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She may not want to get ‘involved’ with, nor spend time with other people, she may even be a Loner, but she still has a lot of fun.
Sandra is Different

by Vanessa Evans

Part 5

I arrived at the university’s gym at the time agreed with Isla which was 30 minutes later than the previous week, and I had to wait a few minutes outside for her. I saw one guy come out carrying his kit bag and when he saw me he turned around and went back in. I wondered if he’d gone earlier hoping to see me and then left when I didn’t appear at the same time as the previous week only to see me outside and decide to have another workout.

When Isla arrived I turned and we went in. The ladies changing room was empty and within seconds we were both naked and putting our trainers and our leotards on.

“You look good Isla.” I said as I looked at her pokie nipples and the difference in colour of her nipples and areolae to the rest of her tits through the black, see-through leotard. I could also see her slit.

“So do you Sandra, that white leotard may cover you but it certainly doesn’t hide anything.”

“I’m not done yet.” I replied as I bunched the crotch and made it disappear between my labia and on one side of my clit.

“I’m going to do that later.” Isla said.

We went to the workout room and I was happy when I saw that there were indeed more young men, and more girls, although I didn’t know if the girls were there to look at me and Isla or just to workout. Some of the guys were definitely there to watch Isla and me, their eyes having found us just as soon as we walked in.

“Shall I follow you round Sandra, Suzie seen as we’re in flashing mode.”

We giggled a little then I replied,

“Okay Kat.”

We started doing my routine round the machines and before long I noticed that the crotch of Kat’s leotard had disappeared between her lips although her clit was still covered and not even protruding like mine was. All of a sudden I was grateful for my longer than average clit that never wants to hide below its hood.

There was 2 notable machines that gave us a lot of pleasure, the first was the exercise cycle where we pushed each other, on seats that was too high, until we’d both had an orgasm. We were both reasonably quiet and neither of us knew if any of the other people in the room had realised. The second pleasurable machine was the hip abductor where we both strained to keep our legs spread wide, and our pussies on display, to the small group of others, including 2 girls, in the room, some of whom had gathered in front of the machine.

When it came to the floor exercises Kat stood beside me and copied everything that I did, including the leg stretching. Kat really had to concentrate when I was doing my Katas, there’s a lot to remember so I did them slowly so that she could copy each move.

I decided to add 1 exercise to my routine, standing splits. I had been reminded of them one time recently when I’d been browsing the internet looking for exercises that would really display my pussy, especially in the leotard that covers next to nothing.

When Kat saw me going into that pose I saw her jaw drop then turn into a big smile as she lifted her right leg and pulled and pushed it until her foot was way above her head. The 2 of us stood there like that appeared to please our little audience because I could see a few growing bulges in the guy’s shorts. I also saw 1 of the girls licking her lips and I wondered if she’d still be around when we went to the changing room.

Floor exercises over, we were stood getting our breath back when a couple of the guys came over to us, both asking if we could ‘spot’ them.

“Sure,” I replied, “we’d be pleased to help you.”

Kat looked at me wondering what we were talking about so I said,

“Just follow me, it’s easy and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it.”

And like having a guy’s face so close to her mainly uncovered pussy Kat did. Two different young men actually, because after the first 2, 2 more guys asked for our help as well. By the time we left the workout room I’m sure that Kat was just as wet and horny as I was.

As we walked back to the changing room I told Kat that I was thinking of adding some yoga poses to the end of the routine.

“Ones that really show off our pussies I hope.” Kat said.

“Of course, there’s no point in doing them if we can’t show our pussies at their best. Have you ever done any yoga Kat?”

“No, but I watched a bit on the TV once.”

“I’ll look on the internet, there’s bound to be some there.” I replied. “You will be coming again next week won’t you?”

“Try and stop me Suzie, I might even come another day this week. Now that you’ve given the courage to make it a lot more fun I think that I’m going to get a lot fitter.”

“I’ve given you courage? It’s more like you’ve given me some. Let me know if you come any other time, I might just join you.”

There was a third girl in the showers, the one that had been staring at us and licking her lips when she could see our pussies. No sooner that Kat and myself had started soaping each other than the third girl turned to face us revealing her bald pubes and tits about the same size as Kat’s, and said,

“That was quite a workout you two just had, and I have to say that I liked your outfits probably as much as the guys in there did, Are you two sisters or something?”

“No.” Kat replied.


“No,” I replied this time, “just friends who think the same way.”

“Well I like the way that you think, where did you get the leotards?”

I told her then added,

“We’d prefer to workout totally naked but we’re not sure that the management would approve, not like the swimming pool where we’re going next and no one there seems to care.”

“You swim naked at the pool? Oh, I’m Sofia by the way.”

I introduced Kat and myself (Suzie) then said,

“Yes, we’ve been skinny dipping there the last 2 weeks and no one has complained.”

“Interesting,” Sofia replied as I started soaping Kat’s tits. “So you 2 are not sisters or lovers, it’s just that ………. “

I instantly realised what Sofia was thinking and replied,

“We both get so horny showing our naked bodies that we just have to do something about it and it’s always better when someone else is playing with your tits and pussy even if it is another girl. That’s not a problem here is it?”

“Not at all, I couldn’t agree more, even seeing other girls expose themselves makes me horny, never mind exposing myself.” Sofia said, “would you mind if I caressed your tits Suzie? They’re so unique, fabulous, I wish that mine were the shape of yours.”

“Only if we can caress your body as well Sofia.”

The 3 of us smiled and all 3 of us were soon caressing each other all at the same time. The inevitable happened and minutes later all 3 of us were enjoying the afterglow of our orgasms.

“So,” Sofia said once our arousal had diminished a little, “you two are going nude swimming now are you?”

“Yes.” Both Kat and I said almost at the same instant.

“Are you coming with us Sofia?” I added.

Sofia said nothing for a few seconds then replied,

“You know, I think that I will, I’ve never been skinny dipping before.”

“You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll enjoy the men looking at you.”

As we were getting dressed I noted that Sofia also didn’t put any underwear on and she was wearing a short floaty skirt. As we walked over to the swimming pool I asked Sofia if she always went without underwear.

