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Angie lived with her drug dealing boyfriend in a small town in Mississippi. Cops burst in one morning while the two of them are sleeping and arrest them both. The arresting cop makes Angie give him a blowjob, and the desk sergeant at the station fucks her during a full body cavity search.
Angie lived with her boyfriend, Evan, in a small apartment near the main street of Greenville….a backwater, hick town in rural Mississippi. They had been sleeping soundly one night in the middle of summer, when the Greenville police busted down the door to their apartment and rushed into their bedroom with guns drawn. They hollered that they were arresting Evan for dealing drugs….there were three of them, so Evan didn’t put up much of a fight…plus Angie and Evan were both naked, which limited the amount of resistance either one of them could offer, even if they’d wanted to. Then they said that Angie was being arrested, too, as an accomplice.

Accomplice? What the fuck? Angie knew Evan dealt drugs, but she thought he was too small time to get any attention from the police. Still…she had been stupid enough to live with him, and now she was getting arrested, too, and being charged as an accessory to his drug business.

Ironically, she had nothing to do with his drug business….she was a waitress at the local diner, so she couldn’t believe she was now being woken up with guns in her face because Evan was a fucking idiot drug dealer.

One of the officers grabbed a pair of jeans from the floor, tossed them at Evan and told him to put them on. Then he and one of the other officers put handcuffs on Evan and led him out of the apartment, telling the remaining officer to cuff Angie, and search the place for Evan’s stash of drugs.

Angie was sitting in bed, with the covers pulled up to her neck, when the remaining cop said, “OK, get up, let’s get you cuffed so I can search this place.”

Angie protested, “But I’m naked….let me put some clothes on.”

The cop grabbed the blanket and pulled it off her, saying, “I don’t give a shit…get your ass up!”

When the blanket came off, leaving Angie completely naked and uncovered, the cop’s eyebrows shot up as he looked her over. With a shitty smile on his face, he said, “Holy shit….look at that rack! I had no idea….”

Angie was a pretty brunette, late-twenties, with a really nice body. As the surprised cop had noticed, her defining feature was her rather large, natural, 35DD bust. Along with her long hair and pretty face, her big tits always sucked up the attention in any room she entered, so she was used to reactions like she was getting from this cop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t helping her current situation.

Angie whimpered, “Please, let me put some clothes on…”

The cop grabbed her arm and spun her face down on the bed, saying, “We’ll get to that.” He cuffed her hands behind her back, then turned her over and helped her sit up on the edge of the bed, with her feet on the floor, and her boobs swaying back and forth in front of her.

With his eyes locked onto her heavy tits and big areolas, the cop said, “But first, I need you to help me with something.” As he said this, he pulled down his zipper, reached inside his boxers and pulled out his already semi-hard cock.

“Let’s get this taken care of, so I can search this place and get you down to the station,” he said, as he nudged the tip of his prick up against Angie’s lips. At first she resisted and turned her head away, but the cop grabbed the hair at the back of her head and forced her to turn back to face him. Using one hand to grip her hair and hold her head still, he used the other hand to grab his growing dick and shove it into her mouth, causing her to gag and struggle to accommodate his fairly large penis.

He pushed her head back and forth, making her suck on his nearly erect prick, as he rocked his hips into her face….his nut sack slapping against her chin, and her heavy tits swinging wildly between them, as he prodded the back of her throat with his stiff pole.

With one hand still tightly entwined in her hair, he used the other one to fondle and squeeze her dangling tits, watching them bounce in rhythm with her bobbing head. He grabbed a nipple between his thumb and finger…using it to lift her heavy breast, then dropping it to watch it bounce and jiggle…..then he did the same with the other nipple, laughing at her whimpers and muffled protestations.

After a few minutes, he picked up the pace, slamming his engorged dick in and out of Angie’s mouth and mumbling about how good it felt, before grabbing one of her tits…hard…and blasting several streams of cum against the back of her throat, causing her to gag and dribble much of it down her chin and onto her swaying boobs.

“Oh, fuck…yeah….yeah….just like that….yeah….holy, shit, that feels good...yeah….yeah…. aaaahhhhhh… aaaaaahhhhhh…yeeeeeesssssss…aaaahhhhhh …..nice….yeah….very nice…..aaaahhhhhh….”

The cop kept sliding his slimy shaft in and out of Angie’s mouth, as he continued spewing cum into her mouth until his nutsack was finally empty. Most of his semen ended up spilling down her chin, onto her boobs, then dripping off the tip of her nipples onto her lap, as she sat mewling on the bed with her hands still cuffed behind her back.

When he finally stopped cumming, he pulled his softening prick out of Angie’s mouth and left it dangling in front of her face as he stood there catching his breath. Ignoring her tearful whimpers, the cop stroked the last few drops of cum out of his shrinking shaft, then flicked them onto Angie’s boobs, with all the rest of his splooge.

“Wow….that was great…now, go ahead and clean off my cock….then we can get you downtown with your drug-dealing boyfriend.”

With wet eyes, and still whimpering softly, Angie opened up and sucked the cop’s prick into her mouth, using her tongue and lips to clean it off, then letting it fall out of her mouth and flop between them. The cop finally let go of her hair….then, still standing directly in front of her, stroked his flaccid shaft a few times before shoving it back inside his pants, and pulling up his zipper.

