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Demonic spellbook / ero-book lets me play God, rewriting social norms, hypnotizing my wife and then all women in my life into dehumanized Slaves. And later, Human Urinals, Stuck-In-Walls. Loosely inspired by the animes Deathnote and Dropout among other things. READ DISCLAIMERS!

In this one, I get DISGUSTING as I continue to cautiously try the Book on my wife, making her do things she would never do.
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This series is SUPPOSED to be DISGUSTING, which is what makes it so thrilling to write! You SHOULD get bad feelings reading it, which is why I consider it HORROR! I try to gross myself out as I write, getting into the mindset of a perverted VILLAIN. We're all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! I’m assuming we’re all mature adults that can separate fantasy from reality.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story is not meant to be a direct reference to any real-life cultures/religions. I just liked the idea and wanted to push it to the extreme.


-Rape / Non-con / Male-dom / misogyny / violence / sadism

-Mind control / slavery

-Gross bodily smells/taste, unwashed, fluids, sweat, ATM

-Period sex to mouth


Book of Genesis 2

“The man and his wife were both naked, yet they felt no shame.”

- Genesis 2:25

I wake after only a few tumultuous hours of sleep, haunted all night by strange dreams of ethereal hands and an infinite void slowly closing in and suffocating. I shake off the nightmare as the memories of last night come rushing back. It was real? My wife went to sleep last night like nothing unusual happened. What the fuck is going on?

Running late for a mandatory in-office day at work, I kiss Lizzy and hurry out the door. She says goodbye in the same mundane way as always.

At work, all I can think about all day is that damn book, still not fully believing it. And as I get home that evening, my wife and I follow the same routine as any other night. It’s as if she doesn’t even remember the blowjob! Or if she does, it’s like it was perfectly normal behavior.

All through dinner my mind is racing. We watch some shows and relax as per usual. And as it gets late, Liz says she’s taking a shower and heading to bed. As she showers, I take the opportunity to sneak off into the office, desperate to figure this thing out.

My fingers blaze across my keyboard, my brain obsessing, trying to find answers. Part of me still thinks it’s too good to be true. Magic books aren’t fucking real! But the more I research, the less sure I am of anything. It all leads back to the same conclusions. Mysterious ancient texts. References to ‘demons’ and ‘laws’. The Book. It seems to have a presence to it.

I decide to try it out again tonight. My heart races as I carefully word the new law. If this thing is real, if a command like this works… Jesus, my marriage, my life could be changed forever.

Lost in what I’m writing, I don’t hear the shower stopping. Don’t hear my wife peek in the office, “Whatcha doin’ babe?” She casually asks, drying herself off in the doorway.

I jump and close the Book, covering it with some papers from my desk, “Oh um nothing. Porn.” I reach out and click something on my computer.

She rolls her eyes at the obvious sarcasm. “Ha, ha,” she says dryly, thankfully not seeming to really care what I’m doing anyway.

I turn and my eyes instantly gaze up and down my wife’s wet body. Like always, she doesn't think twice about walking around naked after showering. She shy about sex, but doesn’t see anything wrong with being naked around her husband. Doesn’t even begin to understand how teasingly torturous it is for me. She wraps a towel in her hair, arms up, exposing her glistening fair skin in all it’s glory. Pert pale tits. The perfect size, a bit more than a handful can hold. Soft pink nipples poke up a bit, staring me in the face. Her body is naturally thin, but with thick hips and thighs. Soft and feminine, with curves many girls would be jealous of. I usually consider myself lucky to have such a sexy wife. But at the same time it’s hard, since I can so rarely enjoy her beauty the way I’d like.

She sees me staring and shakes her head, giving me the same annoyed expression she always does when I look at her like this, like I’m some perv.

She covers up more with a second towel wrapping around her body, “Well I’m heading to bed. You coming?” I catch a brief glimpse of her groin before she covers it. Her dark stubbly pubes, lazily trimmed and maintained. Cleaned up enough for her own taste, my own not even a consideration usually. But I like the laid-back style. Just enough scruff to give her a mature natural look. And I notice a little string hanging out of her ‘innie’ lips. I feel my dick stir in my pants. I nod and follow her to bed.

