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My cousin told me her story with her siblings and it was hotter than I imagined.
It started when I was 21. My brother and I were always the opposite of everything. We always argued on the big, and even the little things. That time, it was about his new girlfriend. She was egoist and mean. I disliked her, and she felt the same way toward me. When I arrived home, I heard sex noise from my parent's bedroom. My brother and his girlfriend were going at it again, profiting the fact that our parents weren't home. I rolled my eyes. His room is downstairs, and they preferred to do it in a king-size bed. I had to study, and it was hard to concentrate. I could have left to go to my bestfriend's house, but decided to stay. I hoped that they would finish soon. The TV was loud downstairs, my younger sister was probably annoyed with the noise too.

After about 20 minutes, to my relief, they stopped. A few minutes later, I saw my sister coming out of the bedroom. When she saw me, she was surprised and couldn't say anything. I was furious. I jumped out of the chair to go to our parents' bedroom. I opened the door so hard that it almost put a hole in the wall. As expected, he was naked. First time I saw him nude. His cock was not hard, at first I barely noticed it. I was too mad, yelling at him.

- Sis! Don't you know how to knock?

- How could you do this with her? Are you insane?

- Who are you to tell me who to fuck?

- You already have a girlfriend! And she is your SISTER! How many girls do you need to satisfy your bestial needs?

- That's none of your business! I didn't force her. I can fuck anyone I want!

Our argument went on and on. He knew I was right, and I knew I couldn't win, because he was so stubborn. The word that this happened would get to our parents and Hell would break loose in this house. I believed he just didn't care. During our disagreement, he didn't even bother hiding his nakedness. It bothered me to yell at my brother totally nude. This distraction prevented me to better concentrate on our argument. I wanted to order him to put his clothes on when he was talking to me, but secretly, I kinda liked what I saw and wanted to watch it as long as I could.

Fortunately, our parents were out. Well, not «fortunately», they had sex because they were out. Our sister watched our fight without saying anything. She was also to blame, but she is younger than my brother. He should know better. When all my arguments were done, I slammed the door and turned to my sis.

- What do you have to say to defend yourself? I yelled at her.

She was old enough to make a good decision for herself.

- He is a good fuck. It's so cool!

- Are you two insane?

Correction: old, yes, wise, no.

I was out of my mind. I often felt that I was the only sane person in this house. But they were 2 against me. My bro came out, with a pair of jeans on. To annoy me, he didn't zip it on and his prick was out and semi hard. I was sure he did it on purpose. I instinctively looked away. He asked me:

- Sis, I don't think it is a good idea to tell our parents about this!

That thought just crossed my mind. Should I tell? They would know eventually. I imagined my dad totally furious and mom very sad. Our father would be yelling at my brother for days and would throw him through a window and disinherit him. He would be lucky if he wasn't kicked out of the house. If he stayed, him and sis would probably meet secretly to have sex. If I said nothing, my brother would continue to fuck my slutty sister.

- Our parents will be happier not knowing, sis!

On that point, I agreed. He was probably right. Part of me would like him to get punished, but at what cost?

- If I don't tell, will you stop having sex with her?

- Sis! I am a teenager!

The next day afternoon, his girlfriend came just for sex while our parents were working. I wondered if she knew. Either way, I didn't care. I decided to close my eyes on the incest's issue. But I couldn't close my ears. Their fucking noise was so loud, Surely, they did it to annoy me. I couldn't study or concentrate on TV. Getting out of the house to calm myself down and get away from this was an attractive option. I was angry at myself to have kept my mouth shut when our parents got home yesterday. Dunno why I stayed to listen to this. My sister was sitting besides me on the sofa, and having fun listening. She was moving her hands like a maestro. Pouring myself a drink was my medicine to survive this. I shared it with my sister. I did that sometimes, to pleased her, even if she was underage, even if I was mad at her.

- That's disgusting what you did with him! I commented, hoping to get her reaction or comment. She didn't say much since yesterday.

- Hum! Are you sure? Your tits are clearly hard! I see them through your shirt! Are you horny?

- NO!

I put my arm to hide my boobs. I choose not to wear a bra today. Big mistake. My breasts weren't as big as my sister's, but this thick shirt was supposed to hide my tits. So I thought. My sis could make me feel uncomfortable sometimes. But, was what she said true? Was I really turned on? After finishing her drink, she told me:

- Sometimes, when you, and our parents weren't home, we played a game. We got naked, and ran around the house! That's the way it started.

I was flabbergasted to hear that while she was amused telling me that story.

- Really?

- When he catched me, he let me touch his cock! And I let him feel my tits and cunt in exchange!

- Was this... game, his idea?

- Yeah! That was so fucking sexy! Don't you think?

There's no doubt about it. My sister is a real slut.

- Since then, he calls me his bitch! I am kinda his sexslave now!

That was too much! Definitely, I would tell all to our parents tonight! I couldn't keep this secret anymore. This has gone too far! But I needed to know more.

