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The girls abused her a lot, to the late evening, and then fell asleep. When Lilly went down stairs to the kitchen, she heard Spike come into the kitchen through the back door. He came to her and sniffed her crotch.

--- "Stop it, Spike." --- said Lilly, but she didn't push him off --- "The girls are sleeping upstairs."

But Spike didn't stop. He licked her pussy, and then placed his paw on her ass. Lilly knew what it meant. He wanted her to get on all fours for him. She hesitated. Spike looked at her, bared his teeth and growled.

--- "OK. But let's be quiet." --- she said and went on all fours, taking her dress off.

Spike licked her pussy, making her moan. All her hesitation disappeared, and he even felt bad for not complying with her orders immediately. She wiggled her ass invitingly. But Spike didn't mount her yet.

--- "Please Spike. You want me to beg you?"

That was kind of a obvious questions. Men, human or animal, liked to be begged.

--- "Please, Spike. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass. Do whatever you want with me. I'm yours to use." --- she said pushing her ass into his nose.

After some pretended hesitation, Spike finally mounted her, and she directed his dick into her eager pussy. As he started to fuck her, she backed up her body on his dick, groaning.

Finally when they knotted, Lilly panted supported on her elbows, with a big knot stuck in her pussy. While she was staring at the floor, suddenly she saw two bare feet in slippers in front of her.

Terror struck her and she lifted her head. It was Amy.

--- "I see you're enjoying yourself."

--- "I ..."

--- "Went out for a midnight snack?"

--- "Yes, I ..."

--- "Or a midnight fuck."

--- "Amy, I ..."

--- "Didn't you have enough of sex for one day?"

--- "Yes, but Spike ..."

--- "Don't tell me he wanted some pussy, and you just had to obey."

--- "I ..." --- stuttered Lilly --- "I ..." --- she hung her head in shame.

Amy knelt in front of her and patted her head.

--- "Don't worry, little one." --- she said in a soft voice --- "It's not like a don't know you are a total slut."

--- "Yes, but this ..."

--- "This is bestiality. It's kind of sick."

--- "Amy ..."

--- "But it was a nice show."

--- "You mean ..."

--- "Yes. I saw it all. From the moment he came here." --- she said smiling --- "And apparently he just ordered you to give him some pussy."

--- "Yes." --- said Lilly turning even more red --- "Remember my orders? I cannot reject any man. And it includes dogs. And he knows it."

--- "I remember your tattoo, but I thought it's just a figure of speech."

--- "Nice figure of speech. Your English teacher would be proud."

They both laughed. Suddenly Spike pulled and his dick popped out of Lilly's pussy with a loud plop. A stream of cum burst from her hole onto the ground.

--- "You would probably not want me to call the girls down to see you?" --- said Amy, with an evil grid.

--- "You wouldn't." --- said Lilly, genuinely terrified.

--- "No. But I can surely threaten you." --- said Amy.

--- "Please. Please, my queen. Please don't call your friends down." --- said Lilly on her knees. --- "What can I do for you, miss? I'll do anything."

--- "I don't think you would do anything." --- said Amy standing up and looking down at her --- "I think I'll better call them to see this for themselves."

--- "Please, no." --- said Lilly kissing her feet --- "I'll do anything."

--- "OK." --- said Amy. --- "Prove it." --- she smiled --- "Lick all the cum from the floor."

--- "Please Amy, don't make me. It's disgusting." --- said Amy playing into her role.

--- "Lick it all. Or I'll call them now." --- said Amy with a stern voice --- "I guess Spike would gladly have another go with an audience."

Lilly hanged her head in defeat. She turned around, and started to lick the dog's cum from the floor, sticking her ass out, and wiggling it.

--- "You are a total slut."

--- "Thank you, miss." --- said Lilly.

In the morning

In the morning, Lilly prepared a delicious breakfast for the girls and after serving them, spent the whole time as they ate, under the table licking their pussies, and getting small scraps off of their plates. Finally after they finished, the girls gathered their things and made for the exit.

--- "Go without me, I have one thing I would want to talk with Lilly about." --- said Amy.

--- "Yeah, 'talk', right." --- joked Grace.

--- "No problem." --- said Tracy smiling --- "See you at school."

As the girls were leaving and Lilly was preparing to close the door behind them, Grace turned around to her, looked in her eyes, and smiled warmly.

--- "Thank you." --- she said --- "It was a great sleepover."

--- "I'm happy you likes it, Ma'am." --- said Lilly blushing --- "It was an honour to serve you."

--- "You're one weird girl."

--- "Yes, Ma'am." --- said Lilly dropping her head --- "Thank you, Ma'am."

After closing the door, she rushed back to Amy, who was sitting in the couch. Taking a small box out of a paper bag, she went to her and knelt on the floor.

--- "Here you are." --- she said giving Amy the box.

Amy was deep in her thoughts as she looked at the box.

--- "Again with the presents, Lilly." --- she said in a melancholic, nearly sad voice --- "I told you ..."

--- "I like giving you presents." --- said Lilly kneeling by her legs like a eager dog.

Amy looked at her, with a worry in her eyes.

--- "Lilly." --- she said --- "I'm sorry. It was a bad idea."

--- "What? Why? I think you had a good time." --- said Lilly with a smile --- "And the girls also."

--- "Yeah. But I should have not done that without asking. I mean inviting them." --- she said with a sad tone --- "And yesterday night ... I should have not spied on you. And order you to ..."

