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Sandy got divorced, and went to stay with her sister, Paula to get sorted out. The day she arrived, Paula took a shower with her and used the manual shower head to give her a pulsating orgasm. Then, since Paula's husband, Ken, wasn't totally on board with Sandy staying with them, Sandy gave him a blowjob in the kitchen as they sipped their morning mugs of coffee to help convince him.
Sandy was in her mid-thirties when she and her husband decided to call it quits. They’d been in a fairly uneventful and uninteresting marriage for about six years, and it was clearly time for a change. Surprisingly, she wasn’t really broken up about leaving the relationship, just a little disappointed and glad to be moving on. Once the decision was made, Sandy called her sister, Paula, to see if she could stay with her and her husband for a while…at least until Sandy got her “being single” legs back under her.

Paula was a year older than Sandy, and they looked remarkably alike…in fact, as children, people often had trouble telling them apart. Once they were grown, they even resembled each other physically, as well. They were both attractive brunettes, with light brown eyes and shapely figures set off by large, natural breasts. They used to joke about how lucky they were to have inherited their mother’s natural endowments, which led to much exploring between them, as well as great popularity with the local boys. Still….growing up in a small, rural town kept them somewhat isolated as kids, which led them to become extraordinarily close to each other. So, as expected, Sandy’s request was met with, “Of course…..stay as long as you like!”

“You don’t think your husband would mind?” Sandy asked.

“Yeah, he probably will….he’ll feel like it’s cramping his style, but he’ll get over it.”

When Sandy arrived the following Saturday, Paula opened the door to her knock and they exchanged kisses and a warm hug. Paula took her sister upstairs to the spare bedroom and helped her unpack, then suggested she take a shower to help relax, which Sandy readily agreed to.

A few minutes after Sandy had undressed and stepped under the hot spray of the shower, she heard the bathroom door open and, through the steam fogging the glass shower walls, saw her sister come in wearing a short terry cloth robe. Paula dropped the robe on the floor, and opened the door to the shower stall, joining Sandy under the hot water. Sandy smiled at her sister, playfully pinched each of her nipples, then pulled her in for a tight embrace, as the hot water played a light staccato on their skin. After a few seconds, Paula broke the hug, turned Sandy away from her, so that they were both facing the same direction, and reached around to massage her breasts from behind, while planting little kisses along her neck and shoulder.

Sandy murmured, “I was hoping you’d join me. It’s been so long since we got to do this.”

Paula nodded, saying, “I know…not since the last time you and your husband visited.”

Sandy grinned and said over her shoulder, “You mean ‘ex-husband’…”

Paula laughed, squeezed both of Sandy’s tits hard and said, “Of course….ex-husband….now, just relax while I make you feel at home.”

Paula grabbed the soap and started lathering Sandy’s boobs, lifting and squeezing the flesh, then gently pinching each of her stiffening nipples. With one hand still fondling her tits, Paula slipped the other one down along Sandy’s stomach and between her legs. She began softly rubbing and tweaking her clitoris, occasionally slipping two fingers along her pussy lips, then sliding them into and out of her vagina, before re-focusing on her throbbing clit.

Sandy closed her eyes and leaned her head back against Paula’s soft boobs, moaning and murmuring as Paula’s fondling and rubbing continued. After a few minutes of stimulating Sandy’s clit and nipples, Paula lifted one of Sandy’s legs and place her foot on the ridge along the shower wall….spreading her legs and exposing her shaved pussy. Still using one hand to play with Sandy’s soapy tits, Paula used her other hand to grab the manual shower head…turned it to ‘pulse’…and aimed it at Sandy’s engorged, naked clitoris.

“Oh, my God, Paula….that feels fantastic….hmmmmm…aaahhhh…right there….yes…..hmmmmm….holy shit, it’s been too long…..aaaahhhhhh….”

Paula smiled and whispered into her ear, “Just enjoy it, sis….you deserve a little pleasure after all you’ve dealt with recently.”

