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It's a gas!!!
The Gas

Amrit drew up 10cc’s of the serum, before wrapping a tourniquet around his upper arm, raising the veins. He injected the liquid into his arm and felt the rush. He smiled, tucking a taser into his pocket, before entering the room he had built specially for today.

The room was large, and he had calculated he would need 1500 litres of the gas to reach the therapeutic concentration. It would take ten minutes to permeate the entire space, that had been set up to look like a club.

There was a stage and a bar, seating a dance floor and lights. What the people who had received the exclusive VIP invites to the party didn’t realise, was that they were simply lab rats. He wanted a field test of his gas before starting on his actual designs for it.

Amrit was rich, not Bill Gates/Elon Musk rich, but he had plenty of money. Having got his Ph.D. in molecular biochemistry he had patented a new drug, EZup, for the treatment of erectile disfunction that had revolutionised the market.

Sales of the stock medications of Viagra and Cilais had plummeted, because his drug, not only prompted erection, it increased libido, and appetite. It also increased sperm production in males and reduced refraction time. In clinical trials men reported that they could achieve for or five good orgasms in the time they would have previously struggled to reach one.

The drug worked equally well on men and women and had none of the troublesome side effects of the other ED medications. A ninety-year-old man with a dodgy heart could take it with impunity, although he would probably fuck himself to death if he did.

He had raked in almost a billion dollars in his first six months of trading, but then the big Pharma companies hit back. First, they tried to buy his patents, then, when that failed, they started legal proceedings claiming anything from copyright infringement to patent theft. They produced fictitious data proving his drug was carcinogenic, and the FDA which had been long in the pocket of the big Pharma had pulled his license.

Rather than go to battle with them, Amrit decided to pull his product out of the market. He knew that no matter how much money he had if the likes of GSK, J&J, Pfizer and Roche all decided to gang up on him, he would stand no chance.

He decided he would disappear and use his money to avenge himself on those who had wronged him, taking them down and causing them to lose everything as they had tried to do to him. He was not a stupid man, in fact he was a genius, so he knew when to retreat and when to counterattack.

It had been five years since he had virtually disappeared into obscurity. His company had been closed down, although it still owned the patent for the drug EZup, despite almost weekly offers from the companies that had tried to ruin him to buy it from him. They had even taken him to court, claiming that the court should decree that his formula be handed over to them on the grounds of benefit to humanity, since he was no longer producing it. He had declined to answer the summons, and since nobody but he had the formula anyway, it didn’t matter that the patent would expire in a couple of years. The formula that had been filed with the patent office, was actually incomplete, and would cause sever gastric upset and diarrhoea to anyone who took it.

A billion dollars can buy you a lot of anonymity, and he hid while working on his revenge, refining the formula to create his latest genius invention which imaginatively he called ‘The Gas’.

‘The Gas’ was an expansion of his EZup medication, in that any male that breathed it would experience an instant and lasting erection, increase in sperm production, and reduction in refraction time. In women it worked equally well on their erectile tissues, nipples labia and clitorises would become engorged with blood, sensitivity would increase and vaginal lubrication would increase. Since women had little in the way of refraction time in any case, any woman who inhaled the gas would become almost instantly multi-orgasmic.

There were other effects also. The gas would massively suppress the frontal lobe of the brain, where the personality sits, most notably that which controls morality and propriety. It also had a slightly euphoric effect, a little like alcohol, reducing inhibitions. Finally it was an amnesic, which meant that it completely wipes the memory of those who inhale it, so that for the period of their exposure, they would have absolutely no idea what had happened to them. The final fuck you, was that the gas would negate any contraceptive pill. It couldn’t overcome surgical contraception or an IUD, but if a woman was on the pill, injections or the implant, the gas would negate those.

The toughest part was to make it safe. He didn’t want people to asphyxiate or overdose on his gas, he wanted to humiliate and destroy reputations, not to kill, and so he had incorporated protective agents in the gas, that would ensure that the blood levels never exceeded therapeutic doses, no matter how long the person was exposed.

He even incorporated a marker which latched onto hormones to activate the gas in a person’s body, thus ensuring that anyone who was not sexually mature would not be affected. He had spent nearly a year perfecting the part of the gas that would make anyone underage physically repellent to those affected by his creation. He had no intention of ever exposing anyone underage to the compound but he always planned for contingencies.

The final part of the research had been the serum that he had injected into himself. It mimicked some of the effects of the gas, the libido increase, erection, increased sperm production and low refraction, but it blocked the mental suppression and amnesic effects. He could be in the room, and not lose himself, or any memory of what had gone on.

