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This is the fifth chapter in the story of a straight married man, taken by home invaders and manipulated into the role of submissive cock slut. It has themes of gay non consensual submissive sex. If this is in any way offensive please find another story. If you read on, please enjoy. Ratings and comments are appreciated.

I awoke, around 10:00AM, with a hangover from the Ambien, the vision of Beth's perfect ass was locked in my mind. That was a day I will never forget. I hit the shower, applied my hair remover, and shaved. I cleaned myself out with the tool Beth left behind, brushed my teeth, and packed up my belongings.

I watched some ESPN and thought about my situation. I thought I believed him when he said I would be free to go. But it could be a trick to black mail me later. I decided I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

The good news was, I was free to go. I pulled out my phone and replayed the video I made when I thought I had turned the tables on Dan. I watched as he sucked my cock, I laid my head back enjoying him sucking me dry and started to stiffen again. Then I saw what happened, he lifted off my cock and flicked his hand like a whip, the fingers impacted my testicle with incredible speed. I had probably done the same to my friends ears a hundred times in junior high, but the pain was magnified when inflicted on my testicle.

That little child's trick took me from bliss to misery in one second. I needed to get free of this, so I loaded my stuff in the car and headed out. It was noon and I went to a Denny's across the street and grabbed some lunch. I looked back at my hotel prison I had been trapped in since Saturday. I found myself thinking about 4 hard dicks lined up in front of me and began getting a hard-on sitting in my booth at Denny's.

I decided it was best to get out of here and head for home. It was a beautiful sunny day and I felt truly free as I drove toward my house and my own bed. I got the mail and did not bother to unpack the car. I went in and reviewed 2 days’ worth of mail, flipped on the TV and lay on the couch. I played the events of yesterday back, thinking about Beth and the things she did to me. God she was sexy.

I dozed off and woke up about 3:30 with my boner still intact. I wondered about dinner and thought I might just order a pizza later and watch Monday night football. It really would not be worthwhile to try to book a flight and finish the week with my family on vacation. I thought maybe I will go into work tomorrow and finish out the week. The stress from work was all gone after the weekends chain of events. Beth fucked all the stress from my body.

It was a beautiful fall day, so I decided to mow the lawn. As I mowed, I could feel the vibration of the mower rushing through my upper body and could not help thinking about Beth's strap-on vibrating through my testicle as she fucked my ass. I found myself imagining the cold vibrator being replaced by a hot hard cock up my ass.

My boner was embarrassing walking across my front lawn, protruding for the world to see. I relived that fateful Friday night, feeling that first stranger's cock in my mouth, and later begging another to let me suck him too. Shaking it off, I finished mowing, and decided to take a shower. I lathered up my shaved smooth testicles and loved the feeling in my hands. I grabbed my wife's razor and shaved myself for the second time today. My cock remained hard as I rubbed my sack and ass crack making sure there was no stubble anywhere.

I resisted the urge to masturbate and finished showering. I decided I would go pick up the dry cleaning I had dropped off last week. I would go to work and finish out the week. It would help distract me from my newfound urge to suck cock. (4 of them...). I drove toward the dry cleaner and noticed my bank up ahead, thinking it would close in 15 minutes at 5 PM. I found myself turning into the parking lot.

'Don't do it...I thought as my hard-on grew. Pulling into the drive-through I saw Wendy the 70ish teller I have known for 15 years.

"Hi Wendy," I smiled. "I need to get $2000 from savings. I am having some work done at the house and got a discount for paying in cash." (Stop David! What are you doing? You're free!) My cock was driving at this point. I began to drive in the direction of the hotel, envisioning the heat of a stiff cock, filling my waiting asshole.

I passed the Passion Pit Adult Store and circled the block, going in the back entrance. My boner sticking out as I perused the toys and lingerie. Then I saw them...assless panties...black, silky...They were a full pantie in the front. In the back there were, only two straps that curved under the cheeks of the manikin's ass. The ass cheeks were completely exposed. Leading up from the straps at the side of each cheek was a frilly lace trim that outlined the ass coming to a point at the waist band just above the ass crack. The lace trim and straps formed the shape of an upside-down heart surrounding the plastic globes on the manikin.

Obvious hard-on protruding, I bought the panties and strawberry flavored lube. The young man working the counter, bagged them up.

"Enjoy," he said, smirking.

