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A slave in an M/s dynamic attends a fetish themed swinger party.
I can list mine. Vampire fetish, sensory deprivation, knives, fire, cnc, cages, bandage and more. Not a pain slut though I'll take some licks here and there. Feel free to pause reading and tell me your fetishes in the comments please!

The day started with a trip to ink spot. M had a tattoo appointment for some prepaid ink and wanted us to have a consult for more ink. He is letting me pick a tattoo for him. We talked it over and settled on a bread and butterfly with an A in it for my name. Butterfly is my spirit animal. Alice in wonderland is one of my favorite movies. We discussed what both of us liked before the consult and had references ready. It’s a huge honor that he’s letting me do this. I’m overwhelmed with emotion. ?

We started the drive to pick up our friends L and C. It was a tight squeeze with the cake and bratting supplies. We also had a full toy breifcase. Inside we had dildos made of glass and silicone. There was an anal hook, plugs, beads and lube. There was ropes, cuffs, and a spreader bar. 1 flogger, 1 paddle, and 1 feather tickler. 2 sets of sex dice, 3 kinds of nipple suckers/clamps, and a sounding rods. 3 vibrators, finger claws, a knife and a sharpie. Even a ball gag and blindfold. Lots of different toys all ready for whoever we chose to offer the play collar too. (A collar/lead combo I/we can offer for casual scene play).

Once we made it to the party house we settled in helping with food prep, furniture arrangement/set up, and anything else asked of us. L and I recently decided 2 brats are better than one and formed a party brat pack. (Definitely not a clique, other brats cab join us). We made our hashtag and even a fun butt bump activation shtick. So once prep was mostly done we took a chair into a room to decorate it. It was a sparkle magic unicorn hot seat for my M because it was his birthday month we used balloons, decoration streamers and lots of tape. We even had special birthday attire for him and a cool cake.

We took brat pack photos after changing and setting up the photo booth. We took pictures with our Doms. Some of us took pictures in the stockade. I was in a leather straight jacket, arms cross tied and hoisting up my DDD breasts with perky, erect, plump, kissable nipples. My leather skirt was just long enough to cover my ass and my cute cum dumpster panties. My thigh high stilleto boots were giving sexy as hell and I was keeping good balance too. My mask covered everything. It hid my French braid handlebars well. My eye cover was pulled up, mouth cover pulled down for hosting duties. I was dressed for sex and submission. Little did I know how quickly I’d find my first friend to offer it too.

Columbia was older, taller, and enjoying the view he was sitting next too. I was on the end of the couch awaiting tour duties and making small talk. One of the older women, in a naughty nurse outfit, was glued to the foot ball game on her phone and making small talk with us about husband listening problems and grandkids. I mentioned being a G.I.L.F. and the whole room turned to look in shock. Columbia asked my age and then the age when I had kids. I explained marrying earlier in life to an older man granting me bonus kids. The whole room made gilf comments that continued off and on that night.

Columbia complimented My boots and asked if I would be ok with him touching them. I presented one, Assured him my Dom was cool and there began his not being able to keep his hands off of me. He was rubbing my boots, upper thighs, exposed lower pack, and nipples. He was carrying on about how soft my skin was. He was negotiating play collar activities right there with me. Asking about our dynamic. Asking about our rules, though he kissed me before I could get that boundary out. I’m really slutting out my mouth lately. Oh well lol. I explained I had a friend coming that I wanted to offer first dibs too and then I would be all his.

My partner walked in for a break from the cold and I gave them a breif introduction. He was dressed in a black long sleeve with black and red kilt. He had on boots, a drinking horn, and long John’s. I told him Columbia and I would probably play later with him in the room. We got the green light. He continued enjoying my company until my friend arrived. When my friend arrived I greeted him with the usual kiss and offered kindly to let him help me take a shot. He helped me into 33. I thanked him and we wandered outside where we saw L. Seeing L, I just knew we had to do our magic move. So we yelled “brack powers activate”, and bumped butts as our voluminous breasts bounced at impact. “instant hard on!” exclaimed new kid. As he should have. I was dared to stick my boobs against the ice cold wall. My nipples came off so hard and erect they could have cut glass.

