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This follows after the first chapter in which the father of the household was killed in a tragic accident, leaving his family nothing.
Moving day came and brought tears with it again. First, their old house had so many fond memories, and secondly, they were moving from a pretty decent 2200 square foot suburban bungalow, in a nice neighborhood, to a tiny 320 square foot studio apartment. Ok, the apartment was brand new, and in a really trendy part of town, but that didn’t take the sting out of the fact that there would be literally ZERO privacy in their new place.

As most of their stuff had already been sold to cover their debts, and as the apartment was brand new and had all the appliances and even a murphy bed in the alcove the act of moving itself took little time. They rented a UHaul that Tom drove and had the kitchen stuff as well as a couch, TV, and their clothes and personal stuff loaded up. About the only non-essentials they had been able to keep were some of the pieces of art that Al and Amber had collected over the years.

Even so, by the time they were done, and the moving truck had been returned, all three of them were hot, tired, and very sweaty as they sat side by side on the couch. As they looked around, they were about as pleased as they could be given their circumstances. The apartment was certainly small, but it was cute. They were on the fifth floor of their Greystone apartment building, looking down over a small park to the river beyond and there were lots of big bright windows. The kitchen was a tiny galley kitchen, with all new high-end stainless-steel appliances and there was just enough room for their old breakfast nook table and chairs. There was a sort of closet thing to the side of the kitchen then when opened revealed and apartment sized laundry pair. Otherwise, their couch and TV pretty much filled the remainder of the open space and all that was left was a truly tiny 3-piece bathroom and another small alcove where the murphy bed could be folded down each night, and then back up and out of the way each morning.

They ordered pizza, and one by one, they took turns in the bathroom, and Amber brought out a case of beer, and even thought the kids still had 2 years to go to get to legal drinking age she ensured that they both knew they were welcome to a few hard earned cold drinks after a grueling day.

They had already talked about sleeping arrangements and obviously nobody had been happy about their options. Initially, they had suggested that Amber would get the bed and the Holly would sleep on the couch and Tom would sleep on an inflatable bed on the floor that they would blow up each night but that idea was obviously both uncomfortable and tedious.

As they had already been sleeping in the same bed for the last few weeks, they simply accepted that the queen murphy would work for all them, with Amber on the left side, Tom in the middle and Holly on the right side

In the beginning, Amber had tried to preserve modesty, but in the tiny studio it was nearly impossible and soon she gave up even trying and open nudity become commonplace. After all, they had been sleeping naked together for a few weeks now, and prior to that, casual nudity, though far less frequent, had still not been a rarity.

Amber took care of her own needs in the shower each evening, and even had a small dildo on a shelf that was up high that she hoped the kids hadn’t noticed. Fucking herself was better than nothing but it paled into insignificance compared to her memories. However, seeing her kids naked was beginning to give her ideas, especially as Tom always woke up rock hard.

Holly also used the shower to masturbate in, and in short order found her mom’s vibrator. She had tried a few vibrators her college friends had had, but she had typically preferred to use her own fingers to get herself off. She especially liked licking her fingers, initially to lube them, but then to taste herself, but the sight of the unique double pronged shape of her mom’s toy changed her mind. The first time she used it she had simultaneously felt perverse but also insanely turned on. In fact, as that orgasm progressed she experienced her first squirt. After she had cum a second time, slowly rubbing the vibrator around her clit she put the vibrator back just as she had found it and hoped her mom wouldn’t notice.

For some reason, Tom never thought of the shower but rather would madly stroke his cock every time he went for a ‘pee’, often as many as 3 or 4 times a day. He especially wanted to cum just before bed time so that he wasn’t rock hard as he stripped between his hot naked mom and sis. And of course, as soon as he could get out of bed in the morning, he needed to go take care of his morning erection. Then, most days, at least once or twice each day he needed to relived some pressure, especially if he caught sight of his mom or sis, changing or going to or from the shower or something.

However, in time, even the tiny bit of privacy afforded by the bathroom door became a challenge as it seemed that everyone needed the bathroom at the same time. Amber was usually first up and would go pee and then hop in the shower, and of course that would usually wake the kids who would also need to pee. Similarly, especially on Saturday mornings Holly started taking really long showers (and taking advantage of protracted sessions with her mom's vibe) and both Amber and Tom started finding it inconvenient so one Friday night Amber suggested a family meeting to talk about it.

They all agreed that they needed a better arrangement and Tom suggested they could just stopping locking the door and share. Amber paused, as though considering a fresh idea, and then proposed something she had been thinking about ever since that first night that Tom had rested his erection against her ass. Her proposal was a bit radical as she suggested that they remove the bathroom door altogether. She explained that because of the way it swung in there was no room for one person to be in the bathroom with another trying to come or go and sharing in any meaningful or frequent way would be exceptionally awkward.

