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My second story, hope you enjoy!
Stars burned ice-cold in the inky black sky above the yellow house on Charon Lane. A bolt of purple light slanted through cracks about the edges of windows drawn with heavy, moldering fabric. Crackling electricity zipped along the sewer grates, tracing the waffled iron. As fog rolled low to the ground silent as a cat on ragged paws, another burst of purple glowed hot. Inside the yellow house, rotting stairs groaned with the movement of the foundations. It swayed. At the top of the stairway, lined with peeling green wallpaper, magenta light outlined a black door with a flicker. A wet thud shook the floorboards. Time sputtered and something large slipped into the shadows. Kialis had arrived.

* * *

Lauren awoke to a glowing morning. The summer breeze gently danced about the lacy blue curtains in her room. While she normally would have been asking about patients’ insurance at the hospital, today she had the day off. Rare as it was for her, she had perfectly planned to do nothing. Her partner, Jake, had gotten up early to get to his job as a construction worker.

“I love you, baby,” he had said, lightly kissing her on the forehead as she lay half dreaming.

“I love you, too,” she had mumbled back.

With that he put on his boots and left, leaving her curled in the dark. She missed him when she had woken up, but that was normal. The only thing better than a day off was a day off with him. Lauren stretched. Her pale arms reached to the headboard, while her pink painted toes made for the foot of the bed. They couldn’t reach.

“Mmmm,” she squealed.

Lauren was a petite woman of 23. Her opal hair wrapped thickly around her wider than average shoulders. She had been a swimmer in college and still, twice a week, made her way to the gym. Today, however, she had nothing to do. For a while she lay in the comfort of flowery sheets on a queen sized bed, basking in the sun dripping through the open window. Birds talked back to barking dogs, whose owners desperately shushed them. She scrolled her phone. The white numbers read 7:34. Nina had texted her early in the morning.

“Do you know where the UB-04s are? I think someone moved them,” Lauren read.

“I put them in the upper drawer on the right in the back, that’s where Lisa said to put them for some reason,” she replied.

After a few minutes the edges of her phone lit pink.

“Thanks! Should I put them back in the same place or…?”

“Yeah, Lisa wanted them there, I’m not gonna argue.”

A thumbs up popped up. With this, Lauren decided she it was time to get up. She slipped from the sheets and landed on the dark wooden floor. It was cool on the soles of her feet. Her fingers scratched at her side as she walked to the bathroom to pee. There was no need to turn on a light. She wiped and pulled her blue panties up muscular legs to her subtle hips. She thought about getting dressed, but decided against it for laziness. Panties and an over sized t-shirt would do for breakfast. Lauren walked to the kitchen, underwear working its way between her cheeks, dimpled lightly with cellulite. Soon she had a breakfast of oatmeal and some toast sitting for her at the black table with a steaming cup of assam sending spirals of steam into the air to watch her from above. The sounds of eating and sipping filled the kitchen. One leg stretched out beneath the table while the other hugged her chest. She read a book as she ate.

The morning wore on in quite the same relaxed fashion. Lauren had finished and done her dishes and now sat sideways in a lounge chair reading her book. Movement flickered in the corner of her eye and she whipped her head towards it. Her deep brown eyes peered across the room. The shadows under the shelves of a bookcase stood still. Goosebumps pricked up.

“Weird,” she said to no one.

It was enough discomfort to get her moving. She closed her book, not before putting an old business card from a locksmith into her page, and got up. In the bedroom her t-shirt found its way to the floor, revealing her breasts. Stretch marks sagged along them as they were large for her size. They swooped like ski slopes. The goosebumps had left her nipples standing at attention towards the ceiling. Lauren didn’t particularly like them because, as a swimmer, they had gotten in the way. The girls that mocked her in middle-school were no good memory, to boot. She had decided she was going to go to some thrift shops on the downtown mall, an older part of town. She tapped her pink lips with one finger.

“What to wear….”

She put on a white tank top and a pair of peachy denim shorts that her ass fell out of. Looking in the mirror she wasn’t happy and definitely needed a bra. She grabbed her breasts in her hands and squeezed them.

“Ugh!” she said, looking in the mirror.