I figured out how to do the door with the jacket on. My M called me a brat and tightened my Arms. I went inside explaining to L what had just happened. She was about to loosen it a little when M rounded the corner with the brat tamer and I felt a stinging thud on my ass. Us brats just laughed and said “go figure he would catch us”

I found myself straddling a fully clothed new kid on the chair. He felt up my skirt while kissing me through what had to be unpleasant vinyl. He immediately pulled the cum dumpster panties to the side and working that hot button. It didn’t take long and I was full on squirting for him. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy squirting. Adjacent to an orgasm, it is the most euphoric feeling and I can’t get enough. He helped me up and then stood up himself. “You made a mess all over my pants” He said. I looked down and saw my pussy juices splattered all over his upper right thigh like 80s acid wash. Sexy. I explained how it was his fault and we shared some breif dirty talk before he went to wash his hands.

I found myself back on the couch with Columbia. This time He had one of those vibrating ball massagers in his hand. He inched my skirt up, asked if it was OK, and started vibrating me. I let him go until I was close. I know he could see the exctasy all over my smiling eyes. Panties officially wet.

My M had me with him in the kitchen and another guy approached us. We will call him Lucy. Makes sense for those who know. M was telling him about the door fiasco with my straight jacket. The guy dared me to see if I could open it with my mouth. I gave him brat eyes and said, I’ll try. So we marched over. After shooing those willing to help me away, we discovered that the entire door handle didn’t fit in my mouth. So he switched it up and said try boobs now. Much to M and our friends surprise I managed to get it. Sober me, can’t process those physics. Lucy and I agreed to play later.

As it neared midnight and tours winded down I again found new kid and went to the private room. He carefully helped me out of the straight jacket. I really was trying my best to be still enough. It didn’t take him long to figure out all of the many straps and buckles holding me hostage. Finally free I threw my arms up. No the jacket doesn’t bug me even during long wear. No the mask isn’t too tight, suffocating or uncomfortable. My signature scent was lightly misted inside it, citrus magnolia, and likely found its way into my hair. This was so the rubber smell wouldn’t get to me. He put my up on all fours on the bed. Here we go.

He u did his belt and slipped it off. “snap” it lightly stung my ass as it slapped acrossed my cheeks. He then snapped it on my ass again only harder. He did a few Moore before I started writhing. It’s not a safeword or a caution. It’s a give me a second and I’ll be backones.qor more. He checked to see if I was OK. (Don’t worry new kid, I’ll say yellow if I need too, or stop you with red). He did a couple harder ones before stopping. Yeah it hurts but I also still got wet from it.

Then he slipped his pants off for me. I immediately went down. To kiss the tip. I love all the noises he makes as my tongue and lips hug and wander every inch of his fully erect penis. I love just savoring every inch. Cock worship is my favorite. Just this morning I was edging M and accidentally had to swallow his load. Oops. I licked his balls. I danced My way up to the head and licked around and under the rim. I went gloriously deep, adjusted, and tried to go much deeper. I pulled up and focused solely on the head for a bit. Once it was good and teased I went deep again I was slipping my tongue out trying my best to lick his balls at the same time. Again, your noises just delight and excite me.

You called your friend over. 2 girls one cock. Every man’s hot fantasy dream. I wish I could say that this is where we did that porno trick where he stands up and we kneel one on each side. Each girl then sticks there tongue out exploring their respective side of the shaft. Bonus points if the tongues manage to do a full wrap around of the head or balls when this is happening. Unfortunately for new kid, this lives as a fantasy in my head until February where he asks for it to happen in person. It may take some brat power activation but I’m sure we could make that happen. She went down on the shaft while I sucked and licked his balls. Still not a bad outcome. His friends are always so pretty and fun to be around.

She went back to her chair and I got back up on all fours. You fill me up perfectly and as you ease inside of me I can’t help but moan. My legs are spread wide with yours on the inside I’m in a downward dog pose. Head on the pillow facing the wall. My handlebars fully exposed. As you gripped my love handles you slammed in hard. Your cock hit the hot button. My DDD breasts clapped together. I let out a sexy moan as your balls slapped my clit. I couldn’t contain how amazing it felt. It absolutely drives me wild when I feels balls all over my clit. It’s just so sexy and such a stimulating turn on that even writing this I’m fishing for my buzzy to vibe one out. Your slower shallower thrusts coupled with your harder thrusts had me getting loud. It’s just amazing.

You turned me over into missionary and began fucking me more. When you bit me, I went to heaven. I thought to myself, please keep playing with this one, and exploring his sexual side because this sex is great I love being bitten. Even if it hurts, or I wince. I live it. Evidence Is in the pussy juice gush that generally happens during or after. You kept going working over my pussy sending waves of pleasure through both of us. Then you told me you were going to cum and I braced for the satisfying feeling of cum filling every bit of my insides. You pulled away, pulled the condom off and I immediately put it back in my mouth to clean it once. You reminded me that it’s sensitive and I reminded you of my duty to clean it.

