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Part 2 of the series. I don't know how many parts there will be but I'll upload them as I go and see where they take us! All characters and places are fictional and for your own fantasy only
Crossing the Horizon Part 2


Rachel was sitting at her desk, fidgeting, uncomfortable. She had been on edge a bit since her visit to the club a week ago, but today – a rainy Wednesday morning, she was especially anxious. She had masturbated only once since her afternoon with Max. She felt immediately guilty afterwards, as if she was cheating on him even though it was a perfectly natural thing to do. So that pent up frustration was sitting with her as she sipped on her coffee and went over last night’s accounting sheets. She was a good accountant, always very clever and organised with numbers, but ever since she left college and finished travelling, she felt pretty empty about it. She had her Masters Degree in Accounting but didn't go on to do a PhD, even though she felt she could have. She had been advised by others to go out and make “real money” in the working world, but despite all this, it ultimately left her feeling a bit hollow and empty.


She couldn't stop thinking about Max and the club. The thought would creep in at the most inopportune times, in a meeting or out with her friends. Sarah had sent her a text the day after the club asking if she enjoyed herself. She replied with a simple “ooohhhh yeahhh” and thanked Sarah for the invite, but hadn't heard from her since. That was probably part of the problem, there Rachel was, sitting in an office in the business district, trying to focus on accounting, but in the back of her mind was fantasies of being naked and having her pussy licked from labia to asshole by a strong, muscular dog. The aromas and scents stayed with her from that day. She hadn't washed the underwear she wore and would sneakily huff on it at night, one morning waking up with it beside her. When she didn't acknowledge a colleague calling her name after he stepped into the office because she was caught in a daydream of pheromones and semen, she decided she had to do something about it as soon as possible. She finished her day in the office as best she could, smiled and talked to her friends there and left, getting the subway home and trying to listen to her book.


She heard the words, but none sank in. She was too busy planning. When she got back to her apartment, she stripped off her work clothes and got into her nightie. She huffed and hesitated, but then just let her fingers do the talking. Rachel picked up the phone and punched in the number on the card Sarah initially gave her. “Hi, this is Rachel” she said after hearing a woman answer. “Rachel! So good to hear from you. How are things? What can I do for you?”. Upon hearing this, she realized that this was the director of her movie. She hadn't received it yet either but presumed that was because it was still being edited. “Well, I'm just wondering... what we talked about, I think I need to know more about what this is and what its all about? I mean, I loved every second of it, but the taboo, its difficult to express to others.” Rachel said. “I understand completely. Tell you what, are you free Saturday?” the Director responded. “Yes” said Rachel, immediately realizing she had interrupted the Director by blurting this out. She just laughed and said to Rachel “Great, well as I was saying, if you want to come down and talk to me I can go into further details about everything and clear your mind. Does 2 o clock suit?” Rachel responded “Yes, perfect, I'll see you then!” The Director said goodbye and hung up, as did Rachel. So that was it. She was committed in her mind. She didn’t know if she had something on Saturday, she'd cancel anyhow as this was far more important.


The next two days of work couldn't have dragged more if they tried. Two boring meetings on Thursday, an inventory account on Friday followed by customary drinks in the dive bar after. She stayed for exactly one before making an excuse and leaving. Friday night was restless. Rachel was trying to put all the thoughts out of her mind, but it was impossible. She was so turned on lying in her bed, she could feel a slight dampness between her legs and was trying to ignore it. Finally, she took two aspirin which did the trick and she went to sleep, dreaming of Max and herself in a forest running through the woods and a close, unsaid bond.


When Rachel woke, she had a nice long shower, paying special attention to her vagina, shaving it cleanly and moisturizing the area. She told herself she didn't know why, she had no expectations of today, it was more a 'just in case' gesture she assured herself. After drying herself and fixing her hair, she had a sneaky little thought. She went back into her bedroom and located her panties from that time with Max and put them on. After which she did her weekend yoga routine and had a light breakfast. She was at a loss though after, all these thoughts pounding through her head in the hours building up to today’s visit. When it was time to leave, she was just biting her lower lip the whole time, even as she drove to the club. Rachel could feel her pussy moistening at the thought of what could await, but she was still trying to play it cool with herself.


Rachel took a moment to calm herself before knocking the same blue door she had been through two weeks prior. It buzzed open again and the same woman from before was sitting at the desk and gave her a welcoming smile. “Hello again Rachel, same way as before. She’s waiting for you.” Rachel responded with a thanks and a smile and got into the lift and went down.