- When he has sex with you, do you use protection?

She laughed!

- Of course not, silly!

Was it the wine talking? Was I so angry at my brother that I gave her too much to drink? The revelations were as incredible as disgusting. Those games needed to end. Our parents would arrive in 2 hours, they would have a big surprise with my revelations. Also, they would get a big disappointment.

Then, she put her glass on the table, and came toward me. As she was closing in, I put my arm to stop her.

- What... what are you doing?

- Kissing you, silly!

She pressed further, and our lips met. I am not sure if I allowed her to do so or if she was strong enough to succeed. I was surprise, and didn't return the kiss. With one hand, she removed my arm, and with the other she took my breast while keeping our lips together. She turned her head on the left to try to put her tongue in my mouth. I froze. I didn't push her or turned my head away. I could. But didn't. She squeezed my right breast, and that feeling let me slightly open my mouth. She noticed the opportunity and her tongue went in. I didn't know how to react to this situation. She got me aroused very fast. I returned her kiss, even if it was my own sister. I never kissed a girl before. A few boys, yes, and got one regular boyfriend two years ago. One time with a stranger, since the break-up with my ex, but that's all my experiences. Yes, like most girls, I was curious about kissing another girl. To be curious about it doesn't make someone a lesbian. I didn't expect that my sis would be the one who would satisfy my sexual fantasy. How could she be so good at kissing at her age? She moved her hand under my shirt to better hold and pinch my tit. Without my bra, it's easy for her. For a moment, I resisted and stopped her hand, then I let it go. I didn't find the strength to stop her. She caressed my right breast and pinched its tit. Her hand was softer than any man's hand. She drove me wild. I was about to lose control. She put her other hand under my shirt to remove it. Trembling a little, I raised my arms. That was the sign telling her that she could do anything she wants with me. She put her lips on my left tit, and sucked on it. She smiled and was really enjoying doing it. That sensation was amazing. Again, it is done so much better, with her, than with boys. Her left hand continued to play with my other tit. She knew my weakest spots. Her right hand went down between my legs. That was going too far. I locked my knees together. I couldn't believe what was happening! What were we doing? It was so wrong! Yet, so good! She kissed me again. She put both hands on my belt. I hold her hands. Part of my brain was still rebellious about what was happening. Resistance was futile. She forced her way to unlock my belt, and then she unzipped my pants.

I plead to her with a trembling voice.

- Please, stop!

- Why? she answered with a grin.

I had no answer to that. I was still holding her hands till she pulled my pants out with my panties. I was totally naked and vulnerable. I hided my breast with one arm and my pussy with my left hand. She leaned on my body and kissed my neck and blew in my ear. She put her right hand over my hand, hiding my pussy. She directed my fingers in my cunt to gave me the motion to masturbate. My sister slid her hand under mine to get access to my clit. She played with it. It got me so hot that I masturbated faster. She then grabbed my cunt, and I felt something amazingly good. So, I let her hand go to give her more freedom. I secretly wanted her to do anything she wanted with my cunt. I spread my legs to let her know it was hers to play with, and even begged her to do so in my mind. At this point, all resistance was gone. She found my clit again, to suck and lick while fucking my cunt. That drove me wild. Then she inserted another finger in my hole. I moaned. Then added a third finger. She fingered fuck me. I moaned even louder. She pushed, and pulled so fast. She went wild. I didn't think my pussy could stretch more till she put four! That was sooo good! I never felt something like this with cocks. This is a new feeling. The unthinkable happened, she put her whole fist in my cunt! My pussy was stretch to the maximum, and it hurt a little on the entry, but now... Wow! I came twice! I can't believe my little sister has her whole hand in my pussy, and fucking me with it! It drove me nuts! It was bigger than any cock had ever gotten. The feeling was incredible! I lost control!

- Oh fuck! Don't stop! I kept telling her.

She smiled. It was the first time she heard me say a dirty word.

Thanks to her, I discovered the pleasure of having multiple orgasms! I was quickly tired. Then, she removed her hand to my displeasure. I wanted more. She stood, and smiled at me again. Without a word, she undressed. She knew she had me and could do anything she wanted with me. Soon, she was as naked as I was. Her boobs were as pretty as I thought they were. She came on the sofa and put her knees between my hips, our pussies almost touched each other. First, she put my hands over her breasts for me to feel them. I did play with her tits. I squeezed and twisted them. She liked it. Then, she put her big breast on mine to rub our tits together. That was sexy and hot. She moved up to present me her right tits to my mouth. So I sucked it. She loved it. She moaned hard. Then I moved to the other one. I really liked doing it. I wanted to please her as much as I could after what she did to me. I was able to make her tits touch each other and got both of them in my mouth. Then she leaned on her back with her legs apart, showing me a clean cunt. So I pulled my long hair in the back while kneeling, and leaning toward that pussy. I hoped to be good at licking it for my first time, to not disappoint her. I have seen that in porn movies. But doing it is very different. I hold myself with both hands while she gave me room by backing up the best she could. This is a sofa for three, and I was, and still am, barely 5', and she was shorter than I. I caressed her cunt with my right hand. I smiled at her, and then I kissed her cunt a few times to tease her. Then my tongue slid inside to explore her hot slit. I always wondered how a girl tasted like. She was very juicy as expected and hum, I liked it. So, I tried to suck her dry. Then, I went to her clit with my tongue, I took great care of it by sliding up and down and side to side with my tongue and sucking it till she moaned. That drove my sister wild. So, I played with it, sometimes with my finger and rub it till she got a big orgasm. She screamed so hard that I am sure the neighbors heard her. I kissed her cunt, and that's when my brother, and her girlfriend showed up. Both naked. I grinned at him. And he looked satisfied to watch us in this position. His slutty girlfriend was also happy to see us like this. I wished I could have erased their smiles at this moment.

