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The ghost has plans for her

Juliette sighed as she dropped the final box onto the bed of her new room.

She had gotten lucky, or unlucky depending on your point of view. Since she had been the last person to apply for a room in the dorms, and nobody else had wanted the single room on the top corridor, it had become hers.

It wasn’t the room itself that was the problem. It was a nice room, not quite as large as a double dorm room, but plenty roomy, and well-lit with large roof windows which had electrically operated blackout blinds.

There were a few reasons that people didn’t want this room. First, it was on the very top floor of four, right at the top of one of the old buildings that the university used to house female students. There was no elevator. Second, there was no bathroom on this floor, so to use the bathroom or shower she had to go down one flight and use the communal one on the floor below. There was a small wash basin in her room so she could brush her teeth, and had access to water for the small kettle she had brought with her to make coffee. There had been a bathroom on the floor previously, but it had been condemned as unsafe, and it was now locked shut, the university not deeming it economically viable to repair it for the use of a single student.

Those were the reasons that the housing officer gave her when she asked why such a desirable room was still vacant so close to the start of term when she would have expected it to have been snapped up by one of the first students to apply.

When she told some of the other students, however, which room she had been allocated she got a different story.

“That room’s haunted” she was told, “That’s why nobody wants to stay in there. Loads of girls have seen stuff.”

Juliette laughed to herself. There was no such thing as ghosts. It was an old building, there were bound to be bumps and groans in the night as it settled and moved, and some girls can be so melodramatic.

Also, the house shared a common wall with one of the boys’ dorms, although they had completely separate entrances, and there was no way to move from one building to the other. She didn’t doubt that there would be pranksters in the boys’ dorms, who, knowing that the top room in the girls’ dorm was reputed to be haunted, would make noises, or do other stuff to scare the occupant. Girls may be melodramatic, but boys are juvenile.

She took a drink of water from her bottle and started to unpack. She was late moving in, having had to stay home to look after her little brother while her parents were away. They only came back this morning and she had made the three-hour car journey almost as soon as they had returned. She needed to get everything sorted tonight, as her classes started tomorrow. Most of them would just be registration, but even so, she wanted to be prepared.

Juliette was studying to be a biomedical scientist, a difficult course, and one that didn’t have too many women. She wanted to make a good impression. She knew that there would be a lot of competition and that a lot of the boys on that course would disregard her simply because she was female.

She knew that they wouldn’t disregard her out of the classroom though. At five feet six, with flaming red hair, green eyes, and a slim figure, with curves in all the right places, Juliette had plenty of admirers in her hometown. She had even accepted one or two invitations to step out and had lost her virginity, predictably on prom night, to a school football player called Albert.

She had had several boyfriends since then, but nothing too serious and she was not currently involved. She wasn’t actively looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter, but if something came along, she wouldn’t be averse to some fun. She had put herself on the pill, and also had a box of condoms in her bag, pregnancy not being her only concern.

It was late by the time she had put everything away to her satisfaction. She had not bothered to go to the cafeteria for lunch and had eaten on the journey up. A chocolate bar and packet of chips had sustained her for the evening and now she was ready for a quick shower and bed.

Grabbing her washbag, keys, and some clean clothes to change into, she went down to the floor below to check out the shower room.

It wasn’t huge, as a lot of the rooms on this floor had been updated to have their own facilities, but it was clean and well-lit. There were four individual shower cubicles with frosted glass doors on one wall, opposite a bank of sinks. To the back of the room were six toilet stalls, all freshly painted and in good repair. The room smelled clean and fresh.

After her shower, and dressed in a long tee-shirt, a clean pair of panties, and flip-flops, she made her way back up to her room.

She made herself a cup of herbal tea, and settled onto her bed with the course prospectus, once more reviewing her requirements in preparation for the next day.

Her tea finished, and yawning widely, Juliette put her cup on her bedside, double-checked the alarm on her phone was set, and it was charging, and turned the light off in preparation for sleep. The room was filled with pale moonlight, coming in through the roof lights. She decided she liked it, and so didn’t close the blackout blinds.

Within minutes of settling down, Juliette was fast asleep, breathing steadily.

A puddle of moonlight on the foot of her bed seemed to move. At first glance, it could have been mistaken for an errant movement of Juliette’s foot as she slept, but it began to progress further up the bed, growing in size and intensity as it went. The light seemed to coalesce into the shape of a girl, no taller than five feet, and waif-like in stature. By the time the spectre was fully formed it was standing beside Juliette’s bed, next to her pillow.

The spectre knelt at the side of the bed and began to whisper in Juliette’s ear.

Juliette stirred slightly, and her face began to flush as the spectre continued to whisper.

