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Continues right after previous chapter. A recently divorced blonde walks into the shop looking for a distraction.
Chapter Six: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Leaving the two girls to their fun, I walked through to the shop, hoping my erection was not noticeable behind the counter. I needn't have bothered, what I saw would have immediately made me hard anyway.

Her bleached blonde hair cascaded down her back in carefully sculpted curls, an interesting contrast to her skin that showed no small hint of spray tan. Spinning around at my approach those delightful curls playfully moved over her painted face. Her cherry lips smiled cautiously, while her caramel eyes seemed lost.

"Can I help you with anything?" I offered sincerely, as my eyes moved down her body. Her pale green dress showed off her tanned cleavage and barely covered any underwear that might be hidden beneath.

"All the clubs are closed" she responded without elaborating.

"It is a week night" I replied.

"I know" she looked wistfully around the store "I just need something to take my mind off... things."

"There's not much going on here" I leaned up against the counter "but if you'd like someone to talk to, a stranger who won't judge, and has received multiple compliments on his coffee making skills."

"Multiple?" she raised an eyebrow and leaned forward, giving me a clear view of her lacy white bra. Between that and whatever perfume she was swimming in, I was struggling to concentrate. "You know, I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I do love some cream in my mouth."

"W-we might have some... err... whipped cream in aisle..." I tried to sound cool, but my erection was bordering on painful. She must have noticed because she changed the subject.

"I've just gone through a tough break up" she began "he left me for a younger model, literally."

"I'm sorry to hear that" I replied.

"That's okay, it's kinda liberating, he wanted me to be monogamous, the ideal trophy wife that looks good at fancy restaurants or events. Poor guy, he got stuck with a thirsty whore that just took half his money" she laughed half-heartedly, and I smiled politely.

"Is that what brings you out tonight?" I asked "Are you looking to spend his money?"

"I could spend some here" she mused while looking around, seductively biting her lower lip "but what I really need is a nice big cock-or-two to fill the emptiness of being single after ten years."

"And how do you feel about women?" I asked cautiously.

"I prefer men, but I have had some fun with women in the past."

"I'm glad to hear that because, out back right now, I have a thicc sex worker with an eight inch purple friend that would love to cash in on your recent settlement."

She looked sceptical "if that were true, why would you be talking to me?"

I took a few seconds to answer "it's my job to serve customers."

"Mmhmm" she responded "and what were you going to say before you thought of that diplomatic response?"


"Yes" she nodded "the more honest you are, the more likely I will stick around."

"Okay" I began "I'd be out here staring at your tits and touching myself under the counter."

"And yet you're hands are on the counter, which suggests a decent amount of self control."

"That's true, but not that much" I added as I moved my left hand below the counter and placed it over my nob.

"You naughty boy" she cooed and moved her hands slightly under her bust "getting all excited over these. I got them in Korea from a surgeon who gave me a big discount if I agreed to let him titty fuck me after they'd healed."

"And did you?"

"You know I did" she smiled cheekily "I had to take my new girls out for a test drive. He was a bit older, maybe fifty, and he fucked me afterwards too. My husband never knew, but once every two years I would return to Seoul and let that good doctor use me however he wanted."

"Lucky doctor."

"Not just him; we went out to a bar once with his friends, I had four servings of meat, followed by some delicious Korean Barbecue."

I laughed loudly at that one, and was about to respond when I heard a British voice behind me.

"Stop teasing the boy" Jessica called out "he'll mess his pants and it will be much harder for you to enjoy all that cream you're hoping to taste."

The woman looked impressed, watching as Jessica stood completely naked at the office door, her hand at her crotch, holding a large purple dildo. "I guess he wasn't lying about that. How much of my ex-husband's money can I give you to fuck me into a coma?"

"We can discuss terms after" Jessica replied "just get back here so me and boner boy can see more of that spray tan and those artificial cum catchers you call breasts."

The woman grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me closer to her face. "Take notes night shift boy, I like a partner who takes charge, just tell me what you want and there's a good chance it'll happen for you."

I decided to take a chance, I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a long kiss. After that I looked her straight in those caramel coloured eyes and said "whatever happens tonight, my cum will end up in your belly."

"That's a good start" she replied "next time call me your whore."

I smiled and stated "blondie, you were already my whore the second you walked in here."

A few minutes later she was lying back on the staff table, her dress hiked up above her waist. She'd had no underwear to remove and was waiting patiently as Jessica slowly slid Eric into her waiting vagina.

"I won't need much lube" Jessica commented "it seems you were genuinely turned on by this boy over here."

"Mmm" the woman moaned, looking over at me "he looks cute in that uniform."

Behind me Susan was lying on the couch, struggling to stay awake after her session with Jessica.

"Focus on me" the blonde purred, drawing my attention back. She'd lowered her top, her lacy white bra barely concealing anything underneath.

"Sorry, my dear" I moved closer, lowering my trousers and sliding my boxers down. She reached out a hand and gently grasped my cock. I let out a moan as she gave me a few playful strokes and slowly guided me towards her cherry lips. Her mouth was already open, her face glistening with the effort of being fucked by Jessica, who clearly knew what she was doing.

I was so horny now, I couldn't wait. In an awkward rush I slid my throbbing member between her lips. I felt one of her hands reach around and grab a bum cheek. Using her strength she drew me closer, forcing my cock towards the back of her throat. As she was lying back on the table I knew I would have to set the rhythm.

I started slow, but was soon thrusting back and forth, fucking her face with my only goal being to cum as soon as I could. With Jessica penetrating her lower region it seemed like she was also getting close to her climax. Each moan that was muffled sent vibrations up and down my cock and it wasn't long before I was shooting load after load into her mouth.

"Uhhh" I moaned loudly, like some primitive hominid discovering sex for the first time. I knew I was cumming more than usual when I saw evidence of my semen leaking out of her mouth.

And then, as if the taste itself was a turn on, her body started to convulse in a long orgasm. I let my sticky erection retreat from her mouth so that she might let out her own screams of pleasure. What resulted was a series of high pitch yelps, her face screwed up in a show of pure ecstasy. After a few seconds her shock wave passed and she lay back, a look of tired contentment looking up at me.

I gave her a few seconds before moving my cock back towards her lips. "Mmm, I love it when it's fresh" she purred before lapping up every drop like a hungry kitten.

"She's a regular cum goblin" Jessica stated proudly "perhaps instead of payment I could get her started on only fans. We could make a lot of money together, not to mention embarrassing your wealthy ex by 'accidentally' releasing some photos of you, properly satisfied and covered in sperm."
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