Lizzy dresses for bed and lies next to me, asleep within minutes. My heart races as I lie there awake for a bit longer. Her warm body next to me, bundled up, sleeping peacefully, her back against my arm. My hand gently reaches from under the covers and caresses her lower back. Then down to her butt. Not enough to wake her. This is the most I can usually ever get. Some light touching and snuggling in bed. But I know the typical cop out if I ask for more. She’ll have a headache, or feel too bloated, or too tired. ‘Maybe tomorrow’ is always the response.

I turn on the lamp on the nightstand and lean in slowly to start spooning her from behind. My dick starts to engorge beneath my shorts in anticipation, poking up between her buttcheeks. The insane softness of the clothes she wears to bed is always such a turn-on. A long sleeve shirt that couldn’t be any thinner, a material that couldn’t hide her nipples if it tried, the nubs blatantly sticking up at the cloth. A low v-neck that always seems to invite me to delve down to her chest. I slide my hands along the shirt, grasping at a tit, fingers feeling her bare skin exposed at that tantalizingly low neckline.

Her hips stir, ass instinctively pressing back into my groin in her sleep. My cock pulses in her crack, the shape of her cheeks easy to feel even through both our pants. Like always, she wears tight joggers, a thin sweatpant material, fitting a bit looser than tights or yoga pants.

With my one arm hugging over her, groping at a tit, my other works it’s way down to fondle her ass. And with that, she starts to grumble and resist, finally waking.

Before she can protest, I lean my face in at her ear and whisper, “Fulfill your purpose.” A phrase that shouldn’t mean anything to her, words that don’t exactly incriminate me of anything in case this doesn’t work. Very specific, almost pretentious words I don’t have to worry about ever accidentally saying at the wrong time.

She sighs, her head turning to face back at me, a look of dread in her eyes. She knows exactly what I’m demanding of her, and she doesn’t like it. The new law clearly worked, but even so, her reactions are real. My dick stirs against her butt again.

“I know it’s my duty, but can it wait until tomorrow? It’s so late babe.” Her voice is anxious and tired. Still half asleep. My law left things vague, plenty of wiggle room. But it seems to be working.

I shake my head, “No, right now Liz.” My eyes carefully read hers. Her expression is grim, but it’s not directed at me, only the situation. Like when you dread having to go into work in the morning. You don’t hate your boss for it, it’s just an annoying part of life.

Lizzy rolls and sits up, gently pushing me onto my back. Her voice starts to shift from annoyed to nurturing, “Ok but I’m on my period, so you’ll have to settle for a blowjob again.” Even hearing such a modest woman like her say words like that, so casually, my dick stiffens more, pitching a tent under my shorts. But as she begins shimmying my pants down, I know in the back of my mind that I won’t be ‘settling’ for anything tonight. I let her continue for now though.

As my shorts are pulled down, my dick springs up, unleashed into fresh air. And I immediately get a sinking feeling in my stomach, realizing I forgot to fucking shower! Goddammit, I’ve been obsessing over that Book so much, I’ve been neglecting everything else. I guess it hasn’t been that long, right? What, yesterday morning? But a whiff of the smell hits my nose, and shame and embarrassment slaps me in the face. I haven't even washed since she sucked me off last night. Then a whole day of work today. Christ, I can’t put her through this.

But I don’t stop her as she leans down closer. Part of me wants to see this. She stares at my erect penis. Her nose crinkles, a slight expression of disgust on her face. But her eyes meet mine for a split second, and I can tell she doesn’t blame me. To her, this is just an unfortunate part of pleasing her husband. Whether she likes it or not, all that matters to her is pleasing me. Her mouth stretches open and lowers onto my filthy cock.

Urp! She gags immediately as the foul flavor overwhelms her. She goes to lift off, hating this. But my hands reach out and brush her hair out of the way so I can see her face, and then hold the back of her head to gently prevent her from leaving. Coaxed back down, my wife gathers her composure and forces herself to start pumping, start cleaning my nasty dick. Damn, do I even need to shower when I have a lovely wife to do it for me?

Lizzy’s tongue laps inside her mouth while my hands guide her up and down. She allows me to set the pace. Shlurp Shlurp Shlurp! Such amazing sounds fill the room. I’m reminded of this past weekend when I jerked off right here in bed when I had some time to myself. Masturbating with her head is so much better!