Waiting on the other side was the director. She had quite short dark hair and seemed to be the same age as Rachel. She was quite beautiful and had an endearing smile as she extended her hand to greet Rachel. Rachel took it and said a quick hello. “Great that you're back, we were buzzing with your performance and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.” she said. “I'm Caroline by the way, but you can call me Carrie. Just come through to my office here and we'll get started.” Rachel walked into what seemed to be a small studio office. It was quite plain with just a desk, computer and two chairs either side. Carrie motioned for Rachel to take a seat and she did. Carrie then sat down opposite her, adjusting herself.


“I presume you have lots of questions, and I hope to answer all of them. But I thought I would give you a brief explanation in the hopes it clears a few things up for you first? Is that okay?” Carrie said. Rachel nodded and replied “that’s fine, go ahead.” “Well, as you witnessed, this is all a bit unusual and quite private. Invitation is by trusted sources only and we have very strict privacy policies. What we have done here is create a space exclusively for women to enjoy and carry out their deepest fantasies. We have rules on this, of course, of which you will have to follow. It’s all in this leaflet.” Carrie pulled open a drawer and handed her a clear, white envelope. “Further, any material we record, the star or stars have the final say on how its distributed. The only people that will see it are other members and if you do show it to a partner or loved one, it has to be done with our express permission only. Needless to say, breaking any of these rules will lead to complete expulsion from the club and I will warn you, our benefactor is an extremely wealthy woman and not the type to get on the wrong side of. If you choose not to join, that is fine, and we will say our goodbyes. Now, any questions?”. Rachel sat and thought for a moment, tensing herself. Carrie had been pretty thorough she thought and certainly seemed trustworthy and a straight shooter. “Just one.” Rachel said. “Okay, go ahead” Carrie responded. “Can I see Max?” Carrie laughed and stood up, “of course, follow me, I'll give you a little tour”.


Upon leaving the office, Rachel saw another girl sitting in the makeup chair with Lorraine attending to her. She had some skimpy lingerie on and slightly dark, olive skin and wild curly blondish/brown hair. Her eyes were closed as Lorraine applied some makeup. Rachel waved over and Lorraine waved back, giving her a little wink as she did. This caused Rachel to blush slightly, but also made her feel welcome and somewhat at home here. “This is our main set, right now it’s set up as a sort of rich girl fantasy as per request.” Carrie said. Rachel could see the layout was quite different to when she had performed. There was a luxurious rose-colored sofa in the centre with various pillows dotted around and a makeshift stool in the centre. Carrie continued on with Rachel, opening a door to the backstage area.


It was well lit, and Rachel could see various props dotted around the place. Everything was also nice and clean which really reassured her. Carrie was pointing out various features, but Rachel was caught in her own little world. Carrie then opened another door which led to a larger area which had three different kennels set up. “Our performers don't live here, but this is where they stay when out on duty. We try and make them as comfortable as possible, feeding them and playing with them and making sure they have enough water.” Carrie continued talking but Rachel's attention was taken by another woman in what appeared to be working gear sitting with a well-groomed Rottie. She was grooming him and had a clippers and makeup set with her. The dog reared up on seeing Rachel, but the handler gave him a quick pat and told him to stay. “That’s Duke, he’s getting ready for our guest.” Carrie said, while leading her to another kennel. She opened the gate and Max sat upright immediately, his ears back and tongue lolling out. “Hello Max, look who's come to see you. It’s your girlfriend Rachel” Carrie said. With that, Rachel immediately felt a pulse in her vagina and butterflies filled her stomach. This was it, the moment she had been waiting again for the past two weeks.


Max came waddling over and Carrie got down and gave him a big kiss and said, “now you be nice to Rachel”. She then got up and gave her a wink. “I can only give you a minute or two to say hi, then we have a show to shoot. Would you like to stay and watch?” Rachel nodded, her mouth dry and beaming with a smile. “Okay, come and meet me in the gantry after you've said hi to Max”. Carrie then left the kennel walked back the way she came. Rachel didn't quite know what to do. She was fully clothed this time and Max was playfully running around her and smelling her now soaking pussy. She crouched down and Max almost pushed her over, covering her face with loving licks and kisses. All Rachel could do was laugh and say “it’s great to see you too!” as she rubbed Max up and down. He was sniffing around her, with some frustration and then she had a naughty little idea. She got up and quickly took her shoes off and pulled down her jeans and now soaked panties. Max went straight into her pussy again, sniffing and licking but she knew she didn't have time to fully play. For that brief second though, it was heaven as his tongue met her freshly shaven vagina and sought out her clitoris. She quickly pulled her jeans back up and put her shoes on, then said “I'm going to leave you a little present Max. Something to remind you of me and how wonderful you make me feel.” She then put her soaked knickers into Max's bed, gave him a quick kiss and left the kennel.


