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Mike and Sheryl finally get hooked up and its great. They decide to live together and look for a home. Her friend, Beth sells real estate and they get together to tour a home and much much more.
As he walked home from the bar, Mike made himself a deal. If he went out on Friday drinking, and didn’t find himself with a woman, he was going to have to turn gay and start sucking cock. He had been to three different bars and had seen all kinds of good looking ladies, and here he was going home alone AGAIN! He was walking along the sidewalk in the little town he lived in to keep from getting a DUI. He sometimes left his pickup in the bar parking lot and walked. It sobered him up so when he got home he didn’t make an ass of himself. Plus, it gave him the opportunity to walk off the anger inside himself at the fact that he was not going to get laid that night.

Suddenly an old beat up Chevy Cavalier came sliding up to a stop at the curb beside him. Mike didn’t recognize the car, so he staggered over to the window and leaned down to look inside. The windows were tinted so dark that he couldn’t see in. About the time he leaned on the car, the window started down and he could see the face of the police chief’s daughter, Sheryl. She was a couple years older than Mike and had a reputation for partying and loved to smoke weed. Mike had always thought that Sheryl was hot as fuck, but she never seemed to want to have anything to do with him.

“You need a lift, big boy?” Sheryl asked in her best sexy voice.

“I certainly do pretty lady, I certainly do.” He replied in his deepest manly voice.

“Jump in” Sheryl smiled at him, “and we will see where we end up.”

Mike went around to the passenger door and climbed in. He looked over at Sheryl and was incredibly pleased with what he saw. She was 23 and was about 5’ 8” tall, had put on a couple pounds since high school, but was not at all fat. She was about 135 pounds, he figured, and had fantastic legs, a marvelous ass and tits that had to be 38 D’s. Sheryl was a very pretty woman with a great complexion, but her most impressive trait was her long flowing flame red hair. Any time you saw her, her hair was always perfect. Tonight, was no different, she looked ravishing. Her nipples had just about poked holes in her pink t-shirt and her short jeans barely covered her great ass and her beautiful long legs were tanned to perfection all the way to her white tennis shoes.

“What’s wrong?” Sheryl questioned as Mike stared at her.

“I had forgotten just how gorgeous you are” Mike replied as he looked up into her lovely green eyes. “You are sure looking good tonight.”

Sheryl smiled and drove off like an Indy car driver and headed down Main Street. She reached behind the seat and handed Mike a cold Bud and the got one for herself.

“You didn’t want to go straight home, did you? Fuck it, it’s still early.” She giggled as she smiled at Mike.

“Yeah its early in the morning!” Mike laughed as he held his bottle up in the air. Sheryl clanked her bottle against his and off they went.

They drove around the country roads and talked and drank for some time. The conversation eventually got around to why Mike had never asked Sheryl on a date. They went to the only school in their small town and everyone knew everyone. Sheryl said that a few years before, one of her friends had told her that Mike had the hots for her. She said she did everything but throw herself at him and he never even asked her out. She finally gave up and thought she had done something wrong to make him not like her.

Mike sat and listened to her explain, and he got really embarrassed. He had no idea that she had done any of this, and he was feeling like shit.

“When I was in high school I was very shy around girls” Mike admitted, “I was always afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to date a pretty girl because I wasn’t very handsome. This really gave me a lack of confidence and I let it get the best of me. It was a very dark and lonely time in my life.”

“Oh my God, I would never have guessed that!” Sheryl replied, “I’m so sorry. But you seem alright now, what happened?”

Mike looked at the beautiful redhead on the other side of the car and he decided it was time to tell his story. “Do you recall an art teacher we had for a few years in high school, her name was Mary White?” Mike asked her. “She was a short blonde haired woman that was a pretty cool teacher.”

“I remember her, she had short hair and big tits with a real nice butt.” Sheryl said. “A real pretty woman.”

