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When you have a dog the same size as yourself any training aid should be helpful...maybe.
Two weeks had gone by since her release from the training collar. Bruno mated with her two to three times a day, sometimes more, depending on his mood. A few other changes happened, which seemed natural too. She stopped shaving, and let her hair grow longer, just put it into a ponytail. Her wardrobe changed completely. Gone were shorts, pants, or any underclothes. She wore loose dresses to work and short skirts everywhere else. They gave Bruno full access whenever he wanted it.

The weekend couldn’t get here fast enough for Tomiko. They were her favorite. She could stay nude and just cuddle with Bruno. As she pulled into the driveway from work, a package leaned against the front door. She hadn’t ordered anything.

After greeting Bruno and getting a few face licks, she moved to the kitchen to open the package. The box contained a new training collar. The note stated that they updated the technology to better embed the commands quicker and deeper. It had an updated look to it, making it much thinner with a smaller clasp and LCD. The collar looked less like a dog collar and more like a choker.

Tomiko smiled as she put it on. She spun it around to hide the LCD in the back of her neck, behind her hair. In the mirror, it looked just like a choker from the front. Now she had her collar, just like Bruno had his collar. If they updated the collar, maybe the updated the training routines too. She walked to her bedroom to get her laptop.

Tomiko booted up her laptop and started the software. A pop-up filled the screen.

“Detected a new collar. Do you want to link it to this account?”

Clicking yes reveal a series of programming questions about the new collar. These new training routines work only with the new collar. Since she decided to wear this collar all the time, she customized it for herself by picking all the female breeding settings. Then she picked “No” to unlock after the training routine is completed. The last question made her stomach tingle.

“Auto update all routines within the picked options?”

Giving control to the collar for her training instead of her picking the options sounded easy, but what if they pushed through an update she didn’t want? Did she really want to give up that much control? Well, she had already given herself to Bruno as a mate. What else could they do she hadn’t already done to herself? She clicked yes.

A shock at the back of her neck told her the training had started. She walked to the mirror, spun the collar around and the LCD read “Updating”. Tomiko walked to her bedroom and striped off her clothes.

She sighed, “Finally I can be myself.” Bruno looked up at her. “You want some dinner, hon?”

They walk to the back door, Bruno bolted out into the yard. Tomiko moved to the kitchen, and she started dinner. After she finished cooking, she placed both plates on the floor before calling him in for dinner. He bolted into the room. She got on all fours as they began eating. The mental fog slowly grew. She could feel it. She wanted him.

She stopped eating, spun herself around and backed towards him, exposing her moistening cunt to him. He finished eating before taking a sniff. Three licks later, he mounted her. She aimed his swollen cock with her left hand. Another stroke and he was in.

His paws gripped her hips, slamming his cock as deep and fast as he could. The invading haze consumed Tomiko. Fragmented thoughts flicked through her mind. Repeating over and over. Meant for breeding. Needed breeding. Wanted to breed. Breeding bitch.

Bruno slowed as his knot increased in size. It popped inside of Tomiko, locking them together. A few more spasms and he blew his load deep inside her. She could only feel his knot and cock as everything faded away in the haze. Her orgasms began, but different from previous orgasms.

Each orgasm synchronized with one of the fragmented thoughts. Need breeding. Orgasm. Want breeding. Orgasm. This repeated over and over.

Tomiko woke on the kitchen floor. She couldn’t tell how long she had been out. The clock on the stove showed 10:12am. So at least two hours. Bruno wasn’t around either. She stood, wobbled to the hall mirror. The collar said “ongoing.” That training session was so different from the others before. The feeling of having no control was liberating and the sex so much more intense. She wanted more of this type of training.

She could see Bruno snoozing on the back porch. His muscular body draped over the edges of the dog bed. Her eyes wander over his body, stopping on his sheathed cock. She walked out to him. His head tilting towards her as she approached.

Tomiko laid down beside him, reaching out with her hands to stroke his sheath. He rolled over, giving her more access. She continued to stroke him with one hand, cupping his enormous balls with the other. His pink shaft appeared. Her hands moved more deliberate now. Dipping her head down, she gently sucked his cock. Slowly sliding it against her tongue. He continued to harden. Tomiko moved one hand from his balls to her own wetness. She wanted to orgasm badly, to feel the training in her head, but nothing happened. Bruno stood, releasing her mouth from his cock. Tomiko got on all four hoping he would mount her. He did.

Her practiced position over the past month let him hit the target after the first attempt. She smiled as the fog grew in her mind. Now she realized being mounted trigger the fog. He began pounding her deeply. Her arms quivered with each thrust, slowly pushing her head lower and lower. She reached back with her arms, grabbing her knees to pull them forward, giving him deeper access to her cunt. He stroked longer and slower once his knot entered her. This time he didn’t stop after entering her, but continued pushing it deeper.

She grunted each time his knot slipped in and out. The fog grew and the outside world faded. The fog felt layered differently this time, an almost faint whisper mixed in it. The inner voice grew louder when his thrusts slowed. Then she only felt his knot and cock. Her orgasms began, but more intoxicating than before.

Once again, each orgasm synchronized, but this time it was a whispered command. I need to breed. Orgasm. I want to breed. Orgasm. This repeated over and over.

She woke naked in her backyard. Another training session was over. Without thinking, she got on all fours, spread her knees, and pissed in the yard. This was new. Her mind-altering training seems to have a few side effects. Wonder what other human behaviors would switch with canine ones.

Tomiko walked back into the house to look at her collar. Still showed “ongoing”. Maybe her training would always be ongoing since she picked update automatically. She really enjoyed the training sessions, but it would be nice to not pass out each time. The clock on the stove showed 11:30am. This session only lasted about an hour. Maybe they will be shorter in the future.

Bruno walked by towards the living room. She lowered her hand as he passed to touch his hair. He continued walking, only glanced back for a moment. Tomiko followed him, lowering herself to all fours before approaching him. He gave her a lick on the cheek. She smiled and turned around, offering her dog-owned cunt to him.

Three licks of foreplay before Bruno mounting her for the third time today. His massive cock penetrated her easier each time. She smiled when the fog started. His strokes were hard and fast this time. She groaned, pushing herself back, trying to take as much as she could. His continued pounding made her grunted each time his growing knot slammed into her. She looked between her legs and watched his hanging balls bounce off her tattoo with each stroke.

The whispers started again, but she couldn’t orgasm. The pleasure waves kept forming, but not releasing, just increasing intensity until the fog almost drowned out the whisper.

“Come on. Release already.” She screamed, but it only continued to build.

Bruno sustained assault on her made her eyes roll back into her head.

Tomiko whispered, “I need to breed.” The orgasm hit instantly as the words left her mouth.

Then she whispered, “I want to breed.” which triggered the next orgasm.

She began repeating the two phrases over and over. Nothing else. The following synchronized orgasms decreased in intensity. Ten minutes later, he was done, and they once again locked together. The physical exhaustion from three sex sessions this morning robbed her of any ability to move. She laid facedown; her hips raised off the ground as she dangled from his cock. Time passed without her noticing as thoughts came and went quickly before she could comprehend them. Then a slurping sound and she fell to the ground. She closed her eyes and slept.
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