucked their own partner, missionary position. At a given eye signal, the girls turned over on their fronts, the guys swapped places and did doggy style on the other's girlfriend. Only the women, not the men, were allowed to come. Which they did: often, loudly and vociferously.

Timeout was called, for Franny to top up and bring their drinks upstairs.

After resting, both boys then lubed themselves up and pushed into rectal passages, Chris to Sandy, Jon to Franny.

It was difficult not to cum as they were both very tight.

Then, Sandy took a back seat and kissed and massaged Franny's breasts, while Chris slid his body underneath her, and his prick entered her vag, with Jon still inserted. They could feel each other's cock heads through the membrane that separates it and the back passage. A good rhythm was set up and she was squealing like a banshee and breathing very deeply. After 10-15 mins, all 3 crashed through the orgasmic wall together. She had so much spunk inside her she thought she might drown!!

Half an hour was needed before Sandy could bring both of them to full mast again. This time Jon was in her pussy, and Chris up her behind, and she was even louder than her mentor. Franny put her pussy over the girl's mouth to egg her on. Many cum spurts were issued into both her holes.

They all collapsed on the bed, exhausted. They had planned to do a Round 2 where the guys had each girl the other way round (Chris in Franny's arse, Jon in her pussy, and the same change around with Sandy) but no-one had the energy. In the restaurant, one thing that was brought up was peeing in cunts & rectums, but it was hoped there would be a repeat performance soon to try all those possibilities and configurations.

They showered together, with girls peeing on dicks, guys on pussies and anuses.

Till next time, they said, as they hugged goodbyes, and Sandy and Jon went home.

The two ladies talked to each other on the phone the next day and admitted they were very sore down below, and could hardly walk!!!

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