I pulled back into the hotel parking lot. The maintenance man was leaving the room next door. He wore blue jeans and a blue button-down work shirt with a tool belt.

"Evening," he said, nodding his head. "Enjoying your stay?"

"Yes, thank you," I said, looking at the ground and slinking back into my hotel room.

"Let us know if you need anything," he said smiling a warm smile.

"Will do," I said closing the door behind me.

It was 5:40, they would be here in 20. I pondered the fact I left the room but never actually checked out. Did my subconscious mind know I would be back? Was he right? Did my dick decide last night?

I undressed quickly caressing my shaved ass and cock. My hard-on was leaking badly. Sliding the panties on, was so exciting I nearly came as the silk material slid across my throbbing cockhead. I looked at me ass in the mirror making sure the panties made the heart shape I noticed on the manikin. I squirted out some lube and rubbed it into my ass crack. I rubbed it over my ass cheeks working it in, leaving my skin smooth and soft.

I watched in the mirror as my lubed finger penetrated my asshole, I imagined Daniels hard cock sliding in as the other 3 strangers waited their turn. I wanted to jack off as I watched my ass in the mirror...Knock! Knock! Knock! I pulled out my finger and washed my hands quickly. I dabbed on a little cologne and walked slowly toward the door.

I froze, "It's not too late" I mumbled.

Knock! Knock! Knock! "Davey Boy! Open up."

I was stuffing $100 bills into my waist band and around the lacy heart shape surrounding my ass...Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Your car is in the parking lot. You know why your here...time to get to work cocksucker!" He said way too loudly.

I opened the door quickly and he stepped in. He peaked out the door and waived the others in. I backed up as three masked men came in with him forming a semi-circle in front of the door. Daniel locked it and looked down at my hard cock straining in the black panties stuffed with hundreds.

"You see boys, I told you he is not gonna turn us in, because we turned him out," he said smiling wide and pointing at me. Are you here to be our fuck toy?"

"Yes please!" I answered too quickly.

"Are you, of your own free will, giving us $500 each to let you undress us and service us until we are all satisfied?"

"Yes, please, let me take off your clothes and suck your hard cocks" I begged stepping closer.

"Do you want them to take off their masks, so you can see their faces as they cum in your mouth Davey boy?" his distant voice asked.

"Yes, please cum in my mouth," I said staring at their bulging pants.

"I asked about the masks," he said more distantly.

"Please," I said reaching toward Danny's belt buckle.

I unhooked it, unzipped him, and dropped to my knees, pulling down his pants and underwear. I never tired of his perfect rounded dick head. His cock was partially erect as it arched down pointing at the floor. I held his pants to the floor so he could step out. I forgot his shoes and had to bend forward to untie them so I could get his pants off.

"Holy shit cocksucker, what kind of panties are those? Are you ready for this cock in your ass or what?" He said giggling.

As I yanked off his shoes, he stepped out of his pants, and I threw them aside.

"Stand up and turn around," he commanded. I did as he said. "Those are perfect cocksucker. Can't wait to shoot my arrow, right through your heart, Fuck Toy!" he said, taking five hundreds from my panties that were circling my ass.

Then he slapped my bare ass playfully, sending a bolt of pleasure through my cock trapped in the silk panties.

"You better get to paying the others and get 'em naked," he ordered.

I turned toward the next in line. He still had his ski mask on. I looked him in the eye and guided his hand toward the additional hundreds circling my ass. He pulled them out and shoved them in his pocket, then pushed me toward the floor with his right hand and removed his mask with his left.

"Cocksucker, say hello to number 3, aka Carlos." he said happily.

"My first cock," I sighed dropping to my knees, to undress him.

As he stepped out of his pants, I looked back up at his glistening 8-inch beauty, pointing at about 2 O'clock. I remembered how it felt the first time he entered my mouth. He was a 20 something Hispanic young man with a buzz cut.

"Hello Carlos," I said gripping his warm boner, and swirling my tongue on the tip of his cock tasting his sweet, creamy pre-cum. I was ready to take him in my mouth when...

"Easy cocksucker!" Danny yelled pushing my head back with his palm. "Not so fast, let’s get everybody ready."

I stood back up seeing Carlos in a skintight T, I gripped his shirt on either side of his waist, and peeled it up revealing his hairless flat stomach with visible abs. His skin was golden brown and smooth. I revealed his pecks and leaned in with my tongue to lick his nipple as I pulled his shirt over his head. He stepped forward nose to nose and I could feel his stiffening dick touch mine through my panties.