Rachel felt very naughty at what she had just done. She wondered if it was allowed, but she didn't care at this point. Carrie waved to her to follow her back to the set. “Okay, take a seat in the small gantry there. You'll get a great view of the show and can see the different monitors and angles we have set up.” Rachel did this and saw the girl from earlier who was in the makeup chair approach the set. The girl waved to the cameras and had a big smile on her face. She had a small beauty mark on her left cheek, and she was a slim, athletic girl who appeared to be in her late 20's. She actually gave Rachel a wave also, which reassured her that this was allowed, and she wasn't invading someone else’s space.


The girl looked back at the camera as Carrie yelled “action!”. The girl then began talking into the camera. “Hi, this is Kaisa once again and I hope you enjoy this little fantasy of mine.” She then blew a kiss and walked over to and sat on the sofa. Spreading her legs, she said in an obviously prepared way, putting on a Southern Belle accent “Why are there never any men that can live up to my needs. With my weak little husband away all the time, I have been flush with the vapors and no relief at all.” There was a knock from the stage door behind the set and Kaisa got up and made a point of wiggling her curvy little ass over to it. “Why who could this be?” she said, over exaggerating. Opening the door, there was Duke, the Rottie from earlier, sitting on his haunches. “Oh my, what a dapper gentleman you are sir. Please come through.” Duke did as Kaisa asked and obediently walked onto the set and sat down, never taking his eyes off the girl. Kaisa knelt down in front of him, legs spread apart and started petting him. She examined his collar and saw that it read Duke so said to him “Oh my, Duke is your name. Well luckily for you I'm a Duchess and it would be only right for us to extend the royal lineage, wouldn't it boy?”.


With that, Kaisa stood up and seemed to march around the room in her high heels. Rachel thought Duke seemed very well trained, still sitting there panting and not taking his eyes off this beautiful damsel as she strutted around, posing for him as she did. Kaisa would put her hands through her hair, looking at Duke while she did it, and licked her tongue around her mouth seductively. This was making Rachel very wet and horny in the gantry. She knew what was going to happen and the build-up and anticipation was killing her. Kaisa would turn then and wiggle her butt in Dukes direction, bending over and feeling down her legs. Her lacy number fitted very nicely to her tight body and Rachel could see the attraction now in teasing her partner with one on. Kaisa though stepped forward and removed her bra. She wasn't exactly busty, but her breasts looked so pert and ripe, and she was obviously extremely turned on. Continuing her little dance around Duke, she bent down and kissed him on his nose and Duke returned the affection with a little lick causing Kaisa to giggle. “So then Duke, do I meet your approval? Will you breed me?” Kaisa said, holding her wild, curly blonde locks up. Duke gave a tiny little bark and Kaisa said “I'll take that as a yes”.


The olive-skinned beauty then turned around and removed her underwear, bending over while doing so. That was enough for Duke, all the teasing had to stop at some point. Before Kaisa was able to fully remove her underwear, Duke was right there at her pussy, sniffing and licking. Kaisa's eyes went to heaven and Rachel could see her knees begin to wobble. Still playing the part Kaisa managed to say, “oh what a fine gentleman you are”, moving down onto her hands and knees. Duke continued his lapping at Kaisa's sweet pussy and Rachel was hypnotized by this. She wondered if that was what she looked like with her Max? Kaisa was panting now too, seemingly going through orgasm after orgasm. There was a big puddle building up just below her mating area and Rachel thought she must be a natural gusher. 'Maybe she can show me?' Rachel thought. Something to note down for sure. Duke was lapping away, getting his fill of his new mate. Rachel could see his penis extending from its sheath, it looked swollen and red, almost like it was sore and needing to find a place to go. Rachel, despite being fucked and knotted by a dog on this set just two weeks ago, didn't want to masturbate in front of others, but it was extremely hard to stay focused and decent with this scene unfolding in front of her eyes.