“I didn’t before I came here, my mother would have thrown a right wobbler if she found out. I did occasionally and if my brothers found out they’d start tickling me and we usually ended up on the floor with me with my skirt up around my waist. I sort of liked them seeing my pussy but it was a good job that they never started tickling me when my parents were around.”

“So your brothers seeing your pussy turned you on Sofia?” Kat asked.

“I never really put 2 and 2 together back then but yes, I suppose that it did.”

“So would you let your brothers fuck you Sofia?” I asked.

“Wow, direct and to the point Suzie,” Sofia replied, “just like your tits. You really are a lucky girl Suzie, my tits are just ‘average’.”

“Yes she is lucky.” Kat added.

“They’re just tits.” I replied. “I like all of yours, nice and soft and sensitive. I bet that all those girls with melons on their chests wish that theirs were like either of yours.”

“Or yours Suzie.” Kat added.

“But mine are a bit freaky, okay, some younger girls have them like this to start off with but they develop into ones that look ‘normal’, mine have never done that.”

“But you like them don’t you Suzie?” Sofia asked.

“I do, I like being different even if it is freakish.”

“Well I’m sure that they guys like them.” Kat said.

“They seem to, look at that guy at the Funfair yesterday, he couldn’t take his hands off them.”

“You let a guy at a Funfair grope your tits Suzie?” Sofia asked.

“She did,” Kat replied, “and you should have seen the dress that she was nearly wearing.”

“So you like flashing a lot of skin do you Suzie?” Sofia asked.

“I think that all 3 of us do.” I replied.

We were still giggling a little as we entered the pool building.

“Are you sure that this is okay?” Sofia asked as the 3 totally naked older teen girls headed for the archway between the girls changing room and the pool, none of them trying to cover their bits with their hands.

“No,” I replied, “but no one said anything last week so what the hell, let’s do it girls. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“We can get thrown out and barred from coming here again.” Sofia replied.

“Who will know, no one checked our student IDs when we got here. In fact there was only that girl in reception and she looked so bored that a football team could have walked in and she wouldn’t have noticed.” Kat replied.

“I wouldn’t mind a football team seeing us like this right now.” I said.

“Me too.” The other 2 said at the same time.

There were a few more people, guys and girls, in the pool than the previous week and I again was happy that I’d decided to go a bit later. No one said anything and only a couple of the guys stopped what they were doing and stared. We went to the end and dived in, having an informal race to the other, shallow end.

“Wow,” Sofia said when she stood up next to Isla and me. “That’s an amazing feeling, whoever invented girls swimming costumes wants shooting. Every girl should experience swimming naked.”

“Even when you get the guys perving on you as often as they can?” Kat asked.

“Especially when you get the guys perving on you as often as they can?” I replied.

We all giggled a little then headed off back to the other end of the pool.

We did a few more laps, usually stopping at the shallow end and standing up to talk for a while before swimming again. Most of the guys there stopped at the shallow end some of the time and had a good look at our tits, a couple of them trying to talk to us be each time we cut them off and they gave up.

When we’d had enough we got out at the shallow end and took our time walking back to the changing rooms letting everyone there see all of our naked bodies.

In the showers there was no touching each other but I had a play with my clit and had a nice little cum before we got out and dressed. As we left the building Sofia asked Kat and me if we minded her telling all her friends that Monday afternoons and evenings were nude swimming. Both Kat and myself said that we didn’t mind but secretly I was a bit disappointed because I like it when I am the only one naked and all men’s eyes are on my naked body but I told myself to stop being selfish.

Then Sofia asked,

“Do you think that we could be naked for our workouts as well?”

“Now that would be really good.” I replied, “but let’s tackle one problem at a time.”

We agreed and Sofia went off on one direction and Isla and me in another. As Isla and I walked I remembered what Lisa had said about working at the erotic equipment convention so I said,

“How do you fancy a day out Isla, working at an erotic equipment convention demonstrating sex toys to the public?”

“That sounds ‘interesting’, keep talking, what’s an erotic equipment convention?”

“I don’t know all the details yet but I do know that it’s promoting sex toys but there is one drawback.”

“What’s that?”

“We’d have to be naked all day in a place with hundreds of people walking around.”

“How’s that a drawback? I’d consider it a benefit. Do they pay us as well?”

“I have no idea, but I’d do it for free just for the benefits.”

“So would I Sandra. Where and when, I’ll happily skip a class or lecture to do that.”

“I don’t know any of the details but if you’re happy to do it then I’ll pass that on. I’ll let you know any more when I do.”

We parted with a reminder of where and at what time we were meeting on the Wednesday.

There was only Andy in the common room when I later went to make myself a coffee before going to bed. We both said hello but he seemed engrossed in something on his laptop and he ignored my nudity.


On the Tuesday afternoon when I got back to my room I decided that I was hungry, and as I didn’t think that any of my flatmates were at home I went to the kitchen totally naked and got on with preparing my food. No one had returned when it was ready so I sat on one of the sofas to eat it. As I was eating I realised that I was quite tired and when I finished eating I put the plate on the floor and decided to have a minute’s rest before going to wash my plate.

The next thing that I knew was Geoff and a couple of his mates were looking down on me and Geoff was saying,

“Hi Sandra, are you dead or alive?”

“Oh hi Geoff,” I said when I was awake enough to do so, “brought more of your friends to perv on my body again have you?”

“This is Simon and Oliver, remember them, they’ve come to make a cast of your chest.”

“What!? Oh yes, you haven’t actually managed to get some Plaster of Paris have you?”

“We have,” Simon said, “I’m doing an Arts course and we use it to make models.”

I was still groggy and was cursing that I’s agreed to it but as I started to come round I decided that it could be fun.

“Okay, where do you want me, what do I have to do?” I asked.

“Well,” Simon said, “if we were doing this with most girls we’d make the cast with the girl on her hands and knees and her tits hanging down but you doing that wouldn’t make any difference so we were thinking that you could lay on the table and we’d rub the mixture over your tits and pussy. Sorry, did I say rub, I mean spoon it on and then smooth it with the back of the spoon.”