I went out and made a drink. I was already too many shots in from everyone who would pour one in my mouth. We did the raffle and the lap dances. My M was such a good sport while we had him in his magical unicorn hot seat. I put his unicorn headband on him. L put his glittery pink birthday sash on him. Nice touch because his favorite thing is glitter. Especially pink glitter. We then began our lap dance by jerking off his unicorn horn because we were horny. Cue giggles from everyone including M. 3 birthday boys got lapdances. Only 1 got a unicorn hot seat. And we presented him a cake. L made the letter heart art that said old AF. And the heart in the middle. Babe you nailed it. The cake featured a construction sight with 2 construction vehicles. He will be playing with those I mean, who doesn’t want for gorgeous girls with big tits to conspire for your birthday and present you a cake. Hottest Lap dance goes to K of TK for really climbing up and getting her pussy in his face, as well as using her foot to massage his now commando penis under the kilt. I needed a cold drink of water to cool off.

M realised I was buzzed good and had me eat and drink a bit.

Then we found our next Dom to play with. Columbia was so excited for a chance to top me. He took the provided toy briefcase and examined all it's contents. We quickly went Over the no butt stuff rule and said anything else in here is usable. He went straight for my bullet. I had brought it to use on L during lesbian fun but here we go. His hands were both busy. He had one doing the bullet on my clit and another massaging my boobs. My nipples don’t really enjoy tweaking but if you massage them or lick them or suck them ill cum faster. He lead me to a loud O and got to witness my O face. I figured he would stop but he kept going. I’m usually sensitive and need a break after but this wasn’t bad. He kept rubbing that vibrator on Mt soaking wet clit while enjoying every bit of fondling my breats. My nipples were responsive to his every touch which delighted him. I came a 2nd time. That’s a first for me. Waves of pleasure left me shaking in the bed. He left for a minute to cool off before grabbing one of his own toys.

First though, I had described my blow job style in graphic detail to him on the couch. I explained about all the different areas I like to please and just how great it is saying hello to each and everyone of the 14,000 nerve endings the penis has. He explained that he was uncut and super sensitive. He was very responsive when I bent down, slid the skin down, and kissed the tip. For my first uncut cock I’d say I did pretty good. I went deep right away. I played and teased the head and rim with my tongue. I sucked on the little skin flap connecting the balls and shaft. I caressed his balls with not only my tongue but my hands as well for constant stimulation. He wad loving it. But back to his toy of choice.

It was a huge penis cover sleeve. You know, the penis Over your penis sleeves. Again every bit of my insides was filled up. He had me bent in half pounding away. He asked if I was on birth control. I said “IUD, let’s test it” He giggled and agreed. It wasn’t long before he too was filling up my insides. That left me moaning and feeling great. We both told each other it was a pleasure.

Back to the kitchen for a bit more water and food. That’s when it happened. The 3rd dominate man, lucy, pulled me close by my lead (after asking of course.) He asked how submissive I was feeling and If I had wanted to go play. I said, yes but my partner is coming too. Lucy, led me by my lead straight to the private room bed. He didn’t ask for toys, he just put me on the bed straight away. I was pulling out all the tricks for blow job fun and following every order.

The room may have been spinning a bit but I knew what I was doing. My partner seemed content just to watch this party in both rooms. Either way, I’ll get the hands, hot and horny side of him as soon as he’s rested.

This blow job seemed to last 10 minutes and no load. What gives? I need to do a better blow job next time then. Let me find you on fet real quick so I can inbox you and get notes on how you like to be pleased. It’s always ultimately my goal to take the load. Hold up, he’s on my fetlife and I’m pretty sure he read the last party story. Just a hunch.

He pulled me off his cock and put me on top gripping the lead tightly. I love when assertive men just use me and take what they want. Your man handling skills are top notch. You were pumping away at me talking about how you were going to get me pregnant. Talking about how good it was going to feel when you spilled your load inside of me. It was hot.

So I got close to your ear and whispered, “I’m on an IUD, what Kind of dog baby are we having.” You laughed so hard you stopped pumping and without missing a beat you said “rat terrier”. I was like “shut up, really?” and then you explained that your dog was a female ratty and I explained my dog was a male ratty. Cue dog bonding chat for 5 minutes. We can’t breed our dogs unfortunately. Mines fixed and an asshole so no playmates either. But im definitely down to come pet your pup anytime.