Duke removed his muzzle from Kaisa's pussy. Quite the puddle had formed. Kaisa started crawling slowly forward and Duke leaned down to sniff at the fluids Kaisa had left. He gave another little bark, which stopped Kaisa in her tracks and made his way over to her. Duke sniffed around Kaisa's butt and pussy, no doubt taking in a heavy amount of his lovers pheromones, and lifted his front paws up onto her back. Duke was quite a substantial dog. He had a muscular frame, and his short, black fur did nothing to hide the contours of this powerful animal. Kaisa bent down further and lowered her mating area, seemingly knowing where Dukes powerful penis was thrusting, and without a second effort, he hit home. Kaisa let out a little scream of pleasure but seemed to be in another world as the big Rottie fucked her ceaselessly. Rachel was transfixed by the two lovers. Kaisa was taking Duke like a pro, arching her back and leaning down for further penetration. Rachel could see her face was straining, but it definitely looked like a strain of pleasure than pain. It took her back to Max, how when he entered her first it just took her to another world. She was biting her lower lip and her mouth was dry. The butterflies in her stomach were dancing while watching Kaisa get fucked senseless by her lover.


Dukes pace had slowed a bit. Rachel could see the knot forming at the base of his penis and knew what was about to happen. So did Kaisa it seemed as she pushed herself up and back onto it in one fluid motion. Rachel was very impressed seeing this, the girl was so natural in her movements and Duke was in heaven with his mate now fully locked with him. The big dog would slowly hump into his mate and Kaisa would push back against him. She was letting out a low groan while her mate expanded inside her and locked her and Duke was salivating at the mouth, some of his drool landing on Kaisa's hair, neck and back. He bent down and began to lick her as if to say “well done” to his mate for pleasuring him so well. He had stopped the humping and was obviously cumming his brains out while locked in Kaisa's mating equipment. The thought was driving Rachel wild. The Duke and the Duchess breeding together. Him so powerful and dominant, forcing his seed into his mates cervix and her being so pliant and needy of this sperm. They stayed locked for about 15 minutes. Kaisa would finger her clit and slightly rub Dukes balls which were pulsating against her now filled pussy.


Another puddle had formed around them, a mix of doggy sperm and Kaisa's own juices. She would put her hand to it and scoop some up and bring it to her nose and smell it before licking it up. Kaisa was telling Duke what a good boy he was and how she was so happy to be taking his seed. Duke didn't turn completely around on Kaisa, he more stood to the side, keeping his penis locked in Kaisa's vagina while pumping her full of sperm. Rachel wondered if she had just gotten lucky that Max was able to turn around completely for her. 'Maybe I'm a natural' Rachel thought, with a plethora of possibilities running through her now sexually awoken mind.


Duke tested his bond again after a time and slipped out of a now fully sated Kaisa. A mixture of his doggy cum and her fluid leaked out as he released her. She lay in the same position Duke left her and the big dog approached her rear, giving it a few sniffs and began licking her pussy, making sure his royal line was there to stay. He did a really thorough job, with Kaisa moaning and groaning under the spell of his tongue. Duke walked off and Kaisa of course walked after him. He seemed to know what to expect and just stood there, all 9” of his thick, red raw cock dangling down for his mate to inspect. Kaisa wasted no time. Sniffing and licking around his cock and taking the tapered head into her mouth. Duke was in bliss at this attention with Kaisa rolling her tongue around his most sensitive parts. Kaisa finished by giving his doggy balls a lick and a kiss and then lay down with her mate, both in a complete state of bliss with his doggy semen swimming around her uterus, looking for her egg to fertilize.


Carrie yelled “Cut!” and an applause went up from the crew. Kaisa stood up and bowed to them, a massive smile on her face. She was covered in doggy semen and her own juices from having rolled in the floor and she started licking her hands and arms. Duke seemed content on the floor and didn't move until one of the camera operators went over to check on him. “Another incredible scene Kaisa. We are so lucky to have you” Carrie said. “It’s no problem, Duke was the real star here. Make sure he gets a nice treat later” Kaisa replied. “Don't worry about that, he will. Are you okay with sending out to the usual members once we are finished the edit?” Carrie asked. “Of course, my pleasure.” Kaisa said as she walked off towards Lorraine at makeup. Rachel decided to head down too and say hi and introduce herself. Kaisa was still licking and tasting the juice on her, scooping some off her legs and neat little bush when Rachel approached.