He left her sitting on the bed….cuffed, and drenched in semen….as he searched the place for her boyfriend’s drug stash. He found it pretty quickly….it was shoved into the back of the freezer. Turns out that drug dealers – at least in Greenville – were not rocket scientists when it came to hiding their drugs.

The cop removed the cuffs, then followed Angie to the bathroom, where he stood in the doorway and watched her sit on the toilet to pee. Then he stood behind her and watched her reflection in the mirror as she washed the gobs of white, slimy spunk from her chin and breasts. About half way through, he couldn’t help himself.…he had to reach out and fondle her tits, as she stood in front of the mirror trying to clean herself up.

When she was done in the bathroom, he allowed her to put on a t-shirt….no bra….and a pair of shorts….no panties. He chuckled and explained, “This’ll just make it easier when it all has to come off down at the station.”

When they got to the station, the cop logged in the drugs, then took Angie to the admissions desk and turned her over to the desk sergeant.

As he turned to leave, he glanced at Angie and said, “Well….it’s been fun. I have to admit, you are now my favorite arrest of all time.”

The desk sergeant signed her in, then took her to the holding area where she was placed in a room with a chair and a table. As he turned to leave, he said, “Take everything off….we need to do a full body cavity search before we put you in holding.”

Angie started to protest, but the sergeant had already left the room. She removed her t-shirt and shorts…it didn’t take long, just like the cop had told her, then she sat in the chair and waited for someone to come search her.

About five minutes later, the sergeant returned, with a huge smile on his face, and said, “Holy fuck, look at those tits….I think you’re gonna be the highlight of my day!”

When Angie saw him, she attempted to cover herself, and said, “I thought a female officer would do the search.”

“Usually they do, but I took one look at you and decided this was a special situation that needed my personal attention. Now, put your feet on that line and raise your arms.”

Feeling helpless and scared, Angie did as she was told, raising her hands above her head, as the sergeant walked around her naked body, with a maniacal grin on his face and nodding his approval. He stopped in front of her and reached out with his hands to lift both breasts, then let them fall and watched as they swayed back and forth.

“Very nice….very, very nice…”

He reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy mound, then said, “Spread ‘em….let’s see what’s going on down here.”

With tears in her eyes and whimpering softly, Angie spread her legs to allow the sergeant better access to her shaved pussy.

“My God, this is one sweet pussy…” he said, as he fondled her pussy lips and ran a finger along the crack of her vagina.

Using one hand to play with her tits….occasionally pulling and pinching her nipples….the sergeant used the other hand to stroke the crack of her pussy, before slipping two fingers inside and gliding them in and out, as he murmured to himself.

“Holy shit, this feels fantastic….you’ve got the nicest pussy and tits I’ve ever searched in here.”

He pulled his fingers out of her cunt, then used those two fingers to find her clitoris, rubbing it in circular motions, as he continued squeezing the flesh of her jiggling boobs and tweaking her nipples.

He smiled into her tearful face and said, “Now let’s see what this does….”

Even in her helpless state…with her hands over her head, and her legs spread….Angie could feel her body responding to the sergeant’s fingers on her clit and the attention he was paying to her nipples. The sergeant noticed it, too….smiling more broadly as he felt her warm pussy juices begin to moisten his fingers, and her nipples start to stiffen beneath his hand.

He kept this up for a few minutes, then stepped behind Angie, put his hand in the middle of her back, then pushed and said, “Now, bend over and grab the table.”

As Angie did as she was told, she felt one of the sergeant’s hand reach between her legs and slip two fingers inside her moist vagina….she knew what he was doing with his other hand when she heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down.

The sergeant nudged Angie’s legs a little farther apart with his knees, then grabbed his cock….which was already fully erect….and lined it up with Angie’s wet pussy. As he leaned forward, sliding the head of his dick into Angie’s exposed vagina, he reached around and grabbed her dangling boobs with both hands, and started slamming his rigid pole in and out of Angie’s pussy in earnest, causing her to grunt from the force of each thrust. With his hands squeezing her heavy tits and pinching her firm nipples, the sergeant pounded Angie’s cunt from behind, over and over, until he felt an imminent climax building between his legs.

The sergeant released her tits….leaving them to swing wildly beneath her chest and making a clapping sound as they slapped into each other with every thrust. He grabbed Angie’s hips, pounding his cock into her cunt like a piston, then exploded….spewing rope after rope of hot, slimy cum all over the inside of her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming…..aaaaaahhhhh…..aaaaaahhhhh…..that feels sooooo goooood….aaaaahhhhhh…..”

The sergeant kept pounding his stiff rod in and out of Angie’s cunt, eventually emptying his ball sack inside her, as he grinned and mumbled about how Angie was the best fuck he’d ever had.

When he was finally done cumming, the sergeant told Angie to turn around and clean off his glistening prick. She squatted in front of him and did as she was told, then stood back up, as he shoved his dick back inside his pants and pulled up his zipper.

Then the sergeant tossed her a light blue jumpsuit that snapped up the front, telling her, “Here, put this on. I’ll let the receiving lieutenant know that you’re ready for the holding area.”
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