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Tonya felt wonderful after the ‘spa adventure’. The massage, sauna and mud bath was very rejuvenating
The Knotty Ladies Club

Pt. 3

By Drakon

Tonya felt wonderful after the ‘spa adventure’. The massage, sauna and mud bath was very rejuvenating. Then the facial, manicure and pedicure, made her feel like a movie star with all the pampering that went on, but now that they had returned to Kate’s estate, she was anxious to find out what the surprise was that Kate had for her. She and Kim had discussed many possibilities but they were just taking stabs in the dark. She decided it was better to join the others poolside and find out what was in store for her. She put on her very skimpy bikini, knowing she would be taking it off to lay out on one of the lounges. It made her feel sexy with the small patches of florescent pink material barely covering her nipples, let alone containing her natural 38 DD breasts. The tiny triangle covering her bald pussy with its narrow string running up her the crack of her nice round ass, seemed almost pointless but it was part of the package. The bright pink color stood in sharp contrast to her deep mocha skin. Tonya pulled on her robe and stepped into her 4” heels then went down to join the ladies at the pool.

The afternoon sun bathed the deck in its warmth. Several chairs and lounges were spread around the perimeter of the pool with all but Kate and Melissa lying on towels to catch the suns rays. Tonya didn’t see Kate anywhere. She even glanced in the shaded cabana but it was empty. She placed a towel on a lounge between Kim and Tracy and began to untie her top.

“Be careful with that…those big jugs of yours could send that top flying!” Tracy said with a laugh, “You could put someone’s eye out!”

“Don’t worry honey, your at a safe distance,” Tonya replied, freeing her boobs and cupping them in her hands, “You’re just jealous mine are bigger than yours!”

Tracy cocked her eye brow from behind her sun glasses, “Only just! Mine look big enough on my little body!”

Tonya eyed Tracy’s naked form as she removed her thong and lay down next to her friend, “There’s nothing little about you except maybe those nipples!”

“There’s nothing wrong with my nipples!” she replied sitting up with a look of surprise and fake disgust.

“What ever girl, but I’ve had mosquito bits bigger than those things!” Tonya said with a smirk.

The barbed jabs were all in fun as they were good friends and liked to tease one another when opportunity presented itself. Both women were full figured ladies but Tracy was 5” shorter than Tonya which made her 36D breasts appear bigger in proportion. Their voluptuous curves added to their beauty and neither woman ever had a problem picking up a man, when they wanted one of course. Tracy tossed her cinnamon hair over the back of her lounge and returned to improving her tan, conceding defeat in this minor battle to Tonya. Tracy didn’t need to work too hard on her tan though as her Hispanic genes gave her skin a nice even brown tone already. She just liked lying around naked whenever possible.

Melissa, who had been at the bar, made the rounds with a tray of margaritas then took a seat in the shade on the other side of Tracy. Her ivory complexion would burn too easily in the direct sun so she opted for sitting under an umbrella to sip her drink.

“Hey Mel…Where did Kate get to?” Tonya asked.

“I’m not sure…she should be out here soon.”

Sure enough, moments later Kate appeared at the far end of the pool flanked by a magnificent animal. She walked toward the group with her long raven hair flowing like a silky veil behind her. Wearing a nearly transparent black one piece bathing suit, 4” sandal heels and leading a huge steel grey mastiff with a red bow around his neck, Kate strutted to the open cabana. All eyes followed her graceful moves, particularly Tonya who had a ‘thing’ for mastiffs. Kate stopped in the shade of the small structure and looked straight at Tonya with a sly smile.

“As you all know, today is Tonya’s birthday, and I promised her a special surprise. Well here he is! This big boy is named Tank. He’s four years old and very well trained, which was a surprise for me since I DIDN’T train him,” Kate paused for emphasis, letting the women digest that then continued, “I met Tank at the last Dog Show I attended and was struck by his presence. His owner was looking to sell him even though he ran a kennel and Tank had a few blue ribbons to his name. I figured he was just looking to make a buck so I bought him for a reasonable price.”

Kate squatted beside Tank stroking his soft fur then turned back to the group, “Who wouldn’t fall in love with this handsome face.”

She roughed up his joules then stood again. Tank just sat there and enjoyed the attention. His 135 pounds of muscle rippled as he panted, watching the women sitting around the pool.

“I brought him home that night and was eager to begin his training since this meeting was drawing near. So I led him to the basement and got things prepared for our first lesson in fucking a human bitch. I was happy to find out he was very interested in licking and I’ll tell you ladies, his tongue is talented,” Kate paused, waiting for the cat calls and whistles to die down then continued her tale.

“But when I turned onto all fours to see what he’d do, I got more than I bargained for. He mounted me like a pro and I was knotted in minutes. I couldn’t believe it but I now had a good idea why his owner wanted to get rid of him. He must’ve found out his wife was fucking this big boy when he wasn’t around. I would’ve enjoyed talking to her had she been at the show,” Kate stopped again while the women cheered and made hateful remarks about the man who sold her Tank.

“We were tied for over 40 minutes before his knot shrank enough to pull out without ripping me open. He’s a very gentle lover and even laid down after he turned. It was the easiest training I’ve ever done and the most pleasurable. So…Tonya, could you please come up here?” Kate asked knowing she wouldn’t have to ask twice.

Tonya was on her feet quickly and didn’t bother with her heels as she strode to Kate’s side. It took all her will not to run. She petted Tank and stroked his fur; her pussy was already dripping with anticipation. Tank noticed her aroused state, poking his nose between her legs and giving her a taste of what’s to come. Her body visibly trembled and all heard her soft moan. Tank’s large cock began to emerge from its sheath as well.