Amrit himself was a reasonably good looking guy, a quarter of an inch shy of six feet tall, he was slender but not skinny, more of a swimmers build, mainly because he swam two miles each morning in his indoor fifty meter pool in his house. Hiding doesn’t necessarily mean living badly. He had jet black hair and caramel coloured eyes and his skin was the colour of Latte, his mother being white and his father Indian.

He was also now horny, having given himself the serum, his seven-inch cock, was straining against his pants yearning for release. He wasn’t ready to release the gas yet though, not everyone was here.

The room was dimly lit, the DJ already started his set, had dance music banging, and there were several people on the dance floor already despite it only being nine pm. Amrit glanced over to the bar where there was a row of backless barstools attached to the floor. Several people were already perched on them, and he grinned to himself, he had plans for some of those.

The people on the invite list had been very carefully ***********ed. He wanted as diverse a population to test on as he could manage. There were people of as many races as he could manage to entice, also of a multitude of sexual orientations. What had really amused him though was that by pure chance, the twin eighteen year old daughters of one of the lead counsels in the first case against him had been ***********ed. They had RSVP’d that they would attend. He was looking forward to the footage of what happened to them. He may even have a turn himself later.

Amrit moved to the bar and ordered himself a drink. Nobody here knew who he was, that he had built this building specifically for this purpose and that the staff were all working for him. Even the staff, and the security staff, were all specially ***********ed as test subjects. When the time was right, he would close the doors, not seal them of course, he didn’t want to break any fire regulations, and release the gas. He was not concerned about the gas leaking out. It would do its job before it finally dissipated, only five or ten minutes exposure would be enough to dose someone up for six to eight hours effect. After which they would simply fall asleep and wake not remembering a thing.

Amrit sipped at his drink as he stood at the edge of the dance floor watching maybe forty people gyrating to the sound of the godawful racket that the DJ was pumping out. He had earplugs in, he hated rave music but it was what people wanted these days.

He felt a hand in his and he looked down to see a pretty, slim girl with short hair and an pixie face looking up at him. She indicated the dance floor, it was far too noisy to talk.

Amrit put his drink down on a nearby table, and followed her onto the floor, where they began to dance. Just because he didn’t like it, didn’t mean he couldn’t dance to it, and he gave a very good account of himself, but soon noticed that this pretty, slim girl was spending the largest amount of time grinding her ass into his very obvious erection, seemingly enjoying the sensation.

After about twenty minutes on the floor, Amrit had had enough and was about to leave, when she took his hand again, leading him off the dance floor, towards the toilets. He followed not certain where this was going but willing to find out.

They never even made it to the toilets. She backed him into a dark alcove and without even looking at his face, dropped to her knees in front of him, unzipping his pants and fishing out his rigid pole.

Her mouth was hot, and wet, and very, very pleasant on the end of his cock. He groaned as she deepthroated him without apparent effort, pressing her forehead against his flat belly, and sticking her tongue out to lap at his balls, which she had also freed.

Pulling back, she started to lap at his head, slurping up the precum that was now leaking from him before wrapping him once with her lips, and tonguing his slit, before pushing all the way down again.

Amrit groaned, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stand this level of stimulation for long, and she didn’t seem to be expecting him to. He looked down and she fixed him with her bright blue eyes, as she started to bob up and down on his cock, hollowing her cheeks out as she sucked on him on the outstroke and bathing his cock with her tongue before pushing back down.

Keeping her eyes fixed on his she increased her pace, and he started to move his hips, in sync with her, thrusting his cock deeper down her throat. He saw the corners of her mouth twitch up and she took his hands and placed them on her head, encouraging him to use her face.

She put her hands on his hips and began to pull herself onto him roughly. Her message clear. Fuck my face.

Amrit obliged. He held her head firmly and began, slowly at first to push his cock down her throat, all the time gazing into her blue eyes. His pace picked up and he could see her nostrils flaring with arousal as he started to give her what she wanted.

Her hands left his hips and she shoved one of them down the front of her pants, taking the opportunity to give herself some stimulation while he dominated her.

Harder and harder he thrust into her face, now brutally ramming his cock down her throat, no thought for her comfort. All the time her eyes were fixed on his and her hand worked hard at her womanhood.