‘Well, I ran into her one night about 2 months after graduation in the bar. She was sitting alone and it was pretty dead in the bar on a weeknight, so we got to talking. We hung out for a couple hours and when she went to leave, she was pretty loaded. She asked me if I would take her home and of course I said yes” Mike explained. “I took her to her house and we were talking and she invited me in for 1 more beer. When we got inside she looked at me and asked if I wanted to have sex with her. I was just drunk enough that I spilled my guts and told her that I was scared to death of women and didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to do. She came over to me and took me by the hand and led me to the couch. She sat me down and she explained to me that she was a teacher and that she was going to make everything alright. All I had to do was pay attention to what she taught me and I would be ready to handle any woman I wanted.”

“What happened?” Sheryl asked with great expectation.

“She took me into her bedroom and she taught me what a man should do to a woman to make her love him forever. She made me come back every Wednesday night for about 3 months until she told me class was finished and that I was now a woman pleaser that no woman could resist.” He told her. “She took a teaching job in another state and I cried for a month when she left. I called her and told her I needed her and was coming to see her. She told me no and that I was to find myself a woman here. I have been looking ever since.”

Mike looked over at Sheryl and started to apologize to her for not paying attention to her in school. That’s when he noticed that she had turned into the lane that went back to the reservoir pond. It led back around the pond and opened up into a big open meadow. She pulled up and stopped the car and looked at Mike and smiled. “Let’s see what she taught you big boy.” Sheryl giggled as she jumped out of the car..

Mike jumped out and met her in front of the car. It was about 5AM and the sun was just about to break over the horizon. He took her in his arms and slowly kissed her softy on the lips. She returned the kiss with a little more passion and from there it only got better. The kiss turned into a tongue swapping fest and finally Mike moved to her neck and kissed her and began to nibble on her ear. Hands were moving everywhere and he found himself feeling one of Sheryl’s full soft breasts. Wow, it was a handful and felt great.

That’s when Mike felt a hand go down the front of his jeans and got a hold of his rapidly hardening penis. This went on for a couple minutes until he reached down and got the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up. She raised her arms in the air and let him remove her shirt exposing the greatest set of tits he had ever seen. She just stood there and looked at him.

“What?” she questioned, “What’s wrong?”

“Holy fuck, their beautiful!” Mike replied as he fondled both of her tanned breasts.

Sheryl giggled and returned the favor by pulling Mike’s shirt up and over his head. He released his grip on her tits only long enough for her to get his t-shirt off, then he went back to work massaging her tits. This left her free to lower his zipper and unbuckle his jeans. She worked on his belt and finally got his pants down around his ankles.

When Sheryl looked down, she was happy to see a big tent in the front of his boxers. She looked Mike in the eyes, smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips. Then she wiggled free of his grasp and sank down to her knees in front of him. She was staring directly at the huge bulge in his shorts.

“This is what I’m talking about!” she exclaimed as she yanked the boxers down letting the big cock inside bounce up and hit her in the chin. She reached out and took ahold of it at the base and stroked it a couple times. It was growing all the time and she wondered how big it was going to be. She looked up at Mike and realized he was just watching her and she smiled and stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock.

Mike was in awe as Sheryl started sucking on the head of his dick. She worked a little more of it into her mouth with every stroke and in a couple minutes she was taking his entire length into her mouth. He had always thought of himself as fairly well endowed compared to the other dicks he had seen in high school phys ed class. She was making short work of swallowing his cock all the way to his balls. Then when she had it all the way into her throat, she would stick her tongue out and lick his balls. That felt terrific and just about put him over the edge. Mike let this go on for several minutes until he had enough and realized it was time for some pussy.

Mike got Sheryl under the arms and raised her up onto her feet. He took the liberty to kiss her on the lips and suck her tongue into his mouth. This lasted for a minute or two until he laid her on the hood of her car and unbuckled her jean shorts and tried to slide them off. He was unable to get the tight jeans off and she actually had to help him. It took both of them pulling and her wiggling to get them off. Mike smiled and threw her jeans on the car hood. She was wearing a very small red pair of panties and he leaned down and stuck his face right in the y of her crotch. He inhaled her wonderful woman smell and licked her slit through her panties.