“I think that it will be easier if you use your hands,” I replied, “you can get more in your hands than a spoon.”

I watched Simon and Oliver grin at the thought of putting their hands on my tits. Then I thought,

“What the hell, may as well let them do my pussy as well, they’ll only pester me until I agree.”

“Okay,” I said, “go and mix the stuff.”

Geoff interrupted before I could finish speaking.

“I’ll clear the table and get you spread out ready Sandra.”

“I was going to say that you could do my pussy as well but it sounds like you were intending to do that anyway.”

“We thought that once we’d got your nipples really hard you’d want us to do your clit as well.” Geoff said.

“And I suppose that you’ll be helping them as well Geoff?” I asked.

“Is that a problem Sandra?” Geoff asked.

“I guess not.” I replied.

Simon and Oliver appeared to be taking a long time getting their mix ready and as I lay there, spread eagle on the table, my nipples and clit were starting to tingle. Geoff was looking down at me and after a while he said,

“They’re taking their time, I’ll just get started making your nipples get really hard, I’m assuming that you’d want them at their best in the mould Sandra.”

I didn’t say anything as Geoff’s hands started playing with my nipples causing me to moan a little and the tingling to get stronger.

I was just getting really excited when Oliver appeared and said that they were nearly ready.

“Shouldn’t you rub some grease or oil on my skin first to make sure that you can get the cast off in one piece?” I asked.

“That’s what I’ve come over to do.” Oliver said as a bottle of cooking oil appeared from behind his back. “Will you help me please Geoff?”

Seconds later 4 hands were rubbing the cooking oil all over my chest and I was starting to think that if the kept going I’d have an orgasm. Then Simon appeared with a big plastic bucket and plonked it down on the table between my legs.

“We have to do this fast,” Simon said, “If we spend too much time tweaking her nipples this stuff will go as hard as her nipples before we’ve got it in place.”

Geoff backed away saying,

“You 2 get on with slapping it all over her chest, I’ll work on her clit to get that really hard.”

“That shouldn’t take long.” Simon said, “it looks as hard as my little finger already. Don’t forget the oil Geoff, we don’t want to have to rip it off.”

“I don’t suppose that would be any worse that ripping wax off her,” Geoff replied, “Do you wax Sandra, or do you shave? Or have you had it all lasered off?”

I don’t know why I answered that but I told him that I shaved every morning.

“Just like me.” Geoff replied.

“You shave your pubes and cock every day Geoff?” Oliver asked as he put another handful of cold, Plaster of Paris on my left tit and started spreading it all over that area.

“No stupid, I was talking about my face.” Geoff replied.

In between my moans and wondering how long I could hold back the orgasm that was starting to build inside me. I thought about me giving a blowjob to a man who had no hair there. I almost instantly wished that all men shaved their pubes, I’d developed a hatred for getting pubic hairs stuck between my teeth or stuck at the back of my mouth.

Other than a sort of wet feeling, my chest and tits felt nothing as the Plaster of Paris started to dry. Not only did it cover my tits bit it covered most of my ribs as well.

Meanwhile, Geoff was playing with my clit with one hand and rubbing the oil all around my pussy with the other hand. The inevitable happened and I orgasmed with the 3 of them looking down on me.

When I’d just about got back to normal I first heard Geoff say,

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way we should be able to get a cast of her pussy without her jerking about.”

Simon then said,

“Shit, this damned stuff has gone hard, I’ll have to mix some more. Give me a hand please Geoff.”

Simon and Geoff went to the kitchen and Oliver stepped close to me and said,

“Do I need to get you off again Sandra, we don’t want you cumming when the mix is drying.”

I looked up at Oliver and smiled. I didn’t need to say anything because I soon felt the finger of one of his hands enter my hole and a finger from the other hand rubbing my clit.

I was still quite aroused so it didn’t take long for me to be going over the edge again. I was still coming down from that high when I felt a dollop of the new mix land on my pussy. I gasped then said,

“Fucking hell, that was a shock.”

It’s a good job that you don’t have any of those flaps that get all over the place Sandra. I’d hate for a flap to get trapped when we pull the cast off.

“So would I.” I thought, again pleased that I had no inner labia.

As the cast of my pussy was drying the guys started to take off the cast off of my chest. I was expecting some of my skin to be stuck to the Plaster of Paris but with Simon on one side of me and Oliver on the other they gently eased the mould off me. When it was free I could see the shape of my chest, and in particular my tits. To me they looked more pointy and prominent that when I look down at the real thing. I felt proud of my shape.

“Spray it with silicone then peel it off and we have the basis for a jelly mould.” Simon said.

“Hey Simon,” Oliver said, “what’s the chances of you being able to use the Art department’s 3D printer? It looks big enough to be able to scan then print a perfect silicone replica of Sandra’s body.”

“You mean like one of those Chinese sex dolls?” Geoff said.

“That wasn’t what I was thinking,” Oliver said, “but yeah, it would be like that, a mannequin, like fucking the real Sandra anytime that we wanted.”

“Hey guys,” I said, “I’m still here, and who says that you can’t fuck the real thing anytime that you want, none of you have asked me. But I do like the idea of a perfect, silicone copy of me being out there. Is this stuff on my pussy dry yet?”

“Err probably.” Simon replied.

As he and Oliver started to ease the cast off my whole lower abdomen Simon said,

“It would take a couple of days to print something the size of Sandra, maybe if we could get Sandra there on a Friday afternoon after the Lecturer and staff have left we could get it started and leave it running all weekend. What time are you free on a Friday afternoon Sandra?”

“About 2, are you seriously thinking of making a 3D model of my whole body? Ouch, steady guys, that’s my clit that your pulling on.”

“Sorry Sandra,” Simon said, “the Plaster of Paris had moulded round the shape of your clit which has a little bell-end on it, I’m sure that if we take it easy it will come off. Can I let you know when we want you to come and be scanned. It doesn’t hurt or do any damage to you, we scanned one of the students head the other week and he’s still as stupid as he was before he got scanned.”