"Next!" Danny chimed in.

As I stepped up to the next one, I recognized number two from that fateful Friday night. His asshole forever etched in my mind. He had already removed his mask and shirt. He was about my height, 5'8" tall and brown hair cut short and spiked up from the mask being removed.

He pulled out five bills from my waist band and shoved them in his pocket. I reached out and felt his stiffening cock through his jeans, as l dropped again to my knees.

He had already kicked off his shoes and thrust his hips forward to give me access to his fly. I unbuttoned his Jeans and lowered his zipper. I thought back to his throbbing cock shooting his spew into my eye before I could get him in my mouth that night. As his 7-inch hard-on peaked out, I took his head in my mouth while pulling down his pants. I could not wait another second to taste his salty sweet warmth in my mouth. I was truly addicted.

"Easy cocksucker! You are a horny little thing, aren't you?" he asked laughing.

Mouth full of cock I replied, "Muh huh!" nodding my head.

"That's Mikey, whom you remember as number two," he said pulling me off his tasty cock. "You'll have him soon enough Davey boy...Davey the fuck toy! First I need you to meet Nate, our resident bottom."

I looked to my left and there was Nate, already naked and fully erect. Nate was about 5'10" also, thin and hairless except for the curly black hair on his head and in a small, groomed tuft over his arched boner. It was almost glowing pink, and was about 6" long, narrow and arched about an inch in depth from tip to testicles. It was small but really fucking hard.

As he stood there, I could see the gap in the middle between his cock and his belly. He was so hard the head of his dick actually touched his stomach. It was about twice the diameter of my thumb. I thought that dick in my ass would be downright pain free.

"Nate's a little excited about being a top with you so you better start with him and perform your cocksucker duties. You need to take the edge off for good ole Nate before he pops!"

Nate jogged over to the bed and laid-back straddling the corner of the bed with his legs. I followed and dropped to my knees. His balls were hairless like mine. I caressed them with my hand. It made me painfully hard when I heard him moan in ecstasy, from a simple caress of his balls.

I moved in close, letting my breath wash over his hairless pink sack. He laid there, eyes closed and head back, slowly gyrating his hips, trying to make contact. Creeping in between his legs, I ever so gently kissed his balls, causing him to arch his back pushing them closer to me.

"You are such a tease cocksucker," said Danny, wincing.

I began to lick the bottom of his balls. They were drawn in, high and tight. I licked up the right side and across the top, tracing my tongue across the base of his granite penis. I used the underside of my tongue to continue down the left side. As I circled back to the underside, I pressed my tongue flat against him and licked them like an ice cream cone.

He moaned louder as l licked his nuts all over, getting them good and wet. The subtle salt taste made my cock stir. I wanted some relief so badly. I could not imagine making it all night satisfying all four of them without getting to cum. My balls were already beginning to ache. He smelled light perfume, apparently from scented soap. My saliva soaked his balls as I continued to lick and tease.

Working back to the top of his sack, I pressed my tongue to his shaft licking my way slowly to the tip.

"Oh yes," he moaned. "That feels so good!"

Approaching the tip I noticed a small puddle of pre-cum pooled on his soft tummy skin. Gripping his bowed boner, I lifted it off his stomach causing him to sigh and look down at me. I kept eye contact with him as I tilted my head and lapped up the sweet juice from his skin. His hard dick felt perfect in my hand, as I raised it up to meet my waiting tongue. I watched his eyes close with pleasure as I licked the pre-cum from his glistening steel head.

It was so hard yet the skin was so soft, warm and smooth. The sweet creamy taste electrified me as I pressed my lips onto his smooth head.

"Oh fuuuuccckk," he sighed deeply. "Suck my fuckin cock!"

I took him all the way down to his smooth balls, sucking tightly to his curved cock, and working my tongue around it. His hips pumped and gyrated, as he pushed slightly into my throat. It was perfect sized to deep throat comfortably. I wanted to keep him in me all night.

Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my balls and sliding a finger up my ass crack.

"Nice cocksucker, you are pre-lubed and ready." said Danny, circling my asshole with his middle finger.

I pushed myself against his finger showing my approval. He took my cue and worked it in. I pushed myself all the way on his finger while working the cock in my mouth.