He felt his balls tighten and he knew that he would be delivering the first of tonight’s loads down this pretty girls throat very soon. Normally he would say something, give some warning but he decided that she didn’t want that. If she wanted him to use her then that’s what he would do. Three more thrusts, grunting now and then he forced his cock as far down her throat as he could manage, forcing her face against his groin as he started to spasm, shooting spurt after spurt of his thick creamy spunk directly down her gullet. Her eyes widened as he started to cum, and then she started to shake, as the feeling of his cock pulsing in her mouth, allied to her frantic frigging of her clit, triggered her orgasm.

He held her to him for a long time. Spurting and spasming until he was completely drained, and then he relaxed. Her face had gone red from lack of breath, but she had never even twitched.

When he pulled back, she took a deep breath, and the sudden rush of oxygen caused her to have yet another massive orgasm, and she shook and spasmed with it, still holding on to his semi erect cock with her hand.

When she had recovered, she cleaned him, with her tongue, making sure she had sucked out every drop of his cum, before tucking him away, and zipping him up, patting his cock affectionately through his pants. Then she stood up and was gone.

Amrit smiled. That was without ‘The Gas’. He wondered what she would be like once it hit her.

He circled back to the bar, ordering another drink. He had forgotten where he had left the last one and wouldn’t have drunk it even if he had found it again. You couldn’t be too careful these days. He grinned to himself.

Over the next hour and a half, he circled the dance floor, watching as the room filled up. He had had the security staff briefed to ensure that no other drugs got into his party, and they had drugs dogs on the doors. The dogs would leave once everyone was in and the doors closed. It was almost time.

He saw his tiny fellatrix dragging another of her victims off the dance floor, a big Viking looking guy, who she had obviously been grinding on, given the state of his pants. She caught Amrit’s eye and he smiled and winked at her. She grinned back and blew him a kiss, before continuing her quest.

It was almost time.

He had yet to find the twins, and so checked on his phone, whether their tickets had been scanned in yet. They hadn’t. The invite had specifically said that there would be no entries after ten thirty, and it was getting on for ten fifteen now. It was not the end of the world, but he would be disappointed if they were no shows.

He checked the camera feeds again from his phone. The place was bristling with cameras. He needed to catch every bit of action, to make sure that there were no unforeseen effects based on extraneous factors. There were close on four hundred cameras, each was 4k HD, nigh vision enhanced and had a frame rate of 120fps. The likelihood of missing anything was slim. They were even in the alcoves and toilets. His blowjob would have been recorded in meticulous detail. He might even look watch it back when he had a mind. He quite liked that little slut, at least she was honest about what she wanted.

His phone beeped. It was ten thirty. The doors had been closed. All the outside lights were now extinguished, and any latecomers would find the building locked up, and there would be no way in.

He checked to see whether the twins had scanned in and was delighted to find that indeed they had. They had cut it fine, arriving at five minutes to the deadline, but they were inside the building.

It was nearly go-time. He would release the gas at exactly eleven PM, he expected to see the first effects within ten to fifteen minutes, with everyone succumbing to its influence by eleven thirty.

Jenny and Jane Firth were eighteen years and two days old.

They had had their birthday party at their father’s mansion on Friday. It had been a stuffy and boring affair as far as they were concerned. Their father, a top lawyer working for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, was very rich, but his parties were more about schmoozing with those he needed to keep on the good side of, and so he used his twin daughters eighteenth party as an excuse to shamelessly promote his own interests.

They had agreed to this, with the proviso that they could come to this exclusive VIP event, for which they had received the invite three months ago. Her father had initially been against but had acquiesced provided that they were accompanied by one of his private security firm. Since the invites each included one guest, that was no problem, although there was a stipulation that there would be no weapons allowed in the club. The guards were all professional ex-forces so he was content that they would be able to keep his little girls safe, even without guns.

Jennifer’s ‘companion’ was a big black guy called Dwight. He was six feet five inches tall and built like the rock of Gibraltar Jane’s was an Irish man, ex SAS soldier who was smaller and wiry with bright red hair. His name was Jamie. Each of the girls had previously fantasized about both their guards, as they had worked for their father for a couple of years now.

Right now, though, they were standing at the bar waiting to be served, while their bodyguards kept a discrete eye on them.

Dwight and Jamie were professionals, but they were also sensitive to the needs of two eighteen-year-old girls, so they didn’t crowd them. They allowed them to intermingle with other partygoers and even allowed a moderate amount of contact. As long as Jane and Jennifer looked happy, they wouldn’t interfere. The girls really liked these two for that. Their previous guardians had been hard arsed bastards who had chased off anyone who get within ten feet of the girls. They had no freedom.