I thought for a couple of seconds. The idea of a perfect replica of me knocking around somewhere sounded great. I wondered if Simon could print lots of them and sell them.

“Okay,” I replied, “just let me know when.”

The cast came off me without any further problems and as I looked at it I liked the shape of my pussy, especially the hollow where my clit had been. I was quite proud of those casts but as I got up onto my elbows I saw that there was bits of dried Plaster of Paris all over me around where the casts had been.

“I’m going for a shower.” I said as I got off the table.

As I was walking to my room Emily was arriving and when she saw me she said,

“What the hell happened to you Sandra?”

“Geoff and his mates.” I replied, “go and see what they’ve got.”

Emily looked puzzled but she went to the common room and I continued into my room and the shower.

I didn’t go out of my room again that night although I did think about when I’d said ‘who says that you can’t fuck the real thing anytime that you want, none of you have asked me.’ and wondered if it had registered with any of them and if they’d ask to fuck me. I also smiled at the thought of Lisa’s shop replacing all her mannequins with perfect copies of my body, and the real me standing next to a couple of them, all naked and wondering if the customers would realise that a real naked girl was stood there watching them.


It was when I was idly toying with my clit immediately after I woke up that I realised that I no longer had any bras of knickers to wear under my old school uniform for Master Thomas. I thought that he’d want me to be wearing underwear like schoolgirls do so that he could slowly strip me. I’d have to get some. I decided that I’d go to the Gentlemen’s club via Lisa’s shop, that way I could buy some and put them on in the shop without any problems. Okay the underwear that Lisa sold wasn’t exactly aimed at schoolgirls but it would have to do. If Master Thomas said anything I’d just tell him that I put on my sexiest set specially for him.

I found it hard to concentrate on my class that morning, my brain was getting all excited about what the afternoon would bring, and my pussy was doing the same. I found myself pressing my knees together then opening them quite a lot of the time and I’m sure that the technician running the class saw a lot of my bare, wet pussy because he kept looking my way.

Finally it was time to leave and I rushed back to my room for another shower and shave before donning my old school uniform which consisted of knee length white socks, flat shoes, a plaid skirt (that I rolled the top a couple of times), a white blouse and the school tie that matched the skirt.

As I looked at myself in the mirror I was happy with my look but didn’t remember me looking that good when I wore that uniform to go to school.

With my little shoulder bag I set off and rushed to the shop. As I walked in Bella immediately asked me what I was doing there.

“I’m in a rush, I need a bra and some knickers.” I replied.

“I thought that you’d stopped wearing underwear Sandra.”

“I have, this is for a man to strip me before he spanks me.”

“What! You’re going to get spanked.”

“Yeah, can I tell you all about it tomorrow, I’m in a bit of a rush.”

By that time I was looking through the displays.

“Judging by what you are wearing Sandra I’m guessing that you want something that a schoolgirl would wear, a sexy schoolgirl.”


“Well a sexy schoolgirl might wear these.” Bella said holding up a see-through set that was quite small.

Bella held them up against me and they looked good.

“Come on,” I said, “I’ve got to put them on.”

I quickly led Bella to the changing rooms and I quickly stripped with Bella stood where the curtain would have been if either of us had bothered to close it. Putting the bra and thong on I looked at myself in the mirror and thought,

“I never remember any of the sluts at school looking like this when they got dressed after PE.”

“What the hell, they’ll do.” I said just as Lisa appeared.

“What’s going on here? Sandra what are you doing here and what are you doing wearing underwear?”

“I’m in a rush,” I replied, “Bella will tell you a bit about it, can I explain the rest tomorrow and can I pay for these tomorrow?”

“I’m sure that I can trust you Sandra, and I look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.”

“You will, if I’m still alive or not in hospital.”

By then I had put my skirt and blouse on and was fastening up the buttons. Grabbing my bag I almost pushed Bella out of the way and shouted “Bye” as I headed out.

Isla was waiting when I got to our meeting place and I took a deep breath then said,

“You look good Isla, or are you Kat this afternoon?”

“I used Isla on Reddit so I guess that we are Isla and Sandra this afternoon.”

“Okay, I only invented Suzie to make if difficult for the guys at uni to track me down anyway. Hey, are you wearing underwear Isla? I just had to go out and buy some on the way here.”

“Yeah, I kept one of each just in case. Are you ready to get your backside tanned Sandra?”

“Let’s go.” I replied and linking arms we set off to walk down the street to the entrance to the Gentlemen’s club.

“May I help you ladies?” the old man in some sort of uniform said as we opened the door and walked in.

“I hope so.” Isla replied, “we’re here to see Master Thomas.”

The old man looked puzzled for a couple of seconds then replied,

“Oh Thomas, that explains it, follow me ladies.”

As we started to do so I looked around. The place looked like it was built and decorated in the nineteenth century. Not that it looked run-down or anything in fact it looked very smart, just old fashioned.

We were led into a big room that had lots of old, big armchairs, some on their own and some in groups. Each individual or group had a coffee table, most with cups of tea or coffee and some newspapers on them. Most of the men were just sat there reading or sleeping but we were led to a group of 5, middle-aged but distinguished looking men, all of them quietly reading.

The man who led us in coughed and waited. When one of the sat men looked up the old man said,

“Thomas, your guests have arrived.”

“Thank you Jeeves, that will be all.”

“Thank you sir.” The old man said then turned and walked away.

“Girls.” Master Thomas said, “which one of you is Isla?”

Isla lifted her right hand.

“So you must be Sandra.” Master Thomas said as he looked me up and down.

“Yes sir.” I relied.

“Has Isla told you why you are here Sandra?”

“I’ve been a naughty girl and I’ve been send here to be punished.”

“That is correct Sandra, and how do you expect to be punished?”

“Spanked sir.”

“Good, we’re all on the same page. Isla, Sandra, these gentlemen are George, Harry, Edward and Charles but you don’t need to worry about remembering their names, just call them sir.”

“Yes sir.” Both Isla and I said to Master Thomas.

“No girls, they are sir and I am Master Thomas.”

“Yes Master Thomas.” Both Isla and I said and the same time.