Nate moaned thrusting his dick into my mouth, "Yes! Yes! Yes! take my cock!"

I imagined his cock pounding my ass as he fucked my face, while Danny shoved in a second finger.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!" he shouted, as my lips slurped his dick.

I was fucking Dan's fingers waiting for Nate's hot jizz to fill my mouth.

Nate's hands gripped the bed spread at his sides as his head tilted back. I cupped his balls bobbing my head and sucking hard. My tongue swirled against him as he fucked my throat.

He was shouting and grunting, "Fuck I'm coming...eat my fucking cum bitch! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!"

His body trembled as his balls contracted shooting a stream of hot sweet cum in my throat. I continued to bob and suck as the second jet flooded my taste buds with his juice. I looked at him as his spasm continued. He looked at me biting his lip as he shot the rest of my prize into my drooling mouth.

I continued to rock on Danny's fingers as I sucked Nate dry. His hard-on did not subside much at all as I drained his cum.

"Roll on over Nate." ordered Dan. "Let cocksucker lube your ass for Carlos. You can take care of Carlos while cocksucker hear finishes sucking Mikey and I bust his cherry!", he said smacking my ass cheek with his cock while he fingered my asshole.

Nate rolled over pulling his cock from my mouth. He pulled his knees up under him, getting on all fours, offering his ass to me.

He had a small round hairless ass, with a completely hairless dark pink asshole.

"First, pay the man cocksucker," he commanded.

I took five $100 bills from my waist band and handed them to Nate. He reached back, grabbed them, and tossed them on the bed in front of him. I stared at his hairless asshole with my cock throbbing.

"Beg for it ass muncher," said Danny. "The sooner you lube him the sooner I get to fuck that virgin ass!"

"Please let me lick your sweet asshole," I pleaded. "Please let me probe your tight ass with my wet tongue."

"Fuck yes," said Nate backing up and wiggling his smooth little ass.

I moved in extending my tongue starting at his taint and gently tracing his ass crack. I circled his asshole and continued up to his lower back. Then I pressed firmer as I worked back down to his pink sphincter. Circling his bung hole, before I pressed the tip of my tongue into his clenched hole.

"Oh yes," he moaned as I pressed in burying my face in his round ass cheeks.

I kissed and sucked and wiggled my tongue deeper, shaking my head and pressing harder with my stiffened tongue.

"Oh fuck that's good, tongue fuck my asshole, cocksucker!" he moaned rocking to meet my thrusts.

"Now lube up Carlos' cock, Davey boy" ordered Daniel, as Carlos poked my cheek with his 8 inch boner.

I pulled from Nate's tight hole and plunged Carlos' dick in my mouth. My mouth drenching him in saliva, his fat round head plunged against my throat. He was nearly twice the diameter of Nate and 2 inches longer. He filled my mouth as his head opened my throat, causing saliva to flood from my mouth.

I felt like I could cum just from the sensation of the cock in my mouth and the fingers fucking my ass, when Danny chimed in.

"Ok he is lubed. Now, are you ready for some double dippin' cocksucker?", Danny asked pulling his fingers from my asshole.

Carlos pulled out of my mouth as Nate positioned himself on the bed next to me to take Carlos in the ass. Mikey climbed up on the bed with his boner pointing toward me as he knee-walked in my direction. Dan pushed on my hip spinning my toward him and away from Mikey.

"You may want to lube me before I bust your cherry cocksucker!" said Dan, waving his cock toward me.

I stuck out my tongue as his cock approached, pointing straight at me glistening with a drop of pre-cum. I raised the tip of his dick with my tongue, swirling to scoop of the droplet of his sweet nectar. As the warmth and flavor sent waves through me, I kissed it sucking in his plump cockhead. It slid over my tongue, deep into my mouth making it water even more.

"Hell yes, work that dick cocksucker. You are a fucking pro!", he groaned. "Lube that cock! Oh, yes! (He pumped his hips fucking my mouth). Are you ready for this in your tight ass cocksucker?"

"Mu Huh," I mumbled, nodding with his dick in my mouth.

He pulled out and spun me around putting my ass in position and Mikey's cock in my face. I opened wide for Mikey as Danny, brushed his cock head up and down my ass crack. I spread my legs and pressed back offering myself to him as Mikey pressed against my lips. He was on his knees on the bed sliding his hard hot cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue as he entered, tasting his creamy pre-cum.