Sheryl let out a soft moan as she felt his breath on her pussy even with her panties still in place. They weren’t there long as Mike removed them to stare at her smooth, clean shaven pussy. It looked so inviting and was already leaking fluid out of it.

Mike started to lick around her pussy, never actually licking it. He avoided it and nibbled on her inner thighs, and her mound above her slit and even below between her pussy and asshole. This was driving Sheryl crazy and she was moaning and trying to move her pussy to capture his tongue. When he sucked her clit into his mouth she almost fainted. Mike went to work on her dripping pussy and every so often would lick or suck her clit and soon had her moaning and writhing all over the hood of her car. When he felt she was getting close to an orgasm, he would back ff and let her calm down. Then she would beg him for more and he would go back to work on her sweet slit. The last time he didn’t slow down, instead he picked up his assault and then at the last moment he stuck his finger in her asshole.

Sheryl started to cum and was screaming and twisting around on the car and Mike had to hold her down to keep licking her swollen clit and leaking pussy. This orgasm lasted for a couple minutes and he wondered if she would pass out.

Eventually she started to calm down and he was able to slow down and he continued to lick the sweet juices that were running down her crotch. He pulled her down to him and when he went to kiss her, she wiped his face and said “Your face looks like a glazed donut!” This got a laugh from both of them and they kissed for a couple minutes until Sheryl looked at Mike and said, “My turn.”

She started stroking his cock and then she leaned over and looked straight at it. It looked good enough to eat, so she did. She sucked and tongued his dick until it was hard enough to pound nails and then she climbed up facing Mike and slid his hard rod into her wet pussy. She was so lubed up that it slid all the way in and she moaned. Sheryl started to work his manhood in and out of her pussy and with him on his back on the car hood, she could sit on him and feel his cock all the way inside her as deep as it could go. She started to bounce up and down on it and when she needed a rest, he would fuck her like he was a machine. In and out, fast and then slow, easy and then hard, over and over and over again.

Suddenly he grabbed her and flipped her over on her back and he was standing between her muscular legs and he leaned down and licked her pussy one time and the slid his cock into her and just stopped moving. Sheryl looked at him and he smiled at her but didn’t move. She went nuts and was trying to fuck him and he just smiled at her.

“You had better fuck me now”, she threatened, “You can’t stop now.”

Mike started to slowly slide his hard swollen dick in and out of her sweet pussy slowly. Every stroke got just a little quicker and a little quicker until they were fucking like bunnies! They kept this pace until Sheryl started to scream and her body starting to shake like she was having a seizure. Mike kept hammering her pussy until she exploded into an earth shattering climax like he had never seen.

As she started to come back to her senses he looked at her and started slipping in and out of her vagina.

“I want you to come all over me. I want you to squirt all you got all over me! Cover my face and body in cum. Do it now.” Sheryl told him.

She laid there on the car hood and Mike pulled his cock from her pussy and pointed it at her and stroked it a couple times and it started firing ropes of cum at her. The first one hit her in the chin and the second was on her forehead. The third and fourth were aimed at the gorgeous tits and the next couple landed on her belly. Mike caught himself as he almost slipped off the car. He stopped and looked at Sheryl who was pretty much covered in a combination of his and her cum.

“Holy fuck” was all Sheryl could muster as she started to scrape up the cum on her face and suck it off of her fingers. “It must be a gallon!” she exclaimed, “and it tastes good, too.” She took her cum covered fingers and stuck them in Mike’s mouth.

Surprisingly, it didn’t taste too bad and he leaned down and licked some of his cum off her belly and then kissed her while passing some of it to her tongue. They kissed and held each other for a few minutes and watched the sun come up. They found an old towel under the seat in the car and used it to kind of clean up a little.