“Now girls, I don’t believe in spanking a girl who has clothes on so please disrobe, both of you.”

Both Isla and myself slowly started taking our blouses off then our skirts. We both stopped there knowing that that wasn’t what Master Thomas had told us to do.

“Everything girls.”

We took our bras off then our knickers and stood in the classic ENF pose.

“Are you deaf girls, or are you asking for your punishment to be extended?”

Finally, we took our shoes then socks off and gain stood in the classic ENF pose but this time totally naked.

“About time girls. Now put your hands behind your heads and interlace your fingers, then spread your feet about a metre apart.”

We did then I saw Master Thomas pick up a smallish, brass bell and shake it before putting it back down on the table.

The whole room was silent and I slowly turned my head and saw that not only was Master Thomas and the 4, middle-aged looking at us but just about every other man in the room was as well. The only ones that weren’t looked like they were asleep.

No disrespect to Isla but I was sure that most of the male eyes were staring at my cone shaped, little tits. I guessed that all the men there were used to seeing the sagging tots of their wives.

After a good minute Jeeves appeared and Master Thomas said,

“Jeeves, get the Sybian and set it up on the big table please.”

I wondered what a Sybian was.

“Yes sir.” Jeeves replied.

Whilst we were waiting Master Thomas told us to rotate 90 degrees, wait for 10 seconds then do the same again until we were back facing him. Isla and myself did and I wondered if her puss was as tingly and wet as mine was. I could see that her nipples looked as hard and mine were.

I saw Jeeves return with a heavy looking box and put it on the table. Then he took out a blanket and spread it on the long, solid looking, highly polished, wood table. Next out of the box came what looked like half a small barrel which he lay on its side. Things fell into place when I saw Jeeves attach a dildo to the curved side (top)of the barrel.

“Oh my gawd, he’s going to make us ride that thing.” I thought, “well at least it’s better than a hairbrush or a cucumber.”

I watched Jeeves connect some cables then plug the longes cable into a power supply socket.

“He’s going to give us some electric shocks.” I thought, still not realizing that the dildo was a vibrator.

“Come with us girls, and keep those hands behind your heads.”

Master Thomas led Isla, myself and the other 4 middle-aged men over to the table when I got a closer look at the big dildo sticking up in the air. It looked rubbery and at the base, at what I assumed was the front of it, I could see what looked like an upturned scrubbing brush. The though of my clit pressing on that both frightened and thrilled me.

“Now,” Master Thomas said, “any volunteers to go first?”

Neither Isla nor myself said anything so Master Thomas continued,

“Isla, well volunteered, up you get, I think that you can work out what to do.”

Isla climbed up onto the table, straddled the Sybian, went down onto her knees and stopped with the tip of the dildo just touching her pussy.

“Impale yourself girl.” Master Thomas said.

Isla must have been as wet as I was because she easily lowered herself , moaning as she went, and bottomed out. A thought crossed my mind,

“Okay, that looks fun but there’s not much of her butt showing for Master Thomas to spank.”

Master Thomas was way ahead of me,

“Now bend forwards Isla until you can put the palms of your hands way in front of your head which needs to be touching the table.”

More and more of Isla’s butt became visible as she bent forwards, gasping and moaning as the dildo moved around inside her. I didn’t know if it was painful or pleasurable.

Then Master Thomas said,

“Don’t even move 1 millimetre Isla.” And ho took hold of what I assumed was a control box and Isla screamed then moaned over and over.

I guessed that the dildo was a vibrator as well and that maybe the scrubbing brush was as well. My clit tingled a lot more at the thought of what that scrubbing brush would do to my clit.

Then Master Thomas started spanking Isla’s butt. I observed that Master Thomas didn’t raise his hand really high before bringing it down on Isla’s butt, something that made me think that, although it would certainly make her butt sting, it wouldn’t do any real damage to her.

Poor Isla must have been as confused as I knew that I would be, the pain, the pleasure, all at once.

“Aargh, ooh, ouch, oh fuck, aargh, ouch, ooh, shit, ooh, aargh.”

On she went as Master Thomas rained the swats down on her bare butt until after about the fifteenth swat Isla added to the list of expletives,

“Oh fuck, I’m cuuummmiiinnngg,”

Master Thomas stopped swatting her butt and we all just watched as Isla’s orgasm took its course then started to recede.

Just when I started to think that her spanking was over Master Thomas stepped back and one of the other middle-aged men took his place and started spanking her butt with his right hand as Master Thomas said,

“No swearing this time Isla or we will start from scratch.”

The swats continued and Isla’s expletives were repeated, without the word ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’.

I saw Master Thomas do something with the control box and Isla immediately gasped some more.

The inevitable happened and Isla orgasmed again.

This was repeated until Isla had cum 5 times, each with a different one of the 5 middle-aged men spanking her. As her last orgasm faded into history Master Thomas said,

“That’s it Isla, your punishment is complete, I trust that you have learnt something today. You may get down now and stand where you were with your hands behind your head and your legs spread with. Sandra, it is your turn to be punished now, up you get and assume the position that Isla was in.”

As Isla climbed down I got a glimpse of her butt. It was red, very red, but none of it was that horrible dark red and I guessed that it wouldn’t take more than a couple of days for the red to disappear.

As I climbed up and took Isla’s place I was a bit nervous and worried that I might not be able to take both the swats and having 5 orgasms, never mind what the vibrator would be doing to my insides. Isla had looked like she’d been crying and apart from her butt she looked okay. I hoped for the best.

The dildo wasn’t the biggest thing that I’d had inside me, that was a cucumber, but I’d never tried moving the cucumber around inside me and I was pleased that I easily slid down and bottomed out before bending forwards. It certainly felt strange as I bent forwards as far as I had to, but it wasn’t really painful so I decided that I only had to worry about the swats. Never having been spanked before, not even playfully, I didn’t really know exactly what to expect.

Master Thomas let the first swat land before he switched the vibrations on. I quickly forgot my stinging butt as the pleasure of the vibrations really made me happy. I just knew that I had to get myself a proper vibrator, maybe 2 or 3 of them, just as soon as I could.