Danny, pressed against my asshole with his plump cock head, wiggling as he pressed. His fingers had helped loosen me so there was very little pain while he worked slowly to open my sphincter. I felt the head pop in sending a jolt of pleasure through my cock and balls.

"Oh fuck that's tight," grunted Carlos as he was actively fucking Nate in that little round ass. Nate moaned to the beat as Carlos picked up the pace. I could hear the sloshing and slapping sound as the fucked him hard and fast.

My oozing cock was pressed tightly in the silk panties soaking through them with pre-cum. I had never felt anything like that before, filled from both ends at the same time. Mikey was picking up the pace fucking my mouth with full hip action. I was slobbering all over his 7-inch dick, as he filled my throat, backed out an thrust back in.

I wiggled and rocked my hips ever so slightly as Dan pressed his full length, up my ass. I felt his balls touch mine as he reached the hilt of his hot sword in my tight hole.

"Oh yeah, that feels good Fuck Toy!" he moaned. "Are you my fuck toy cocksucker?"

I grunted my approval rocking myself on his protruding cock trying to find a rhythm with my ass and mouth to fuck them both. My dick pressed tightly against my wet silk underwear stimulating my cock. If I came from this, I would surely get punished since he told me I was not allowed to cum today. I did my best to try to keep control but the hot cock filling my ass and stimulating my prostate was hard to ignore.

I could feel the ridges and bumps in his cock as he slid in and out of my tight asshole. I could taste the increased pre-cum from Mikey as his balls pulled tighter in toward his cock. They were fucking both ends hard and fast and in rhythm as their balls were slapping my chin and balls with each thrust.

"Oh fuck, Fuck Toy, you're gonna make me blow in you fucking mouth!" Mikey grunted.

Danny, was pounding my ass, forcing my cock to rub the tight panties with each pump.

I groaned into Mikey cock with each thrust, "Mu! Mu! Mu!"

I knew punishment would be harsh if I lost control. I tried to think of something else when I heard Carlos moaning wildly as he fucked Nate.

"Oh shit that feels good! I'm cumming in your ass! I'm cummmmiiiiinnngggg..iiiinnnn, yyyooouuurrr aaassssss," he stuttered as his body convulsed.

Mikey followed, "Oh fuck, take my cum cocksucker! Oh yes! yes! yes!

His hot cum shot into my mouth flooding my tongue with his creamy jizz. It sent me over the edge with Danny's hot cock pounding my ass, forcing my cock to rub the wet silk, my orgasm built. I did not care about punishment.

I groaned and grunted as I swallowed Mikey's load, "Mo Muck! Mo Muck!"

My body shook as hot cum spurted from my throbbing cock into the silk underwear. My groans were uncontrollable, as I could feel some of Mikey's cum rolling down my chin and neck. I could not contain it all as the intensity of my orgasm rocked my entire body. My cock was swimming in my own cum as I spasmed a third stream of cum into the panties.

"I'm cumming!", shouted Danny, pounding my ass. "Oh fuck yes! I'm cumming! Ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah!" he grunted as his hot cum filled my ass.

I sucked Mikey's cock, milking every drop I could get. I moaned with each convulsing thrust Dan hit me with. As his orgasm subsided, I could feel his cum oozing down my balls.

Almost in unison Mikey and Danny pulled out leaving me spent and empty. I rolled over onto my back catching my breath.

"Wow, cocksucker, you came in your panties! What a slut!” Danny said laughing.

My heart sank at the thought of the sting from my own belt. I just hoped it would be quick.

Danny's hands gripped the waist band of the panties and began to pull them off. He captured as much of my cum as he could as he removed them.

"Tell you what, I can understand a fuck toy like you, getting over stimulated by my cock, so you clean up your mess and we won't need to punish you," said Danny holding my cum filled panties next to my head.

I sat up and began to lick my own cum off the panties as he held them up for me. Once I sucked the cum off of them completely, he tossed them aside.

"You won't need these anymore," he said as they sailed across the room. "Look at poor Nate there. I think he is gonna need your to help him out with that boner. He gets that way after taking a cock in the ass. Nate, why don't you lay on the floor and let cocksucker here ride your hard-on until you cum in his ass? What do you think cock sucker, do you want Nate to cum in your ass?"

"Oh yes please fuck my ass!" I said eagerly.