Her hands lovingly massage my balls and hilt as she lets me ragdoll her skull even faster. Like shaking a Magic 8 Ball in both hands. Stopping every few seconds to let her recover a breath. Then back at it.

My wife has been my best friend practically since we met. We’ve done everything together. All the same hobbies and interests. She’s the most genuine, sweet girl I’ve ever encountered. So loving and caring, a beacon of happiness and joy to anyone who knows her.

Mucusy drool pours out of her mouth as she seizes up and nearly pukes on my cock. I let her recoil off me and cough for a bit, but I still hold her hair, not letting her go far. Tears run down her sweet cheeks, and she sniffles grossly to prevent snot coming out.

While she takes a breather, I lightheartedly blurt out, “You know, if you’re on your period, we can still do anal.” It’s something I’ve teased about many times in the past. Always clearly meant as a joke. And she always rolls her eyes and ignores my crude sense of humor. Tonight, I still say it like a joke. Sort of.

Still recovering, breathing heavily, she gasps and freezes. Her head slowly raising, her eyes carefully looking into mine, a mortified expression on her face. Her voice is raspy and weak, “You- you’re right. We can. If that’s really what you want.” She’s desperately hoping I’m not serious.

My heart skips a beat. I can’t fucking believe this! The law leaves everything open. My wife is mine to use as I please.

I nod. And her expression sinks, her hope crushed. But she sighs and nods back. Submits to me. And I happily begin slinging orders at her.

“Get naked.” I’ve seen her a million times before, so I skip right to the good part. “And I think there’s some lube in the bathroom still, right?” She scurries around as I watch her. My hand rubbing slowly at my dick.

And within moments, I’ve got her facedown on the bed, pale skin completely bare. Her legs together, head resting on her arms as if about to receive a massage. I straddle her thighs and flop my raging meat down at her crack menacingly. I feel her body tense, so I start caressing her up and down trying to relax her.

My hands play with her thick asscheeks. Spreading them, squeezing the pillowy flesh. My eyes fixated on the hole that’s always been off-limits. That crude brown button. My cock jumps and twitches, resting inches from the sphincter as I pry her cheeks open and shut repeatedly with my thumbs. I’ve never gotten to just stare at it like this! I play around like a kid with a new toy. And I can feel her shift in discomfort under me. I press a finger to her asshole, rub around, feel every puckered wrinkle, the enticing heat she emits.

Lizzy always cleans herself meticulously in the shower. Even her butthole is always kept surprisingly pristine. Besides a few little stray hairs here and there, she trims and shaves and keeps everything nice and ladylike. All for herself, because she likes to. It gives her confidence, makes her feel clean and womanly. But no matter how nice she keeps it back here, I’ve never been allowed to even look very much, let alone poke and prod and rub. And no matter how much she cleaned it, she’s not truly prepared for anal. She never expected this to happen tonight, and I can feel her body shaking. Silently praying that she’s clean enough, that nothing too gross occurs. And that risk, the off chance that my innocent wife could so utterly humiliate herself doing something so indecent makes my cock swell like solid steel against her crack.

I squirt out some lube, right onto her asshole, and continue increasingly playing and poking with my fingers. It takes a while, but as the minutes go by, I can feel her hole relaxing. I pop a finger inside Lizzy’s ass for the very first time, one knuckle deep inside her tight anus. She squeaks and buries her shy face in a pillow. And I savor every second, wiggling and digging into her. My other hand is free to knead and slap at her buttcheeks.

A few minutes later, I replace the finger with the tip of my cock, pressing down at her loosened sphincter. I move slowly, letting her acclimate bit by bit. She wriggles, hating everything about this. But I press on, thrusting forward and finally popping my glans inside my wife’s asshole!

Liz groans in pain. And I sigh under my breath, “Fuck, baby!” I can’t believe I finally get to do this! After all these years, my dick is being choked by her tight little anus as I drive slowly deeper. I watch my shaft disappear inside her. Her wrinkled hole stretched to its max. Everything shiny and dripping with plenty of lube. Her body shakes and writhes, but I hold her steady under me. Straddling her thighs, her legs pressed tightly together. My hands pinning her upper body facedown into the pillows and blankets.