My sister rose, took his girlfriend's hand, and they headed to her bedroom.

- So! Big sis! You want me to tell our parents about what you have just done?

- Please! No! If you tell, I will tell about you too!

- I don't care! Your reputation as a nice little princess will be tarnished! Our parents are used to me, being the badboy! Nothing will change! I have nothing to lose! You, on the other hand...

- Ok! Then, what can I do to shut your mouth!

- Hum! You can start by using my cock in your mouth!

- Are you out of your fucking mind? I will never ever do such thing!

- Oh! You use dirty words now! But you don't get it, sis, do you? From now on, you are my sexslave like sis!

Then he jumped on me. He took my hair, and forcefully kissed me! I tried to resist, but he was too strong, and part of me wanted this. Not just the kiss, or the sex, but to become his sexslave. This idea turned me on so much. With his other hand, he pressed it over my breast, and pinched it. He was brutal and it hurt. He tried hard to get his tongue in my mouth, but I didn't want it to be easy. Then, his hand left my breast, and he tried to put it in between my legs, but they were close. He kept trying, and I kinda slowly stop resisting. Eventually, he got his hand over my pussy. He rubbed my clit first, then slid a finger inside my hole. He truly knew what to do there and where to go. I moaned a little to show him he was successful to seduce me. That's when I let his tongue in my mouth. He let go of my hair, and kept kissing, and fingered fucking me. Once he found that I was broken, he turned my body around to put his cock in my pussy. He rammed it hard to impress me. And he did. He called me lots of names: «Slut! Bitch! Cunt! Cocksucker! Pussylicker! »

- You are mine, bitch! You are my slave!

Yesterday, I thought it could never happen. I saw a beautiful cock that I never could imagine would be inside me because he was my brother. He continued to rape my cunt with it, and I loved every second of it. It felt wonderful to have his big cock in me. Not as great as my sister's hand, but he was fucking me hard, and I liked it. I didn't moan at first. I didn't want to give him that pleasure. But eventually, I let go and moaned louder and louder.

- Tell me that you are my cunt! That your body is mine! he repeated and kept insisting.

I wanted to yell yes! But I couldn't. I hated him so! I moaned in response. Then I got so exited that I let my secret desire out. People may consider me as a princess, but I was not made of wood. I got truly crazy with excitation.


- Tell me again! I like to hear it!

- I will be your sextoy! Your cunt! I want to be your whore! Please, fuck me!

Satisfied by the answer, he slowed down just before my climax till he stopped. No! He had to continue! Why didn't he finish me off?

- Do you want to cum, bitch?

- Oh yes! Please! Satisfy your slave!

- That's a good cunt! I think you will need lots of training! Will you also please all of my friends?

- Yes Master! I promess! I need your cock so bad! Fuck my pussy again, please!

He didn't listen to my request. Instead, he removed his cock from my cunt, and put it in my face.

- Suck it well, cunt! Make me happy!

I took it with my hand to guide it in my mouth, tasting my own juice. I looked up at him while he was smiling like a king. Technically, I let him believed he wan me. Since I saw him naked, I fantasized about getting his cock in my mouth and pussy. So, my wish came true. With lots of joy, I was successful to jerk him off to please him, and I swallowed it all like I was ordered to. I didn't mind being his slave, as long this role gave me access to this nice cock and to my wonderful sister's hand. On top of that, I would be able to fuck all of his friends.

After this day, me and sis obeyed and satisfied every sexual desires of our brother. This was very satisfying for all of us.

- Wow! What an exciting story! Tell me if I got this right! Did he wait for you to be home for you to see your sister leaving his room? Did he plan this?

She looked away. She was kinda ashamed of this.

- Yeah, he told me so later on! she said with a low voice.

- So, he knew you would react like this! Did he also order your sister to seduce you?

- Yeah, that too!

- Amazing! Maybe I should invite them here. Does your story end there?

- Actually... no!

Her face turned red like a tomato.

- I don't know if I should tell you this, but here's what happened next...

To be continued!
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