“It looks like you two were meant for each other,” Kate commented, seeing their instant attraction, “Why don’t you use the cabana? It’s more comfortable and you can close the curtains for some privacy.”

“I’m not shy…I don’t mind showing off my birthday present,” Tonya replied and received a rousing cheer from the other ladies.

“Enjoy yourself!” Kate said kissing her on the cheek then joined Melissa in the shade.

Tonya led Tank up the steps and into the cabana. She removed his leash, untied the bow then sat before him on one of the soft couch cushions with her legs spread wide. Tank immediately began licking her moist folds, making Tonya moan in ecstasy. She leaned back into the plush pillows while fondling her huge tits. Wet lapping sounds filled the air, joining her lustful cries. The women who had been shouting encouragement and lewd suggestions fell silent as they watched Tank devour Tonya’s wet pussy with enthusiasm. She scooted her plump ass to the edge of the cushion and was bucking into Tank’s face in time with his lapping. Within minutes she had her first orgasm.

“OH FUCK! OH YES! LICK ME BABY! LICK ME! AAAAAHHHHHH!” she screamed as the first wave of pleasure crashed into her.

A more subdued cheer went up from the audience as they enjoyed the show. Fingers circled erect clits or dipped into wet slits as all eyes remained glued on Tonya and Tank. Nipples were pinched and breasts massaged while envious thoughts crossed the minds of the horny women. Even Kate was close to orgasm from the scene of debauchery playing out before her.

Tonya wanted more of Tank’s well trained tongue so she raised her feet off the floor and held her legs open with her hands behind her knees, allowing it to penetrate deep into her love canal. He licked her from stiff clit to puckered ass hole again and again, bringing on a second orgasm. As her body quaked with tremors of pleasure, Tank reared up and placed his front paws beside her arms, trapping her thighs against her chest. His thick cock, now fully erect, sought entrance to her clenching pussy. The hot dog flesh pressed into her juicy furrow, sliding up and down its length. It drug over her inflamed clit adding to her lustful frustrations. She wanted him inside her and frantically tried to angle her hips to accept his fiery tool but he wasn’t quite close enough. Tonya finally grabbed his flanks and pulled him to her while rocking her hips toward him.

The tip of Tank’s cock disappeared into her slippery hole then he thrust forward and buried eight inches of rock hard, throbbing dog dick in her. Tonya gasped as if to scream again but no sound was heard except from the ladies watching who moaned in empathy with her impalement. Tank moved closer then his hips became a blur of motion, driving the rest of his rigid member into Tonya. Now she screamed in pure animalistic desire as Tank fucked her. She was totally at his mercy, folded in half on the padded couch.

“GOD HE’S HUGE!” she shouted between grunts, “FUCK ME! YES…FUCK ME!”

Tank’s hammering thrusts slowed but became more determined as he tried to embed his knot into his black bitch. Tonya could feel his knot pounding at her entrance and she did her best to relax but it was enormous. Tank shifted again and now with better traction, he forced his swollen knot past her tight opening. Tonya screamed again, this time in pain as Tank continued to push into her even though he succeeded in tying her. When he stopped, Tonya felt his knot balloon inside her pussy and a geyser of scolding dog cum began to fill her womb.

The pain she felt from the initial penetration of his knot quickly faded as waves of pleasure radiated outward from her stuffed pussy. The throbbing of his knot on her g spot was like a ticking timer to an orgasmic time bomb about to explode inside her. Each pulse brought her closer to release until she erupted. Tank was standing still, filling her with sperm, while Tonya writhed in ecstasy beneath him.

Eventually Tank climbed off her and stood with his furry ass pressed against hers. Tonya dropped her feet to the floor in relief as her legs had begun to cramp but her body was still being wracked with contractions from the ongoing orgasms she was experiencing. Her right hand clenched her right breast while she sucked on her left nipple. Her moans rose and fell with the tide of pleasure flowing through her. Every time Tank shifted his weight Tonya would be washed away on a sea of ecstasy. Her only fear being that she’d pass out and Tank would try to lie down, dragging her to the floor of the cabana.

Her solution to this was to run her feet along his body while speaking to him calmly. There was an added benefit to doing this as the motions of her legs made his knot shift slightly back and forth, fueling the orgasmic inferno raging inside her convulsing sex. Tank seemed to be enjoying what she was doing and remained standing while filling her with his seed.

Kate rose and walked toward the cabana. Her pussy was on fire as well and she decided to have the ladies choose their partners for the evening now. Their aroused state would drive the dogs’ nuts but they could relieve each others tensions before dinner.

“Ladies…I’d like you to follow me so you can *********** your mates for tonight,” Kate announced from the steps of the cabana, “If you would, follow me to the kennel.”

The women gathered their things and prepared to follow her.

“Take your time,” she said to Tonya, “You can take Tank to the kennel when you’re done for some food then bring him back to your room for the night if you like.”

Tonya nodded without looking at Kate, air hissing in and out through her clenched teeth, as she was cumming very hard at the moment and couldn’t make a better reply without screaming again. Her freshly manicured nails were dug into the cushion while she bucked her hips into Tank. She and Tank were soon alone at the pool but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to keep the overwhelming pleasure going, and it did for another half hour.

When Tank’s cock finally shrank and slipped from her pussy, Tonya felt relief and sadness in the same moment. Cum splashed onto the wood floor and soaked into the cushion she was sitting on. Her pussy felt so empty and that brought her mood down but her sore muscles needed a break. Tank briefly licked up the remnants of their combined fluids leaking from her then laid on the floor to clean himself. ‘I hope he will be ready for more of me later,’ she thought as she rested on the couch, ‘I know I want more of him tonight. This day’s not over yet!’ A broad smile spread across her lips as she imagined what the evening might hold for her.
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