The subsequent swats took my attention away from the vibrations and I was left with the mixture of pain and pleasure, all at the same time.

After something like a dozen swats I realised that I hadn’t been cussing as much as Isla had and I wondered if my butt was hurting as much as hers had when Master Thomas was spanking her.

What I did know by then that there was every chance that I would get an orgasm from each of the men’s spankings, the first one was rapidly approaching.

A split second before it hit me I heard myself letting everyone in the room know that I was about to cum. And it was a good cum, longer and stronger than when my fingers earn their keep.

The same routine was followed for all the other 4 men and, although part of me wanted them to start over, the other part of me didn’t know if I’d be able to stand on my feet when I got off the table. They didn’t start over and I did manager to stand on my own 2 feet when I slowly managed to climb off the Sybian and off the table. Although my brain was in a daze and my body was feeling the pain coming from my butt.

As the daze slowly cleared the pain in my butt increased but I realised that I hadn’t cried and that I was feeling that afterglow of not 1, but 5 wonderful orgasms. Also, I was feeling tired and knackered.

Master Thomas and the other men, the 4 who’s spanked me and they others in the room, were still staring at Isla and me but my brain was so mixed up that I didn’t register the pleasure of them watching me.

“Come girls, back to where you were.” Master Thomas said and we followed him back to the place where we’d stripped and Isla and I assumed the same standing position.”

“Would you like a drink girls?” Master Thomas asked.

When we both said that we would and Master Thomas rang the bell again. Jeeves was soon there.

“Two colas please Jeeves.”

I’d been hoping for something stronger but I guessed that naughty schoolgirls don’t get given alcoholic drinks. As we waited for the drinks my brain was clearing and, although the pain wasn’t decreasing slightly, the pleasure of the situation was increasing and I started thinking more about all those men looking at my naked body.

The drinks arrived and soon disappeared inside Isla and me. When we put the glasses down Master Thomas said,

“Okay girls, that is the punishment over. These are for you.

“Master Thomas put 2 envelopes on the table then continued,

“If you would like the opportunity to make some old men happy and earn some extra money you can come and sit on the lap of any of the gentlemen in this group.”

Isla looked at me and I looked at her, then our arms dropped and we went round the table and gingerly sat on a man’s lap.

About an hour later and with 5 lots of male cum mixed with the cola in my stomach, I stood and said.

“Sorry, but I’m too knackered to do anything else.”

Isla agreed and we went around the table and I asked where our clothes were. Master Thomas pointed to another little table where I saw 2 little piles of our neatly folded clothes. I smiled to myself assuming that Jeeves was responsible. Then Master Thomas said,

“Girls, please can you leave your phone numbers so that I can contact you for another punishment session, and I also have another proposition for you for which I need photographs of both of you. Just stand there with your hands behind your heads whilst I take them.

I watched Master Thomas take the photographs and the other men putting more money into the envelopes and when Isla and myself got dressed, Master Thomas said,

“Girls, I am looking for some girls who are prepared to take some sleeping tablets and then whilst they are asleep, a distinguished gentleman will come to your hotel room and use your body.”

“What?” I asked.

“These distinguished gentlemen cannot afford for their identities to be revealed and they like the idea of having sex with a girl who is unconscious.”

“Weird.” Isla said.

“Maybe but they are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for privilege of using your bodies.”

“Let me get this straight,” I said, “these rich men want to do anything that they want to our bodies without us knowing what they are doing or who they are?”

“That pretty much sums it up but I have their assurance that they will not do anything to you that you wouldn’t do with a lover and they would never damage you in any way, and, as I said, they are prepared to pay you £1,000 for a couple of hours of your time.”

I looked at Isla and saw a glint in her eye, she was definitely interested.

“Make it “£5,000 each time regardless of which of us it is.” I said.

“£2.000.” Master Thomas replied.


“£3,000.” Master Thomas replied.

I looked at Isla and saw the smile on her face. I nodded and she nodded back so I turned to Master Thomas and put out my hand.



We shook hands and I said,

“So when, and how will it work?”

“I don’t know when, but soon. I’ve thought about the plan and what will happen is that you will go to a decent hotel where a room will have been booked, and paid for, in your name. When you get to it you will strip naked, bathe then take the pill that will be waiting for you. You will then get into bed, still naked, and go to sleep. The pill will knock you out for around 2 hours and will do you no harm other than make you sleep. When you wake up the man will have gone and you can get up and resume your life. The money will be in an envelope with your clothes. If you have any problems phone me and I will sort it out.”

“What do you think Isla?” I asked.

“You do promise that no harm will come to us Master Thomas?” Isla asked.

“I do, and only 1 of you will be ‘in play’ at one time so you can easily check with each other after the 2 hours.”

“Okay then, let’s do it.” Isla replied.

“Okay Master Thomas, we look forward to hearing from you. Jeeves will show you out.”

Master Thomas rang the bell again, Isla and I picked up our envelopes that were struggling to hold all the notes. Nothing was said by any of the 5 men about the fact that neither Isla nor myself had put on our bras or knickers, we’d both stuffed them in our bags.

Jeeves arrived then led us to the front door.

“Are you okay Isla?” I asked as we walked down the steps to the footpath.

“I’m good, are you Sandra?”

“Yeah, I’m good too. How much cash do you thing there is in these envelopes?”

“Maybe a thousand.”

“Not bad for a couple of hours work was it? Will you check my butt please Isla, it’s hurting like hell.”

Not caring that I was about to lift the back of my skirt revealing my bare, red butt to anyone who cared to look, I turned my back to Isla and did lift the back of my skirt.

“It’s very red Sandra, but there’s no skin broken and no deep red marks so it won’t hurt for long but it will probably be red for 2 or 3 days, what’s mine like?”

We reversed our positions and I told Isla that her butt was the same as mine.

“I’m really pleased that there’s no real damage.” I said as we started walking again, “Will you go again if Master Thomas phones you Isla?”

“Hell yeah, as many times as they want, that Sybian machine, those orgasms, I’d go through that every day if I could.”