Her head turns, emerging from the pillow, and she moans out a loud cry of protest, “Slower, ow! Go slower!”

But I grab her by the hair and thrust her face back into the pillow, “No. Shut up.” Firm and authoritative. I’ve rarely spoken to my sweet wife like that. But she obeys! Going quiet and just taking my cock up her ass like a good bitch. Jesus this is unreal! Where’s this aggression coming from?

I think back as I gaze down at my wife. We met in college, and immediately hit things off. I married my best friend. But with that, I had to make concessions. She’s a good person, pure, sweet. Not a fucking perv like me. But now, for the first time… I get to invade her little virgin asshole.

Minutes go by, and my hips begin thrusting as she really starts to get used to me. I can get about half my dick down her chute before she starts bucking and shaking. A bit of roughness and force is one thing. But I don’t want to hurt my girl too much. Our breathing gets hot, and after a bit I can let go of her hair and allow her face to turn sideways on the pillow. She pants and scrunches her face up in slight pain. But she stays quiet, allowing me to have my way.

She always made it clear she never wanted to do anal. Hated the thought of it. It’s always had to remain a distant fantasy, never to become a reality.

Sticky wet sounds fill the room as I hump in and out of her anus, lube coating everything, Lizzy’s back glossy with a slight sheen of sweat from all the torment. I bend down and flick out my tongue for a quick taste of her salty flesh. Yet another thing I could never really get away with normally.

After a bit, I slow my pace again. It feels amazing, but I find myself imagining the feel of her cunt. It’s been a while. Maybe a few weeks or more. And I’m trying to decide which of her holes feels better.

But I would need a side by side comparison. I pull out of her asshole suddenly with a satisfying Splop! sound. I bite my lip at the sight of her little sphincter gaping open for a few seconds, slowly winking shut. I stick a finger in to swirl around as it squeezes shut on me, just playing around and using my wife’s body however the fuck I want.

But as I sit back on her pressed-together legs, getting a good view down her crack, down the cleft of her cunt, I’m reminded of her period. A white string dangles out from her little crease. I reach out and grab at it without asking.

“Hey! What- what are you doing? I said I’m on my period.” Her shocked reaction is subdued by the effects of the Book, but even still, she can’t believe I’d want to do that.

“So? It’s still your duty right? All of this is your purpose in life.” I smile, watching her innocent mind trying to comprehend the situation.

“I- I guess. But your… it’s dirty. You can’t just put it in like that. That was in my… my…” Her cute face lays on the pillow, turned back looking at my cock, freshly pulled out of her filthy asshole.

My heart racing, I crawl up toward her head, grab my meat with one hand, and a fistful of her hair with my other, “You’re right. Better clean me off first.” And I lunge my dick down at her mouth!

Her eyes nearly bulge out of her head, a mortified expression on her face, “Wh- what?! No- Mmmmph! ” My cock plunges straight in before she really knows what’s happening, filling my wife’s mouth, straight to the back all in one violent jab. I ignore the slight scrape of teeth, and my hands wrench her little head painfully up at a better angle, her body rolling on its side to accommodate.

Holding her by hair and jaw, I start fucking in and out, making the poor thing gag and gurgle obnoxiously. And the Book forces her to allow the abuse, her tongue trying to lap and clean me off as instructed. But her eyes are wide with horror, darting around, not fully understanding what’s happening. But still knowing this is her place in the world.

My cock is raging rock solid inside her mouth, punching at the back of her throat. My pretty little lady, such a modest thing normally. Now slurping away at the dick that was just in her ass. She’s clearly on the verge of puking from the taste. God I can hardly imagine the nasty flavor she must be sucking from my dick. But I thrust one more time deeply before sliding out and giving her a break.

“Good enough I guess,” I chuckle as I slap my cock up and down on her cheek, smearing saliva across her face as she gasps for breath and struggles to keep herself from vomiting.

I’ve seen this pretty little face a million times over the years. Always smiling, such adorable natural beauty. But I’ve never seen Lizzy quite like this. My cock swells as I slap it on her sweet forehead.

Then before she’s fully recovered, I’m back behind her, pulling her butt up in the air into a nice doggie position. I stand on the bed and as she tries to lift her head up, I step on it and push her face down in the pillow again with my foot, “Stay!”