It was obvious she needed clothes that she could change easily since she was going to try on new ones. She decided to keep the shorts with the bottom of her cheeks out and a light blue blouse without too much in the way of accents. Looking in the mirror, movement again caught her eye. Beneath the bed she thought she’d seen something shift, but the dark lay motionless a her gaze. She shivered. Lauren thought back to a horror movie she and Jake had watched some nights ago and decided she was being silly. Even still, it was time to go. White ankle socks found their way onto her feet, followed closely by matching sneakers. One last glance in the mirror and she was satisfied. Makeup was something she only did for work. Her time in athletics had showed her that it all washes away anyhow. Lauren had nicely trimmed eyebrows that came to a point at her temple. Her small nose rested slightly askew and perhaps a bit upturned on her round face, but most found it to be a cute feature. She had never struggled for romantic partners. With that, she grabbed her phone, keys, and card holder and left the house. Inside something shifted and slipped through an unlit window into dark hedges.

It was a short walk to the cobblestone street that held an odd array of restaurants, shops, and offices of varying de***********ion. Couples hung on each others’ arms, children held their parent’s hands. It bustled and bobbed, people going this way and that.

“Hi!” she said at passersby, giving them a dimpled smile.

“Hey, how goes it,” some replied.

Others simply nodded and smiled. She knew men would turn to look at her butt and loved to catch them by looking over her shoulder. They always looked up quickly and quickened their pace. Lauren didn’t think herself a tease, but liked to be noticed. Most do. Trees planted every 20 feet or so provided shade to the patrons. Wind rustled through dark green summer leaves. She wandered into The Thrifty Hog, a boutique thrift shop full of cute clothes and strange art.

“Hi there, I’m Amy, let me know if I can help you with anything,” said a woman at the counter.

“Thanks, I’m just looking for right now,” said Lauren.

The sound of footsteps outside was muffled by the racks of clothes. It was quiet inside. She found a pair of pants that were too long, but the waist might fit. Draping them over her arm, she continued browsing. Hangers clattered as the slid over metal rails. Another pair of pants, burgundy corduroy, joined the first on her arm. A white blouse with flowers embroidered on it followed, then a pastel pink crewneck shirt. After a few more, she had enough items to try on.

“Is there a fitting room?” she asked.

“Yeah, I have to unlock it,” said Amy, opening a drawer.

She came around the cash desk.

“Oh, I’ve had my eye on those red pants,” she said.

“As soon as I saw them I had to try them on,” said Lauren.

“They’re only $40, too!”

“Not bad.”

With that she opened the slatted white door to a tiny fitting room. A rack of clothes rustled.

“If you need anything, just holler. I can let you know if they suit you, too.”


Lauren took off her clothes and, still wearing her blue underwear, wiggled into the first pair of pants. They were tight on her thighs, but hugged her hips well. She rolled the bottoms to see how they looked in the mirror, they could always be hemmed. For the third time a flicker caught her eye. This time her eyes found the edge of the door, which was seated without touching the wall. She bent to look at it closer and ran her finger along the seam, finding nothing out of the ordinary. Lauren continued to change in and out of clothes, but kept an eye on the door. Trying on the last combination of pants and top she decided to get the woman’s opinion. Not because she wanted it, necessarily, but because she figured the woman was bored and it was something to entertain her. She opened the door and went out.

“Hey, what do you think?” she asked.

She wore the pastel pink shirt with a pair of eggshell blue slacks. Her shoes were in the dressing room.

“Hmm, suits you.”

“Not too pastel?”

“It’s definitely a lot of pastel,” laughed Amy, “but I think you look nice.”

Amy looked her up and down again.

“Are you a swimmer?” she asked.

“I was, how come?”

“Well, my cousin, Jessie, is a swimmer and you guys are built just about the same. Pastels are definitely hard to pull off, but something about having some muscles makes them feel less artsy, you know?”

“Hmm, I guess I get that.”

Lauren looked in a mirror and struck a few poses.

“They make your butt look great,” said Amy honestly.

Lauren laughed, “Thanks, I thought so, too.”

Amy smiled.

“Okay, well I’m gonna change, but I think I’ll take these ones,” said Lauren.

“Sounds good.”

Lauren went back into the little room and closed the door. She took off the shirt and put her blue blouse back on. Far to much blue now, she thought. The buttons on the pants came undone easily and she slipped them off, bending over. Something grazed the back of her thigh and she jumped forward. The pants around her ankles tripped her and she fell against the mirror.