Pulling their clothes back on and helping each other get dressed they played with each other and kissed and even slapped each other on the ass.

As they drove back to the bar to get Mike’s truck, they talked about what was going to happen between them. Sheryl told Mike that he had a lot of catching up to do because he was way behind from the five years that he could have been fucking her while they were in school. She said she figured that he would have to do her at least three or four times a week to keep her happy. And she told him that she needed to be fucked in the ass every once in a while just for fun.

Mike thought he was up to that but she would have to do some of the fucking too, that he couldn’t be responsible for all the work.

Sheryl told him that she would do her part and she thought she was going to send Mary White a thank you note to let her know that her student had passed his final exam with flying colors.

Mike continued to meet up with Sheryl on a regular basis and as they became closer, the talk of maybe living together was discussed. Neither had a place big enough for the two of them and so they decided they would start to look for someplace they both liked. This afforded them the opportunity to look and not have to be in a hurry.

Sheryl got a call from an old friend of hers that was in the real estate business. She informed Sheryl that she had a new listing that she felt Sheryl and Mike may be interested in and was offering them first dibs on the house. Sheryl talked to Mike and he agreed that they needed to look at it right away. Sheryl called her friend Beth back and they set up an appointment to see the home the following night.

Mike left work a little early to get Sheryl and make the twenty minute drive to the house Beth was going to show them on the far side of town. They arrived at the address Beth had given them and pulled into the driveway and parked next to the Lincoln Navigator that was there.

“Beth must do fairly well,” Mike said as they walked past the SUV and headed up the walkway to the front door. They rang the bell and in a few moments the door opened and Mike was looking at a very attractive black haired woman in her early twenties, she was very tanned and dressed in a cream colored blouse and a pair of designer jeans that appeared to be sprayed on to her fantastic legs. He stood back and checked her out from top to bottom as Sheryl moved in and hugged the woman.

“My god, Beth, I believe you are getting more beautiful every time I see you!” Sheryl said as she hugged her friend, “I can’t believe you are still single. Man, you look fantastic.”

Beth cracked a big smile and she looked her friend over and replied, “Sheryl it is great to see you and you are even hotter than I remember! Lady you are one gorgeous woman, I’m so happy to see you.”

The two women turned to Mike and Sheryl told Beth, “This is Mike, my man. He is pretty good to me and I think you two will become friends pretty quick. We have been together for a while and we need a place where we both can live and not be crowded.”

Beth shook Mike’s hand and told him, “I’m really glad to meet you, Mike. If this lady loves you, I promise you that I will get along with you just fine. Sheryl is a great friend and we have known each other a long time and have always been close. We have drifted apart as we got older and I am really looking forward to renewing out friendship and getting to know you better.”

Mike held Beth’s hand and he could tell that he could really learn to like this hot woman. “It is great to meet you Beth, and I hope today is just the beginning of a long friendship.” Mike replied.

Beth turned around and pushed the door open and said, “Well, come on you two and let me give you the ten dollar tour.”

The three of them walked through the entire house and looked at everything it had to offer, at one point Sheryl turned to Mike and said, “I’m afraid we are about to have to buy this place Mike, what do you think?”

Mike looked at her and grinned, “It sure is everything we are looking for and the only thing will be if we can afford it.”

Beth spoke up and assured them that the seller needed to sell as he had been transferred out of town to the Phoenix area and was looking to buy a house there so he was in a dealing mood.

They were standing in the big open kitchen and Sheryl was leaning against the big island between the kitchen and dining area and the sun was shining in and lit her up. Beth noticed that the sun made Sheryl’s ample breasts visible through the fabric of her blouse and of course, with no bra to obstruct the view. Beth remembered back a little while to the times when her and Sheryl had experimented with each other, and she recalled how those wonderful tits were to play with.

Sheryl caught Beth staring at her tits and she took her hand and cupped her tits and squeezed them together. “They still are pretty pert and don’t sag too much yet even though I’m getting older. Mike works them over pretty well and I think that keeps them in shape.” Sheryl bragged as she squeezed her girls together and pinched the nipples.