Tom looked horrified, not because someone might see him, as they already saw him all the time, but because he wouldn’t have anywhere to go to jerk off. Holly knew what the look was all about and laughed and said ‘bro, you are going to have to learn to jerk off in shower, like mom and I do’. After considerable discussion the kids saw the wisdom of the suggestion. Eventually, with Tom blushing a deep shade of crimson, Amber smiled and gave him a tight hug and said sexuality was nothing to be ashamed of and then asked for a vote on the door thing.

The door came off the next morning and a new routine was established. The only difference seemed that clothes mattered even less. Whereas before, all 3 were naked at bed time, and they had dressed normally the rest of the day. Now, especially in the warmth of the summer days, it was not uncommon not to bother dressing until breakfast, or even later.

Evenings had also settled into a rhythm. Almost every night the girls would undress and Tom would fold down the murphy bed and they would curl up under the covers and watch tv till about 10 pm. It was kind of funny that they chose to watch naked from the be as they could see the TV just as well from the couch but they all seemed to prefer the comfort and intimacy of the bed and is just naturally became their routine place to watch from.

One day, about two weeks after the bathroom door came off all three of them independently came to a lusty realization that had potentially life, or at least lust, changing implications.

The moment came first for Amber. Unusually, Tom had woken her up by climbing over her to get out of bed and by the time she was up he had already put the coffee on, and was sitting on the couch, looking at his phone. She got up and entered the bathroom, noting that as always, he watched her closely, with that silly ass grin of hers, even as she sat on the toilet. He was still naked as he had not wanted to go over to the dresser by the bed and disturb his sister, and while his erection had dissipated, he was still sitting there at half mast as he watched his mother’s tits jiggle as she walked by. Amber new he was watching and enjoyed the attention and then an evil thought occurred to her and as she sat she ensured her legs were wide spread. Tom didn’t even try to hide his stare and as she began to pee his cock instantly became harder than she had ever seen before. Without even giving it any real thought she reached down and spread her hairy lips to give him an even better view and she realized that not only did she love the power she clearly had over him but she loved how she have elevated the sexual tension in the room. She knew right then that sleeping with her son, and daughter too, was the hottest thing she had ever done, and it needed to be fulfilled figuratively too, and not just literally.

For Holly it was a bit different. She got up not longer after her mom and was surprised to see Tom’s raging erection as he sat next to his mom, but she knew about morning wood and didn’t think much of it so she went into the shower and even as she was adjusting the water she was reaching for her mom’s toy. She had had a very vivid dream with a faceless stranger expertly licking her pussy that had left her on the brink of an incredible orgasm and she desperately needed the release of a toy in her. In the past she had always started playing in the shower by tracing the folds of her clitoral hood with two fingers, one on either side, but today she wanted the toy. Instead of ramming it right in, she felt inspired and began to suck on it. As she had hoped, she clearly tasted pussy juice. She also knew she had not been the last to shower yesterday and so when the flavor was crisper and muskier than what she was used to from licking her own fingers when she played, she knew she was tasting her mom and as she realized that, she also realized that the faceless stranger in her dream wasn’t faceless after all, but had been her mom. Even worse, or better depending on your perspective, she also realized her brother had been in the dream alternating with her mom in pleasing and licking not just her pussy but her ass too, that even after an intense squirting orgasm, she left the bathroom feeling very hot and bothered and hornier than when she had gone in.

Tom was the last to have his sexual epiphany that day and it happened when his mom and sister announced that they were going grocery shopping. Tom knew he would have a glorious hour to himself and as soon as he could hear their footsteps receding down the stairs, he grabbed some lotion and a Kleenex and dropped his shorts and boxers to the ground and pictured his last girlfriend, Denise. She had given such amazing blowjobs and he loved staring into her eyes as he came in her mouth. He leaned further back and worked his hand up and down his shaft, just teasing his cock head with each stroke of his hand, but as he imagined Denise sucking him the image in his head kept morphing, first to his sister, then to his mom and then back again. He realized with shock that he would far rather be making out with either his mom or sister than any of the girls he had been with, so he decided that if he was going to lust after them he could do better, so he got up and opened the laundry closet and rummaged through the dirty clothes hamper until he found the panties that his mom and sister had worn the day before. Then he went back to his spot on the couch, alternating which pair he used to wrap around his cock to stroke with, and which he held to his nose to inhale through. Even trying to go slow, he barely had Amber’s crusty panties to his nose for the second time when he spewed jet after creamy jet into the gusset of his sister's panties and realized that he desperately wanted this fantasy to be a reality.
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