Sandy rocked her hips slightly against the driving spray from the shower head, reached behind her to squeeze Paula’s ass cheeks, and murmured, “Oh, shit….I’m gonna cum….hmmmm…yes….right there…. just like that….hmmmm….here….it….cums…..aaaaaahhhhhh…..aaaaahhhhhh….God, yes….aaaaahhhh.”

Sandy reveled in her orgasm for a few minutes, then took the shower head from Paula and replaced it on its post. She turned around, wrapped her arms around Paula’s waist, grabbing and squeezing both ass cheeks, while she kissed her lightly on the lips and thanked her for her climax…and for letting her stay with them for a while.

Paula kissed her back and said, “You’re always welcome, sis. Now, we should probably finish showering before Ken gets home from golf.”

When Ken got home, the sisters were in the kitchen preparing dinner. He walked in, gave Paula a kiss, then greeted Sandy with a cursory hug, “Hey, Sandy…how’re you doing?” Then, with a glance at his wife and a forced smile, added, “We’re glad you’re here….make yourself at home.”

“Thanks, Ken. It’s good to be here.” With a small wink at her sister, she added, “Paula has already made me feel extremely welcome….and it’s really nice of you guys to put me up for a while.”

“No problem.” Then turning to Paula, he said, “I’m going to run upstairs for a quick shower before dinner.”

As Ken climbed the stairs, peeling off his clothes as he went, Paula leaned over and whispered to Sandy, “I’m going to go make him feel extremely welcome, too.”

They both laughed as Paula hurried out of the kitchen and up the stairs to join Ken in the shower.

As Ken was using the soap the lather up his chest, Paula stepped into the bathroom and opened the shower door. “Thought you might like some company….”

Ken smiled and said, “You bet…come over here,” as he reached out and grabbed both of Paula’s swaying breasts and started squeezing and playfully slapping them. Paula stood in front of Ken so he could play with her tits, while she reached between them and began stroking his growing penis, feeling it grow in her hands to its full 8 inches. Paula’s pussy was already wet from her earlier shower time with Sandy, so she was completely lubed and ready when Ken spun her around to face the wall, grabbed the shaft of his cock, and shoved the bulbous head into her from behind.

Paula let out a grunt, then closed her eyes and moaned as she rocked her hips back against each of Ken’s forward thrusts. She put her hands out to support herself against the glass wall of the shower….a position that Ken loved because it made her heavy breasts sway and bounce beneath her, allowing him to reach around and grab hold of them as he pounded his stiff cock in and out of her cunt like a piston.

Paula took the hand-held shower head, turned it to ‘pulse’, and blasted her throbbing clit with water as Ken continued slamming his rigid pole deeper and deeper into her pussy. It didn’t take long before the streams of water did their job, causing an intense, tingly orgasm to crash through Paula’s body from clit to nipple like a tidal wave. Paula let out a groan and shoved her ass hard into Ken’s groin, taking his prick as far into her vagina as it could go, while she squirmed and reveled in her climax.

“Uhnnnnn….uhnnnnn….Oh, fuck, Ken….that feels sooooo good……aaaahhhhhhh…..yeah……ohhhhhhh… God, that feels good……aaaahhhhh…”

Ken always got more aroused whenever he heard Paula cum and, in response, he released her tits, grabbed her hips, and picked up the pace, plunging his rock hard cock in and out of her cunt like a jackhammer. It didn’t take long before he closed his eyes and threw his head back, slamming his hips forward and blasting rope after rope of hot, creamy jizzm deep into Paula’s pussy. He kept sliding his dick in and out of her cunt until he was finally done cumming, then he leaned against her back and reached around to massage her dangling boobs, as his softening cock slipped out from between her legs.

After catching their breath, they finished washing each other, with Paula paying extra attention to soaping and stroking Ken’s flaccid shaft, as she said, “Thanks for letting Sandy stay with us for a while. I don’t know how long it will be, but I know she appreciates it.”

Ken was in a genial mood…especially with Paula fondling his dick…and said, “No problem, Paula…I like her…I just hope it isn’t for too long…you know me, I like my space.”