“You okay in there?” asked Amy.

“Yeah, just tripped taking the pants off,” said Lauren.

She got to her feet and looked around, but, seeing nothing, didn’t know what to think. Again she bent, albeit cautiously, and slipped the pants over her feet.

Kialis occupied her shadows all morning. He watched her from the bookcase, then the bed, and followed her to this red stoned street. It wasn’t his first time in this plane. After wreaking some havoc in the manner he found most satisfying, he liked to use the women, a power had forced him from this dimension. The battle lasted for days and in the end he lost. For the next 400 years he searched for another rift. A tear in the fabric of this reality opened, small at first. He had discovered it and slowly clawed it open further, enough for him to slip through. The old yellow house was not far from The Thrifty Hog and Lauren’s house was not far from that. So it was by chance that she would be his next victim and it had been so long. In the shop he sat amongst the racks of clothes, watching. The woman who called herself “Amy” didn’t notice as he moved about. He found his way into the crack of the door, a dark line gouged across an off white wall. Lauren had seen him a few times now, but thought it just a trick of the light. Her round, soft cheeks danced in front of him. Thick thighs wobbled as Lauren squeezed into tight pants, bouncing up and down. She didn’t do this for him, but he watched hungrily all the same. When she had come back and bent over once more he couldn’t resist. Time came to a crawl, finally stopping, and out he reached. A large, yellowed claw ran up her left thigh, feeling the supple skin bend beneath it. With that he retreated to the shadow and watched, sending time tumbling forward. Lauren had leapt forward into the wall and fell to the floor, caught in the tangle of her pants. The sensation of his nail along her thigh caught up to her, just as time had. Kialis looked on, the buildup was all part of his enjoyment.

Lauren felt somewhat exposed, though not entirely fearful. She pulled her shorts back over her waist and picked up the clothes.

“So just these two?” asked Amy.

“Yep, the others aren’t quite my style, looks like you get to keep your red pants!” said Lauren.

“Lucky me,” said Amy, “that’ll be $52.31.”

“Card okay?”

Amy pushed the reader across the counter and that was that.

“Thanks for your help, Amy!”

“No problem, come again soon.”

Lauren left the store and walked once more across the cobblestones. It was warmer now, though she had only been in the store for half an hour or so. There was a coffee shop across the next street that intersected the mall. Busy Bee called her name. Her paper bag flopped against her leg as she opened the door. The cafe was full of people sipping on iced coffees and teas while munching on muffins or breakfast bars. Keyboards clacked from corners awash with sunlight. The smell of roasted coffee filled the air.

“Good morning, could I have an iced mocha latte, please?” asked Lauren.

“Morning! Sure, you want regular milk?” replied the man, whose nametag read, “Philip.”

“No, oatmilk, please.”

Oatmilk was much creamier, far better than regular milk for coffee.

“Coming right up.”

Lauren paid and went to stand at the pick-up counter, slowly swaying her bag back and forth, brushing it across her shins. Without warning something slid from her clit to her asshole. Something wet.

“Whoa!” she yelled, stumbling forward to the counter.

She barely kept hold of her bag. It fell silent as everyone turned to look at her. Lauren looked across the sea of eyes, scanning for the perpetrator. They quickly went back to their business without a word otherwise.

“You alright?” asked Philip, peering at her from the coffee drip.

Lauren laughed nervously, “Yeah, just lost my balance.”

She looked down at her legs. Her shorts were still on, not to mention no one was near her, so no one could have done anything. Still, she knew what she had felt. Lauren’s clit throbbed a bit at the assault, she felt the moisture between her cheeks and on her butthole. She looked for a bathroom and went to clean up.

Beneath the shadows of the tables, Kialis watched her walk to the bathroom. His tongue still tasted of her. While he found it strange she had no hair, as all the other times had been untamed forests, he reveled in her flavor all the same. From the table he slipped to a chair, to a painting, and down the cracks in the brick, following Lauren to the back. In the bathroom she went to a stall and pulled down her shorts and panties. Her labia were neatly tucked in the outer lips of her vagina. A small clitoris poked from its hood at the top. She put one foot on the toilet to wipe herself, though she didn’t know where the liquid had come from. Her anus stretched to the side as she spread her left cheek with one hand and cleaned it with the other. Kialis brought time to a standstill once more and stepped from the shadows.