Then I crouch behind her, grab hold of the tampon string… and pull hard. I hear my wife whimper with humiliation as the thing comes out of her cunt. With only a quick disgusted glance, I toss it in the little garbage can on the floor next to the bed and return to her pussy.

A little dribble of blood leaks down her slit. Without hesitation, I aim and thrust, stabbing my cock in with no concern for my wife’s feelings. She lets out a scream, then does her best to muffle herself like a good girl. Her cunt expands around my cock, squeezing me with extreme tightness on all sides, not at all ready for the intrusion. I sigh as the warmth envelopes me. A familiar heat that molds to my shape. God this never gets old. Of all the girls I’ve been with, I can never get over how perfect Lizzy’s little pussy is. One of the many reasons I married her. And her body shakes as I enter her without warming up to it. I plunge into her faster than I’ve ever done before, balls deep in one go. Fucking incredible.

I slap her asscheek hard, and she yelps with pained surprise, her pussy clenching around me even tighter somehow, her asshole giving a little pucker as it stares up at me.

Normally I would take things slow for a bit as she adapts to me. She always says how sensitive she is. But the Book means there’s no need for that shit. Standing crouched low behind her on the bed, I grab an asscheek in each hand and begin ramming home at whatever pace I damn well feel like. And my poor wife screams out into her pillow with each thrust.

“Hey at least you have plenty of lubrication right?” I tease her, the blood inside her little twat slips and slides around my dick as I pump in and out. That distinct metallic smell starts to waft up from her. Fuck I can’t believe this is happening! Anything I want. I slap her ass again. Hard. She just takes it. To her, this is all just part of pleasing her husband. It’s just the way the world is, whether she likes it or not. And she sure looks like she doesn't like it at all as I grip her by the hair again, crank her head up off the pillow so I can see her pretty face looking back at me.

Making eye contact the whole time, I use my free hand to stick my index finger into her battered asshole. She winces and scrunches her face, then relaxes, those pretty blue eyes staring back at me again.Then I pluck the finger out and reach forward at her face. She flinches, but I aim and shove the nasty finger up her little nostril, digging around to give her a good smell of the inside of her own butt. She whimpers and keeps her eyes shut tight, trying to ignore what’s happening.

Then I fishhook her nose, pulling her around toward me, while sliding my raging cock free of her sopping cunt. My penis is bright red and practically dripping with her menstruation. She coughs from the pain in her nose. And when she realizes what’s in front of her face, her eyes go wide with horror and she begins flailing around trying to escape.

“Hey! Hold still! Clean me up! You don’t want to make a mess!” I roar at her, barbaric adrenaline surging through my veins. She cowers and goes as still as her shaking body can. And I hold her head tight with both hands… and thrust forward into my wife’s sweet mouth once again.

“Mmmmph! Uuuurp! Gack! ” The noises coming from her are incredible. Slightly struggling, very confused, barely holding back from puking all over me. And I drive my blood-soaked cock straight in, holding the back of her head and immediately humping rapidly. Lizzy’s throat is just a fuck toy. Just a way of cleaning my filthy penis. And she does her very best to do just that. Her little tongue wiggling around and slurping up her own period blood. Swallowing it down along with the tip of her husband's cock. I pull back to give her a breather, but still seeing red, I plunge back in a few more times to really wash myself.

Liz manages to hold herself together, drink the disgusting bloody slime down her gullet. But as I pull out, instead of being scared of me, or hating me, or blaming me for this treatment, she just looks apologetic. “Did I do ok babe? Is that clean enough?” The shame on her face makes my cock pulse in front of her eyes. She’s only worried about cleaning up like she was told! As if embarrassed that she sullied her husband’s dick. As if it’s her fault she got her nasty blood on me.

“It’s decent. But now it’s all over your face. Ew what’s wrong with you?” Damn, where is this cruelty coming from? Instead of comforting my poor girl, I point out how disgusting her mouth is after all that. Blood is smeared around her lips and cheeks, almost like smudged lipstick. I can’t stand to look at it, so I shove her head back down and assume the position behind her in doggie-style again.