Dwight had even covered for the girls when they had double teamed a boy after their birthday party, after making sure that they were sober and sure of what they wanted, and were using protection, he kept them safe while they had their fun. Both girls felt they owed him for that.

Finally, they got served, and leaned headed for the table that Jamie had ‘reserved’ for them, sipping their drinks. They hadn’t been carded, the bar-tender not seeming to care if they were twenty-one or not and serving them the mojito’s that they had asked for. The boys each took a Pepsi. They were working after all.

Suddenly there was silence. The music stopped, although the lights continued to flash. Some dancers continued to gyrate even though there was no beat.

The DJ picked up the mike and announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to ‘The Party’ It is now eleven PM. The party, starts, NOW!!!”

Music once again blared, and partygoers once again lost themselves to the trance of noise and light.

Amrit reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone, and pressed the activate key.

Four cylinders of ‘The Gas’, hidden strategically in plant stands and furniture, disgorged their contents. It would take about five minutes until they were empty, and then the fun should begin. Amrit grinned widely. This should be interesting.

David Wright was a bartender. He had recently been fired from the hotel he had been working at for fucking the owner’s wife, Cheryl, although had the owner realised that every drink that David had prepared for him for the last three months of his employ had some of David’s cum mixed in his firing might have been the least of David’s problems.

That had been Cheryl’s idea, each time they got together, she insisted that he collected his cum, from wherever he had shot. On her face, in her pussy, even up her ass, and put it in a bottle, he kept in his pocket. Each time he made a drink for his employer he was to add a sample of that cum. It really turned the wife on to know what her hubby was drinking.

David had struggled to get a job since his firing, the owner spreading the word about him, so the best he could do was to get agency gigs like this one. At least this one paid well though, so he was pleased when the agency hooked him up. $1000 for a single night’s work was a good deal.

His problem at the moment though, was that all of a sudden, he was incredibly horny. His cock had gone from zero to FULL BORE, in a matter of seconds, and he could feel his nipples scraping on the inside of his shirt.

The girl at the bar who had ordered a drink was gorgeous, and she appeared to be leering at him also.

David mixed the drink and then had an idea. He had a special ingredient he could add for this girl.

Unzipping his trousers, he fished out his cock, and with only a few strokes brought himself to the edge of orgasm. He placed the glass near the end of his cock and finished himself off, squirting several thick creamy spurts of jism into the drink. When he finished, he squeezed his cock to milk out the last of his cum, before scraping it off on the edge of the glass. Not bothering to put his cock away, he walked to where the girl was waiting, having watched him avidly preparing her drink.

He handed it to her, and she handed him a bill. “Keep the change.” she said, running her tongue around the edge of the glass to catch the errant drops of cum. She scooped up a dollop of his cream from where it was floating on the surface of her drink and transferred it to her mouth and smiled.


Over by one of the fire exits on the far side of the floor from where the Firth twins were seated, a security guard manned the door. It was his job to watch the floor for any trouble, make sure that nobody entered via the fire exit and assist should an evacuation be required. He took his job very seriously.

Quite why his cock was out and in the mouth of the young man kneeling in front of him, he couldn’t have told you. He wasn’t gay, but he had this burning need in his loins and this boy had offered to quench it.

Still, he was on duty and he would man his post. He shivered as his balls contracted and he shot his first load down the young man’s throat.

On the dance floor our pixie fellatrix, who had already swallowed Amrit’s and several other men’s loads, was past the point of taking people off the floor to ply her kink.

She currently had her face pressed into the crotch of an older Chinese guy, who held her head and fucked her face with abandon.

She wasn’t able to keep a view of his eyes as she preferred though, because someone had pulled down her pants and was currently fucking her, pounding her pussy for all he was worth. She came for the third time but continued to suck on the Chinese guy. Working hard for his cum. The Chinese guy tensed and began to deliver his load into her mouth, causing her cheeks to bulge. She used her tongue to give him the maximum stimulation and keep him coming as long as she could. She wanted cum, lots of cum. She swallowed and cleaned him off. He stepped back, but before she could move, another cock was pushed into her mouth. A younger Mexican guy she thought. She didn’t care but began once again working to extract everything she could from his balls.

She felt the man in her pussy tense and his cock pulse as he shot streamer after streamer of jism into her. Normally she wouldn’t let someone cum in her cunt, but tonight she wanted cum inside her and she didn’t care where it went. He stiffened and then pulled out, globs of his spunk running down her legs. Immediately he was replaced with a bigger cock. She couldn’t see who, but she didn’t care. As long as it was going to pump cum into her, she would take it.