"You can suck our cocks while you ride him, too. Would you like that cocksucker?" he asked smugly

"Yes! Please feed me your dicks while he fucks my ass!" I said rolling off the bed and standing up.

Nate was already laying on the floor waiting for me to sit on his dick. He fit in nicely after being spread open by Danny. His arched dick felt really good in my rectum. It seemed to curve just right to stimulate my prostrate as I straddled him and began to slide slowly up and down.

The other 3 crowded around with their semi hard dicks moving closer. Nate's cock felt warm and hard as a rock, as I rode him slowly.

Danny, rubbed his semi hard cock against my lips, causing me to open up and let him in. I could taste his cum as he slid into my mouth. My tongue wiggled as I sucked him in. I could feel him stiffening as he slid in and out. Carlos pushed me off of Danny and shoved his round head in my mouth.

I grabbed Danny with my right hand and stroked him while getting a taste of Carlos's cum in my mouth. With my left hand I gripped Mikey to let him know I had not forgotten him. Carlos stiffened as I cleaned his cock, his cum seemed a little more bitter than Danny's but the taste was still very appealing.

I should have been disgusted knowing Carlos had just been in Nate's ass but, it only seemed to excite me more!

I popped off of Carlos and turned to Mikey, shoving him in my mouth and then gripping Carlos with my left hand. I stroked, sucked, and rode 4 cocks as the same time! I was in heaven.

I picked up the pace on Nate, squeezing my asshole on his hard dick. I could feel Danny's cum sloshing in my ass and covering Nate's dick. The suction and slapping sound as I rode him was surprisingly loud.

I felt like a juggler, shifting from cock to cock as I sucked off the other 3. I never wanted to stop.

Nate was lying flat on the floor with me straddling him, bouncing and slapping my balls on his belly as I rode. Carlos stood straddling his body so I could suck his plump cock. Danny stood to my right and Mikey to my left. Every 4th or 5th bounce on Nate's cock I would rotate cocks in my mouth stroking the other 2.

All three cocks were stiff and oozing. I loved the taste and texture of each. Danny and Carlos were about the same length, but Carlos was slightly fatter with a large round head. Mikey a little shorter had more pronounced veins and ridges on his cock, I could feel as I sucked him in and out.

"Fuck that feels good. Fuck, fuck, fuck!" moaned Nate, causing me to tighten my grip on his dick. My own hard-on was slapping him in the belly when I bounced down on his hard rod. "Oh yes, I'm cumming!" he screamed.

I was rocking' Carlos' cock in my mouth as he began to grunt and pump, grabbing my head and not letting me go. He was about to deliver a hot load in my mouth. I stroked Danny and Mikey faster. I could feel Danny getting wetter from pre-cum as I jacked him off. Suddenly he and Mikey pulled back and stepped away, apparently not wanting to cum from being jacked off.

"Oh God Yes! Yes! Yes!" screamed Nate, as he unloaded in my ass. He pushed and shook as I bounced and wiggled.

Carlos was shoving his tool deep into my throat. I struggled not to choke, taking quick breaths when I could, trying to relax my throat. It was hard to concentrate with Nate jizzing in my ass, but I fended off gagging. His balls slapped my chin as he fucked my mouth.

"Deep throat it mother fucker," he grunted through gritted teeth. "Fuck yeah cocksucker! Swallow my fucking load!"

He was throat fucking me wildly. I struggled to keep my lips curled in so I did not scrape him with my teeth.

"Fuck yeah swallow bitch!" he shouted shooting his hot cum in my mouth. "Uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh!"

I tried to contain it and swallow, but it ran down my chin and smeared on my cheeks as he drilled my throat forcing my nose to smack his belly to the point it hurt!

His orgasm subsided and he slowed down allowing me to swallow and suck him dry. He pulled out and fell back on the bed to rest and compose himself. I slid off of Nate and stood up also wanting to plop on the bed for a rest.

"Ok Cocksucker, our turn," he said grabbing my arm and forcing me on my back with my ass on the corner of the bed and head toward the middle.

My legs hung over the bed. Mikey positioned himself standing between my legs. He grabbed my legs, pointed my feet toward the ceiling and placed my calves against his shoulders.

Danny crawled onto the bed and threw his leg over my chest, straddling me with his hard-on dangling above my face. I raised my head to take his cock in my mouth, but he pulled away.

"Tell us what you want cocksucker," he said mockingly.

