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Sharon was my neighbor all my life and when I turned 16 the caught my attention and gave me hard-on's thinking about her
Sharon (a professor ) gives me a lesson that will change my life

Chapter 1

I was 17 when I started mowing my neighbor's yard .Sharon was my neighbor and Kyle was her husband.I have known them all of my life, yet their daughter Fran was who I paid the most attention to.She was three years older than I and probably never knew that she gave me my first hard on.

When she went off to college I missed seeing her but lost my virginity with her friend at 16. I found after that there were other girls that would have sex with me. All my sexual prospects changed when I over heard my mom telling dad that Sharon and Kyle broke up.

Working in the yard was one of the chores I have had all my life,raking leaves mowing,etc etc. I started helping Sharon out after her husband left her and also because she was a hot looking woman. The more I worked around our yard and hers I started picturing her at a young age as Fran(her daughter).Fran was only 5’1, the same height,her hair was also dark brown and curly and just as friendly.Sharon was a very pleasant woman even though Kyle left her it didn’t seem to change her.

Having her work made it easier to sneak over and clean her yard before doing ours. Then I would watch her reactions when she came home.One afternoon she came home before I had finished our yard and walked right up and ran her hand through my hair.

“So you're the one that has been keeping my house looking nice,thank you”.She gave me a hug” I should pay you but your mom told me no. I must have blushed because she then told me to let her know when I was done with our yard. She then gave me a hug before walking away that left me feeling good and determined to do more for her.

When I was finished she had a soft drink and some homemade cookies waiting . We had a nice talk on her front porch and I was able to get a closer look at her body. I don’t know if it was intentional but her blouse gave me a good look at her cleavage. At 42 Sharon didn’t show her age,a thin small body,medium curly hair and a nice complexion. I jerked off later in my room, imagining what she would look like naked.

As the summer ended and the winter came upon us I would keep her sidewalks cleaned and the snow removed from her car.The more I did for her the closer we became, often sitting around in the evening talking. It was when she asked me about my girlfriends one night and I answered I had none she seemed surprised.

“A handsome man like you has no girl friends “she said, sounding surprised. She then started asking why, but when I didn’t answer her questions right away she asked me if I was a virgin. “Oh my god” Sharon said standing up”I am sorry I shouldn’t have asked that”. She started walking away telling me not to leave, which was a good thing, it gave me time to think about what I was going to say.

A few minutes later she came back and sat down with a glass of wine. I started telling her about the couple of girls friends I have had and had sex with. She seemed relieved but when I told her I didn’t have fun she asked why.”It was not like what I had seen in videos” I said. “It was over too quick and boring, they just laid there and let me do it”.

Sharon chuckled and then said “it was probably their age,it wasn’t that enjoyable for me either; It became more enjoyable when i did it with a much older man ,he showed me a lot”.She finished her glass of wine and got up for more”I would get you one”she said “but your parents wouldn’t like me to send you home drunk”. She did bring me a glass when I said they were gone for the weekend.

As she sat down again this time she sat sideways on the sofa and crossed her legs.”Was intercourse all you did” she said “I mean as a girl I like a man to explore my body.It is not at all like porn”she said “those that make porn videos are getting paid”. She smiled “it is more enjoyable the longer you, well let's say kiss and rub our breasts”.

She took my hand “go ahead you can touch them”she said “I know you want to”.She took her shirt off surprising me when I saw she had no bra on. I still didn’t move a hand ,I was in awe of how beautiful they were , so she finally took my hand. “Be gentle”she said as she showed me how to be soft while I moved my fingers along her nipples.

“You can tell when the nipples get hard that you're doing a fine job”,she said then ran her hands up to my face.She adjusted herself and widened her legs “you're getting them harder ” she said and pulled my chin up and our eyes met.” Kiss me now” she said and sat up to meet my kiss which went on for a long time.

All while we were kissing I was still fondling her breasts feeling her nipples continuing to grow and harden. Finally she took a deep breath and whispered in my ear “suck them honey” and moved my head down. She began guiding me from one tit to the other while her breathing continued to get deeper.

Between deep breaths and soft moans she was telling me how nice I was making her feel. I was on my hands and knees and had not realized that she had unbuttoned my shirt . But I did feel it when her hand went down along my hardon and I pulled my mouth off her nipple and sat back.

I didn’t know what to say ,even when she smiled and said “would you like a blow job”.She must have thought that never had one so she began unzipping my pants.”You usually would have to ask a girl for a blow job”she said “if you get her horny enough she would.Stand up” she said sitting up herself as I got up she unzipped me had her hand found my cock.