The Firth twins watched wide-eyed as the whole room seemed to decline into debauchery. At first Dwight and Jamie were alert, looking for threats to their charges, but as the gas affected them too that faded, and their need for release started to overpower their duty. Jamie was the first to crack, leaning back in his chair, he fished out his cock, a good seven inches of circumcised meat, and began to fist it. Jane looked at him wide-eyed for a moment, but made no complaint as he put his hand on the back of her neck and gently guided her mouth down to him, sighing as she took him in and began to suckle on his knob.

Dwight was amazed. He couldn’t believe that Jamie would do that to Jane, who he was supposed to be protecting, and just as soon as Jennifer had finished sucking the cream out of his ten-inch pole, he would have words. He looked down, amazed that she was able to fit it all in her mouth. He could feel that he was close as she caressed his balls.

Reaching down he undid her jeans and pushed them down at the back, giving him access to pushing a finger into her dripping cunt from behind. She wriggled her hips in appreciation and increased the pace of her sucking.

Everywhere Amrit looked there were scenes of debauchery. There was nobody that was not involved or recovering from their encounters. He considered this test a complete success. Now it was time for him to have some fun.

He walked up to the bar, where a woman was sitting, scooping cum out of her glass on her finger and licking it off. Other bar staff had followed David’s example and almost every drink served now had the additional ingredient.

He lifted her skirt, which she had allowed to fall to cover the stool, revealing her thong. Because of her position on the stook, her ass crack was visible, and once he moved her thong to the side, he could clearly see her brown star, winking at him.

He dipped his finger in her glass, scooping up a glob of the cum still floating there, and rubbed it around her anus, using it as a lube, before pushing in to the first knuckle in a single stroke.

The woman signed and wriggled her hips, shifting back slightly on her seat to give him easier access.

Amrit felt fingers at his trousers and looked down to see an older woman on her knees in front of him, scrabbling at his flies. He put his hand on her head and turned her until she was facing the girl on the stool, pushing her face into the girls ass. Without a moments hesitation, the woman started rimming the girl, running her tongue around her anus before using the tip to push inside. Amrit took his cock out and spat into his hand, using his saliva to lubricate himself.

He pushed the woman out of the way, and pressed the head of his cock against the girls opening, keeping up a constant pressure as her asshole began to give way. The girl dropped her head to the bar as he got deeper, breathing deep and moaning as he breached her defences.

Then he was inside. Her tight ring like a band just behind his head, while he soaked up the heat of her rectum with his head. The older woman on her knees had managed to get her face almost between them and was licking at his shaft covering him in spit. Moving her once again he pushed forward and in a long slow stroke, he buried himself balls deep in the girls ass.

They both groaned. She was tight and hot. His cock was throbbing with need, it being almost two hours since he had emptied his balls into the pixie girl.

The kneeling woman had pulled his trousers down to past his knees now, and so he kicked them off. He was not worried about being naked. Once he spread his legs, ready to start his pounding of the girl on the stool, the woman started to lap at is balls, working backwards over his taint and rimming his asshole.

He started to stroke in and out of the girl on the stool. Slowly at first, but soon picking up his pace.

In the meantime, David had given up on the idea of serving drinks. His cock once again hard, he had seen a girl being fucked on a barstool by an Indian dude. He climbed up on the bar and lifted her head by the hair. He didn’t so much offer her his cock, as shove it in her mouth, but she offered up no complaints. Her name was Dahlia, and her mind was in a complete whirl. She had been disgusted when she had seen the bartender wanking into her drink, but when it had been served, she had not been able to help herself, and had scooped up the result with her finger, sucking it down with enjoyment. Her pussy had flooded when she got a taste of the cum.

When she had felt someone lifting her dress, she thought that she should have been outraged, turned around and slapped the offender, while screaming rape. But then she saw him scoop up some of the remaining cum in her glass and felt him rubbing a wet finger around her asshole. She knew what that wet was and her pussy had twitched again, more juices flooding.

The feeling of a tongue pushing into her ass had given her a small orgasm, and she had moaned with pleasure, just wanting it to continue. She couldn’t work out why she was letting this all happen to her, but she didn’t care. It was amazing and she just wanted to come now. When he pushed his cock into her ass, and then the bartender had forced his cock into her mouth, her only thought was that she hoped they came at the same time. She would love to feel both cocks spunking in her simultaneously, feel him jetting up her ass as the other shot down her throat. The only thing that could have made it better would be a third cock in her pussy. Maybe when these two were done with her she could go find more.