Lauren was in the middle of wiping his saliva from herself when she felt her clit being rubbed vigorously and something circling her asshole. She moaned and her pussy pulsated, dampening her and engorging her labia.

“What the fuck!” she yelled.

She was afraid now, but more confused than anything. It must be in her head. Her vagina was betraying her with its wetness. Lauren decided to quickly wipe and be done with it, flushing the toilet paper away. She went back out to the cafe and saw that no one had heard her yell.

“Your coffee is ready,” said Philip, pointing to a cup of tan liquid on the counter.

Lauren was pulled from her thoughts.

“Huh, oh yeah, thanks.”

She took her coffee and hurried out of the coffee shop. Back in the sunlight, she felt better. Her imagination must really be playing tricks on her, she thought. She sipped her coffee and went to sit on a bench. People walked by, going about their business without a care. The paper bag crinkled in the breeze. Idle chatter filled the air, relaxing her. She liked people and people watching was always fun. A man in a suit must be going to a business brunch. A woman in a sundress might be going to a date. So many possibilities. As she sat, she breathed in the summer air and calmed down. Suddenly she felt it again. Something was playing with her. Her heart raced in her chest as she looked around, nothing suspicious was happening. She felt her pussy start to moisten, the rubbing was relentless.

“Ugh,” she moaned.

Deciding that somehow it was the bench, she got up and walked to another store. Coffee in one hand, bag in the other, she tried to walk steadily. All the while her clit vibrated and her anus puckered. Lauren found her way into another store, the AC hit her full on and she was grateful for it. She hadn’t realized how hot she was.

“Hot out there?” asked the man behind the counter.

Racks of clothes of all colors and styles crowded the path between them.

“Yeah, it’s getting up there,” she said casually.

She looked in a mirror and saw how flushed she was. Her arousal would be evident if not for the heat. Again she sipped at her cold coffee, trying to remain calm. A man and a woman milled about the shop together, while two more women searched through the racks. Lauren was too distracted to notice the shadows tumbling about the shoe cubbies. She walked amid the maze of clothes, trying to seem normal. There was a lavender floral dress with an embroidered hem on the rack in front of her. She went to it and squatted to look at the embroidery.

It was enough for Kialis. Time dragged to a pause as he stepped from the shadows once more. His form was large. At over eight feet tall he towered over any human, especially one so small as Lauren. Birds hung in the air beyond the windows, the man at the counter had his eyes frozen on Lauren’s ass. Not a breath was passed in the silence of the moment. Kialis’ tan frame walked around Lauren, looking at her from all angles. He wore no clothes and his mottled, tan penis hung at his knees. Lauren’s hand was outstretched, bag resting on the ground next to her. She looked peaceful. He knew, however, she was soaking wet and ready for him. As ready as one can be. Bending down, he grabbed her by the waist and picked her up, she was nothing to his powerful arms. Her shorts came off easily, followed by her damply spotted panties. Then her top and bra. She was fully exposed, her breasts stayed mushed against her chest, held in place by frozen time. Her labia glistened with her juices. Kialis’ cock hardened, it was almost the length of her body. Under normal circumstances a body couldn’t take that, but these were not normal. His heavy testicles bounced with anticipation, sending precum dripping from his flared tip. He was thicker than her thigh and as long. Her legs were too close together to fit between, so he spread her legs open further. She looked like an upside down frog ready to spring. The tip rested at her opening, almost as wide as half of her. His fluids dribbled down her, flowing over her anus and onto the floor. He pulled her down onto his enormous member. Lauren’s tight lips parted, as if by magic, and he pressed himself into her. Her muscular abdomen swelled and her organs shifted to the side as he stretched her, pushing against her cervix. He began to fuck her, slowly at first. She glided up and down the length of his penis, the bulge going between her breasts. The power that he wielded kept her safe, she wouldn’t die from this. Kialis’ balls pressed against her. Lauren’s cute, round face remained motionless. Her eyes were open and her lips were just parted, hair framing her cheekbones. On he violated her, her pelvic bone widened beyond belief. Soon, he felt himself about to burst with semen. He filled her womb with demonic seed. Her stomach swelled, she looked pregnant. Cum flowed out onto the floor, coming to a stop mid splash as it left her. He pulled out, leaving a gaping hole filled to the brim with hot sperm. It stayed in her, locked in time and in her ruined pussy.