“Hi, I just want to say that was incredible. You seemed to have so much fun. I'm Rachel by the way” Rachel said, extending a hand to greet this freshly fucked star. “Hi, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Kaisa” she said back. Lorraine was now attending to Kaisa with a sponge, cleaning her up and doing a thorough job around her body. “I did a shoot last week; I'd love for you to see it. It was with Max” Rachel said, presuming Kaisa knew who she was talking about. “Oh Max? I love him, he’s such a star, so feral and loving.” Kaisa said. Rachel was a little taken aback by this. She knew that this would probably be the case, but she didn't want to know it. She tried not to show her jealousy or anger and just nodded along, agreeing with Kaisa. “Yeah, he was so tender with me. It was my first time too.” Rachel said. “I'd love to see the video” inquired Kaisa then. Rachel had a wicked little thought and said “Sure! I'll say it to Carrie and the others that its okay to share.


Kaisa finished cleaning up and getting dressed as Rachel made herself busy inspecting the set and the aftermath of Kaisa's hot fucking. She wanted to wait until Kaisa was gone before proceeding with a little plan that had formed in her head. Rachel approach Carrie and asked, “Do you do photography sessions?” and Carrie replied saying that of course they do. “When do you want to schedule one?” Carrie asked. “How about in 5 minutes?” Rachel replied, a little bit forcibly. Carrie laughed and said “Yeah sure, why not! I'll get one of the girls to help. Call me when you're ready.” And with that Rachel marched over to Lorraine at makeup. Lorraine gave her a little smirk, almost knowing what Rachel was thinking, especially in how she reacted upon hearing that Kaisa had been with Max before. “So I take it you want to look good for your new boyfriend?” Lorraine said with a little chuckle. “Ha, I couldn't hide it, could I?” Rachel responded. Lorraine just laughed while taking out her makeup brush and supplies and went to work on making sure Rachel looked just right for her stud.


When finished, Rachel stripped down. Lorraine had asked if she wanted to apply her vaginal juice again, but Rachel declined “I have a different idea” she said, as she walked to the wardrobe and picked out a dog collar. Lorraine smiled at this and helped her put it on. She walked up very confidently to Carrie and told her she was ready. Carrie introduced her to a photographer called Jane, who seemed pretty quiet and reserved and a little nerdy with her spectacles and they went out to the backstage area where Max would be waiting.


Max was in his bed, still sniffing and licking the underwear Rachel had left with him earlier. She was glad to see this. He perked up at the sight of the naked and gorgeous Rachel, obviously detecting her scent in the air too. It wasn't hard as after witnessing Kaisa's scene and with the new determination she had, Rachel's juices were positively flowing when she got to the kennel. Max immediately approached her, sniffing around and going straight into Rachel's shaven pussy with a few 'hello' licks. Rachel hunkered down and said “hello big boy” in a very straight forward way. The photographer, Jane, said “do you want a few pre-shots? I always think they help set the mood”. Rachel agreed with her and hunkered down with her legs spread beside Max. Max stood attentively, his little lipstick showing in anticipation. Rachel did a few more poses, revealing her entire body for the camera and looking as sexual as possible with her new collar showing – pouting her lips and putting her arms around Max. She stood up for an especially sexy pose where Max was sitting up looking at her, his red cock just peeking from its sheath, while Rachel bent down kissing him on his snout. In another pose, Rachel stood with her legs spread and Max sat beneath her, his tongue just brushing her dripping wet pussy. Satisfied that this was enough, Rachel then hunkered down and opened her legs, presenting her glistening pussy to the salivating dog.


He went in, sniffing around her crotch and then licking for all he was worth. Rachel was trying to stay in this position with her hands lifting her up in a type of yoga pose, but it was too much with Max's insistent tongue getting right in at her pussy and clit. She leaned onto her back and Max kept up his assault. Waves of pleasure were now washing over Rachel. Jane was taking as many photos as possible of this powerful erotic moment with Rachel's face straining to keep a somewhat normal expression. Max though had other ideas, he tilted his head and then really pushed his tongue inside Rachel's pulsating vagina. Rachel was losing it at this. The dog was so attentive and was so focused on giving his mate pleasure and taking in her pheromones and scent that Rachel couldn't help but let out a yell. “Oh god, oh Max, oh god” she was saying over and over, rolling through various orgasmic states.