Mike had been looking at the kitchen appliances, and he turned to look at the women staring at each other and his girl squeezing her tits together. He knew there was something between them by the way they looked at each other.

Sheryl finally looked at Mike and explained, “Beth and I used to hang out together at school honey, and we even used to play with each other on nights when we didn’t have a date. We never got really serious, we just kind of fooled around to see what it was like to be with another woman. It sure was a lot of fun, it won’t replace a hard dick, but it was pretty great in its own right.”

Mike didn’t know exactly what to say, so he looked at Beth and she spoke up, “Yes, I remember several nights in our dorm room when my face was buried in between those very tits. I love them both and sure would like to pay with them again sometime. It puts a smile on both our faces when we get after each other.”

Mike was in awe. Here he was in an empty house with two pretty ladies that just admitted that they would like to have sex with each other. He could feel his dick getting hard as thoughts of Beth and Sheryl naked in each other’s arms were running through his mind. Then he heard Sheryl say, “Then why don’t you come and get some pretty lady.”

Mike couldn’t believe his ears as he watched Beth move closer to Sheryl and reach out and begin undoing her blouse. Sheryl looked down at Beth’s trembling fingers trying to undo the buttons. Beth finally got the last button and the blouse fell open and released the tits out into the open. There they bounced and the hard nipples stuck out like they were very excited.

Beth put her hands on them and cupped them like Sheryl had been doing. As she did this, she leaned in and kissed Sheryl on the lips and it lingered into a very long and passionate kiss. Mike could see Beth’s tongue reach into his girlfriend’s mouth in search of another tongue to play with. Sheryl responded as Beth figured she would and wrapped her arms around her neck and they kissed for quite some time.

Mike could tell they had done this before and he couldn’t wait for the show to continue. He didn’t have to wait long as Sheryl reached out and unbuttoned her friend’s blouse and helped her get it off leaving her in a sexy little bra that just barely contained her very nice 34C tits. Sheryl reached behind Beth and unhooked the bra and it fell off her revealing an extremely beautiful pair of breasts. They too had long stiff nipples and Sheryl pinched them and Mike thought he could hear a moan come from her lips.

The girls kept exploring each other’s body and before long, they both were almost naked, still kissing and feeling and undressing as they went. Sheryl was in a short skirt and when Beth pulled it up, Mike noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties, so when Beth undid the skirt, it fell to the floor and left her naked to the world.

Beth was another story as her jeans were tight and it took both women and a little tugging to get them off. When they finally tugged them down to her ankles, Beth was standing there in a little red thong that was sucked up in the crack of her ass. She stepped out of the jeans and Sheryl already had the thong going down also. That was when Mike got his first look at Beth’s little patch of hair above her smooth shaven pussy. He couldn’t believe it, but he actually considered Beth was more beautiful than he first thought. His dick was now uncomfortably straining trying to get out of its confinement.

As the gorgeous naked women were exploring each other and kissing as they felt each other, Mike could see hands and fingers working on each other’s pussy. That was all he could stand and he unbuttoned his pants and tugged them and his boxers down around his ankles. He grabbed his stiff cock and began to stroke it to the site before him.

It would have been a site to behold if someone were to walk in on them, but right now, none of them cared. They were engrossed in the moment and the pleasure they were about to give each other.

Sheryl told Beth to jump up on the island and she patted the countertop. Beth immediately did as she was told and this gave Sheryl a clear path to her pussy, which she wasted no time in taking. Beth was soon running her hands through her girlfriend’s hair and moaning loudly as Sheryl ate her out.

Mike realized as he stood there pounding his cock, that his lady was bent over, eating her girlfriend and this left Sheryl’s pussy there for the taking. He waddled over to her with his pants around his ankles and lined his cock up to her slit. As soon as he eased up to her, he could feel the heat from her and noticed the moisture leaking from her. Knowing she needed no foreplay, he sunk his pole into her until he bottomed out with his balls slapping her ass. This caused her to let out a very loud scream as she was filled with her man’s cock. However, that never caused her to stop the licking Beth was getting from her.