Paula toyed with the tip of his cock a little more, gave him a deep, tongue-filled kiss, and said, “We’ll see…” Then they rinsed off and stepped out of the shower to dry off.

The following Monday, Paula and Sandy got up early and shared a cup of coffee in the kitchen before Paula left for the office. Sandy was still sitting at the kitchen table with her coffee when Ken got up and ambled in wearing a knee length robe tied loosely around the waist. Since Ken was an independent financial advisor, he typically worked from home and got up after Paula left in the morning.

As Ken poured himself a cup of coffee, Sandy could see the flaps of his robe swing open occasionally, making it clear that he was not wearing anything underneath. She could see his flaccid cock dangling between his legs…its mushroom shaped head banging against his thigh as he moved about the kitchen.

Ken walked over to where Sandy was sitting by the table, his robe hanging precariously closed, as he sipped coffee out of his coffee mug.

In between sips he said, “Good morning, Sandy…how’d you sleep?”

Sandy smiled and said, “Very well, Ken….thanks for asking.”

She glanced at the opening in his robe, then back up to his eyes and said, “I take it you’re not used to having visitors in the kitchen when you get your morning coffee, eh?”

He saw where her eyes kept darting to, laughed and said, “Sorry, Sandy…I guess not. When it’s just Paula and me, I really don’t ever think about it.”

Ken started to do a better job of closing the flaps of his robe, but Sandy stopped him and reached in between the opening to take his swinging dick in her hand. Her hand was warm from holding the steaming mug of coffee, and she could tell from his soft moan that Ken liked how it felt on his shaft.

She took an appreciative look at his thick cock draped across her palm, then looked up into his eyes and said, “No need to change your morning ritual for me.”

She glanced back down at his prick, started slowly stroking it with her hand, and said, “In fact, my ex-husband and I haven’t been intimate in years….long before the divorce was final….so, it’s actually nice to see a naked…and rather impressive….penis in the morning again.”

Sandy pulled the tip of Ken’s dick toward her mouth, murmuring, “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you letting me stay with you and Paula….but maybe I can show you.”

She sucked Ken’s cock into her mouth and began sucking on it, using her tongue to rub the underside of the head, while using one of her hands to stroke the length of his shaft. She used her other hand to hold her coffee mug and every minute, or so, she’d pull Ken’s growing boner out of her mouth and pump it with her free hand, while she took a sip of coffee from her mug.

Ken was surprised…and speechless….he hadn’t moved since Sandy first grabbed his schlong. He realized that he was rather enjoying it. He mumbled, “But….what about Paula?”

Sandy smiled up at him, his growing erection sliding in and out of her mouth, then pulled it out with a ‘plop’, and said, “Don’t worry about it….we’ve always shared everything,” then wrapped her lips back around his rigid pole and resumed sucking.

So, Ken stood there…saying nothing…with his robe hanging open and one hand on his hip. He continued sipping coffee from his mug, while Sandy sat at the kitchen table, bobbing her head back and forth on his fully erect cock.

It didn’t take long before Ken’s breathing became rapid, and he began rocking his hips into Sandy’s pumping fist and warm, wet mouth. Suddenly, he closed his eyes, grunted, and blasted a huge load of cum against the back of Sandy’s throat, nearly spilling his coffee in the process. Sandy swallowed the entire load, then kept sucking and jerking his dick until she had pulled the last few drops of cum from his nut sack, and licked them off the tip of his penis.

Catching his breath, Ken smiled and stammered, “Oh, my God, Sandy….that was amazing! What a fantastic way to enjoy my morning cup of coffee.”

Sandy licked and sucked Ken’s glistening shaft until it was clean, then kept gently stroking it with her hand as she looked up into his face and said, “It was my pleasure, Ken….I just really wanted you to know how much I appreciate your generosity.”

Ken laughed and said, “Your pleasure? It was MY pleasure! If this is how you plan to enjoy our morning coffee every day, you can stay as long as you like.”

Sandy grinned and said, “We can definitely do this every morning, if you like.”


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