Beneath the covers, Juliette’s hands began to move, almost of their own accord. They travelled up her body, pulling up her tee, as they did, her hands caressing her belly and up to her chest.

By the time her fingers reached her breasts, her nipples were rigid, her aureola puckered and swollen.

She began to tease her nipples, pinching and tweaking them. Her breathing was speeding up, becoming more ragged and labored, as she worked at her tits.

Her legs parted almost involuntarily. There was a dark stain on her panties, where her arousal had leaked from her and stained the fabric. She continued to tease her nipples mercilessly, her hips beginning to grind, thrusting up, searching for something, anything to sate the need that was starting to burn in her loins.

Her hand moved, almost against her will, relinquishing its assault on her breast and plunging almost savagely down the front of her panties. The fire that was burning there was too insistent to ignore and she began to rub frantically at her clit, the need to cum almost unbearable.

The spectre smiled as she continued to whisper, injecting thoughts directly into the young girls’ dreams as Juliette continued to masturbate frantically in her sleep. Faster and faster her fingers worked her clit, as her other hand brutalized the nipple it was still working on.

Juliette’s breathing came in gasps as if she were starving for oxygen. Sweat slicked her body and face and her pussy was leaking constantly as her body climbed toward the peak it was craving.

Suddenly the spectre stood and moved down the bed. Watching as Juliette frantically frigged herself desperately seeking release. The spectre leaned over the bed, and placed her hand between Juliettes legs, making a fist. Then she punched up hard pushing her fist straight into Juliette’s pussy.

The fist passed through Juliette’s panties, the spectre had no body after all. The fist passed easily into Juliette’s body, there was no pain, or stretching no sensation that anything had been forced into her. There was, however, a feeling of cold, it was a shocking sudden bone-chilling cold, and that sudden sensation, on top of the frantic self-abuse was enough to trigger her release.

Juliette’s back arched and she shrieked, coming suddenly awake in the throes of orgasm. Her left hand was still abusing her nipple, her right still frantically rubbing at her clit. Her pussy was flooding juices, creating a puddle on her bed.

She jerked and thrashed as she rode out her orgasm, still confused and disoriented. In her confusion, she thought she saw someone standing over her, but by the time her body had returned to her control, she realized that it was just a beam of moonlight, coming in through the window.

She lay drained and panting on the bed, wondering what the hell had set that off. She could vaguely remember that she had been dreaming but had no memory of what the dream had been about.

Gently she examined her breasts, her nipples were bruised and sore, the left much more so. She ran her hands down her body, feeling for what? When they reached her pussy she twitched. Her clit was still oversensitive, and sore. She had never been that rough with herself before and she wondered what had caused it.

She stumbled out of bed and rinsed her face in the sink, drying her face, before taking her soaked panties off and using the towel to dry her juices from around her pussy and down her legs.

She then threw the towel on the bed to cover the wet spot. She would need another shower in the morning now, otherwise, she would stink of sex all day.

With that thought, she collapsed on the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Once more the beam of moonlight coalesced into the figure of the young woman. She stood for a moment regarding Juliette, and then, smiling, she faded until she could no longer be seen.

Juliette was still horny when she woke the next morning, but she jumped out of bed as soon as her alarm sounded. She knew that she would have to shower again, and she could still smell sex on her and in her room.

After her shower, she headed off to start her day.

The day was pretty much as she had expected it to be, she spent the large majority of her time filling in registration forms and getting information about the classes that she was signing up for.

She got some dinner in the cafeteria and then returned to her room, determined to get an early night and make up for her disrupted sleep the night before.

Juliette was asleep before nine, but she had been asleep for less than an hour, when a beam of moonlight once again coalesced into the form of a small, waif like, girl.

The girl immediately moved to the head of the bed, and once again began to whisper in Juliette’s ear.

Within minutes Juliette was once again frantically masturbating, but unlike the night before she was unable to gain satisfaction. The seed that the spectre had planted within her, prevented her from gaining release.

For over an hour she abused her body, frigging her clit, forcing fingers inside her sopping pussy and latterly even thrusting two fingers up her own asshole, something she had never done before, but still her orgasm evaded her.

The spectre looked on in satisfaction as Juliette became more and more frustrated.

Then the spectre stood, and still whispering walked to the door.

It was as if Juliette was a marionette, under the control of a skilled puppetmaster. With her fingers still working frantically at her cunt, Juliette, eyes open but still asleep, stood and followed the ghost.

Her door opened, although Juliette had locked it earlier, and they both walked out into the corridor, Juliette leaving a trail of drops on the floor, where her fingers were forcing her juices out of her pussy.

They moved down the corridor, to where the sealed door to the bathroom was, only the door was not sealed, it was standing open, and they went inside.