Beth was sitting there watching her friend lick her vagina while Sheryl was getting fucked with what Beth figured, looked like a pretty nice pecker. It looked like it was fairly long but really fat and she was thinking how perhaps she could get him to run that thing up her vagina and fill her up like he was doing to Sheryl. Beth was getting close to her first orgasm watching all of this and she didn’t hold back as she gripped the red hair on the head buried in her sex and she screamed a little as she cam on her friend’s face. Using what she had learned from Mike, Sheryl stuck her finger in Beth’s ass as she started to cum and that put her over the edge and made cum flow from her faster than Sheryl could lick it up.

This only made Sheryl lick faster and harder and she sucked on the clit in front of hear as she felt Mike pounding into her from behind. This went on for a couple minutes and Sheryl licked the juices the flowed from Beth and continued until Beth pushed her head away. “I want to see him fuck you,” she told Sheryl as she gave her a long kiss on the lips allowing her to taste her own flavor, “I want to see it up close, real close.”

Beth slid off the counter and got down between Sheryl’s legs looking back at Mike as he mercifully hammered away at the warm wet pussy in front of him. She was in the perfect position to witness his hardon go in and out of her. Mike would change speed and almost take it all the way out of her and then he would plunge back in and rapidly fuck her then slow back down again. This was driving his woman crazy and she looked at her friend and asked her to please rub her clit. Beth did even better and leaned in and stuck her tongue out and licked the swollen clit. This got a very long groan out of Sheryl and Mike was impressed also.

Now, Beth had the best seat in the place to see her friend fucked by her boyfriend. She kept licking the clit and watching the big cock do its deed and she realized how close she was to Mike’s stiff dick. He was working so hard pleasing Sheryl that he missed a stroke and his dick popped out and landed right on Beth’s chin. She responded by taking it in her mouth and sucking the juices off it and then she reached up, grabbed it and stuck it back in her friend. All these things going on were getting everyone very close to a big climax and Mike knew he could not last much longer.

That was when Beth told him, “Cum on me Mike, please shoot your cum all over me. In my mouth and my face and on my tits, fucking cover me up with your hot jizz. I want to taste it and feel it on my tits, please!”

That was all he needed to hear and he pulled his dick out and the first shot went right on Sheryl’s pussy. The second rope went into Beth’s open mouth and the third hit her on the forehead. The next two or three shots were not quite as big and they all shot across her chest and painted her pretty tits with gobs of fresh baby juice. Beth took it like a champ and kept rubbing Sheryl’s clit as she was being blasted with Mike’s cum.

When it was all over, Sheryl turned around to look at her friend. She had cum everywhere and was sitting there stunned by all that happened. Sheryl bent down and kissed her on the lips tasting the cum and her own juices. As they kissed, Beth pushed some of Mike’s cum from her mouth into Sheryl’s. They continued to passionately kiss and then as Beth leaned over to clean the last of the cum from Mike’s cock, Sheryl was licking the cum off Beth’s fantastic tits. After a couple minutes of clean up, Sheryl turned to Mike and kissed him and he tasted his cum and Beth’s cum. Mike bent over and kissed Beth and she in turn kissed Sheryl. They all sat down on the floor and nobody said anything for a long time.

Beth finally spoke up and said, “I want you to know that I don’t give all my clients this kind of showing! Not even fucking close to this! I can’t believe we did this.”

Sheryl started laughing and she looked at Mike and told him, “I guess we will have to buy the place now as we made a big mess on the counter and the floor!”

“I guess so,” Mike replied, “So far this place has only given us good memories so I believe we will have to live here and make many more. I just hope our real estate agent comes by to check on us a lot. I think she will be an important part of our home.”

Life for all three of them was changing and it looked like things were changing for the best.
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