Jane and Jennifer had finished off their respective bodyguards. Each having delivered a sizeable load into each of the twins’ mouths. They were not done yet though. While they waited for Dwight and Jamie to recover, they had captured a couple of young guys who had been wanking while they watched them sucking of their companions.

Jane and Jennifer had each leaned over the table and pulled the boys forward, taking their cocks into their mouths. This left their now naked asses pointing back at their bodyguards, who with this sight in front of them, were recovering rapidly.

Jules’s mouth was filled with Daryl’s cock. He had already fucked a woman on the dance floor, she had been grinding into him, and he had simply pulled out his cock, pulled down her jeans and entered her. He fucked her hard for a few minutes before delivering his first load deep into her needy cunt. He slapped her ass as he pulled out, streamers of his cum dripping down her leg. She didn’t even stop dancing. Nor did she make any move to pull up her pants. Another guy moved in behind her as he moved on.

Jennifer’s mouth had a sour taste just now, but she didn’t care. Her guy, Geoff, had recently fucked one of the bouncers up the ass. The bouncer had been leaning over a table, trying to retrieve something from the other side, when Geoff had simply pulled his pants down, spat on his hole and entered him. The bouncer, who like Geoff was not gay, had wondered why he was allowing someone to do that to him, but the feeling of the prick sliding in and out of his asshole and across his prostate soon dispelled those thoughts, and when a middle-aged woman presented her pussy for him to lick while he was being pounded, he gave up worrying all together. He sucked on her cunny, lapping up her juices, fingering her asshole and savaging her clit with his tongue, while Geoff buggered him, eventually dumping his load deep within his ass.

Geoff pulled out, and the bouncer stood up, pulling the woman across the table and entering her in one movement. He fucked her hard, all the time with Geoff’s cum drooling out of his ass.

Now Geoff’s cock was being cleaned in Jennifer’s mouth and they were both loving it. She was spit shining his head. She squeaked as she felt something big and hard pressing at the entrance to her cunt and she briefly broke contact with Geoff to look over her shoulder. Dwight was standing behind her, and as she had hoped, he was now recovered and pushing his huge cock into her. She really wanted him to fill her with his spunk. She shivered in pleasure and then went back to sucking Geoff.

Amrit was still pounding the asshole of the girl on the barstool. Dave had already shot his load in her mouth, and she had swallowed greedily. Now there was another of the bar staff, a woman this time, with her legs around the girls shoulders, forcing her face into her pussy. He felt his balls rising and he know he was ready to deliver his second load of the night.

He reached back and spread his own cheeks, encouraging the woman to stick her tongue as deep up his ass as she could reach. He loved being rimmed when he was fucking. As she slid her tongue deep inside him, he came, shooting his jism deeply into Dahlia’s ass. Dahlia twitched and wriggled as the feeling of him unloading up her ass sent her over the edge, and she came again. Her juices were literally dripping off the stool onto the floor to create a puddle. Amrit chuckled as he thought he should probably get a ‘wet floor’ sign, so he didn’t get sued if someone slipped in it.

He pulled his cock out of her ass, which gaped, allowing some of his cum to leak out.

He turned and shoved it not the mouth of the woman who had been rimming him, making her clean off his spunk and Dahlia’s ass juices.

He was shouldered aside by a big black dude who grabbed Dahlia by the hips and pulled her further back on the stool, before roughly shoving his cock into her pussy and beginning to pound her. Dahlia squeaked and wriggled again, her face still pressed into the bar lady’s crotch.

After he got cleaned off, Amrit recovered his pants, and put them on, making another round of the floor. He wanted to see how the twins were getting on.

Jennifer had finished Geoff off, swallowing down his cum, while Dwight had been steadily ploughing her pussy from behind. She had come at least four times and was thoroughly enjoying the experience. Daryl had also finished in Janes mouth, but she had kept hold of his cum, and turned to her sister, pulling her into a deep kiss, stirring the cum between their mouths while she was still being fucked by Jamie.

Daryl and Jamie pulled the girls apart and turned them around, pulling them down onto the seats behind them. Getting the girls to sit in their laps and re-entering their pussies from there. This left their assholes exposed to anyone who was passing, and John and James, who also happened to be twins were quick to avail themselves of the situation.