“Mmmm,” he grunted.

Lauren’s ass was bare and Kialis wanted that, too. He turned her over, cock becoming rigid once more, and pressed into her dark ring. Her anus welcomed him and he abused it in kind. Again, he filled her. This time it ran from her mouth and nose, pouring from her. Her stomach swelled further as she was loaded with cum once more. Satisfied with his work, he put her back where he had found her and slipped away into the shadows once more.

Lauren choked. Thick, salty semen was flowing from her mouth and nose. Her vagina and anus sucked in air, the vacuum being filled as quickly as time could restart. She felt filled. Her vaginal walls clamped on the invisible cock that pumped into her. The invasion sent orgasm after orgasm through her in an instant as she felt everything that had happened across a few moments. The air in her needed to escape and she blew white hot cum all over the black dress to her rear. Pearls dripped down the black fabric. A loud queef sent more semen flying as she vomited liters of cum. She had no concept as to what had happened to her and collapsed onto her swollen belly. That caused more sperm to come leaking out of her gaped anus that winked at the man behind the counter. He looked into her and saw only white.

“Oh my god!” screamed a woman, pointing.

The rest joined in a panic, too scared and confused to approach the naked girl with the black hair as she violently ejected cum from every orifice. Kialis watched in glee from the darkness. Her humiliation, her bloated stomach, and her tears. Lauren tried to scream, but no sound came out as semen continued to fill her throat. She couldn’t breath. The invader was in her chest, pounding between her cum soaked tits that pressed onto the cold tile. Her anus burned with sharp pain, she had never had anything up it before and now it gaped for the world to see. Tears ran down her face and she blacked out.

Kialis watched her lay still, semen dripped from her open holes and bubbles of cum popped at her nose. Soon the patrons of the shop approached, it was an incredible sight and none could look away. The floor around her was slick with fluid that was already beginning to dry. Metallic legs of clothes racks stood on the shore of the slowly expanding puddle. Lauren was motionless in its center, her black hair a dark island on a white sea. An ambulance was called at length. Bystanders watched incredulously as the naked woman was lifted onto a gurney by two strong EMTs. They slipped in the mess. Her belly rose like a mountain, pushing at the blanket they used to cover her. She breathed slowly and steadily, the cum expelled from her throat. On the ride to the hospital they checked the wallet and phone in the crusted shorts that had been strewn next to her in the store. All the while Kialis observed, making sure his spawn was safe. Lauren was pregnant. Beneath the stomach full of semen, an egg was fertilized by his foul seed. Her womb was his, as was the rest of her used body.

Jake was called from work by the hospital. Lauren had him listed as her emergency contact. He was in a panic on the way to the hospital. They had told him nothing. All he knew was that she was admitted and not in life threatening danger.

“Jake Sandora,” he said to the woman at the desk.

“Oh, yes you’ll just have to show me some ID,” said a woman with bloodshot eyes.

Her nametag read “Nina.” Jake passed the information check and filled out a few forms.

“Is she alright?” he asked.

“She’s awake, but... we don’t know what happened to her.”

Nina wasn’t sure how to describe her state. How could she tell Lauren’s partner that she appeared to be bloated with semen? When Jake entered the room she was curled in a ball facing the wall. Sobs quietly shook her. Jake rounded the bed and crouched in front of her.

“It’s okay, baby, I’m here.”

He held her hand.

“I… I don’t… what happened,” said Lauren, looking wildly at him.

“Shhh, it’ll be okay.”

“I was at… a shop and then….”

Jake noticed she was covering her stomach and went to lift the blanket gently. Lauren half tried to stop him, but knew he would see eventually. He looked at her swollen stomach and saw the puddle of cum on the sheets. Her gaped holes dripped as he looked to her teary face.

In the coming months he would leave her. The sight of her distended abdomen slowly digesting semen over the next few days couldn’t be erased from his mind. Nor her anus, opening and closing as she moved. Kialis watched all of this, ensuring her humiliation was complete. He left her then, alone and broken, to have his child. There were more women with fertile bodies on this plane to bear his children and he would find them. Lauren was the first of many and he had other methods. Stopping time was enjoyable, but feeling their terror as he entered them was better….
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