Mikey was leaning forward forcing my legs back and raising my ass off the bed. He slapped my balls with his boner sending a jolt of pain through my testicles. I jumped, startled by the pain and reality of the situation.

I could have walked away. Instead, I paid money to be their fuck toy. Two weeks ago, I had never given thought to any of this. Now I couldn’t stop thinking about it, surrendering myself to the pleasure of others is all I could think about. My cock was, once again, hard as a rock in anticipation of having another cock in my ass.

"Please let my suck you cock and be your fuck toy! Fuck me from both ends and feed me your cum," I pleaded, my cock throbbing as those words left my mouth.

"I am so glad our adventure in robbery failed so miserably," said Danny. "You should be too. You found you true calling. What is your true calling Davey boy?"

"I'm a cock sucking, ass munching, fuck toy! Please let me suck your cock while he fucks my ass!" I begged pathetically. "I need your cum in my mouth and his cock in my ass. Make me your fuck toy...please!"

With that Danny leaned forward onto his hands knees and wiggled into position to fuck my mouth. His dickhead touched my lips with a mix of pre-cum and my saliva. I kissed it and spread my lips circling the tip with my tongue.

Mikey pressed his cockhead against my lubed and oozing asshole. I pushed upward with my hips as he pressed in. At this point there was no pain, just the heat from his warm cock. My calves pressed against his chest as he pushed my legs against him with his hands.

That angle seemed to help stimulate my prostate as he moved out to the tip and back in to the hilt. My muscles gripped his smooth cock as he began to pump a little harder and faster.

My lips wrapped slightly over my teeth as I sucked Danny's big hot cock. I loved to feel his reaction as my tongue tickled his dick.

"Damn cocksucker, you are good," he said softly, pumping his hips slowly and steadily.

Mikey and Danny were timing their motions as they filled me up with hot hard cock. I wanted so bad to jack off while they tag teamed me. I moved my hand toward my hard-on only to have Mikey slap it away.

"No way cocksucker, you pleasure us. You can cum tomorrow," said Mikey grunting as he pumped my ass. "Today you are the cum bucket...Oh yes and you are about to receive another deposit Fuck Toy!"

"Fuck yes!" said Danny fucking my throat with a rhythm and range of motion that allowed me to breath and not gag when he went deep.

This also allowed me to work my tongue when he pulled back out. He even paused a few times to let me work my tongue a little extra.

"Oh shit man, magic fucking tongue cocksucker. I love a fuck toy that loves his work, he said picking up speed. "I'm gonna fucking cum in your hot little mouth bitch. Are you ready for it?" he said panting.

"Mu huh," I mumbled not breaking contact with his throbbing cock.

"Oh fuck yeah! Me too!" grunted Mikey. "Oh yes, oh yes! oh yes! oh yes! oh yes! oh yes! Take my fucking load Fuck Toy, you fucking love it!"

I moaned and wined as his hot cum shot in my ass. I felt a hot jet of Danny's jizz flood my tongue and he screamed.

"Fuck, work that fucking tongue Cocksucker. Eat my fucking cum... Oh fuck yes!" he yelled as his balls emptied into my mouth.

My lips and cheeks were getting raw from the workout they had gotten, but I kept sucking Danny, milking his beautiful dick.

He pulled out and rolled off collapsing on the bed.

Mikey slid out of my ass and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the sitting position.

"Suck the rest out and clean me up cock sucker!' he commanded, shoving his still firm cock in my mouth. "Don't want to waste any do we Cocksucker?"

I shook my head as sucked him dry too.

"You are fucking good," he sighed as he rocked slowly letting me suck the last drops of his cum.

After a few minutes he softened and pulled out allowing me to collapse backward on the bed spent exhausted and sore from an abundance of cock in both orifices. Nate and Carlos had begun dressing as I lay there with my eyes closed and my hard-on at attention.

Apparently, I dosed off and when I woke the room was empty and the lights were out...'How long was I out?' I wondered. I looked in the bathroom and there was no one. The clock said 11:15. I turned on the light and saw a note on the desk.


Slightly refreshed from my sleep and feeling a little crusty after my private parts had dried out, I decided to take a shower. I shaved, applied my hair remover and again used the kit Beth left me to clean myself out.

Cleaned and refreshed my hard-on returned as I relived the evenings events. I lay on the bed and watched some TV with my sweats and a T shirt on until I dozed off.

To be continued.
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