I hold her hips steady, squeezing a buttcheek with one hand and spreading her a bit with my thumb. A soft wincing hiss escapes her lips, my grip too aggressive on her soft skin. I ignore her and start pressing my dick against her puckered brown button again. I’m still intent on getting a good comparison of all her holes by switching back and forth freely.

I push, spit to lubricate, push some more, and finally she starts to let me in. And the whole time, Lizzy whines and sobs at the other end. I let out a satisfied sigh as I plunge into her anus, the insane grip strangling my cock.

Liz is normally treated like a princess by all that know her. A kind-hearted little lady, always brightening the room, loved by friends and family.

Several savage pumps in and out, and I’m already craving that cunt of hers again. Without hesitation, I pull out with a lewd Pop! and decide to abandon the tedious cleaning process. I aim down and stab forward into her bloody pussy.

Cross-contaminating from ass to twat, Lizzy writhes and screams out “No!” But I shush her and press on, holding her tightly around the hips with both hands and pummeling her with all my strength. My wife obediently goes as quiet as she can and takes the painful punishment, lets me taint her pussy with the frothy juices fresh from her nasty asshole. Her shaking legs and clenching vaginal muscles tell me I’m going a bit too hard. So I ease up and gaze down at the bloody cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

I could explode at any moment, but I force myself to hold on longer. I pull out of her and hastily roll her over onto her back, spreading her legs wide and assuming missionary position. Her teary blue eyes stare up at me, then glance down at the throbbing dick covered in blood.

“Do y-you… Do you need me to clean it again, babe?” A confused look on her face says she doesn’t quite know what she should do. God I can’t get over the genuine concern in her voice. After the way I’ve treated her, she still only cares about being a good wife.

“Shut up for now. I’ll tell you when you’re needed,” Jesus the sadism has really gone to my head. It’s like I’m a different person.

I imagine what her parents would think if they saw me treating their little girl like this. Lizzy is the baby of her family, youngest of six. I imagine her father’s face seeing me do this to her. Her mother feinting from the horror. But the Book has created a new order. This is what their daughter is meant for now.

I slap my bloody cock up and down on my wife’s pussy, watching her adorable eyes quiver with anticipation. Then I push her legs up and wide, aim my dick down at her asshole again, and shove. Still slick with period blood from her vagina, I invade her little butthole, making a mess in and around the poor sphincter.

Just a few pumps and I pull out. Back into the cunt right above it. Thirty seconds of intense humping. Then out, back into the ass. Lizzy stares at the ceiling, doing her best not to squeal in pain. As she endures like a champ, I reach forward and begin choking at her delicate neck. Enough to get a good reaction out of her. A pained gurgle. A choking sound to mix with the slapping and squelching noises that fill the room.

Fucking Christ I can’t believe this! I’ve never even wanted to cause my wife harm, let alone actually done it. And now her little neck muscles strain at my intense grip. All while I slam into her asshole with ferocity.

I look down and try out something else I could never do before. I slap at a tit. Too hard. She yelps in pain and shock. The handprint appears within a few seconds. I fuck in and out harder, watching her breasts flop up and down. I’m always surprised how perfect they are. She’s a gorgeous girl all over, but her tits and ass are just so pliable and fleshy. So perfect, so sizable for a smaller girl like her.

She gasps and begins coughing annoyingly as I finally let go of her neck. So I slap her face with half my strength to snap her out of her hysteria, her butthole reflexively clenching around my cock. I pull out, shove back into her bloody cunt for a few quick pumps. Then pull out again, my dick slimy and red, her entire crotch and the sheet underneath us a complete mess.

Lizzy is still gasping for breath, recovering from the first time she’s ever been choked and slapped. But she gets no reprieve. I grip her by her curly hair, crank her head forward and up as far as it goes, then I crawl up to straddle her torso. And I plunge into her sloppy mouth once more.

A squeal of disgust escapes her, the muffled vibrations enticing my cock even more. Her hands try to weakly push me away, but I ignore the feeble attempt and begin blasting into her. Her nose patting into my pubes over and over, my hands gripping her hair and whipping her head front to back. Only a few seconds and I can feel her body lurching, so I pull out and give her a moment to back off of puking. But I hold her by the hair and rub my balls around her forehead, patiently waiting for her to recover so I can continue. Then I shove into her gullet again, stopping after another quick assault. Again and again, stopping and starting, I edge myself on the verge of climax inside her helpless throat.