They both sank to their knees and began to lick and suck at the girls’ exposed asses, their tongues straying up and down the cocks that were impaling their pussies and the balls attached. Dwight and James revelled in the extra sensation, not caring who was providing it.

Once they were thoroughly lubed, John and James, stood and simultaneously entered the twins’ asses. Keeping a steady pressure until they breached their virgin holes. The girls stopped moving momentarily while they got used to being stretched. But once the extra cocks were firmly embedded, began a synchronised thrusting designed to take advantage of every inch of man flesh buried in their tight little bodies. Meanwhile Dwight and Jamie feasted on the breasts that were presented to their faces, biting and nipping at the nipples and leaving hickeys all over the creamy flesh.

When Amrit arrived, he saw Jennifer leaning over Dwight’s shoulder, her mouth open as she panted with the pleasure running through her, so he did what any gentleman would, he shoved his cock down her throat, making her airtight.

Jane looked across, Jealous of her sisters third cock, and reaching out she snagged a passing bouncer, pulling him toward her and pulling out his cock. Before he realised what was going on he had his cock down Jane’s throat and she was sucking him with contented abandonment.

The pixie was back with Amrit now and was watching with interest as Jennifer was sucking on him, while Dwight and James plundered her other holes. She leaned forward and lapped at his balls, increasing his sensation.

He knew that he was not going to last much longer but wanted to try and time his orgasm so that he came with at least one of the other guys fucking Jennifer, he looked at them and thought that they were both close.

He grabbed the pixie by the short hair and gently pulled her to her feet. He whispered in her ear, and she grinned, and moved behind Jane, pressing her face between the two guys fucking her, lapping at their balls and using her fingers to stimulate both Dwight and James’s asshole.

Neither of them could stand this for long, but Dwight lost the race first. Throwing his head back he gave a bellow as his cock pulsed and he shot another load of spunk deep into his charge’s pussy, he pushed down on her hips forcing himself deep inside her, so his cock head was pressed right up against her cervix, his slit perfectly aligned with her opening there. The pressure forcing his cum directly into her fertile eighteen-year-old womb.

Jennifer, feeling Dwight shooting his jism inside her, came. Her breathing ragged, her face still stuffed with Amrit’s cock she squeaked and wriggled as she rode out her orgasm, her asshole clenching and releasing around John’s cock, adding to the sensation of the pixie and taking him over the edge. He thrust forward hard and sent jet after jet of his creamy spunk deep into her bowels, his throbbing cock stretching her asshole rhythmically and forcing her to cum even harder.

Seeing her face as she orgasmed was enough to push Amrit over as well and he pulled his cock out of her mouth, pointing it at her face and jetted his heavy load all over her face and hair, painting her with a sheen of cum. She looked at him with lust, panting, looking like a cheap whore her face covered in spunk.

The two boys pulled out and rivers of cum flowed out of each of her orifices. Amrit knew that the cameras would catch that.

Jane was not far behind, although her guys were not so co-ordinated. The bouncer had not wanted to pull his cock out of her throat and so had dumped his load directly into her stomach, holding his cock down her throat for so long that she actually passed out from lack of air.

Jamie and John were came closer together, with Jamie giving his load up first, and John following soon after. When she came to, Jane had cum leaking out of both her holes and she was drooling a mix of saliva and cum.

Neither of the twins were sated.

Amrit picked up a coaster and wrote a number on it. Tucking it in the pixies, pocket. He knew she wouldn’t remember much of the night, but he liked her and thought she might be useful to him in the future.

He walked behind the bar; nobody cared any more the bar staff had stopped any pretence of serving and were just fucking and sucking anything they could get their cocks pussies or mouths on.

He grabbed a bottle of water and took a long drink.

He looked at his watch it was one am. He knew he had a couple more loads in him, and that the gas would probably affect people for at least another four hours. Already though he could see one or two people asleep on chairs or the floor. That didn’t stop the others though. In the absence of anything else to fuck, they simply helped themselves to the bodies of the sleeping people, fucking them in the pussies or asses, paying little heed to their gender. They needed to cum, there was a hole available, that was all that mattered.

He would have to analyse the data, but he noted that the preponderance of those asleep already were the Asians, as in Chinese/Japanese Asians not Indians. There were a few other races and he wondered if there was something in the genome from that continent that caused this. It was worth looking into.

He felt a scrabbling at his crotch, and the young man who had previously blown the bouncer was on his knees in front of him, trying to get to his cock. Gently but firmly, he pushed him off. He didn’t care it was a guy, he just wasn’t ready yet. The boy moved off to look for other cocks to suck.