After a while of this, Rachel asked Jane if she could get down and see if she could get as many shots of possible of what she was about to do. Max's cock was nearly all the way out of his sheath at this stage with Rachel's pheromones swimming in his head and Rachel crawled under him. Breathing in his heavy male scent, Rachel looked at his cock and said “hello” and then took it into her mouth. She was very direct in this and was determined for one result. She had been told before by other partners how good she was at giving head and she enjoyed the hell out of it too. The power it gave her over another being and the pleasure only she could deliver for her mate. She was glad the skills seemed to transfer over to this new type of cock as she could hear Max panting and groaning behind her, obviously enjoying every second of Rachel's oral attention on his sensitive member. She licked down the shaft, stopping at the testicles to give them a sniff and a lick also, making sure Max knew what she was trying to do. As she went at Max with her tongue, more and more of his cock came out from his sheath. She could see the knot now in all its glory and was so impressed with herself that she took it all. She licked and kissed this area as Max's precum endlessly leaked onto and into her. It was one of the big turn-ons she now had, how the precum would just flow out in readiness for her as if to say, “I need to fuck and cum in you immediately!”. There was a large hard bone it felt like also, but Rachel had read about this during the week and knew to be careful of it. She went back to happily sucking on her mates cock, rolling her tongue around the head and giving its appreciative kisses and licks. Jane was snapping away, enthralled at what Rachel was doing.


She knew Max was on the edge, and this had been her plan all along. She quickly said to Jane “Get this” as Max was humping furiously under Rachel's administrations. Feeling the pressure build up in his cock, Rachel took it out of her mouth and aimed it directly onto her face. With a whine, Max lurched and spurted his big doggy load right onto his lover’s face. Jet after jet of semen was spraying over Rachel's face, mouth and chest. Jane was snapping away as much as she could, bewildered at the scene. Max kept cumming on Rachel and she was more than happy to receive it. It begun to sting her eyes quite a bit, so she wiped them and decided to keep them closed while Max was pulsing in pleasure over her. She would occasionally go up and lick and suck from his pulsing cock, giving her mate even more pleasure. A few jets followed, with Max seemingly not having any more to give. Rachel went to work again, licking and sucking the cock down, making sure her mate was clean and satisfied and knew he was taken care of. She was covered in his juices now. The smell was intoxicating to her, salty and manly. She wanted him to know she was his, and more to the point, she wanted everyone else to know it too. She wiped her eyes clear and posed with his cock in her mouth, with her kissing it and licking it while covered in his sperm. She got out from under him and then posed more, with Max beside her, his cock still all the way out and spent and her hand on it while putting her other hand up to her mouth and just putting a finger on her lips. She did a good few poses like this, showing the photographer the mess Max had made on her and her total devotion to it. How she was the one that caused this and only she could claim Max in this way. Rachel felt so turned on by this while also feeling dominant, successful. She had taken herself further than she ever thought possible and the excitement ran through her every fiber.


Jane finished up with a few more photos. She was noticeably flabbergasted by this, not exactly what she was expecting to do today, Rachel thought. Rachel thanked her and said that she could share those photos around with everyone in the group. That was the exact purpose of this action, Rachel wanted to show everyone else that Max was hers, her alpha dog, her mate. Only she could bring Max to that place of ultimate pleasure. She walked back out onto the set, still naked and covered in Max's sperm. Carrie saw her and said, “oh my, it looks like you had fun!” Rachel smiled back and raised her eyebrows. Going over to Lorraine at makeup, she could see that Lorraine was a bit taken aback. “Wow” Lorraine said as she took in Rachel. She went over to get the sponge to clean Rachel off, but Rachel stopped her. “No sponge. I want it left there. Do you have anything I can wear that can cover me until I get back to my apartment?” she asked. Lorraine nodded, going back to the wardrobe area and picking out a large jacked with a furry hood. “This should do the trick. Did you give anymore thought by the way, to my offer?” Lorraine asked. “Not yet, I will though. Give me time.” Lorraine nodded and helped Rachel, still covered in Max's sperm, back into her clothes.


Rachel got straight into her car and drove back to her apartment building. She prayed no one would see her as she got out and went into the lift back up. Thankfully, no one had spotted her as she got back into her apartment. She stripped off immediately, covered in Max's now dried on doggy sperm. This made her feel so happy and content. She would sleep like this, she thought.


After she had made dinner, she was sitting by the television, still taking in the scent of what Max had left on her. An idea popped into her head. Her period would be starting soon and she checked the cycle tracker on her smart phone. Counting the days in her head, she picked up the phone and dialed. “Hi, can I speak to Carrie please?” she said and upon hearing Carrie answer she said down the phone “Hi Carrie, its Rachel. I have an idea for a set if you are willing to help set it up....”



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Love the way this story is going, a little submission creeping into Rachel's life looking forward to her next adventure.

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