When the two buildings had been separated for segregated male and female living accommodations, there had not been enough room to create a bathroom for both sides, and so there had been a compromise. There were three stalls, one opening into female side, as there was only one room up here for girls, and two in the male side. The female one was between the male ones, From the male side you could see two stalls with what appeared to be a four foot thick partition between them. From the female side al you could see was a blank wall with a door in the centre, which opened up to a stall extending back.

This was Juliette’s destination.

Mike Benson had been out with his friends and had a few beers. He hated living on the fourth floor of the accommodation, as it was such a long climb, but at least he had a bathroom he only had to share with one other person. He was heading there just now, his bladder full after his nights drinking.

He clattered into the stall, fishing out his cock and sighing with relief as he released a copious amount of urine into the toilet bowl. It was only when he had finished, that he heard the noises coming from the stall next door.

This was strange, as he had never heard anything coming from there before, he had noted the gloryhole as soon as he had moved in, there was one in both of the stalls, but they didn’t connect, there was a four-foot gap, which had always previously been in darkness. He had once shined the torch from his phone into there and saw a cubicle facing opposite the boys, but it was never used.

Tonight though, when he looked through the hole there was someone in the middle toilet, someone female, and she was stood with her back to the opposite wall masturbating furiously.

It was too dark in there to see her face, but the light from his side illuminated her midriff well enough to see she had three fingers stuffed in her cunny and the juices were flowing down her long legs.

Mike was instantly hard, and began wanking his seven inches, standing up to show what he was doing. He had seen gloryhole porn many times and knew the etiquette.

Within a minute of him doing this, a pale, almost ghostly finger came through the hole, indicating that he should push his cock through.

Without a seconds hesitation, Mike moved to the hole, and slid his cock through, putting his belly flat to the wall.

He winced, this girl had really cold hands, but she started wanking him, and the sensation overrode the chill.

Juliette stared down at the cock protruding through the hole as the ghost slowly masturbated it. She had seen bigger, but for tonight she hadn’t seen one so beautiful. The ghost was still whispering in her ear, telling her how much she wanted that cock, to taste it, to feel its heat in her mouth, to make it squirt, and to swallow the cum. That would give her the release that she craved. Only this stranger’s cum squirting to the back of her throat swallowed down into her belly, would allow her to reach her own climax.

Juliette slowly almost reluctantly knelt in front of the cock. Despite the chill of the ghost, she could feel the heat radiating from it, and smell the musky odor, which sent jolts of electricity to her pussy.

She took him in her hand, displacing the ghosts’, and almost reverently opened her mouth accepting him inside.

The cock started to drool precum as soon as her tongue began to stroke the underside, the taste of which entranced her. Whispers in her ear told her how much she wanted this, how tasty that precum was and how much better the taste would be when he finally shot his full load of spunk onto her tongue.

She was still pumping the fingers of her free hand into her dripping snatch now, as she took seven inches of perfect stranger right to the back of her throat and began bobbing her head up and down on him. She applied suction on the outstroke, and forced her face right up to the wall each time she took him back in. She stuck her tongue out, trying to get him deeper into her throat, and licking at his balls with its tip, through the hole.

The cock was swelling even more now, and she moved faster. A mix of his precum and her drool was flowing from her mouth, over her naked tits and down her belly to finally mix with the juices she was churning up with her free hand, moving faster and faster inside her now-sloppy cunt.

Mike groaned and came, spurt after thick spurt of creamy white spunk, forcing its way up his cock and out into her sucking mouth. She sealed her lips around his throbbing monster, and swallowed, time and time again, all the while using her tongue to stimulate the mushroom head into giving her more of the delicious treat that she desperately wanted.

Finally blessed relief for her. As she swallowed the first mouthful of his creamy offering, her orgasm hit. Her pussy spasmed over and over again, it was only the fact that she was latched onto his cock so firmly that prevented her from slumping to the floor, instead, her face pressed hard against the partition, forcing his cock yet deeper down her throat.

She moaned around him, and he knew what had happened.

Eventually, his flow stopped, and he withdrew his softening prick from her still-sucking mouth with a pop.

His Gloryhole porn days didn’t tell him what to do next. He had never watched one to the end. Did he thank her? introduce himself? Pay her? He settled for zipping up, flushing, and leaving the cubicle, a huge grin on his face. His bro’s would never believe him when he told them about this the next day.

Juliette woke with a strange taste in her mouth, her hand still covered in her juices and a soreness in her pussy from being stretched out. She remembered that she had had a really horny dream, but hadn’t realised that she had masturbated so hard again.

Shaking the cobwebs from her mind, she once again got ready for the day ahead.
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