“Me too,” I replied, I wonder how much those Sybian things cost, I’d like to own one.”

“More that we just earned.” Isla replied.

“How do you know?”

“I saw one for sale on the internet, but at least we’ll be able to buy some vibrators with the money that we’ve just earned.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I want to but some new clothes as well, I might be broke again by the time we go to the gym on Monday.”

“I’m going to get one of those Hitachi Magic Wands,” Isla said, “a girl at school had one and she said that it was the best thing her boyfriend ever bought her.”

“Hitachi Magic Wand eh, I’ll look that up. I know, I’ll talk to Lisa tomorrow, I’m sure that she’ll be able to recommend some good ones.”

What about this anonymous fucking when we’re unconscious Isla? I’ve pretended to be out cold when I was fucked once and that was fun. Not having to talk to them, just get fucked.” I said.

“They might be fat or ugly.” Isla said.

“We’d be out cold so we wouldn’t know.”

“£3,000 for 2 hours laying on our backs, I think that it could be an easy way to get some money and because we’d never see them it wouldn’t matter if they were old, fat or ugly.”

“Maybe we could setup one of those concealed cameras and record what they do to us, it would also tell us who it is that fucked us.”

“Yes, now that we’ve got some money we could definitely do that, maybe we’d get some videos that we could use to blackmail them.” Isla said.

“I’m not sure about that, I’m also not sure that I want to know who it was or what they did to us. I might not like what I find out. I think that I’d like to keep it all anonymous, but you can if you want Isla.”

“Maybe you’re right Sandra, maybe it’s better if it remains anonymous, for £3,000 I can live with not knowing. Hey, do you fancy going for a drink Sandra? It’s only early.”

“Sorry, I’m too knackered, but I’ll take a rain check if that’s okay with you?”

“Sure, I’m quite knackered as well. I’ve never had 5 really strong orgasms in such a short time before.”

“Me neither, you don’t know of any parties this weekend do you Isla, I need to pick-up a guy and get my brains fucked out.”

“I’ll ask around, there’s bound to be a few going on somewhere, I could do with my brains being fucked out as well. I’ll phone you.” Isla replied.

We parted and as I walked back to my room I was thinking, I’d really enjoyed myself and the idea of being fucked, and other things, whilst I was asleep sounded ‘interesting’, Isla had told me that one of her boyfriends had woken her by fucking her and she said that it was an amazing way to wake up but with Master Thomas’s plan we wouldn’t wake up until after the guy had left. I decided that I was happy to try it and see how I felt afterwards.

Then I started thinking more about the immediate future, would I go to the common room naked with my butt still bright red? When would it stop hurting? Would I be able to sit still in my class the next morning? Would I loose my voice telling Lisa and Bella all about what had happened to me? What clothes was I going to buy?

As I walked into my building I realised that I was hungry,

“Sod it.” thought, I’m going to get a pizza delivered, “I can afford it now.”

As soon as I got naked in my room I looked at my butt in the mirror. It was bright red but thankfully, as Isla had said, there were no dark red marks and no broken skin.

“Give it a few days.” I thought.

Then I went online after slowly sitting on the duvet on my bed. The first thing that I did was order a pizza and a bottle of cola. It would take about 40 minutes so I started browsing for vibrators. I found lots of them and I bookmarked a few that looked interesting, making a note of the names for my talk with Lisa. Then my phone rang, it was the Pizza guy to tell me that he was coming up the stairs.

Not even thinking about clothes, I picked up my purse and went to the flat door. As I left my room I saw Andy in the corridor. We said “Hi” with him staring at my naked front and I remembered that I was naked. The doorbell rang and I thought,

“Sod it, give the guy a nice surprise.”

I was just opening the door when I heard Andy say,

“Fucking hell Sandra, what happened to your butt.”

With the door wide open I said “Hi” to the Pizza guy. I saw his jaw drop as I turned to tell Andy that I’d explain in a minute and giving the Pizza guy a look at my red butt.

“Sorry about that,” I said turning to face the dumb-stuck Pizza guy.

After 4 or 5 seconds silence I said,

“Pizza for Sandra?”

“What? Oh yes, sorry, it’s my first day on the job and they told me that I would probably see a few naked university girls but I didn’t believe them. Yeah, Pizza for Sandra, that will be £13.99 please.”

“Well I guess that taking that job was worth your while then? I replied as I handed £15 over.

“And some, do you order a lot of pizzas?”

“This is my first here but it probably won’t be my last.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for your address then.” The guy said as he handed me the pizza and bottle of cola.

“Thanks.” I said as I closed the door with the guy still stood there. Then I heard him say,

“Wow, those tits.”

I smiled and turned to go to the common room to eat. Andy was still stood staring at me and as I was walking towards him he said,

“Did someone hurt you Sandra?”

“Obviously yeah, but it was consensual so you can relax.”

“You let someone do that to you?”

“Yeah, and they made me cum 5 times so it was worth it.”

“I would have made you cum 5 times without doing that to you Sandra.”

“Maybe but would you have paid me £1,000 for the privilege?”

“Are you turning into a whore Sandra?”

“No, it’s not like that, this was just a bit of fun.”

“That’s quite some fun you’ve obviously had.” Geoff said as he waked into the room, “does it hurt?”

“Of course it hurts.” I replied at I took a bite of a slice of pizza then went and sat on one of the cushion on one of the sofas.

“So tell us who did this to you Sandra.” Geoff said.

“Not telling, but I will tell you some of the details.”

As I ate I did tell them, but not who, where or what the place was like, just the details from getting on the Sybian to getting off it. I didn’t want to risk them finding out anything about Master Thomas.

“Fucking hell.” Geoff said, “and that thing that you had to sit on, it was called a Sybian?”

“So they told me. I’m going to look it up on the internet when I’ve finished this, do you guys want a slice?”

As we finished the pizza Geoff and Andy tried to get more details out of me but I didn’t tell them anything else. Then I got up and put the pizza box in the trash bag then took the rest of the cola to my room.

I did some more browsing for vibrators then went to sleep on my stomach with my right hand under me and toying with my clit.