After using all her holes, back and forth to my heart’s content, I decide on my favorite. She’s too wimpy to really get much use out of the mouth. Her jaw is a bit too small, too hard to avoid her stupid teeth. And the constant stopping to prevent puking. Nah. And that asshole, Jesus that was fun. But I think the fantasy of it, the taboo of violating such a nasty area is most of the appeal. It’s nothing compared to the feel of her perfect cunt. After all this fun, all the experimenting, using my wife’s body in ways she would never allow, I guess the classic way is best, the normal way we’ve always done it anyway. Huh, I guess I didn’t need to violate every inch of her after all. I smile wickedly.

Then I roll her over on top of me as I lay on my back, ready to finish up. With Lizzy straddling me in cowgirl, I make her insert me into that sloppy cunt of hers again. I sigh from the warm wet feeling, she winces and grunts, too abused to enjoy this. Then I hug her down onto me, pressing her tits down onto my chest. I always love this position. I can squeeze her, caress her sweaty back, grab at her asscheeks and hold them for leverage. I plant my feet down on the bed and begin thrusting upward, rapidly driving into her. I hold her tight, preventing her body from bouncing up from the aggressive pumps. Wet slapping sounds fill the room, and the smell of her sweet feminine scent mixed with sensual sweat invades my nose. I lick at her salty shoulder and neck, and pound her into oblivion.

“Beg for my cum,” I whisper in her ear.

She struggles to speak through the assault on her pussy, “Please. C-cum inside me babe. F-fill me up.” She never speaks like that!

And that’s enough to send me over the edge. I can feel my cock swell to the max, punching up at her cervix, stuffing her full as I continue humping as fast as I can. Her ass jiggles in a constant wave, my hands holding her cheeks, pulling her down into me with every thrust.

And I unload. I let out an involuntary groan. Her ear is right in front of my mouth so I instinctively bite at it. My muscles flex then relax, my body going limp beneath my girl as my dick pulses and shoots spurt after spurt up into her. I flood her insides, basting her with my cream. A risk she never allows normally. But there’s no other purpose for a cunt. Her pussy is meant to be filled and bred at the whim of her husband.

We lay there, our heavy breathing slowly subsiding over the next few minutes. The smell in the air is gross and wonderful. Her body is hot and sweaty on top of me. And as my dick begins to soften inside her, I feel myself starting to drift.

Before I fall asleep, I manage to give her one last instruction, “Hey clean me up, babe. I’m going to sleep. Use your mouth.” Her body tenses at the words. But the last thing I feel is my lovely wife crawling off me and beginning to obediently slurp the nasty fluids off my dick.

In my dreams, I wander through endless black. Abandoned and alone. Except for some unseen presence lurking in the shadows, waiting for me to fall. Waiting to pounce. To end me.

* * *

The next morning, I sit at the kitchen table sipping coffee. A magnificent breakfast of eggs and bacon and sausage, all prepared by my beautiful wife. I ponder over the Book on the table before me, studying the ancient text.

“It seems to put a spell on the building around you,” I speak out loud to myself, casually ignoring the wet slurping sounds coming from under the table. Lizzy’s soft mouth sucks and slobbers on my cock as I sit there.

All morning, Liz has winced and groaned from the lingering pain in her ass and throat and cunt. And yet she acts like it was all normal! Just part of being a wife. This morning, I had her clean everything up from last night. Then we enjoyed a shower together, and I made her cook breakfast naked while I watched. And she’s been all smiles, happy to please her man. In fact she keeps apologizing to me, saying how embarrassed she is that she got so nasty last night. Says she hopes she did her duty ok. This is the life. I’m treated like a king.

“Makes the dwelling or structure into a sort of hallowed ground I think,” I continue mumbling to myself. “I guess I’ll try it out at the office today. I might be out late. That ok, babe?”

My wife happily hums an affirmative sound, my cock stuffed in her mouth under the table.


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2022-11-23 15:54:24
Wow you never disappoint! Just wanted to say I'm going to buy the whole set on your site and hope it motivates you to keep stuff like this coming! Yeah it's gross, but this is so freaking good! I cannot wait to get to the family chapters!

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