“Very nice” she said after pulling my pants down and squeezed my cock. She held it tight while moving it from side to side on her cheeks.``At this time if the girl liked this piece of meat and what you have done with her so far she would say yes if you asked her to suck it”. Sharon was looking up into my eyes while slowly stroking me “well “ she said.

“Will you give me a blow job?” I said to her, but Sharon just started laughing, “oh honey I would love to,but only if you lick my pussy after.

. I have had only one other girl suck my cock but it was nowhere as enjoyable as what Sharon was doing.My first one showed no passion and took my cock as far in her mouth and jerked me off. It didn’t take long and she got pissed when I came into her mouth. Sharon was taking it slow , her hand on my balls was softly caressing them. She spent a lot of time licking around the head before taking more in her mouth.

Man I won't ever forget this blow job, I was thinking the longer she sucked and licked me.I knew the way she was performing that I wasn’t going to last long. But then I made a mistake by pushing my cock deep in her mouth and holding her head causing her to gag. She immediately pushed me away and sat back wiping her mouth and gave me a look I will never forget.

“You don’t ever do that again to me” she told me “or any other woman that is blowing you”.She gave my cock a slap from side to side “you can put your hands on my head ,but don’t hold it that firm. You can run your hands through my hair and slowly fuck my mouth , but I will be the judge as for how far I take it in”.

After slapping my cock a few more times she started sucking me again, stopping at times to look up and smile.She liked to slap my cock from time to time on each side of her face licking it before sucking it again.

I was in heaven with her warm mouth and her tongue dipping farther down the side of my shaft. I could feel my cum rising and told her I was going to cum soon, I didn’t expect what she then did.Her hands grabbed my ass and she herself started fucking me with her face sucking my cock deep into her throat.

I didn’t want to grab her head but she was just about to pull me over by the rate she was sucking on me. I carefully placed my hands on her shoulders and told her I was going to cum. She stopped moving ,took my cock deep in her throat and began to swallow as much of my cock as possible. I could feel her throat muscles trying to milk all of my cum out and down her throat non stop.

By the time she had emptied me of my cum my legs were shaking and I was struggling to breath.She let my soft cock slip out of her mouth but held her face against my groin kissing all around with her hands still holding me tight against her.

I carefully moved my hands up through her hair which surprisingly only caused her to moan.She then sucked hard against my groin while letting me rub her head for the longest time. I later found that she left a hickey there,then she laid back and smiled.”Now that is what a real blow job is like,”she said, rubbing her belly.

Sharon with a smile laid back and undid her pants ,pushed her butt up and told me to pull them off,”it's your turn to eat me now”she said. I stepped out of my pants and knelt down between her spread thighs admiring her neatly trimmed pussy.

Being the first time being asked to eat out a pussy I had no idea just what I was doing. It didn’t take long for the teacher's reaction to take control of my haphazard attempt to please her. After letting me lick and kiss at and around on her puffy pussy she held my head away . “Oh sweetheart let me teach you what women like”she said then held a finger up.

“This is your tongue”she said “now watch what it is going to do”, then with one hand she spread her lips.Again she said “this is your tongue” then I followed it circle around her clit before moving slowly down between her lips. Her finger slipped slowly inside her wiggling deep inside her then slowly back out and up.

She spent a few minutes finger fucking herself ,each time showing me how wet her fingers were getting. Finally she put her wet fingers into my open mouth and with her other hand moved my face down.Her legs spread wider as I slowly started following her finger up and down with my tongue.I paid little attention to the taste of her juices I was licking but more on how her breathing was beginning to change.

When her finger no longer guided me she had both hands spreading her so my tongue could go deeper.I began to realize when I found just the right spot she would push her hips up as to make my tongue deeper.I began to like the feeling of her pussy and the taste of her juices on my face until she came and pulled my head away.

I knew I did what she wanted but sorry she pushed me away and sat up,”lets go to bed now”she said . I took her hand and followed her to her room where she told me to lay down. When she began to crawl up on me I was sure it was time to fuck but I found that she had other ideas. Again she started licking my cock but this time squeezing my precum out and licking around on the head.

She did this for a while until I said I was getting close ,she then let go of my cock and started kissing up my body. “I don’t have a condom “I said to her, causing her to laugh then kiss me.”You won’t need one”she said then moved up over my face and began to feed me her pussy.”If you do a women as good as you did before you will have many looking to bed you”she said. She then held onto the bed board and began riding my face until she left another load of cum in my mouth.

“Now you can cum”she said after coming down from her orgasm and went back sucking on my cock.With the same technique as before made me cum and swallowed it all again. She then laid down beside me and kissed me ,let's rest now” she said”can you spend the night”?

We did do it again and more but that will have to be in the next chapter.



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well written and very good story

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