He had an idea and went back to where the twins were. They were still where he had left them a few minutes ago, still recovering from the three-hole gangbang. He grabbed each of their wrists and they followed him docilely, into the middle of the dance floor. Dwight and Jamie followed, still taking care of their charges, although with slightly different priorities now.

Amrit completely stripped both girls and pushed them gently to the floor. They were soon surrounded by a crowd. He watched for a while as each of the twins took a succession of cocks in each of their holes. Jamie and Dwight were first, swapping girls this time and each taking the asshole that was the final hole they hadn’t yet fucked. While they plundered the girls asses, other cocks were shoved down their throats, and fingers were thrust into pussies, squelching in the loads of cum that was still swimming in there.

When the two boys shot yet more spunk into the twins they pulled out and were replaced by another pair, this time in their pussies.

Amrit watched as cock after cock dumped its load into each of the twins’ holes, they swallowed and had so much spunk injected into them that they developed tiny pot bellies, looking like they were just starting to show early pregnancies. He wondered what colour the baby that was probably growing in each of their bellies was going to be.

He looked around for the pixie. Something about her had grabbed his attention, and he saw her sitting at the side of the room. She was naked now and there was a woman kneeling between her thighs lapping at her cunt.

The pixie looked up and caught his eye, just as she came on the woman’s tongue.

She stood up and walked across to him, and once again took his hand pulling him across the room. to where there was a bench seat. She knelt on the seat, presenting him with her pussy or ass.

He moaned again as he thrust inside her cunt. She must have been fucked a dozen times tonight, but her pussy was still remarkably tight, and the previous woman must have sucked most if not all the cum out as she had been lapping at her.

He took his time with her, enjoying the sensations of his cock rubbing inside her. Occasionally other tried to join but he pushed them off and they went to find others. The pixie was still affected by the gas though, so when a cock was presented to her, she swallowed it without a thought. Amrit smiled wondering if she would have done that even without the gas.

He lost himself, sliding in and out of her with a gentle but persistent rhythm until he felt his balls tightening for what he figured would be his last time for the night. He was tired now, and if he was honest, his cock was getting a little sore. But easy steady fucking he was giving the pixie would bring him to a nice orgasm to finish the night off.

He pressed himself into her, his pelvis tight against her pert butt and for the last time emptied his balls deep inside her.

She sighed, her orgasm rolling over her as she felt him jetting inside her.

She had already swallowed the load of the guy in front of her, and he had wandered off. And she turned around, dropping to her knees and taking his softening cock in her mouth. Gently, almost lovingly she cleaned him, careful to avoid his oversensitivity, before tucking him away and zipping him up. Patting his cock through his trousers as she had the first time.

On the dance floor the twins were asleep now. Jennifer was still getting her ass reamed, the guy there blowing his load as Amrit noticed him, rivulets of cum flowed from her now gaping asshole as he pulled out. Dwight and Jamie still stood over their charges. Dwight had just shot a load over Jennifer’s sleeping face. Jamie was done for the night.

Dave was just finishing in Dahlia’s asshole, as she slept, her head on the bar. It took a while since she was now so used, he was getting little stimulation. He had to jerk himself almost to orgasm and then ram his cock up her ass to spunk in her. It dribbled out as soon as he withdrew. He sighed and sank down onto a chair, looking around the room.

The music had stopped some time ago, why hadn’t he noticed that? The DJ prone across his decks, his ass gaping and a gallon of cum leaking from him.

Amrit made a final round of the room. There were still odd people still moving. Mostly dumping loads into now sleeping partners. He was curious as to why they didn’t go for the ones that were still awake. He gently pushed off a couple of people that approached him, and they just moved onto others. That also was interesting. There was no aggression. If they were refused, they simply moved on. He was glad of that.

He found the pixie curled up naked on the floor. She was covered in cum. Someone had obviously jerked off on her since he left her. He collected a bar towel and wiped her down, before picking the sleeping girl up, and carrying her through the door out of the club. Gently he laid her on the bed in the anteroom and put a blanket over her.

Amrit smiled to himself. He had so much data to compile though, but empirically his test had been one hundred percent successful. He had had the added advantage of already avenging himself on Francis Firth, one of the lawyers who had persecuted him. His conversations with Francis would be fun.

He settled into a chair by the bed and dozed. He wanted to be there when the Pixie awoke. He had found her interesting, and sexy. If she was up for it, she also might be able to help him with his revenge.

He would talk to her when she awoke.
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