--- "You worry too much." --- said Lilly, taking Amy's hands --- "You said it to me once, and you were right." --- she smiled --- "When you caught me with Spike? It was perfect. I loved it. And I hope it was fun for you too."

--- "It kind of was ..."

--- "See?"

--- "But ..."

--- "I can see that you have doubts."

--- "I mean ..." --- Amy started to say --- "Can I really make you do anything?"

--- "Yes." --- said Lilly --- "I'm ordered to obey you. I will do anything for you."

--- "I ..."

--- "I *want* to do anything for you." --- Lilly stressed.

--- "I mean ..."

--- "Do you have anything specific in mind?" --- said Lilly smiling.

But Amy could not manage to say anything. Lilly looked at her, and thought for a second.

--- "I think our friendship is stopping you from expressing what you'd want." --- she said --- "Let me assure you, there is nothing more important for me than our friendship. And nothing you'll say or order me to do, will change that. Nothing."

--- "But ..." --- said Amy --- "I don't want to make you anything you don't want to do."

--- "Amy." --- said Lilly looking in her eyes --- "If you open the box, you'll know how silly it is what you said."

Amy looked at her, blinking her eyes, as if she did not believe she was seeing her, and then looked at the box. She undid the ribbon and opened it revealing a shiny metal dog tag. Amy looked again at Lilly puzzled.

Lilly smiled and went on all fours to her backpack. She pulled out her collar and took it between her teeth. She then brought it back, and dropped it in Amy's lap. As she lifted her hair, Amy took the collar and placed it around Lilly's neck.

She inspected the dog tags hanging by it. And then looked at the dog tag in her box. Lilly strained her head suggestively to show she wants Amy to attach the new tag.

--- "DOG SLUT, huh?" --- read Amy --- "Property of RHM"

Lilly went back on her knees, lifting her hands in a begging gesture, she opened her mouth sticking out her tongue and started to pant like an excited dog.

--- "Bark."

Amy smiled. She lifted the dog tag from the box.

--- "And you want to be my doggy?" --- she asked.

Lilly jumped from excitement, and barked again. Amy lifted the tag above Lilly's face and played a bit around with it, making Lilly beg more. Finally she attached it to Lilly's collar. It said "Amy's obedient dog".

--- "You'll do whatever I tell you?"

--- "Of course. But on one condition."

--- "Condition, huh?" --- said Amy, much more sure of herself now --- "And that condition is?"

--- "That you will never be afraid to ask me anything. Order me anything."

--- "Really?"

--- "Yes. I want to know what you really want. Deep down." --- said Lilly --- "Even if it's disgusting, or painful, or you think I'll hate it."

Amy smiled she got up, took Spike's leash, which was hanging on a peg, and attached it to Lilly's collar.

--- "What would you want me to do, ..." --- said Lilly --- "... Ma'am?"

Amy looked at her for a minute.

--- "I ..." --- she said --- "I would want to see you ..." --- she struggled --- "I would want to see you suck off the dog. Spike I mean."

Lilly smiled.

--- "Of course, miss." --- said Lilly, going on all fours, and letting Amy lead her

When they went into the garden, Spike lifted his head from the ground, where he was laying.

--- "Miss ..." --- Lilly started to say.

--- "I wont force you, if you don't want to." --- said Amy, still defensive about her idea.

--- "No, miss. It's only ..." --- she said --- "Normally, I don't suck Spike off, but rather he fucks my mouth."

--- "Oh." --- said Amy --- "I see."

--- "If you want, miss, I'll suck him. I just wanted you to know." --- said Lilly.

--- "No. It's even better. I want to see how he fucks you." --- she smiled --- "In fact, could I tie you to a chair? So you would not have any say about it."

--- "You don't have to ask, Ma'am." --- said Lilly smiling --- "'Obedient dog', remember?"

Lilly walked towards Spike.

--- "Kiss him first." --- said Amy, and Lilly kissed him on the snout --- "Properly, girl. Show him you want him. Show him how much you want him."

Lilly, started to kiss more, until the dog opened his mouth, and started to lick her face. She then opened her mouth wide, and accepted his wet rough tongue into her mouth. She started to moan a bit, as their french kiss continued, and she felt her pussy moisten.

--- "Good." --- said Amy --- "Now beg him to come and use you."

Lilly quickly turned around and stuck her ass into his face. As he stole a lick or two, she moved forward, and stuck it out again. Spike rose from his spot, and went to sniff and lick her wet pussy. Lilly allowed him to lick as much as he wanted, and then moved a bit forward, making a whining voice to indicate begging. Soon Spike was following her, as Amy was leading her on the leash.

In the living room, Amy placed Lilly on a stool and tied her down to it. Making her only-just-forming tits, hang on one side, and her legs on the other. Her tummy was pushed tightly against the stool, and her hands were tied behind her back. She had to strain her neck, to lift her face.

Amy directed Spike in front of her by his collar, and then made him mount her. She then caught her hair, and lifted her face, making her swallow his long dick. He fucker her in that position, while Amy sometimes fondled her pussy, and sometimes just slapped her ass real hard. As he came, he overfilled her mouth, and some of his seed dripped to the floor. After that, Amy untied her from the stool, but left her hands tied, and ordered her to lick the cum from the floor. Lilly obeyed, licking it on her knees.

After being satisfied with the spectacle, Amy undid Lilly's binds, and left the house, leaving her kneeling on the floor.
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