I woke with plenty of time to get to my class. As I looked at my butt in the mirror I couldn’t decide if it was any less red. After my bathroom routine I decided on the white, lightweight, skater type skirt, knowing that it wouldn’t cause me any discomfort as I waked around in it. On my top I wore a pink tank top with spaghetti straps. There were little pokies in the front but not bad (good) ones so when I was ready I set off.

It was chilly outside so the little pokies became big pokies but I expected them to become smaller when I got into the warm uni buildings.

I had an uncomfortable lesson and I so wanted to just stand up and walk around but I couldn’t and I was really happy when the lesson was over and I was walking to my bank to deposit the cash into my account. I got a bite to eat in the food hall in the shopping centre before going to Lisa’s shop for my afternoon shift. Bella pounced on me as soon as I entered the shop demanding to know what I had been up to and why I suddenly needed some knickers and a bra. I answered her by turning my back to her and lifting up the back of my skirt.

“What the fuck! Have you been spanked Sandra?”

As I started to give her a brief summary Lisa came over and Bella told me to turn my back to Lisa. When I did Bella lifted my skirt and said,

“Look at that boss.”

“Wow Sandra,” Lisa said, “was that caused by what I think it was?”

“Yes, I’ve had my first ever spanking.”

I started at the beginning again whist Bella went and served a customer. Again I didn’t give all the details and I didn’t mention what Master Thomas wants Isla and me to do for some anonymous ‘distinguished’ gentlemen.

“So you enjoyed your first spanking then Sandra?” Lisa asked.

“I did, although it’s been a bit painful ever since.”

“I’m not surprised, and you’re thinking of going back for more?”

“For that sort of money, yes, and being spanked whilst on that Sybian thing was out of this world. Talking of sex toys, you’re a woman of the world, which sex toys would you recommend Lisa?”

“Well, you said that Isla was going to get a Hitachi Magic Wand, well I agree with her, Every woman should have one of those for when she’s on her own and wants a bit of pleasure, let Hitachi do the work. Another thing that I think you will enjoy, you being an exhibitionist, is one of those remote controlled vibrators that has a pinkish antenna sticking out of your pussy, a Lovense or an Ohmibod. I think that you will enjoy people being able to see the antenna hanging down between your legs. Of course both those are better if someone else is controlling them, and you, but they have a ‘random’ feature that can make life quite ‘interesting’.”

“Yeah, I saw those when I was looking online last night, I also thought about people seeing the antenna hanging below my skirt. What about a Sybian, have you got one Lisa?”

“No, Steve and I have a big mortgage and we don’t have that sort of money spare. Steve gives me all the fun I can cope with but I’ve used one and yes, it was amazing. You might be able to use one at this erotic equipment convention, Steve tells me that he’s got girls booked for the Friday and Saturday but you and Isla can do the Sunday for him is you like.”

“Which Sunday is that?”

“A week after this coming Sunday.”

“Can I send a quick text message to Isla please Lisa, check that she’s free on that Sunday?”

“You can, then can you start and do some work please, there’s a lot of stock to get out onto the racks.”

I sent the text and got an almost immediate reply, yes, Isla was free that Sunday. When Lisa came by later I told her that Isa was free and she told me that she would tell Steve and he would let me know where and when.

Bella must have told the other girl working that afternoon about my red butt because Charlotte collared me when I was checking the changing rooms and she asked to see my butt. I had just lifted the back of my skirt with Charlotte squat behind me when a customer walked in and gave us a funny look. Charlotte and I both giggled then Charlotte asked me for all the details. I know that the customer heard us because when she came out of the changing room she was smiling and she asked me if I’d be going back for more.

During a quiet period I went round the shop and picked out a couple of semi-sheer tops and a couple of those really short skirts that are shorter at the front than the back and went and tried them on. Bella came and watched me as asked if I was going clubbing.

“No, I just want to let people see my assets.”

“Well if you don’t wear anything under those they certainly will.”

“That’s the idea.”

I put the tops and skirts to one side and at the end of the day I took them to Lisa and told her that I wanted to buy them, and pay for the bra and knickers from the previous day.

Lisa gave me a really good staff discount and I decided that I do my clothes shopping there again.

When I got back to my room I stripped and looked at my butt in the mirror. It wasn’t quite as red and it didn’t hurt as much. I decided to go and prepare myself some food without putting any clothes on.

Not only were Andy and Geoff in the common room but all my other flatmates were there as well. All of them had seen me naked in there before, and in the kitchen area so seeing me naked again was no big deal for them but Andy or Geoff must have told the others about my spanking because as soon as I walked in both Lizzy ans Zack asked me to turn round so that they could see my butt.

“So Andy wasn’t joking about you being spanked?” Emily asked.

“No he wasn’t.” I replied.

“And you let some old man do that to you for £1,000?” Emily asked.

“Five of them actually.” I replied.

“Hmm, let me know if they want some else to spank.” Emily said.

I smiled and said that I would.

“So how bad does it hurt?” Lizzy asked.

“I guess that it isn’t too bad, it isn’t like they broke my skin or drew blood, that would have been a lot worse.”

“So how did your class go this morning, I bet that it was uncomfortable sitting on that?” Geoff asked.

“Shall we say that I had trouble concentrating.” I replied.

“I bet that you did.” Emily said, “so will you be going back for more?”

“At £1,000 per time! Of course I will.”

“What if they want to fuck you Sandra?” Andy asked, “would you let them?”

“No, not for £1,000.”

“£2,000.” Geoff asked.

“I doubt it.”

“£3,000.” Zack asked.

“I don’t know, I’d be a whore if I did.”

“Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do to survive these days.” Emily said.

“True.” Lizzy added.

“So I’m living in a flat with 3 prostitutes am I?” Geoff asked.

“Think what you want Geoff,” Lizzy said, “us girls have to do what we have got to do, go and find a rich Cougar then see if you are so judgemental.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Geoff said trying to defend himself.

There was a few seconds silence so I continued to the kitchen area and prepared my food.

That evening I went online and ordered a Ohmibod Esca2 and a Hitachi Magic Wand before my fingers got busy between my legs.

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