You went back to pumping while asking for my number. You were definitely enjoying how submissive I was being. I suggested fetlife where you said we were already friends. Then you explained to me that I would not be getting your load. You were going to make me wait. How long? You couldn’t say? Will I ever see you again to eventually get a win? No clue. I just didn’t win that one.

Back out in the main part of the house new kid said his goodbyes. About half of the crowd had filtered out. L and I found ourselves in the dungeon with M. We found the brat tamer and I so badly gave him a good birthday whack. I’ve never seen my 6ft tall gains spin around so fast and grab me. He gets man handling points too. I tossed the brat tamer to L who helped me hide it. Fuck my life, he grabbed a worse paddle. This one is thicker and rectangular with lots of holes. It thuds with a hefty sting. He positioned me on the cross for my punishment. L watched with wide eyes. I got 3 good whacks and then he switched to a lighter one for a few more. L was crazy turned on by this punishment. Whenever you want it, just have C give the ok and you could be next.

When he was finished with me he positioned me on the spanking bench that had me on all 4s. He used me. Just grabbed my love handles and pounded until he was blowing his load. I only got a little bit of the load inside me. He was quick to pull out and paint a happy little cum tree on my bare, red, ass. He stood there admiring the view and his art piece for a minute before cleaning me up.

Drunk me says, bitch you got dance moves. I’ll do it in a crowded living room or on the pole. I know new kid saw me dancing to a 80s rock song a bit before he left. Drunk me likes to pretend I can pole dance so I wrap 1 leg around a spin my way down the pole. The hard grown is a reminder that I got punished not long ago. I tried to be sexy and grind the pole, facing forward as I stood back up. Then I spun again. This time I rolled over and did the backwards pole grind with the pole between my ass cheeks. I had an audience of 3. A single guy, M and L. They were loving it. I continued trying to be pole sexy for half a song. Then I left for the living room. My knees today are telling me that I can’t pole dance lol.

Everyone cleared out accept our couple, and the hosts. We packed everything. We did a final sweep for condoms, trash, and cleanup.

I gave T of TK and the other T the cigars I had gotten them in key west. I had gotten 4 so that The 4 of us, me included, could smoke them together at some point. I was a little too busy for that. Other T is amazing though. We go back to the beginning. Fast friends and benefits. He’s always got a story to tell, a drink for me to try, and pictures to show mme. I always have the same for him. So we did some of that and then I gave him some blowjob fun. He can’t get it up and finish without a shot (no shade meant). So I knew he wasn’t going to give me a win. I just know he appreciates our fwb connection and fun times.

Once ready, I ordered the uber as we all stood in a circle. It was 5am. We were talking over some party flubs for the night. One being that the dark room for grouping kept getting the light turned on. (I tried several times to visit that room but never a polo for my marco). There is a light switch for that room in the kitchen, down the hall from the actual room, that people were using to bypass the rules. So I said wait “the light switch in Timbuktu turns on the light in canada?” and then marched over to investigate. Yeah everyone was rolling at that. Once K of TK showed me the light, I was like mind blown. Then pipes up the TK gospel choir. It’s led by L and joined by anyone singing. “?this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine?” cue more laughter. I also don’t know where “toot toot bitches” came from but its probably the brat pack call sign now. I’m also pretty sure that next party were going to label the light switch and the room with their new names. (TKBratPack shenanigans).

We ubered back to the room where we stayed up till 7am just viking and visiting when the 930 am sunlight hit us, and we woke up, we were all tired and talkative. I can’t tell you about the lesbian shower sex. That’s official brat stuff. (aka we didn’t get that far) I can tell you were in negotiations for a very hot sensory deprivation scene for lorraine. I’m not ready yet. I need time and supplies. I also have to task her with a movie watch assignment. I want her to know more and be fully ready, as ready as she can be, before I let out my inner John Gray and she becomes my personal Elizabeth for the scene. Not a switch but for her I’m going to pull out all the stops with help from our Doms.

I applaud L for doing such a great job sucking and deep throating my M this morning. You are a champ with your deep throat game. I loved watching hid expressions and hearing his little gasps as you worked him over. It was so sexy to watch. I also applaud your speech about how you were the real one in charge and how we were just perfect innocent angels. If you live in the ocala area, you may have felt an earth shake today. Our Dom’s eyes rolled so hard and fast onto the floor, down the block, and around the corner. M's exasperated breath/groan really sealed it in. *audible eye roll* lol.

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